Durban streaming video webcam in South Africa - Live webcam from Durban, Nata, South Africa
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Durban streaming video webcam in South Africa
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This live streaming panorama video Durban web cam shows live cam views overlooking well known tourism landmarks and tourist locations in South Africa's third largest city - Durban

Durban forms part of the eThekwini metropolitan municipality. It is the largest city in KwaZulu-Natal and is famous as the busiest port in Africa,   Durban is also a major centre of tourism due to the city's warm subtropical climate and sandy beaches

This Durban web cam in Natal region, South Africa, allows online visitors to view well known tourism landmarks and tourist locations in the city of Durban.  Including live panorams views of South Africa's thirds largest city, the waterfront area in Durban, the famous and very popular Durban Beachfront and prmenade with a focus on Battery Beach and the Durban Golden Mile, from the comfort of their computer.   


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