Remote Alert Streaming

Turn your Apple or Android device into a live streaming webcam with the Remote Alert Streaming Mobile App. Thanks to the latest streaming technology Camvista can now offer users the chance to stream live video over the internet from their mobile phones using 3G/4G or GPRS. Stream live video instantly from your mobile phone, from anywhere in the world, to a secure private online viewing platform, a monitoring station or your own website(s) with the amazing Remote Alert Streaming mobile phone app.

Stream Live Video from your Mobile Phone

All video clips and images that are sent from Remote Alert SnapShot app are sent directly to an online viewing platform. Images and video clips are sent over 3G/4G and standard GPRS cellular data. As soon as an image or video clip has been taken, it is sent instantly and will be available to be viewed on the Remote Alert Online Viewing Platform.

All images and video clips that are taken are time stamped and dated for future references. The Remote Alert GPS Location Service allows users to view exactly where every image or video was taken. Users can view full image location coordinates on the Remote Alert Online Viewing Platform.


Remote Alert Online Platform

View all archived video streams and live mobile streams remotely on the Remote Alert Online Platform. Users can login with their own secure username and password to view current live streams or archived recordings of previous streams. All streams are recorded and archived as soon as the stream has stopped, archives are stored for up to 30 days and users can view, download, email, add notes or view GPS location coordinates. All Remote Alert Online Platforms can be white labelled and personalised to the users website or company logo.

Time Stamped and Dated

All images and video clips are time stamped and dated for future references. The full time and date of each image is embedded into the image or video clip and canít be edited or deleted.

Image and Video Settings

View all images and video clips that are sent from a Remote Alert SnapShot device remotely with the Remote Alert Online Platform. Remote Alert Online Platform can be fully white labelled and personalised and can only be accessed with a secure username and password. As well as viewing in real time, all images and video clips are archived and available to be viewed for up to 30 days. Users can decide to save, download or email all files as well as add notes, view GPS Location and switch between multiple accounts.

Real Time Data Usage and Upload Speed

View exactly how much data you are using during a stream and monitor the current upload speed that your device is getting. Upload speeds can effect the quality of your mobile stream, the real time upload speed and data usage can allow you to switch between different streaming resolutions to produce the best streaming quality possible.

All Streams Recorded and Archived

All streams from a Remote Alert Streaming App are recorded and available to view as archives as soon as the stream has stopped. Users can view recorded video highlights from within their own Remote Alert Online Platform. Archives are time stamped and dated and GPS location coordinates are available to show where the stream was filmed.
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