No1 Lone Worker and Tracking Mobile Phone App

  • Dependable security for guards, lone workers and people requiring greater protection in the UK and abroad
  • Global accessibility - works anywhere with a mobile data signal
  • Alert distributed via multiple servers around the world for reliance & peace of mind
  • Unlimited number of users - increased team stability
  • Locate, monitor & track in real-time for unparalleled efficiency and total reassurance
  • Unbeatable reliability and one second alert delivery.  Fully audited.
  • Delivers alert, monitors response and provides safeguarding back-up response when required
  • Unique service - no other lone working or personal security app offers this level of service
  • Uses your mobile phone device. No further investment in expensive hardware required
  • Uses patented PADARC* technology
  • Highest quality product with an entry level price!


Guard & lone worker security

Don’t panic!
Respond immediately!
With webeyesos, if your guards or lone workers feel threatened or in danger, you’ll never be left guessing their whereabouts again!

To improve safety and offer increased reassurance to guarding staff and lone workers, webeye has launched the stand alone webeyesos app. Working to either an android (iphone coming early 2015) and through the new webeye browser or to other enabled phones, once triggered, it tracks the whereabouts of the worker. Should they feel threatened or in danger he or she presses the SOS panic button or the discreet hot key panic button attachment which immediately sends an alert to the other enabled devices where their location is identified and tracked in real time. This supa-fast and supa-reliable application will become an invaluable tool to help defeat the criminal and greatly improve the safety of staff. An addition to the webeyesos app, and an ideal compliment, is the webeyesos track me management function which allows you to monitor and track the movements of your staff. Once they reach a site they press the track me button enabling you to follow their route in real time and verify their actions.
  • Gives reassurance and improved safety to guards and lone workers
  • Registration with webeye cms platform
  • Send SOS alarm from on-screen or hardware button
  • Receive vibration feedback when panic alarm sent
  • Receive feedback if alarm is being viewed
  • Automatically send GPS updates after SOS alarm
  • Monitor in real time on webeye cms browser or smart phone

How webeyesos works

  1. Enable your guard’s or lone worker’s smart phone with the webeyesos app.
  2. If a worker feels threatened or in danger they hit the large SOS panic button or the discreet hot key panic button attachment.
  3. Upon activation an alert is triggered and an alarm sent to the new webeye browser and any number of webeyecms enabled smart phones.
  4. Their location and movement is tracked every 10 seconds for 10 minutes or longer if required.
  5. The sender’s phone covertly vibrates every 30 seconds to inform the worker the alert has been received and back-up is on the way!

Lone worker protection and monitoring app

track me

Management tracking and monitoring function

  • Enables managers to track and verify workers movements
  • Registration with webeye cms platform
  • Activate from on-screen button
  • Monitor in real time on webeye cms browser

How webeyesos track me works

  1. Enable your guard’s or lone worker’s smart phone with the webeyesos track me app.
  2. When the worker reaches the site they press the track me button.
  3. Upon activation their location and movement is tracked via the new webeye browser or a webeyecms enabled smart phone for 20 minutes (which can be extended) or until the track me button is turned off.

What makes webeyesos the best protection and monitoring app on the market!

The secret to webeyesos’s amazing reliability and security is because it works through the world beating webeyecms alarm receiving and handling software. No-one else puts as many checks and balances in place to make it the world’s most robust platform. Part of the software is the patented PADARC (Progressive Alarm Delivery and Alarm Response Confirmation) which means when we know you know. Should any part of the delivery fail it’s programmed to bypass the fault and move to an unprecendated number of back-up systems to guarantee you receive the alert. You may not be aware how unstable most of the competition can be but webeye is the only cloud based platform to boast a 99.9% reliability record and we’re striving for 100% - this means our system will never ‘go-down’. Webeye is fully audited so you know who and when the alert was answered. Given the potential importance of certain alarms, which may be lifethreatening, it is undesirable to rely on “Send and Forget” type technologies. For example the use of an email would provide a low cost method of sending alarm information to a mobile telephone or computer, however it does not provide webeye with a sufficiently robust mechanism ensuring the end user has received and viewed the alarm.

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