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User comments

Wouldn\'t you just love it if one day you saw Paul and/or Ringo casually walking across on their way to the studio\'s. Magic.
cathy , 06 11 2010
I\'m coming, London. Hold on! I\'ll be there again before you know it.
Jimm Cox, 26 10 2010
Been there this March...I actually weeped...quite a thrill watching it again now...thanks...
Juan, 30 08 2010
l always see this webcam
jose, 23 05 2010
l always see this webcam from argentine l love this road and pink floyd .overcoat to think in this corner syd was sitting in the hall and beside the genius the beatles thank you london for your music
jose, 23 05 2010
Abbey Road includes all my musical experiences. This road is THE ROAD of London for me. Queen, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Sex Pistols and do not forget our location bands HIM and The Rasmus. Long live the music!
Tiina, Finland, Kajaani, 22 05 2010
Beatles are the sound track of my life,I love Abbey Road!
betta, 13 05 2010
Chris and Dru: Thank you so much for answering my questions. Have a great day.
Sue, California, 24 03 2010
Sue, the buildings you refer to are mansion apartments.
Dru, 19 03 2010
Sorry Sue, will have to hope someone else can help us identify that building!
Chris, 18 03 2010
Thank you Chris for explaining the zig-zag lines for me. Now would you be able to tell me what that long, multi-storied building is in the background?
Sue, California, 15 03 2010
Sue, the zig zag lines in the UK are usually near schools and hospitals. They indicate no parking or stopping to drop off zones.
Chris, 12 03 2010
Have enjoyed this site for some time, but have always wondered what the zig-zag lines on the street mean?
Sue, 11 03 2010
God Bless you England
tom beckwith, 11 02 2010
Was in London at the end of this past August, loved the place and people. Spent some time here at the crossing taking photos. Look forward to returning summer 2010. A very special place to me.
Dennis Vernier, 10 02 2010
god bless london with me,i miss london like i miss my home.
shaban, 29 01 2010
whenever i come back 4m london i feel i miss my home.god bless london with me
shaban, 29 01 2010
Back in upstate NY after 2 wonderful weeks in London. Was very cold but still great. Londoners are the greatest people. See you next year.
elektra, 21 01 2010
How quickly a rise in temperature and rain washes all the snow away!
Chris, 14 01 2010
Hi from snowly Siberia! Great view! I love Beatles and this legendary place! Happy New Year and Merry X-Mas to all Beatles funs all over the world!!!! ;-)>
Masha, 09 01 2010
Will be there on 6 Jan 2010 and planning to go to Abbey Road on the 8th. See you around 10/11 GMT.
elektra, 26 12 2009
Elektra, tell us when to look for you! :)
Libby, 23 12 2009
Will be back here in four more weeks. Can\'t wait love love LONDON! Hope there is room on the graffitti wall to write again. Look for me w/the red jacket.
elektra, 11 12 2009
I love this place, the park behind is very nice...thank you for this cam, hope to ve walking there soon. Regards from Tenerife(Spain)Orestes.
Orestes, 09 11 2009
Simplesmente, surreal.... É como se de repente o tempo pudesse voltar, com todos eles atravessando a faixa... Lindo...Mágico... Como só eles foram...
Miriam, 26 10 2009
This doubledecker buses are so inviting. I want to ride on the top level with my best friend.
Mercedes Mariella, 26 10 2009
I want to walk down this street holding hands with Kevin and kissing him, tis is beautiful and romantic!!
Mercedes Mariella, 26 10 2009
If I could only just be home for a few hours. I don\'t know when I \'m ever going to make it, but my heart is still there.
Brigitte, 20 09 2009
this webcam is fantastic. ilove it.i hope someday to walk on the same place the beatles walked its great.bobby usa
bobby bartram, 16 09 2009
If it makes ya sick ... go back & dont come back !
igor, 10 09 2009
Everybody keep watching for the ghosts of John and George, you never know they might return to this place as it was a milestone The end of The Beatles
Gerry McKay, 09 09 2009
This makes me homesick too!
Anne Marie, 30 08 2009
This makes me homesick
thomas beckwith, 26 08 2009
I\'m sure we \'invented\' driving over here, so the cars drive on the left side of the road. It\'s all you other countries that don\'t that are wrong !!! LoL Enjoy the sights.
Scottish Mags, 15 08 2009
The cars drive on the other side of the road over there!!!
Kellie, 15 08 2009
it was 40 years ago today! at 11.35am 08/08/69 the famous album shot was taken.
paul boyd, 08 08 2009
to Rich, no the image is not backwards... this is the view from the studios up towards the crossing. if you stood outside this is what you would see
paul, 01 08 2009
Just prior to the Beatles famous album cover, I walked across this crossing to record backing tracks (for a T.V personality of the time) in Abbey Road studios.
Brenda, 27 07 2009
Great view but is the image backwards? The cars are on the wrong side of the street.
Rich, 12 07 2009
Great webcam. Love watching people recreate The Beatles walk across the crossing. Usually happens Sat and Sun mid-morning (UK time). Very entertaining and lots of laughs.
Cathy, 12 07 2009
Was here in January. Wrote on the \"graffitti wall\". Tahnk you for this web cam. Love it. Miss you London will be back in the fall of 09
elektra, 02 07 2009
I do love watching webcams. London is a favorite. I do wish more of them were streaming and I wish someone would fix the ones out of focus, not working, etc. Trafalgar square is a favorite.
Lisa Hutson, 21 06 2009
I love Usa.I am from Georgia,Tbilisi.I am 14 and hope,that i will win competition in american-british exchange programme in October(it is very difficult) and i hope that i will study here and have lots of friends.
Akaki, 18 06 2009
This i a very interesting site for several reasons; to be sure it\'s a Beatles\' site, but it is also great to see what goes on--at street level- in everyday London. Where in the great city is it located. Thanks again to those who keep it up and running.
bob graham, 11 06 2009
This is a beaut site, I love to see the trees in cities.
Chris, 08 06 2009
I\'n from Russia. I\'ve never been to London myself. That\'s why I like this real piece of London life. Thank you. London is great!
Irina, 07 06 2009

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