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User comments

Thank you for the amazing views of the bridges - LOVE IT!!
Jennifer Rudd, 20 05 2010
Enjoy watching the Forth Bridge cam, but seem to have \"lost\" the live streaming, or is it me doing something wrong ? SGK
Stan Gilmour Kay, 09 05 2010
Great cam but can you put it up more so can see the rail bridge again.
Eileen, 16 01 2010
it`s nice to see the old homeland on a live cam from around the world.Viva Fife.
BRAVOJOCK, 12 01 2010
This is an excellent camera and if used in conjunction with the Forth Road Bridge Traffic Alert System (FRB123) you will always know what the traffic status or delays are over the bridge.
Marina Young, 05 01 2010
Brilliant camera, a pitty that its only a few available, this is a excellent service that should be spread more widelly. Well done
Paulo, 09 11 2009

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 341 A2 Dursley Rd 341 A2 Dursley Rd
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Forth Road Bridge Traffic Cam Forth Road Bridge Traffic Cam
Views from our live streaming video traffic cam mounted on the South side of the Forth Road Bridge. This Forth Bridge traffic web cam shows traffic approaching the Forth Road Bridge from the south side, as well as live traffic cam info on the Forth Road bridge

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