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User comments

This is one camera I always enjoy. Was there in service & family is still living there
John, 06 09 2014
Good clear scene on Trafalgar Square. Hello to Ewan and and Deb.
william cowie, 13 07 2014
Beautiful place to visit! Hello to my baby Sis in London
Karen, 04 07 2014
I so miss London. Was there a week ago and want to go back. Just moping around in Melb now and looking longingly at the webcam.
Stacey, 02 07 2014
This is so fab reminding me of all the times i drove my 29 bus around this lovely place in the 1970s .I was also here on new years eve in 1967 to ring in the new im back in boyle in Ireland.I loved ur great city and country.regards .JIM.
jim oconnor, 13 06 2014
From Bangladesh. I was thrilled to watch Trafalgar Square, reminded me of my time in UK during 1967-73. Specially impressed by Panning camera and close-ups
Jamilul Huq, 29 05 2014
Nice to see the webcam working again, I love London
Phil, 21 05 2014
What a nice place ! What a nice people !
Cenk Erkoc, 14 03 2014
Hope to be back here the end of July 2014
Erics son, 07 03 2014
I think sound would be a great addition as it is quite unique
adrian powell, 04 03 2014
Thank you for this fabulous camera at Trafalgar Square. Thank you.
Morten Bakke, 19 01 2014
it would be awesome- to have the time date and temperature displayed on the bottom of the videos
mick, 13 12 2013
itis amaizing square fantastıcccc ı missed london
HANDAN, 05 11 2013
This camera is awesome!!! we feel like behind a window..we can pay attention on the movement!!!
Tulio Marcus, 15 10 2013
Love to watch this view, can´t wait to go back!!
Lynette, 12 10 2013
I love this view and can\'t wait to see Trafalgar Square live again in October!!
C Johnson, 19 08 2013
We heart Clipper 70s :-)
Beth Challen, 31 07 2013
Not a sight you\\\'ll see every day, from late afternoon until Sun...a 70ft Clipper Round the world Racing Yacht
Ali Sparra, 30 07 2013
Sunny days in London ı missed London..
Handan Diker, 11 07 2012
I love the view of the Olympic Countdown machine!!
Catmint, 15 06 2012
Sound would be fantastic.
Brenda, 28 05 2012
Dont live there anymore but miss it everyday...
Anthony, 23 04 2012
Hi there, is it possible you could zoom in on the kony 2012 site when the thing takes place, i cant make it but i want to support as much as possible
Dan, 20 04 2012
Dear London, Dear Trafalgar!!! We m,iss you so so so much!!! It brings us back so many nice memories... kissing at Trafalgar and just being there together last Easter is a milestone in our life!!! We\\\'ll see you soon!!! Love always, Pabli & mayte
pabli mayte, 15 04 2012
camvistas t squ. brilliant
wills, 21 02 2012
it would be so great if you could add sound to the web cam, traf sq is such a busy place, i miss it.
adrian powell, 31 12 2011
I was on this wonderful place 2 weeks ago and I feel I should return to it immediately! Wonderful cam, which I visit almost every day!
Carmen Stieber, 27 11 2011
I love to come to this camera just to see how busy the Square is and what the weather is like.
Laura Ostergard, 27 08 2011
Yippee!! So glad to see this new improved camera going!! Woo hoo!!
Lisa Hutson, 13 06 2011
Love this new camera view. Such a better perspective than previous views. I can even see the 4th plinith. Fantastic!
Steph, 19 05 2011
Nice new camera! Love it. I was sad because I thought the camera was never coming back.
Pam, 17 05 2011
I love Trafalgar!!!! I could spend there all of my day :)))
megahusi, 16 05 2011
Thank you, thank you, thank you! waiting a long time for the streaming video.
Luis, 13 05 2011
its amazing ... viewing live cams online
zeb, 02 03 2011
wooww beautiuful, I love London ,I love Trafalgar square...
Handan Diker, 06 02 2011
Watching this cam brings back so many happy and wonderful memories. Laughing, secret kisses and tears....... life goes on...... Be happy with Helga II
Helga, 05 02 2011
Es un lujo poder asomarse por esta ventana \"a la ciudad\". Me encanta Londres!!!!
ROSA, 31 01 2011
Why have they stopped shining the light up the beautiful tall steepled church in the middle of that night view? It makes such a huge difference. I really miss it. So curious!
Lisa , 13 01 2011
happy birthday
ALPER, 30 12 2010
We would love to go back to wonderful London, but not at this time of year....brrr too cold.
Ainslie Ruben, 30 12 2010
London is such an effervescent vibrant and cosmopolitan city. Missing it already...
Doug, 29 12 2010
A beautiful Day after Christmas today!! This is my favorite place in London and I wish I was there now!!! Can\'t wait to return in June
Diane, 26 12 2010
London is such an effervescent vibrant cosmopolitan city! A truly unique city of sensations and intense settings! A city that offers something new and special every time you visit :) Missing it already…
Doug, 26 12 2010
London is a beautiful place except the weather.
Vadel De Elemis, 21 12 2010
This city is my second country,I love it very much
Cetin coker, 20 12 2010
got out of london, just in time! miss being across the pond though for christmas!
robbin puccio, 19 12 2010
Whoo! Look at it snow to beat the band. Enjoy, looks like you\'ll have a White Christmas. Be safe.
Pam, 18 12 2010
London is always beautiful. It doesn\'t matter the weather or climate condition. Love this city.
Marcus Vinicius, 18 12 2010
karlito, 14 12 2010
My 1st time in London was a dream, i wish i could spend next christmas with my Helga holding hands under the christmas tree on Trafalgar square,love you....
Hans, 09 12 2010
I\'m going to visit this stunning city again in March..can\'t wait for you London so much...
Joanna, 08 12 2010
Yippee!! Snow on the Square just like outside my window in Indiana, USA. Happy Holidays.
Pam, 02 12 2010
Just love to see a white blanket of snow this morning in the capital city.Its a hot one here in Cape Town. My son must be freezing. 2/12/2010
Fred Kirsten, 02 12 2010
London, wait for me. I\'ll be there, once again, in March for a full 3 months. Hurra!
lesm, 01 12 2010
it is Nov 30th today. what is happening at Trafalgar Square.
sudha, 30 11 2010
Look, I can see snow flakes flying around. Happy Holidays to everyone.
Pam, 30 11 2010
hi, i´m watching you from argentina
ber, 24 11 2010
What\'s happenig in Trafalgar today?
Tulio Marcus, 10 11 2010
packing already to see the opening of Harry Potter on the 19th only 11 more days!
acourtesan, 08 11 2010
Ah, I miss London so much it hurts! Thanks to this webcam it feels more real and it makes me so excited! My heart truly belongs to this city and one special Londoner. Can\'t wait to go back soon and see the christmas lights and stroll around town with a gingerbread latte. Love the London!
Elisabeth, 31 10 2010
will be on holiday in less than 1 month. can\'t wait to see Harry Potter in London!
acourtesan, 30 10 2010
kamera z Londynu
Maria, 25 10 2010
i love london .i miss london favourit city just love very much.i m coming london very soon
zahid mahmood, 22 10 2010
After 1 1/2 year watching London inside this webcam it\'s time to say \"It\'s A Fact, i will come to London 19-22 of NOvember\". Helga wait for me at the airport -LOL
Hans Spanner, 09 10 2010
love your londoncams but please adjust the leicestersquarecam we are only seeing the top of a restaurant umbrella. thanks.
pete, 09 10 2010
I miss London soooo much, I love this webcam, I can see the square and it doensnt seem so far away, can\'t wait to get back there.
Hollie, 30 09 2010
I love London! The greatest city in the world; plus this live cam is the best!
cobber, 07 09 2010
Looking forward to being back in \"The Smoke\" next week - but at the other end of the Strand, by St Paul\'s!
catmint, 04 09 2010
I\'ll be there in 21 days! It has been 2 years since I have been there. I can\'t wait. :)
Pam, 01 09 2010
I\'ll be back in December. Just made the reservations today. Can\'t wait!
Emma Watson, 01 09 2010
Marvellous place. Will be there in a few hours time! Been there a couple of times before. London is great. Malta
Cecilia, 19 08 2010
In a month I\'ll be wandering the streets of London. See you there!
Marvin, 18 08 2010
I was there in March and it was fantastic. I love London and can\'t wait to get back.
Siannon Shantilaye, 17 08 2010
I am a Londoner who left London a long time ago, and I check out your site daily... I love it.
Simone, 13 08 2010
I had a working holiday in London in the Sixties and had a wonderful time in this timeless city. Hope to visit again one day. This webcam makes me feel as if I am there again - excellent!
Anne Hancock, 13 08 2010
This is an awesome cam of London. The best on the web. London is a beautiful city. Thank God I will be leaving Australia in 4 days to spend 3 great weeks in this eternal city. London, here I come. Cheers. Ken.
Ken, 12 08 2010
We\'ll come back with my family
alper, 11 08 2010
i love this best for me
anthony, 11 08 2010
It has been too long since I was in London but in spite of everything that has happened London to me is the most unique city in the world. I close my eyes and still feel the drizzling rain upon my face, getting off the tube and walking down Earls Court. Perhaps someday I shall return but until then...I love you London from across the pond!
Fini, 09 08 2010
Has anyone already visited the labyrinth on the square?:)
Marvin, 03 08 2010
Rule Britannia-USA
PFBJR, 01 08 2010
looking for our made mate Jill, nice day for it
yvette, 28 07 2010
Rule Britannia
PFBJR, 23 07 2010
actually what is going on on the square???
joanna, 13 07 2010
Whats goin on in Trafalgar Square with all the fence and the TV dish?
carl, 13 07 2010
There\'s not a single Bowler Hat, no pearly suits, this is a con
John, 12 07 2010
Oh look at all the fun going on at the square. Wish I were there, maybe next year.
Pam, 11 07 2010
Can we green this part of London? Not a flower box to be seen.Apart from that though..cracking view.
george , 27 06 2010
I love watching this camera every Wednesday morning (8am-9am UK time) as something special ALWAYS happens at that time!
Citizen of London, 17 06 2010
Hurrah for the No To Bike Parking Tax protestors! I see they are here again. Support their demo on Sat 19 June, Ace Cafe, Ace Corner, North Circular Rd. Be there for 11am.
Bruce, 16 06 2010
looking in from Australia. I love this webcam, its always busy. Why is the fence still up after the Thai festival?
yvette, 09 06 2010
londra is very beatiful turkey
alper, 03 06 2010
Lesley, The colored baby elephants are part of a charity fundraising event to support Asian elephants that are becoming extinct. They are on display until July, and are to be auctioned off at Sothebys.
Maria, 03 06 2010
Could someone please enlighten me on the coloured elephants in the bottom corner? What do they have to do with Trafalgar Square? Thank you, Lesley, Sydney
Lesley, 01 06 2010
londra harika dünyanın en güzel şehirlerinde birtanesi
alper, 27 05 2010
thnxs Jax, I thought there had to be a reason for it.
Pax, 23 05 2010
I love being in London, 3 times a year isn\'t enough for me. From Austin Texas
Jeanette, 22 05 2010
The traffic jams on a Wednesday will stop when the council removes the only bike parking charge in Europe. Keep it up lad, not everyone has a mobile phone and no one wants to give out credit card info in the street.
Jax from London, 19 05 2010
Traffic jams don\'t occur just on Wednesday mornings.
Joe Dokes, 15 05 2010
we used to live in london and nowadays we r dieing to go back...:(
zehra hadi, 14 05 2010
Why is there a traffic jam every wednesday morning??
Pax, 05 05 2010
Tal hamelech
tal, 01 05 2010
Off to London next Friday...can\'t hardly wait to go to this vibrant city. I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jose, 24 04 2010
My suitcases are all packed for London, but my flight has been cancelled. I will just have to sit and watch this webcam from Texas until the airports open up again.
Jeanette, 19 04 2010
Em breve estarei ai, faltam 4 meses, agora eh so aguardar.
Sandra Igreja, 17 04 2010
I left north wales and moved to Austin Texas 20 years ago. I miss the UK so much. I come home 3 times a year, next trip to London will be April 20th.
jeanette, 09 04 2010
We visit again from Geordieland on the 20th April for a short break, can\'t wait.
allan, 08 04 2010
23 years? I hope you didn\'t leave the water running.
Owen, 03 04 2010
Welcome back Brigitte!! ;)
Mary, 01 04 2010
FINALLY GOING HOME!!! I will be going home for the first time in 23 years next Wednesday.
Brigitte in Connecticut, 30 03 2010
I wouldn\\\'t mind a view down Whitehall occasionally!
Peter, 25 03 2010
I wanna be in London now =( ... I love London....and I miss someone who lives there.. =( !!! <3
Nadine Otto, 14 03 2010
I\'m already in my shoes for London on 24th. Almost can\'t await staying few days in this wonderful town.
Stieber Carmen, 12 03 2010
London is the most beautiful European capital. Actually I really loved England. We come back soon with family. I\'m in! Valentin-Romania.
Valentin, 10 03 2010
The love of my life was supposed to be with here me - I am alone
Helga, 06 03 2010
London is my dream. One day I\'ll be there. Thx for this camera. It gives me the feeling that I\'m closer to the city of dreams.
Tanya Kovaleva, 28 02 2010
i have always loved your site i have noticed that you folks just keep getting better you make me very happy with all the cool cam to look at , i have to say its nice to take a break from the day with a little trip to the uk even if its only through my eyes you keep my stress level low and cant thank-you enough for your site take-care jill callinan usa
jill callinan, 25 02 2010
i will be march 7
mcage, 22 02 2010
ah i look this cam everyday even in the office whenever i get some spare time when i was 22yrs old my parents sent me to london for studies,i m from karachi,pakistan i lived there for quite a while n i miss london and londoners sooo much i love london i wish i get the chance to go back to london and i as soon as airplane touches the ground of london i will kiss the soil of london first i love london and miss my golden days i did my degree from there and currently i m on gud position just because of london love u london n londoners
Farhahn, 20 02 2010
Will be in London March 13th...Can\'t wait!
Kelli, 18 02 2010
I watch London every day, better to say i live there inside this cam, a very special person -My Helga- lives there and this is the only way i got to feel closer to her. I hope one day i will be in London holding hands with her.
Hans Spanner, 17 02 2010
Chrysa ki emena to idio...To Londino einai magiko...
Leonidas, 15 02 2010
What more could I say about this cam? It brings to life the best memories of my life-the ones of when I was in London myself..Chrysa, Greece.
Chrysa, 10 02 2010
Жжош Андрюха !!!
masha, 08 02 2010
i remember that i went to schotland and the coche stood near to trafalgar squer that was the year 1983 my god it was a lovely trip and a wonder ful days i will never forget
basil thonayyan, 08 02 2010
london is the capital of great britain
andrey, 06 02 2010
Im coming to see this in 1 year.. so excited!
Leah, 05 02 2010
Have you ever seen the wide range of locations visible on the Road section of the TfL (Transport for London) site? Not streaming, but updated regularly
Catmint, 04 02 2010
This is stuck on the same scene as it was this morning
Janet, 03 02 2010
Why complain that there is one less camera. There are plenty of others to enjoy, and it\'s not like you are paying for this site.
Jane, 24 01 2010
I really love all the cameras but I wish that more of them were working. I love Big Ben and that camera hasn\'t worked for ages. Same for a lot of them, it would be great to see them working for a change.
Linda , 23 01 2010
Thank you for posting my query, however you never ever explain why the camera is not there....reply please. Thank you.
Clifford Melling, 22 01 2010
I too miss the camera that used view out from the aquarium over the thames toward big ben and the westminster bridge. I watched it daily for years....
vic, 19 01 2010
Yes Clifford, I miss that one too. I miss the South Bank, the Eye, the Westminster Bridge, the Big Ben... I miss that camera arghhh!
Luis, 12 01 2010
could you please explain why you have taken out the Thames camera?????? the one that was positioned on ITV overlooking the thames ???? what abeautiful view...thames is one of our treasures. lovely to see St Paus cathederal... also London Bridge... Good composition .....Thank you.
clifford, 10 01 2010
Just did a little dance around the room here! That is lovely to see the camera angles all back now. I have no idea why at all, but I do love looking at them!
Lisa, 10 01 2010
Ever since the camera got changed for the one & other view, it has not been the same. We used to have 3 views, I believe, the lovely church one, that is on now and then one of the whole traffic square there and then one of the trafalgar square. You could see when things are getting set up for something, etc. The church view is wonderful, I like seeing it all!!
Lisa, 08 01 2010
Hooray the camera back to normal service again.
sharon, 08 01 2010
The fountain is off because the water is frozen!!
Diane, 08 01 2010
Oh wow, the fountains are off! It MUST be really cold. They sometimes go an entire winter without being shut off due to cold. Love London; can\'t wait to get back there again someday. would love to live there.
Bill C, 07 01 2010
Perfect, the Christmas views have been put bsck in their box for another year. Now planning a trip to \"the smoke\" for February.
allan, 07 01 2010
Lisa asked \"Whats up with the fountains?\" They are frozen, it has been -4 degrees C there
Dave from Perth WA, 07 01 2010
Yes, this is the best cam on the web. But what has happened? It used to move around and zoom etc. Has the snow effected the workings of the cam? I would love to be in London when it snows. Ken Day
Ken Day, 06 01 2010
it would be nice to see it working : - ( and can you please put it back to the old settings.thanks
Alan, 06 01 2010
They\'re zooming in on the snow!
Chas, 06 01 2010
It\'s snowing! What a lovely site to see. The square with snow falling. London missed out on a white Christmas, but is getting a white start to the new year. A great city it is. From Aussie Land.
Ken Day, 06 01 2010
Please go back to the old settings with the lovely church AND all the rest. Whats up with the fountains?
Lisa, 05 01 2010
great to see routemasters still in london! what isn\'t great is the camera keeps zooming into the middle of trafalger square! the xmas tree is gone now so can you return it to the original settings please as this provides better viewing
Alan, 05 01 2010
London is such a great city. We will return this year, being there in summer of 2008. These web cams are so great, they also bring back lovely memories. From Aussie land.
ken Day, 05 01 2010
Please can you put the camera back to where it was before Christmas as i sure i\'m not the only one who is getting fed up with being zoomed in to the middle of Trafalgar Square.
sharon , 05 01 2010
i miss you London
catherine, 04 01 2010
Two months ago to this day I landed for my second trip to London; what a nice trip and the camera brings me back to those streets. Thanks!
Chris, 03 01 2010
The sun comes up on London while most of America sleeps. Wake up, America, you\'re sleeping your lives away!
Chas, 03 01 2010
Happy New Year\'s Londoners. Will be there in 4 days. There is no place like London.
elektra, 02 01 2010
Why is the camera running looped scenes of the square? I\\\'ve clicked on it six times and the exact same scene appears with the same cars going by and then it freezes at the same point each and every time! What the heck is going on? the clock keeps ticking away like its almost 2100 hours in London like it should be but the scene just keeps repeating itself!4082b
Dianne, 01 01 2010
~*~*HAPPY NEW YEAR*~*~ If all goes to plan I will be home fort he first time in 22 years this April. Wish me luck!
Brigitte, 01 01 2010
Why is it that every year at Christmas and New Years the camera goes offline? I have yet to see any of the festivities for the past 2-3 years due to the camera going \"OFFLINE\". What\'s up with that? Is it some sort of terorrist deterant?
dianne, 01 01 2010
Hi Jeff, how r u ? the reason for all the fuss is that the camera has never changed in months and for some reason it has been changed to look at the christmas tree over the christmas period a no its christmas but we dont want to keep looking at a christmas tree all the time over the xmas period do we ?????
Graham, 30 12 2009
There have been a lot of comments about the camera positions at this site. Could someone please explain WHY the night time camera position which so many people enjoyed, was changed? Jeff in Skokie, Illinois
Jeff Smith, 30 12 2009
I was in London and was excellent! We come back soon. Destination is a very dear me ...
Valentin, 29 12 2009
Trafalgar Square through light rain at Merry Christmas looks like chain,the golden chain of burning candles that takes us out of the shambles peace and joy!
tamara, 26 12 2009
This Square-dreaming of my brain-is full of missing, light like rain.In memories It\'s been the main,attracting visiting again!
tamara, 26 12 2009
I hope to be soon in the wonderfull concerts at St. Martin on the Fields Church... Really special that place. Best Wishes from Tenerife, Spain.
Orestes, 26 12 2009
I so love this cam, but I do miss the lovely church view. It looks like Christmas all the year and here at Christmas time, it isnt on. Missing it. But love seeing this tree.
Lisa in Phoenix, AZ, 24 12 2009
can this live webcam be put on the first page - i\\\\\\\'m sure it\\\\\\\'s missed by many people
peter , 23 12 2009
I agree! I miss the view of the Church of St. Martin in the Fields! Please change it back. Thanks, and Merry Christmas!
Barbara in Washington DC, USA, 23 12 2009
i have\'nt been to london for a couple of years but will be soon to see a show. Merry christmas and happy new year
PETE from Devon, 23 12 2009
Leave the camera where it is I like it there. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL FROM FROZEN DEVON
Pete, 23 12 2009
Cool at last more people who want cameras at to normal. Please change cameras back.
Graham, 22 12 2009
Merry Christmas and happy holidays to everyone! Hope to be in London soon! Maybe they\'ll wait and leave the tree up until I get there! :)
Betty in Texas, 22 12 2009
could you change camera back to previous setting please its much more interesting thank you
alan lester, 19 12 2009
Jeff Smith, 19 12 2009
3 more weeks and I will be here again. It will be 1 year and I miss London so much. Upstate NY is very cold. 12 this AM. Be there soon.
elektra, 17 12 2009
Thankyou for keeping the camera on the Christmas tree - \"tis the season! AND it is a sign of respect to the country which donated it.
Ambrose, 17 12 2009
Please change camera back to what it was before and why do one reply to my e mails that I have already sent to camvista ????
Graham, 15 12 2009
Perfect location! My favorite site to remind me of London from far away New Mexico USA
Alan Shultz, 13 12 2009
Still waiting for you to change camera back????
graham, 12 12 2009
So happy, the tree is up!
Brigitte, 12 12 2009
Lovely camera,but where has the strand gone?please do camera all round.
LINDA KEMP, 11 12 2009
Be back in 4 weeks. Can\'t wait to return to LONDON!! Holiday greetings from upstate NY
elektra, 11 12 2009
I love London. I was there in November and I cannot wait to go back!!
laura, 11 12 2009
please please change camera back to strand its more exciting at nighttime please
graham, 10 12 2009
Ciao Londra, arrivederci presto!
Pam, 10 12 2009
Visited the Square once, and still miss it.. great cam location!
Peter Hopman, 10 12 2009
I want to see the tree at night and the camera doesn\'t seem to move at night, just keeps looking up the Strand.
Ambrose, 09 12 2009
Please can we see the Trafalgar Square Christmas tree, when it\'s lit. This is always a present from the people of Norway to thank the UK for fighting along side them in the last World War
Catmint, 08 12 2009
Love this cam and London is great!! so much to see and do and the architecture is fantastic
Trish, 06 12 2009
Aww, Trafalgar Square is so beautiful this time of year. I wish I was there. Hopefully, I can raise the funds to get there in January or February. Sigh. I can\'t wait! Londoners are lucky people!
Betty in Texas, 05 12 2009
I have to keep reminding myself that the buses and cars aren\'t toys!
Brigitte, 01 12 2009
This is a fantastic camera not only for the views you get but it is in real time! which makes so much more enjoyable.
Alan, 26 11 2009
May your precious son rest in peace, Becky.May you feel the comfort of his spirit.
Shirley, 23 11 2009
I love to see these images. We are having 41 degrees here (celsius) and seeing London on a crisp Sunday morning is simply wonderful. One day I will be there. @ Becky - May your son rest in peace and how wonderful that he enabled you to see London.
Maribel, 22 11 2009
London, at the moment is cold and wet and windy. You\'ll be lucky if you ever see snow until January and now the crowds are beginning to start in readiness for Christmas! Have fun,everyone, but keep warm!
Catmint, 21 11 2009
Yes, all you lucky people, go to London whenever you can!!! I love, love, love London. My son, my favorite person, loved England and made sure that I got to go in 2007. I had dreamed of going since I am an original Beatlemaniac!!! My precious son committed suicide October 12th. I leaned on him and he made sure that I got to go to the UK. Go if you can, whenever you can cause you\'ll love it, too. Becky in Dallas, Texas
Becky Massengale, 20 11 2009
Getting ready to go across the pond this saturday, cannot wait to go! Hope it snows! Cheers
Eleanora Fagen, 17 11 2009
If only it were that easy! I\\\'m going back for the first time since 1987 in July 2010.
Brigitte, 17 11 2009
I love London!
Mary, 15 11 2009
Brigitte go back already! I go over all the time, and I\'m going over again in January. Would you like me to pack you in my lugggage? Matt in Philadelphia
Matt, 15 11 2009
My first week back in the states and all I can do is look at this camera and imagine those same shops and places I visited and steps I sat on just last week and think of how wonderful my time was.
Chris, 14 11 2009
I was born in Havant (Hants) and I would love there to be a \'Live Streaming\' view of there! I\'m sure some day there will be, because who ever knew we\'d be able to see this? I have not seen my sisters for over 17 years! =( Does it make me more homesick. or less?
Brigitte, 11 11 2009
Love watching this view from New Haven Connecticut. One day soon I will be back on British soil for the first time in 22 years.
Brigitte, 10 11 2009
Hey again, Jeanette! My niece and I will be going to London again in January! Hopefully and fingers crossed! Can\'t wait! Can\'t wait to see all I missed the first time!
Betty in Texas, 05 11 2009
I am torn between Texas and London. I love being in London. December will be my 4th trip this year. from Austin Texas
Jeanette, 04 11 2009
I miss you so much, London, I spent the best two years of my life in you, Thanks.I hope I will return to live in you. Greetings from Asturias,España. GRACIAS.
Pablo, 03 11 2009
Heading to London for Christmas week. Be our second visit. Give us a chance to spend Christmas outside the states. We love London. We\'ll be staying in South Kensington and we are looking forward to it.
carl, 01 11 2009
Hy Pam, what a wonderfull idea! I wish were much more teachers with so many imagination and vocation for their job...people like you stand up the education; is so important for a succesfull life to get a proper education. All my best wishes for you and good like. Kind regards from Tenerife, Spain.
ORESTES, 27 10 2009
1st mssg didnt make;!! love london ; married to brit!hope to be back again next june.from san antonio tx
joel, 21 10 2009
from texas married to brit ; we were in london ,june ;love london and it people ;looking forward to next trip!!
Joel, 21 10 2009
Hi again, Jeanette! My niece and I went to London last January and had no idea of what we were doing or where we were going...but the city, especially Trafalgar area was easy to navigate and the people were great to us! We hope to be back in January 2010!
Betty in Texas, 20 10 2009
I love this cam! Alway have. These camera are great - I also use them in my classroom, I teach at risk high schools who haven\'t been exposed to life outside of their environment. For some of them, these cameras open a window in their minds. :)
Pam, 18 10 2009
Hi Betty I was just there, I love everything about London. It is never boring always something to do and see. I was born in North wales, I try to get over as often as I can. I would love to move to London, love the rain.
Jeanette, 12 10 2009
Hi Jeanette, I\'m sitting here in George West, Texas about 200 miles from you watching Trafalgar...went back in January...I love that place!
Betty, 12 10 2009
Thanks to you who explained the Fourth Plinth. My class here in the USA has throughly enjoyed this during our study of England.
Jane , 10 10 2009
Watching Trafalgar Square from Austin Texas, I miss being there, I can\'t wait to be back there, wandering the streets, sitting in pubs.
jeanette, 09 10 2009
Love it! Watching it from the US (at work)
Brigitte, 09 10 2009
Hello Jane. Every hour another act on the plinth. You can take a look at for just another week. Than the show is over. Then you can also read what there is going on.
jolanda, 05 10 2009
I lived in London studying at LSE 2004/05. Loved it and hope to get back soon.
Teri from Canada, 04 10 2009
Jane and Riley, its a public \"soap box\" for anyone to talk about or do just about anything they want.
Carl, 03 10 2009
Have loved watching this as part of our social studies. Could someone explain the individuals on the platform who change hourly?
Jane, 01 10 2009
I wonder who that guy is who always up on top of that column (not Nelson) the one with the net all around ? Artist Riley who loves London
Riley, 01 10 2009
Went to London last year for my fortieth, will be spending my 41st there as well!!! (Fingers crossed) I LOVE London and this webcam!!!
Betty in Texas, 01 10 2009
Another lovely day in London! Wish I was there....
anorm, 22 09 2009
Hello Daisy, when you want to here this you have to go to the site: Then you can hear and see everything. Have fun.
jolanda, 30 08 2009
I wish that they would still show the plinth after dark, not just the view up the Strand!
catmint, 27 08 2009
This camera and service is just great ! I live in Tampa, Fla and love to visit London every change I get ! Riley
Riley, 27 08 2009
I wish they could add the sound! London looks so gorgeous today. Wish I could be there.
Daisy, 19 08 2009
My heart still aches for London! I enjoy visiting this site to see what\'s happening in my fav city!
Veen, 17 08 2009
We\'ve seen this alive!! We were here and came home after staying 6 days in this beautiful city. Also the plinth was sometimes very funny.
jolanda, 09 08 2009
Aha! The person on the plinth on this site isn\'t always the same as the one on \"One & other\" I someone playing back tapes while there\'s a glitch?
catnip, 08 08 2009
Its my fix for the day.Was there in August-Sept2008. Can you add the South African flag on your front page pleeeease!!!.
Frederick Kirsten, 06 08 2009
Bad screen resolution
Victor, 06 08 2009
Thanks so much for the streaming cam. Please, please, consider adding audio too. It\'ll be an awesome site.
Maria, 05 08 2009
I was born in Edgware North West London, I was there about 9 years ago and I wish I was there again I love my England. Ex pat in Melbourne VK3AUR
Michael Wimborne JP, 04 08 2009
We have booked up for another visit in the last week in September. Maybe by then someone in authority will have the sense to move those huts from the beautiful Trafalgar Square and shift them to somewhere more appropriate.
allan, 03 08 2009
I was in London more than a month ago, but miss it dearly still. Seeing the live webcast makes me feel a tiny bit like I\'m back there. But nothing will ever beat the real thing. London I love you and miss you!
Veena, 03 08 2009
I\'ve just seen a \"bendy bus\" - I thought Mayor Boris had chucked them out?
Catnip, 02 08 2009
ITS 05:51 AND THERE ARE SO MUCH BUSES AND CARS, OH GOD. so different from the place i live(krasnoyarsk,siberia) ACTUALLY THATS NCIE,LIKE THE VIEW.
ALINA, 02 08 2009
Qué recuerdos, hace un año y parece tan lejano, ojalá pudiera vivirte cada día, algo imposible para mi... I love London Forever!!
Lawy, 31 07 2009
thanks for the adress Bob. I allready take a look. Great to see and hear what people do. Now its more difficult to wait te come to London, but a few more nights sleep and we\'ll be there.
jolanda, 30 07 2009
wots the web addy for sounds and watch london webcams?????and live stream cameras?????
Graham, 28 07 2009
Thanks Bob, for the website, now I can see and hear the people, is it brilliant. I can\\\'t wait to be in London next Wednesday. Jeanette from Austin Texas.
Jeanette Mattke, 28 07 2009
Hello Jolanda, sorry , but don´t know till when . Today 25-07-09 at 20:38 was a man was red ballons..the camera makes a zapping on the place
Orestes, 25 07 2009
Joland Go to and you will have the whole show including sound. Bob
Bob, 24 07 2009
You can watch till september. and you can get sound on the Official Website
Phil, 23 07 2009
Glen and Orestes, thank you for the respons. It\'s indeed a shame there\'s no sound, but we can see something. It looks sometimes rather funny. One more question: How long will this event take place, because we will come to London in about a week. So maybe we can see this ourself.
jolanda, 21 07 2009
Jolanda, yes, it is an \"open arts performance\" going on at The Square. It is a shame that there isn\'t sound since they have a zoom into the performance area. (But at least THIS webcam is working)
Glen, 19 07 2009
Hello Jolanda, from what i heard they let people do an statue perfomance, the motiv was free, just joint in a list and they selected the people, everybody with a certain time, don´t know all details. Love London...miss it so much.Regards from Tenerife.
Orestes, 19 07 2009
why are those people at that podium? Is this an open podium orso? Can anyone do an performance or what? Can someone tell me please, thank you.
jolanda, 18 07 2009
hallo lonnnnnnnnnnnnn
vaduke, 17 07 2009
The VERY BEST of the One&Other project so far is:
Phil, 17 07 2009
Graham, 17 07 2009
I just saw Elvis!!! He was atop that podium at Trafalgar!!! How cool is that? :) That looks like fun! Thanks for the information on that smoke James, hope SOHO doesn\'t have any more events like that!
Betty, 16 07 2009
I think that the fourth plinth should be like this permanently
Geoffrey Read, 15 07 2009
Trafalger sq is wonderful..but what happened to the Thames camera???you dont have it anymore...shame wonderful view. thank you.
clifford melling, 15 07 2009
The smoke was from an office building fire in SOHO
JAMES, 13 07 2009
London you don\'t have to wait anymore \'cause I\'m coming!
Ion, 12 07 2009
Hi! I love this cam! London is beautiful! I will return in January!!! I love this city!! Hey, what was causing the smoke on July 10, 2009? Looks scary!
Betty, 10 07 2009
A good view of all the goings on at the fourth (vacant) plinth. This is an event staged by Michael Gormley, the artist. A new person stands there for an hour - hence the netting!
Pierre, 06 07 2009
There was a big Pride march on Saturday afternoon, so no traffic on the roads and loads of people milling around!
Catnip, 06 07 2009
What huge event was on this Saturday July 4th, there were no cars on the roads in the afternoon? Lots of people milling about and the square was jam packed, can anyone shed some light on this for me.
Nell, 04 07 2009
Wow, great shot and view of the city. I\'ll be back there in November.
Chris from Tampa, 27 06 2009
I agree, people in Paris and London are really nice. I am counting the days when I return. I was there last September and took a bike tour in both countries and had a wonderful time. Enjoy!!!! Soutern California, USA
Fred L, 25 06 2009
kocham Londyn
leszek, 21 06 2009
Hey! where did u get web camera with sounds then can,t find it anywhere.
Graham, 19 06 2009
Am vizitat! Foarte multe lucruri interesante si incarcate de istorie si simbolism! Nu le ocoliti!
Ion Ion Romania, 15 06 2009
Forget Ken\'s dreaded bendy-busses - some of the Saturday night stretched limos have great difficulty in tight corners!
Catmint, 13 06 2009
jolanda, can you please give me the website or link to the live webcam of London that has sound? thank you
maria, 13 06 2009
hey London, we have to wait till august the second and than we\'ll be there again. Can hardley wait. When we see these webcam we have fun to see the moving people. now we saw on another cam live pictures and we can also hear the noices. Very very happy!!! So see you soon.
jolanda, 11 06 2009
The Great Britain and more precisely the Londo\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s people are wonderful!<<< I agree with you, Oliver but in fairness on my last two visits to France (mostly Paris) I can honestly say that I have never been treated better. A lot of how one is treated depends on how they behave. Enjoy London and all of Britain Ron in Boston, MA
Ron Richo, 10 06 2009
Hi,I live in France,but for my last hollidays I was here with my girlfriend,and I can tell one thing: The Great Britain and more precisely the London\'s people are wonderful !
Olivier Conte, 07 06 2009
This part of the world is my most favorite ! This free cam system is doing a great job - thanks ! I live in USA and the mall in Washington is used for all freedoms of speech and protests. I think Trafalgar should remain quiet and let the noise be heard in Speaker\\\'s Corner ! Riley (
Riley Geddings, 04 06 2009
London,London,London...You\'re my life,my soal,my heart!!!Wish to be there now...No doubt-the most beautiful,chic,romantic city in the world :)
Kate Brown, 02 06 2009
Keep the square free... you want a venue... hire it.
David, 01 06 2009
Should Trafalgar Square be used as a venue for rallies and pop concerts? Or should it be kept as a great open space for everyone to enjoy?
Pierre, 29 05 2009
What happened to the thames no longer show it?????
clifff, 23 05 2009
i was here last week greet hollidays for me and my wife
olivier, 18 05 2009
Absoulutely wonderful. Truly enjoy London but especially the countryside and the people.
D R Gillespie, 16 05 2009
Exactly Pam!no more and no less!If that is golden square\'s opinion, how come it looks at this cam? Lynette
lynette , 15 05 2009
This is one of my favourite locations...... and London is simply the best city in the world. In my experience I\'ve found Londoners to be very open a friendly, you simply have to communicate and people will communicate back.... yes people are mirrors.
Kevan, 15 05 2009
My experience is you see around you what you project from the inside of yourself Golden Square. Look in the mirror. People of London are like any city no better, no worse. When you point a finger at others you have 3 pointing back at yourself.
Pam, 13 05 2009
London is full of rude ignorant idiots. go somewhere nicer. the wethewrs rubbish too.
golden square, 09 05 2009
London is my home away from Florida.The square is one of my favorites ! Great camera view ! Florida Artist
Riley Geddings, 09 05 2009
I am going to be there on Friday, so excited I can\'t wait From Austin Texas
Jeanette, 06 05 2009
I love it
Vince Bezzina, 06 05 2009
And didn\'t Dr Johnson also say \"There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing choices?\" Well, if he didn\'t say it, he certainly thought it- -
contessa, 04 05 2009
Brasil, 03 05 2009
What\'s going on in Trafalgar Square today (Sunday)? Lots of folks out enjoying day at some sort of celebration. Can\'t wait to visit London again in a few weeks!
Txpup, 03 05 2009
Cobber - that is a slight misquote from Samuel Johnson: \"He who is tired of London is tired of life.\" It\'s the 300th anniversary of his birth later this year. He also wrote the 1st comprehensive Dictionary in the English language.
Catmint, 30 04 2009
Well, I\'m homesick for a city I will soon visit. For the love of my life who is in London has truly stolen my heart even before I received the bottles of wine and over 6 dozen rose. This is a testament of his love for me. Honey, you have truly stolen my heart. To SJB, from BEL of Miami/Cutler Bay, FL
Bel, 30 04 2009
What a great place to throw a massive party and film a brand new TV ad...
Lifes for Sharing, 30 04 2009
Brasil, 27 04 2009
I love love love London and this webcam of Trafalgar Square is brilliant! Makes me feel homesick remembering all the great times I enjoyed there. Like Dickens said, \'If you\'re bored with London, you\'re bored with life\'.
Cobber, 26 04 2009
saw my children via the cam on the square by the white satellite truck near the bronze lions, they are having a terrific time, thanks all Londoners for being so kind to them.
Nell, 25 04 2009
I notice the trees are leafing out. Can\'t wait to sit in the plaza again and feel the spray from the fountains on my face.
Pam, 22 04 2009
I think they where filming for Harry Potter there a couple of days ago. I read about it.
Petra, 22 04 2009
London is amazing . Where are you Brent?
Gisele, 20 04 2009
Trafalgar Square brings back good memories. I will be there soon.
Gisele, 19 04 2009
Joe- Thanks so much for letting me know!
Petra, 19 04 2009
Can\'t wait to get back here and just sit on the benches ! I love London but live in Florida, USA. R.Geddings, Florida Landscape Artist
Riley Geddings, 19 04 2009
Petra - The Dutch love to party. In celebration of their Queen Mother\'s birthday, this year the Netherlands Tourism Board and Expedia are hosting a party in Trafalgar Square, complete with a Dutch food market, Dutch live bands and kids\' Sesame Street-themed entertainment.
Joe, 18 04 2009
There is always something happening in the square and its usually jam packed. My Son and daughter will be there on Monday the 20th of April. we will have to coordinate so I can see them on the cam and speak to them via the phone.I know they\'ll have a terrific time.
Nell, 18 04 2009
I wonder what they are doing today because the whole place is blocked off and trucks and security everywhere? Does anybody know?
Petra, 17 04 2009
Okay, I\'ve seen enough, so I do plan to visit London and go to this very place. As someone has never lived of been outside the US, this will be one exciting trip. Maybe that job will come through after all.
Bel from Miami, 15 04 2009
Fabulous fun to see you London. I\'m homesick for you, so am moving home ASAP.Have a great day all of you, Erica.
Erica, 11 04 2009
How marvelous that the city of London is so vibrant and busy even at 1.11am in the morning. Toronto is asleep and hasn\'t a clue what its missing.
nell, 10 04 2009
I couldn\'t agree more with you, Leonidas.. I\'ll always be in love with this unbelievable city..
Chrysa, 08 04 2009
I hope some day move to London and work and live there for many years! I love you London! The atmosphere of this town is unique! Miss you!
Leonidas, 07 04 2009
Tienes razón maravilla de plaza, esos conciertos en Saint Martin on the Fields...ese soho, Piccadilly circus, Camdem Town, el mejor año de mi vida hasta el momento fué alli..London you are great!!!
ORESTES, 05 04 2009
Where are you????
Suzi, Grand Junction, Colorado US, 04 04 2009
I take it that the box and green netting that\'s appeared around and over the statue of King Charles I is because of the G20 meeting and the freared riots rather than any iconoclastic plot?
Catmint, 01 04 2009
Hola Londres!Hi London. I miss you so much...I lived in London for 2 years, Trafalgar is my best place. Una tarde en Trafalgar, que maravilla. Gracias Londres. Thanks a lot. The best ciy in the world. La mejor del mundo. Pablo, Luanco, Asturias, España.
Pablo, 28 03 2009
Great webcam - it keeps me going through my day as I have it running on my office desk all morning and have a glance at it every now and then dreaming about wonderful London
Reinhold, 26 03 2009
my husband wants to buy london, does anyone know the price? if so what real estate can we buy whole of london from. can we have the tube for free
jodie oconnell verginis, 25 03 2009
Thank heavens for London drivers. I\'ve just watched an ambulance drive down past St Martin\'s and into Northumberland Avenue. All drivers moved out of it\'s way and/or waited for it to pass before moving on. Well done!
Catmint, 24 03 2009
My Husband is in Trafalgar Sqare right now and waiving at the camera, but I can\'t see him, so it is not live!!! And it froze up too!!!! Thats sad.
Petra, 23 03 2009
Great Web Cam and sound would be wonderful...even if it is traffic noise! Do like Belushi\'s in Edinburgh and put a mike in. Miss London every day.
Big Berg, 23 03 2009
if you just put audio beside pics that will be a dream NAS 16,3,2009
Nase, 16 03 2009
London is really the city of magic. i miss all my days in that wonderfull city. and i wish of there is any sound besid pictures to get the soul of London and the smell of memories Nas
Nas, 16 03 2009
Because all you will hear is traffic noise and London traffic is LOUD!!!
Francine, 13 03 2009
we want the audio too!!! pleeeeeeeaaase!!!
valentina, 12 03 2009
Why is there no sound??????
Graham, 12 03 2009
I really do admire the cyclists you see on this site. Whether they\'re brave or foolhardy - or sometimes even suicidal - they keep up with the traffic, even when lorries and buses seem to want to bully them off the road!!!
Peter, 09 03 2009
luis, 09 03 2009
Lugar tranquilo e seguro (aperentemente), gostaria de visitar algum dia.
Pedro, 07 03 2009
Rachel, I am late seeing this--I am so excited for you! Walk everywhere you can. London in many ways is a small town. You can walk from Buckingham Palace to the London Eye in 30 minutes and that is taking your time to stop and look. Then across Westminster Bridge, past the London Eye to the pedestrian bridge over to Covent Garden. You are going to have so much fun!!
Francine, 04 03 2009
One of my favorite places is Fiona\' on Kensington Church street. Funky, great food but be sure to make a reservation. I miss London and hope to be back soon
Karl, Atlanta, Georgia, 04 03 2009
ok.. so london has so many amazing foods to try and you want tex mex? honestly, with the amount of different styles of food you wont have time to buy a pretend grilled but really microwaved tex mex meal.. stop talking about it. this is not a blog. but enjoy london, its divine.
jodie oconnell, 02 03 2009
possibly the best web cam on the net. oxoxo
jodie oconnell, 02 03 2009
I miss you my London town and I cannot wait to be back where I belong!!!
Suzi, Grand Junction, Colorado US, 01 03 2009
I agree that one should experience all of London including the local cuisine. However, referring to \\\"Texas Slop\\\" doesn\\\'t show much culture either. No disrespect intended . . . this Texan loves London and can\\\'t wait to return in May! Gail
Gail, 27 02 2009
Now Debbie, why would Rachel want to eat Texas slop in London ? Get a tad cultured, Love
Joe, 27 02 2009
Why would you want to go to London to eat \"Tex-Mex\". Maybe missing the point?
Doug Omand, 27 02 2009
Rachael, I\'m envious and you\'ll love it!!!! My daughter and I visited London in 2007 and we both long to return. I wanted to go to England ever since the Beatles debuted in the U.S. (I was 12, ha, ha, ha!!!)I finally got the opportunity to go at age 56 and I tell you, you\'re never too old to enjoy it. My daughter was 15 when we went and she\'s planning on moving there (ha, ha) as soon as she is out of school. Really. We\'ve got it bad. Oh yeah, take plenty of moolah. Becky in Dallas
Becky , 26 02 2009
Rachel, You must check out the Texas Embassy Cantina while there. Pretty good Tex-Mex for London.
Debbie, 25 02 2009
I\'m sooooo excited! I\'m going for the 1st time to London in the beginnings of August! I cant wait, it looks amazing! Please give me the heads up, of what I can do over there :D Thanks! (Houston, TX)
Rachel, 23 02 2009
I like that glimpse of the statue of King Charles I - what a pity it isn\\\'t nearer the Banqueting House where he was executed - or St Mary-le-Strand where they have some relics!!
Peter, 20 02 2009
Как хочется побывать снова на Трафольгарской площади!!!Я люблю Лондон.Хорошо что есть такие камеры, которые относят тебя вдаль к хорошим воспоминаниям о прошедших днях.Всем привет из Украины(ДОНЕЦКА).Hello to all from UKRAINE(DONETSK)!!!
yuriy dvoykin, 19 02 2009
This camera is the best!!!!!! I\'m watching from Houston,Texas.Been in Trafalgar Square 1 month ago and it was amazing. Love to watch it online now. Super side. Thanks.
Petra Pike, 11 02 2009
Ah Trafalgar Square...made famous by the wonderful Bee Gees. How I would love to be there right now! Maybe someday...on a wing and a prayer
Janet, 11 02 2009
You are, as always, so beautiful to me! I can hardly wait to return. I long for the shores of the United Kingdom...
Suzi, Grand Junction, Colorado US, 10 02 2009
Good Morning London, from Miami Lakes, FL. Hope today\\\'s day is wonderful. See you in 6/09
Dulce, 09 02 2009
Good Morning London, Hope today will be a lovely day. Hope to see you all in June 09...Thank you, for the webcam. Dulce from Miami Lakes, FL
Dulce, 09 02 2009
Living in Minnesota where we deal with snow 6 months a year, I LOVE the fact that London freaks out when the white stuff falls. How great to live in a place where it\'s such a rarity!
Patty, 08 02 2009
Why, why, why is their widespread panic when it snows in London? People panicking. Clearing shelves at Tesco Metros of bread and water. NO buses. Tubes cancelled. No twits demonstrating in Trafalgar Sqaure. I\'m bemused, confused, bewildered, dumb-founded. Mostly just dumb!
Carter, 05 02 2009
This webcam is the best. Love, love love London and this live view of Trafalgar Square rocks.
Cobber, 05 02 2009
great cam, wish they were all like this, but am not missing that weather!
richard, 05 02 2009
Muy buena cámara. He visto la nevada del otro día y así he preparado mi viaje de esta semana. Perfecta. Gracias
Fernando, 04 02 2009
Wow! Snow in London! I\'ve been to London 16 times and never seen snow! Coming back February 19th and I hope it\'s still there...which seems crazy because I\'ve been shoveling it all morning here in Philadelphia!
Matt, 04 02 2009
Best streaming cam I\\\'ve ever seen! I\\\'ll be there in about 2 weeks - LIVE!
Rudolf S, 01 02 2009
dear sir the web cam is realy blerry please can you fix it please can you e mail me as soon as posible
charlie castle, 01 02 2009
I think this a fab web cam, my son and daughter will be in London in April and the I hope to see them there on the square while they are away because the imagining is great
Nell, 28 01 2009
l love it so much
ferqad, 25 01 2009
hi! u like it??? kssss
mai, 22 01 2009
Hi London! Today I\'m watching you from Italy by this webcam, but tomorrow I\'ll be there! Yeah!!! I can\'t wait. So see you soon...
Angelo, 20 01 2009
London is the best city I have ever been ... I love it and this web cam is the best form of just coming back to London
star, 20 01 2009
Thank you for this brilliant camera view of the heart of London as so alive with action night and day. So looking forward to March and returning to the best capital city in the world.
Paul Saunders, 20 01 2009
I love London and this webcam is just the best. Makes me wish I was there in person enjoying the beautiful views.
Cobber, 20 01 2009
I do believe the Palistinians demonstrating in Trafalgar Square were supporting Israel in their quest to bring peace to the Middle East
Carter, 20 01 2009
Great Live Feed, cant wait to be there..Feb 1, see u in London.....a big hello to everyone from Panama central America.
Rene, 20 01 2009
Great live feed..can\'t wait to be there...Feb 1, see u in London!!! A big hello to everyone, all the way form Panama, central America
Rene, 20 01 2009
Saturday was a Palestinian demonstration against the violence in Gaza. Sunday saw a Jewish demonstration against the violence in Gaza and remembering the violence in Beer Sheba and Ashkelon inflicted by Palestinian missiles
Npeter, 19 01 2009
I believe the crowd was there for some kind of demonstration. I saw a Palestine flag and there were lots of police.
Lara, 19 01 2009
Huge crowd in the square today (Saturday). Does anyone know what is going on?
Patty, 17 01 2009
Just back from London and miss it already. Can\'t wait for next year.
elektra, 15 01 2009
Love London! Looking at these cams takes me back to my awesome trip. Can\'t wait to go back!
Emz, 13 01 2009
There\'s a magic in London that keeps making you return.
Martin, 11 01 2009
OH!...How I miss London.
Martin, 11 01 2009
Best wishes to London! Wishing all of you a wonderful 2009... from a friend in Dallas, Texas. The webcam is beautiful at night.
Cat, 10 01 2009
Are the fountains in Trafalgar Square still frozen or have they been turned off?
npeter, 09 01 2009
Christmas is over - the Trafalgar Square Christmas tree has gone! Epiphany can be so dark!
Nick, 06 01 2009
How amazing is this? To watch a live webcam of \"Trafalgar Square\". I love that I can see this from my computer so far away, here in Long Island, New York in the states.
Angela Doria, 04 01 2009
Happy new year peeps!Wish i was there,not at home bored stiff!
Alison, 31 12 2008
What is it about London that makes us all love it so much?I live in the great city of Boston MA (USA) but my heart is in London. Happy New Year to all and to the city of London as well. All the best for 2009!
Ron Richo, 31 12 2008
1 more week and we will be here again. Can\'t wait. In the words of Sweeney Todd - \"There is no place like London\"
elektra, 30 12 2008
I\'m flat out like a lizzard drinking as so love London and can\'t wait to get back in March 2009. Wishing everyone in London and regulars at this cam a very Merry Christmas!!
Carter, 24 12 2008
London rules! This Trafalgar Square webcam is the best bar none. Such great views. Thanks Camvista and Merry Christmas everyone!!!
Rusty Pelican, 24 12 2008
Good to see the Christmas tree again. This is the annual gift of the people of Norway in thanks for the help of the British during World War II
Nick, 23 12 2008
What a buetiful sight at this cam,i/am from holland(denbosch)and go twice a year tot ths great Londen.
Stefan, 20 12 2008
This is the place to go and relax. London massive man. Can\'t wait till new year.
Asad Ali, 20 12 2008
I love London and this is my favourite webcam and can\'t wait to walk around Trafalgar Square in early 2009. Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas from the wilds of upstate New York.
Cobber, 16 12 2008
Your camera angles are great! It makes me feel just like I was there! I have been there often but alas, I can only see it now from Florida thru your lens...R.Geddings, Florida Landscape Artist,
Riley Geddings, 13 12 2008
This camera gives me beautiful memories of London. Just little more than one month and I\'ll be there after three long years! CIAO!
Angelo, 12 12 2008
Four more weeks and we will be back here. We can not wait. We will wave to everyone in upstate New York. Love London!!!
elektra, 09 12 2008
Thanks Nick & Cecelia. I\'ll \"Google Earth\" the square and get my bearings!
Doug, 07 12 2008
I love this view, i live in Rosarito, Baja California, Mexico
Fernando, 07 12 2008
I\'m in Little Rock, Arkansas and this is an amazing web cam!!
Collette, 06 12 2008
I am looking at Trafalgar Square, London, and I have never seen anything like it. It looks really good. I am watching all the people moving around and the traffic. I live in Derbyshire.
Marianne, 05 12 2008
Doug, - No that\'s South Africa House; Canada House is off screen to the left. Road traffic disappears to the right down Northumberland Avenue or straight down Whitehall.
Nick, 02 12 2008
doug, Canada House is on the left side of the square when you are looking at the National art gallery, when the wind is blowing you can see the Canadian flag.
cecelia, 01 12 2008
I love this webcam to me it says Hello form London. It\'s so busy and full of life and the main place i would love to see and just take in the view.. London is an Awesome Place to visit but if you live there you are so Lucky.. Great Shots on the webcam sharon USA
sharon, 30 11 2008
Nick- is that Canada House straight ahead in this shot? I was there in July/August but I did\'nt have much time to explore this area.
Doug, 28 11 2008
there is an easyeverything internet cafe as you go up strand. Where I discovered Camvista. Now I\\\'m in Cape Town
chris priilaid, 27 11 2008
Sorry, Raul, you\'ve got it slightly wrong. The road leading straight ahead is the Strand. Cars appearing from the left are coming from the Mall or Piccadilly. Top left you can see the National Gallery, The Coliseum (home of English National Opera), St Martin-in-the- Fields Church and the South African High Commission is the large floodlit building on the corner.Traffic coming down past there comes from Charing Cross Road - as in the book.
Nick, 23 11 2008
its the square but a little to much to the right. left top side road leads to the Strand. right side The Mall(Buck Palace) straight embankment. left bottam corner leicester sq.God I Miss it
Raul, 23 11 2008
I was in london this past july an loved it. this is my favorite area of this great city! vrey busy!
Doug, 22 11 2008
hi Barbara! You are so fortunate to have visited England. I love the Cotswolds and have been looking at rentals there for when my dream comes true and I can go.
Lara, 22 11 2008
I live in Iowa in the U.S. and I will be in London four weeks from today. I can\'t wait to see the city decorated for Christmas, especially the tree at Trafalgar Square.
CJ, 21 11 2008
Hi Lara, I\'m also from Alabama but live in Virginia now. I enjoyed my 2nd visit to London & Cotswolds September 2007. Love it so much! This is a great location at Trafalgar Square.
Barbara, 20 11 2008
I dream one day of going to England. I watch this camera almost every night in Alabama, USA just to see the sun come up over London
Lara, 19 11 2008
I was in London last September for two weeks. I loved it! You can see some of my london photos at: Cheers!
John, 14 11 2008
cool site cool cam 5 stars means vary good
brian, 14 11 2008
Just awesome that I can sit here comfy at home and still know the amazing city is buzzing and waiting for my return..I don\'t know when I will return but this gives me comfort that I can still be a part of it.
Katie, 12 11 2008
everyday i came here 2 c london...........we will b thr very sooooooooooooooon.........
suravi , 08 11 2008
Very psyched, I\'ll be there tomorrow (11/8)...visiting for a week...can\'t wait...
Birdman, 07 11 2008
I\'m in London every year, i love this city and i really feel good there. I miss this place very much...fortunatelly i\'m comming to london in March only for few days but still:)
Ola, 05 11 2008
I come here every day for lunch... all the way from Ohio in the US. I sit and eat my lunch while watching this webcam. It reminds me of the times when I was really there eating lunch!
Jenny, 03 11 2008
Wow it gets dark there so early.
Ani, 02 11 2008
all that spangely lighting looks like a hell of a rave :)
BlueSpy, 31 10 2008
Theo Cox\'s Lighting looks Great!
tony fagan, 29 10 2008
Wht is going on in the bubble?
elektra, 29 10 2008
Great London. Fortunately i´m gonna be there on the 24th of december for de 3 time this year.
Super, 22 10 2008
everyday we miss u............ everyday remembering our visit..........we wiil b visit u very soon.........
suravi basu, 19 10 2008
I\'ll be there Tuesday! Hooray!
Jim, 19 10 2008
here i am again. we\'re back on the internet. we missed watching the webcam. But what\'s more important: we are comming back. Just for 2 days, on the 20th of december.For the second time this year. That\'s great isn\'t it. We can hardly wait. We want see London in another time/season. We\'ve only been here in the summer. So see you soon. Glad to be back again.
jolanda, 16 10 2008
I can go to London everyday by looking at trafalgar square threw webcam and remember what lays over the edges the cam doesn\\\'t show. I miss London so much my very soul aches to return. God Save The Queen and Bless You All!! Bunches of Kisses for My Darren whom I havent spoken to in almost a year. I Miss You. xo!!!
clarissa goodwin, 15 10 2008
Last Friday I was there. I \'ll be there soon, again. It was great. London thank you.
dim, 14 10 2008
Great view. Great city. London, I love You!
NM, 14 10 2008
Do you remember the Bierkeller in Trafalgar Square?
dina, 10 10 2008
Honestly I am really wanting to go to London and see all there is to see there so Until I can see it in person this is the next best thing...
John Parker, 10 10 2008
I miss London so much.
Ani, 09 10 2008
bad traffic on 4th october at 18:23
captain birdseye, 04 10 2008
is good
james bond, 03 10 2008
is good cam
jamesbond, 03 10 2008
I love this web cam and can\'t wait to stroll through Trafalgar Square again this November. I return every year to Whitehall on Armistice Day and observe the Two Minute Silence. Support The Royal British Legion and wear your poppy with pride and thank all those who gace their tomorrows for us to live in peace today.
Cobber, 03 10 2008
I\'m moving to London next year for school and I want the whole world to know! I\'ll wave hello to the camera when I get there!
jefferson, 03 10 2008
gr8 camera!!really want to go there again!im from benfleet,essex some1 else write form benfleet or southend please!
alex hubbsy, 01 10 2008
Are there any NAKED people there? You know just sitting around being NAKED!
Dick Less, 01 10 2008
It is a beautiful site when it is live streaming
Orenzio, 27 09 2008
Planning our trip to the uk in April. It will be my third trip and my friend\'s 1st!! we are all so excited, we can\'t wait... See you soon London! Kelli=Orlando, Carrie and Pam= Pamana City, Fl. USA
Kelli, 23 09 2008
I love this webcam... it\'s one of the best i have seen to cover the landmark of Trafaigar Square i love,love it.You do a Great job everyday something different to see. I want to come and just sit and enjoy the History and modern of England. Great Job on the webcam makes you want to come to the best place.Love it sharon Tn. USA
sharon, 22 09 2008
hey guys !! i\'ll be in London in three weeks, it\'s very hard to wait. i come for work, but i\'ll have free time to visit and shop.
jany, 21 09 2008
we love u london..........we missing u every day........ our son is studying pl take care of him..we will visit u very soon.......
suravi basu, 21 09 2008
hey guys !! i\'ll be there in three weeks, i can\'t wait to go on this place, london is so beautiful, i\'d love to live in this cty
jany, 18 09 2008
Beautifull London\\\'s Trafalgar Square! But today, many Wisla Krakow fans will meet there and go to Spurs stadium, to encourage our team. Today we will win and become famous! Today is our VICTORY! Jazda! Jazda! Jazda! Pzdr z Krakowa!
Wisla Krakow Fan from PL, 18 09 2008
Hola Gabriel, échale un ojo a esta agencia, GLOBAL-GAP, te consigue trabajo y alojamiento en Reino Unido, o también manda cv a todos los hoteles que puedas, yo viví un año en londres, es una maravilla, vale la pena en todos los aspectos.
orestes, 06 09 2008
Nemôžem sa dočkať, kedy sa zas poprechádzam po Trafalgar Square a budem to ja, kto bude snímaný touto kamerou...
Michal, 05 09 2008
I just love London...this city has such an amazing atmosphere. When i\'m there i can feel that i really live! i was there 6 times, last one month ago and will be back next summer. there are 10 months left...i cannot wait! I\'m from Poland but i really have to say that i can\'t live in this country. London is my place in the world:)seriously!
Ola, 31 08 2008
Was here in 2006 and will be back January 7, 2009. Can\'t wait. Love London!! Wish we didn\'t win that Revolutionary War.
elektra, 27 08 2008
Beautiful London! My home away from home here in Philadelphia. I cannot wait to be back there once again this October, and this camera view only makes me more impatient about returning!
Matt Smith, 22 08 2008
Me encanta esta cuidad... Espero conocerla algún día... Saludos desde Rosario, Argentina.
Gabriel, 20 08 2008
hello london we were here last weekend and had a lovely time, me and my daughter. it was the thirt time we were in london. love the place and the people. we saw the big screen at this place and were amased howmany people were looking to the opening ceremony from the olympics. it was great. we hope to come back again. so... greetings from holland
jolanda, 17 08 2008
I love those cams! I am surprised there isn´t any commercial add of BA or so ... they would be selling tickets into this great city like crazy. Though they probably are. Would love to have one myself. Smrk.
Pahnic, 17 08 2008
I miss London. Trafalgar, the best place in London. london the best city in the world. SIEMPRE LONDRES, desde Asturias PUXA LONDRES
Pablo, 13 08 2008
· visits in a year and still want more. I love this city!!!!!
Monchi, 13 08 2008
Aack! Clear the spider web! Clear the spider web!
Bugs, 13 08 2008
I wish that gnat would get out of there. He\'s been walking around and annoying me all morning...
jefferson, 13 08 2008
I think I have fallen madly in love from far away. I\'m not sure how, but I dream about living in this city every waking and sleeping moment of my life. Someday, I will see you and breathe you, London...
Madam X, 11 08 2008
They are watching the Olympics live on the big screen. Beautiful London!!
Jeff, 09 08 2008
They\'ve set up Trafalgar Square to screen the Olympic games for the next 13 days :-D - what a great venue if you can\'t be in China....
SueM, 08 08 2008
So what\'s the Trafalgar Square festival? Looks like a bit of a do...
jefferson, 07 08 2008
We were just here a week ago and loved it.
Ellen, 05 08 2008
this cam is so gives me shivers to see my old haunts of when i was a child.seeing trafalger square makes my heart cry when i am in is my soul that never dies.
joseph xuereb, 03 08 2008
Actually it was a 22 second loop , but its working now !
Frank Saracino , 31 07 2008
Yes true, it\'s not working. Infact it\'s sunny whereas in other London cams it\'s very cloudy! :S
ika, 31 07 2008
What\\\\\\\'s wrong with this cam? It keeps playing the same 7-second loop every time I load it. Is it working?
jefferson angliophile, 31 07 2008
Oh Joseph what a lovely post you wrote! I can feel your love for London. So beautiful.
sydneygirl, 28 07 2008
i love trafalger square alot.i was born in london but now live in heartand soul belongs to london and trafalger square.when i was a kid i used to go up west end and see the sights and trafalger square was the last stop i see.magic magic and my heart yearns to go back there.
joseph xuereb, 27 07 2008
i love watching london! i miss london! 4 years not being there. my favorite place! forever and ever! london is a dream city.
william Brasil, 23 07 2008
Awww how sunny and bright it is in London today. So busy and alive! Trafalgar Square is my favourite property in Monopoly and it is also my favourite webcam site too!! I wish I could jump into this webcam & pop out in Trafalgar Square haha
sydneygirl, 23 07 2008
I love watching the sunrise over Trafalgar square. I can\'t wait to be back there
jeanette, 21 07 2008
Hello,London,Trafaigar Square is so nice,it looks like London,with all the people walking around an seeing the sites.The old buildings and it\'s just a Beautiful Place.I come and watch the people and when i come to England this would be my first stop.. for sure and Great webcams shots Great Job some of the others are no so good but these are always ones you can depend on.Thanks for that I love this one .. Great Job.. sharon USA
sharon, 20 07 2008
I actually asked my friends and family and family visiting london to stand and be seen on this live feed. It was el\' magnifico. Bravo y\'all. PG - Karachi, Pakistan.
PG Bokhari, 20 07 2008
I concur with you all...especially Victoria Matt S from Philadelphia
Matt, 18 07 2008
I sat up the whole night once and just looked at this and other cams in London, and it\'s busybusy all the time. This city doesn\'t rest. Can\'t wait to go back there! <3 My fav place in the world.
Victoria, 17 07 2008
excellent camera !!
john frangopoulos, 15 07 2008
It\'s 2 a.m. in london. Can\'t believe how busy it is. Doesn\'t the city ever rest?
Claire, 13 07 2008
London, I\'m coming home! See you soon xx
Karen, 08 07 2008
I Spent the New Years Holiday in London this past year .... Loved it !! This and Westminster are Two Fantastic Cam Views
Frank Saracino , 08 07 2008
I Love London and have to go there atleast 2 times a year!
theoneandonly, 06 07 2008
We are on our way back. We have booked a long weekend and we will be doing lots of sight seeing, eating out, shopping and we have tickets for the motor show!
jk, 03 07 2008
I LOVE London and these cams. I get there from Chicago about once a year - in the spring. Leaves me longing for next spring already
Pam, 29 06 2008
I can´t wait to October for going back to London this least onece per year
Qike Romero, 27 06 2008
хороший вид!
andrey, 22 06 2008
I need some air… I need some water… I need… I need LONDON so much! Inia
Iwona, 19 06 2008
london the best town in world
dimitris sophocleous, 14 06 2008
Wow Lawy, whether in English or Spanish, we just love London, don't we?
sydneygirl, 09 06 2008
I love London! This is the BEST webcam anywhere. I'll be back in the best city in the world this July and can't wait to walk around Trafalgar Square et cetera. London Rocks!!!
Cobbs, 05 06 2008
Ya falta menos...poco para pisar tierras londinenses, me encanta esta pagina!! I love you London!!
lawy, 02 06 2008
I was there in June last year can't wait to go back. Love this webcam!
lynette, 01 06 2008
Oh my gosh Love,Love this view of Trafaigar Square it's one of the Best views of London,England It really shows off you Beautiful City of England and the webcam it Great shots I wish i was there and i will be soon. I come here to see where i will be going and this is my First stop..... For sure love the streaming Webcam can't wait to be there sharon USA
sharon , 31 05 2008
Te quieroooooooooooooooo Londres!! Buenas noches...
lawy, 25 05 2008
Oh, it's my favourite place
maxxxim, 18 05 2008
The city of London tem the power of fascinating to any person , includes those like me what ja the they know , but each round the esta city is like a dream , is make drunk - if into the knowledge what the old world can you on the offer. Thank you , London.
Clarice, 12 05 2008
I love London too much! I went there 3 times but just can't get enough of it. This cam is wonderful-it gives me good memories. I hope to get there again soon!
Angelo, 12 05 2008
Simplemente,me encantas London! Espero poder cumplir mis expectativas pisando tus tierras gracias por haberme dado tanto!
lau, 11 05 2008
What a lovely pic.....will be back in London at the end of this month for a few weeks....can't wait!!!
Jennie Dunne, 11 05 2008
Good morning London!!! What a beautiful day... What an amazing city...
Hanny, 07 05 2008
Me parece que londres es muy bonito, siempre veo Trafalgar Square london. me gustaria algun dia conocerlo y ver mas de su hermosura.
Ricardo, 07 05 2008
Beautiful London!! On behalf of Sydney, Faty you need to get out more and try dating!
Cobber, 30 04 2008
i really love london. heyy!! sidneygirl, would you like to talk more about london maybe we should know our e - mail address and talk about it, and thet way will become firnds don´t you think, send me your answer by this comment
faty, 28 04 2008
Loved Trafalgar Square when we were there. All the history and people, the National Gallery was really good. Can't wait to come back for another visit.
Tina, 26 04 2008
Dear friend Congratulions Campinas-Brasil
Clarice, 26 04 2008
i love london !!!!!! there is someone on england who would like to be my friend? i´m from mexico jiji!! XOXO AND GREETINGS
Faty, 26 04 2008
Dear friend Stv Happy birthday São Paulo-Brasil
Gisele Di Dio, 25 04 2008
Why is there a christmas tree in the corner?
jack sargeant, 22 04 2008
Last week I was there!! I miss it already. I'm making plans for next year.
Pam, 20 04 2008
The summer crowds are building up.
Bob, 19 04 2008
I love this cam, I can watch it for ages. It's like looking out a window over Trafalgar Square. What a lovely sight. London, what a lovely city!
sydneygirl, 18 04 2008
She is that, most historical, most diverse, most exciting and nicest city of the world- I loves you london!
Fips, 17 04 2008
Fatima, I know how you feel. You will get there one day! I wish for that too. I will go to beautiful London one day too. Faty, I believe there is so much to love about London. RC, good for you. Have a great time in London. Looks windy there right now. The fountain water is blowing to the side quite strongly! I'd love to be there to feel the droplets! Haha
sydneygirl, 17 04 2008
London.....I will be there in a week!!!!
RC, 16 04 2008
FATY, 16 04 2008
FATIMA, 16 04 2008
London! I am coming!!! :D
Pat, 16 04 2008
London! I'M COMING!!! :D:D:D
Pat, 16 04 2008
hamza, 12 04 2008
It's hard to believe I was standing there just 3 days ago. Love London - pining for next year already
Pamela, 11 04 2008
I love London!! For now this is my only contact with this incredible city, but I hope to be there soon. Greetings from Argentina and many thanks for the cam!!
Emanuel, 29 03 2008
HOLLA! london. Hows it hanging down there? I was there a few days ago. I got lost. It was sad times... :'( I BLAME YOU. Andrew says "aup me duck eggs" Oliver says "Is it really?" Im not sure why. IN CONCLUSION: YOUR ALL BALD. yours not so sincerly, leah, andrew and oliver. END.
Leah Andrew Oliver, 28 03 2008
My husband and I are both English and will be coming back to London for Christmas this year. Can't wait! We're going to tell our rellies here to look out for us on this web cam on a particular date and time!!!! I've lived in Australia for 22 years now and although this is home, London is where my heart is and always will be. Tracie, Adelaide, Australia
Tracie, 27 03 2008
Great watch London's St Paddy's Day party
Clarice, 26 03 2008
hallo london, my daughter and I were the past two years in the summer in london. we're missing it every day. we.ll come back next winter. thanks to webcam we can watch every moment, so we don't miss london so much. see you in severall months. so see you soon!!! it's hard to wait.
jolanda from netherland, 26 03 2008
Trafalgar Square... brings back good memories. I miss London and I´ll be there soon, São Paulo, Brasil.
Gisele Di Dio, 17 03 2008
Great watch London's St Paddy's Day party
James, 16 03 2008
Tal is the king of kings!!!
TAL, 11 03 2008
I was in London working for a week and went by the streaming cams in Leicester Square,Trafalgar Square and Big family on the other side of the world got a huge smile seeing me wave to them from all the way in cold,beautiful London.I wondered how come I didn't see more ppl like me-waving to friends back home!
Trinigirl, 29 02 2008
Trafalgar Square... brings back good memories. I miss London and I´ll be there soon, São Paulo, Brasil.
Gisele Di Dio, 29 02 2008
maxxim, 28 02 2008
Trafalgar Square... brings back good memories. I miss London and I´ll be there soon, São Paulo, Brasil.
gisele di dio, 26 02 2008
I enjoy watching the london cams....well simply because I can't afford a trip and its as close as I can get :)
Will, 26 02 2008
i love watching the trafalgar web cam,i lived and worked in the area for many years,makes me feel at home here in the usa
mike lawless, 25 02 2008
Trafalgar Sq. cam is excellent. The National Gallery and the whole square can be seen as well as sights like St. Martin In the Fields and South Afrika House. Well done CamVista! We want more streaming cams of London!
John T, 24 02 2008
Love to watch, especially in winter and when it's raining as I live in the desert.
Jill, 19 02 2008
Trafalgar Square... brings back good memories. I miss London and I´ll be there soon, São Paulo, Brasil. Gisele Di Dio, 08 02 2008
gisele di dio, 18 02 2008
Simply lovely, I love the memories!
Sigrid, 17 02 2008
In 2001, I was in London for a week on vacation, and I stayed at the Strand Hotel just up from Trafalgar Square. Seeing it live on the webcam takes me back to that wonderful time. Can't wait until I can come back.
Beth, 14 02 2008
I will be moving to London in March. I will see this all. I cannot wait!
Ani, 12 02 2008
I will be moving to London in March. I'll get to see it all. I'm soo excited!
Ani, 12 02 2008
I was able to visit this place, My daughter and I took pictures, now I can view the Square and realy enjoy it.
John, 11 02 2008
I love this place... I knoe I'll be in trafalgar someday!
Lorena, 11 02 2008
To Sydney Girl 8-2-2008; Keep hoping Lass and you will be able to come over. Good Luck to you!
Retiredscot, 11 02 2008
I love to look at this cam. I dream of going to London one day, and until that day when I myself will be walking through Trafalgar Square, this cam "takes me there". Just takes my breath away. I will be there one day. I know I will!!
sydneygirl, 08 02 2008
Trafalgar Square... brings back good memories. I miss London and I´ll be there son.
Gisele Di Dio, 08 02 2008
love to view this web cam,i worked in the area for a number of years makes me feel at home now i am living in the u.s.a
mike lawless, 08 02 2008
Soon I'll be living there too.. finally!
Sanna, 07 02 2008
Do they realise how lucky they are to be there?????!!! If I only could... : (
Caroline, 07 02 2008
I saw my daughter waving last week, goes to school in Sheffield. Living in Pennsylvania NICE!
Charles Higgins, 06 02 2008
It's nice to take a look at my favourite town every day!!! Best wishes from Germany!
Christina, 06 02 2008
Every morning, I begin my day by looking at the different webcams in the UK. Until I return next summer! I feel closer and peacefull this way. See you London in a wee bit of time! Thank you.
Sylvie Gendreau , 04 02 2008
love this scene, on a windy day you can see the Canadian flag flying from Canada house
pax, 03 02 2008
you know somethink this might sound sad but how peaceful is it checking out diffent webcams frm the world and watchin people do the daily stuff
Dean, 12 01 2008
Phew - wish I was there frezzing my **** off - would make a wonderful change to the heat here in Cape Town. Cue tear from eye ;-)
Ken Cape Town, 31 12 2007
è stata sempre come la ho sognata trafalgar square .. bella anzi bellissima ho vissuto in uk ma nn ha londra be andro' a viverci lo assiccurooo londra is very very beautiful city i love that's city i love trafalgar square.. giangi_86 8 basilicata forenza)
gianrocco, 30 12 2007
thank you for this camvista for this camera,i enjoy seeing where i used to work for many years,i am now in the usa
mike lawless, 30 12 2007
I was planning to be in London with my girlfriend this holiday season but work has put the kybosh on the plan. Very disheartening but getting to look at where we would be is lovely and makes me feel a little better about the change of plans.
Jonathan, 28 12 2007
Amazing ! Hope i'll visit The Uk Soon ! Thx !
Vod, 26 12 2007
Camvista you're the best and this is the best live webcam ever. Thank you for bringing London home here in the wilds of upstate New York. Merry Christmas everyone!!
Carter, 19 12 2007
Camvista Thank you ,thank you so much.I left London 1966, live in Music city USA (Nashville)and will always be a londoner.This is great.
Ray, 17 12 2007
hello, London's Trafaigar the Heart of London.What a beautiful site.. wish i was there to look at all you have to offer the most famous Square and even ride the Double Decker bus what a view it would be. I love the streaming webcam you offer it makes you want to vist so much more and your city is the most Beautiful in the world I love it. Merry Christmas to all and to the webcam thanks for the great job all Year we love London England sharon USA
sharon, 17 12 2007
I was also born in England but now live in Adelaide, South Australia. Like to check out this webcam at least once a day !
steve, 17 12 2007
Absolutly lovely watching this cam, love the christmas tree, i live in australia now, but was born and bred in england, i watch this cam every day, wonderful
Angie, 17 12 2007
I love watching your webcams but the last few days they are all cutting in and out. Is something wrong??
Suzi , 15 12 2007
I was there exactly last week. Great time, but awful weather. I luv this town
antonella, 14 12 2007
I love London and London loves me. This new streaming 'live' view of Trafalgar Square is the very best. Thank you!!!
Cobber Saunders, 12 12 2007
Simplemente, espectacular...!!! Inglaterra es el mejor país del mundo y Londres es la mejor ciudad del mundo. Espero poder conocerla algún día. Saludos desde Rosario, Argentina.
Gabriel, 10 12 2007
Mi sembra ieri che passeggiavo x Trafalgar Square......meravigliosa piazza...Carmine
carmine, 07 12 2007
It's great to see this because I will be there in 5 days! I coming from Australia - from hot weather to cold weather! But it will be great!
Winter Girl, 30 11 2007
Hey London, nice to see you!! Great camera, please give us more streaming webcams from our fav city!!
Harry Kappos, Athens Greece, 30 11 2007
London is fantastic!!! One day I'll for London!
Lucas Lopes, 27 11 2007
Fantastic! Just looking at this webcam makes me feel as though I am near one of my favorite spots in London--Thank you!
Laura Haig, 27 11 2007
Fantastic...!!! I Love London, from Rosario, Argentina.
Gabriel, 27 11 2007
from Barcelona Fantastic view of london Great cam!
miguel navarro, 24 11 2007
From Valencia (Spain), I see every day through webcam pictures of Trafalgar Square live. It is a marvel. Joaquin 20-11-2007
Joaquin Torregrosa, 20 11 2007
My wife and daughter just arrived in London and I want to know what kind of weather greet them there, hence I stumbled into this webcam. what a great way to see and get the "feel" of what they feel! Hahaha! Thanks for the great view. I may have to monitor this webcam till they're back.
James, 18 11 2007
Espectacular...!!! I love London from Rosario, Argentina.
Gabriel, 17 11 2007
Great cam i have visited London and its a great city!
Federico Anliker, 16 11 2007
This is such a wonderful improvement! I check the London cameras daily and this streaming view is by far the best.I'm hoping I can be there in person soon, but until then....... Thank you!
Sally Roof, 15 11 2007
just tuned in to your Trafalgar Square website, and my 'hats off' to you guys for improving this site 100%, just in time for Christmas. What a Christmas present for all us folk who can't make it to London for Christmas this year. At least we can feel like we are there, especially when the Christmas tree is erected soon. Thank you folks at Camvista and you have a great Christmas for 2007. Sincerely Ken Hooper from Canada.
Ken Hooper, 13 11 2007
OH MY God Love this Awesome to have this webcam . just seen it wow is all i can say WOW.. You have out done yourself.. Great Job.. My hat is off to you guys .. Beautiful .. Trafalgar Square I love it.. Awesome
sharon fugate, 12 11 2007
great stream, nice and clear with a good view.
Alan, 09 11 2007
Great London webcam. Trafalgar Square looks brilliant. Keep up the good work with the cams
Lucy, 08 11 2007

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