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User comments

Great to see the Live Streaming Bar Cam up and working at the Belushis Bar in Edinburgh
Alan Dowie, 27 08 2012
happy to see that you are back
Don, 26 08 2012
party on!
george, 25 08 2012
don\'t wish to appear rude, but how can anyone knock a freebe? My family spent a few hours at Belushi\'s a couple of years ago while on an escorted tour & had a good time at the famous bar. The pints were good, the food was tasty and the people were friendly. What more could one ask for? Larry...CT, USA
Larry, 26 02 2011
Love this cam but pity about interference on picture
JJ, 24 02 2011
glad to see the cam is running again. Cheers from Gatlinburg!!
george, 23 02 2011
I love, love watching from Queens New York. COOL!!!
Dian, 19 02 2011
Hoop in augustus eens binnen te springen
Paul, 18 02 2011
It\'s great to have this webcam working again. Thanks.
Custos, 14 02 2011
Awww love this cam ....wishing i could be there to join in the party . Looks pretty awesome especially if i were to be from that location and checking out the bar cam to see who\'s all at the bar tonight thats a great advantage ....AWESOMENESS
princess, 16 08 2010
this is great! it\'s what I expected from all webcams around the world -LIVE STREAMING!
maite, 13 08 2010
WOW this is a awesome webcam. love the sounds and live video when its working. Cant wait to go back to Scotland, miss it, the weather , people, food and most of all THE BEER!!!!! Hiya from California! T. X
Tina, 11 08 2010
I love this camera but it very seldom seems to work, thanks for turning it on again volume could be nice
jan, 07 08 2010
greetings from oh-i-o. great to see and hear the webcam again.
george, 07 08 2010
Yea, we love it in Florida,USA too, I\'m glad its back. Jane
Jane Berkley, 07 08 2010
Thank goodness they have powered up this camera again. We use this to see friends in Edinburgh but if it is not work for two weeks then they should get rid of it. An ongoing history of poor customer relations with this site. Scrap it and get somewhere else that keeps working.
Gavin Montgomery, 01 08 2010
De madrugada os ratinhos fazem a festa, hein!
Gerson, 06 07 2010
Is it just me over here in Portage, Michigan not getting any audio or is everyone else having that problem as well? Still love the webcam though, even without the audio. :)
Tammy Ryskamp, 05 07 2010
I don\'t think this is a gay bar, but the men in Scotland sure are friendly to each other, everybody is hugging and hanging on to each other, it\'s funny to watch
Kathy, 03 07 2010
sound working.
haggis, 24 06 2010
Good to see the camera is back and audio and video!
Brad, 22 06 2010
I don\\\'t go to bars, but it sure is fun to be the \\\"fly on the wall\\\" at Belushi\\\'s! It would be fun to listen to conversation...some of the patrons are lively, don\\\'t ya know!
Marie Cohoon, 17 06 2010
put thuh effin sound on for effin effs sake!
deno de meno, 28 05 2010
Glad to see the \'Cam\' back... now the \'audio\' is gone again!Cheers from Texas!
Larry, 28 05 2010
Hiya Nelllucky! I was just kidding, but thanks for the translation! :-) I live in texas.. have visited Edinburgh twice before.. wish I had found this \'Pub\' while I was there! Don\'t know how I missed it.. I made it to all the others! Ha!
Larry, 28 05 2010
This bar is 8 hours ahead of me so I enjoy wishing I was there instead of my work cubicle.Portland Oregon says HI!
Tom Tom, 27 05 2010
Glad to see the cam up and running again. Can\'t wait to come back and have another drink here.
Diana, 27 05 2010
Hiya Larry...I meant to say that I will be in Edinburgh, like last year, during \"FRINGE\"-time August 2010. Dutchy my Scottish friends called Nellucky
Nelleke, 27 05 2010
Welcome back, I look in frequently. Fl., USA.
Jane Berkley, 26 05 2010
Nelleke other words Nellucky
Nelleke, 25 05 2010
Mele Kalikimaka is the thing to say...On a bright Hawaiian Christmas Day.. Mele Kalikimaka is Hawaii\'s way... To say \"Merry Christmas to you!\"
Nancy, 25 05 2010
Nelleke.... What??
Larry , 24 05 2010
En ik zeker maar dan om te kunnen genieten van de FRINGE in Augustus
Nelleke, 24 05 2010
Hoop in augustus terug in Edinburgh te zijn dan wip ik zeker terug eens binnen.
Paul Lievens, 24 05 2010
great page , I love u qiqi...
Ray, 22 05 2010
Love the new camera angle! Looks like it\'s hopping in there tonight!
Nancy, 21 05 2010
wheres the cam gone as an exile leith man now living in wolverhampton belushi keeps me in touch with my fellow scots
fred jag potts, 16 04 2010
Great page, Congratulations! Saludo grande a la gente de Polleria \"El Bebe\" en Parque del Plata. Next time I visit Scotland I\\\'ll go there for sure.
Uruguay, 11 04 2010
Please give me back my cam It was blacked out I miss the kilts already. Those guys were so cute on Friday. I must say that the new view on the cam is great when it is working. Thanks, Charlotte AKA Charlie form Quebec
Charlie, 11 04 2010
The mouse is back I saw it around 6:30 am it even went on the base of the table where stands all the toasters This mouse is not even scared of the lights :o)
Charlie, 06 04 2010
The toaster than doesnt work needs to be cleaned it will work once i the crumbs inside are all gone. Cheers
Sonia, 03 04 2010
When in Rome do as the romans do,when in Edinburgh go to the dungeons and ask for Kellie mary..
Link, 25 03 2010
Floyd Wray excellent name,Pink Floyd and Link Wray.the band that plays is the house band,there pretty good but mostly cover songs.
Link, 24 03 2010
Who\'s playing? (8pm/Mar 24)
Floyd Wray, 24 03 2010
What are they doing? About 7:00 on March 23?
Amy Smith, 23 03 2010
Back at cha M8, and happy Spring to all. Cheers from Ohio...
george, 20 03 2010
Happy St Padd\'s tae ye all!
Andy, 17 03 2010
I love logging on here and viewing the streaming cam. Sometimes I\'m lucky enough to spot some fellow sitting down occasionally looking up at the cam. I love the selfconscious people who sit there, always so entertaining to watch their faces.
Amanda Blackwood, 08 03 2010
Enjoyed watching the reaction of your patrons last night during game between Canada and the U.S Hockey the audio is gone again! I miss that! \'Cheers\' from Texas!
Larry, 01 03 2010
Im in AZARORES ISLANDS Portual,,,,,Island TERCEIRA...GOOD IMAGE, 100% and soud.
Jorge, 28 02 2010
glad to see the webcam working again! I just got back from a week in Edinburgh. Went to this pub, and waved to the camera on 17/2/10, not sure it was on that day, but I had to do it...What a beautiful city, I fell in love with it..
Kathy, Seattle, 27 02 2010
Audio gone again
Brad, 26 02 2010
Thanks for fixing the cam and sound Belushis. You rock once again. Cheers from Ohio
george, 25 02 2010
I love this site. Every time I get lonely for Scotland I just go there and feel better.
Karol, 23 02 2010
much appreciated--thanks for fixing the cam....Larry, USA
Larry, 22 02 2010
I\'m so delighted to see your webcam on alive again! Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Charlotte Geier, 22 02 2010
Good, we now have video and audio as of 1PM EST
Brad, 22 02 2010
Is Scotland introducing those new harder to break pint glasses as they are in England for the brawler type aka talking monkeys? ;)
Maximillion, 07 02 2010
Nice balloon decorations. Hi from the USA
Tommy, 07 02 2010
Here comes the band...I think they\\\'re going to play a low know one\\\'s going to hera it. Anyway, you\\\'ve got a great bar, and Edinburgh, Scotland is a nice place to visit, which we did two years ago. Thanks, Larry---Connecticut, USA
Larry, 06 02 2010
I wish their was some sound, so i could hear what the bar man is dancing to.
David, 05 02 2010
hi it is fun in there and it it fool to hahahha it is awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwsome to see hahahaqha love from hannah oliver carol daivd love that plscr
hannah oliver, 05 02 2010
why is therr flashing li9ght it is fool there are there red or pink or green whereevery coloure
hannah, 05 02 2010
I want the guy in the kilt, is it true you know a real man by the size of his sporran???
Charlie, 05 02 2010 would be great if we could hear the band playing! Thanks for your consideration...
Larry Raithel, 04 02 2010
It seems like it is either video or audio. I vote for video; can add my own soundtrack :-)
brad, 03 02 2010
Are they red or are they pink?? Whatever colour they where but they where just awwwwwwwwwwwwesome. Thanks for bringing back the cam.
Charlie, 03 02 2010
This is a correction to my last message. When I saw the blank screen, I didn\'t bother putting on my headphones. Now I find out that like the others I have sound but no picture. Please get them both together ASAP. Thank you.
John McCoy, 03 02 2010
I enjoy this webcam much more when it\'s working, which it doesn\'t appear to be tonight (February 2, 2010). Also I haven\'t been able to receive the audio feed from Belushi\'s for ages. What\'s up with that?
John McCoy, 03 02 2010
we now have audio, with no pic as of 12:35PM EST.
brad, 02 02 2010
At last got sound - first time ever - but now have no picture. Would love to view with both.
Marnet, 02 02 2010
I saw the mouse Monday around 15:15 your time lol
Charlie, 01 02 2010
I miss Edinburgh...
dk, 01 02 2010
Why do you resist turning on the sound? The webcam loses a great deal when seen in silence.
Pamela, 31 01 2010
I loved this site but frankly now volume makes it very boring, whats up with that
Jan in Minnesota, 30 01 2010
Are you turning the sound on and off at will? I cannot hear a thing on any of my computers... Are you just turning it off when the bar is closed? Please don\'t...
Suzi, Grand Junction, Colorado US, 29 01 2010
You need to turn the sound on please
Richard, 29 01 2010
I\'m so glad to be able to hear life at Belushi\'s...even just one scotsman\'s views in a conversation. How I wish I could be there!
Marie, 28 01 2010
Thank you for putting the audio back on, sounds great
John, 28 01 2010
Hey Y\'all, I am Mamaw from Louisville, Kentucky, USA. I found out that I am not going to get to Scotland after all. I am happy that I can at least see everyone having a good time at Belushi\'s. If anyone wants to say \"HI\", I would be glad to hear from them. Mamaw
Mamaw, 27 01 2010
Audio please!!! And a better view would be most appreciated!!!!
suzicremecheeze, 27 01 2010
I have audio! Anyway only us Scots will have a clue whats being said anyway haha .... The wee roo was for Australia day the other day.
Eileen fae edinburgh, 27 01 2010
Think the audio is Camvista\'s problem. Angle of camera is Belushi\'s preference. I\'m just glad to see young people having fun; I can provide the music.
Brad, 26 01 2010
Please give us back audio, move the camera view angle up and towards the bar and back lounge and why is that wee roo lying on the floor
Gavin Perth WA, 26 01 2010
No audio. It is a relief to see that comment. I thought something was wrong at my end.
Gene, 26 01 2010
I echo Marie\'s comment re the audio. More than half the fun of the webcam is it\'s ability to make Belushi\'s come alive, even across the Atlantic! What\'s up with the silence?
pamelaki, 25 01 2010
Why is there no audio? I used to love coming to this site and feeling like I was really there because of the music and laughter. sad
Marie Cohoon, 25 01 2010
I miss seeing the bar and the tv\'s!
anne, 25 01 2010
what is the guy drinking in the plaid shirt? - can you change the angle of the webcam please! thanks - cheers!
susan, 24 01 2010
Enjoy your web cam very much having been there two years ago on vacation with my family...could someone please turn up the audio? (It seems to work fine earlier in the day). Thanks! Larry... U.S.A.
larry, 23 01 2010
It\'s 11:00 pm local time on a Friday night, where is everyone?????
Tricia, 22 01 2010
yeahh i agree they were funny or was it guy and gal
paul from corby, 21 01 2010
The bald guy and his mate with white cap @ oo.15 tonight..stars they are..
Link, 21 01 2010
D.J. I have a request..Clubbed to death By Rob D please..
Link, 20 01 2010
ahhhhhhh !! i wish that pint o lager was in my hand right now !! miss my guiness ! karl,saudi arabia. jeddah
karl lorenzo, 17 01 2010
I really like this site...takes me back to my trips to \\\'Bonny Scotland\\\'... but .. what happened to the audio? Grettings from Texas.. U.S.A.
Mitchell, 16 01 2010
Hey george..cheers, all the best too you!
Andy, 15 01 2010
Greetings Leslie. Happy belated wishes to you for a wonderful New Year and a speedy trip to Belushis. Yes Winter has been rough this year, \"dahmn global warming\". Thank You Leslie for the well wishes and keep your head above the snow... A special wish of happiness and prosperity to the gang at Belushis especially Andy and Robert from sunny Tincio. I hope all of you are well and rowdy as ever...Please fix the SOUND Camvista. Cheers from
george, 14 01 2010
Muy bueno, el Bar y su gente. Espero estar en algun momento de mi vida en ese lugar. Un saludo desde Argentina
Daniel, 13 01 2010
Have enjoyed your web site for a couple years now, having visited your fine city, and Belushi\'s, a couple of years ago while on vacation. Have always enjoyed watching the camaraderie and good times by your parons, but have been wondering of late....could you tll there a problem with the audio or do I have the problem? Thanks, and best wishes for the 2010.
Larry, 12 01 2010
Hi George. How about those Bucks. Great win on New Years Day at the Rose Bowl. Still buried in snow here in Cleveland, OHIO and looking forward to my visit to bonnie Scotland. I shall wave to you from Belushi\'s. Happy New Year all.Leslie
Leslie, 12 01 2010
Hiyas Tom Maybe cos there been several times i have spotted a mouse wandering where the webcam is .. which i could catch it using the save image mode ..
Lee, 12 01 2010
Is that silvery thing on the floor a mouse trap?
tom, 12 01 2010
Just got here, GREETINGS FROM TEXAS!! Still waiting to view webcam. Even if it is not working, I send a BIG HIDO from TEXAS..
Rochelle, 10 01 2010
I haven\'t been by to watch the camera in awhile now since it was out before when I was checking. Nice to see it back up and running but only a veiw of the one table right now - still cool! Was wondering along with the other people what has happened to the sound? I miss being able to catch the sound of the lovely Scottish accents! Hope to visit Belushi\'s some time this new year! Always looks like such a fun place to be!
Terri from Alberta, Canada, 09 01 2010
Carol,i was in Peterborough visiting family then went to the famous barnacle bills in Port Pirie then up to Byron Bay.hope to return tjis year also.
Link, 08 01 2010
Link, I can\'t believe you were in Peterborough in South Australia. I live in Port Augusta which isn\'t far away. What were you doing in Peterborough, you must have relatives there surely.
Carol, 08 01 2010
the red head bar chic is way too cute.bad dancer though.
Link, 07 01 2010
I CAN\\\'T HEAR ANYTHING!!!! turn up the volume - thanks
susan stein, 06 01 2010
nice picture! would someone please turn up the volume? See a lot of happy-looking people who appear to be enjoying themselves. Thanks and Best wishes, everyone, for the New Year!
larry, 05 01 2010
Nice to see people getting the yucky stuff from their eyes and then touch their nose before going into the bread bag and the next one go into the same bag YUMMY!!!!!Maybe the heat from the toaster kills all the yucky stuff Bon appetit
Annette, 05 01 2010
Lee, thats nae a wee mouse but a haggis. Happy haggis hunting.
Carl, 03 01 2010
Happy new year to all the people in Belushi especially to the cleaning man he sings beautifully oh yes and cleans perfectly also. From Quebec Canada Happy New Year
Charlotte AKA Charlie, 03 01 2010
Please use another encoding system than mmsh. That is a proprietary Microsoft encoding, and not available to non-Windows/Vista users.
TwoWheels, 03 01 2010
at 3:45am there was either a mice or a small rat in the dining area .. careful in there
Lee, 03 01 2010
I have been watching your cleaner at work. Could we hire him for our red carpet. He is such a labourer.
gordon brown, 03 01 2010
Why does Belushis cut off the cam every New Year\'s eve? Maybe I don\'t want to know
Brad, 01 01 2010
The sound is back!!!! Great !! Danny. Newmarket,Ontario, Canada
danny, 01 01 2010
Happy New Year to you Carol and to the rest of the Belushis gang from: o HI o!! Wish us luck in the Rose Bowl on New Years Day \"Go Bucks\"
george, 01 01 2010
Happy New Year to you also Carol...and Andy, Dianna and Robert. May the new year bring you all the best you deserve.
claire, 01 01 2010
happy new year to edinburgh from shaquelle b
shaquelle, 31 12 2009
where is your sound?????
Suzi, Grand Junction, Colorado US, 31 12 2009
Happy new year to everyone, especially my Belushi friends Claire, Dianna, Andy, Robert and George. Hope 2010 is a great year.
Carol, 31 12 2009
Hey Ralph Stewart in Brisbane i celebrated last new years in peterborough near adelaide.even the nice weather cant make up for edinburghs festival of hi\'jinks.L Glasgow
Link, 31 12 2009
Popped in for a quick look (2320 your time), and Wow! The place is really jumping. That horny group of people around the table seemed to be having a great time. If I ever get to Edinburgh again, I\'ll have to be sure to pay a visit. Have a great time, and Happy 2010 to all.
Ralph Stewart Brisbane Australia, 29 12 2009
What is the meaning of the horned and various hats that everyone is wearing?
Wynn Levi, 29 12 2009
Today Dec 29th, there are some guys wearing hats with horns like vikings. Why? Is there any holiday today???? Cheers!!!!!!!
Juan Pablo, 29 12 2009
Its so busy tonight, everyone is enjoying themselves. Wish i was there again.
Diana, 29 12 2009
SQUEAK enough talk about cats cant you just leave me alone to scurry about SQUEAK
Jeemy the mouse, 29 12 2009
Nice web-site. The Cam needs to be raised back up though... and no audio, since it was moved down. We can only see the one table now.
Larry, 27 12 2009
Are there mice in the bar? Come one guys, please get a exterminator or at least a cat. Merry Christmas Scottish people!!
Juan Pablo, 25 12 2009
Happy Christas everyone...
claire, 25 12 2009
I SO want to be there right now, looks like everyone is having a good time and festive! Victoria, BC, Canada
peeper, 24 12 2009
i\'ve been in that boozer - not the best!!
Ali, 23 12 2009
15:55 23-dec-09 like watching the resident mice runing around. Another mouse at 16:00 23-dec-09 Next you\\\'ll need a vermin exterminator. More so before the xmas season gets underway lol ;)
watcher, 23 12 2009
No Christmas decorations this year?
tom, 23 12 2009
hello from galicia, spain. your web-cam is great
dario de laxe, 22 12 2009
I LOVE this webcam. I miss the sound though. :( Any way to get it fixed?
Courtney, 22 12 2009
I wish there was a way to climb through the computer screen! I am very homesick for Scotland- very grateful for the web cam! Watching from Texas
Jeanette, 20 12 2009
I live in the usa an I sure miss the audio in the bar sure would have been nice to hear the band tonight
Allen, 20 12 2009
11.30pm on a Saturday night before Christmas and...only one woman there!..and she looks like she is jiggling about desperate for the Ladies! Some HOT Nitespot?
HQB, 19 12 2009
There is a mouse in your house.Wee, sleekit, cowrin, tim\'rous beastie, O, what a panic\'s in thy breastie! Thou need na start awa sae hasty Wi\' bickering brattle! I wad be laith to rin an\' chase thee, Wi\' murding pattle! Viewing from Nova Scotia Canada 11:30pm here there 3:30am
E Burgess, 16 12 2009
What happened to the audio?
danny mckay, 15 12 2009
How about sound on a reliable basis from Belushis site for Christmas, Santa? Happy Holidays from!
george, 11 12 2009
Its sure nice to Scotland and the people enjoying themselves this way, makes me homesick though. Want to come back again, soon. Looking for correspondance, from people that live in Scotland. Cheers.
Robert Black, 28 11 2009
Thank you for your wonderful web cam. I told my daughter Lydia, about it, so she came in today. While she had her latte, we spoke on the mobile. She and her husband are over from Australia for 6 months.
Gael McKenzie, 28 11 2009
new camera angle. diggit! greetings from Ohio
george, 28 11 2009
nice video, a lot of discourse...could someone please turn up the audio? Thanks!
Larry Raithel, 27 11 2009
Ive got a lust for life.
Link, 24 11 2009
Hi George, Sorry have not been on this site for a wee while. Weather up here has been in the 70\'s and sunny...LOVE IT!!!! I\'m sure it won\'t last for much longer. Am looking forward to Thanksgiving holiday and am busy with preparations. Hope all is well with you and yours. Am still eargerly awaiting my visit to Scotland and a quick pop in to Belushi\'s. Take care, Leslie
Leslie, 09 11 2009
jhonas, 07 11 2009
Merry Christmas! Ho Ho Ho......
Andy, 05 11 2009
Just thought i would stop by and say hi to everyone. I miss being at belushi\'s it was a blast. Hope everyone had a safe and fun halloween
Diana, 04 11 2009
I wish you well in your future adventure Leslie. Are you looking forward to the snow up north? Happy belated halloween to you Link. Carole be nice! Halloween\'s over time to put away the witch costume and attitude. Camvista- do you need help keeping Belushi\'s site\'s comment current? Just ask. Belushis nice lighting in the Pub Monday evening, keep it up..looks good! Cheers from dark O-HI-O
george, 03 11 2009
This camera is great!!!!
Juan Pablo, 31 10 2009
Happy Halloween To All Out There..
Link, 31 10 2009
Carole, 22 10 2009
Hi George. Thanks for your note to me. I am of full Scottish ancestry and hopefully will be visiting this summer. Was wanting to visit during Homecoming Scotland this year but circumstances didn\'t allow for it. I try to visit this webcam a few times a week and enjoy the wee glimpse into Scottish life. Take care. Leslie
Leslie, 20 10 2009
I thought the girl reading the book at the bar was riveting.
Brad, 19 10 2009
Riveting viewing - a girl reading a book at the bar. lol. Can we please have something/advertising put on the red wall to entertain us.
Carol, 18 10 2009
God this band is bad..they should try a little gain on their amp or destortian pedal..failing that just quit.
Link, 18 10 2009
Hey Will..I\'d like for someone in the bar preferably female to email me too..
Andy, 16 10 2009
Thanks Leslie. I am outside New Carlisle in the country, Bethel Township. I appreciate speaking with those who are civil. I am of Welsh and Irish descent, with a bit of German and Cherokee. Stumbled upon Belushis cam about a year ago and enjoy the sites and sounds of the bar. Keep up the good work Belushis you rock!
george, 14 10 2009
I`d like for someone in the bar preferably female to email me
Will Mercer, 14 10 2009
I am surprised it is Sunday and people are in a bar drinking, that doesn\'t happen here. I like it!!!
Juan, 11 10 2009
why can\'t i hear the band on the live streaming webcam? is it down for a reason? I would love to hear the music!!!
susan stein, 11 10 2009
Thanks!! it is working again!!!
Juan, 10 10 2009
Bob G. well said, thank you! Cheers from oh-io. What\'s up with the a/v on this site, someone crash it?
george, 06 10 2009
For crying out loud! Could we *please* cut out the juvenile and asinine comments and questions? I notice that the camera\\\'s been down for a couple of days. Maybe someone from Belushi\\\'s checked out the comments and decided they didn\\\'t want their business associated with idiots like you?
VL, 05 10 2009
Hi George. Just wondering whereabout in Ohio you are from. I\'ve been visiting this site for 2years now and enjoy all the webcams. Am planning a trip to Scotland soon and hope to enjoy a wee dram at Belushi\'s. Take care and keep up the wonderful charity work with your donations. Leslie in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio
Leslie, 05 10 2009
A typical Lesbian convention event, no doubt.
Carole, 05 10 2009
Hey Diane,what\'s your problem George? Can\'t a guy ask a question with out getting his head bitten off? Lighten up woman,he\'s just trying engage in normal conversation rather than personal attacks like some of you sad,sad people.
BOB G, 02 10 2009
Carl, thanks for answering my question about Belushis.... To the person imitating Diana, I donate every Friday my left over food from my two restaurants and catering company to the local St.Vincent DePaul Center. You should try to be more kind in your posts, it may come back to benefit you.... Cheers from o-high-o.
george, 02 10 2009
Wow Diana, that\'s alot of females to travel with. That would have been an awesome trip. Changing the topic, there does appear to be strange happenings on this board.
Carol, 02 10 2009
George from Ohio, why should we tell you whats behind the camera at Belushis? If you want to know so bad, come on over and see for yourself. If you cant afford to travel over here, visit your local Salvation Army and tell them what you need money for. Im sure they will supply you with the funds once you tell them the reason.
Diana, 02 10 2009
George in Ohio. There\'s not a whole lot of anything back of the camera but a couple of tables and the front door.
Carl, 01 10 2009
I think your a bit of a conablach muc JORDAN..Diana and Carol sound like lovely lassies to me!
Andy, 01 10 2009
Diana, what was the type of group you came to Scotland with? What is on the backside of Belushis camera, how much room in the bar that we cant see? Thanks. Greetings from Ohio!
george, 01 10 2009
Andy, i sure hope you were not including Diana in with those hot chicks. Believe me, she is no hot chick nor a cold one at that. The same thing for Carol also. Women who are very loose in talking to men, are never even close to being hot chick. We call them HOGGERS where i come from. Not a so pretty picture to even think about.
JORDAN, 30 09 2009
I do not work for camvista i work in Glasgow Central Station.Maybe your comments are being held back to be scrutinised before posting hence the delay.
Link, 29 09 2009
Diana and 80 Canadian hot chicks..can\'t believe a missed that wan..tell me it\'s no got to be kidding us on?
Andy, 29 09 2009
So you see what I do Claire :) Posts from several BTs approved at the same time, responding to something they never saw before... which leads us to the conclusion that A - they are the same person or B - in your case they are someone who is seeing the comments before they are approved. Hmm.. Also, with no email verification you can never be sure people are who they say they are! Case in point, I bet that is NOT Carol saying Diana beats her on price. This is getting old... which is why I rarely read/post here :)
Nancy, 29 09 2009
Claire, i have a riddle for you to solve. What does Link and the so-called Bible Thumpers have in common? The answer, Theyre all Camvista. There seems to be some egg on faces here.
Michael, 29 09 2009
um excuse me i went to scotland for the highland games with 80 other women easy i am not lol. and i wow i just can\'t believe people are still trying to cause trouble on this site. Anyway once again belushi\'s really is a great place to have a drink and laugh
Diana, 29 09 2009
Frequently check out Belushis\'s Bar and whatever action is going on (we were there two years ago...great bar, good people. I see that there is a lot of camaraderie going on but there\'s no audio. Could we turn up the volume, please? Larry, 28 09 2009 Connecticut, U.S.A.
Larry Raithel, 28 09 2009
Hey claire! am here lass and Diana as well..lovely to have all the china\'s back! too many imitators on this site now, am becumin schizophrenic withoot the booze..there\'s a jacobite uprising and they are tryin tae disintigrate our lines gradually my china,s..ruthlessly bayonetting us with our backs against the wall..will we let this happen? never! we will fight on! keyboard in hand and moooos at the ready! all for one and one for a pint at Belushis! Slainte!
Andy, 28 09 2009
Claire Link lives in Glasgow and enjoys going to Belushis often no hidden motive.
Link, 28 09 2009
Hi Diana and Claire, looks like the trouble maker is back. Great to hear you girls had a wonderful time on your holidays. Belushi\'s is definitely a place I would put on my list when I visit Scotland.
Carol, 28 09 2009
Malcolm, so what if Diana is easy. At least shes not one of these ladies that charges a fee. Most will charge an expensive amount. She even has me beat on my price.
Carol, 27 09 2009
OK....I have a question. My blog asking where Andy was was posted to the site on the same day and time as Links, even though they were written a day apart. Which means, Link never had a chance to see my blog on the actual site. So, who are you Link....since this will probably never see the site because of what I just wrote, then answer these questions, who is Andy really, who is Diana and Carol, and most importantly, who is robert? No need to answer, I already get the picture. I\'m done. Thought I was having a good laugh with real people.
claire, 27 09 2009 you know Scots Gaelic do you....interesting....
claire, 27 09 2009
Diana, you must have been easy and you must have gotten some, otherwise theres just no way you could have had the best time of your life with just visiting Belushis. I always thought you were this type of woman. Now i know.
Malcolm, 27 09 2009
Hi Claire yup i\'m back it was the best time of my life. planning on going back next year. And once again belushi\'s is the best place to let loose and have fun. Hey Andy i see you are still causing trouble lol keep it up.Hi Carol
Diana, 27 09 2009
Hey you with the mop stop watching the football and get mopping...
Link, 27 09 2009
Andy must be hiding Claire but where is Wally? 27 09 09
Link, 27 09 2009
Càite bheil Andy?
claire, 26 09 2009
Well it looks like our two lovebirds have finally met one another face to face or butt to butt. Saw two doofus looking guys waiving at the webcam early Friday evening and realized these two have to be Andy and Robert. Sure glad the two of you came together, so to speak, if you catch my drift.
Connie, 25 09 2009
Hi Andy....would love to rewind....I had a glorious time, the best yet....maybe because I had been away from home for such a long time....dinna wanna come back to the states.....anyway....where is Diana, is she back yet? Hi Carol!
claire, 23 09 2009
Agree with you most heartedly Carol. We all know that Robert m8 cannot write a full paragraph without mispelling a half dozen words in that paragraph. How dare someone try to impersonate him pretending to be intelligent. How dare they.
Andy, 23 09 2009
Well we know that wasn\'t the real Robert as we would recognise him straight away. Are you there Robert?
Carol, 23 09 2009
Thought the gathering was quite boooooring myself. Kept saying i was not attending, but attended just the same. Didnt want anyone to see the real me. No one would want to mingle with someone with my affliction. So i just walked around people as if i did not exist. Robert from sunny Ticino
Robert, 22 09 2009
Thanks Andy and Carol. I like to keep the site lively. Carol the letter b was used in place of witch in reference to Patricias comment to me. Hannah thanks for the advice on my relationship. Fact of the matter is I am hopefully more of a lesbian that you are...thanks for lending a Hannah ! Claire welcome back to the fray! All that is missing is Robert...are you out there m8? I could use some help keeping the monkeys from running the Belushis Zoo!! lol. Will anyone answere my question as to what the history is of the building that houses Belushis? Cheers from ohio!
george, 22 09 2009
Who cares Hannah! some people like rear action..George and Robert don\'t come across as bandits at six o clock to me baby..Hey claire! a missed the gathering \"blotto as usual\" can we rewind it?
Andy, 22 09 2009
Hi all! Back in the states! How did everyone enjoy the gathering???? Was it everything you thought it would be.....
claire, 21 09 2009
George from Ohio, if indeed you are married, does Robert from sunny Ticino know the guy you married. Jealousy can break out into a very nasty rage at times, especially with Robert. Better watch it, you cant have two lovers.
Hannah, 21 09 2009
nice one george..cheers from the city that rain comes doon in a 45 degree angle..Glasgow!
Andy, 21 09 2009
Hey Dianna, good to see you back. lol George still trying to figure out the b instead of a w.
Carol, 21 09 2009
Patricia I attempted to comment earlier but was censored, I put a b in a word where a w can only fit. I am married and like the way Robert used to sign his posts, lets you know where the poster lives. You are a bit over the top, witch. Andy, I beleive Jacquelyn could be a drug , sounds like she wants to be the next bar bitu ate! Cheers from rainy o-HI-0... The 3man band in Belushis Saturday night Jammed.. great guitar player!!
george, 20 09 2009
Hello everyone, Must say this bar is great and i can\'t wait to go back. the bartender was so nice to me and all my friends so once again a big thanks from all the girls
Diana, 20 09 2009
Who are these people making these odd comments? It is a bit weird isn\'t it?
denise, 19 09 2009
Quiet for a friday night..19th
Link, 19 09 2009
Andy, how can a person become a drug? Leave it up to a druggie to write nonsense on here. Why not wait until things have cleared up in your head before commenting again, will you? Once a perv, always a perv, arent you m8?
Jacqueline, 18 09 2009
Just like old times, with the goading. I see the cricket on the tv I didn\'t think that Scotland followed cricket, I thought it was all soccer (oops sorry football).
Carol, 18 09 2009
I like to visit this bar it makes me feel closer to home.I am living in Brazil In August 2009 as part of the 8th International Winter Festival of Nova Friburgo I participated with the Beatles cover band “O Tunel do Tempo”in The Municipal Theatre in Nova Friburgo,Rio de Janeiro,Brazil Take a look at my video:
Noel , 17 09 2009
Hey Jacqueline! a way of life? especially in Scotland? the only drug at Belushis is you ya dope!
Andy, 15 09 2009
George from Ohio, you seem to be imitating Robert from Ticino so much, the two of you should get together and get married. Or have the two of you already done so?
Patricia, 15 09 2009
Well Harry, I wouldn\'t call them guys as I\'m an Aussie so they are blokes and you are a two parts of a blokes anatomy. Andy sorry it wasn\'t me.
Carol, 15 09 2009
Denise, what\'s is the history of the building that Belushi\'s is in? Thanks and Cheers from Ohio
george, 15 09 2009
Whats so difficult to believe that on occasion, drugs do change hands here at this establishment. Not Belushis fault. This is just a way of life, especially in Scotland. Nothing needs to be explained.
Jacqueline, 14 09 2009
Carol, dont say something, then try to weasle out of saying it by pretending it was from another Carol. This sounds very much like something you would say. Dont be saying something one moment and trying to reverse yourself another. This cheapens you to no end.
Harry, 14 09 2009
I thought I saw a ghost shadow in the pub last night Denise..but it was probably the remnants from a Guinness fart!
Andy, 14 09 2009
The machine is a cigarette machine. Link....Several months ago I had seen some chairs moving a bit....after talking with some of the people that worked at the pub, they said that there were a few things that happened around there on occasion that they could not explain....not surprised giving the history of the building.
Denise, 14 09 2009
To the other Carol posting, which I expect is to point the finger to me. Get a life of your own. I would never post anything so suggestive
Carol, 14 09 2009
nice one Carol! ye got ma heart beatin a wee bit faster there lass!!
Andy, 14 09 2009
nice place man
mike goa india, 13 09 2009
İrlanda ve İskoçya hayranı biri olarak gidemesekde en azından kameradan izlemek bile çok keyifli :)
gokhan, 13 09 2009
watch the salt n pepper shakers below hendrix\'s face..
Link, 13 09 2009
AngelHeart,guess your now looking at this cam,enjoy babes x
Link, 13 09 2009
Suggestion + Fear = control...
Link, 13 09 2009
Saturday late evening, it was a madhouse at Belushis. I like moments like this. Wish i was there. I can bump up against any guys groin or any girls breast and use the crowdiness to excuse myself. I go after the girls myself though. Much more to bump up against.
Carol, 12 09 2009
Where are the women?
sk, 12 09 2009
Perhaps its a condom machine thats impersonating a cigarette machiner. Has anyone actually bought a pack of cigarettes from that machine. If you have, perhaps that elastic looking slip-on in the pack, goes over the real cigarettes one can buy down the street. Typical Scottish people, not knowing what is what and what goes on what?
Michael, 12 09 2009
No problem Carol. Enjoy your weekend! I wonder what will be advertised next since the Red Stripe sign has been removed from Belushi\'s...I hope they will take the tape down from the wall. Cheers from peaceful o-HI-o
george, 12 09 2009
Just would like to say hello from the State of Maine in the USA
Al Holmes, 11 09 2009
Wish I were there, but stuck here across the pond.
billy, 11 09 2009
As all of you think you have the right to tarnish and smear filth on this site, Donald and all others have the right to comment on those who smear filth. Its only human nature for the righteous to point out the sins of others. Keep on sinning and the world will keep pointing this out to you. Its the thing to do.
Winfred, 11 09 2009
Cheers George and Andy. Nice to go to a cyber bar and meet friendly people. lol. Don\"t you love it when people notice the camera and get more animated when they talk.
Carol, 11 09 2009
Donald, we were there the evening of 27/07/09 and you have to believe; that is indeed a cigarette machine.
Carl, 10 09 2009
Donald, I was *in* Belushi\'s during the Gathering. It is just a cigarette machine. Your revealing a lot about yourself with your insistence that it\'s a condom machine and your other comment.
VL, 10 09 2009
Jennifer/Mathew no one cares about the bt\'s, or your comments on this site. May I suggest that you do some time with community volunteering, gather food and clothing for the less fortunate instead of continuing to give your cause a black eye by triffling over the small stuff, at this site. Carol no worries I have you back, looks like Andy and Denise do as well. Where\'s Robert from sunny tincio? I miss his comments. Cheers to all the Belushi\'s fans, from beautiful Ohio. Lets not let a few bad apples spoil the fun of this site!
george, 10 09 2009
Hey Donald! where\'s yir troozers?
Andy, 10 09 2009
Dont believe that for one moment. Thats definitely a condom dispenser on the wall to the left of the screen. Condoms are much needed everywhere in Scotland, but yet hardly anyone uses them. AIDS spread like wildfire there.
Donald, 10 09 2009
Correction you fools. The BTs have never left. Theyve only infiltrated. Just a matter of time for those who stick around and mock them.
Matthew, 10 09 2009
Red Stripe is brand of beer quite shit..
Link, 09 09 2009
well, the bt\'s are back, stirring up trouble. Go home, leave this site alone, you are \"harshin\' on our mellow moments\" Let\'s keep comments the way they have been---- confined to the bar enviroment. What\'s the red stripe sign?
denise, 09 09 2009
You got a brain JENNIFER? Hey Carol O\'ra best lass!
Andy, 09 09 2009
Carol, if that is your name. I believe your problem is paranoia, on top of other problems you are currently having. By thinking im someone else, this suggests that you have alot more people out there thats against you. Therefore, four billion equals eight billion, unless of course theres more than one person immitating me. May God have mercy on your brain.
JENNIFER, 08 09 2009
I like to visit this bar it makes me feel closer to home.I am living in Brazil In August 2009 as part of the 8th International Winter Festival of Nova Friburgo I participated with the Beatles cover band “O Tunel do Tempo”in The Municipal Theatre in Nova Friburgo,Rio de Janeiro,Brazil Take a look at my video:
Noel , 08 09 2009
Y\'all that have been wondering what the metal box is on the left. Well, wtopped in there during the Gathering to check the place out. It\'s a cigarette machine! Nothing more.
VL, 07 09 2009
Belushi\\\'s needs to put a webcam outside so we can see comings and goings there. Alot of times there is more going on outside than inside.
denise, 04 09 2009
Jenni,Carol..skools out,well in scotland anyway.
Link, 03 09 2009
Jennifer - if that is your name, not sure what you are on about as U haven\'t posted before, but the usual BT rubbish has disappeared (until now). Love reading the bar comments.
Carol, 02 09 2009
Carol, you must have really tried your best to put someone down as you normally do, otherwise you would not have known they vented, not vetting your previous comments. Thank you camvista.
Jennifer, 01 09 2009
I agree a......please, maybe we have to be there and drink ourselves to the point that everything is funny. Is it happy hour at this time. Thanks Camvista for vetting the comments.
Carol, 01 09 2009
Yawnnnnn......comic show not alllll....zzzzzzz
o,,,,,, please, 28 08 2009
did you see that? were you wathcing? the cutery trolley at the bar moved on its own spooky.
last rites, 28 08 2009
I love this cam..Makes me want to visit sometime. Shed, not so funny but tonight\'s band, good stuff!!! Steve from Canada
Steve, 27 08 2009
Hell, from Ohio, love exploring the world, right now via webcam. Thanks for the opportunity to see a bit of your life
Steve McConnich, 27 08 2009
This Shed Simove looks almost like a dead-ringer of America\'s PeeWee Herman, the childlike comedian that had some child shows, who later was arrested for performing his own, and i do mean his own indecent acts in a porno theatre. In this particular case, he was found sitting in the back row, not up front.
DONNA, 26 08 2009
How cool!! Pulled up webcam and everyone in the bar started to wave and toast the cam. Thought it may have been a fluke but it happened 3 different times about 2 hrs. apart.
Angel, 25 08 2009
25 dys and same old with shed i fell asleep within 2 mins hes that boring
dave, 25 08 2009
Enjoy the webcam but Shed\'s audience look like they\'re at an AA meeting. Maybe anger awareness.
Paul, Bradford, England, 23 08 2009
Well, im one of the bible thumpers. Are you sure this is the only thing that will keep you off this website? Just telling you that i am one? Anyone else want to make a promise like this?
Harold, 23 08 2009
Michael, Robert was very clever in how he ended his comments. I took the ball and ran with it. It\'s nice to read where people are from and the conditions of the weather. You sound jealous. It was peaceful here on the Belushi\'s site until you came back pissing on the hornets nest once again. Greetings from cold ohio!
george, 23 08 2009
I have been watching this site for quite a while.I have never posted anything to this board before, but if those so called bible people come back on the board I swear I will not come back to this site. Belushi\'s, get\'em off. This Michael sounds like he\'s trying to stir up trouble again.
Marc, 23 08 2009
no woman no cry......
me, 23 08 2009
Sounds working...and that confirms it...boring...when was comdey done in a slide show? Here an idea...try to be funny next time. The guy at the bar keeps falling a sleep. Turn the soccer game back the way not one laugh from the crowd in 15 mins...
Marker, 21 08 2009
Just came on this website after a long hiatus. Cant detect any sound at all. Is this guy on stage teaching the management and employees how to run a successful bar or is he demonstrating a new webcam which this place needs dearly? George, why are you trying to imitate Robert? Stormy Ohio and Sunny Ticino. You dont want to go in that direction, believe me.
Michael, 21 08 2009
Perhaps things are being upgraded at Belushi\'s Webcam as we speak, we can always hope! Greetings from stormy ohio!
george, 20 08 2009
Yes i second the motion of the purchase of a new web-cam,i\'m willing to pay half(John Shurie)..but my boss may not take the idea on board.i will try though...
Link, 20 08 2009
Hey dude from last night..Nobody was better than Billy Mays...Nice try, but the Sham Wow guy still beats you hands down...No sound, not so bad when that guys on!
Marker, 19 08 2009
Where is the sound !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Audrey, 19 08 2009
It\\\'s 12.30 Wed 19/08/09. The sound has gone again. Like I said two days ago, this cam is now NACKED!! Please refer to my previous email, John Shurie
john shurie, 19 08 2009
No sound!! What\'s wrong? I enjoyed listening to the chatter going on.
Lynette, 18 08 2009
can you ask shed to change his act i fell asleep ive seen it that many times now,thought he was a ideas man same old thing every night
eric, 17 08 2009
When is someone going to realise that this camara is WORN OUT! I tell you what, if money is the problem, go buy a new one and I\\\'ll pay for it. they arn\\\'nt that dear.Regards John Shurie.
John Shurie, 16 08 2009
R.I.P Les Paul.Enjoy the great gig in the sky
Link, 13 08 2009
Nah Christy your not old,he just aint funny.
Link, 13 08 2009
Love Belushis Bar, but this guy just isn\\\'t that funny. Especially his \\\"gadgets\\\". Maybe I just don\\\'t get British humor. Or I\\\'ve gotten too old. Don\\\'t know
Christy, 13 08 2009
I like this Dude A really funny guy Watching from Brazil
josh, 13 08 2009
hey dave that was a first class show hes great and his laugh well what can i say
ricky, 11 08 2009
Nice to hear more of this funny show. Wish I could be in this Bar in person Love Edinburgh Fringe
Josh, 11 08 2009
please can you ask shed to change his act plus i dont no what elaine was watching must of been diferent to me
dave, 11 08 2009
This guy is sooo cute Really funny Love his laughter
nicky, 11 08 2009
Love listening to this guy Really funny Wish I was stating in Edinburgh Listening from Australia
Tom, 11 08 2009
Hi, would love to see a broader shot of the patrons enjoying themselves. Sometimes the sound stage is so awash with lighting, it\'s difficult to discern anything there. Nevertheless, a great cam!
John Maszka, 11 08 2009
Thanks Belushi\\\'s for fixing the sound. Greetings and Cheers from stormy ohio!
george, 10 08 2009
What a funny guy Great show Love the webcam
elaine, 10 08 2009
Great show Hope I can attend in the realol world What a funny comedeian
ron, 10 08 2009
ERIC, 10 08 2009
Yes the sound did go out just after Shed began his gig on Sunday...Bummer and Cheers from muggy ohio... sound still out at 1:11am Belushi\'s time.
george, 10 08 2009
therr is no sound.what is going on?
j, 09 08 2009
he does same act everynight sound just gone thank god
ERIC, 09 08 2009
The band on Saturday was great. They did a nice job on, \"Superstition\" by Stevie Wonder. I like the comedian Shed Simove\'s monolouge being run through the cameras audio. Who was the band on Saturday evening? Cheers from hot ohio!
george, 09 08 2009
hope there is sound tonight as there was non last night
ERIC, 09 08 2009
I think i just seen John Rebus standing at the bar...
Link, 08 08 2009 top..Chick white top..keep on jiving!! wish i was there..
Link, 08 08 2009
i agree hope hes better than last night
feric, 08 08 2009
Shed Simove:Very funny,very annoying laugh..
Link, 07 08 2009
Awesome night to be watching... the guy who ripped his shirt..I\'m guessing you were a lil drunk but all too funny!! Party on and keep having fun! One day I will be lucky enough to venture to Scotland.. for now stuck in Ohio...
Angel, 06 08 2009
You know what would be cool? If there was a screen that showed what we see online there for the patrons to see, and then at the bottom of it there wasa place where people online watching could do live shout outs to the people attending the pub in real time live!!! That would be so awesome!!!
Terri, 03 08 2009
Wave to us Suz, and let us know how to identify you! Raise a cold one to the m8\\\'s online, Suz. Franklin- you could be on to something , or perhaps just on something...snip,! Great lunch crowd this Sunday. Can I get some bangers and mash, delivered? Cheers from rainy Ohio!
george, 02 08 2009
I visited Edinburgh this past June and made it a point to stop in, however, the section of the bar where the camera was closed. I was very disappointed to find a hostel above the bar explaining why so many young adults at night. This is not a typical pub for Edinburgh.
John J Little, 01 08 2009
What does the comment about the place cards mean??Who are the people you are talking about, do they work at Belushi\'s? The camera looks a little better.
Denise, 01 08 2009
Sorry for spelling poignant incorrectly. Cheers from finally Sunny Ohio
george, 31 07 2009
so glad the cam has improved - I will be there 22/23 - can\'t wait!!!
suz, 31 07 2009
Hey all you fine people...Robert,Claire,Diana and the other..look out for the place cards....
cousin tinny, 31 07 2009
(30/JULY/2009-23:02) This band is qiute good...and the blonde barmaid aint too shabby either..
Link, 30 07 2009
Could it be that Camvista has an operative in Ohio? I believe someone knows why i said this. SNIP SNIP SNIP.
Franklin, 30 07 2009
When are they going to ever get rid of this appearance of haze on this website? Something has definitely changed and i seriously dont believe the sun just got a little brighter. Dont Belushis know something is definitely intefering with the quality of this webcam. No one likes to go down a highway and get a distorted view out the window. The only problem here, the distorted view is indoors here. Psychologically, it brings in less people during the day and i challenge anyone to disprove this. Sure summertime brings in more people, but there would be more if this haze was eliminated and im not referring to the night crowds.
MAURICE, 30 07 2009
the 7th to the 29th is when the tattoo is on in edinburgh, been 4 times and its fantastic ,hi from sunny ticino
ROBERT, 30 07 2009
Tolliver - it\'s like the pot calling the kettle black.
Rachel, 30 07 2009
I haven\'t seen a couple of my more piognant posts here lately. I\'d hope they weren\'t censored. Love the new camera angle and the sound appears better as well. Keep up the good work guys! The toasters are being set on the bar at Belushi\'s which can only mean one thing. Cheers and goodnight from Ohio
george, 30 07 2009
Why are people wearing Santa hats tonight?
TerryK, 30 07 2009
Put on BBC 2 now and I\'ll save on the tv licence; then bbc 1 at 5pm thanks
Amit Jagota, 29 07 2009
Hi everyone just wanted to tell everyone that belushies is the best and the people are great my friends and i all went in there great. I told them i had been watching all the time from canada and then the drinking started. i will definately going back there. and THANK YOU belushies for being everything i thought. oh ya that is not a condom machine it is a cigarette machine on the wall lol.
Diana, 29 07 2009
Well, I wonder what is @ 7PM from the 7th of August until the 30th of August. Free beer, free wings, free viewing, free......
Pablo, 28 07 2009
The big baldish guy with the light blue/white t-shirt sitting just behind the bin(at 20.00hrs/27/7/09) knows he\'s on camera..he\'s just raised his glass to the viewers twice..
Link, 27 07 2009
I need a drink...
Link, 27 07 2009
I truly enjoy watching the patrons of Belushi\'s Bar dance, laugh, and have a great time!
Marie, 27 07 2009
I scanned comment history all the way back to 2007 to see if people actually do make comments about the Belushi Bar Webcam on this site. I found some, but didn\\\'t discover when the site morphed into \\\"poop-scoopin\\\' on you\\\"! I have truly enjoyed watching people dance, laugh, and have a great time at Belushi\\\'s! I scanned the comment history clear back to 2007 to see if I could tell when the site morphed into \\\"poop-scoopin\\\' on you\\\"! How sad! Too bad!
Marie, 27 07 2009
For a minute there today, i thought sure one of the employees were in the process of putting up some type of drapes on the windows to cut down the amount of sun shining into this place. This is a bar isnt it? Who wants to go into a bar establishment that has every light in the house on or in this case, all the sun\'s brightness coming in the windows. This disrupts the webcam\'s purpose. When its too bright,the true picture of this bar suffers. People also do not want to visit an establishment where they have to wear sunglasses inside as well as outside.
Stacey, 27 07 2009
I thought I was f__ked up, but you chinas are mentally deranged!
Andy, 27 07 2009
You say everyone can finally see that youre not such a bad person. Strange that you waited long enough for your past comments to be replaced with more recent comments, before you could make that statement. You sure have the new viewers fooled, but the others just dont care. Theyre use to associate with people of your calliber. Now how does that go again Robert and Carol. Good is evil and evil is good. Youve got to be a lunatic to believe this and it appears that there are some who are believing you. Rediculous, totally rediculous. All of you belong with one another.
Gerdie, 26 07 2009
Rachel, you say that your with Carol on this one. How right you probably are. Hello Carol, can Rachel come out and play today. Am i speaking to Carol or to Rachel. I would say sometimes even your mother cannot tell which character has taken over and which character has decided to stay within. Typical that you would be in league with Robert. He also has a problem. Especially in not knowing good from evil, by saying this church group hes been backtalking to, is in league with the devil for trying to tell how wrong it is to talk bad about women. Its that type of mentality that shows hes a dangerous person to associate with.
Tolliver, 26 07 2009
Leave it up to Robert to say more totally stupid things. Just because his d*viate remarks are no longer listed, he wants his new friends to think, if theyre not listed, then he didnt say anything wrong. Hes putting out a smoke screen and people are buying it. Just the fact that hes trying to portray a church group as the ones with the dirty mouths, but hes the one with the clean mouth, shows you just exactly how dumb his followers are. If they believe this, they will believe anything. Point blank Robert, lets see you lie as well. Have you ever called women that you dont even know, b*tches and l*esbians. Just why do you think this church group wanted to clean up this website? Sure wasnt when he called these women angels?
Olivia, 26 07 2009
Diana, was that you dancing to the Dire Straits tune late Saturday night? If it was, you were having a great time.
Carol, 26 07 2009
Robert, in your own severely twisted mind, you would consider yourself exonerated of being a born-again d*viate, by blaming everything that has gone wrong with you, wrong with your life and why everyone just accepts the way you are, on the misfortunes of your mother giving birth to you. No wonder you have a few on your side. As one drunk defends another drunk, this is highly anticipated. You belong with the others and they certainly belong with you. As drunks belong with other drunks, illiterates belong with other illiterates. Sure they look up words and you do not, but they still deserve you. I bet you one thing for sure, the others will someday be sorry for being on your side.
Terrance, 25 07 2009
the gathering is upon us ,,125 clans all in edinbugh, wow only the scottish poeple can do these grand things, hi from sunny ticino
ROBERT, 25 07 2009
Hi! NM, thank you very much! That makes total sense about being last call. It was late and shortly thereafter, everyone left. Now I have another question about the bar. Behind the counter under the bucket are things hanging on the wall. I saw people taking some things off and laughing at them. Can anyone tell me what they are?
Terri, 25 07 2009
finally everyone has seen that i am NOT A BAD PERSON,i have really been only defending agianst what the bt`s have been saying to me and others on this cam ,if i exagerate ed i am sorry ,goerge(not ohio)is finally been found out to be the insticater, and just cause i am swiss and dont spell all well ,he takes the mickey out of me (sad) 8( , big hi from sunny ticino ,and i will be back at the bar on the 3rd,, cheers banter people
robert , 25 07 2009
I\\\'m with Carol on this one. I also went back through the history and the worse comments are from the so called church do gooders and I agree it probably is only one person as the posts and words are very similar. Keep up the good work Belushi\\\'s, I love this cam.
Rachel , 25 07 2009
What\'s up guys? hey George what country do you live in? it seems that yesterday they had a great party What they will have on 7th August to 30th August?
Lucas, 24 07 2009
Could we please stop with all of the childish comments and acting like two-year-olds and please make comments about Belushi\'s instead? Terri, although I don\'t know what time you saw the lady ring the bell, I\'m thinking that maybe it had something to do with last call? Just a guess!
NM, 24 07 2009
What is charming to see if the girl rolling silverware, wipe her nose on her hand, and continue on rolling... lol
Angel, 24 07 2009
Andy your critique of the other George\\\'s comments, priceless! Barbara, you do know what they say about assumptions? I think it trite to whine because someone may have allegedly called someone else a name. Move on ...enjoy the day and the sights and sounds of Belushi\\\'s. Dianna party on! Greetings and Cheers from sunny Ohio
george, 24 07 2009
Ok, lets go back to the beginning. Matilda posted. - Adam Im glad to know that you were 100% sober, when you made the statement that theres alot of nice looking girls at Belushi\\\'s. The jury is still out, whether or not you were truly 100% sober, when you made this statement. What you may not have been truthful about though, is even though you may have been sober, you did not mention that you were 100% blind in both eyes. AND THEN Robert from Sunny Ticino posted in defence of the girls - Wow matilda ,you must be a super model ,how can you as a female let popel put down other females like that ,and agree with them ,where u from bitch ,the land of the good looks?(your not from ticino) help out your fellow females robert, 24 03 2009. If you do a search of old posts you will find that Robert never mentioned \"lesbians\". Then the BT\'s or one person with unusual names got on the board and it changed with inuendo\'s and threats, which are now being investigated, but we are still here and watching the webcam, and enjoying the posts. What is happening from 7 - 30 August?
Carol, 24 07 2009
You never know, George from Ohio may already associate with people who get their kicks putting down other people. Whats that old saying? You are, what you associate with.
Barbara, 24 07 2009
George from Ohio, i suppose you would feel a little different if these d*viates called your mother or your sister a B*tch or a L*sbian. Its one of those things where your mother or sister have to be called one, before you would react differently. The other women didnt deserve this and i seriously doubt your mother or sister would deserve this either. Until it happens, be friends if you like.
Harold, 24 07 2009
I was watching tonight and there is a bucket and bell hanging by the tv. The lady behind the bar took down the bucket, swatted the bell, and then put the bucket back. How come? What do the bell and bucket mean?
Terri, 24 07 2009
Hey here\'s an idea for some of you... stop using this as a place to argue! All that will result in this junk is this camsite being removed... come on people! Some of us are coming here to see a different part of the world and to learn new things, not to see all this argueing.
Terri , 24 07 2009
getting a bit sick of the long drawn out epistles of george & robert..just comments on the belushis webcam thankyou....see ya...
derian , 23 07 2009
Adam, please dont sell yourself short by calling yourself crap, even though you are. Robert, you will be waiting a very hot day in H*LL if you think i need to apologize for a mistake your own mother made. Keep babbling on how society keeps looking down on you for your ignorance. Im definitely crying while i keep reading your comments. NOT. Oh Boy, am i glad you are continuing to mock God\\\'s work. Theres no doubt in my mind, he has plans for you and just may take it out on a love one, to get back at you. This happens sometimes, although i believe he has already taken it out on you, making you the person you are already. Keep trying to tell people how rightous you and the others are and how unholy the religous fanatics are. All those who join you, will certainly be taught a serious lesson from God. Either they will be punished or one of their love ones will be punished. Dont blame me when a tragedy strikes within your families. This day will come sooner, rather than later. If it hasnt already.
George, 23 07 2009
Hey George! you write a load a\' crap!
Andy, 23 07 2009
but george (not ohio),you forgot to say sorry m8. i am still waiting,please dont defend a man of the cloth that allows his sheep to say some of the insults that you have said to me and my friends ,if you take things out of contex,then that is not my ignorance ,its your^s georgy boy, but nether mind my friend ,i still say hi from sunny ticino even to sad people, as its written in the bible
ROBERT, 23 07 2009
Robert, you have certainly surpassed all of your other records of showing how ignorant you are in the spelling category. Are you not scared of the Almighty by turning the tables on a preacher and saying he is the one with the dirty mouth, instead of where its rightfully at, with your own mouth. I seriously believe the Almighty already has your number. George of Ohio, yes, Judge not lest ye be judged and love thy neighbor. When someone goes around and freely calls women B*tches and L*sbians, Robert and his comrades have judged and they certainly do not love their neighbor with this type of name calling. George, I highly doubt Robert\'s more radical comments are still listed but let me say one thing that may just happen. You say one thing he does not like and you will be name called as well. This is just his style, along with his so-called friends. Im glad the others are his friends, because I certainly dont want to be associated with him or the others, when judgement day rolls around. You say the internet evangelism would be better suited on another website. Belushi\'s, as far as I know, has not merit condemnation as yet. So I believe it would be best if Robert and his friends go to another website, one more suited for that type of talk. So long as they are still on this website, so too will this group. The surprising thing, I do not belong to this group, but I do feel Robert and his friends are inappropriate on here. Theyve toned it down a bit, but Robert is trying his best to bring the cuss words back in.
George, 23 07 2009
i would like an apoligy from all the bt`s.its not normal that church poeple talk that way ,i say sorry for my (little) remarks ,but the pastor has made you lot a bad example for the bible , hi from sunny ticino (30degrees)
ROBERT, 23 07 2009
I will take the time abd review his posts George, but I live by the addage, \"Judge not lest ye be judged and Love thy neighbor.\". Perhaps the internet evangelism, would be better suited to another website. Cheers from chilly Ohio!
george, 23 07 2009
goerge(not ohio) you really do talk some rubbish m8,if you really do read all the remarks ,from what i understand of english ,its all the bt`s that have been nearer to hard core then me and andy,and i have felt hurted by some of this religius groups remarks,also when yous make fun of someone who has spelling problems ,but is not writting in his mother language ,i think that instead of bibble quotes ,you should be repenting to your pastor but he is a filthy mouthed as you lot are ,, hi from sunny ticino. i will be back at the fringe before it finishes, so look at Belushi\'s cam , as i WILL be there agian
ROBERT, 23 07 2009
From one George to another, as the popular saying goes. The proof is in the pudding. Sorry you missed it, but sometimes it takes the venom of one snake to kill the wickedness of another snake. Although in my case, id like to think the Lord sent this snake. So it shall be written, so it shall be done. Nothing against you personally, but if only you could read back to all that was written by this group. This group would no hesitate in calling your mother a b*tch of le*sbian.
George, 23 07 2009
Diana, what time (belushi\'s) will you be at the bar on Friday? Love to scope you out on the camera and raise a glass! Robert I see your fanclub is as venomous as ever! Congrats. Constance, it\'s not nice to threaten so many people. Jessica, perhaps by opening a can of worms the stench will flee. Jonathan, what\'s your beef with Robert? Can\'t for the life of me figure why some people are hell bent on berating another...facinating.. yet sad. Greetings from gloomy Ohio. Cheers!
george, 23 07 2009
Hey guys, Did someone ever know this place? & They\'ll have a great party on August 7th!!
Lucas, 22 07 2009
You just couldnt leave things peaceful, could you Robert? You just had to open that can of worms up again. While the others may have welcomed the solitude, you are the one who is causing their condemnation and yours. May the others forgive you for this.
Jessica, 22 07 2009
Trust me Robert, even though you may have missed the B.T.s, the B.T.s did not miss you. You can take that to the bank. Alot of information was gathered at the gathering. Dont worry about it
Jonathan, 22 07 2009
I\'m finally here i will be at belushi\'s finally on friday. can\'t wait for the highland games and having a drink at belushi
Diana, 22 07 2009
Greetings from Bermuda. Looks like loads of fun there in the bar...can anyone pass me a pint, please???
Roberta, 21 07 2009
Dont worry Robert. Something very surprising will be coming your way very soon. You, Andy, Carol and a few of the others. You never know, your loved ones may be more surprised than you. At least you were fully warned ahead of time. They were not.
Constance, 21 07 2009
great weakend at the fringe festival,missing the bt`s didnt see the pastor at the gathering,but he could have been out paying for his dirty way, hi from sunny ticino
ROBERT, 21 07 2009
for all of you complaining about the sun coming in the windows--here in Scotland, we relish every bito\'sun we can get since we get so little sunshine here. Have a little heart. The sun will be gone soon, if not already and the rain will be back.
greymom, 21 07 2009
7/20/09 Hey, who is the realy cute guy in the kilt with the BIG sporran standing at the end of the bar?! Purrrr!
Annie, 20 07 2009
Im with this other person. They should have used this large sign to cover some of the sunlight coming through the window. Too sunny in there. Some times of the day, they might as well turn the webcam off or at least face the webcam directly into the sun. Same effect.
ANGELA, 19 07 2009
B*tch, B*tch, B*tch. Whine, Whine, Whine. If its not something about the webcam, its something about what the young lad has in his pocket. So he may get a little tonight, so what? All of you should be so d*mn lucky. At least he\'s getting some and you\'re not.
Yvonne, 19 07 2009
See how much better this picture is around 3:00 in the morning. Too much sun coming in the windows is just ruining the looks of this place. They need to do something about blocking some of that sun out. I cant see but i bet you theres no blinds or drapes anywhere in this establishment. They need to tone down the sunlight a tad.
TIFFANY, 19 07 2009
I saw that very same guy with whatever it was protruding from his pocket. If indeed it was from his pocket. Its my guess, hes going to have a date over tonight and just cant wait til she gets there. When she does get there, i cant wait to see how much more that object in his pocket protrudes.
Pricilla, 19 07 2009
Hey Gunther, chill out will you. This is Mabry your giant friend from sunny Ticino. Its not descrimination against the little people, its more descrimination against us tall people. We want to come into establishments like this, without being seen by everyone in the world. Its not you that should be hurt, its those up there near the webcam. I almost knocked the webcam down the other night when i came walking by. Hello from sunny Ticino.
Mabry, 19 07 2009
Hey, what about us midgets who occasionally come into this bar? This is descrimination. I cant even jump high enough to be seen on camera. How can a circus traveling around the world, discover me, if im not seen on camera once in a while. I object that others get to be seen on camera, but i dont get the same affordability. What has belushi\'s got against short people. You allow giants to be seen, so why descriminate against short people. Short people dont have small money.
Gunther, 19 07 2009
Now I can see a possible reason why the webcam is facing so far up toward the ceiling. But no, this cant be the reason. Most people would put the sign up, before they try to aim the webcam. No, there has to be another reason for pointing the webcam so far up toward the ceiling. Perhaps someone that works there, just wants to walk around barefooted. Or better yet, theres puke on the floor from days ago and no one wants to clean it up. Hey you, yes the one cleaning up tonight. Why dont you position the camea a little bit downward. This way,we would be able to see what you have in your pocket a little better. Or are you just glad that girl is finally going out with you?
HILLARY, 19 07 2009
Hi everyone! Watching the nightlife there from St. Albert, Alberta, Canada! Hoping to visit Edinburgh next summer and this is one of the first places on my list to hit once we arrive! Keep the party going for me! Great bands!
Terri, 18 07 2009
Oh, I see Belushis places a large event sign on the red wall, for advertisement. Very clever !
george, 18 07 2009
I agree the webcam needs to be moved so that the ceiling isn\'t as visable. Cheers from cold and cloudy Ohio.
george, 18 07 2009
Either someone has a gigantic mirror on the outside of this business capturing the sun\'s rays and directing them into the window or Scotland is getting the full strengh of the sun the last few days. Its almost as if im looking down the highway and the sun is in your eyes. Cant believe its just the position of the webcam, because its not aimed outside. Perhaps Belushi\'s can find out the cause and fix it.
Donahue, 18 07 2009
Perhaps the owner of Belushis has died or on vacation. If on vacation, doesnt he view his own webcam. Its a wonder if they did not place this webcam in one of the restrooms, while the owner is gone. If aiming the camera up toward the ceiling was due to roaches on the floor, dont they know that roaches climb walls as well. Lets bring that camera down a bit, shall we? This way, we wont see all that red. Would be great if they cut down some of that sunlight as well. The best picture comes late at night when everyone is gone and the lights have been dimmed. Looks like if theyre going to have a webcam, they would want the best picture shown. Who am i to tell the owner of Belushis how to position his camera? It looks like he should know what is best for viewing. Perhaps when he gets back from Africa, he will re-position the camera all the way to the floor. Then we will be able to see some real action.
Gentry, 18 07 2009
The person that got on the chair and adjusted the camera should be smacked. It was better where it was, which is where it had been before. What good is seeing a blank wall?
NM, 17 07 2009
I bet most people will have to wear sunglasses when they come in that establishment. Suppose it could be worse though. It could be sparkling very bright pink instead of red. Did they chose the bloody red color due to all the fights at this place and the blood just sprays everywhere? The big question on Action News, is this red paint or red blood?
Beatrice, 17 07 2009
Whoever adjusted the camera, well lets just say the camera will not be the same anymore. They must have damaged the camera slightly, since the quality is not all that great now.
Sabrina, 17 07 2009
Whomever it was that adjusted the cam, they should be shot. Nice going. We can see more of the walls and ceiling, than the people. Sorry, but they need to lower the cam a little. And this red has to go. Makes everyone\'s faces a little more anebriated.
William, 17 07 2009
Good band on Thursday, Thanks to the man that got on a chair and adjusted the cam! Cheers!
george, 17 07 2009
Sorry Silverlake, i simply have not heard that term. This webcam is seen from all over the world and some of us have phrases that others do not know. This is the reason why i asked. As for chilling out, i do know that term. I am completely chilled out, but the temperature began to rise slightly, when you thought my temperature was rising. I was only inquiring, thats all. Sorry to have asked you.
NATASHA, 17 07 2009
Oh,Natasha, have you never heard that term? Kinda like the pot calling the kettle black, you know. Gosh, this is not a serious thing, chill out!
Silverlake, 14 07 2009
An excellent web cam, however out of curiosity it would be nice to view the bar in the opposite direction, just so that one gets to fully appreciate the whole atmosphere of the place.
Terry K, 14 07 2009
I\'ve never screwed a goose before, what does it feel like?
Andy, 14 07 2009
Hey Silverlake, how about translating what you just said to Carol. This time in layman terms, if you dont mind. Why did you coin the phrase, you screwed the goose?
Natasha, 14 07 2009
yes, carol that is a you can do, laugh, cause you screwed the goose.
silverlake, 13 07 2009
Carol, 12 07 2009
hey Carol, it\'s the internet, not Harvard, so long as it can be read, who cares how its(and i left the comma out deliberately)spelled. tyvm
kevin, 12 07 2009
from oregon USA, graduated from bushy park (hampton court) uk. I very much enjoyed meeting most all of you. The conversations, music were all a part of a life experience that I will never forget. To watch you babble on with meaningless words brings shame to you. There are plenty of places on the net that you can use for your useless chatter--go there and leave these folks to there own.(not proof read, worn out key board) patrick o\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'brien
pat obrien, 10 07 2009
Carol, if Teresa cannot be allowed to leave out apostrophe\'s, then you should not be allowed to use words that are not in the dictionary at all. Just as someone else stated. At least he spelled the his words correctly and Robert did not or hardly ever does. But as someone else put it so nicely, even Robert deserves to have a few friends.
Beverly, 10 07 2009
Carol, it looks like you may have a little egg on your face. You yourself mentioned the word spelling. Teresa spelled her words correctly. Robert did not and hardly ever does. Apostrophe\'s are not spelling mistakes. By the way, UM is.
Olivia, 09 07 2009
Um, Teresa I would check YOUR spelling before you comment. It\'s That\'s not Thats, can\'t not cant and you\'re not youre. Classic.
Carol, 08 07 2009
Oh Robert, I love thee. Let me count the ways. If you ask me and i know you want. Thats just about as sick as Robert is himself. He cant spell worth a hoot and you cant make good judgements on your own. So, youre meant to be friends with one another.
Teresa, 08 07 2009
What is the best sign on earth that someone is a totally uneducated fool? No typo here. It happens repeatedly. Today, he says i have been HEAR with my friends. Oh well, people that cannot spell deserves to have a few friends also.
Barbara, 07 07 2009
Hey my China\'s..can\'t believe you are all still around..Robert, Diana, Carol, claire..I\'m over in Texas on a work assignment, hot and sticky miss my daily consumption of good Scot\'s ale..hope ye\'all enjoy the gathering, trying my best to get back home for it..don\'t empty the condom machine at Belushi\'s Robert, save some extra large one\'s for me..and to all the beautiful lass back in Glasgow, I\'m no awa tae bide awa..your highland warrior returnith soon!!
Andy, 07 07 2009
Oh Robert, I love you. lol. You do keep me glued to the site to see what you come up with next.
Carol, 07 07 2009
Tommy, What do you suspect their strategy to be? Misty I like the way you think! Loved the band on Sat. night. Sure wish you could tweak the sound!
george, 06 07 2009
dont worry tommy ,i have been hear with my friends from edinburgh andy carol diane and leslie, and nobody has asked our second names ,mybe you were in the wrong bar m8 ,, but we have been keeping an eye open for a pastor ,but i know that it will be him emptying the condom machine and generally talking filth in the bar and lowering the tone ,cheers from sunny and happy waverly
ROBERT, 06 07 2009
Dont want to spread facts, but theres strangers around Edinburgh asking about certain people, trying to get last names and where certain people are from. They evidently have another strategy.
Tommy, 06 07 2009
What a beautiful sight. Live people in. For a couple of days it is the first time . For sure, i will be there to know this Bar. But where are the women. From Rio de Janeiro- Brasil.
Eden Carneiro, 03 07 2009
Does Belushis really have a condom machine on the wall, just above where all the customers fix their toast? It looks like one, but is really a condom machine? Talk about stuffing morality down someones throat. Condoms and toast, what a concept? Next, they will have beer and KY Jelly together.
Misty, 02 07 2009
Great how this bar has been fixed up. Really great, and im not just saying that. Also like how Belushis is safety oriented by placing a prophyl actic machine just above the toasters to anyone wishing to buy a condom.
Thomas, 01 07 2009
I really do love to watch any webcam during the wee hours of night, with hardly anyone walking around and with the perfect balance of light that gives a slumber effect. What a life to work at a place like this, as a night watchman or whatever you call what this guy does.
Robert the Non Deviate, 01 07 2009
George i will for sure give everyone a wave when i get there i will be there for 15 days so i will likely wave a few times lol.
Diana, 01 07 2009
Does anyone know the name of the band that was playing on saturday 27th june
sarah, 30 06 2009
Thanks George for explaining your position on Robert, my wife is from the \'hollers\' of E.Ky. so not much of anything real or perceived bothers me...Go Bucks! Robert you have done me no harm no foul, and indeed, took the time to answer my question, I thank you for that. I get a kick from the sunny tincio line, which apparently sets Heather off. Malcolm you said.\"the clan gathering is exactly the same time as the BT gathering. If it wasnt, then there would be no need for the BT gathering.\". Should I presume that there is conflict between the gathering clan and the BT\'s? Will you explain? Love the bar cam wish the sound was better when the bands play. Diana remember to lift a pint to the cyber community when in Belushis! Pardon me Robert ,but Cheers to all from sunny Ohio!
george, 30 06 2009
This is great,the way the camera is set up now.
Don, 29 06 2009
What a transformation to the view of your webcam. My hat goes out to the one responsible, although i do not ever wear a hat. If i may suggest a minor thing. The floor and the front of the counter blend in with one another. Perhaps if you put a slight stain on the front of the camera, the floor and the counter will not blend in so much. Just the same thoug, I like this view and the position for this view. Please do not change it.
Enrique, 29 06 2009
Yeah Robert, everyone knows as you say, that the worst people with filthy mouths out there are those people who go to church. Do you actually believe George and others are so gullible to believe you are one of the good guys. I bet you get in alot of fights, when people catch you lying to them all the time. Sunny ticino, my foot. If you are indeed from there, why are you afraid to communicate with the authorities there. They definitely want to know your name. Ive even heard they have a nice home for you, with three basic square meals waiting for you. You only need to call them to claim your prize. A surprise of a lifetime, you may say.
Constantine, 29 06 2009
Strange as well as very comical that Robert says talking dirty to women is alright, but when a religous group objects to this type of behavior, our words are from dirty mouths. I bet Robert wears sunglasses at night and doesnt think he needs them during the day. Its the same twisted way of thinking. When he calls women bitches and lesbians, this is sacred talk. When a church group objects to his name calling of women, he says they speak with dirty mouths. Ha Ha Ha Ha
Melissa, 28 06 2009
George, if only you had read all the comments submitted by this Robert character in the past few months, then nothing more would need to be said. They speak about our little group having the dirty mouths, which is comical to say the least. It is due to Roberts dirty mouth, along with a few others (like him) using their dirty mouths, that brought our attention to this website. George, Im not about to tell you, who you should associate with, but believe me, if you do not like filthy talk, then you will not like Robert.
George, 28 06 2009
I\'ve seen the toast answer a few times before. Last time I see it answered was in March by Carol.
Nancy, 27 06 2009
Thank you Robert for answering my \'BT\' question. It appears that the other George and Heather are not very fond of you. Heather , how do you know that Robert isn\'t from sunny tincio and George what has Robert done to you that you cast him in such a negative light? Finally what is the \'gathering\' and why would the \'bt\' be in Edinburgh at the same time? Great weekend to you all!
george, 27 06 2009
Someone just informed everyone on a different webcam at Belushis, that the reason why toast seems to be so popular there and why so many jokes have been made about the complexities of making TOAST there, is the basic fact that toast is served as a freebie, the same as alot of hotels have free complimentary breakfast. Shameful that it took almost an entire year for someone to bring this fact forward. For a time, I thought toast was the only thing that was served, other than beer.
Michelle, 25 06 2009
To answer the person from Ohio, sunny Ticino does exist in Switzerland, but this Robert is using it like the yellow brick road in the land of OZ. He\'s never been there, but this is where he likes to dream hes from. He sure doesnt want any of Ticinos residents know who he is. Maybe this is because he will be found out to be a non-resident.
Heather, 25 06 2009
George, take it from one George to another, you dont want to socialize with this Robert character, believe me. But as it is in the United States where I live as well, actually right below Delhi in Cincinnati, you are free to socialize with anyone you wish to socialize with, but look in the case of AIDS. Need I say more? You decide though. Suppose its difficult to catch AIDS over the internet, right? GO Buckeyes!
George, 25 06 2009
hi there goerge ,the bt means bible thumpers ,its a bunch of poeple who have been dirty mouthing on this web cam ,and its all in the name of there pastor ,ticino is the best part of switzerland ,great mtb riding and people ,cheers from sunny ticino
ROBERT, 25 06 2009
Diana, that places you at Belushi\'s on the 14th. Give us a wave and lift a pint. I hope you have a Blast! Robert, what is the \"bt\" gathering you refer to and where is sunny ticino? Greetings from sunny Ohio!!
george, 24 06 2009
No one told me that this particular website is just for drunks and sexual deviates? In the future, I ask that Camvista display a warning to this danger. If they are going to list what they have to say and scrutinize what the moral majority has to say, then they should do more advertising this is the type of persons they want on here.
Gregory, 22 06 2009
Could it be that you dont care when the BT gathering is Robert, because as you said, you\'re not going to it. To all those who do care, the BT gathering is being held the exact time as the other gathering and even if Robert does not show up, he will still be the center of attention, I assure you.
Terrance, 20 06 2009
Hey Robert, don\'t forget our names will be on the BT signs, so I hope they go into the bar and let us have a look.
Carol, 19 06 2009
George, the clan gathering is exactly the same time as the BT gathering. If it wasnt, then there would be no need for the BT gathering. Get in touch with Coordinator 1. She will give you all the details. Dont forget to bring adequate signs. Thanks for getting involved. We\'re hoping for great news media coverage.
Malcolm, 17 06 2009
the gathering will be ,when it is ,or you can go to the bt gathering, who cares when that is and when it will be greetings from sunny ticino
ROBERT, 15 06 2009
i will be visiting belushi\'s in exactly 29 more days , so can\'t wait
Diana, 15 06 2009
I enjoy watching this cam knowing that I will be in this bar during the weekend of the Gathering. That is 24-26July2009. I am from Loudon, New Hampshire and this will be my 1st time in Scotland. My roots, grandfather, grew up in Tain. Don...
Donald Taylor, 14 06 2009
Great live-cam but could you adjust the view ? A little less ceiling and a little more bar. Cheers !
Scott, 14 06 2009
God its like watching Play school........full of children
AJ, 13 06 2009
When is the \"gathering\"? I wish to see everyone at Belushi\'s.
george, 10 06 2009
This is a blast to watch. My friend and I watch you when we\'re at work!!
Amy Smith, 04 06 2009
woof woof woof , this gathering is almost upon us ,,
ROBERT, 02 06 2009
Seems as though everyone is on their good behavior now. Too bad this does not call off the gathering of the B-T\'s though. Whats that old saying, you cant change a dog\'s old tricks?
Marley, 29 05 2009
Hey, great looking bar!!!! We have a few good ones in Canada
L, 27 05 2009
Remember and bring the whip Diana..that will get them going
Andy, 26 05 2009
it looks like everyone is having a good time tonight, its quite busy , i so can\'t wait to get there .
Diana, 24 05 2009
Looking very festive tonight with all the togas, wigs and greenery hanging from the ceiling... TOGA! TOGA!
Nancy, 22 05 2009
whats up with the plants i know it\\\'s not pot but what is it
richard, 22 05 2009
Really enjoy the webcam, Thanks camvista & belushi\'s. Hope everyone enjoys the gathering. I\'m headin\' to the islands for the holiday weekend.
grits, 21 05 2009
It is weird I\'m eating my breakfast and Belushians are drinking and dancing.
Carol, 21 05 2009
So wierd to see people getting ready for breakfast when I am just getting ready for bed. Love the internet.
kelly, 21 05 2009
Which weekend is the clan gathering? I wish to join all of you for a pint, virtually at Belushis. Cheers and may you have a wonderful time!
george, 21 05 2009
Ok, for everyone wondering how long the parade route is, it goes from Holyrood up the Royal Mile to the Castle. This should answer your question. Think about it, it\'s called the Royal MILE for a reason!
Anon, 20 05 2009
please be carefull how you talk about my sheep andy, we are a sect that will not accept clean talk ,
the pastor, 20 05 2009
Diana the walk up to the castle is not that bad..there\'s lot\'s of shop\'s that sell tacky, made in China Scotch souvenir\'s on the way the opening of the road at the castle, is a store that sell\'s a wee bit more made in Scotland stuff, where they also weave all the different and the lassie\'s will have a blast..we are supposed to have a good summer, though Ive heard that one least if the rain heats up a wee bit that will do..pint\'s are on me at Belushis, should any of our path\'s cross..and by the way \"the pastor\" I just ate wan ae yer white fluffy things last night, wae ma tandoori masala..baaah F___ing baaah!!
Andy, 20 05 2009
Excellent. Did not realise that this was all part of a hostel. Would be nice to see more of the bar area.
pete, 20 05 2009
This is so much fun. My friend and I ran onto this at work and have been watching you!
Amy Smith, 19 05 2009
i am proud to see that my sheep have took control of this web cam,
the pastor, 19 05 2009
It is nice to see some sensible comments for a change and get the negative stuff out the way!!!!!!!!!
Audrey USA, 18 05 2009
i am looking over my sheep
the pastor, 18 05 2009
Any man that cannot keep from talking dirty to women or any woman who cannot keep from highly suggesting men from talking dirty to her, should have their heads examined. Shame on each and every one of you for not being able to control yourselves. Take it from Kelly. We only want to read comments about the bar, not what you\'re trying to achieve with your comments. Shove your hormones right back down your throats. No telling whats been down those throats anyway. We can only assume what its been, from the way each of you have been commenting. Yes Silverlake, I tend to agree.
Murray, 18 05 2009
For once, i am proud to hear someone talk a little normal on here and what they really want to read in respect to comments. Leave all the horny dirty talk to another website that specializes in that type of talk. We want to only hear from those people who have restraint on their dirty talk. No wonder the religous group has taken this project under their wing.
Terry, 18 05 2009
Whats the matter Claire? Didnt i use any dirty enough words for you. I heard you are just as bad as Carol and Diana. Wanting men to talk dirty to you, so you can get all excited. Glad you made it back on the dirty list. I heard you were on it once before and slid off. This time, i hope they keep you on it, as well as all the posters and banners for the gathering and also at Belushi\'s.
Milford, 18 05 2009
Fun to watch people getting ready for breakfast service. I can\'t wait til I have the oppurtunity to visit.
Kelly, 17 05 2009
WTF!!! I feel like I am back in high school! What happened to commenting on what is going on in Belushi\'s? If you want to chat, I.M. each other and quit subjecting the rest of us to this crap. And really what do any of you know about each other anyway? People can be anything they want to be online.
Kelly, 17 05 2009
Als ik in augustus naar de Tattoo kom ga ik eerst Belushi\'s bar opzoeken, beloofd. Ga je daar ook zijn?
Paul Lievens, 16 05 2009
Thanks Claire i will for sure check out the jewelry , i\'m getting so excited about seeing it all, one question the walk up to the castle about how long is it and is all up hill?
Diana, 16 05 2009
Claire, Good luck with your exams and like I\'ve asked Andy and Diana, please have a drink for me at Belushi\'s, and smile at the camera. :-)
Carol, 16 05 2009
claire, 15 05 2009
Can\'t we all just agree that Andy and Robert are flaming fags, and that is OK.
Silverlake, 15 05 2009
Jinak, kdyz se nekdy vydam do Skotska, tak jedine do Belushi\'s bar. :)
missisX, 15 05 2009
Aaa, uz se tesim dneska do hospody. :-D
missisX, 15 05 2009
Diana...Do I even need to respond to the NEW Claire on the board...I think you know better than this one...I am done for now, have exams and then home...hope the weather holds for the gathering...maybe we will all run into each other at Belushi\'s. Have fun everyone, oh yea, Diana, make sure you notice the jewelry the clan chiefs wear,it will astound you...some of it is centuries old..
claire, 15 05 2009
Claire, leave me out of this and please dont call me a B*tch, you B*tch. Diana and i dont need any other female on here, you hear me. Who cares if you had a major histerectormy? Why did you bring this up anyway? Andy and Robert may be interested in it, but Diana and i certainly do not. You\'re sick, really sick.
Carol, 15 05 2009
Im beginning to believe the bible thumpers have a point. No way, do i want them to invade my privacy and allow them to inform my family what ive been up to on here. They are absolutely right, Andy, Carol, Claire and Robert, especially Robert have dirty, dirty mouths. Ive toned it down a bit, but the rest of you, well lets just say, its a mental thing with the rest of you. Claire, take your attitude and stuff it. Never did like you from the beginning. Actually i never liked Carol either. All i ever cared about is Andy. But now that i know that Andy and Robert have the hots for one another, I suppose ill just move on. Good riddence you deviates.
Diana, 15 05 2009
Would be nice to see more of the premises on cam
Allen, 15 05 2009
Nancy I agree mmm toast. I would love to go there and actually have some toast, but that\'s not to be so I\'ll enjoy it virtually.
Carol, 15 05 2009
Robert, so you admit that you have the hots for Andy. I knew it, i knew it. Just by the way you comment with him. Whether you say it or not, you just admitted that you think about it. How sweet to finally come out and tell him exactly how you feel. Honesty is best. Its my guess, he has the hots for you as well, otherwise he would not send these comments to you so much.
MILFORD, 15 05 2009
Mmmm... toast!
Nancy, 15 05 2009
Diana, what turned you against me. I was in the hospital having a radical historectomy and planned to come back on here with my friends. But if this is the way you\'re going to behave, then you know where you can take your attitude. Theres more Bit*ches around here, than just you. How about it Carol?
Claire, 14 05 2009
Claire, why dont you give us a break? You left this website and we were all happy for it. Now, you decided to come back. We do not like cowards when the going gets tough. How about doing all of us a favor? Find a new website to make new friends. I know i can speak for Andy, Carol, and Robert all. We dont want you here anymore. So go....You are a has-been.
Diana, 14 05 2009
Robert, can you put out at least one comment, withoug mis-spelling a word? I suppose you could, if you shorten the number of words used. I just love it when you wrote, thinking out aloud. Shouldnt you have said thinking out loud, instead of out aloud? Sorry but you better hope that these are going to be kids at the gathering. You would certainly fit in, if they were. In spelling that is, not behavior.
Gertrude, 14 05 2009
Claire, where have you been me lady? If you only wish these were children. Dont really think children are this smart. Evidently, you are trying your best to get back on their bad list. Lets watch your mouth me lady. Hi from sunny Ticino.
Cassandra, 14 05 2009
I wish we could trust their word in not following us to another website, should the four of us tell one another what website to go to. Any ideas you guys? We can test them and see. Im tired of all the continued hassle we\'re getting on this particular website.
Andy, 14 05 2009
I say let these kids come and cause trouble at the gathering, I have to laugh at this as will all scotsmen....they apparantly have not done their homework. We will all just see each other at Belushi\'s and have a good laugh at this. To Andy and Diana, I will be leaving the states June 12 for Edinburgh to visit friends, then to home to family, then to gathering.....
claire, 13 05 2009
was that me thinking out aloud andy boy ??? the bible thumpers are getting booring now , hi from sunny ticino
ROBERT, 13 05 2009
Wow the toasters are popping this morning.
Carol, 13 05 2009
To Diana, I know that wasn\'t you or even Robert, we know who we are and now we\'ve sorted that out let the children/child - sorry BT\'s try something else.
Carol, 13 05 2009
Diana, you know good and well you wrote that mean note to me. You even signed it. I havent seen a Diana on here not once, so it had to be you. Also, why are you lying to me about something else? The part about you having told friends about me and Andy? First of all, i didnt think you had any friends and what twisted things have you been saying about me and Andy. You know good and well, Andy is Robert\'s and no one else.
Carol, 13 05 2009
Now I know the BT\'s are children as they just don\'t listen/understand. Please read the following message, I AM NOT GOING TO BE AT THE GATHERING. Also I would never post anything so spiteful. So Diana and Andy still have a drink for me.
Carol , 13 05 2009
Robert, in order to ask for an apology, you need to spell apology correctly. Why dont you just give up commenting altogether and go back to your building blocks or your crayons and coloring book. What nerve to be on here and always showing your ignorance. Andy has you beat by a landslide when it comes to writing. But he does seem to be lacking in the literary field. Quite astounding for someone thats always going through books in order to write his next comment.
Abigail, 13 05 2009
Andy m8. Whenever we do get together, lets really get together seriously. I\'ve had my eye on you for months and i just cant wait until our lips touch. You sound really hot m8. Im sure you can please me more than Diana or Carol could ever do. My heart is reserved only for you.
ROBERT, 13 05 2009
Robert, why is it that you continue mis-spelling thousands of words. I can understand an occasional word being mis-spelled, but of all those that have left comments on here, you mis-spell almost constantly. Is this your computer? How old are you anyway? I would hate to think you are an adult, although you have a mouth on you as if you are in a federal prison. I didnt think they allowed prisoners to have access to computers. Something about you does not add up. You have a mind of a fifth grader, but you seem to want to converse with people either older than you or much smarter than you. Nothing wrong with not being too educated. Who knows, you may have lost a working parent and had to work in the coal mines and didnt have time to go to school. But please, if you wish to converse on here, try to have an older brother or older sister to assist you.
Barbara, 13 05 2009
WHO EVER wrote that mean thing to Carol saying it was me is a very bad person. Carol i still can\'t wait to meet you and Andy at the gathering i have told all my friends about you guys , so please please do NOT think i would write anything so nasty , i\'m not like that.
Diana, 13 05 2009
i hope that you lot bring the pastor to the gathering ,as i personally blame him for all of your dirty mouths ,i would like an apoligy from the pastor ,but then agian mybe its the pastor thats to blame ,is he one of those weird sheep loving pastors ,as by the way you lot do your dirty talk ,he proably is ,,the dirty bugger ,
ROBERT, 12 05 2009
Hey Diana, forget what i said. If you\'re going to have that type of attitude, then you know where you should go, and i dont mean the gathering. I do not want to associate with women like you either. No wait a minute. I am a woman like you. Sorry, but i still dont any part of you.
Carol, 12 05 2009
Hey Carol, when i get to the gathering, please, please, please keep your distance from me. I do not wish to associate with women like you. You need to tone down your looseness lady and so do i.
Diana, 12 05 2009
Hey Diana, you will have a great time in Scotland and when you are at the gathering have a malt whiskey for me, please.
Carol, 12 05 2009
Where are you Andrew? At the library no doubt. Surely you havent ran out of books now, have you? Where you can take a particular group of sentences and add your own chosen names to it, making everyone think that you made it up yourself. What a idiotic attempt to show people you\'re someone? Andy, im going to give you the benefit of the doubt. You are someone, but whats up-in-the-air, are you anymore than that?
Timothy, 12 05 2009
Great idea, no Joke Carol. The only sick thing about it, is you. If you dont like the constant redicule of how loose you are, talking to men, then stop being so loose or stop talking to men on here. Hows that for the perfect advice? No charge. Thats more than i can say about what you charge for.
Andrea, 12 05 2009
Where have you been Andrew? Its been Putting Down Andy, Robert, Diana, Carol Time for quite some time now. Please do join in though. Its open season for these deviates. We\'re going to show, especially at the gathering, theres more people out there thats against filthy mouths than those for filthy mouths. What comes out of these mouths, would shock their own family members. Which is one of our goals to make sure they are well informed.
Richard, 12 05 2009
this is so funny i don\'t even say anything anymore and my name is still being brought up man i feel loved. Still love this bar and i can\'t wait to see it and all of scotland in person
Diana, 12 05 2009
Theres no joking here Carol. Sorry you wont be at the gathering, but we\'re going ahead with plans as if you are going to the gathering. You will definitely not want to miss it, i assure you. In fact, shortly after the gathering gets started, i am positive that you, Diana, Andy and Robert, whether each of you show up or not, you will all be the center of attention. Oh yeah, there may even be a few residents of good ole sunny Ticino there.
Tiffany, 11 05 2009
Andy, Robert, Carol and Diana; all must love all the attention they are getting, even though they are being slung in the mud over and over and over again. All a person needs to do is to look over everything they\'ve written and one can see that Andy, Robert, Carol and Diana truly deserves this. Hang in their guys, this doesnt seem to be ending anytime soon. I suspect the B-T\'s will be here, until Hell freezes over.
Cassandra, 11 05 2009
Carol, you give yourself too much credit. I believe the first hooker pre-dated back in the stone-age. Were you there? Its admirable you wish to be considered the ORIGINAL.
Mabel, 11 05 2009
Carol, whether you\'re going to be at the gathering or not, your name will certainly be. So you might as well show up. I know they will be alot of people wanting to know exactly who you are, and who to blame for bringing the bible-thumpers to ruin the gathering.
Timothy, 11 05 2009
Since it appears that its Putting down the \"bad mouths\" time, count me in. Its clear that Andy, Robert, Carol and Diana are out to experience the world and to experience everyone in the world. I hope they all get regular check-ups, otherwise they will spread whatever they have to thousands others.
Andrew, 11 05 2009
Andy it looks like someone has a sick idea of a joke as I won\'t be at the gathering. To that person \"get a life\" From the original Carol
Carol the original, 11 05 2009
Carol, dont you mean somewhere in private, instead of someone in private. Nevertheless, you shouldnt be coming onto the guys this much. It will give you a bad name. Oh wait, you\'ve already done that.
Abraham, 11 05 2009
Carol, why dont you try to put your hormones in storage for a while. The men on here know when a woman has been traveled alot and me lady, you\'ve been traveled alot.
Herman, 11 05 2009
my homeboy andy better get his thoughts of MABEL.if she is going to the gathering ,then i want to be there ,as i gotta feeling she wants to see the tilt in my kilt,i am not into sloppy seconds andy m8 ,i know that carol diane and claire are not that kind of women ,but my mabel is a pushy mare ,and she is after my body,so ,stop taliking dirty mabel ,your mine baby , hi from sunny ticino
ROBERT, 11 05 2009
Hey Andy. Looks like you are in store for alot of nookie when you get to the gathering. Although in my view, its very \"used\" nookie. Take my advice and familiarize yourself with something less \"traveled\", is a better way of putting it.
Donald, 11 05 2009
Andy, when we meet at the gathering, why dont we go someone more private, alright. May even want to look up your kilt.
Carol, 11 05 2009
Ye once a man who once was a woman who once was a dog who once was a cat. What is it with this stupid writing, inserting names anywhere they wish. Andy, you sure are one big screwball. No wonder these particular women are attracted to you. Any woman with sense, would be repelled by what you write. Suppse these women deserve you.
Veronica, 11 05 2009
Andy, Robert, Diana, Carol. You\'re certainly going to be famous, if you plan on going to the clan gathering. Theres no doubt about it. You\'ll get many, many thanks, Im sure.
Timothy, 11 05 2009
Dont care what anyone else says, but when a woman teases men into talking dirty to her, this tells you alot about her character. Theres no if\\\'s, and\\\'s or but\\\'s about it. Just ask anyone.
Cassandra, 11 05 2009
Canny help havin a laugh Carol! it\'s built in, becomes contagious like the oink oink flu..hey Mabel, I still love you from the heart sister, regardless of your yourself\'s a favor and have a lager and a packet a crisps this week end, might cheer ye up a wee bit!!
Andy, 08 05 2009
Mabel, if you think you and your friends are a match for drunk scots then \"Id like to see that\".
Bryce, 08 05 2009
Come on boys, behave yourselves. lol.
Carol, 08 05 2009
Others told me you cant change those with infected minds, but myself, i thought there may have been hope, but i was wrong. Suppose we will all go through with the same plans of crashing this clan gathering and with our signs, we will let everyone know exactly who was responsible in bringing us there. For all those responsible, im sure you will all be loved. You will be held accountable, im sure.
Mabel, 08 05 2009
robert from sunny ticino was at a party in Scotland, dressed in a kilt that Andy had lent him, every male in the village was there..he had been dancing with several young ladies, however none of them had really interested him..but, there was one girl who he had noticed, but being ever so shy (ye right)he did not have the nerve to ask..just as the last dance came on claire, the girl he fancied, came over and asked him, \"wid ye like tae go fur a burl\"? robert replied \"how could you tell\"? \"by the gleam in your eye\" said claire..after the dance claire asked if he would like to take her home, robert replied \"how could you tell\"? \"by the gleam in your eye\" said claire..when they reached claire\'s house she asked \"wid ye like tae cum in an sleep wi me\"? robert said \"is that because I have a gleam in my eye\"? \"no\" said claire \"it\'s because ae that tilt in yer kilt\"!!
Andy, 07 05 2009
Checked out the Fort Bill course on pinkbike robert, downhill looks like no worries, is there a ski lift for goin up? don\'t think I\'d have the energy after a few lagers goin up the way..Hey claire what\'s with the blonde jokes, that\'s my fav colour bye the way..would have been hilarious if you\'d have mentioned, Damien Thorn and his master Pastor Will!!
Andy, 07 05 2009
why only temporary Damien?? if your up for a joke or 2 ,and your banters clean ,you dont have to go ,stay and be counted m8 ,,come to sunny ticino , where a pastor is a pastor ,,, and the sheep are nervous,,
robert, 07 05 2009
After the church service a little boy told the pastor, \"When I grow up, I\'m going to give you some money.\" \"Well, thank you,\" the pastor replied, \"but why?\" \"Because my daddy says you\'re one of the poorest preachers we\'ve ever had.\"
robert, 07 05 2009
A pastor, by mistake, enters a \"Ladies Bar\" and shuffles his way to a bar stool. None of the women there want to make it an issue with a man of the cloth. He then orders a drink. After awhile, wishing to make conversation, he calls out to the bartender, \"Hey, wanna hear a blonde joke?\" The bar immediately falls absolutely quiet. In a very deep, husky voice, the woman next to him says, \"Before you voice that, sir, I think it is only fair that you should know five things: The bartender is rangy blonde. The bouncer is a blonde. I\'m a 6-foot, 220-lb. blonde with a blonde, sorry, black belt in karate. The woman next to me is blonde and a professional weight-lifter. The lady on your right is a blonde and a professional wrestler. Now considering all this, Pastor, Do you still wanna tell that joke?\" The pastor pauses for a long minute; then shakes his head and drawls, \"Nah....Not if I\'m gonna hafta explain it five times.\"
claire, 07 05 2009
Listen to the leader, followers of Damien Thorn!!
Andy, 07 05 2009
i only mtb m8 ,never heard a toblerone joke andy ,we normally tell jokes about the swiss french ,not really known for there high level of foxiness (bit dumb ),i have been riding the fort bill course ,fantastic downhill,
ROBERT, 07 05 2009
A Temporary Stand Down Is Called. Wait For Further Instructions.
Damien, 07 05 2009
The school is in edinburgh. I found out it\'s called the ragged school and the castle is chillingham(hope I got the name right). He fancies himself ghost hunter. Andy, Thanks anyway for the help.
grits, 06 05 2009
Naw!naw!naw! robert..I thought you had a motor bike pal..I love engines and smelly petrol fumes, canny beat it..must be hard bikein up those hills over there, with them all being shaped like a Toblerone? you must be sick of hearing Toblerone jokes so I\'ll no go there!!
Andy, 06 05 2009
hi there andy boy ,i got a Scott RANSOM 10 for freeride ,also got a Scott Genius MC 10 for marathon ,and the best bike in the world for cross country ,a ritchey plexus hand made ,its like a bike made by the hands of a mountainbike god ,tom ritchey ,, heres to you m8 ,get over hear for some great biking in sunny ticino
ROBERT, 06 05 2009
Where\'s the school located grits, maybee I can help you find it?
Andy, 06 05 2009
I had a storm of the century last night in the Glasgow Mahal, last time I\'m eatin Pakora in there..robert what kinda bike ye got? I nicked a Harley way back, piece a crap, dumped it in the forth and clyde!!
Andy, 06 05 2009
talking of great films, take a look at Glengarry Glen Ross. fantastic story ,i didnt see it in englich only the italian dubbed version ,but that was some powerfull acting ,especially the first time that the salesmen meet ,wow strong acting ,also from the old actor walter,, gets my vote as best film ,after one flew over the cukkoos nest ,,
ROBERT, 06 05 2009
Jock got home from Belushi\'s and sat on the couch and said to his wife, get me a beer before it starts, and she did. He asked again and said get me a beer before it starts and she did. The next time he said get me a beer before it starts. Well that was enough she said I clean, wash, mother ...... He said see it\'s started.
Carol, 06 05 2009
Was\'nt that a great movie? Storm of the Century by Stephen King, if i may say so myself. Give me what i want, and ill go away. No, this was not what a relative says, when he/she has overstayed their welcome. Its what the unholy guy said to the residents of Little Toll Island. But in this case here, its the holy guy. Give me what i want, and ill go away. Something to be seriously considered, if you ask me? A messenger will be left behind, to watch over the site, im sure.
Stephen, 06 05 2009
wow what a landmark you left andy boy ,i was in champery for a downhill mtb test ,wow i left a big brown mark behind my rear wheel, great freeride course m8, (watch out for slippy brown marks)hi from sunny ticino
ROBERT, 06 05 2009
Silverlake, i hate to disagree. Doubt these are just a couple little boys. Little boys wouldnt do anything to stop the dirty talk. They love this sort of thing, if they are on this website to begin with. I will agree with you about this website use to be a good site about information on Belushi\'s and Edinburgh. But this is what Belushi\'s themselves listed themselves. The filth although, has turned this website into a totally different website, where men try to pick up on men and women, and women try to pick up on women and men. This is typical inside a bar, but please, dont say Belushi\'s welcomes this filth on their website.
Mashburn, 06 05 2009
I seriously dont think a couple of young boys would care much about putting a stop to dirty mouths. On the contrary, they would perhaps encourage it, wouldnt you say? Im sitting back and just reading these comments. Its my opinion, these religous people dont object people leaving comments on here. They are just trying to clean up the filth, as they put it. So, as in the movie \"Storm of the Century\", they are saying, \"Give me what i want and Ill go away\". If you feel a need to talk dirty, which suggests an underlying problem, then take the dirty talk to another website. I trust, if they are indeed religous, they will keep their word on not following you to another website, as long as its not Belushi\'s or its not in Edinburgh. I seriously dont believe some of you can help yourself in talking dirty though. If you\'re not actually talking dirty, you\'re \"beating around the bush\" in getting the same message across. Wait until you are actually visiting a bar to talk dirty and hope no one tries to take a punch at you for doing so. But on a website such as this, I also feel that young people often visit these websites, just to observe what adults are up to. When they read this filth, some may get the idea, Why wait until im an adult. We do not want to set a bad example for our youngsters and i believe this is why this church group has gotten involved.
Timothy, 06 05 2009
Glad that other people are on the same level!! Bunch of crap that is going on I just enjoy watching the pub itself and wish I was there!!
Audrey USA , 06 05 2009
A man was passing a country estate and saw a sign on the gate. It read: \"Please ring bell for the caretaker.\" He rang the bell and an old man appeared. \"Are you the caretaker?\" the fellow asked. \"Yes, I am,\" replied the old man. \"What do you want?\" \"I\'d just like to know why you can\'t ring the bell yourself.\" i thought it was really funny ,,ha ha ha
robert, 05 05 2009
Friends coming to visit, touring Scotland, England & Ireland. Visiting a school, I think he called it raggyed(excuse the spelling). Also a castle.Anybody know anything about the school?
grits, 05 05 2009
Hey ma China\'s if you\'re lookin fur Edinburgh landmarks..there\'s a puke mark that I made next to the phone box on the way intae Waverely station and ma pal Jim put a big yellow traffic cone on top of the head of Nelson\'s horse, up at the castle!!
Andy, 05 05 2009
I agree Isobella, just a couple of little boys; just ignore them; this used to be a good site for info about Belushi\'s and Scotland.
silverlake, 05 05 2009
i also say that you must go see the falkirk wheel ,it is very interesting how they biult the tunnel under the roman wall, and its very interesting to see the wheel work and understand its functions ,so go visit ,you can also visit sunny ticino
robert , 05 05 2009
Everyone really needs to lighten up. As someone pointed out, most of the posts probably come from adolescent boys with nothing better to do with their lives. The simple solution is not to read or respond to the posts. By responding you give credence to their drivel. Edinburgh is an incredible city and I hope everyone enjoys their visit. Glasgow is a must to visit also. For Dr. Who fans there is an exhibit at Kelvingrove Museum.
Isobella, 05 05 2009
i am up for the kilt night ,i got bandy legs, but who cares ,its all for a joke eh , hears to your gathering , hi from sunny ticino
ROBERT, 05 05 2009
Well said Carol..take head Belushi\'s, how about that mini kilt night? that would take of like a coo wae a banger stuck up its ass!!
Andy, 05 05 2009
Mitchell, you need to learn to read or comprehend what you read because I never said I went to the catholic church, and and with that I am now not responding to any accusing comments that are posted, so you can get your fun elsewhere because it looks like none of us will respond to your ramblings. Now Belushi\'s how about a kilt night.
Carol, 05 05 2009
Can\'t believe all you China\'s are responding to these yo yo\'s..anyhooo, on the lighter side of life..there was a man from Edinburgh, who bought his mother in law a chair, but had to send it back, because there was nowhere to plug it in!!
Andy, 05 05 2009
Who said Pastor Wilmington was a high profile minister? Carol, you give him too much credit. Theres alot of men wearing the cloth that takes on demons themselves. They do not have to have Vatican approval to do this. Thats funny that you say you go to a catholic church. Is this to watch from afar or is this to clean the church once or twice a week? You\'ve got to be kidding me, wanting others to think you\'re pure. Just look at how you carry on with the men on here. This tells people exactly how pure you really are. While others try to hail down taxis from a curb, you\'ve got your finger in your mouth, sucking it like a lolipop. Why do you do this Carol. Is this to hail down a special taxi?
Mitchell, 05 05 2009
Isnt it wonderful for all these good natured people, joining the church group in a worthwhile cause. Its almost like the old bible story, where this very questionable woman was getting ready to be stoned by the townspeople. Jesus saved that one, but he will not save these deviates. They are too far from redemption. Nice one, fellow member. Carol needs to be put down a few notches. Dont know why she\'s trying to find the good pastor. She will know him well in good time. But where is that house that Carol and Diana does their business at? Ive looked all over for that red light.
Naomi, 05 05 2009
i had already looked for the pastor carol, he is probably a pigment of there imagination ,i am actually getting boored of all these bible thumpers ,so i wont be getting into the dirty discusions any more ,its all only about the banter people now ,no waste of space poeple ,,so lets get back to the jokes and the HALRMLESS banter , hi from sunny ticino
ROBERT, 05 05 2009
Google Pastor Wilmington and nothing comes up. There is a Pastor IN Wilmington. If he is such a high profile pastor as he is coming to Edinburgh, why hasn\'t he got a parish/church or congregation.
Carol, 05 05 2009
You\'ve got to love this Robert in a small way. At least he was honest enough to put down his fellow Swiss residents in admitting the country as a whole makes alot of mistakes in spelling. But this was only one truth that has came out of his mouth. Whats very disturbing, he and the others are trying to make the religous group to be the foul mouths, and the foul mouths into angels. Im not religous, but i can honestly say, if there is a God, he will remember all of you for trying to turn his flock into demons.
Cassandra, 05 05 2009
Robert, i certainly understand what i write. Unlike you, of course. Please dont get me started on your mother. I dont blame her for having that one mistake. I also stand by what i said about Diane and im sure your mother will agree with me. When a woman goes around, trying to get men to talk dirty to her, this says alot about that woman. Diana should know this and im sure your mother knows this. If your mother is still alive today and i sincerely hope she is, she would back me up 100% on what i think about Diana. Unless of course, you dont think your mother has any sense. Anyone would think the same way, even you. You just wont allow yourself to admit to the fact that Diana should not be going around trying to generate filth being dispensed to her.
Ronald, 05 05 2009
Will the real Bible Thumpers please stand up? There are those that belong to a church, who believe people should not go around calling women bitches and lesbians. Then there are people who are not Bible Thumpers, who feel that men should not go around calling women bitches and lesbians. Then there are just people out there that simply does not like foul mouthed men and women. It is these foul mouthed individuals that brought the Bible Thumpers here. You just didnt think everyone was going to agree with you, did you? There are actually God fearing people in the world and they are the ones against you.
Monty, 04 05 2009
Robert, how do i tell thee, im onto your game. You seem to care about others, but the only one you care about is yourself. Your life is on the web and you made a few friends, but lets face it, you will never allow others to actually meet you, for fear of losing those friends. Is one who commented previously right? Are the only friends you have, on the web? I feel sorry for you, yet not so sorry that you chose to treat women as you do. I really feel that you are the real cause why the Bible Thumpers have invaded this website. If the others looked back, they would realize this as well. Im almost sure you were the first to call women bitches and lesbians, were you not?
Ronald, 04 05 2009
Ronald, do you understand what you write? i may make mistakes as i am swiss and its not my mother toung, but what you said to diana is the most ignorant thing i have ever heard from a church goer ,i believe that you lot have been misled by the pastor ,its the only thing i can think off ,an ignorant pastor makes ignorant sheep,so calm down a bit church goers,because yous are starting to look real bad ,and also your pastor is being shown in a different light ,if he really is a pastor he should excuse his sheep for there words ,(sermone del prete roberto)
ROBERT, 04 05 2009
I no worries Diana, I\'ll start savin ma pennies..anyhooo, here\'s one for you..three times wee jessie brought wee sandy to the manse, hoping to be made man and wife, but each time Pastor Will refused because of the groom to be\'s intoxication..\"why do you persist in bringing him to me in such a state\"? asked Pastor Will..\"please Pastor Will\" explained wee jessie, \"he\'ll no come when he\'s sober\"!!
Andy, 04 05 2009
Mary Margaret, why do you talk so much rubbish ,who ever said of meeting any one ,????? ,it sound like you got a lot to say lady ,but sadly its all shit,read your own posts and see who the dirty talkers are baby,i vote all the bibble thump3ers as the dirty mothed ones on this cam ,and its proably the pastor that has to blame , (mybe i am wrong) but the patsor should be reading your posts, hi from sunny ticino
ROBERT, 04 05 2009
Diana, you wish you could go to church. No real church goer will talk dirty to men or eant to be talked dirty to by men. If you do go to church, this will even make it worse for you, when GOD makes his judgement. Why dont you move your bed from the curb to the pulpit. Afraid, you wont get as much business.
Ronald, 04 05 2009
Hey Robert, I agree you have really been harassed and it\'s almost liable what they have accused you of and also Andy, Diana and Claire. Maybe you should find out about suing THEM.
Carol, 04 05 2009
Hola Claire, lo que es un foro Guau, es tan decepcionante que tan divertido y se convierte en algo tan vengativo. Me gusta mucho ver la leva. Espero que la reunión de clanes va bien.
Carol, 04 05 2009
Robert, you make me sick. I want the world to see how you use your word your sentences. You use double-negatives, you use words that just dont belong and you always seem to mis-spell. You have nothing actually working for you, do you? A total failure in life, but yet you are still seemingly functioning. What a miracle. Baffled even the doctors, im sure. Im with Abigail, what bull is this gate issue? You surely wish you had a gate. Dont you think that people will eventually find out about you? Im betting that you will never come face to face with Andy, Diana, Carol or Jesabelle. You just want to get her kicks off, by communicating with them from afar. This is all you can do, right?
George, 04 05 2009
Robert, where in the heck did you go to school? Somewhere in deepest Africa, no doubt. No matter where you got your schooling, you definitely need to go back. Go back and start all over, m8. Whoever told you that George said anything about Jehovah Witnesses? Evidently you dont know how to write, nor how to read. You remind me of the Christmas cartoon, where they try to find homes for all the misfits. You\'re definitely a misfit. And please, dont give me anything about this \"gate\" bull. The only gate you\'ve ever entered and perhaps have left, is a prison gate. You m8, are worthless and the shocker here, you know it to be true.
Abigail, 04 05 2009
hi there George, you say that your friends in ticino are going to be knocking on my door ,i am sorry but i didnt understand that you are your friends are Jehovah’s Witnesses ,sadly i have a sticker on my gate thats says dont be a pain if your a Jehovah’s Witnesses ,i aint got no time to waste ,but as long as its you goerge ,just ring anyway m8 ,but dont do my head in with all that bible thumping stuff m8 ,
ROBERT, 04 05 2009
To all those who are gathering around Andy and Robert, i have one important thing to say. Just because someone talks your way of dirty talking, does not mean they are anything to look at. What are you going to do, when you finally meet these two creeps and they are the type of individuals that you normally wouldnt give the time of day to. You need to have a back-up excuse to tell them to get lost, once you cast your eyes upon them. Its not an easy thing to do. Blind dates or blind meetings dont always go well.
Mary Margaret, 04 05 2009
Ditto on that Robert. Of course you can still wear a halloween mask. Even though you will be awkward at the gathering, look at it this way. You would be awkward anyway, mask or no mask. Isnt it wonderful that you people find an over-abundance of love, everytime you come to this website. No need to thank us.
Abigail, 04 05 2009
Pastor Wilmington, just alittle info i am a following catholic i go to church quite regular and even volunteer when needed. so just because we joke around does not mean we are going to hell. Now with that said 73 more days exactly and i finally get to have a drink in this great bar i will see you there Andy and Carol . First drink is on Andy lol
Diana, 04 05 2009
Great live music tonight! Interesting crowd too!
Nancy, 03 05 2009
wow Pastor Wilmington, thats kind of hard comming from a man of the cloth,why dont you let us know when the sermon is and where , we could all get involfed in your party tricks arnd your (boys) all have a dirty mouths for church goers,your lot are a discrace to the church ,read your own postings and you will understand thats you need to stop talking dirty at your sermons ,as your bible thumpers got some thilthy mouths on them ,and its proably all your fault m8. hi from sunny ticino
robert, 03 05 2009
Hola Alejandra! ¿Cómo estás? Bienvenido al foro! ¿Cómo es en la bella Argentina de hoy? Nunca he sido pero que les encanta ver a su hermoso país. Tiene un gran día!
claire, 03 05 2009
dude! Pastor Wilmington sounds like you are making another threat,are you planning to sue people on this site? when you say that a court of law will judge someone, the only way that will happen is if you sue someone...Man, you guys are getting in deeper and deeper...this is why I think this is a bunch of kids(or even one)because no adult would be stupid enough to put themselves in such possible volitile situation. Wow, unbelieveable man. between this and that chick claire,(and you still should worry about what she may have done about it) man you guys should really back off. Jeeze. However this does make for really good reading. gotta do, surf\\\\\\\'s a callin.
Tripp, 03 05 2009
Pastor Wilmington was sharing a rail compartment with a Scotsman, the worse of drink, who insisted on talking..\"please don\'t speak to me\" said the Pastor \"you\'re drunk\"..\"drunk\"? replied the Scotsman \"you\'re worse than me, you\'ve got your collar on back to front\"!!
Andy, 03 05 2009
Oh Robert, theres alot of residents in good ole sunny Ticino, that just cant wait to meet up with you. Its a matter of time, when they come knocking at your door. That is, if indeed you are actually from sunny Ticino as you say. Oh yeah, why arent you coming to the clan gathering? Afraid that its not a halloween mask affair and everyone will see what you really look like? Listen, if indeed they are friends, which they seem to be, they will accept you no matter what you look like? What are friends for anyway. Already they are talking dirty for you. Let them prove to you, you\'ll be accepted no matter what you look like or no matter how deviate you are?
George, 03 05 2009
Robert, Diana, Andy, Carol and where the heck is Jesabelle. While we are gathering more information, continue putting the church group down. Your judgment day will happen very soon, in a court of law. Then later, a court in heaven will judge the remaining days of your soul. No deviates will enter the kingdom of GOD.
Pastor Wilmington, 03 05 2009
Hola, que tal los estoy viendo por internet a través de la web cam. Yo vivo en Córdoba, Argentina
Alejandra, 02 05 2009
good one andy ,try and try agian ,thats my motto ,i really hope yous all have a great gathering ,please let me know thte time and i will be shoor to watch online your drink to the gathering,all the best from sunny ticino
robert , 02 05 2009
Aye claire! with my claymore in hand and my kilt swirling in the wind..we\'ll o get thegither at Belushi\'s and have a was a cold winter\'s night on the upper deck of the good ship \"aquaholic\" on the east coast of Scotland and captain Andy was concerned for the comfort of his passengers, Diana, claire and Carol, he called down below \"is there a mackintosh down there, big enough to keep three young lassies warm\"? \"no skipper\" came the reply..\"but there\'s a robert from sunny ticino willing to try\"!!
Andy, 02 05 2009
\"I see a whole army of my countrymen, here in defiance of tyranny. You\'ve come to fight as free men... and free men you are. What will you do with that freedom? Will you fight?\"
claire, 02 05 2009
A visitor cam intae a local howf sporting a matched pair o\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\' swollen black een tht appeared tae be gey loupin. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Whoa pal, wha gave ye they black een?\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Na yin,\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" the visitor replied \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"ah hud tae rammy lik\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\' hell tae git thaim\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"
dredlock guy, 02 05 2009
its been interetsing to read all the coms on this web cam lately, but to be honest jonathan and Columbo,have hit rock bottom ,sad to see so much rubbish written by these 2 men,keep going andy and robert,at least your coms as interesting and not vindictive towards others ,especially these 2 sad men
jimmy b, 01 05 2009
well said Pomeroy Smith and bryce ,its about time folk said the truth ,i know i am near the bone with my silly comments ,but i feel victimised by these rude remarks that are a lot more hard than mine ,and proably these people are english speekers ,at least i have the excuse of bing swiss ,si not 100% certian that i translate good enough ,well done boys ,
ROBERT, 01 05 2009
hi there pastor ,so when you lot going to be in ticino? as i would love to get some ear bashing at one of your sermons ,can i bring my kids ,or will it be a special porno sermaon? reading all the bible thumpers posts it probably will be dirty ,but hopefully with you being a pastor you will get there act sorted out ,,hi from sunny ticino
ROBERT, 01 05 2009
I don\'t beat around the bush, I am totally into my Oops I\'ve talked dirty. See what a bit of encouragement will do.
Carol, 01 05 2009
I am Bryce and only Bryce hear me roar. I agree these bible thumpers are the only ones now talking dirty and where do they come up with their names, (maybe they are the same person oooooh). I love it now I\'m in the loop.
Bryce, 01 05 2009
Sorry Andy, but i made a slight boo-boo. The above comment was directed to you about reading from books all the time, in order to make yourself seem intelligent. Even if you and Robert were to combine brains, you still would not be 1/1000th intelligent as everyone else. No even if you and Robert have a child through your union, and included this child into the equation. You still would be seriously lacking. I agree with Jonathan. Where did you get the name Bryce from? A previous boyfriend perhaps.
Columbo, 01 05 2009
This is to inform others, in and outside of Edinburgh, the Bible-Thumpers will be arriving in Edinburgh in mid-June. Our agenda will last through the month of July, meeting with community groups and church groups. Meet all of you at the clan gathering!
Pastor Wilmington, 01 05 2009
Andy, it was nice of you patting Bryce on the back, as you did. The big question on Action News though, How did you get your hand around your back to achieve this feat? Isnt it hillarious that some people will actually fabricate a make-believe, in order to get attention to himself. Totally hillarious, as well as pathetic.
Jonathan, 01 05 2009
Robert, you really crack me up. (Not). Whats the matter? Dont have anything working for you in life, so you\'re reading from books in order to make yourself seem intelligent. Its not working m8. Why dont you just tie the knot with Robert. This way, together, you may become 1/1000th intelligent. Its not a guarantee, but at least you\'ll have a mate for life.
Columbo, 01 05 2009
Andy, im curious! How long have you had an alter-ego. Oh, i mean Bryce.
Constance, 01 05 2009
Hi Bryce Welcome to the group.. Hey Andy it has been raining here to . i was singing rain rain go away lol but the lovely stuff just keeps coming
Diana, 01 05 2009
Jeeze, who are these people that are talking crap? Are they trying to get people to talk dirty to get off on it? This Mabel and Siegfried etc. who do they think they are fooling man, what a bunch of deviants. They keep talking about others monitoring the site because of the so called filth, they need to be careful because what I have read so far, they are the only ones that need to be concerned here, they say you have to be careful of people you meet on the internet, guess this is a good example....sounds like a bunch of kids trying to get people to talk trash so they can get their jollies to me. Weird.
Pomeroy Smith, 01 05 2009
Nice one Bryce, so true..a wee joke for you..Why are they putting Englishmen at the bottom of the North Sea? because they found out that deep down, they\'re not really that bad..then there was the two Scot\'s lads, who bet a pound on who could stay under water the longest,they both drowned!!
Andy, 30 04 2009
Bryce, you are wrong. I have to admit that Carol normally does not write too many dirty words, but she does beat around the bush, in a way she is doing just that. Now, just the fact that she mentions her name, is \"FILTH\" enough. You can tell she wants to people to talk dirty to her.
Alejandro, 30 04 2009
A wee joke for Carol \"are ye still oot there?\"..Big Jock Mc Callister was in London wearing the tartan, when a curious lady asked if there was anything worn under the kilt..\"naw hen\" he replied \"everythin is in perfect workin order!!
Andy, 29 04 2009
Can the critics on this site read? I have been following this site with interest and can\'t believe your interpretation of the comments. I can\'t find a comment where Carol said anything dirty, and Robert hasn\'t said he\'s attending the clan gathering and what Claire went through at the beginning, enough is enough. Some of the insinuations from you are worse than the \"dirty talk\". There you are now I\'ve given you someone else to annoy.
Bryce, 29 04 2009
Hey Robert, you stated that Sigfried probably dont know you. How do you know? If you are indeed from sunny Ticino which you\'re always boasting of, then you dont know, he may know you. Why are you backing away from someone from (your) sunny Ticino? From another sunny Ticino resident.
ANDRUS, 29 04 2009
My question is, why would anyone from sunny Ticino, refuse to have coffee with someone else from sunny Ticino. Whats the old saying? Something is rotten in Denmark, only in this case, its on this website. Theres other ways for someone to meet up with someone else. Ticino isnt all that large of a place. The Big Question here, why was Robert so upset to hear from a fellow Ticino resident? Could it be that he only visits there on isolated occasions, but he lives elsewhere? Those meeting up with him will find out soon enough. They may even find out he has a prison record.
Marley, 29 04 2009
Robert, how in the world can you say i probably dont know you. Ticino isnt a large metropolitan city. You never know? Or perhaps you are not really from sunny Ticino afterall. So often, people that have absolutely nothing working for them, will fake something in order to appear popular. Have i hit the nail right on the head? Arent you afraid of meeting some of these people you\'re wanting to hook up with. REJECTION can be a terrible let-down. Think about it before you go to this meeting. Who knows, alot of residents from sunny Ticino may be there as well. We would certainly like to meet you. You wont be hard to find. You will be the only one gloating about sunny Ticino. Otherwise, no one will know who you are. I may introduce myself as Andy at the meeting.
Sigfried, 29 04 2009
B-T means big tits, Sigfried wants to have coffee with you robert, had no idea that sunny Ticino had fags, Sigfried must be the only gay in the village, watch out with that one my china! rain-rain-rain in Glasgow, bring over yer wellies and a lot of that duty free booze Diana and claire, the governmental wombles just put up the tax again..hey robert how much is a pint in sun filled Ticino? and to all you pigs out there, stop bloody sneezin, ave had the flu already this year!!
Andy, 28 04 2009
Andy, when we get together soon, Ill show you a time you will never forget. I have a very large king-size bed, where we can play all over the bed.
Robert, 28 04 2009
ok good poeple and bible thumpers, i am off to italy for a few days ,hope you good people (dont mean bible thumpers) dont miss me ,have fun ,and i will eat some really good pizzocheri in bolzano for you people, bye from sunny ticino,
ROBERT, 28 04 2009
sorry Sigfried,you probably dont know me m8 ,mybe your wife does!i live near the chapel,its my best pick up dirty women place,Terrara i am having a relapse as well ,i am off to chapel this weakend ,mybe i will think about you girl,hi from sunny ticino ,
ROBERT, 28 04 2009
Do i know you Robert? Im from sunny ole Ticino as well. What part of town do you live in? Inquiring minds would like to know. Alot of inquiring minds. Perhaps we can have coffee sometime.
Sigfried, 28 04 2009
Claire, I was going to comment on you speaking to Robert and Diana, but i was told \"hands off\" to you by our group. You have seemingly went into the direction of good. Not quite there yet, waiting on redemption. But im expecting a relapse, but i have wait.
Terrara, 28 04 2009
Actually believe this website is going through a miraculous cleaning process, thanks to the B-T\'s. I still would like to know what B-T stands for. Its a matter of good versus evil and as long as theres evil, good will always be around to stop it. Talk about drinking if you like, but pleeease leave the dirty talk to another more appropriate website. This way, you will not tarnish Belushi\'s or Edinburgh as a whole. The city deserves better.
Thumper, 28 04 2009
Hi Claire I hope your feeling better, Andy is around somewhere he will show up lol. I can\'t wait either i count down the days
Diana, 28 04 2009
sorry andy m8 ,but i got very little of that joke ,big hi to diana and claire ,hope you enjoy scotland as much as i do when i go there diana, the best place after sunny ticino in the world,you ptter would go down first class in this area andy m8
robert , 27 04 2009
Always here for you claire, ma wee blond lass! don\'t be pickin up that swine flu and bringin it over tae us..that goes for you azzwell Diana..although a was oot wae a right pig this week-end, nearly caught somethin and it wisnae the flu!!
Andy, 27 04 2009
Hi Robert, Hi Diana,have had a wicked case of the flu...been spending the sick time studying....where is Andy??
claire, 27 04 2009
Canny wait Diana, canny wait! wee shug was dying..gently his wife, wee maggie knelt by his bedside and asked..\"anythin I can get you wee shug\" there was no reply \"have ye no a last wish\"..faintly wee shug said \"a wee bit of yon boiled ham wid be nice\"..\"wheesht man\" said wee maggie \"ye ken fine thats for the funeral\"
Andy, 27 04 2009
Robert, please identify yourself if you will. Inquiring minds from Ticino would definitely like to know. Im from sunny Ticino and my neighbors and I would like to see if we know you.
Maurice, 27 04 2009
Defending your honor, Pleeeease. You lost your honor probably before you went through puberty. If not, then you lost your honor, when you got on here and began talking dirty to everyone. Clean up or be mopped up, I always say.
Thumper, 27 04 2009
Carol, there were no accusations on here, unless of course you made them. The accusations our group has been making, were all true. Whats your excuse?
Mabel, 27 04 2009
Great camera shot. This must be Scotland in a blizzard shot, where the camera is buried deep below two foot of snow. Strange that cameras positioned outdoors, seem to last longer than those positioned indoors.
Terrance, 27 04 2009
Robert, we all love you so much, we\'ve invited the entire town of Ticino, to come and visit this website and see how their number 1 resident is flaring among all these guys and gals. Hey, you may even get a homecoming welcome, before you even leave home. Hows that for helping out one of Ticino\'s favorite sons.
Maximillian, 27 04 2009
Very nice cam! I feel I was there!
Maria Cristina, 26 04 2009
THEODORE, 26 04 2009
Robert I think it\\\'s being monitored as I posted to defend my honour and it hasn\\\'t appeared. But hopefully now the comments should be back to fun and the terrible accusations stop.
Carol, 26 04 2009
Hi Andy 80 more day till i\'m in scotland. Hey Robert i think everyone is just busy and the weather is getting nice. Hope to see the chatting continue
Diana, 26 04 2009
is everyone on shut up mode ???
robert , 25 04 2009
Great webcam. Watched this for several hours until closing. My wife and I will be sure to be a customer when we visit Scotland on 24July09. We live in Loudon, New Hampshire USA. Donald.
Donald Taylor, 24 04 2009
What a great webcam! My wife and I will be sure to visit this place when we are in Edinburgh on 24July09. I am from Loudon, New Hampshire USA. Wtached this cam for a few hours. Music and people are really cool. Thanks. Don
Donald Taylor, 24 04 2009
wee sandy was drinking at the pub all night..everytime he got up to leave, he fell flat on his he decided to crawl outside to see whether a bit of fresh air would sober him up, but sure enough he would fall flat on his face..being a practical Scot, he crawled all the way home and into his bed..he woke the next morning to his wife shaking him shouting \"so ye\'ve been oot drinkin as usual\"..\"why wid ye say that wumin\" says wee sandy..\"because the pub called, an\'ye left yer wheelchair there again\" !!
Andy, 21 04 2009
Robert, I know how much you like guys, but sorry me fool, but i dont get into that type of arrangement. Dont kill yourself though. You still have Andy, that is until he walks away from your first date with him.
Marley, 21 04 2009
Robert, you seem to always want to glut about being from sunny Ticino. Hope you have the town\'s blessing to use their name. Its not every day that a town gives their permission to a deviate to promote tourism. You are one lucky you-know-what, that is, if you are actually from Ticino. I believe i will contact the authorities there and let them come to this website for a good laugh at their expense.
Gertrude, 21 04 2009
Carol, you\'re the sick little puppy, for saying something, then squirming around it, pretending to have said something totally opposite, to fit the circumstance. We already read what you said. Dont try to weasle out of it honey. Makes you one big Liar.
Bhagu, 21 04 2009
ROBERT, 21 04 2009
Little Andy was an awkward turned child while growing up, until he became friends with an even more little Robert. Little Robert asked Little Andy\'s mother, if he could come out and play. Little Andy\'s mother allowed her son to play with Little Robert, since Robert was much smaller than Little Andy. Soon they compared themselves with one another. Since both were small, they both lived happily ever after with one another.
Marley, 21 04 2009
hehehehehhe those were good ones andy and robert. 84 more days till i go to scotland
Diana, 21 04 2009
To Manesh, if imagining me looking up kilts, amuses you then you are one sick puppy. Actually I like how the kilts swish, the magic of the kilt is to imagine whats under it not to see whats under it.
Carol, 21 04 2009
----NEWSFLASH-------blonde girl fired from banana plantation for throwing out all the bent ones.........Diana, would like nothing more to meet up at Belushi\'s...will let you know my schedule when it is more exact....Andy, I am a scotswoman, I like my men with the scots coloring, however it was a nice thought to die your hair blonde...
claire, 21 04 2009
Three scotswomen are walking home at night (they are neighbors) and find a scotsman passed out partially under a wagon. His upper body is under the wagon and they can\'t see who he is; however, they would like to help him get home. The first woman looks under his kilt and says, \"It\'s not my husband\". The second woman looks under his kilt and says, It\'s not my husband\". The third woman looks under his kilt and says, \"Why he\'s not even from our village!\"
robert , 20 04 2009
Big Jock left the pub, smelling like a distillery..he sat on the bus next to a priest, with his face plastered with lipstick and a half empty bottle sticking out of his jacket..he started reading his newspaper and asked the priest \"what causes arthritis father\" the priest replied \"well my son, it\'s the result of loose living, being with cheap, wicked women and too much whisky\" the priest started to feel a little guilty and said \"I\'m sorry I didn\'t mean to upset you, how long have you had arthritis\" Big Jock said \"I don\'t father, I was just reading here that the pope does though\"
Andy, 20 04 2009
224 days to go my china\'s..c\'mon over, the homecoming awaits you..we should have a blonde day at Belushi\'s for Diana and claire, I\'ll even colour my hair blonde for the occasion and wear my best \"shag me I\'m Scottish\" T shirt..robert bring over some of that sunshine just in case mate!!
Andy, 20 04 2009
Carol, by your last remark, i take it that you have alot of fake fainting spells, where you just resist assistance and just lay on the floor, looking up under those kilts, no matter if they\'re men or women wearing those kilts.
Manesh, 20 04 2009
Oh no, I missed the kilts.
Carol, 20 04 2009
Hey claire. we have to set up a time to meet up as you know i will be at the gathering and some of the girls want to leave it for a bit and go to belushi\'s are you up for it. i see the weather is starting to warm up there yippy
Diana, 19 04 2009
What gorgeous girls there is in Edinburgh...will be travelling up from Newcastle soon to one of the best bars in Scotland!!!
Alex, 19 04 2009
What a quiet this normal. Will be visiting soon and I just cant wait!
Mark, 19 04 2009
Checked in on sunday and saw afew gentlemen wearing kilts.I like them,kilts are very handsome. On what occasion would a gentlman wear a kilt?
Mimi, 19 04 2009
Hi Diana...I will be leaving the states soon to come home. hope to spend some time in Edinburgh with friends before leaving to see my family then leaving for the gathering. Hope to see you at Belushi\'s...
claire, 19 04 2009
here is a chicken salad in your face ,,all the way from sunny ticino, and its not churned (dont know what it means) 1 for the banter people ,
robert , 19 04 2009
Hey Robert, you could toss the salad at them that they accused you and Andy of churning, and Jesabelle I\'ve had that drink while having fun.
Carol, 19 04 2009
good to hear Jesabelle. the place looks packed tonight so can\'t wait to get there. it was confirmed that we will be stopping at belushis for a drink or two. And Claire your right blondes should have been the favorite from the beginning.
Diana, 18 04 2009
Diana, trust me, I\\\'m no bible thumper. Carol, glad to have another on borad who knows a little fun never killed anyone. Have a drink for me.
Jesabelle, 18 04 2009
i am all for a cake fight ,banter agianst bible thumpers ,god will be our judges ,hi from sunny ticino
robert , 18 04 2009
Thanks Ulessys I\'ll take the cake and throw it right back at ya.
Carol, 18 04 2009
Hey Andy that\'s ok about the canadian joke lol it was a nice try.i will have to try to get some and post them . Glad to see the camera back on track.and one ,ore thing i\'m glad that your new favorite colour is blond lol
Diana, 18 04 2009
nice to see the flat screen, back in place. Thank you all for the entertaning banter that is provided on this site and may you all have a plesant Summer
george, 18 04 2009
It is with deep regret that I must report that my blonde mate killed her toy poodle. She tried putting batteries in it.............Andy, your favorite should have been blondes all along.....
claire, 17 04 2009
For a laugh, Big Jock attended an anti drink campaign..the speaker began by placing a live worm in a glass of whisky, after a minute or two it died and sank to the bottom..the speaker said quietly to the my friends, what does this tell us? Big Jock piped up, if yae drink whisky, ye\'ll no be bothered by worms!!
Andy, 17 04 2009
Carol, you really take the cake. This is almost like the evil-est person out of the bible, using the bible to help herself. Just as someone else said, its not slander upon you, if its true. Check it out. When someone calls you a deviate, well you are, so whats the problem with you accepting it?
Ulessys, 17 04 2009
Wow, how easy is it to get this camera knocked out. One move and the entire system is down. Normally, when a camera is moved at the company i work for, the culprit who moved it, is shown on tape. Hang the muther*****.
Michael, 17 04 2009
Diana, you do know who Jesabelle really is, dont you. She\'s really a he, who is pretending to be your friend, but is one of those bible thumpers to get in your trust. They are really after information.
Matthew, 16 04 2009
oh oh someone hit the camera
Diana, 16 04 2009
Hi, Love it how the fun has come back to the site. Keep the jokes coming. Oh and Mabel James 4:11 says \"Brothers do not slander one another,\" and James 4:12 continues: \"But you - who are you to judge your neighbor?\"
Carol, 16 04 2009
Hey Diana, glad to see you\'re back! Hope everyone had a great Easter!
Jesabelle, 15 04 2009
I enjoy the webcam,people are interesting. The music,bits of conversation,the way they dress. Enjoy some of the banter in the comment section, although some would do well to remember its better to be silent and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and prove it. (A question for Andy, You don\'t like americans do you?)
grits, 15 04 2009
Paddy walks into a bar in Dublin and orders three pints of Guinness, he drinks a sip out of each pint and when finished orders three more..the barman ask\'s why he drinks three instead of one at a time, Paddy replies \"well now I have two brothers, one in America and one in Australia and when we all left home, we promised dat we\'d drink dis way to remember de days we all drank togedder..Paddy becomes a regular drinking the same way, until one day he orders just two pints, when he goes back for the second round, the barman offers his condolences on the loss of one of his brothers..Paddy looks confused for a moment then starts to laugh \"oh no\" says Paddy..bejings, everyone is fine! tis me..I\'ve quit drinking!!
Andy, 15 04 2009
Hey Diana blond is now my favorite colour! An Englishman talking about his journey\'s, talked in a way to belittle the Scottish in Canada, with the mixing of the Scot\'s with the native Indians..You\'ll find a great number of Scot\'s and French half breeds in that country, but you wont find any English half breeds, said the Englishman..That\'s no surprising, shouted a big hairy arsed Scotsman listening in..the squaws have to draw the line somewhere!! Sorry about that one Diana, it\'s the only Canadian joke I can come up with!
Andy, 15 04 2009
Question to Andy, Robert, Jesabelle and Diana: Whats your secret ingredient when all of you toss each others salad? Vinegar and Oil or KY Jelly lubricant. Suppose Robert just uses fat from those hogs.
Mabel, 15 04 2009
WHEW YOU GUYS. Do you really get into churning each others salads. Thats really, really sick. Its one thing to be in love with one another, but do you have to bring your love-habits onto the internet. Sick, very sick. Hope the two of you use protection, because I seriously doubt Andy does. Robert does for sure, since he cannot get anyone else to churn his salad.
Timothy, 15 04 2009
Andy and Robert, I wish the two of you would take your love-talk with one another, to another venue. Makes me sick that two guys, who could remain private with their love toward one another, would take this love and affection to the internet. I take it, Andy is the dominant one in this relationship and Robert is the passive, but it should be the opposite, since it appears that Robert is going full steam ahead for Andy. Perhaps the two of you can change roles on occasion. This way you can keep churning the salad.
Constance, 15 04 2009
Hey Claire and Andy i just read your little jokes loved them and why is it the blond jokes always get a good laugh me being blond and all . Andy couldn\'t stay away missed you guys
Diana , 15 04 2009
Cheers claire! I\'ll drink to that lass..A Scotsman walking through a field, see\'s a man drinking water from an open well with his hand..The Scotsman shouts \"paid a yfed a dwr, maer gwerthin wedi cachu un a fur\"..(don\'t drink the water, it\'s full of cow s--t)..The man shouts back, I\'m an American pain in the ass do gooder, speak American, I don\'t understand you!..The Scotsman shouts back..use both hands, you\'ll get more in!!
Andy, 14 04 2009
wow ,poeple you are all on the right track, andy i have been found out ,so if its a threesome yous are after ,then get yourself over to sunny ticino connie ,it was your idea ,so i am up for it as well dear,but mybe andy wouldnt lower himself to someone like you ,but i will take you on baby
ROBERT, 14 04 2009
Andy, you sure have been reading alot of books lately. It shows, but you are still wanting everyone to keep thinking these quotes are coming straight from you. What a total dud you are? Is this way you pick up on men and women? Ever tried poetry? It may work better on men, if you give it a chance. Dont worry, it will not take any poetry to land Robert in your bed. Just snap your finger and he\'s there before you drop your hand.
Mabel, 14 04 2009
Uneducated people are usually the most dangerous people. Robert, sorry to say, but you need to take a drastic time-out on associating with anyone. If Andy wants to be your friend and confidant, then you must tell him everything there is about you. If he still wants a relationship with you, then this will keep you from harming anyone else. It may not save Andy, but it may save others for the time-being.
Luchiah, 14 04 2009
Robert, you can only wish that you were at least 1/1000th as good looking as this total stud working at Belushi\'s. For someone to even hint that he\'s as good looking as someone else, makes me wonder exactly what side of the fence you really are in terms of sexual preference. Ive read some of the so-called banter between you and Andy. This is not so much banter, its a little more serious than that. One would assume you are more interested in becoming friends with Andy, than all the women you always pretend to be interested in. Ive studied psychology and I dont care what you say, what Andy may say or what any of the women may say on this website, but i am positive you have more than an average number of dreams, where Andy is in bed with you and this is all you care about, unless of course you wish to have a threesome. But even so, your dream of Andy resting right beside of you is very strong than being right beside of anyone else. May you find the happiness you are looking for with Andy. But if you do not find happiness, perhaps due to your looks, he rejects you, then perhaps you may want to consider therapy. Take Andy with you, he needs it as well, but to a less degree than you.
CONNIE, 14 04 2009
Three blondes were walking in the forest when they came upon a set of tracks. Those are deer tracks the first one said. No, they are elk tracks said the second blond. No, you are both wrong said the third blond, they are bear tracks. They were still arguing when the train hit them. (Hee Hee) yes the gathering is soon, raise a pint to clan Mcleod!
claire, 13 04 2009
Big Jock and a Englishman were flying out of Edinburgh, when the stewardess asked them if they wanted a drink, Och Aye! a large whisky said Big Jock! then she asked the Englishman if he\'d like one, \"never\" no way, I\'d rather be raped and ravished by whores all month long than drink whisky! a minute passed, then Big Jock got up and ran after the stewardess saying..hold on a wee second lass, I didna ken that there was a choice!
Andy, 13 04 2009
wow connie ,you just spotted my twin brother,good to see you interested in a wee joke connie ,as for mabel ,what a sad mare you must be ,how can you say that we are rotten to the core ,silly mare ,i do go to chapel on a sunday ,i also like a bit of banter,so you are way out of line , get a life you hipocrate ,
robert , 13 04 2009
Your right Connie, we are a breed apart to be sure..July is not that far away Diana, where all the clans will gather as one and the party will commence..Big Angus went intae a shop to buy a pocket knife, here\'s one yid like said the shopkeeper, four blades and a corkscrew. Big Angus said tae the shopkeeper, yae widnae huv wan way four corkscrews and a blade wee man?
Andy, 13 04 2009
Correction....I meant to say blondish or blondish red hair color, not eye color. Belushi\'s shouldnt make this stud work. Instead, just nail him to the wall in front of the camera, so that everyone can just dream about him.
Connie, 13 04 2009
Wow, finally a great looking stud working for Belushi\'s. Dont know if the webcam is picking it up right, but he is either blond or blondish-red on the eye color, wearing a dark-colored shirt with the word \"staff\" on it. Wow, what a knock-out. At least you Scots have a real man to brag about.
Connie, 13 04 2009
Rotten to the Core. Andy, Robert, Dianne, Jesabelle. They will learn the difficult way, not to take God so lightly. Damn each and every one of them. They are worthless in the eyes of God, so in return, they work for the devil.
Mabel, 13 04 2009
robert , 12 04 2009
Jesabelle Andy and the rest of my crazy friends happy easter. Jesabelle i will be here in july too hopefully we can meet and have a drink
Diana, 12 04 2009
The weather looks lovely in Edinburgh today, can\'t wait to be there in July, raise a glass and enjoy the beautiful day!
Jesabelle, 11 04 2009
Enjoy this webcam and others from scotland. From what I understand I\'ve family there also ireland and china. Guess you could call my ancestry sort of a mutt. Enjoy some of the banter(jokes). Anyway, thanks to camvista. To everyone have a Blessed Easter. girl raised in the south,grits.
grits, 11 04 2009
ohh nooooo ,, the bible thumpers are back ,just as we were all having funagian ,its only banter ,but thanks for trying to save my soul maggie bab, i owe you one darling ;)
robert , 11 04 2009
Jesabelle, you must be extremely desperate for action and affection. For someone to go around, advertising for business, you\'re prime meat for the devil. Ive heard of hinting around or advertising, but honey, you are glutting it. My guess, men do not find you at all attractive. Please do not throw yourself to the devil just because of this. Find respect in yourself and others will follow.
MALCOLM, 10 04 2009
Be Careful, Young Heatherns. Gathering all in one place may not be such a good idea. Remember the cities of Soddom and Gamorra. In gatherings of abundant sin, this is the best time for God to eradicate those that will not enter into his kingdom. Wickeness and Sin will be driven from the land and there will be screams out of the multitudes. He who believeth in him, will be spared this untimely death. Sulfur and brimstone will await all others. Eradicate, my dear God. ERADICATE
Lachiah, 10 04 2009
webcam dark
kakkila, 10 04 2009
Bringing in the sheaves, Bringing in the sheaves. We shall come rejoicing, Bringing in the sheaves. Dear God, I wish to pray for these poor unrelenting souls, who have something missing out of their lives. The attention they want, versus the attention they are getting, is corrupting the very fabric of what they truly need in their lives. What they need is to ask you to come into their hearts and heal their seemingly worthless lives and I am sure you will make them, mediocre to say the least. In the name of Jesus Christ, I pray that they may be healed of all their dirty, wicked tongues. Please concentrate most of your efforts on Andy, Robert and that person who calls herself Jesabelle, who is evidently taking this name of a person out of the bible she admires the most. Please heal her as well. In the name of Jesus Christ.....Amen.
Maggie, 10 04 2009
George, there are women and there are women, and on this site the the \"new\" women that write novels won\'t give you rest. I imagine you are now labelled a pervert. To me you sound like a regular guy.
Carol, 09 04 2009
MacTavish visited London for his annual holiday and stayed at a large hotel. However, he didnae feel that the natives were friendly. \'At 4 o\'clock every morning,\' he told a friend, \'they hammered on my bedroom door, on the walls, even on the floor and ceiling. Och, sometimes they hammered so loud I could hardly hear myself playing the bagpipes.\'
ROBERT, 09 04 2009
A lodger in a Scottish guest house in Milngavie, near Glasgow, was on his way to the bathroom carrying his shaving gear, when the landlady stopped him and said, \\\'Have you got a good memory for faces, Mr MacGregor?\\\' \\\'Och aye,\\\' Mac replied. \\\'That\\\'s just as well,\\\' she said, \\\'because there\\\'s no mirror in the bathroom.\\\'
ROBERT, 09 04 2009
In the Beginning, God made the earth and rested. Then God made man and rested. Then God made woman. Since then, no one has ever rested.
George, 09 04 2009
Fa la la la la la la lal da. Fa la la la la la la lal da. Fa la la la la la la lal da. What lamebrains?
TRAILON, 09 04 2009
Great quotes! Looking foward to The Gathering as well, it\'ll be great to be back in Scotland and my ever so favourite Edinburgh. Cheers, keep up the fun!
Jesabelle, 09 04 2009
alice what have you got agianst pigs ??? Now a great herd of pigs was feeding there on the hillside, and they begged him, saying, “Send us to the pigs; let us enter them.” So he gave them permission. And the unclean spirits came out, and entered the pigs, and the herd, numbering about two thousand, rushed down the steep bank into the sea and were drowned in the sea. The herdsmen fled and told it in the city and in the country. And people came to see what it was that had happened.
ROBERT, 08 04 2009
Nice try robert my china, how about this one..Two Scotsmen were stopped by the cop\'s for being drunk and disorderly! turn\'s out the first had been drinking battery acid and the other swallowed fireworks! at the end of the day, one ended up being charged and the other got let go!
Andy, 08 04 2009
upon the hill there stands a coo. its no there now ,it must have moved,something i read somewhere ,
ROBERT, 08 04 2009
Big Jock\'s dead, he fell into a vat of whisky! too bad, was it a quick death? naw no really, he came oot twice to go to the toilet!
Andy, 08 04 2009
Robert, is there any truth to what someone previously said about your birth to your mother, in regard to the doctor asking your mother to roll over on her stomach so he could get to you better. Sorry, but this doesnt shed a good light on you. Decided to raise pigs for a living, did you?
ALICE, 08 04 2009
He whooth lacks meee baccck,cometh onnward betweenth meee froont. Nooot borste dela geld tantile looseth megotten. Porest Robert enlar megotten toker myest Andy en melardi garten sode meair.
Brutus, 08 04 2009
Andy, if you\'re going to continue quoting something out of a book or quoting a popular quote, why are you trying your best to take credit for the quote yourself. Something must be truly lacking in your life, where you must prove to others, that you are more than just your true self. For someone that seems to be trying so badly to be liked, sorry to say its not working all that well for you. All the attention you\'re getting, is from other drunkards.
Truly, 08 04 2009
No worries isobella, will do! and to all my china\'s from far and near, the St Andrew\'s cross will fly high above the sky, too welcome the hearts of all our fellow Scot\'s from far and wide!! safe journey\'s to you all..who\'s like us? damn few I tell ye!!
Andy, 07 04 2009
What???? are all these bloggish, inane comments lately? Hasn\'t any one got something interesting and pertinent to say?
Luke, 07 04 2009
Nice Wm Wallace quote Andy. Very apropos. The gathering in July should be a lot of fun. Raise a glass for the Campbell clan.
Isobella, 07 04 2009
Icy rain adds its misery to the bitter conflict on Drumossie Moor, in the shadow of the black isle, two English ships on the waters of the Moray Firth, await the outcome of the decisive battle!
Andy, 07 04 2009
Andy, Aren\'t we trying our best to show others that we are not as uneducated as Robert is. So you\'re involved with the literary arts are you. Makes me wonder if you just have a book in front of you and you\'ve copied exactly from the book. We already know that you\'re smarter than Robert. His mother dropped him on his head when he was still a baby. But wait a minute, this doesnt really say much for you, does it? Saying you\'re smarter than Robert. Yet, you\'re much of a pervert as he is.
Anthony, 07 04 2009
I hope if someone is indeed investigating these guys on here, I just hope that their love-ones hide their heads in shame, once the blanket is tossed on top of them in the jail cell. Especially the two primary instigators, Andy and cant-spell-worth-a-hoot Robert. Yes, Ive noticed his first grade style writing also. Often, most criminals do not have much of an education and it really shows on Robert. Hard to get friends, isnt it Robert. This is your only outlet. If people were to actually meet you, they would quickly turn the other way.
Sandra, 07 04 2009
Ive never seen so many desperate perverts on one website before, thats not a perverted website. It looks like Belushi\'s would clean this website once and for all. Unless of course, they condone men going around and degrading women as some of these men are doing on here. Who knows, Belushi\'s may want this sort of behavior at their bar. Excellent way to eliminate some of the overcrowding of the female population. Yes, verbal abuse on a woman, can result in murder.
Meredith, 07 04 2009
He that talks to himself speaks to a fool.
ROBERT, 07 04 2009
Keep on doing what you like to do best, you guys. Keep up the dirty talk and putting down the people who would like to clean up this website. Laught now, because theres not much laughter in prison. All of you were throughly warned. Go now peacefully to another website, or go in handcuffs in the not so distant future. You\'ll be surprised who I work for.
Timothy, 07 04 2009
Didne hink he did, Ah wark in th\' nit security business an\' Ah ken better than \'at jobby. they need tae clean up their act haur, some ay th\' things they ur sayin\' can be misinterperted, whit a boorichie ay nuts
John Aaronson, 07 04 2009
EdwardII his army destroyed, flees with his bodyguard for the safety of the castle, but is refused refuge and has to fight his way south to England, for Robert Bruce and Scotland, victory is complete!! Alba gu brath!!
Andy, 06 04 2009
\"It is in truth not for glory, nor riches, nor honours that we are fighting, but for freedom -- for that alone, which no honest man gives up but with life itself.\" -Declaration of Arbroath, 6 April 1320 One day, we will be free again. Alba gu brath!
Anonymous Scot, 06 04 2009
Timothy is talking a lot of rubbish ,he hasnt got any ones ip adress, whaats mine then timy baby??? i think your after my number boy ,you been at the sheep agian timo baby ?? are you gonna invite me to a boys only cam Timothy,
robert, 06 04 2009
Timothy, just how are you getting anyone\'s IP address and why are you doing it?
John Aaronson, 06 04 2009
are you after my arse Timothy, cause if you are ,you mybe in luck m8 ,as i can read between your lines as well buddy boy ,i feel that you are comming onto me strong m8 ,i vote timmy baby as my new playboy, so girls hands off ,as he is a MANS MAN ,sorry andy ,its only the girls for you m8 ,but constance is all mine m8
ROBERT, 06 04 2009
Two thousand against ten? No! we will run-and live! Aye! fight and you may die, run and you will live-at least for a while and dying in your beds many years from now, would you be willing to trade all the days from this day to that for one chance, just one chance, to kill our enemies..For they may take our lives, but they\'ll never take our FREEDOM!!
Andy, 06 04 2009
oya oya oya. we have been found out andy ,now the whole world knows ,what shall we do ??? forgive me Constance, its not your hole i am after.i could be Timothy as well ?? if yous could spell in italian as i do in english ,yous would all feel good about it ,,ok buddy boys
ROBERT, 06 04 2009
Timothy, 06 04 2009
I\'ve read all the chatter between Robert and Andy. Its my genuine guess that Robert has an inflatuation with Andy. You can actually distinguish this in his words to Andy. It appears that he needs Andy more than he needs to talk with the women. Dont just take my word for it. Read all the messages Robert has made to Andy. Suppose theres nothing wrong with this, as long as Andy is a willing participant. In bed, that is.
Elizabeth, 06 04 2009
Carol, why does some adult watch children shows on television? They\'re perverts, thats why? Children are always going to go into areas of the internet they shouldnt go into. Alot of children even spell better than Robert. Hmm, i wonder if this Robert is a pre-teen, who just hasnt paid too much attention in class, but may be getting his jollies on the website. If so Robert, you may be cleared of all charges.
Margaret, 06 04 2009
Well Judge, since she was on a website featuring an adult bar, i assumed this girl was mature enough to take my dirty talk. In fact, she talked about my private parts. The judge, pounded his gavel. \"Ten to twenty years\". \"You should have assumed this girl may have been a child\".
Meredith, 06 04 2009
Robert, Please do yourself a favor and go back to school. Cant you get at least half your words spelled correctly? Dont know where you really come from, but whereever it is, dont let them know who you are. Bible is spelled \"BIBLE\". Wow, are you so uneducated. I see we are toning down our dirty words, are we? Andy, why is your IP address the same as Jesabelle\'s?
Timothy, 06 04 2009
Carol, I didnt realize you were on the side of those that like to talk dirty. In answer to your question. Children are always poking their eyes into things they are not suppose to. If a child pretends to be an adult, does this give Andy and Robert the right to talk dirty to the child? This is the same as Andy saying, well she said she was twenty-one, but the child who was raped, was only sixteen. Do i need to say more? There are children looking at websites everywhere. Does this give males the right to prey on them? Its my guess, Andy does not care who he goes to bed with. Whether it be Robert, a Scottish lass or a three year old.
Constance, 06 04 2009
i wish there was a ticino gathering, andy you would be my personal guest, but with the pretty girls here ,you would get a tilt in your kilt ,just like i do when i think of my old bird Constance
ROBERT, 06 04 2009
By the way Constance what are children doing watching a bar webcam.
Carol, 06 04 2009
wow you lucky girls going to the gathering ,i have been lucky to go to 2 highland games in perth and dumblane, great peopel to meet, have fun andy boy ,show that you scots are real banter folk ,and great company ,and inmy opinion ,100% honest poeple ,,this is directed at all the real poeple on this cam,no bibble thumpers allowed
ROBERT, 06 04 2009
I think camvista should make the comments 25 words or less then we wouldn\'t have to read all the ridiculous sermons.
Carol, 06 04 2009
Observe something, if you will. Notice Diane wrote something and did not once say anything derogatory or anything at all about these people wanting to clean up this website. But yet Jesabelle comes along and tries her best to light a match under the fire once again. Jesabelle, can Andy or Robert come out to play now. No wait a minute. If Jesabelle was Robert, she or he would be mis-spelling words like theres no tomorrow. So Jesabelle must be Andy. How manipulative you are? Andy wants to put up a good fight, even to the local authorities, but he wants everyone else on his side to face jail-time as well. A word to Jesabelle, I mean Andy. What makes you think they will be sharing the same jail cell as you? I dread to think what will happen to some of you, being locked up for talking dirty to children over the internet. When this gets out, all of you will have buddies and enemies every time you turn around. Oh yeah, DONT DROP THAT SOAP AND LEAN OVER, Eric.
Constance, 06 04 2009
Diana, the freedom of speech goes both ways - all of us (and there are many) who don\'t find you or your little group of friends even remotely entertaining have the right to say so. And why should we (the majority) have to \"click the button\" as you put it because we don\'t find your group interesting? Do us all a favor and carry your conversation elsewhere. Oh, and Jesabelle, just because someone doesn\'t agree with you doesn\'t mean they don\'t know how to have fun. I doubt you wrote the rules of having fun!
Lee Ann, 06 04 2009
MELISSA, 05 04 2009
hi there banter people , please let me know when yous will be in the bar ,as i will be watching from sunny ticino,i give this cam a 10 out of 10 for the right folk ,great guys to chat to ,,
robert, 04 04 2009
I love this webcam but it would be lovely to be able to see a bit of the bar again... who keeps moving the cam??? Hope to visit you sometime this and in person!
Suzi, Grand Junction, Colorado US, 04 04 2009
Diana, don\'t give them the satisfaction of throwing in the towel, that\'s exactly what they want. If we all just ignore the negative one\'s and not give them the satisfaction of commenting everytime they have something stupid to say, they\'ll eventually go away. We\'re wasting too much time on these #@$%@ people, so from here on out we\'ll only talk to each other or anyone else who knows how to have fun!! Cheers, have one for me!
Jesabelle, 03 04 2009
thanks Andy and the same to you. i still hope to meet you at the games my friends were really excited about it.
Diana, 03 04 2009
Diana, have had a good time here also...I will also be at the gathering of the clans along with my will have a wonderful time and come away with a renewed respect for the Scottish people. It is more than the term gathering implies, you will learn how the clan inner government works and be wowed by the clan chiefs. Have fun, this will be an experience you will never forget!
claire, 03 04 2009
hi there andy boy ,all well i hope ,i look forward to sundays sermon my dear friend ,as you know jesus said unto moses come forth,, but he came 5th and lost the race completly my dear friend ,hope this is ok for you young andrew ,(cleaning up my act)hi from sunny ticino
robert , 03 04 2009
george..the flat screen is behind the bar..check out Belushi\'s during one of the major football games and you will see everyone watching it..
Andy, 03 04 2009
Hey Diana! good luck and all the best..enjoy the gathering in July lass and a safe journey to you and all your friends from Canada!!
Andy, 03 04 2009
I am curious as to the status of the flat screen t.v. that was on the wall of the pub; anyone have info? Thanks...
george, 03 04 2009
Now, Andy is showing his true colors. He\'s not only a pervert (clear about this), but he also hates Scottish people. So he says that any Scottish person with a kilt on, is just a drunkard that has his trousers down. What a pervert? He\'s sick and needs help.
Constance, 03 04 2009
Thousand to one odds, this Andy and Robert, both have criminal records. I would even venture to say, these records surround a sexual bevavior that has ran amok. Looks like one or several incarcerations in the past, they have learned a lesson. But I suppose there are just some people out there, that needs to be castrated.
James, 03 04 2009
It looks like Andy is trying to make a fool out of you Victoria. Pretending to lead a straight and narrow path to cleanliness, then immediately jumping to an outpour of dirty words out of his filthy mouth. This clearly shows how deviate Andy, Robert, Dianne and a few others, really are. Oh how proud their parents must be of them. I would venture to say they\'ve been in trouble with the law before and will continue being in trouble with the law. With our help. Theres no way Im going to allow them to continue too much longer. I\'ve already been in touch with the local authorities here in Edinburgh. They told me my complaint will help, but will need more, along with Belushi\'s filing a formal complaint.
Casandra, 03 04 2009
CONSTANCE, 03 04 2009
No mistake about it. Andy and Robert are perverts, who just cannot carry on a decent conversation. Keep on (you two). We know the two of you are deviates, no mistake about it. It clearly shows everytime you write something. May someone put a stop to your behavior, before you damage a child\'s life.
Casandra, 03 04 2009
Well i guess all the fun is really sucked out of this web site and i really enjoyed it , oh well andy, Claire it was great talking to you guys and i really hope to meet up with you\\\'s in july at the games i\\\'m sure we would have a blast its just no fun here anymore too many people trying to control other people and what they say i always thought we had freedom of speech but i guess that is not true honestly if you people didn\\\'t like reading what other people were saying there is always a button on the computer could have always pushed it. well with that said belushi\\\'s is still a pub i would visit
Diana, 02 04 2009
ok Timothy, that was kind comments to dear claire ,but like the others here could i read it wrong and say you are hitting on claire ,you dirty bugger. some things do get put out of context, just like must of the bible thumpers who are pissing poor me and andy off ,and leave the girls alone ,they are only enjoying the banter ,especially my new bird constance ,you little huusy that you are, hi from sunny ticino
robert, 02 04 2009
Your right Victoria lets concentrate on the images from Belushi\'s..not much going on today my china\'s, thought I saw a nose picker last night though Victoria..dum de dum o wait is that a bloke with a kilt, naw naw it\'s just a drunk wae his trousers off..dum de dum lets wait patiently and see what else happens Victoria..maybe to fill in time you can tell be your boob size?
Andy, 02 04 2009
Dont know Claire at all, but I must say, she has cleaned up her act. Must have been when all those bible thumpers got on here and all those clean-minded people, who just said \"enough is enough\". Wish the others would take the same heed.
Timothy, 02 04 2009 call it. I call it downright filth. Banter is when you joke around, but to joke around calling women derogatory names, as if they are not women at all, I do not call this harmless banter. Women deserve more than this. To keep doing as you and your buddies are doing, is just promoting more domestic abuse at home, along with other abuses out there.
Constance, 02 04 2009
pefectly put NANCY, this was all fun until a buch of bibble thumpers put there mouths in it ,i am all for banter ,andy claire,diane,Jesabelle,evergreen,carol and my new found bird CONSTANCE,we were all just out for a banter with folk who we will nevir meet ,but share the same sence of humor ,, so Morfeus if i dont answer the door ,will you huff and puff and blow it down m8 ??andy get that board fixed m8 ,hi from sunny ticino
robert, 02 04 2009
Robert, Andy, Dianne, Claire. We are all fed up with all your dirty conversations on here. This website use to be clean and wholesome, then all of you came along with your horny attitude and behavior, causing nothing but unrest on the website. Cease and desist now or invite the authorities in, when they come knocking at your door. This is a warning you should heed to.
Morfeus, 02 04 2009
Well Victoria, it looks like those perverts are going to remain perverts, contaminating this website with their filthy talk, until the local authorities there are hopefully called in, tracing their IP address to their respective homes. They have been asked politely to take their gutter-mouths to a new venue, but they insist on waiting until someone forces them to do so. Therefore, we will do whatever we can on our part, to get the authorities involved. I hope Belushi\'s will do whatever they can on their end as well. Perhaps the judge will force them into some sort of class, on how to treat the opposite sex, along with a little jail time as well.
Casandra, 02 04 2009
For myself, I always thought of this comment area as an addition to Belushi\'s in the spirit of the Scottish PUB... not a bar, but the traditional pub that was the center of local community; a place to catch up with people and have a bit of crack (BANTER, not drugs!) and I was honestly enjoying chatting while watching others have a pint like I would if I was in the local pub, and learning about others from different countries watching the same fun looking place that I was.. until several weeks ago when those having fun were preached at, judged and told what they should be doing. (I blamed most of that on not having to register to comment here, and the usual Internet trolls who like to suck the fun out of things for others). Henceforth, though, I shall reserve any comments I make about Belushi\'s and make sure it doesn\'t turn into a conversation :) Slainte!
Nancy, 02 04 2009
Once again, what do any of these comments have to do with the goings on in Belushi\\\'s? As Cassandra and a few others have pointed out, there are plenty of other places on the web for your conversations. This site, however, is not one of them!
Victoria, 31 03 2009
Hey Robert i have been to italy a few time love it there the people are always so nice, i go to sicily most of the time. Hi to all my fun loving crazy people ,Andy love the part about jumping in a puddle just once so true. By he way hi Jesabella welcome to the crazy bunch
Diana, 31 03 2009
i am seconding that, my main man andy.didnt get it timothy, but sorry for my spelling,i think that there are a lot of sad people who aree visiting this cam ,lucky me andy diane claire Jesabelle,evergreen,carol and last but not least ,my new bird Constance, beat you to her andy boy
robert, 31 03 2009
Anyhoooo! its a braw day here in Glasgow, the sun is shining and rain has left us for at least a few minutes..I lost a wheel from my snowboard robert and my twin dolls left me to be recycled..but all in all it\'s good to be alive in the presence of so many happy china\'\'s time that everybody on this web site, pull down there drawers and jump in a puddle..have a laugh for once before ye die and crumble tae dust!!
Andy, 31 03 2009
Robert, why are you the only one on here that constantly mis-spells his words. It figures though. Most of the nutcases out there, dont know how to spell either. I see you have some great upbringing. Did your mother marry into the family? Are you your sister\'s son?
Timothy, 31 03 2009
claire ,i was refering to andy offering me one of his twin blow up dolls ,please bring back only the happy poeple and you all know who yous are, hi from sunny wherever donld duck thinks i am (ha ha ha)
robert, 31 03 2009
Robert, is it true that when your mother was delivering you in the hospital, she was quite surprised when the doctor told your mother to roll over on her stomach. I wonder what this means.
Constance, 31 03 2009
poor donald ,please dont show your ignorant ,if i live in ticino ,how can i be italian ?? do you know where ticino is my friend? i also dont snowboard in my garden ,i do it in airolo, its not my fav pastime its mtb m8,do you want i write in italian ?.just as i speeek beter english than you ,dont make me your ass m8.come and visit sunny ticino donald duck, hi to all the good banter poaple from sunny TICINO. YOU TO DONALD
robert, 31 03 2009
Well, evidently Jesabelle is a fitting name for you, as I have suggested. Changed your name did you? Are you really a Jesabelle or can you make huge circles around the real Jesabelle. It seems as though you\'ve really been around your neighborhood. Cant get enough, can you? SKANK
Michael, 31 03 2009
Robert, Ticino my ASS. You\'re not more Italian than the rest of us. You say snowboarding is your greatest pasttime. It may be so, but in one\'s backyard, not much excitement there. So you come into the house and try to get your excitement from Eric and the girls on here. What a lame knucklehead you are.
Donald, 31 03 2009
Yes Robert, Im sure there are other Roberts out there, as well as on here, but none of them constantly talk dirty to the girls as you are doing. This goes the same for Andy, although luckily there are not as many Andy\'s out there than Robert. You have been officially put on notice to clean up your act, but you continue getting your jollies off, not only from the girls out there, but from Andy and the guys. Wow, if idle talk makes you guys that horny, no telling what you do in front of your computers and no telling how young of children you\'re willing to talk dirty to. Some of these who comment, could easily be a girl or guy ten years of age. If you dont know the true ages of those you talk dirty to, and you dont know them quite well, then you should not be trying to get your jollies off over the internet. These characters could be anyone\'s sons or daughters.
Felicia, 31 03 2009
Cassandra, if you\'d read my comment again, and maybe a little slower so you can u-n-d-e-r-s-t-a-n-d, I said the guys are jealous because they don\'t have the balls to speak to the girls like Andy and Robert do. I mentioned nothing of girls having balls. You\'re a quick one. Hello to the fun ones, Andy, Robert, Claire, Diana and last but not least, Evergreen, keep it up all!
Jesabelle, 31 03 2009
Robert, what exactly are you referring to when you say sloppy seconds, and who is the sloppy first? It seems to me Andy does not have to settle for sloppy anything....
claire, 30 03 2009
i think that there is another robert on the board as well,with me being a well brought up little snowboarding chap ,who wont take andys sloppy seconds ,oh dear oh me, looks like its back to my own personal blow up doll.are you still up for it casandra baby ,hi from sunny ticino, sadly snowboarding season over for me ,just gonna get my mtb ready for the alps ,
robert, 30 03 2009
Looks like another Claire on the board and it is not me...Robert, as you were snowboarding this weekend, I was sitting by the pool..balmy breezes blowing, still miss the \"lovely\" weather of home though....
claire, 30 03 2009
Casandra I can tell that you secretly want to shag me, c\'mon admit it, by the sounds of it you haven\'t had much action..hey robert just bought myself a snowboard with wheels and twin sister blow-up dolls this week-end, brilliant date mate, didnae cost me anythin tae get them drunk and they snowboarded all the way doon the brae, no complaints whatsoever, if yer ever over in Glasgow I will introduce yae to wan a them, that\'s if wee tam keeps his false teeth oot when doin the love bite\'in manoeuvre, he always wrecks ma stuff he borrows..
Andy, 30 03 2009
dont forget me Casandra,and its not nice to bad mouth off a few really nice girls ,and my own m8 andy,tut tut tut dear. ohh and by the way , you talk some shit doll ,you are also welcome to suny ticino
robert, 30 03 2009
hi there Belushi poeple, just back from my last snowboarding trip ,had to leave my own blow up doll at home .how my old pal andy boy (dont snowboard with a kilt on m8)all the swiss birds thought i was happy to see them, great to see all the banter poeple back in tow ,you too constance baby, you been bad mouthing all the girls on this cam baby.hi to Jesabelle claire diane evergreen and mad mental homeboy andy, welcome poeple to a real banter com ,hi from sunny ticino
robert, 30 03 2009
To Andy, I have to admit theres times you do tell the truth, but I never ever thought you would tell the truth of your small prick (as you put it) bursting all the Scottish blow-up dolls you\'ve tried. To Jesabelle, how fitting. But I must tell you my dear, I dont think women have balls, unless of course they\'re transvestites. To Evergreen, I dont believe the previous commenter said theres absolutely no good-looking Scottish girls in Scotland. I believe she just mentioned he didnt see any at this particular bar at the particular time he viewed it during any given day. I believe he\'s hoping there are indeed good-looking girls in Scotland. Then again, when someone says they have not seen any good-looking girls, maybe what they are really saying, he\'s not seen all that many good-looking girls at this particular bar at this particular time. To Dianne, we\'re getting a little defensive are we? Strange, you\'re being defensive over someone that may be looking out for you, but yet you\'re not getting defensive over several guys that love to call women bitches and lesbians. I suppose if you call a nun (a nun), theres not much need to defend against name calling, if indeed you\'re a nun. Get it? As for Lee Ann, I totally agree. This webcam setup is for commenting on this bar. Its not for guys and girls to talk dirty to one another. Theres other websites for this type of thing. Dont know why they just dont go ahead and trade phone numbers or email addresses and take their dirty talk into hyperdrive, even get married to one another if they wish. But please leave this website to those who would like to have a cleaner conversation.
Casandra, 30 03 2009
Link, 28 03 2009
Boy, i just had a wee look at soe of the comments on this and really had to laugh...but in a non-funny kinda way?? Oh, to all the ppl who go on about ther being no nice looing scottish girls here and see breakfast and never see any nice ones etc etc....remember one thing ok...Tis is a Backpackers Hostel and you\'ll be lucky to ever find any scottish girls actually staying there as it\'s all travellers/foreigners...and there\'s not even any scottish girls working in the bar either for that matter ok!! In fact in around 8/9 yrs of drinking in the place there\'s only ever been about 5/6 scottish female staff members so maybe it\'s actually girls from your own country that you\'re actually calling ugly or not good looking...ha ha.
evergreen, 28 03 2009
Enough, already!! What happened to commenting on happenings at Belushi\\\'s? A few of you (and you know who you are) have turned this into your personal social network and the rest of us are stuck reading your (mostly lame) comments to one other. Please do us all a favor and exchange emails or something so you can \\\"chat, flirt, talk dirty, etc.\\\" and not hold the rest of us hostage. Maybe then we could get back to only commenting on this webcam.
Lee Ann, 28 03 2009
It\'s time to to stop the comments.
Jenn, 27 03 2009
Love you guys!! I\'ve been reading these comments for a while now, and what I don\'t get is why everyone is so upset by the way Andy and Robert talk. If you don\'t like it, don\'t visit the site. And as for the girls they\'re talking to, if they don\'t have a problem with it, why should it be any of your concern. If it bothered them soooo much, I\'m sure they just wouldn\'t visit the site anymore or talk to them anymore. I think the other girls are just all jealous because Andy and Robert don\'t talk to them like that and the guys are all jealous because they don\'t have the balls to talk to the girls the wayy Andy and Robert do!!! Keep it up Andy and Robert, it works for me!!
Jesabelle, 27 03 2009
These comments are getting out of control!!!!!!!!!Keep it clean will you folks!!!
Petra, 27 03 2009
Excuse me, but what do any of these conversations have to do with the lovely view of Belushi\'s?! If y\'all want to argue and fight about how men treat women, etc., there are plenty of websites elsewhere on the internet to do that at. This is not the appropriate venue and I doubt seriously that the owners of CamVista are thrilled with this.
Claire, 26 03 2009
Constance just alittle info i am very much a lady a very strong one at that,so please do not ever suggest that i am other wise, i am also a person who knows how to joke around and as for the coment about if i had any children my children would be strong people and not preach to people when they know absalutley nothing about them. so for all the people who only watch this cam to start in on people give it a break
Diana, 26 03 2009
I don\'t think that Constance likes you Diana, but I think your great! and up for a laugh like the rest of us..I was brought up to love everybody, even my worst enemy, being Scottish obviously has it\'s benefits..I wish Constance could let me know where to pick-up the blow-up dolls that last, the one\'s in Scotland burst with even the smallest prick..Carole! psychological help to a Glaswegian? your not that well traveled my dear, we are all pure nutter\'s over at this end, mass brain surgery maybe..robert! ever tried one of those there blow-up deals that Constance is on about? maybe I\'ll ask Diana nicely, if she can bring me one over from Canada, they got lot\'s of beaver over there bye the way mate, takes away that velcro feeling, know what I mean!!
Andy, 26 03 2009
Sorry, but I have to agree with those who feel that men do not have any right to go around trying to communicate with women, when at the very same time, they\'re calling other women bitches and lesbians. To give these type of guys the time of day, is inviting all other men to join in. Its this type of men who go around thinking they are the center of attention, which is usually the case, when you eventually read their names in the paper, battering their wives or girlfriend for no reason at all. For any female that enjoys communicating with someone like this, I can only say they need to get psychological help, before it ends up needing help from the police.
Carole, 26 03 2009
Robert, I\'d rather be sad and lonely than having someone like you around me to abuse me. Go ahead, take your best shot at me. Others are now getting the full picture of exactly how you and your twin are like. Im not sad, Im actually happy that I\'m not married to someone like you. You\'re the scum of the earth and you know it. This may be the reason why you get your jollies off on simple talk from any female that talks dirty to you. Why dont you go out and get you one of these blow-up dolls for love and attention. Just remember, these blow-up dolls cant exist in Hell. You\'ll just have to play around with the DEVIL.
Constance, 26 03 2009
As someone said it best. The proof is in the pudding. If you talk dirty to guys and allowo them to talk dirty to you, this strongly hints that you\'re dirty. Im not one of these nutheads that preaches the bible, but I do believe in the bible and may god find time in his busy schedule to address you sinful people. Now give me your best shot, so that GOD will hear.
Oscar, 26 03 2009
I enjoy reading all the comments, but now it\'s like a garden (beer garden that is) with poisonous weeds popping up.
Carol, 26 03 2009
well i now know what kind of person CONSTANCE is ,,sad ,lonely , jelous,nosesy,and ohh sorry ,,did i forget to say SAD AGAIN. come on ,get a life friend ,you cannot judge diane, if you read what you wrote ,you must be feeling real silly ,i bet you are wishing you were somewhere with something HOT inside you ,instead of in front of your comp writting sad things to poeple who are just out for a giggle (and no more),get your ass over to sunny ticino ,and i will help you get a life ,and i know you dream of this baby ,,great banter on behalf of all in this web cam ,iand its all only banter ,
robert, 26 03 2009
Well, We Know What Kind of Woman Dianne Is. She Loves It When Guys Talk Dirty To Her, As Much As She Loves Talking Dirty To Guys. I Hope She Doesnt Have Children, Othewise They Would Not Be At All Pleased With Their Mother. They May Just Be Wondering Exactly Who Their Father Is? Notice That I Used The Word Woman. Yes, I Gave You The Benefit Of The Doubt On That Word. What You Arent Though, Is A Lady. Ladies Do Care Who They Jump In Bed With. A Total \"Skank\" If I Ever Heard One. I Just Hope Claire Is More Lady-Like. Cant Get Any Worse, I Assure You. Keep It Up Dianne, You\'ll Go Far In Life. Have You Had Your Blood Tested Lately?
Constance, 26 03 2009
Would like to trade mu west coast home in Canada for a week or two in God\'s land
Doug Gow, 26 03 2009
This is very cool, going to visit Edinburgh in October, can\'t wait. Gonna hit this place for sure!
Diane, 26 03 2009
Thanks Andy i guess i don\'t bring shorts or a bathing suit. better be careful with my skirts to wouldn\'t want it to fly over my head hehehe. i wish i could have been there when the wind took your kilt i would have laughed my butt off
Diana, 25 03 2009
I think the ladies from Edinburg are very nice. Much better looking than the girls from Tokyo. Love this Bar cam. Best on the web. Greetings from Tokyo. I want to visit this scottish bar to have a drink One day in future Cheers
Johhny, 25 03 2009
oh goodness here we go again, first to andrew i am a bitch so it doesn\'t bother me at all to be called it in fact it alot of very strong women are bitches we have to be. Now once and for all this is all in good fun we all live like a million miles away from each other so relax. one more thing hi Claire isn\\\'t this just so much fun
Diana, 25 03 2009
robert! I\'m just a Scottish pisshead out for a laugh, enjoying the connection and the beautiful lassies at Belushi\'s, don\'t take head of some of the moron\'s that comment pal..Andrew I just about got it both ways, by the way..Diana! July in Scotland is not very predictable my dear, just last July I was walkin doon the brae, gale force wind came fae nowhere, kilt right over the head within seconds..just as well Big Shug wisnae there or I would have had my southern passage blocked with a solid mass of matter..Hey Jocelyn that\'s nothin hen, I saw a girl pick up two big hairy arsed Scotsmen, that was a mind bender!! well it\'s Wednesday, just over the hump day, the week-end is a comin, anythin out there worth celebrating?
Andy, 25 03 2009
Just saw the girl pick up a cloth of the floor and cover the dishes on the trolley..Yew
jocelyn, 25 03 2009
EARTH CALLING weve been coaght out here m8 ,,beem me up scotty,what will the niegbours think ,i am thinking of bible thumpin m8, save me here , all you girls out there ,dont listen to these bad boys ,,hi from sunny ticino
robert, 25 03 2009
Joking are we, Robert and Andy? Or are you just saying you\'re joking, when theres heat applied. You cant have it both ways. Either you are respectful to women or you\'re not. Once you call one woman a bitch or a lesbian, then theres no doubt in my mind, you\'ll eventually call Dianne and Claire bitches and lesbians. Until you do, enjoy all the jollies you can get through communicating with them. They do not know you just yet. Hopefully they will never know you that close. For their sakes.
Andrew, 25 03 2009
RObert, what seemed to have been lost in the translation? You coming on to Claire and Dianna, by continuing to talk about their mammaries and crotches. Or was this when you called the other women out there lesbians and bitches. I agree with Timothy. They need to watch about all this mis-interpreted stuff you are shoveling out to them. Do you think you have anyone fooled? Today, a kindly little innocent conversation, but tomorrow, a call to the police, telling them they wish to be left alone. Then the next day, it may be too late. No wishing then, to be left alone.
Joyce, 25 03 2009
are you after my number TIMOTHY ?as for the girls ,i always defend them ,i dont want phone nums or emails, thanks for the comments m8 ,you make me look real good (not the wee ugly thing i am )cheers tim boy. but i must say andy never takes it too far either, i am shoor if you look real good TIMOTHY, there is a farm aninmal webcam out there m8 ,hi from sunny ticino, BOYS AND GIRLS
robert, 25 03 2009
hi there claire ,sorry but my bit of banter got a bit lost in my translation ,i meant no harm dear,i am gonna buy a kilt and snowboard down the san moritz slopes ,just to spite my m8 andy ,the great looking girls in belushis bar are all welcome to come and look ,and there is always room for claire and diane,beat that andy boy, i got style as well as looks m8
robert, 25 03 2009
TIMOTHY, 25 03 2009
Andy magnets lol how did you know i had piercings heheh sorry would have commented before but i just read that one
Diana, 25 03 2009
thanks for the info on the weather in scotland i prefer hot weather didn\'t get much of that but i wasn\'t complaining there was no snow lol. Hey Andy what is the weather like there in july, i know wet but is it warm. And thanks robert for including me in the crazy bunch to have fun with
Diana, 25 03 2009
robert my wee bud, claire likes animals and I just love them too bits, thats the connection, just last night I had cat at charlie wongs take the fact that I have a natural Glaswegian karisma, that totally surpasses in every way, the lusty Italian male..and at that, I rest my case my snowboarding kilt less friend!
Andy, 24 03 2009
Hi Robert..I mispoke, I did not mean email, I meant Blog, if you read down the list of older blogs, there you will find the blog that I am referring to. Sorry. Hi Diana, glad you are back from Florida,hope the weather cooperated for you. This time of year can get a little \"weepy\" as they say here, guess they mean a little dreary, if there is a such thing here. Always sunshine here. Hurricane season is coming up, that always makes me nervous, can\'t wait to get home so I never have to worry about them, I\'ll take the rain over the storms anyday, get ready for the weather when you come to Scotland to visit, it stays rather wet, but when the sun shines, there is nothing like it in the world.....
claire, 24 03 2009
hi there claire, i have never logged on in any other name doll, and i never sent you an email ,i agree that its probably the bible thumpers ,if you see my email it ends in .ch. but i dont know yours so i cant send you one ,and as my old buddy andy told you my nowboard is better looking then me ,well i am all for banter ,as of now ,i wont answer to the other mugs ,only you andy diana ,and the oviose banter punters ,hi from sunny ticino
robert, 24 03 2009
Hey guys, I would love to get back to the old banter, but I am not sure whom I am talking to anymore, Robert as you and I are not talking i.e. your email to me, I am not sure who anyone is...I did not know that you could register as more than one person, nieve on my part I guess. It is still obvious that our friends from heaven are still very much active here.
claire, 24 03 2009
Hey Timothy, sounds like you need some farm animal action, I\'ve got no standards after a booze up pal, shagging is a natural occurrence..Diana ta gra agam duit, now I have visions of pierced nipples, should I bring a magnet? robert you are so right my china, Matilda must be waltzing with some super hot chicks, kinky lesbo..Nancy Slainte babai!
Andy, 24 03 2009
i say that there are good looking girls in the bar . and for me you kinow too much about what goes on in the barn with the sheep Timothy.mybe thats why you havent married m8 ,, hi from sunny ticino (where the sheep are not nervous)
robert, 24 03 2009
Some people say theres good-looking girls at Belushi\'s and some people say theres no good-looking girls at Belushi\'s. I have to admit, my standards are very high, which may explain why i\'ve never gotten married. But surely, people that constantly booze it up, have some standards themselves. Its not like they go home to their farms and spend most of the nights in the barn with the animals. If this was the case, then we would certainly die off as a species, or our offspring would be running around the farmyard, screaming mooooooo or baaaaaa. If the offspring are screaming, I suppose this means theres incest going on in the family.
Timothy, 24 03 2009
wow matilda ,you must be a super model ,how can you as a female let popel put down other females like that ,and agree with them ,where u from bitch ,the land of the good looks?(your not from ticino) help out your fellow females
robert, 24 03 2009
Adam, Im glad to know that you were 100% sober, when you made the statement that theres alot of nice looking girls at Belushi\'s. The jury is still out, whether or not you were truly 100% sober, when you made this statement. What you may not have been truthful about though, is even though you may have been sober, you did not mention that you were 100% blind in both eyes.
Matilda, 24 03 2009
well done adam, all these folk saying that there is no scottish lookers in the bar ,WELL THERE IS.WELCOME BACK ANDY BOY ,NEED YOUR HELP HERE FRIEND ,great to see that diana thinks that we need to all get friendly ,well i cant as andy told claire i am all snowboard and no looks, cramped my style there m8 ,lets get back to the banter like before ,hi from sunny ticino
robert, 24 03 2009
Ahhh Andy how sweet to think of my mammaries as wee never been put that way before but thank you, but if it will sooth your suffering i\'m sure i can let you rest you aching head lol.
Diana, 24 03 2009
Cad é an craic leat?! Hahahaha, that was the best laugh I have had from this board since the Moral Majority came to spread sunshine! Slainte!
Nancy, 23 03 2009
Nice looking girls in Belushi\'s tonight Great Scottish talent And I\'m 100% sober Grest bar cam
Adam, 23 03 2009
Trying to recover from a ballistic hangover Diana, every stroke of the keyboard echoes deep inside the cranium poor wee pal robert is really getting it, leave the Italian stallion alone he\'s right the rest of you stop havering..Diana maybe if I could rest my big noggin on your wee mammaries, this mental suffering would disappear?
Andy, 23 03 2009
Hey Andy what happened to our crazy fun loving conversation, things are changing makes me really sad that people just can\'t all get along and let loose it is after all a bar so people start watching and enjoying and have fun
Diana, 23 03 2009
robert, 23 03 2009
Dont think its right that an employee at this bar can put someone down for something he or she may say, but no one is allowed to challenge that employee in what he says. Suppose its all in the booze.
Donahue, 23 03 2009
Just figured it out. Robert must be an employee at Belushi\'s. This explains why people can put other people down, but no one can put Robert down. As the great pharoah once said, So it shall be written, so it shall be done.
Morrison, 23 03 2009
robert, 23 03 2009
Swizz, i have to hand it to you, you must see things that i certainly dont see. I believe it was Timothy that says he cannot see any good-looking girls during breakfast time. Yet, you evidently see \"crack\" being sold. Wow, a very observant individual you are. I suppose its what a person is looking for. Im just looking for good-looking girls. But I have to admit, i do not watch this webcame 24/7. This leaves reservations that there are actually good-looking girls in Scotland. I look through the lens of my eyse. Others look through the glass of a bottle. Quite a difference in what people see.
Bartholomew, 23 03 2009
As Andy said so eloquently, which I have to agree most heartedly, ITS ALL IN THE BOOZE. Timothy from South Africa
Timothy, 23 03 2009
i\'ve been in this bar. i never realised that i was on web-cam. anyway its a good picture and its a good laugh.i can just pick up on some of the crack as well.reminds me, i\'ll have to get out more often. especially after reading the coments from the guy complaining he aint seen any good looking lass\'s on the web-cam. he must be sad. he aint likely to meet any watching web-cams from home is he ?. thats it, get me coat on, i\'m off for a pint. see you\'s later..
swizz, 22 03 2009
Carole, just google American hostels and you will find them coast to coast
Molly, 20 03 2009
As they sometimes say in the old west, \"Well, bust my tumbleweed\". Carol you opened my eyes to an entire new concept. Where have I been all these years? Just learned what a hostel really is. Thanks to Carol, I entered St. Christopher\'s hostel into my computer and found out this is a brand name franchise, such as the Best Western, the Holiday Inn, etc. But its actually like a small inn, catering to those who dont want to pay for the extra thrills and frills some large hotels give and at the expense of the one staying. These hostels are catered for only those who are just traveling through, wanting an economical place to stay. I suppose also, since most are on a frugile budget, a low cost breakfast establishment may just be what they are looking for. I wonder what St. Christopher\'s does about those who snore very loudly. I dont snore loudly from what Ive been told, but I suppose some people do. Arent some of these rooms sort of a community style arrangement? I still dont know if there are any hostels in the United States. If they are, most people just never hear of them.
CAROLE, 20 03 2009
Thanks Carol for telling me about the hostel upstairs. Perhaps this explains why so much toast is being made in front of the camera. Dont know much about hostels and whether or not they exist in the United States. If they do, they must be called something else. All I know, its a place to lay your head and theres not much more to it.
Carole, 19 03 2009
Andy, Im sorry to say that Im not even interested in women with bones through their nose or anywhere else on the body for all I care. But I do like the fact that you agree with me, that its all in the booze. Needless to say, I believe I\'ve drunk my last drop. Perhaps then, when I dont drink anymore, some of the ladies I thought were promising, may all be a bunch of hags. In other words, the level of booze dictates the level of tolerance with those women who should stay indoors, but do not.
Tony, 19 03 2009
Wouldnt it be great, if this webcam was one of those panoramic webcams where the camera shifts from side to side or all around. This way, perhaps the guy from South Africa can see more of the females that frequent this bar in the mornings.
Madeline, 19 03 2009
Looking at this webcam and watching the customers at this bar in the morning time, gives me an idea. Im going to open a simple toast diner. Dont really think this type of diner will thrive much over here, but evidently its thriving a great deal in Scotland at this bar. Dont need anything more than a group of toasters and tables and chairs. Who knows, I may even throw in some jelly and jam.
Jeffery, 19 03 2009
Sorry but I agree with Tony from South Africa. Perhaps im missing something by just watching this webcam in the morning time, but I dont see any females that really look great either. In fact, I will go out on the limb and say that theres a couple of males that look better than all these women and this is coming from a heterosexual. Im just making a point, of course. No Robert, Im not referring to you. Im not that desperate. Not you or any male.
Dennis, 19 03 2009
Robert, are you always so negative on people that do not agree with you on particular issues? I did not once read where Tony was telling you what you should look for in a woman. So in return, you should not be trying to tell Tony what he should be looking for in a woman. Furthermore, he\'s leaving open the possibility that there are alot of good looking women in Scotland. He just hasnt seen any in this webcam. This does not mean he watches it every minute of the day, so who knows, he may have missed some of the good looking ones. Do the viewers a break, will you? Dont be so critical to jump down someone\'s throat. In doing so, you\'re painting an ugly picture of yourself in the process. Some people may like it, but most I assure you, will be turned off on this. Someone said it best, put down the message, but do not put down the messenger. Otherwise, people will start putting you down and they may not let up. All of you, please try to remember this. Sometimes its just better to leave something along.
Tiffany, 19 03 2009
I have a question. What makes Robert so almighty in telling me what I like in a woman and not like. I suppose if a person boozes it up everytime he turns around, he would find (any) woman good-looking. Well I may drink a little, but if drinking more will make women more attractive to me, then I may just have drunk my last ale. As for Claire, I dont know her from apple-butter. If she\'s found in the mix of the patrons at this bar, and if I\'ve seen her on this webcam, then she fits in with those that are not that good-looking. But I reserve my opinion about her, since I may not have seen her. She could be a knock-out in my book, but until I see her in front of the webcam, I cannot pass my personal judgement upon her. Everyone has their own standards. To those who spend most of their time (in the bottle), those standards drop considerably. To others who do not drink or seldom drink, well I would like to think we know what real beauty is in the world. So please withhold your view as to how I should look at women. No one is going to tell me whose good-looking and whose not. Thats reserved just for me. Its only right. Tony from South Africa
Tony, 19 03 2009
its good but you need to move the cam so yopur not looking at the middle of the floor in your place
mike , 18 03 2009
so how is everyone feeling today, hope everyone didn\'t drink tooooo much lol, i had a heck of a time getting my head off my pillow this morning . And Tony i\'m sure they have good looking females in scotland they are just out and about and you keep missing them
Diana, 18 03 2009
Tony! your so used to women with bones stuck through there noses and boobs hangin oot, the sweethearts at Belushi\'s are the beautiful full pedigree types which you are obviously not used too my savage medicine man..Carole! we eat toast and we toast to your health, its all got to do with the booze my dear..robert! claire dont love me anymore, you screwed that up for me with your snowboard skit, I think your going to have to teach me Italian my china, don\'t be hitin on my wee Diana now there\'s only one snowboard she likes and its snow a board bye the way..only kiddin Diana, just havin a wee giggle!!
Andy, 18 03 2009
Carole, above the bar is a hostel called St. Christophers and the bar is where they get their breakfast, so nothing fancy just the basics.
Carol, 18 03 2009
Does anyone know what all does this bar sell on the menu during the morning time? All i can tell, its only toast and items to place on the toast. Didnt know of any place on the planet, where toast is the only main breakfast item. Normally, its eggs, steak, cereal, toast and bagels. And of course, hash browns, which i do not like. So, can anyone answer my question about what is all served at this bar in the mornings. I dont even see anyone having beer and cornflakes.
Carole, 18 03 2009
wow tony ,lucky you are in south africa m8 ,as you may have touched a nerve here ,claire may not be over the moon about this ,andy m8 ,you need to butter up the claire or as a great looking scottish wee lassie ,tony will get gubbed, ha ha ha
robert, 18 03 2009
Ive watched this website morning after morning and have yet to see one good-looking female. Do they exist in Scotland or do they just stay away from bars such as this, since all the low-life females are the only ones that visit this bar. Tony from South Africa
Tony, 18 03 2009
hi there Diana,have a cold one for me as well ,andy has had his fill yesterday ,good to see you back
robert, 18 03 2009
happy st patties day everyone, i\'m having a few nice cold drinks one just for you Andy enjoy the day.
Diana, 18 03 2009
Happy St. Patrick\'s day! Enjoying your webcam. Greetings from Norway
Norway, 17 03 2009
Today is the day fer the wearin\'o the green..Today is the day when the little people are seen..Today is St Patrick\'s day, so if ye\'r Irish me lad, join the celebratin\'fer the grandest time ta\'be and freedom to all..especially all my Belushi\'s china\'s and the Glasgow Celtic..lets get blooootered once again!! Slainte!!
Andy, 17 03 2009
wow little Meredith, thats a bit ott m8 ,would you be one of those bible bashers with a stick up your ass m8?? when you start to write in italian as good as i write in english ,you can start calling me names mr Meredith,i vote Merediths as the most stupid comment on this web cam so far ,,
robert, 17 03 2009
Happy Pat\'s to you as well Robert, personally I like \"humered\" instead of \"humored\" in this instance.
Carol, 17 03 2009
Hey Robert, you wrote \"humered\", its \"humored\" moron.
Meredith, 17 03 2009
happy paddys day to imasouthernbelle,claire, andy ,jimbo,Barbara,Courtney,daniel,Diana,Nancy,Carol,and even all the low humered bible thumpers, from sunny ticino
robert, 17 03 2009
I have a strange feeling that Daniel and Southern Belle are one in the same. After Daniel trying to scare Claire, he\'s trying to get back in her good graces, by welcoming her back. Daniel, Claire doesnt need any friends like you. You\'re the same type of person that stops a mugger from robbing an old lady, then when escorting her safely home, you rape her. Then you take her money.
Bridget, 17 03 2009
Who said those congregational nuts have all left? When a congregation sets their mind at something, they usually dont back down. Who knows, they may have already gotten all the information they may need. I\'d say alot of love-ones may be getting some letters, someone may not wish they would receive. This could be the result of people trying to flush what others have to say, down the drain. They just dont realize that drain has room for more. With me, I like the old adage. Put down the message, but do not ever try to put down the messenger. We all are messengers in a sense.
Antonio, 17 03 2009
Oh, I forgot to answer about the emerald beoir bhairille! I did have beer, but it was off the bottle variety.. my friend\'s birthday is St. Patrick\'s Day and she has a huge Beer Pong tournament and that\'s what I was doing.. I\'m a killer pong player and pretty good with the darts too! Another friend has a party every year on the actual day of St. Patrick\'s, so tomorrow it will be the traditional American corned beef and cabbage, along with the timed honored jello shots! The usual lemon drops, peach, and margarita which is triple sec, tequila and lime jello. Slainte!
Nancy, 17 03 2009
Hi all! Checked in just as the crowd was dying down... one guy left in the bar and talking to two girls with \"Staff\" shirts on.. they disappeared and he was sitting there right at the window seat across from bar, arranging his area and himself and went right for the minin\' o\' the nose gold.. darn it all I was too slow with the viewer gallery pic! AHH!! Too funny though.. I do believe there\'s a sign right there about the cam?? We should all take gallery pics for each other so we can see when what we are all seeing!
Nancy, 17 03 2009
what a bunch of nutters. Got me to thinking that this is what Coronation Street might have looked like with the Internet. Enjoy the view, forget the personal slagging and double click on your screen to increase the size of view.
john inglis, 16 03 2009
claire great your back where ya been? we have missed you all
imasouthernbelle, 16 03 2009
dont you worry about my snowboard claire dear ,,so what were you saying about the kilt, and giving me your friends phone number andy?? do the sheep have pet names??. claire looks like were a thing of the past dear ,and mybe maggie will get the nudge as well ,and its all down to andy
robert, 16 03 2009
To be quite honest robert a think claire is a wee bit frightening, talkin tae animals and stuff, a pal o mine used to talk to sheep, got them to dress up wearin wee wellies, a knitted scarf and a tutu..he\'s got to be washed down with anti-parasitic solution now and again, no idea what he gets up to..if yae want tae borrow one o my kilts yer welcome, we can match pattern to your snowboard you look like a real hum dinger!!
Andy, 16 03 2009
robert.... um, just how big is that snowboard?
claire, 16 03 2009
yes you are right andy m8 ,i got no kilt ,but now that claire know i snowboard and have an italian accent ,putty in my hands m8 ,i could even think about leaving bible thumping maggie for her ,, where has the real banter folk got to ??
robert, 16 03 2009
If emerald coloured beer is good for the environment, me and the china\'s had enough this week-end to save the planet and there\'s two more night\'s ahead..robert did you manage not to fall on your arse at the week-end? I fell on mine and I don\'t even know what a snowboard looks like mate..good to have you back with us Diana, you did\'nae miss much, other than robert showin off tae claire that he\'s got a snowboard, big deal I\'ve got a kilt and he does\'nae, so I\'m way ahead o the game..had any emerald beoir bhairille Nancy? Belushi\'s is quiet, the troops are recovering!!
Andy, 16 03 2009
yea, what Jimbo said. i agree Iknow i would feel like someone was after me if i read that but seems to me that it don\'t matter what we all think, it matters what claire thinks. Where is she. These bible boys need to cut their losses and go home this is geting good
imasouthernbelle, 16 03 2009
well done jimbo,we need the old school back ,good old fashoined near the bone banter ,i agree ,these guys are the bible thumpers , hello from sunny ticino
robert, 16 03 2009
Hmmm, Daniel didn\'t say anything anyone else was not thinking, I think maybe these last 3 posts by Sebaastian, george and Bruce sound a little like someone is trying to backtrack on what that guy said. These guys sound a little too much like the so called religious ones. And yea, he did threaten her. You guys need to just leave the board and leave everyone alone. Andy,Diana, Robert, Claire, Nancy we love you and look forward to your posts. Stay with us!
jimbo, 16 03 2009
With what everyone has been saying lately, its my guess that everyone may be in trouble. Calling names, highly suggesting something that may not be true and in the case of Daniel, he can get in trouble for being an acessory after the fact. Daniel had no right to suggest to Claire that someone threatened her life, when they did not do one such thing. What in the hell was Daniel thinking? I consider him to be more dangerous than the so-called investigator whose supposedly working on a retainer. Daniel is the one putting a scare in someone. If anyone knew exactly what an investigator does, if indeed he is an investigator, they only research and find out things. They rarely make contact with the person they are researching. Investigators research, just like banks, credit bureaus, and human resource personnel. They just research. They do not go out and confront those who they research. They surely do not try to scare like Daniel has done. Shame on you Daniel. What you have done, has already caused the damage you were looking for. You know what you were doing.
Sebastian, 16 03 2009
What are you trying to do Daniel? Are you working with the guy who was supposedly put on a retainer. Dont think for one moment he was trying to scare Claire, but you certainly are doing the job. Claire, I apologize for the stupidy of Daniel. I actually believe his intent was to scare you himself. Of course, he\'s going to deny this. If you look over all the posts, this Daniel is a bigger liar than that alleged investigator. The proof that Daniel is the bigger liar, is in the previous posts. I do believe we have a guilty verdict with Daniel. Thanks Daniel, Im sure we all needed your lies.
George, 16 03 2009
Yeah Daniel, Put a little twist on what someone said, will you. Did not once read anyone threatening the life of another. Do you think everyone on here is so gullible to take your word without looking back over the posts to see if this really happened. Now you\'ve just proved yourself to be a downright LIAR. You must be really proud of yourself. I dont agree what this congregation is doing, but you\'re the sick one.
Bruce, 16 03 2009
hi poeple ,great weakend snowboarding in airolo, so thats me all geared up for the week ,hope all od you had a great weakend ,,
robert, 16 03 2009
My Dear Roman, You\'re absolutely right. Cyber-stalking is a crime, but an investigator on a retainer has every right to follow all leads in finding a person. I did not hear of one clue in the previous post that suggests the investigator will personally visit the street someone lives on. With many investigators, they spend most of their foot work on computers and calling up people. It is my assumption, there will be no contact at all and the investigator will only turn over the information he gathers. Barbara McGuffin Attorney-at-law
Barbara, 16 03 2009
You guys are some crazy people. I\'m just curious about the man who cleans up at night..because that\'s usually what I get to watch. Anyone know? :)
Courtney, 16 03 2009
This is a great website. Don\'t stop the chatter because of one idiot. You have become my offices\' main form of entertainment during breaks and lunch. We all check in during these times to see what has happened. That guy better hope this claire chick doesn\'t call the FBI on him it is a federal crime to threaten someone\'s life over the internet. She\'s being awful quiet. Keep the banter going guys, we would be lost without you.
daniel, 16 03 2009
Oh my goodness i go away for a few days and everything goes crazy, wow, now i have one thing to say to Angela who said that Claire and i should be ashamed of ourselves makes me laugh we are all adaults and we having fun and may i ask how the heck did religion come up in this. and as my dad always said he was going to hell anyway that was where all his friends were lol so i guess i\'m following in his foot steps. and Andy don\'t worry your still the craziest person that i know . Claire i\'m back couldn\'t stay away too long lol
Diana, 15 03 2009
I love watching this cam. It is great to see some people here more than once and it\'s like you get to know them :P Awesome came and I will for sure visit this great place one day! Peace and Blessings to all!
Joel that drummer nobody knows, 15 03 2009
Tabhair \'om póg, is Éireannach mé!
Nancy, 15 03 2009
Roman, 14 03 2009
For those who are following the chatter, believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see. In other words,just enjoy the webcam.May the road rise to meet you,may the wind always be at your back,may the Good Lord always hold you in his hand and may He never make a fist.Happy St. Pats\'.
grits, 14 03 2009
Claire, I dont even belong to this so called congregation, but im going to make you my pet project in trying to find out exactly who you are, based on some of the information you have given. I just have to weed through the info to see what was actual and what may have been made up if any. Of course, I will have to go back as far as I can to match certain points together. You see, I make my living as an investigator and I just love to take on difficult assignments, but I sincerely believe, due to that fact that you love your booze and the fact that you love to make conversation with people, expecially over the internet, I seriously dont believe this assignement will be too difficult for me. Yes, I have been placed on a retainer by someone, but im going to take this as a personal challenge to me as well. Just wish you were not the type to booze it up on occasional, because those that tend to booze up, leave so many trails to follow. I suspect I will be able to supply your neighbor\'s names before too long. Then I will leave it up to the individual who retained me to begin the healing process in your case. Please have a good day. Anyone else needing to be looked up?
Matthew, 14 03 2009
HI Claire, the guy that does the nightshift on the weekends which is usually what I get to see due to time difference. Hey Andy please don\'t have a Fosters for the Aussies. We don\'t drink it we just export it.
Carol, 14 03 2009
Hey claire..think they maybe lookin for a stud for one of there blue movies? I bags first go..Ive been told that Ive got a nice bum, got all my own teeth, though my head\'s like a tumshi and my nose goes bright red after a few lager\'s..what do you think hen? That\'s it I\'m definitely out of here, have a great week-end!!
Andy, 13 03 2009
Hi everyone, I have been doing a little research and apparantly there is a group of people involved in the pornography industry that go from site to site doing exactly what the group here are doing. Since I have heard more filfth come from their mouths than I have ever heard come from this board, and even the most intense religious groups I know of do not react in the way these people have, I wonder if this is the same group?
claire, 13 03 2009
Whatever Margaret, just ignore them. Carol, which guy in the kilt?? There are alot of them, don\'t ya just love it? When is Diana getting back?? Everyone have a great St. Patrick\'s day and Robert, while you are snowboarding, I will be sitting by the pool, who is Eric?
claire, 13 03 2009
robert, 13 03 2009
ok andy claire and carol ,have a great weakend ,i am off snowboarding in airolo, have fun, and dont go bible thumpin if you can help it ,, maggie baby ,i will be waiting on you,you little sexy hussy ,i love it when you talk dirty to me baby ,, cytch you all monday ,good poeple
robert, 13 03 2009
Blah Blah Blah was meant for the \"do gooders\" that live in glass houses not you Robert.
Carol, 13 03 2009
Who the heck is Eric? unbelievable..I\'m sure it was you idiots that bumped into the Titanic..I never worry about how I\'m perceived..we Scot\'s are happy emotional people, we believe in life, not just in existing..crack a smile..have a laugh..drink some Guinness this week-end and celebrate St Paddy and above all get the F--K off this web site!! P.S. claire only likes rough Scotsmen robert, sorry mate..I\'m in your oot!!
Andy, 13 03 2009
Blah Blah Blah. But where is the guy with the kilt?
Carol, 13 03 2009
this web cam seems to be atracting a bad clan of poeple.these bible thumpers are not getting the meaning of tiolet humer ,its all done in good fun ,nobody will even meeet each other ,so its all honest banter ,so if anyone has to get a life and not piss others off ,its all this bible thumping that is not nesesary, but if your up for it ladys ,get your bible thumpin asses over here to sunny ticino ,, robert chpter 1 verse 2 ,,
robert, 13 03 2009
hi there andy ,you know any good shops where i can buy a kilt m8 ,if claire dont beat me up ,at least she will like me in a kilt,maggie and her side kick angela are looking for busness, but ladys ,this is not the sad bitches site,why dont you 2 ugly mares come over to ticino and visit me ,i could find a bag to put over your head, and then i wont even hear you rablin on a lot of shit ,come on ladys ,i know yous are up for it ,,
robert, 13 03 2009
Sorry Robert, you are dead wrong. You didnt lose Margaret or Stephen, they\'re still here. But you did get a full congregation on our side, to bring you sinners in line. Just cant wait until the two of you, along with all those filty girls who continue to lap up the filth the two of you give, then giving their own filth back to you guys. I wish all of you would just hook up, so that you and Eric can infect them with whatever diseases you have, then its just a matter of time before the devil gets his hands on all of you. Dont forget to call him MASTER. He likes this, just as much as you will like the warm, very hot weather that far south. If you know what i mean. Theres no doubt in my mind that each and every one of you have a deadly disease, brought on by all the sex all of you have with multiple partners you dont even know. I would venture to say some of these partners may be of the canine and feline species. When one\'s organs get infected, it spreads to the brain and when this happens, all hell breaks lose. Your only purpose in life by that time, is to get sex from anyone and anything. Its sad the neither of you will find a place in the kingdom of God. He has already forsaken you, because at this juncture, there is absolutely no hope for sex feinds such as you, Eric, Claire, Dianna and the whole lot of you. May the devil bring you into his kingdom and tinker with you in any way he pleases. Dont think you can take an air-conditioner with you. An air-conditioner will not do you any good. Accept it and just live with it. Or should I say, die with the disease you\'re passing along to one another.
Michael, 13 03 2009
hi there andy, looks like we lost the bold maggie and bibble thumping steve,mybe they went to a less intulectual web cam ,as they did talk a lot of shit, not to be mixed with us brainy boys, (and girls) clair Louise and dear carol ,great bunch
robert, 13 03 2009
I welcome the call Margaret made in front of the congregation. I spent the last few minutes reading this total filth of men picking up on women and women picking up on men. Its disgusting and I suspect that almost everyone of them are married with children. Sinners beware, your judgement day will come sooner than you think. You go to bed one night and wake up in a hot burning bed of fire and im not referring to the burning of the rash that Eric and Robert are probably experiencing from having sex with one another and with everyone they continue to pick up on, in these very seedy clubs they go to. Claire and Dianna also should be ashamed of theirselves. They seem to be going full-steam ahead more than Eric and Robert. I suspect they probably have a red light placed outside their door and it never gets shut off. Morning Afternoon, Evening. They\'re open for business, it would seem. You\'re right, there are alot of sinners on this website and they\'re all destined for HELL.
Angela, 13 03 2009
Hey Stephen, We\'ve certainly got everyone on the run. We\'ve rattled their cages and they\'re running for the hills. Sunday evening, I discussed this website with our adult parishioners and those with computers have all pledged to go online and preach the gospel to these unholy sinners. We cannot change their path from either going to heaven or going straight to the devil, because they are definitely going to the devil, but perhaps our preaching will prevent them from spreading their sins to other unsuspecting souls. Too late to save these sinners, but perhaps we can keep others from sinning this bad. We are definitely making a mark on this group though. Theres no doubt about it.
MARGARET, 13 03 2009
Robert, Andy, I have to say that I have not laughed so hard in a very long time. Thanks for the chuckle-it was badly needed. However...I cannot help the blood that runs through my veins....Andy, you know good and well that Scotsmen have a reputation also. My grandfather used to tell me that during war when the german soldiers heard the sound of bagpipes, they knew they were trouble and a lot of times retreated. So imagine when those two fiery temperaments collide, well.......give me a rugged scotsman anytime....
claire, 12 03 2009
Robert, Andy, I have to say that I have not laughed so hard in a very long time. Thanks for the chuckle-it was badly needed. However...I cannot help the blood that runs through my veins....Andy, you know good and well that Scotsmen have a reputation also. My grandfather used to tell me that during war when the german soldiers heard the sound of bagpipes, they knew they were trouble and a lot of times retreated. So imagine when those two fiery temperaments collide, well.......give me a rugged scotsman anytime....
claire, 12 03 2009
buona fortuna con il pussy this week-end robert!!
Andy, 12 03 2009
Hey Nancy..hope your liver has managed to regenerate for your next visit..clair it was four legs dear, although if you want it to be two, we can do that, just don\'t hit me please!!..Diana enjoy your visit to Florida \"stay safe\" and everyone else out there Happy St Pat\'s week-end YESSSSSSSSS!!!!
Andy, 12 03 2009
thats kinda harsh m8 ,i think maggie would go for less ,whats buckie ever done to you buddy. sounds like claire is a bit that needs to be wined and dined ,or she will beat the shit out of you ,, great cam for banter andy boy
robert, 12 03 2009
Buckfast for the bush pig\'s \"Maggie\"..robert and amber fluid for the lovely lass!!
Andy, 12 03 2009
here we speek italian andy, we are swiss ,but the girls like the italian accent ,better than a bottle of buckie to get your way m8 ,,
robert, 12 03 2009
\"Big Gulp\" you got me shivering all over claire, with your reply to crazy Maggie..Hot! Hot! Hot! I think I love you, my wee Scotch blond lass!!
Andy, 12 03 2009
Hey robert..g\'day cobber!! whats a fella got to do to pick-up a sheila in Ticino? do they use the Italian in that part of the Alps?
Andy, 12 03 2009
andy ,you silver tounged devil ,maggie is gonna get in a fluster now ,and i think steve is comming out of the closet m8 ,,
robert, 12 03 2009
Maggie, have you ever heard stories about the bad tempers that Irish and Scottish lasses can have? Well, they are all true. It is said that some Scots women used to follow their men into battle, and I assure you it was not to wash their clothes or meet their physical needs. As a matter of fact, some scots women were more feared in battle than their counterparts. They could be quite blood thirsty....As Andy will probably testify, you never really know what will set us off and when it happens, it is bad. So, the moral of this story is, never personally attack a Scots woman or her family. Enough said. About your comment on the information issue, any man Scots or otherwise that stalks or pisses off a Scots lass deserves what he gets when her finds her. Throw religion into any conversation and it is bound to \"stir the pot\" as Andy says. Well I think we have another spoon in this pot, welcome to the board dear Maggie, you have everyone quire stirred up. Cheers to you for choosing the religion forum. Andy, about the dogs in the streets of Edinburgh, are you referring to the two or four legged kind?
claire, 12 03 2009
robert, 12 03 2009
Ok my friends lets get back into the more talk on sex, drinking and foul anyone for a shag over a pint ya B_____d..and Nancy sorry lass, I never meant you on my last to all and may your God go with you!!
Andy, 12 03 2009
O M G where did all this \"high and mighty\" stuff come from. We are viewing a bar...... not church and surely to attack people verbally is not very christian Maggie. Everyone please keep up the banter it adds to the enjoyment. Where\'s the guy in the kilt gone?
Carol, 12 03 2009
MARGARET, 12 03 2009
Robert, you and Andy are two sick puppies. Saying that you are heterosexual is a complete joke. You know that you like it one way and one way only......with Eric. As for Eric, I have to say that he does like women, a little too much if you ask me, but he also likes men a little too much, which I would say is a step in the right direction for him, but he still is one sick puppy as well. May God forgive you both for your wickedness, trying to get cheap thrills everywhere you go. The two of you will experience your own style of Sodom and Gamora. Dont get this confused with the word \"sodomy\" that you\'ve already experienced with Eric. Repent if you still can. Do the most honorable thing and kill yourselves. God will still not let you into heaven, but at least he will give you his blessing with the devil.
Stephen, 12 03 2009
Stephen get a life m8 ,if your not up to good old banter ,then get out of the kitchen m8 ,whats all this bible thumping for no reason ,i am shoor that its all done in honest fun and just clean banter ,,so shut up man
robert, 12 03 2009
robert, 12 03 2009
hi all.. Im goin to edinburgh on saturday :) i\'l wave to ye on cam :) x
Louise, 12 03 2009
To Eric and all those others that seem to just want to drink and have sex with everyone on earth, with total disregard whether they are male or female, to all of you, if you were living back in biblical times, all of you would be the perfect candidates for free housing in the towns of Sodom and Gamora. Since all of you were not living back then, Im sure that God will lay out a plan for each and every one of you. I guarantee you, this will not be the garden of eden. Ive never seen so much advertisement for deviant sex on one website, than on this website. Eric, Eric\'s lover Robert, Claire and Diana must be the ring leaders by the way they carry on. Shame on each and every one of you. Your lives are headed for damnation, but you dont seem to care, because you have the devil on your side, which you found in a bottle.
Stephen, 12 03 2009
Its Margaret, not Maggie. Already the alcohol is affecting your brain once again. To Claire, go ahead and give a total stranger all the info he needs to stalk you someday and no telling what else he may do. You must be one strange slut in doing this. To all you others who feel that drinking and having sex with everyone on earth is o.k. Go ahead and continue down that same lifestyle and see exactly where this path will take you. If you listen to Andy and Robert, they\'ll make prostitutes out of you in no time. Live the fast life, see if I care.
Margaret, 12 03 2009
Yikes! Andy, I\'m an American and a divorcee! If it helps, I\'m of Irish/Scottish descent. I spent a summer studying at the University of Edinburgh and I left my heart (and parts of my liver) in Scotland! I will be back this summer! I feel really bad that Andy was called horny and I was the one asking him where he was going to get his Shamrock wet (which of course means where will he be drinking!). Claire, I know what you mean about the weather in Florida. I lived in Panama City Florida and moved back home to Pennsylvania... and I kick myself in the pants every winter over it!
Nancy, 12 03 2009
Noel , 12 03 2009
ok this is just getting fun now hey Andy. Claire i am going to Florida this weekend maybe we should get together and have a drink. and margaret thank you for your concern but as i told the other gentalman this is all in fun and i would not mind having a pint with andy when i get there
Diana, 11 03 2009 yer a wee lass from Fife and an animal psychiatrist, there is a lot of dogs in Glasgow with mental disorders, they just walk around all day looking confused like the natives here, or sometimes like a bunch of oysters reared in an artificial if you venture back from the sun and into the continuous rain fall of Scotland, we would welcome your help!!
Andy, 11 03 2009
Andy, I was born in Edinburgh and my family now lives across the forth in the ancient capital of Dunfermline. After university, I am currently getting my phd in animal psychology from a Veterinary College in Gainsville, Florida, USA. I live in a small town outside of Gainsville with two mates. I try to go home at least once every 3 or 4 months if possible. It is hard to go back to the weather at home after being in sunny florida. I miss home. I will come back home when I finish university and hope to teach in a veterinary hospital. We will see, now you know all about me. What about you Nancy?
claire, 11 03 2009
Hey!!! I love Scotland and plan to visit this bar on my next trip.. nice cam. Can anyone tell me what beers they have on tap there?? What they pouring at Belushi\'s??? cheers then.
Trevor, 11 03 2009
robert are you dinki di..if so I will toast your health and down a Fosters tonight..g\'day mate!!
Andy, 11 03 2009
great banter andy from an aussie ,keep it UP m8. greetings from sunny ticino
robert, 11 03 2009
The lovely Diana we know is from Canada, wee tam and Big Shug are from Glasgow..where are the gaelic scribhneoiri claire and Nancy from?
Andy, 11 03 2009
I\'m so impressed with everyone\'s it..keap it up..and claire I would flip my braided tassel sporan to the side anytime, for a wee twirl with you !!
Andy, 11 03 2009
Nancy,Tha sin gle mhath!(that\'s really good) Put that in English....Hee Hee. Margaret, SIGH. You are making for good reading and in case everyone is wondering, yes, our Andy has a romantic side to him, what he said to me was very sweet and poetic, my reply to him was-- Would you like to \"Dance\" with me everyone settle down and enjoy.
claire, 11 03 2009
Hey lad\'s and lassie\'s there is a lot more to life than sex, I joke about it, to get everyone wound up..appears to be working..the St Patrick\'s celebrations are under way, all the Guinness decorations are going up at Belushis..lets party like the Erse..have a drink and relax Maggie, you got to be an American or a pissed off divorcee to be sure?..hey robert love the Swiss..don\'t do anything stupid with my money over there!..hey Diana, having as much fun as I am?
Andy, 11 03 2009
sorry to let you down maggie ,i am a hetrosexual swiss male, i was only comenting on your knowlage of andys dick ,you really seem to (or want to) know a lot about it ,in my opinion ,only someone who has tasted the dick would know so much about it ,mybe you should choose your wording a bit better maggie dear, but mybe i am wrong ,, good on andy ,ride as many of the silly bitches as you can m8 ,,
robert, 11 03 2009
This Andy and Robert, both seem to be very hard-up for affection and conversation. May i suggest they both get together, if they have not already and tie the knot.
Stephen, 11 03 2009
Diana, I remember someone had warned you before about this Andy person. I take it that you have never actually been face to face with him. For your sake, lets hope you will never see him face to face. Someone as horny as Andy seems to be, with Robert looking very closely over his shoulder to make sure no one gets him other than himself, I truly dont know who you should worry more about, Andy or the guy whose madly in love with him...Robert. Andy likes it both ways, but Robert\'s eyes are only for Andy. This is what happens when a person plays rooster everywhere he goes. Just like in a barnyard, when all the hens get infected, all the hens will either have to be destroyed or they die on their own. You are in double-jeopardy, since both Robert and Andy likes it both ways. The more the partners, the more chances of contracting something.
Margaret, 11 03 2009
Robert, thats very touching that you are the great protector of Andy\'s you-know-what. The two of you must be dating on a regular basis, along with some of the Scotland\'s ladies-of-the-night. Why dont the two of you do Scotland a favor? Be loyal only to yourselves and leave the women alone. Andy seems to be looking of sex partners every where he goes, but something tells me you would prefer he goes nowhere except to your bedroom. Andy says cheers to you. I wonder what he\'s been drinking. Love juices, perhaps. The two of you need counseling desperately. Stop being so horney and stay with one another.
Margaret, 11 03 2009
Lá Fhéile Phádraig Sona Daoibh! (Happy St. Patrick\'s Day!) Andy... Cá mbeidh tú ag fliuchadh na seamróige? *giggle*
Nancy, 11 03 2009
Andy joking aside i cannot wait to get to scotland its like a dream come true. and Margaret lighten up its all in fun.
Diana, 11 03 2009
Wow, Margaret has some real issues! A real man-hater! Love the banter you guys, keep it up. If you can\'t have fun, what else is there?!
Sophie, 10 03 2009
Margaret, this is all in good fun, we are just having a good time with some nice people we met on the internet... in Belushi\'s bar...join us and have a pint! It can be quite nice...
claire, 10 03 2009
a bheil thu g iarraidh a dhanns.....Andy.... (sorry about the english keyboard...)
claire, 10 03 2009
Cheers robert!..Margaret pog mo thoin..Nancy aoibhinn..and Diana, when you come to the land where life is a song, all we ask is that you bring your heart!! la fheile phadraig sona duit Diana!!
Andy, 10 03 2009
wow margaret ,you seem to know a bit more details about the state of andys dick ,why let everyone know all your problems ,as proably you have the same ones as poor andy ,
robert, 10 03 2009
Andy, I think its time that you stop all your bar-hopping, trying to pick up on all the women you can pick up on. Your woman back home will either kick you out for good or the court will order you to undergo much needed treatment for those scabs that tend to appear/disappear on you know what. Stop trying to be the only rooster around the farmyard. You\'re giving everyone the clap.
Margaret, 10 03 2009
Andy i have no idea what you said to Claire but i hope you were being a gental man lol. ok andy i guess i leave my whip at home then what do you recomend lol. and i have to agree with Claire becareful what you wish for
Diana, 10 03 2009
Aww, Andy you\'re quite the charmer! Very sweet :) A chailin alainn, a dtug me gra duit; O bi ar laimh liom, mo mhile stor; O abair liomsa, gur tu mo ghra gheal Beidh orm athas, in ait an bhroin....
Nancy, 10 03 2009
claire..Da dtiocfa liomsa, a chailin alainn ..Arist go brach ni, bheadh orm bron..Sheinnfinn ceol duit, mar cheol na clairsi..No ceol binn smoilin, s an drucht gheal cheo
Andy, 09 03 2009
Really miss going down to the pub on a Sunday Wished I was there Great web Cam
Audrey USA, 08 03 2009
Magic fair Andy? Should that not be left up to the Meighdean Chuain? Be careful what you ask for....
claire, 08 03 2009
Claire i think your right. Oh Andy ok i promise i won\'t take the whip when i come there lol. Claire you should come to scotland with me and the girls in july then andy would be in double trouble lol. Tinkerbelle i\'m there in july too lets have a pint
Diana, 02 03 2009
Also wondering, what are the good Scottish beers that you have there that we cant get on tap in the USA???
Trevor, USA, 02 03 2009
Hey!! Someone bumped the cam a bit to the left.. now we cant see the pints and the taps on the bar...grrrr... Someone bump it back to the right please!!!
Trevor, 02 03 2009
We will all be there tinkerbelle..Diana will be the one with the whip, though I\'m not to sure about claire..maybeeee you can do some magic for me? if not a pint will do the trick !!
Andy, 02 03 2009
No chance claire !!
Andy, 02 03 2009
Andy, are you there? Diana, do you think we scared him off?
claire, 02 03 2009
Jean L... you need Windows Media Player installed!
Larry, 01 03 2009
I\'m coming home for the Clan Gathering and need a decent pint badly.... anyone want to join me in the pub in July....?
tinkerbelle, 01 03 2009
c\'mon ladies..and Diana your packing a whip? you will have to pay a lot more in excess airline baggage than that, to keep a tall, muscular, thoroughbred, Scotsman in line lass !!
Andy, 27 02 2009
Hey Claire, i don\'t know if Andy is going to be able to keep up you know what they say about Canadian women we are crazy lol. Thanks Gale glad Andy and i can keep you laughing
Diana, 27 02 2009
Help!! I haven\'t seen this cam in 3 weeks. WHAT HAS CHANGED? JEAN L
Jean L, 27 02 2009
OK Diana, lets see if Andy can anti up...Andy,your big chance is coming up soon, don\\\'t disappoint the world!! Go get him Diana!!lol
claire, 26 02 2009
diana and andy whats up you are so taken up with it like you people keep it up love you
gale, 25 02 2009
Thanks Claire leave me all the hard work lol and i will definately give you all the juisy detail. And Andy i can\'t be snow white don\'t like short men. and as for the seniors club i have a ways to go before i know anything about them , and one more thing andy you better behave i really don\'t want to bring my whip lol
Diana, 24 02 2009
OK Diana..your either snow white with the 17 dwarf\'s or the Windsor senior\'s club ladies annual knee\'s up bash in Scotland ? and claire..I think I love you !!
Andy, 24 02 2009
Andy its good to know that there is enough to go around wouldn\'t want you to drink it dry before i get there lol. and i am not a she male. lol
Diana, 24 02 2009
Hi Diana. Left taking care of Andy to you....thought you might share details when you get back...better be a good boy Andy!!
claire, 23 02 2009
hi yall looks like a cool pub I was born in airdrie now living in sarasota fl.
pete, 23 02 2009
Diana there\'s enough bevy in Scotland to supply the planet..knowing my luck your 18 she males, with a kilt fetish !!
Andy, 23 02 2009
hey by the way Andy why do you need cheering up. you should be smiling you have 18 women thinking about having a drink with you in july
Diana, 23 02 2009
Hey Andy what is with you and blondes lol. don\'t drink too much save some for me and the girls when we get there. Hi Claire
Diana, 23 02 2009
Andy...if you have ever had the misfortune to travel via London Heathrow airport u would know that even smiling hurts and laughing must therefore be torture.
Mark, 20 02 2009
figured that claire..da? and Lee good luck against Manchester City on Sunday, I\'ll be drunk or something watching the game..everyone else just drop your drawers and jump in a puddle..have a laugh it don\'t hurt!
Andy, 20 02 2009
Nah, No thanks... I will leave that for the way, for what it\'s worth, I am blond....
claire, 20 02 2009
Take No Notice Claire I think hes Drunk or something are you ok ... By the way nice webcam :) From a scouser from Liverpool !!
Lee, 20 02 2009
only jesting you claire! I\'m a wee bit peelie wally tonight..lets go to Belushis and get paralytic..hey Diana join us I need cheering up!
Andy, 19 02 2009
Can we kiss and make up claire? maybeeee a wee bit a tongue action?
Andy, 19 02 2009
Im from Aberdeen originally now based in Nth Carolina USA but this helps remind me of the social scene back home....Cheers Belushi\'s for this sadly addictive viewing venture :)
Mark, 19 02 2009
Just a simple non-attacking question Andy. No need to be defensive. No need to insult me, I did not insult you...what gives???
claire, 19 02 2009
is claire really a blonde bovinae ??
Andy, 17 02 2009
I know its a day late but hope everyone had a nice valentines day. And Andy right back at ya with a big hug from the crazy windsor lass lol
Diana , 16 02 2009
i luv this bar it is so alive i enjoy looking in everyday keep up the good work
Tyrone, 15 02 2009
Very interesting I love to watch but was disapointed it when down new year\'s eve
kim, 15 02 2009
Is Andy really from Scotland??
claire, 15 02 2009
Happy Valentines Day to everyone in Edinburgh!
Courtney, 14 02 2009
can\'t get your cam, could you get a message out? Jean L
Jean L, 13 02 2009
Welcome back, good to see you, Thanks.
Jane, 12 02 2009
Hey Diana! an advanced happy valentines day and a big hug from across the Atlantic!
Andy, 12 02 2009
Colton and Nicola of course we are pissheads, what do you think Scotland is all about?
Andy, 12 02 2009
ah Andy thanks i loved being thought of as a bad girl lol it has to be the kilts honestly. really happy to see the cam up and running again
Diana, 12 02 2009
Yeah, I\'m glad the cam is back also! What was wrong with it?
George, 11 02 2009
Oh, and hi Richard! I am also in PA :)
Nancy, 11 02 2009
Petra.. I think this is the other side of the bar on this cam Another is up the stairs seating and the third is the static of the streaming.
Nancy, 11 02 2009
God it\'s been near enough a year, since this hide and seek game started, can you please hurry up and find me!
Madeline McCann, 11 02 2009
Oh my deary, isn\\\\\\\'t this just lovely, shame there isn\\\\\\\'t a beach there, can i have some vodka and tonic?
Edna and Fred, 11 02 2009
These are all pissheads, and if you watch it, you\'re a drunken alcholic with no life!Also rotate the cameras would be lovely
Colton and Nicola, 11 02 2009
When the cam was off line for a couple of day\'s, I thought you might be moving the cam back, so we could see the whole bar? That would be nice! I still enjoy dropping in, all the way from Texas!:-)
Larry, 11 02 2009
am coming to visit edinburgh in 3 weeks can u plz tell me how to find ur bar.thanks.luv this webcam look at it every day but canada is an 8hr time difference so have to get up in the middle of the night.welcome bac.
marie, 11 02 2009
glad you\'re back!!!! Did you make the camera rotate? That would be great, so we see what\'s going on on the other side too.
Petra Pike, 11 02 2009 must have stayed up all night thinking up that word..sounds like you need some action wee man!
Andy, 11 02 2009
Retrieved the cam from the mother ship just for you Diana..helping with your kilt fetish..bad girl!
Andy, 11 02 2009
So very glad you\'re back!! Now my work day will be a happy one.
Richard C, 11 02 2009
Cam\'s fixed..happy now?
Andy, 11 02 2009
Why did they take it away. I enjoyed watching the people having fun
Janet, 11 02 2009
please fix this cam. i really miss it. i get up in the midddle of the night just to see it coz theres an 8 hour time difference.Marie
marie, 11 02 2009
TAK TENT! Missin the live cam...and the kilties!
Lora MacPherson, 10 02 2009
hey Andy what did you do to the cam lol i miss seeing all the scots running around in their kilts. bring back the cam please
Diana, 10 02 2009
I do hope the solipsistic e mailers who have caused this blank screen will perhaps depart and let the rest of us enjoy the action again.
george, 09 02 2009
Glad to see others love and miss this cam. Don\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t know why but it really makes me happy to watch it. All the way from PA., USA.
Richard , 09 02 2009
I also visit Glasgow and in Ireland the O\'connel st. bridge. I so enjoy visiting until I can get there, by webcam. Bring your\'s back there\'s nothing I\'ve ever seen that anyone would want to hide. Everyone\'s just having a nice time.
Jane, 08 02 2009
Please bring the webcam back, I enjoy it so and will visit some day soon.Look in everyday.
Jane, 08 02 2009
I am hoping they turn the cam on inside the mothership, that would be mad ;).
coder, 08 02 2009
please fix the cam its the only thing that keeps me going and i realy miss it
Tyrone, 08 02 2009
Where is the mother ship located? Will they ever bring the cam back
silverlake, 07 02 2009
Any idea when they are beaming it back down Andy?
coder, 07 02 2009
it was taken back to the mother ship coder!
Andy, 07 02 2009
where has the the cam gone?
coder, 06 02 2009
You get used to it Diana..I tend to indulge in my pleasure\'s..I just wish I had another perforation that gives one that zing zing..
Big Shug, 06 02 2009
Lois..The bloke in the plaid shirt is Batman in disguise..he just got a call from Larry and he\'s using his x ray vision to see what\'s behind the cam!
Andy, 06 02 2009
what\'s with the bloke in the plaid shirt on his cell phone? I its more fun than Belushi\'s he should keep it home.(what\'s wrong with his companion?
Lois, 06 02 2009
I am of Scottish heritage,so really enjoy this website. I keep wonering... what\\\'s behind the cam?any way to move the cam back, so we could see the whole bar? Thanks!
Larry, 05 02 2009
i\'m trying really hard not to laugh but i must say i think wee tam is alittle interesting and i don\'t think we have any women fitting that description here ok well i hope not anyway lol. And for the record i\'ve never heard of bloated arse syndrome but it sounds very uncomfortable.
Diana, 05 02 2009
wee Tam says cheers Diana! he\\\'s now got a poultice on his arse, wee Sheila did him the honour\\\'s, though Big Shug says it\\\'s no big worry he\\\'s used to bloated arse syndrome..wee Tam\\\'s looking for a huge gigantic wumin with overgrown body limbs and pomegranate plook\\\'s, is there any Canadian wumin like that?
Andy, 05 02 2009
LOL ok Andy i have no friggen idea what the heck you just said but i love it. Now about the women in canada i guess they are like the women in scotland some wee some not so wee.And tell wee tam i\'m sorry he burnt his arse lol
Diana, 04 02 2009
wee Tam say\'s \"hows it gawn\" Diana, burnt his arse on a fag yesterday..he\'s only four pint\'s of lager and a packet a crisp\'s high, always bumpin into things..he\'s asking if there are any wee Canadian wumin, or are they all big wumin in Canada?
Andy, 03 02 2009
Will somebody wave up at the camera and say HI TO CHUCK AND DAYNA. Please.
chuck, 03 02 2009
thanks for the scoop on Big Shug lol. i guess we have to keep it clean so you don\'t get kicked off again bad boy
Diana, 03 02 2009
Diana, you would think twice if you came across Big Shug in his mini kilt..he was on the bus last night..middle row, back seat looked like he had just sat on Pinocchio\'s head..pure disgusting! P.S. hope the web moral cop\'s don\'t bump me off again..\"nice lad\'s by the way\"
Andy, 03 02 2009
ANDY your back!!!!! fun time starts again. naughty why Andy thank you lol
Diana, 03 02 2009
O Diana, you naughty wee Windsor lass!
Andy, 02 02 2009
oh i just love this bar they were singing and dancing tonight. i so can\'t wait to go there
Diana, 02 02 2009
I\'ve noticed most of the patrons seem to be young adults. Would someone older feel out of place or welcomed?
grits, 01 02 2009
Hey Nancy make that 3 that think the same way lol. men in kilts just does something to ya
Diana, 01 02 2009
Christan, I\'m sitting on the kludgie, in my tenement in Glasgow reading the Beano, having the moment at hand..are you for real..without a doubt your ancestors were teuchter\'s from the north
Andy, 31 01 2009
O Nancy we are awful aren\'t we!
Big Shug, 31 01 2009
GREAT WEBCAM!! I\\\'m in Baltimore,MD. I found the cam and sent my son over there (he\\\'s spending one night there while on holiday) Then I got his dad (who hasn\\\'t seen him in over a year)and his daughter who hasn\\\'t seen him since last november online so they could catch a glimpse of him. Both were ecstatic. My granddaughter (11yrs old) was really into the whole bar scene. \\\"Hey, thats an american song!\\\" I told her, they like our music but I think that\\\'s THEIR band and WE like that song of theirs. (always good to broaden their horizons,get them to realize there are people just like them over there RIGHT NOW) Thanks to you we had a great night.
SandyP, 31 01 2009
\"Lust for Life\" is on, and these ladies and gentlemen know what it means!.....I love it! I\'m sitting in my living room in Atlanta, GA USA and thoroughly enjoying their dancing, laughing, and enjoying the moment. Some may think them foolish, I think they are all lucky to have the moment at hand. God love \'em....I know I do! They sing, and I think,\"why do Americans not sing this way? It\'s like the EPL Football games. The British sing at the games, and it\'s beautiful. I wish My own did the same at sporting events and bars. I love you all....but my ancestors were highlanders, so maybe it\'s a deep longing I barely understand. Keep it up, my Scottish friends!
Christan, 30 01 2009
Big Shug, looks like we\'re of a like mind! Both agree on the kilts for similar reasons *wink*
Nancy, 29 01 2009
Really Joe! I am surprised they knew all the words to the Aussie national anthem, most people think it is waltzing matilda, lol
Molly, 28 01 2009
was that Obama? no no no just the wee paper man, that fell off the Robinson Marmalade jar!
Andy, 28 01 2009
great cam for \"posers\"
bob, 28 01 2009
hate to burst your bubble Molly, but the idiots that you were watching were Scottish, pretty much all over the UK they were giving out Aussie hats, flags and stuff to celebrate there day, the Scots will celebrate anyones day as long as there is a drink involved
Joe, 27 01 2009
I see the Aussies are visiting today, they really know how to enjoy themselves, my daughter is married to an Aussie, lives in Sydney, its a beautiful city.
Molly , 26 01 2009
Hey Nancy..the streaming cam wasn\'t the only thing that went down on Burn\'s day baby..I just love the boy\'s in there kilt..makes it ever so easy
Big Shug, 26 01 2009
Hey Bubba! how you doin wae the wallpaperin in yer trailer?
wee Tam, 26 01 2009
Pity the streaming cam went down on Robert Burns 250th! The static cams are working, and I see kilts I would love to see in motion! :)
Nancy, 25 01 2009
OMG I was laughing so hard! This kilt guy came in and was eating at the end of the bar. Another guy came in and was talking to him. Every time kilt guy turned his head to look at the tv, the other guy would steal food off of his plate! LOL I tried to catch him in the act for the viewer gallery.
Lara, 24 01 2009
We live in the United states and my wife and I don\'t have $$ to go out so we drink beer and watch your cam. I am hoping the clown that dropped his trousers last week comes back tonight!
Bubba, 24 01 2009
lol. hey wee tam i don\'t use chap stick my lips are moist enough. hey andy are all your friends going to be there also when the girls and i get there in july
Diana, 24 01 2009
such a humorist scotch fag lol
beth, 23 01 2009
funny guys you should take up a comedy act
len, 23 01 2009
Hey blupiper, give me regimental any day baby, I so love the kilt, especially the leather ones with the hairy sporran, such an elevator for me!
Big Shug, 22 01 2009
Your so on the ball to speak..wee Tam and Andy are good mates of mine, even though everybody makes fun of me, because I\'m the only gay in the village!
Big Shug, 22 01 2009
Diana my princess, you are emitting rays of mental alertness to me like a shower of meteors, you are the only one so far that can have a laugh on this electronic circus! P.S. do you use chap stick hen?
wee Tam, 22 01 2009
Hey Tim! do you like your ruminant mammal with or without garters?
wee Tam, 22 01 2009
I just wanted to make a small comment about the person who commented about wee tam. this is a great bar lots of fun and i for one think everything said one the comment spot is just that all in fun. And Lula i think you are right about our infamous Andy
Diana, 21 01 2009
claire: With trousers it\'s \'commando,\' but with a kilt it\'s \'regimental.\'
blupiper, 21 01 2009
Hey Wee Tam, quit playing with your computer . I think your Mommy is calling you down to supper..Then time to do your homework!!!!!
Tim, 21 01 2009
I think some people must not know there is a camera in there. A girl stood right by it and picked her nose the other night. LOL
Lara, 21 01 2009
Thanks wee tam(i think), from your description sounds abit uncomfortable. Most of them will be coming \"commando\", so it will still be interesting.
claire, 21 01 2009
I think the infamous Andy may have returned Diana!
Lula A, 21 01 2009
what a pity the censor cannot do something about wee tams comments,he must be a right wee perv,pathetic.
arch, 20 01 2009
Wee Tam you sound alot like my good friend Andy. tell him to hop on i miss the laughs
Diana, 20 01 2009
teresa, he\'s bent like a two pound note hen! am no married, just yet anyway, got ma new burd\'s up the stick! you got big can\'s (.)(.) a only like ma burd\'s wae big can\'s by the way!
wee Tam, 20 01 2009
Can anyone tell me who the tall guy with the glasses is?He must be a manager because he is always there.He\'s always drinking with the patrons..He\'s sort of cute. Is he married?? Thanks,Teresa..USA!!!
teresa, 20 01 2009
David, you a stuttery kinda bloke? or do you shag parrots for a laugh? claire, I wear a leather thong under ma kilt, its a bit tight, spreads ma balls oot like a butterfly sometimes. Although ma pal Andy tells me hes got ma last girlfriend wee Sheilas chap gloss remnants under his kilt, what a pure nutter he is!
wee Tam, 20 01 2009
I am recovering from an opeand had a lot of time on my hands. I am watching and listening to a conversation between a black guy and a blond, they have been talking from 1:00 a.m. to 2:25 a.m. He has provided the lovely girl a lot of friendship and good advice. I don\\\'t think they were aware they are on camera. Listening from Canada makes for great entertainment. I was impressed by their thoughtfulness and respect for each other.between a black guy and a blond, they have been talking from 1:00 a.m. to 2:25 a.m. He has provided the lovely girl a lot of friendship and good advice. I don\\\'t think they were aware they are on camera. Listening from Canada makes for great entertainment. Very polite and respectful couple. Can\\\'t wait to meet you guys soon. David
David, 20 01 2009
There was a band playing, and we enjoyed watching everyone having a good time- can\'t wait to visit when we come to Scotland!
Rachel, 18 01 2009
A friend of mine is getting married and some of his friends are wearing kilts to the wedding. His bride is horrified because she\'s heard they don\'t wear anything beneath. Is this true? If so this could be a very interesting wedding!!
claire, 18 01 2009
this place looks so cool wish i could be there keep up the good work
tyrone, 17 01 2009
i like to watch people enjoying themselves there.Love it!
Nur, 17 01 2009
Hi from Tx... I visited Edinburgh in 2004... don\'t know how I missed this \'Pub\'.. we made all of them I thought! :-) Looks like a good place to have a \'pint\'. I enjopy visiting this web site.
Larry, 15 01 2009
Hey Diana! It was Sunday night closing. I wish I would have thought to take a shot for the viewer gallery!
Nancy, 14 01 2009
Haha, love the dancing around this morning before people began coming in for breakfast :)
Meagan, 13 01 2009
Hey Nancy what night was that i missed it darn it
Diana, 12 01 2009
Watching the sweeping and mopping at the end of the night is much more interesting when the staff member is wearing a kilt and flip flops! Kilts just go with everything, don\'t they? :)
Nancy, 12 01 2009
Nice to be able to party with my son J.J. on his last night in scotland. I am sure he will miss Edinburgh/Beluishi\\\'s
lois, 12 01 2009
Is it only in America that we don\'t have any picture??????????
Audrey USA, 10 01 2009
I just saw a guy in a kilt. That made my whole day!
Lara, 09 01 2009
Hey Stephen, Nancy is right this bar is really alot of fun watch it all the time. And to my old friend Andy where are you come out and play.
Diana, 09 01 2009
Stephen, if you looked at the time it was early in the morning. I believe they serve breakfast for those staying in the hostel, before the bar opens. Check back later, there\'s much more interesting things going on during prime time! Thanks for moving the camera back! Happy Hogmanay all!
Nancy, 08 01 2009
I think the camera has been knocked out of position? Please could someone adjust it so that we can see the bar. Thanks.
custos, 07 01 2009
This is the best quality live cam I have found. Why cant they all be as good as this, well done.
sharron, 06 01 2009
Wow, a bar dedicated solely in showing people how to make toast. I bet, because of this, more webcams will pop-up all over the world, so that others will learn this very difficult task.
Stephen, 06 01 2009
This is so nice to watch! I often click on this site just to pop in for a quick pint.
cider, 05 01 2009
Just thought I\'d drop by and introduce myself as well. I love watching the action in the bar. I can\'t wait till I get a chance to go and enjoy it myself. Cheers to everyone there and Happy New Year!
Courtney, 05 01 2009
What,s wrong with the camera??
Audrey USA, 04 01 2009
from japan i often watch this cam i feel a little bit western\'s culture and really enjoy it
natasha, 03 01 2009
Hi Everybody. This bar is new to me. I have been living in Vancouver the last 21 years. What was it called in 1988. Regards, Andy
andy merrylees, 02 01 2009
ok i just saw this guy do a dance on his head , i knew this bar was a fun place love it
Diana, 01 01 2009
Diana, 01 01 2009
I just wanted stop by and say hello. I\\\'ve been watching the cam off and on for the last couple of months and thought it was time to drop in and introduce myslef. I hope you have a great New Years.
Aimezz, 01 01 2009
Just want to say Happy New Year to you all From Dover New Hampshire USA My bofriend is from Glasgow and he loves the Celtic take care be over soon for a pint
Gigi Larsen, 31 12 2008
Happy Hogmanay everyone!!! Wish I was there!
Charlene, 31 12 2008
Diana, I would love to be able to come... However, my husband and I have three little ones the eldest is 5....Can you picture the flight over from Virginia. A fussy infant, a busy 3 year old that I like to call my little chatterbox! and my 5 year old who cant be still for 5 seconds.... I don\'t think I\'m up for that little adventure just yet. Hope all of you that are able to attend have a great time.
Amanda, 31 12 2008
CAM IS BACK! I\'m a native NYer coming over in May and can\'t wait to visit! Hope all the Scottie McHotties will be waiting for me-is 40 too old to hang at Belushi\'s?
Regina, 31 12 2008
Meannrachd Diana!
Andy, 30 12 2008
Oh Andy!!,Please don\'t judge all Americans by what you meet on the web. You and D.sound like your having a good time.You gave me a smile with your \"wee tam\" remark. I don\'t like cnn,try to avoid all political news, its bloody depressing.
grits, 30 12 2008
the picture is back and as usual everyone is having a good time. Happy New Years and please have a pint for me. Andy i hope you have a great new years too and thank you, i bought a gaelic book but its like reading chinese lol
Diana, 29 12 2008
wheres all the birds
jim, 29 12 2008
Andy you sound like a real winner mate! Poor Scotland
rach, 29 12 2008
HEY CONSTANCE! Which Teletubbies character are you?
Andy, 29 12 2008
Thanks Amanda! and O\'ra best to everyone for new year\'s! don\'t drink and might spill yer drink! and Diana I do know a wee bit of least enough to get me in I\'m not in enough trouble with the punter\'s on this web site!
Andy, 29 12 2008
Scotland is the most friendly and safe nation in the world,we love to socialise,have a good laugh and a good drink..I don\\\'t know of any weirdo\\\'s here..other than wee Tam who wears his balaclava back to front and looks like a walking come on over and get pissed with the rest of us,get a life and switch off the CNN CONSTANCE..that fiction you American\\\'s watch on TV don\\\'t happen here..and you can keep your gun swinging ex postal and religious perv weirdo\\\'s too!
Andy, 29 12 2008
We can hear you but we still cannot see you!!!! What is up???
suzi, 29 12 2008
CONSTANCE, 29 12 2008
One more question hey Andy do you speak gaelic
Diana, 29 12 2008
Hey Andy the girls and i are all sending you a great big canadian hug. Happy new year or what ever that is you called it lol
Diana, 29 12 2008
thanks Amanda, your right i enjoy very much talking to Andy and everyone else , Andy you still seem to be a great person who all of us going to the games next year still want to meet. Amanda are you going next year
Diana, 29 12 2008
Thanks camvista 4 letting those of us who can\'t travel see other parts of the world we\'d otherwise never get to see.For all those I\'ve met via the camvista connection, Have a Blessed New Year.
grits, 28 12 2008
Hey guys, wots up with this cam again.(No pic.)
JJ, 28 12 2008
aww the picture is gone again darn it. Hey Andy sorry if i\'m getting you in crap , the girls and i just think it is cool chatting with someone over there ,hope we can still meet up for the games, and Constance thanks for looking out for me.
Diana, 27 12 2008
Constance, in Andy\'s defense, It seems to me that he and Diana are both enjoying the friendly banter. I have to assume that you were attempting to join in, because otherwise you comment would be out of line.
Amanda, 27 12 2008
Merry Christmas and a happy booze up count down too Hogmanay! The party is under starters orders! Have a safe one out there everyone..Big Hug to Diana..if that\'s okay with you CONSTANCE?
Andy, 27 12 2008
CONSTANCE \"Pog Ma Thon\"
Andy, 27 12 2008
sounds like you all are having real wish I were there Cant see the pic but sounds like lots of fun... Ned in jacksonville Fl USA
Ned, 27 12 2008
CONSTANCE, 26 12 2008
Diana, 26 12 2008
Alex, 25 12 2008
Merry Christmas to all of you. Who is the young man, on the computer, sitting in the bar at 6:15 am this Christmas morning? Hi
Lynn, 25 12 2008
Andy, this is not an advertisment for Endinburgh. This is an actual working bar and they can put their trash can any bloody place they please! Why do you care?
Anonymous, 25 12 2008
Merry Christmas to all!
nicko alves, 24 12 2008
love the webcam, and i plan to stop by when i am in town. Could you adjust the camera just a wee bit to show more of the bar?
Don , 24 12 2008
I miss seeing the bar and the tellys... perhaps a wide angle lense on the camera would solve the problem... in the meantime, please move the camera back just a wee bit so we can see the bar... happy christmas!
suzi, 24 12 2008
Merry Christmas from the state of Oklahoma, USA! Wish I were there to celebrate the holidays!
Debbie, 24 12 2008
Lots of snow Andy come out and play lol. i\'ve been to the caribbean a few times loved it and your right can\'t beat the free drinks.
Diana, 24 12 2008
Checked out your weather on line Diana, looks like you are really getting dumped on with poor wee lass..if I was there you\'d have no worries! My next venture over your end is to the Caribbean, the sun appeals to me more than the rain or snow, plus the booze is tax free, canny beat it! What are you up to these cold wintery days?
Andy, 23 12 2008
is that food free and why the bin for waste does not look a good advert for edinburgh sorry?
andy robertson, 23 12 2008
Hey Andy when you coming back to the big city of Windsor
Diana, 23 12 2008
Hey Andy. its friggen cold and the snow just keeps coming this year skiing is more like, if i could just get some strong scots to come shovel me out ,lol
Diana, 23 12 2008
Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year Wished I was back in Scotland! Get homesick at this time Keep up the web cam I really enjoy it
AUDREY, 22 12 2008
Hey CONSTANCE! We don\'t watch CNN on the or you may call it soccer, is what we watch most of the time..the old firm games are the most popular!
Andy, 22 12 2008
Belushis Bar in the heart of Edinburgh Scotland, which is home to the bravest warriors and heroes of all time and then there is our KFC friend, bred from the garden vegetable, to you my friend, I give you my finger lickin finger!
Andy, 22 12 2008
Hello Diana! I was just thinking of you and the girls in Canada..with the skis on, gliding through the virgin snow and having a wee dram at the log fired lodge..O wait a minute I just remembered your in Windsor! Now I have visions of you all in the casino, to get in from the freezing cold, feeding the slot machines with a fag hanging from your mouth..just joking..I like a laugh!
Andy, 22 12 2008
Funny watching this evening and seeing people in shortsleeve shorts and even a guy in shorts! It\'s actually warmer there than it is here in Texas right now!
Char, 21 12 2008
Hey Andy you all ready for christmas, looks like everyone is enjoying themselves today, i\'m having a drink with you\'s all right now
Diana, 19 12 2008
DOMENICO, 19 12 2008
CONSTANCE, 19 12 2008
CHRISTOPHER, 19 12 2008
CHRISTOPHER, 19 12 2008
I stumbled upon this site a few days ago and have been glued to it since...yeah I know, I have no life LOL! I\'m not even sure why I find it so appealing. It may be because life here is somewhat mundane at times. The people at the bar are relaxed no one seems to be sloppy drunk...not that I have an issue with that. They are all just chillin having a good time with good friends. It looks like a cool place to hang out. wish I was there!
Amanda, 19 12 2008
Cheers! nicko, I\'ll drink a beer on you to be sure, if your a hot lass?
Andy, 18 12 2008
you..above all others were hugely missed Diana! the only thing that\'s given us a glimmer of light is the tacky decorations and perky barmaids at Belushis!
Andy, 18 12 2008
Glad to see everything back up and running i was missing you guys. Hi Andy
Diana, 18 12 2008
This webcam is very good, has a great picture and sound.
nicko alves, 18 12 2008
I live in Brazil and I am always an eye on Belushi\'s good day for everyone there and drink a beer on me!
nicko alves, 18 12 2008
CHRISTOPHER, 18 12 2008
Love the bar wish I were there to party with yall. Love everything Scottish. Ned in Jacksonville Fl USA
Ned, 18 12 2008
At this time of year I really miss being in Scotland. It makes me home sick to see everyone enjoying themselves. Have one for me, and I will for you. Merry Christmas To all of Scotland. Expat Patricia Cairns
Patricia, 17 12 2008
Hey CHRISTOPHER! you kentucky dude\'s sound like a lot of fun....NOT! I think you be chillin out with the colonel too long!
Andy, 17 12 2008
Ditto..Kat! We haven\'t a clue in Scotland what you are saying either....but we find you a fascinating species!
Andy, 17 12 2008
CHRISTOPHER, 17 12 2008
This is amazing. We can\'t understand a word you are saying, but it is fascinating to watch from Florida!
Kat, 16 12 2008
I do not know why this is so fascinating..I can go down my street and see the same sort of thing in person, but somehow watching from my apartment 3,000 miles away seems far more enjoyable ...goofy isn\'t it? Wish I was there. The young lady working at the laptop looks so somber..
John Holliday, 16 12 2008
love watching the live streaming video and audio from here in florida, usually around 12.30 to 1.00pm your time . give us a wave
chuck and ron, 11 12 2008
thanks for all your good help lol, maybe i will tell the girls to have a few more pints so we don\'t get all that hungry.can\'t wait to meet everyone
Diana, 02 12 2008
Your welcome Diana, just let me know if you want any more in depth views of our dietary secrets, for a good healthy
Andy, 02 12 2008
Umm Andy i have a funny feeling there are going to be alot of women going hungry for 15 days lol.thanks for the pictures i have in my head right now though
Diana, 01 12 2008
Hey Diana! you might want to start off with just the black pudding for now, that\'s sheep\'s blood mixed up with oatmeal, fried up of course and perhaps followed up a little later with sheep\'s head soup. I got to stop Diana, this is making me so hungry!
Andy, 01 12 2008
Thanks for that lovely picture Andy i think i might wait on trying
Diana, 01 12 2008
We should switch e-mail\'s Diana! Haggis is not that bad, just don\'t think about the sheep\'s heart, lungs and liver, within the stomach bag, concentrate on the oatmeal and onion\'s when knocking it back,lol. Hey Jonny Canuck! a round of shots at Belushi\'s sounds good to me. Nancy! I\'m all with you on the chat room request. Enjoy the day guy\'s and gal\'s!
Andy, 01 12 2008
Good morning everyone. Nancy i think the idea of a chat room here is really cool.
Diana, 01 12 2008
I always enjoy watching this from Dallas, TX wishing I was there to enjoy a pint, company and the music.
Courtney, 30 11 2008
i also watching this from japan. it is so exciting that i can experience vertual western\'s life through this such as virtual. i \'m really suprising and this is really marvel althoug we are far away each other,
Natasha, 30 11 2008
Great Webcam. Just a suggestion--when guitar music is being played, turn down your microphone a little. It sounds like the volume of the guitars is overloading your microphone input, causing distortion. Thanks :)
Carl Lewandowski, 29 11 2008
Wish there was a chat room for us viewers, it would be great!
Nancy, 28 11 2008
can we buy someone a round of shots?
johnny canuck, 28 11 2008
Hey Andy MSN is ok we should switch email, we have a ton of questions about scotland lol like is it rude if we don\'t try the haggis? sorry none of us are to excited about that lol
Diana, 28 11 2008
We all MSN each other Diana! although wee Tam is still using smoke signals from the wrecked car\'s in the park. Hey Valci! how\'s it hanging? Have a blast this week end my China\'s, Slainte!
Andy, 28 11 2008
hi peoples i\'m here again... hey diana and andy guys i really like u... have nice day all! valci
valci , 28 11 2008
Hey Andy a few of us here want to know if you have facebook in glasgow
Diana, 28 11 2008
I\'ll be at the gathering that week end Diana and in Belushis. Hope the rain stays away for you and your gang, I\'m sure you will have a great time! should you happen to see an idiot with a tartan turban, yellow wellies and wrap around like fat bastard, don\'t be shy, come say hello!
Andy, 27 11 2008
yes andy there is a group of us going to scotland for 15 days we will be attending the gathering too. And Dee don\'t worry abut it , its all in fun
Diana, 27 11 2008