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User comments

Can no one spare a bit of white paint for the pipes by the chimney pots on top o the City Chambers?
carl, 28 06 2010
Does the camera always flicker like it is now? It makes it hard to watch :(
Tammy Ryskamp, 23 05 2010
unable to get a view of anything other than coloured lines...
Anne, 03 05 2010
this camera appears to be stuck ....can you fix it soon please and also the bad flickering too? thanks
jackie, 24 04 2010
I like the veiw of Calton Hill and the Nelson and National monuments but I would really like to see the rest. Can we not get the pan fixed?
carl, 22 04 2010
Looks like a beautiful sunny day in the city Apr 14th
Jennifer, 14 04 2010
Fantastic views - only spoiled by the flickering distortion that is displayed over the webcam display.
Les Smith, 07 03 2010
Great Views of Edinburgh - pity they is spoiled by the flickering distortion of the pictures. Zig Zag lines flicker across the screen completely destroying the effect.
Les Smith, 17 02 2010
love the place just got back from visiting my good freind , cant wait to go back .
paul, 04 02 2010
What a great view of lovely Edinburgh, but for last two months it looks like you are watching trough bubble plastic, dunno if this problem is weather related or is it actually fixable??
susan, Finland, 21 01 2010
I am returning to this beautiful city in April to hel celebrate my best friend\'s birthday. This is my third time visiting Scotland, I was there twice last year and look forward to many many more visits.
Diane, 18 01 2010
Spent Christmas with a dear friend and his family. It was absolutely fantastic. I was there twice last year and am planning another trip for my friends birthday in May 2010. I love this country!!!!
Diane, 07 01 2010
Miss this beautiful city so much. Cant wait to come back next year.
will, 01 01 2010
I am returning to this beautiful city and country (was just there in October) in a week to spend Christmas with a dear friend. What a migical time of year to be in Scotland. I can not wait!
Diane, 15 12 2009
lovely view if you put the lights on or tilt the camera up instead of looking at the cobbles
Ricardo, 13 12 2009
Thought I might comment on the beauty of the view from the City Chammbers, on High Street, of Princes Street. Looks fabulous! Wish I could be there for the New Year celibration.
Carl, 06 12 2009
Thank you cam back
Eileen Thomson, 25 11 2009
I have just returned from your beautiful city. I am already planning another trip there. I love Edinburgh, in fact I love Scotland. What a beautiful counrty!
Diane, 26 10 2009
In exactly 11 days, I will be in your fair city. I have a very good friend that I am going to visit. It will the best time time I am sure. So looking forward to seeing Edinburgh!
Di, 01 10 2009
20 more days and I will be in Edinburgh. I am so excited, it is my first time!!!
Diane, 23 09 2009
hi there i love looking over the city at night as it reminds me of when me and my boyfriend strolled down the royal while after he said he loved me and would never look at another man again (appart from will young and who would,nt) i will always love this city apart from the street people that seem to get annoyed if you dont have any booze for them .cheers
philip wilson, 11 08 2009
Funny how a year passes, it was around this time last year that I posted comments about a forthcoming trip, which I took in Dec 2008, and now I am looking forward to returning again in Dec 2009. ps. I\'m glad the \' Edinburgh City Centre streaming camera \' is up and running again.
Nik S, 09 08 2009
Yes is expensive unless ye go to poundland? :-)
Snow, 06 08 2009
I miss it so much! I love how the cam pans around. Is it expensive to live there? Ashley
Ashley , 04 08 2009
I really miss being there. I like how the cam moves around so you can see all of it.Is it expensive to live there? ashes
Ashes, 04 08 2009
Another trip booked to this fine city for the first week in September.Roll on.....
Geordie, 10 07 2009
I\\\'m coming back this month to the magical city,just sad with the roadworks over there,its damage the city,but this year its homecoming and special the celibrating the poet Robbie Burns or Rabbie.I can\\\'t wait to be back.
Jenny, 08 07 2009
Making my first visit to Edinburgh on 18 October. Can not wait.
Diane, 30 06 2009
If i were still living here, i would be shopping in Princes street and window-shop on George street.HAHA. I miss it everyday....from Malta. Love you edinburghxx
claire, 18 04 2009
As rainy as it is in Glasgow, its that beautiful in the capital.
Luke, 07 04 2009
Just back from 6 weeks there. Still one of the best cities in the world behind Perth (LOL). Not as cold as I thought it would be. Great cam.
Garry Forbes, 07 04 2009
Something went wrong with the panning set up for this web cam. Today the only thing you see is when it pans to the right to the High Street side. Also, when you fix it can it pan further to the west to see the mound and castle? That would be great.
jim kelly, 03 04 2009
It was a cold,wet and windy short break but very enjoyable. Princes St. should look its normal self again once the tram lines are laid. /
allan, 16 03 2009
I love Edinburgh. I left the USA in 1985 for 6 wonderful months. The people are wonderfully down to earth. Man, I miss Scotland. Darn this economy!!
Michelle, 26 02 2009
Stay as you are Edinburgh, we return in March for another short stay, can\'t wait.
allan, 20 02 2009
Great Cam!We\'re moving up soon to stay!Can\'t wait to return to my home after years away!
David n Pat, 23 01 2009
Happy New year to the Scots people and I was there for Hogmanay great.
Jenny, 02 01 2009
HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009 to you all from sbgw paranormal
stephen cassie, 01 01 2009
Happy New Year back home in Edinburgh from all the Scots living in Australia. A\' the best and hae a guid Ne\'er in 09.
Keith Miller, 31 12 2008
Great cam of city which I live in almost see my place on it!. Looks like its getting busy hope all goes well HNY folks xx
Angel, 31 12 2008
Merry Christmas Edinburgh!!! Wud love to b there now ... cheers ANDY
Andy, 25 12 2008
best camera of Edinburgh,wish it was clearer when full screen. Edinburgh has to be best city in the world cant wait to go back. Paul, Kendal, Cumbria
Paul Williams, 14 12 2008
I can\"t wait to comming back the 28th for hogmanay
Jenny, 06 12 2008
Well, following on from my last post, my colleague and I have now booked 3 nights in December to once again tour this beautiful city. I\'ve just been setting the scene for him while viewing the cam and speaking to him on the phone. Three nights of eating out, cinema, shopping and sight seeing in a magical city.
Nik, 31 10 2008
Love this city. Was there in May 07 for a cousins wedding and will be back in Feb 09. Can\'t wait to see family and Edinburgh again woo hoo
Garry Forbes, 26 10 2008
miss this city so much. Had a love there but its over. Moments of happy memories appear while watching on and on and on ...
andy, 23 10 2008
i love scotland,beautiful place my family once lived there. I\'m hoping i can live there some day again!!!
stephanie speir, 21 10 2008
I just love this camera. I can see all the places where I\'ve been on a two day trip in August. What a glorious day you have today!!
Ute, 02 10 2008
Thanks for the memories, saw Moody Blues in Sept. and feel in love with the city and people. the webcam helps until I return
Tony, 28 09 2008
awesome, I\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'m coming to see the Moody Blues, can\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t wait. Been to Edinburgh once before years ago, I\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'m liiking forward to some \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"dreary\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" weather. Love the people, Scotland rocks!
Tony Jones, 16 09 2008
I hope to be over with some colleagues for a weekend in November. I remember coming in 2005 before the Christmas break. Princes St was all lit up, the shops were open late, there was a great atmosphere, not to forget the fair ground, ice rink and the castle flood-lit. looking forward !
Nik S, 14 09 2008
Hello, it\'s Great love , love this webcam of the city of Edinburgh.It shows so much of the city and it\'s Beautiful.. Great webcam shots,Love,Love this one.. thanks sharon USA
sharon, 11 08 2008
A beautiful city I will be visiting again in September, if only I could catch the festival. mr
allan, 09 08 2008
wow I love looking at this. I was ther ethis time last year I so want to be there now. I live in Brisbane Australia, the weather isn\'t too shabby even though it\'s Winter but I\'d rather be in Edinburgh. Love that the cam moves slower now.
Maria King, 02 08 2008
well we have thunder and lightning tonight!
Paul, 29 07 2008
Beautiful views of Edinburgh while it was still working. It's been off for at least weeks now.
Christoph Kopschina, 12 06 2008
Love looking at this web cam. all my family come from scotland. unfortunatley i'm from yorkshire hence the name sas ( which i love). I miss the family homeland. I shall return to my roots permanately next year.
sas, 23 03 2008
It's great to watch the changing seasons reverse of here in Australia. I make the image full screen and although it gets a bit blurry and wobbly, I feel as if I'm there again in the City of my birth. LOVE IT,
Dorothy Mackley, 21 03 2008
Finaly I Have corage to leave my city(Oporto) and go live to the more beutifull city in the world, Edinburgh-Waiting for me I arrived in 1st Of May
Mario Cardoso, 08 03 2008
I am a U.S. citizen of Scottish heritage and will visit Scotland this summer for one month. I may choose to stay in your country permanently and hold dual citizenships. Everything about Scotland is beautiful, especially the people. My boyfriend is a native and is from/lives in Fife. I am so excited about my upcoming trip and new adventures. God bless you all, Karnarae USA
Karnarae, 04 03 2008
Have been wanting to visit Scotland my whole life as my dad is from Paisley,thankfully I am going for 3 weeks this summer. Love these cams!
Lisa, 03 03 2008
Hello,Edinburgh,I love,love this webcam,it shows you so much of your city. I love Scotland so much to do and see.Wow is all I can say when i watch this webcam,You do a Great job. Your city,country is Beautiful,makes me want to come live there,but my life is now in the USA.However I can come and visit you everyday,thank, sharon USA we love you Scotland
sharon, 19 02 2008
I return repeatedly to Scottish webcams- as if I were under some magical spell. Visited in person 3 times- not by far enough.
Ken Goodrick, 12 02 2008
My Daughter is living in Edinburgh as I live in Sydney Australia its great to be able look at the web cam and see what the day is like.
Jill , 30 01 2008
Was in Edinburgh for 2 months in '07 and didn't want to leave. Watch this webcam daily brings back so many great memories. Wish it wasn't so far away and I could see my family more often.
Garry, 20 01 2008
Love this webcam - watch it all the time. Lived in Granton for near on 10 years, now back home in Australia. Miss Edinburgh, the sights, the people and the lifestyle so much. Thanks for a great cam.
Debbie, 17 01 2008
I was in Scotland a few years ago and my heart (hib) will forever be with Ally and Edinburgh . I hope to go back again one day . FREEDOM !!
karen, 16 01 2008
Great shots of Edinburgh. As a former resident now living in Toronto, these scenes make me feel very nostalgic.
Ron Ross, 12 01 2008
Stuck here in the US...for now. But my heart is still in Scotia! Slainte!
Lora MacPherson, 09 01 2008
The Athens of the North is looking good...exiled Scot in London wishing you all a great 2008...
McMeechan, 31 12 2007
Wife and I visited in 2001 as a Birthday present to ourselves. We were NOT disappointed. Wonderful Scotland, especially Edinburgh! We look at the Webcams until we can come again. Thanks and God Bless You ALL.
Esquire, 27 12 2007
been there dec 2005. miss it very much, wish i could be there now
Voyager Mc Lean, 25 12 2007
wonderful scotland, wonderful edinburgh! thank you to make me back when I was there! Ilove that much this glorious town When I'm here I feel at home...
lella, 20 12 2007
I came to Edinburgh for the first time in 2005 to celebrate my 40th birthday. I have since been back 3 times and each time, I have treasured the memories of such a wonderful city.
Nik Sharma, 16 12 2007
I spend two years in this city... Two beautiful years with my fiancee with my friends... Maybe I'll back? Who knows? Thanks for this webcam!
Maciek Zubeer, 12 12 2007
There's only two places in the world where I could live Oporto, where I live, and Edinburgh cities drawn by the hand of God.Thanks camvista to refresh everyday my memorie
Mario Cardoso, 05 12 2007
I come this year twice to Edinburgh,I lost my heart over there.Its great to come and I miss the wonderfull city.I come back for Hogmanay
Baetens Jenny, 27 11 2007
In my opinion the Edinburgh live streaming web cams are the very best on the net. It's fantastic. I love this new web cam Laura from Leghorn (Italy)
Laura Malfanti, 11 11 2007
i was on holiday in edinburgh in september and i view this site every day as i miss this place so much
paul, 10 11 2007
Fantastic - your best cam yet! Thank you so much, only problem is it makes me homesick!
Dawn Kose, 27 10 2007
Edinburgh is the more beatifull city i have already been.I come here everyday because is like an energiser for my body.
Mario Cardoso, 19 10 2007
this is a brilliant cam - very clear and varied sights of this marvellous city - thanks - just like being back there.
margaret, 27 09 2007
put the camera on the north bridge we have a jumper
heart of midlothian, 24 09 2007
Web cam is brilliant If I want to go home for the day I just use the web cam !!!! Thank you Audrey USA
audrey mains, 24 09 2007
This is the Best of all webcams it shows the city of Edinburgh as tho your on your own tour. One think i would love you to add sound. It maybe impossible for now but you have done a heck of a job .WELL DONE thanks so much for letting the would see your Beautiful Place Your Home.. sharon
sharon, 17 09 2007
hello,what a beautiful city is a place i long to see and the new webcam just makes you want to go much more so. thanks for showing us so much of your beautiful city... sharon U.S.A
sharon, 15 09 2007
my wife is from ayr and she and I both love this webcam howabout one of ayr? went to tattoo recently brings back memories. thanks
jack rininger, 11 09 2007
Glad to see it up and running even better than before good job done thank you John
John Somerset, 08 09 2007
Love the streaming cameras keep up the great work Thanks from South Carolina USA
audrey mains, 28 07 2007
Ive been in edinburg in 1990. Thanks for giving me this joy. From Sao Paulo, Brasil.
Lauci Bortoluci, 27 07 2007
We, too, will soon be in town for the Festival and Tattoo. This is a great way for my kids to feel more comfortable with traveling so far from home.
a mom, 25 07 2007
Thank you! I was so excited to find a new camera to explore. I came to Edinburgh last year and have loved and missed it so much since.
Janelle, 25 07 2007
Fantastic views of Edinburgh! This cam takes me back to some of my favorite places.
Sheila, 24 07 2007
We will visit Edinburgh in a few days. It looks like we are allready there...
Kees de Kroon, 21 07 2007
I would so love to visit Scotland. Your web cam lets me do so until I really get to come there! Thanks, from Texas!
caro austin, 21 07 2007
Ilove this new cam! I've lived in Australia for 34 yrs and am thrilled to see Edinburgh in all her glory. In my opinion the Edinburgh live streaming web cams are the very best on the net. Thank you for providing them
Dorothy Mackley, 20 07 2007
The new movie of Edinburgh is marvellous.Could you do one for Glasgow?
jeanette griffiths, 18 07 2007

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