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User comments

We just LOVE London! We miss our dear heart-town. We were physically born in Spain, live our souls permanently in London though. Hope to meet you soon once more, our love! Take good care.
Antoniojose, 29 09 2009
Hello everybody!! Please , camvista people...try to get this camera with the great view it was having some time ago....your service is so important for so many people..and some of the others havenīt worked in ages. And thank you a lot for the new ones(Olimpic stadium, panorama, abbey road). Kind regards from Tenerife.
Orestes, 20 09 2009
I need the fresh air that I only get in London !!!
Christine , 13 09 2009
This is a pretty good streaming cam. Just two suggestions though. Since this is The British Airways London Eye cam, try actually pointing it at the London Eye. Also, flip the image back around to its proper orientation. Other than that it\'s great. Thanks.
Jimmy Lane Lindsey, 02 08 2009
I miss London, I miss Raul I wish I were there with you my love
Chistine , 13 07 2009
I am watching from The Netherlands and just love the view and LOVE London! Although you should consider mounting the camera a bit hight up so one can see the ships on the Thames...just a friendly suggestion. Greetings from The Netherlands!
Bettina, 10 06 2009
i want to visit London... but sad no one is sponsering me...!! Anyhow loved the View...!!
Gauarv, 05 06 2009
london in my heart
mary, 24 03 2009
RAUL, 20 03 2009
How about a wireless streaming cam on one of the pods to show the views one would see at different points on the circuit?
Tom, 26 02 2009
Raul , I woul like to celebrate our St Valentine day in LOndon looking at snow . Ilove you Chris 10-2-2009
Chris , 10 02 2009
CRIS: happy st. Valentine`s day, I love you!!!!
RAUL, 09 02 2009
Does that mean that we are in Bizzaro London
benjamin, 31 01 2009
Wonderfull the view from the eye...a trip on a full moon evening is really speciall, this thing and the Millenium Bridge has been really good ideas, please one cam from the top of TATE MODERM or Saint Paul..Regards from Tenerife.
Orestes, 28 01 2009
I LOOOOVE this webcam. I had always wondered what a mirror image of London I would see if standing under the webcam. Now I won\'t have to use a mirror to get this view. Great job at presenting a mirror image of what it really looks like.
Glen, 21 01 2009
I love to see this view (but find it rather confusing) The County Hall building should be on the right side of the EYE and the train Bridge should be on the Left side... You can tell the camera shot is the wrong way round because of the BOATS Names are backwards... Will be walking the embankmwent this Friday 12th/13th going on the EYE too
Angie, 07 12 2008
Hey Riley. If you have been here many times, you should notice that The Eye rotates in the wrong direction, and the surrounding buildings are on the wrong side of it. St. Pauls is on the east side, not the west side of The Eye.
Glen, 09 11 2008
I love this webcam vista. Many thanks
mystic, 09 08 2008
Thank-you for the wonderful view from your cam. We can see the river,the buildings, the boats,all the life that your beautiful city is famous for. Excellent job.
Mimi, 03 08 2008
I have been here many times from Florida, USA and I have heard comments that the cameras are \"backwards\" but to me, as I view they are perfectly right - London is my very favorite place to holiday !
Riley, 31 07 2008
Enjoy your webcam. Could you offer a better view of the river and the boating there? Sometimes the camera is blocked and we don\'t get a view at all, but thanks for what you do,it\'s appreciated.
Claire, 29 07 2008
Good morning Where is the old webcamera? I don\'t like this :( Please we want the other camera whit the zoom in to london eye bale Thanks
mystic, 29 07 2008
Hi I prefere the old webcam,i don\\\\\\\'t like this. Please,You can return it (whit the zoom in to London Eye) Thanks and greetings
OldWebcamLonEye, 25 07 2008
London is a fantastic city,the climate,the people and the street is amazing! I love London!!!
Fabrizio , 12 07 2008
I like to see the London Eye live every day, but is not the people who built this Webcam Reversing the Camera and show the right side of the London Eye? hug to all.
Lucas Nascimento Tavares, 05 07 2008
Is there a reason your "streaming" cam of The Eye is backwards but the static one is the correct view? Streaming looks like it is being shot through a mirror. The same camera but different views of what we see.
Bill, 16 06 2008
Any reason this view is the mirror image of what it is supposed to be? Your static version of this cam shows the proper view. This shows reverse images and The Eye revolves backwards.
Glen, 05 05 2008
why is this webcam mirror-inverted ??? if you stand in front of the saatchi-gallery the london-eye is to your left, not to your right like on this cam... strange...
lorbas, 05 05 2008
Was looking at the London Eye web cam ... remembering being being there last year.. fond memories. The image is inverted left to right wrong way around, thought it looked slightly odd ;) Russ, Canada
Russ, 22 04 2008
we are on our way back down to london because we love it so much ***
jk, 24 02 2008
we had so much fun riding the London Eye. We really enjoyed London, can't wait to come back! Best vacation ever!!
Tina, 20 01 2008
we went on the eye back in 2003 but i wish we were back there now it was wheely good on the wheel!
jk, 11 01 2008
Happy NEW YEAR !!!
Lena , Moscow, 01 01 2008
to jest kamerka .
lipa, 16 12 2007
to jest kamerka.pełna pocja
lipa, 16 12 2007
Just came home from my favorite city in the world LONDON!! I go once a year. Nice to see again even in the rain
Ahsan, 22 11 2007
Oh my goodness this cam is amazing! It is definantely getting me all hyped up for my trip to London. Only 22 more days and I'll be there. Yay!
Katherine, 15 11 2007
Great views!! Although, after living in London for 3 years, it is vexing for me to view the images of this camera as they are reversed from reality. Is this a mirror trick?
Whit Coulon, 18 10 2007
Wow, this webcam is awesome! I've been to London for summer vacation in 2006, and I really loved it there. Now I've been missing this place ever since, but this camera brings back memories and makes me feel like I'm in London again! :D
Fairuz Bhuiyan, 23 09 2007
This is a really great cam. London is the place for me and I'm proud of being a part of it.
Monica, 14 09 2007
This camera is one of my favorites. I really enjoyed my trip to London and to be able to see this city when I want to is really great.
Vee, 05 08 2007
The view is fantastic! I feel like I'm there. I do wonder why the picture is backward though. It's weird seeing everything reversed.
Jeff Shirkey, 26 07 2007
I think the London Eye Cam is really a great view experience Would enjoy visiting the area now... Feel as if the view is right outside of my window in the US
Dolores Thompson, 17 05 2007

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