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User comments

Yes, you will need a coat!
Paul William Arnold dot co dot uk, 13 11 2010
Will be in the Square on the 24th-haven\'t been in 4 years! Londoners, will I need a jacket or a coat??? Boston, Mass., USA
MP, 12 11 2010
love people watching! this is great! almost like being there!
acourtesan, 11 11 2010
will be in london very soon, wish i was there today to see the opening! very exciting! cheers!
acourtesan, 11 11 2010
Omg 1 hour to go cant wait!!!
Tanja, 11 11 2010
OMG, people already waiting there for HP..And it\'s raining again, just like last year *_* Can\'t wait!
Lexi, 11 11 2010
Hello London.
DrFAQ, 15 10 2010
Great view, first time visitor last night for the \'Never Let Me Go\' premier. I thought the camera moved to show the stars, all we could see was the press.
David Sherwood, 14 10 2010
Great!! Right now red carpet rolled out in Leicester Square as London Film Festival opens with \'Never Let Me Go\'
Gianna, 13 10 2010
Hellllllllo London!! great to see the square again! God bless all my freinds in London!, Danny
Danny Giacomini, 23 09 2010
Obrigado!saudades do meu filho !posso matar saudades observando essa praa e esperando ele passar por ai, estou muito feliz!!!obrigado
Anynha Piccoli, 22 09 2010
Yes! So pleased the webcam working again at Leicester Sq - REALLY missed it when it was not working.
gerald telfer, 22 09 2010
I used to walk through Leicester Square every day going to work, now I live thousands of miles away so enjoy this webcam. Happy it\'s up and running again!
Susie, 22 09 2010
hellooooooo london
Faisal, 21 09 2010
thank you
Faisal, 21 09 2010
Thanks for fixing the cam. Nice to see the square again. Snodland Kent
Nick, 06 08 2010
Anybody know what they are building in the Square tonight, looks like a lighting rig. Can,t find any premieres for a day or two. Thanks Rob
Romeo Bravo, 08 07 2010
look up on london film premieres you will find out when & where film premieres are on so that you can see them on this cam. either premiere hub or marlboardman moon fruits there the best sites. hy grits I really feel for you with all that nasty oil messing up your sea hope they get i fixed ASAP.jackie chans KARATE KID next week then followed by johnny depp the week after. ect ect look them up dont forget THE EXPENDABLES 1st of august. stallone and enough action heroes from the last 20yrs in it.
demi london, 08 07 2010
Ricardo, 05 07 2010
Hi Demi,Things here r well.Hope there the same with u.Just wish they\'d get the oil leak stop\'d.Mess\'n with our beach time.(PFB,comment wrong).
grits, 04 07 2010
Thank you for that info Demi, one time the messages were on time & I MISSED it! Is there an art exhibition or a street market today? Never seen so many people since I left London.
Beau Bells, 03 07 2010
I,really love London especially Leicester Square and Covent Garden,looking forward to be there again in a fews days time.( my beloved England)
josephine abela, 02 07 2010
God Save The Queen From USA
PFB JR, 02 07 2010
obrigado po VC existir Webcam
Anynha Piccoli, 01 07 2010
I am in love with london
Zyed, 30 06 2010
twilight film premiere is on tommorow: thats what they doing right now getting it ready.its going to be huge.people have been there queuing since yesterday afternoon 29th june its not on till 1st july. dont forget to tune in from about 5pm GMT.time.enjoy. hya grits hope everything is fine with you. havnt sent a message on here for a while but have seen your messages.LOVE FROM LONDON ALL.
demi london, 30 06 2010
So we got no answer on the cars but it looks like the batmobile is a clue! By the time this message comes up they will be a memory but what is with todays\' lorry park?
Beau Bells, 30 06 2010
Next time I\'m in London, I\'m going to hug those phone boxes!
Vicki, 30 06 2010
Oh London, always London. Great place, thanks for this webcam service. This place is fantastic.
Ricardo, 30 06 2010
fantastica piazza!!!! affascinante e viva, e un pizzico intrigante....
catia, 29 06 2010
Fantastic place
tom, 20 06 2010
Hey, somebody can please tell me what\'s happening in Leicester Sq? Why those CARS are displayed there? thanks for the answer! bye
Bruna, 20 06 2010
Next week I\'ll be there! Love it!
Gianna, 16 06 2010
What\'s going on in the square this week?
vic morrow, 16 06 2010
many thx for this great cam, you cannot imagine how important it is to me and others all over the world
Nicholas, 09 06 2010
I want to see Leicester Square
bob, 05 06 2010
fantastic place
colin, 05 06 2010
So glad to see Leicester Square webcam back in action -thankyou!
gerald telfer, 04 06 2010
Hey Alf, When you see Elvis, let us know...I need to speak to him, Thanks, Nicholas
Nicholas, 31 05 2010
Hee,hee Alf Bainbridge, a couple a more tinnies and you\'ll be fine.
allan, 06 05 2010
Im looking out for Rolf Harris at the minute.Thought I saw him last week with two little boys carrying his didgery doo but it turned out to be all in my mind.
alf bainbridge, 06 05 2010
Alf Bainbridge, you must be right about seeing Yoko Ono. I was in central London two weeks ago and I saw her in a limo. My mates didn\'t believe me
allan, 05 05 2010
The value of webcams proved by the recent Times Square bomb attempt. Think I remember the police saying they had images from thirty-odd cams to view. Just hope they were clear ones. In the light of 9/11 can any innocent grumble about \\\"rights\\\" & \\\"freedom\\\"?
Beau Bells, 04 05 2010
I see so many famouse people walk past this cam everyday.I think I saw Yoko Ono on Monday carrying her shopping.
alf bainbridge, 04 05 2010
Oh yes Truthful Ted, America saves the culture, no talent and no brains...oh and by the way, you late in both world wars....moron...
Martin, 04 05 2010
they do have web cams in america i go on them all the time
muriel, 02 05 2010
mustafa,I won\'t belabor the point but: 1) you have obviously not been to the states and: 2) you are moronic. I won\'t respond back to you so just get over it.
Ray, 30 04 2010
Hey Mustafa obviously you are clueless...If it weren\'t for us Americans, this great city along with most great cities in the world wouldn\'t be as great...
Truthful Ted, 30 04 2010
How is having webcams showing very limited views of London going to give terrorists more information than they can get just by walking around this wonderful city with their eyes open?
peter, western australia, 30 04 2010
You don\'t have web cams in the US because you Americans are CHEAP!
mustafa, 29 04 2010
Sam/Ray I forgot to add to my comments: what about the Internet? All the information that people feed into it, be it facebook, twitter, youtube, and whatever else? Everybody putting their likes and dislikes, photos and God only knows what more? What privacy are you talking about? So, let\'s keep on enjoying watching these lovely cams, they won\'t make much of a difference!!
Lynette, 29 04 2010
\"That\'s why we don\'t have any webcams in the USA\" You\'ve got to be kidding!! You must have your head stuck in the sand! Check out Times Square NY. The good\\\'ol USA has many many webcams.
Not Tom, 29 04 2010
USA webcams. Google \"USA Webcams\" andyou get 2.7 million sites
John, 29 04 2010
What are you talking about Ray? We have plenty of webcams here in the States. Just enjoy the views and get on with life!
Lorraine, 28 04 2010
Whats happening in the square today with all those setup??
Jay, 28 04 2010
Come on Sam, have you seen any privacy to invade in the middle of Leicester Square? Have YOU tried identifying any of the i pixel faces?
Beau Bell, 27 04 2010
wrong ray look up times square in US. that is on here the cam is so close!! you can see everyones face as they walk past.infact you can look up most citys and areas in the world!infact its the enemys within that we should worry about and they dont need no webcams.
demi london, 27 04 2010
Ray, Haven\'t you seen the web cams in Times Square and all over N.Y., whatever are you talking about, by the way, note the spelling of \"identity\".
Mandy, 27 04 2010
Of course you have web cams in the USA - just Google web cams USA. Hundreds of them.
Boo, 26 04 2010
Your identity !!!! what identity your bloody american !!!!
Faisal, 24 04 2010
Sam Camvista have cams showing places in the U.S.A. check out the one of Times Sq.
Pax, 24 04 2010
Sam, Thats why we don\'t have any web cams here in the USA. Not only does it keep us safe from terrorist but it keeps our identy private.
Ray, 23 04 2010
Sam, Thats why we don\'t have any web cameras in the U.S. It keeps us safe and it keeps everyone\'s identy private...Ray from Tampa Florida USA
Ray, 23 04 2010
SAM ur comment sıck... our country wıll be ın peace forever for every1
alex, 22 04 2010
Don\'t you think that not only is this an invasion of privacy, but also an open live invitation for terrorists to watch the every move of every person in the Uk where these cameras are set up? No wonder the USA laugh at us, its lunacy at it\'s best!
sam, 22 04 2010
We been in London a long week end on the last Easters. It was amazing, I keep London inside heart and I cant wait to come back. Never mind, I\\\\\\\'ll go back...I\\\\\\\'ll go back
Oscar, 21 04 2010
I love London ! I feel very happy watching this webcam. Many thanks
Simonetta, 21 04 2010
5:30 AM. People going to work in the early dawn light.
chas, 21 04 2010
Yea! The Cam is working agin - Thank you, Thank you - Check it every day - Love the Square ! Boston, Massachusetts, USA
MP, 20 04 2010
Hock eye,I luv Leicester Square,especially Burger King yum yum.
Bill Connolly, 19 04 2010
Muitas saudades, do big ben e de voces meus filhos
Jorge, 19 04 2010
i used to work there when i was a youth student i got part time jop in capitol club whis was opposite burger king
tolga, 19 04 2010
Hello, London! I miss this city and this square.
reo, 19 04 2010
fantastic place
tom, 17 04 2010
Thank you for fixing the webcam!
Chris, 17 04 2010
Great Cam Glad to see it moveing again.
Nick in Kent, 17 04 2010
estou feliz,agora vejo toda praa,lindo!
Anynha Piccoli, 17 04 2010
great to see camera rotating again!
gerald telfer, 16 04 2010
Great to see camera rotating again!
gerald, 16 04 2010
Thats better, back to normale
Geoffrey, 16 04 2010
Evviva !! la webcam si muove di nuovo !!!!
Oriano, 16 04 2010
pq no esta mais girando essa webcam? fico triste pois no vejo mais a praa!!!
Anynha Piccoli, 09 04 2010
Very good a picture from CAM ! Bardzo dobry obraz z kamery !
Wojtek, 08 04 2010
i walked through here in September. London, greatest city in the world!
don, 06 04 2010
This is a great web cam, especially when it works properly. I hope that will be soon.
Ray, 01 04 2010
When I go to London, it is a must that I visit Leicester Square. At home my pc is always on this webcam.
Anthony, 23 03 2010
How can I see the premieres happening at Empire Cinema on webcam? This camera only shows Odeon premieres
Alex, 22 03 2010
the web cam has stopped can\'t see the Leicester Square
Kj, 20 03 2010
Where\'s the Doctor?
Malcom, 18 03 2010
I go to Leicester Square a lot, mostly visit Chinatown and eat at Mr. Wu\'s buffet :) :P lol and I like going into the Trocadero a lot as well.
Alison Lovelock, 17 03 2010
What\'s going on in the square? Looks like they\'re setting up for a concert...
Jennifer, 17 03 2010
I checked at 5am and people were camping out along the fence. At 1pm the camera is off-line. What\'s up?
geraldine, 17 03 2010
Thank-you Rob.
grits, 16 03 2010
OMG i love london so much, and now it\'s getting spring and it\'s lookin\' even more beautiful.... when can i come back? <3
thomas, 16 03 2010
film premiere.Remember the odeon.wed17 march 2010.time to arrive afternoon.premiere size genre.drama,romance. actors in film.chris cooper,pierce brosnan,robert pattinson,caitlyn rund.
anthony, 16 03 2010
The \"door to nowhere\" is an illuminated notice board.
Rob, 15 03 2010
good to walk through with my girlfriend alison xx
Tommy Lambert, 15 03 2010
i practically live in leicester square, im always there!!! good to walk through with my girlfriend alison xx
Tommy Lambert, 15 03 2010
It doesn\'t look the the fans are very close to where the celebs are going to be (red carpet).
Emily, 11 03 2010
Hi everyone! Today is the premiere of \"The Bounty Hunter,\" which is happening in the West End Vue.
Shelly, 11 03 2010
Whats going on in Leicester Square today? I can\'t wait to be back there. From Austin Texas
jeanette, 11 03 2010
the bouty hunter the screen is for the film ads
john spicer, 11 03 2010
Can someone tell me what the huge tv is all about? Also someone mentioned the \"door to nowhere\" near the phone boxes being a gents relief station? From the veiw on the wedcam it looks like nothing more than a door. Don\'t mean to be crude but how does it work, just slip it through the mail slot?
grits, 11 03 2010
hi does anyone know what premiere is on tonight,i can see the red carpet.thx
sharon, 01 03 2010
does anyone know what premiere is on tonite,red carpets out.thx
sharon, 01 03 2010
Any one tell me what the light panels are set in the pavement along the fence? Pavement art or Hollywood style stars handprints?
Billco, 27 02 2010
Yes, yes, yes! The picture is clearer than it has been in a year. I can even see my pigeon friends clearly on a large flatscreen monitor.
Anne, 27 02 2010
This is the BEST webcam for vewing live. You can really see what is happening. I love London and miss being there.
Jeanette, 26 02 2010
Premiere at the Odeon.The Shouting Men.Tue 2nd March 2010.Time to arrive afternoon.Premiere size small.Film Genre,comedy,drama,sports.Actors in film,Craig Fairbarass, Warren Llambias,Matt Daniel-Baker,&Dudley Sutton.
Anthony, 26 02 2010
coming back down to london in June to see Pearl Jam at Hyde Park. Then back down in Sept for a weeks shopping and site seeing. Cant wait, missed London so much.
paulb, 25 02 2010
you will find the tardis right outside earls court tube station. one of the very few left in uk.that thing that appears to be a door to knowhere is a door to nowhere lol.the toilet entrance is situated on the next view after the chiccitos on top left view just next to entance to the park. hy grits & danny hope you are is wet today 8 degrees cent.
demi london, 25 02 2010
Haven\\\'t been back to town for yonks! Anyone tell me what the bits are set in the pavement by the fence? Hollywood type handprints? Pavement art?
Billco, 23 02 2010
check before you travel for \'Alice \' premiere, theres a chance it will be cancelled over odeon dispute.
IAN, 23 02 2010
The Premiere of Alice IN WONDERLAND IS ON THURSDAY 25TH FEB 2010
Anthony, 23 02 2010
The Teen Patti premiere for the wed 23/2/10 is Canceled.The next premiere at the Odeon is Alice IN WONDERLAND. Premiere size big.Film genre.Adventure childrens,Fantasy.Time to arrive morning. Some of the actors in film,Johnny Depp. Alan Rickman.Christopher Lee.Stephen Fry.Matt Lucas.&Barbra Windsor.
Anthony, 23 02 2010
The red things on the gate are lanterns, its part of the chinese new year celebrations.Chinatown is 2 steets away.
IAN, 23 02 2010
On Tue 23 Feb 2010. Film Premiere. Teen Patti. At the Odeon.Time to arrive afternoon.Premiere size small.Film genre.Drama/Thriller.Actors in film. Ben Kingsley and Amitabh Bachchan.
Anthony, 22 02 2010
What\'s happening in Leicester square right now? 21 02 2010 at 6 p.m
GIANNA, 21 02 2010
Does anyone know who what the red things on the gates are-Sunday 21st february Thanks.
Kyle, 21 02 2010
5AM, London time. Suddenly the street fills with people. Do that many work on Saturday?
Chas, 20 02 2010
Bill, that door to nowhere? It\'s The Master\'s TARDIS.
Vicki, 15 02 2010
Thank goodness for the axial tilt of the planet -- I can finally see London (from California)in daylight hours without having to stay up until 2 in the morning!
Vicki Jones, 15 02 2010
Hi Bill, The door to nowhere as you put it,near the red phone booths is the gents toilets.
Anthony, 15 02 2010
Why is there what appears to be a \"door to nowhere\" standing alone on the square? It can be seen in the upper left corner of the frame, near the pair of red phone booths, in the view when you see the \"Chiquito\" canopies in the lower right. What is that?
Bill C, 13 02 2010
Alessandra - it\'s obvious you\'re not in London. It\'s far from warm and cosy right now - it\'s freezing!
Matthew, 12 02 2010
This webcam is really superb, it plunges you into this quite warm cosy corner of central London, I wish I were there!
Alessandra, 10 02 2010
premiere at the Odeon on the 11th Feb 2010. arrive morning.premiere size big.Film called Valentines Day.with stars including Julia Roberts, Jamie Fox.
Anthony, 10 02 2010
coming back to London next August! I always find this city fantastic, even if I visited it a lot of times!
giusy, 08 02 2010
Wish we were there! London is way kewl.
Brad, 06 02 2010
Thanks Vicki, I know no harm meant. It actually made me giggle. x
Peter, 05 02 2010
I love London, miss it soo much! Where\'s Diego??
Maryann, 03 02 2010
Cam is working beautifully! I love London, wish I could be sharing it with all of you! Best wishes from Buenos Aires at this moment raining cats and dogs! Lynette
Lynette, 03 02 2010
It looks very COLD in the square today!
Chris, 03 02 2010
peter you seem to be a nice guy, hope you get on in The States, lisa be happy for him, he told you the truth,be thankful for that he could have lied to you, true friends are hard to come by, ps would you like to go out with me lisa, i live in cornwall so not far away, lets both share his chips, lol
gary, 02 02 2010
Thank you for your good humor, Peter! It WAS all fun, although I did feel guilty when I realized that I might be joking about real people. Then someone posted using MY name! Turn about/fair play, I guess. Hopefully Lisa will find that a good friend is better than no friend. Good luck to you both. And Gary, you know what to do.
Vicki, 02 02 2010
Thanks Gary. It all is taken with fondness. Basically I live in The States now [miss London a tad], Lisa is nannying in Wandsworth [so everyone look out for her!!]. I\'m gay, Lisa wanted a relationship and it ended up us losing a good friendship, but hopefully she is finding all this as amusing as I am. Shall be back in London this year and willing to share my chips with Lisa as a mate if she still wants that. Everyone else keep up the good work. Love you all, the real Peter. X
Peter, 31 01 2010
to the real peter and lisa, hope you did not mind the bit of fun, couldn\\\'t resist it, hope it works out for you, Vicki ring me xxx gary
gary, 30 01 2010
Ah, Mr. Cheese, er, Cleese, old boy. So how are you, then?Do you remember what to do immediately after dispatching one who has just attacked you with a banana? Sounds like Gary\'s exes might. What would Capt. W. E. Johns say?
Biggles, 30 01 2010
where has pit barrued boyz gone. what do we think of the new boyz lol
john, 29 01 2010
I want to know what happened to Lisa, did she get her comeuppance over Peter?
Collette, 28 01 2010
\"And now for something completely different\"
John Cleese, 27 01 2010
I agree with you Gary! That Guy has a filty mouth!, hey Guy, do you kiss your girl or guy with that mouth??
Danny , 25 01 2010
well said gary HRH Queen Elizabeth
Queen Elizabeth, 25 01 2010
Vicki. how have you had 10 guys since you last saw me, i only saw you yesterday, gant you make it 11 xxx
gary, 25 01 2010
Gary, leave me alone...I\'ve had 10 guys since I last saw you so I\'m doing just fine...get a life
Vicki, 25 01 2010
Well said Guy
dylan, 23 01 2010
guy, get a life, you say lets talk about london !! so why dont you then, by the way on the left of your screen there is a cam you can watch so you dont have to read the comments, nice name by the way, who looks like a twat now. gary
gary, 23 01 2010
I enjoy having fun with the comments on this website. I also love the webcam. Watching the Chiquito umbrellas go up at sunrise; people leaving the hotel with their suitcases to catch the train; the one lady who stood at the phone booth for 20 minutes, then leaped into the arms of the gentleman for whom she\\\'d been waiting; snow covering the square. It all makes me wish I could go back soon.
Vicki, 23 01 2010
well said Guy
dylan thomas, 22 01 2010
I have a look at this webcam EVERYDAY as it makes me feel as if I\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'m there! I miss LS.
Tyrone Malta, 22 01 2010
Are these comments for real? I gotta place my own on here to see if they really are visitor generated. PS: Gary & co, you are all twats. Lets talk about London, not your pathetic love life.
Guy, 22 01 2010
you guys have so cheered me up but i\'m now a tad worried returning to London knowing every move will be watched on here, but what the heck, i\'m single!
Peter, 21 01 2010
Vicki,i cant ring you,the number you gave me was for a s.t.d. clinic,?? wtf!! gary xxx
gary, 21 01 2010
London is a beautiful place, it reminds me of lisa, Missing you so much my love Day by day it is getting worst Without you my heart pains with sorrow everyday My nights are so lonely and days are hurting me Being you are far away, my love is standstill Your precious love made me a complete man But the distance made our love incomplete You are my only dream woman And I can not live without you My love for you is deep and never ending Waiting anxiously to hug you warmly And do not want to let you go again Because you are my love gary xxxx
gary, 20 01 2010
Demi, Demi, Demiiiiiiiiii! where are ya my prescious sweetheart!!!!! I miss ya babydoll:(, Danny
Danny , 20 01 2010
Note to BBC3: The Lisa, Gary, Peter, etc. Show would make an excellent replacement for the insipid Little Britain.
Biggles, 20 01 2010
lisa come home, my hand is about to drop off, gary xxx
gary, 19 01 2010
Now now, let\'s not get nasty. It\'s all in good fun. Besides, we\'re all watching the same I guess that says something about all of our lives, good or bad. ( me...)
Vicki, 19 01 2010
LONDON beautiful city I love it.
BASTIANO, 18 01 2010
go get a life, people!
danielle, 18 01 2010
Looks like Lisa has resorted to putting on a red jacket and handing out her phone number to anyone who will stop. Maybe we should introduce her to Fabrizio.
Vicki, 16 01 2010
Demi sweetheart? I wish I could hold you close, and keep you warm:(
Danny , 16 01 2010
Fabrizio, the cam seems to be fine. It\'s working for me.
Maribel, 15 01 2010
Hi folks, how you doing?I just got back from London and i\'m in Italy now, I heard that it\'s very cold in there isn\'t it? Anyway nice to hear from you all ^ _ ^ p.s. Has the leicester square cam got any problem i cannot view it.
fabrizio, 15 01 2010
hey danny; we got the snow you said you were going to send over.a whole 2 weeks of it so far.thawed today hope it doesnt come back brrrrrr
demi london , 15 01 2010
hyyyyyy grits and danny, hope you had a great new year.Ive been off line for a while only just got back on;wow this message board is like watching a tv soap.I think it was the man with the yellow hat standing by the phone box lol.
demi london , 15 01 2010
hey lisa, you never told me you had children ? are they mine, Vicki help me get her back, if we made love it might make her jealous, heavy snow in cornwall to. gary xxx
gary, 14 01 2010
Lisa totally dumped Peter. He may have been begging for another chance, but I saw him hanging out at the Belushi\'s webcam with some chippy in red boots.
Vicki, 14 01 2010
Lisa, please come home. The children miss you. All is forgiven.
Chas, 14 01 2010
Thanks for the offer, Gary, but I think you may be busy enough winning Lisa away from Terry and Peter. Looking a little wet in London today.
Maribel, 14 01 2010
I\'m gay, Lisa knew that from the start. That is why it never worked and she is in London and I in New Jersey. I am SO out the picture
Peter, 14 01 2010
What about PETER???
jacqui, 14 01 2010
Hey Gary and Terry, you 2 guys better make sure ya where a sock!, I mean, ya never know, danny
Danny , 13 01 2010
hi Maribel Crowe, would you like to go out for a drink, dont tell lisa, i got a funny feeling see is seeing someone else, gary
gary, 13 01 2010
I think I saw you there, Gary, standing by the phone boxes. You looked so handsome with your blurred face and dark, nondescript overcoat! How Lisa can treat two fine gentleman like you and Terry in this manner is beyond me.
Vicki, 13 01 2010
This love triangle - Terry/Lisa/Gary is quite interesting ... especially with romantic London as the backdrop.
Maribel Crowe, 13 01 2010
thanks terry i was standing in the cold waiting for lisa, she was with you all the time, i think she might be 2 timing us, lisa i love you xxx
gary, 11 01 2010
Lisa, thanxs for a great night last nite, oh dont forget to call the OTHER guy..
Terry, 11 01 2010
i hope this year find me in London...Any webcam with sound? Other streaming webcams? Regards, Greece
LoveLondon, 11 01 2010
lisa i wil be standing by the phone box my number is 07896725036 ring me when you see me there i love you xxxxxx
gary, 10 01 2010
lisa, are you free now, how about us getting back together xxx p
peter cole, 10 01 2010
P. I was not being unreasonable after everything that happened. Sorry it all had to end in such a sad way. you will never know and that hurts. Hope one day you realise even if it\'s too late. x
Lisa, 10 01 2010
It is snowing!! The world is freezing!!! Love Leicester Square!
Juan Pablo, 09 01 2010
I recently saw a taxi driving here on the square. I thought this was strictly for foot traffic? However, it was shortly followed by a police car, so......... Love London, hope to return soon!
Bill C, 07 01 2010
Cheers Danny, yep, guess like they say, new year new start. May even get back to London for a visit to family. Happy new year to you.
Peter, 06 01 2010
It was neat watching them take down the fun fair last night. I\'m totally addicted to this webcam; I love the little stories that play out every few minutes.
Vicki, 05 01 2010
How nice to see the Square back to normal
Geoffrey, 04 01 2010
Ik wens iedereen in Londen en daarbuiten een gelukkig Nieuwjaar Best wishes for everybody in London and elswhere Henri
Henri de Wit, 03 01 2010
WOW Peter, that dosnet sound too good my freind! Happy New Year everyone!!
danny, 03 01 2010
happy new year to all viewers
osteoh, 03 01 2010
I appreciate very much this camera. I am very excited because I will be there in january! Happy New Year London!
Taise Lorenzi, 02 01 2010
2009 was a great year, wish this 2010 is much better. Happy New Year London!!!!!! Great camera... the best ever!
Juan Pablo, 02 01 2010
Peter, I am sorry, please write to me I still want to come over at Easter but need to talk first. xxx
Lisa xxx, 02 01 2010
Happy New Year London! I pray everyone has a safe and sober New Year!
Jhonas Alves, 31 12 2009
Very beautiful! I am from Russia. New year will come in 1 hour. yahooooo ^_^
Alina, 31 12 2009 will always find me in the kitchen at parties!
Jona lewie, 31 12 2009
un saluto a mio figlio piero che si trova a londraaun felice 20010
giuseppe, 31 12 2009
hi to my daughter emma in london.. happy new year...
susan, 31 12 2009
Happy New Year London! I pray everyone has a safe and sober New Year! and that goes especially for my sweet demi! God bless ya demi sweetheart! you stay safe doll, danny
Danny Giacomini, 31 12 2009
Hi Demi, Happy New Year. I wish us all a Blessed & Peaceful New Year.
grits, 30 12 2009
You know,last week I managed to see my nephew standing under the webcam in Leicester square! It was a succesful experiment!He works just nearby.Hi Saverio!Hope to see you again!
Giusy, 30 12 2009
A very happy new year to all in \"The Big Smoke\". I miss that place really bad.
Amy, 30 12 2009
hope you all had a very merry xmas. we never got no snow in london on christmas day.happy new year all.the man in the yellow hat was not there on christmas day lol.a special new year to grits and danny
demi london , 28 12 2009
Hi, im Alex from Russia, me like London!
Alex, 28 12 2009
coming down to london in june to see pearl jam, cant wait to be back down in my london, bringing my little brother who is a london newbie, merry xmas one and all and a happy new year x
paulb, 27 12 2009
Merry christmas London!I coming to London for the new year!!!!
Giustino, 26 12 2009
Good shots, best function and picture I\'ve seen around. I like the way it pans to different locations. Wish there were some like this in Ireland. Good job.
Jane Berkley, 26 12 2009
2010 is a SFIC movie date, let your imagination fly...this is on of the biggest human hopes, because whatever you imagin cane became true. All best wishes from Tenerife, Spain.
Orestes, 26 12 2009
Merry Christmas people! We must thank the Lord for all the thins we got. Cheers people in London! Hope to see you in 2010.
Juan Pablo, 25 12 2009
I\'ve been in London in 2001. I cannot forget .. and hope to come back soon. Very special Leister Square.Marry Christmas to all of you, from Italy.
Massimo, 25 12 2009
Merry Christmas London! See you soon!
L, 25 12 2009
Was in London in 2008, with my son. London is the greatest city in the world.
Clark, 25 12 2009
Merry Christmas everybody
Angelika from Germany, 24 12 2009
Demi sweetheart!, Thankyou for bein in the world doll, and Mery Christmas, danny, oxoxoxox
Danny Giacomini, 23 12 2009
hy danny; thx for your nice message.nice too know there is so many beautiful people in the world.GOOD MORNING WORLD.
demi london , 23 12 2009
Lisa. must admit there were a few tears reading back on our messages but I get the picture. And in answer to all the times you asked yes doll, missed you all the time. Be strong. xxx
peter, 22 12 2009
I want to wish everyone in England a Merry Christmas. I hope to visit London next year. Cheers people!!
Juan Pablo, 22 12 2009
Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year to all(but especially my big sister and best friend Eunice M.) in one of my favorite places in the world...London... I wish you a white Christmas as well..from Ray in Tampa, Florida USA
Ray, 21 12 2009
Monday 21st december-4:20pm It\'s snowing in London & Leicester square Merry Xmas everyone
Kyle, 21 12 2009
Hello England! Here in New Jersey, USA, it`s snowing like a Blizard now! were spose to get 12-18\" of snow, by the time this storms over sometime Sunday. I live about 30 minutes west of N.Y.C. Merry Christmas all, and God bless everyone! Danny
Danny Giacomini, 19 12 2009
Demi, I`ll send you guys a few inch`s, if we get a foot of snow, lol, danny
Danny Giacomini, 19 12 2009
Big snow coming! Here in New Jersey-USA, were spose to get up to 12\"(1 foot)starting thismmorning, thru monday.
Danny Giacomini, 19 12 2009
According to your Met Office, heavy snow is predicted for London on Monday, 21 December. I trust you will get your white Christmas Day wish next Friday! Adam...Melbourne, Australia
adam veitch, 19 12 2009
merry xmas and a happy new year grits
demi london, 19 12 2009
vin what country are you in? have you met the man in the yellow hat yet. he is autistic.and is determined to rub shoulders with the rich and famous, despite what ever the weather. you will always see him in the front at all premieres.and he calls it going to work.if he wasnt autistic he would of been either a presenter or papparatzi.
demi london, 19 12 2009
Great sight with heaps of people still around at 1.30am. Luv to have a cold white Christmas, it is so bloody hot here in Oz and we need rain. Enjoy a white Christmas
paddy, 19 12 2009
A friend of mine told me another snow is expected for today. Did it snow again? I would love to spend Christmas time in London. Cheers people! Merry Christmas to you all!
Juan Pablo, 18 12 2009
Merry Christmas Lisa
peter, 17 12 2009
demi, it`s the same here in New Jersey, USA, very cold, and were spose to get some snow in a day or 2. Same temp. as where you are tho, well stay warm sweet demi, your freind, danny
Danny Giacomini, 17 12 2009
We got alittle snow here afew weeks ago, been dealing with rain lately. Suppose to get really cold Christmas week, hoping for snow, would love a white Christmas. Stay warm Demi. Merry Christmas to all!
grits, 16 12 2009
Is the guy in the yellow hat still there ? Does he ever go home ?
Vin, 16 12 2009
we got a little snow today.its freezing here
demi london, 16 12 2009
Tonight - Sherlock Holmes Premier. Jude Law, Robert Downey Jr etc.
Did You Hear About the Morgans?, London UK premiere Film synopsis: In New York City, an estranged couple who witness a murder are relocated to small-town Wyoming as part of a witness-protection program. From IMDB Actors in film: Sam Elliott, Hugh Grant, Sarah Jessica Parker, Mary Steenburgen, Elisabeth Moss, Michael Kelly Director: Marc Lawrence Producer: Liz Glotzer, Martin Shafer Film genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance Film Premieres: UK premiere - London - 8th December 2009
Gabriel, 08 12 2009
Over reacting B. Love watching the procession on the red carpet with camera flashes complimenting the fairy lights tonight!
Chris, 08 12 2009
Will there be a Film Premiere tonight? I love this webcam
Juan, 08 12 2009
Please can you keep your nasty remarks to yourself Colin & Martin. The comments box is here for feedback from what is going on on the webcam. There is no need for personal insults to other viewers.
B, 06 12 2009
full marks for noticing, Colin and Martin. Iam not english,so can you give me some lessons.
demi london, 02 12 2009
Colin, please pass me the red pen I need to help Demi out!
Martin, 30 11 2009
I love that anytime I start missing England, I can come on here and watch the cams. Leicester Square is one of my favorite places in London. It looks great, all set up for Christmas !!
Katherine, Canada, 30 11 2009
Hi Demi could you please use the correct puncuation mark\'s
colin, 29 11 2009
hy grits how are you hope you are fine as you see there has been alot going on here in the square on halloween l had a great time here the whole place was streaming with people dressed as zombies kids aswell with there parents attacking passes by also l met up with the organises of the world dance off of michael jacksons thriller at the trocodero and joined in the fun dancing with about 10 zombies it was great fun.( you see the annual christmas fair is it is not snowing here even tho it looks like it its just to give it a xmasee look have a merry xmas all and a happy newyear especialy grits xx
demi london, 28 11 2009
Leicester Square puts one in the Christmas mood. great job to the people who worked hard putting it all together
John Olein, 27 11 2009
This is my favourite time of year, love the lights,cold weather and the excitment in the air.The square looks beautiful, thank-you camvista for giving us a chance to see what we otherwise couldn\'t. To all my friends in that part of the world Happy Christmas & a Blessed New Year. Special Hello to Demi.
grits, 27 11 2009
Thanks to all who replied, still a lot going on today in the square?????
graham bell, 25 11 2009
to graham bell funfair is local christmas fair here till first week in january and yes it,s a film prem hope it helps.
brian tudor, 24 11 2009
Looks like they are setting up the square for the holiday season...carousel etc. It\'s always so lovely in London during the holidays.
Sue Borchardt, 24 11 2009
Today/Tonight at the Odeon,The huge film premiere,Called The Lovely Bones,starring Rachel Weisz and Mark Wahlberg.
anthony, 24 11 2009
Whats on in the square then a fun fair, premier,etc etc anyone know?
Graham Bell, 23 11 2009
Thankyou VERY much for the advise Kathy! I`ve always wanted to go to England, I was thinking about going in April, nice talking to you Kathy!, danny
Danny Giacomini, 20 11 2009
I love watching this webcam. Has it snowed already in London? it seems to be freezing out there. It is great when Christmas is very close.
Juan Pablo, 20 11 2009
Juan Pablo : No, it\\\\\\\'s wasn\\\\\\\'t premiere, allways trucks, and people around. ( I dont know why)
Agi, 20 11 2009
Hi Danny-I was in London in Sept. and visited the square because I too check out the webcam. It was fun picking out the landmarks we see on the cam. I was surprised that the square is smaller than it looks on the webcam, but very quaint. Enjoy your trip!
Cathy, New Mexico, 19 11 2009
My wife knows how much time I spend watching this webcam, and we decided to book a vacation in London! I cant wait! I`ll soon be walking thru the square in front of the webcam! God bless you all! God bless England! Danny, in New Jersey-USA
Danny Giacomini, 19 11 2009
What a fantastic Webcam. Love watching it full screen in my Bognor Regis bed.
Paul William Arnold, 18 11 2009
Is there a Film premiere today? I see a lot of trucks and people working around. Cheer people!
Juan Pablo, 18 11 2009
those who are tired of London are tired of life
kristen, 17 11 2009
Are there actually people who live in Leicester Square? Katrin, you probably your husband lives in a hotel in the square or maybe he is homeless and made the square his home!
John T, 16 11 2009
Orestes, 15 11 2009
In this street there lives my husband. I like to look at people wandering on it - suddenly and the husband I will see.
Katrin H, 14 11 2009
A webcam?
Chris, 13 11 2009
I Love All of your London webcams!!! I was born in London, in 1846 and, have lived in America since, I was 10 years old...I Will Always be inlove with London, it\\\'s my Favorite place in the world...Thank You for taking me there, via your wonderful webcams!!!
Monica Myers, 13 11 2009
Jim carey only gave out about two autograghs at the london premiere of a christmas carol
demi london, 10 11 2009
Hello everyone.
Yurgen, 09 11 2009
I see people walking,talking and starking yet I don\\\'t see anything,what am I?
Jimmy Ember, 08 11 2009
Those who are tired of London, are tired of life.
will, 07 11 2009
Merry Christmas? It is just beginning November! jajajajaja. Greetings from Mexico!
Juan Pablo, 06 11 2009
London is great place to visit, I have visited L\'Square 4-5 times, spent almost full night and enjoyed a lot, it is full of fun. Its been 3 years when i last visited here and enjoy the view from this Web Cam.Wish to revisit this place soooon.
Anand, 05 11 2009
Hello, everyone! Just watching the premiere preparations from Germany here! Many greetings to all the Londoners watching!
Joseph, 03 11 2009
Jim Carrey is not switching on the Regent Street lights. Colin Firth is doing that. Jim Carrey is just Oxford Street
Annie, 03 11 2009
Sorry I meant Christmas!! not Christams!!!?? Typing error.
JOHN, 03 11 2009
It is the Premiere of Christams Carol. Bob Hoskins and Jim Carrie./ Jim Carrie is switching on the Christams lights in Oxford Street and Regent Street prior to this.
john, 03 11 2009
It\'s great watching all the preparation going on. Once again I am wondering what show it is they are preparing for this time!
Chris, 03 11 2009
We will be on holiday in London in exactly 19 days... cannot wait, have this on my work computer so i can see it everyday!!
acourtesan, 02 11 2009
This is just a great view! i love watching the square!
Juan Pablo, 01 11 2009
I soooooooooo wish I were in London at the moment!!!!
sihanna, 30 10 2009
This is it! this is great :) but is there anyway i can see what has happened before or is it only live?!
Me, 28 10 2009
Michael Jackson film premiere.27 10 09
Link, 27 10 2009
Well just waiting to see if any fans from THIS IS NOT IT are out for the premiere of Michael Jacksons This is It film. What a shame that these celebrities were not there when MJ needed support. Bunch of sycophants the lot of them. True fans could not get a ticket to this event..MJ will be rolling over in his grave. RIP Michael xx
Maggie Crowe, 27 10 2009
I like to watch Leicester Square in I remember my vacation last year in London
ALEXANDRE , 20 10 2009
i so love watching this cam, autumn is under way so nice to see the change in seasons
paulb, 20 10 2009
Will\'s home sick and likes watching the webcam. Hopefully we will be able to visit soon.
Ellen and Will, 19 10 2009
george clooney has been here twice this week 14th and 15th october hopeing he comes tonight aswell 18th october for up in the air premiere 53rd film festival got premieres everynight for two weeks started from 14th oct ends 29th oct.dont have to go to hollywood to see the stars
demi london, 18 10 2009
The premiere on Wednesday was Fantastic Mr. Fox, George Clooney and Meryl Streep - and now today, Sunday, there are lines of people in the square for something else. Anyone know what??
MP, 18 10 2009
Have stayed in London for 4 years while studying and every Sunday was walking there. Great memories, feeling for a while as i\'m back. Many thanks for that!
natassa, 18 10 2009
london is beautiful! wish i were there!
jane, 18 10 2009
ooooooh! I ADORE London!! Hopefully I\'ll be back soon! Stuck in boring Wisconsin, USA, at the moment....
mariah, 16 10 2009
I live in Wisconsin love watching the view on the cam....
Jenni Hauer, 16 10 2009
Watching from Chicago. Have been to London many times. Brings back memories.
John Keating, 15 10 2009
Thank you for repairing/cleaning this camera. Best view ever.
Robert Rem, 15 10 2009
what movie premiere is this? looks like fun... my sister-in-law and i will be here in the spring! woohoo.. meanwhile i am stuck here in hawaii - tough life!
Marti, 14 10 2009
Another event in the Square today? (Tues.13/10/09) Anyone know what it is?
MP, 13 10 2009
This is one of the cameras I like most. Nice restaurants and it shows a living London. Love the place, thats why going over again...
Nils G, 12 10 2009
I love watching this webcam on Sundays. Leicester Sq is full of people :) It is the same on Saturdays and Fridays. Thanks for fixing the webcam
Juan, 11 10 2009
Good for you Sirhc,we know what we are good and not so good at. Totally agree with you.
George, 09 10 2009
Sirhc, okay, but I think that is quite strange. But anyway, I like English people and I think they do most of the things good
Juan, 09 10 2009
Infact Juan, British,London born, so feel quite ok making this statement..thanks Guys
sirhc, 09 10 2009
man o man - wish i was in london right now - gonna be a while but the hotel is booked so counting down
paulb, 08 10 2009
I find this cam quite good - and after living in the UK I think the British are quite good at everything.....
pamilicious, 08 10 2009
Thank you, Juan Sirhc is very rude
Geoffrey, 08 10 2009
Sirhc, that is quite serious and racist, I suggest you apologize for your offensive comments against English people.
Juan, 08 10 2009
About time you fixed the cam took so long ..typical English
sirhc, 07 10 2009
Amazing webcam, London it is absolutely fantastic. Very good webcam service. Thanks.
Ricardo, 05 10 2009
Yes. Thanks so much for fixing this cam; it\'s one of the best in London.
Bruno, 04 10 2009
Yeah thank you very much I can appreciate this wonderful view now! ♥ I love you London ♥ Kisses from the south of France:) ♥♥♥
Sabrina, 03 10 2009
Very happy that the camera is operational again - I watch it several times a day. Matthew, I am green with envy that your flat overlooks the Square ! Cheers from Boston, USA.
MP, 03 10 2009
Thank you so much for fixing the cam. It is much appreciated!
Yolanda, 01 10 2009
I\'m very happy to be able to see people on this cam again
Geoffrey , 01 10 2009
Cool! When the camera swings round to the left, my flat is just out of sight at the top left hand corner of the screen! I can look out of my window and see what\'s happening in the square and then a few seconds later see it on this cam (there\'s a fair old delay). Fascinating.
Matthew, 01 10 2009
Thanks a lot camvista people, thats much better.
Orestes, 01 10 2009
I was there in July for the first time. I loved it and looking forward to my next trip. Thanks for fixing the camera, this brings back great memories.
Ray Guthrie, 30 09 2009
WOW! Thankyou for fixing the webcam! The picture is excellant! I LOVE IT! It`s so clear now! Thankyou so much! Danny, in N.J. U.S.A.
Danny Giacomini, 30 09 2009
brilliant cam please fix wobbly picture
donaldcolling, 25 09 2009
I LOVE this web cam! It is my favorite! I watch it allnite long!, as I am disabled w/a spine disease. Please fix the picture, I want so badly to see the people walking by better, and the square, Thankyou, Danny in N.J.- U.S.A. 17-9-09
Danny Giacomini, 18 09 2009
This is my FAVORITE streaming cam of the Square! I have it on nite and day! I want so badly to move to England! Im disabled w/a spine disease, so I always have this cam on, PLEASE, fix the cam, it wobbles very bad, and I want so badly to see the people walking by, and the square better, please, can someone fix it? Thankyou, Danny in Watchung New Jersey - U.S.A.
Danny Giacomini, 18 09 2009
Oo dear... it\'s a little bit wobbly! You can get ill when you take a long look. Can you do something about it....PLEASE... somebody??
jolanda, 17 09 2009
Oooo, my favourite webcam has a bad case of wobbly picture, please can you fix it soon?
Chris, 15 09 2009
London, ich liebe dich! Ich kann es kaum erwarten, wieder zu kommen.
Stefan, 15 09 2009
sunlight, 14 09 2009
i\'m in boring wisconsin, too! wish i was in london, so much more exciting!
clara, 11 09 2009
I\\\'m in agreement with PaulB - wish I was in Leiscester Square today - it\\\'s been 2 1/2 years but it is a treat to be able to check in every day! Might be there this winter, I hope !
MP, 10 09 2009
on friday 4th sept i was smoking by the two red phoneboxes, seems like last night, wish i was in london now
paulb, 09 09 2009
KATE , 09 09 2009
hy grits if u get AOL you can play online poker with me on AOL we can talk live online there is another grits on there and l thought it was u but it can always find the person u are looking for easy.look up desiri53 thats me.
demi london, 09 09 2009
Hello, Harry! Listened to your show off Leicester Square today. Keep up the good work. And Hello London!!
Ed, New York, 06 09 2009
Hi Demi, I\'m doing well, hope your the same. Give us a wave at the next premier.
grits, 01 09 2009
L.v got your autogragh already sly so you dont need to come lol
demi london, 27 08 2009
look up london film premieres next one 9th october loads of big stars in that. hya grits how r u
demi london, 27 08 2009
Why is picture so blurry?
manita, 25 08 2009
When is the next film premier ??
Sly Stallone, 25 08 2009
I miss summer this year but hope to be back in Winter this year and have made up my mind to spend the rest of my life in London.
String, 23 08 2009
Why are people camped out in front of the theathre?
grits, 16 08 2009
Yes poker in the park is on.
alan, 13 08 2009
Big tent, anybody got any info on whats happening?
grits, 12 08 2009
I was there! Right at the front, got several autographs.. wow what a day!
Lucinder Field, 12 08 2009
that was the UK Premiere of \"The Ugly Truth\" with Gerard Butler
Kj, 05 08 2009
whats being premiered?
paulb, 04 08 2009
what is going on in the square
alex, 04 08 2009
I agree with missing the audio. Hey camera guys - is there a way to economically add audio ? :)- I also miss the sounds
Audio, 03 08 2009
WOW this is wicked!! I just love people watching, wish I could find some more!!!!
Babs Elias, 03 08 2009
ALINA, 03 08 2009
I love the variety of the cam angles but I do miss the audio. Great fun to hear you all over in the U.S. !
MP, 02 08 2009
It is great having back the camera movement. Great quality!!!
Juan Pablo, 02 08 2009
ALINA, 01 08 2009
I\'m so glad that the camera is moving again, but the quality of the picture isn\'t what it used to be.
Anne, 01 08 2009
dietro le tende tarlate un chiarore lattigginoso mi fa intravedere un futuro radioso.... LONDRA
Andrea, 27 07 2009
l was there yesterday for inglouries premier standing in front of the white bill board.brad pitt never turned up but quentin tarantino did he was great so did mickey rouke and rianna she looked fabulous also ronan keating came too
demi london, 25 07 2009
now showing is the UK premiere for Inglorious Bastards starring Brad Pitt
Kj, 23 07 2009
Aunque haya pasado el tiempo, nunca me olvido de ti ni de lo que tanto me has dado y lo feliz que he sido en tus calles! I love London forever!! Volver, lo prometo!
lawy, 22 07 2009
great to see the cam back, coming down in 6 weekends for a long weekend, cant wait
paulb, 22 07 2009
I love this cam. Thanks for fixing the motion. When do people sleep? At 3:00am people are still roaming around this square.
Linda, 22 07 2009
the webcam seems to be out of order,Sunday 19 Jul,16.17 hrs
dimitris philippidis, 19 07 2009
yeahhhhhhhhhhh glad too have the old cam back!!!!never chacge again!!
stefan, 18 07 2009
There is some type of march going on in the square. Can anybody give any information?
grits, 18 07 2009
I love this cam. But I have to say, I liked it better when wasnt moving. It moves way too fast to too many places. I wish it was either 3 different cameras (on one page would be perfect) or it would pick one place.
Lisa, 15 07 2009
Thankyou so much,for redoing Web Cam,I look faward to this site every day...
Judi, 14 07 2009
yeeeaaaaa three cheers for the cam back thxsss alot so happy now l can keep an eye on my son when he is at the film premieres trhxxxxxxxx
demi london, 13 07 2009
Glad to see the camera back up to its old speed and views
Dave, 12 07 2009
Well Done fixing the CAM and many thanks for setting it up for us to watch. It means a lot to us, who cant be there.
Saint Nicholas, 12 07 2009
Thanks for changing back to the \'panning; camera. It\'s brilliant.
Romeo Bravo, 12 07 2009
I love this camera and am so glad to see it up and working again..It\'s great!
Becky, 11 07 2009
It may be raining in Leicester Sq today,but to me its a sunny day with the cam working again as it did.Thanks a bunch.
Philip Fischetti, 11 07 2009
Here, Here! Great to see the whole Square again. I wish the camera lingered longer on Shakespeare.
In Marblehead, 10 07 2009
Wow! thanks for the getting the camera \'up and working\'! I\'ve really missed it.
Lou, 10 07 2009
Excellent! Cam is alive from the dead ;-).
Claudio F, 10 07 2009
So very happy to have the different views back though the full screen imagine isn\'t as clear as it used to be.
Anne, 10 07 2009
Thanks from me too, for fixing up the camera!
Chris, 09 07 2009
Thanks for fixing the camera. We have missed the views and are thrilled to have them back.
Ellen, 08 07 2009
Thank-you! Thank-you! for bringing back the streaming view of the square, have really missed it.
grits, 08 07 2009
Nice to see the cam moving makes it so much better to view.well done.
Anthony from Margate, 08 07 2009
Great webcam views of the Harry Potter film premiere Thanks for the change of web cam views
john, 07 07 2009
You might spot me on here later!
Paula, 07 07 2009
HP, 07 07 2009
Oh gosh I\'m so happy to see HP6 Premiere! Unfortunately I\'m a thousand miles away :(. Thanks for showing this guys! :D
Gabriella, 07 07 2009
please, move again!!!! come on - now! - it\'s the HP6 premiere today!!!!!!!! don\'t let us down!
HP, 07 07 2009
Totally awesome. I love it.
robert Frye, 06 07 2009
Totally awesome!I love it Totally awesome. I love itl 000
Robert Frye, 06 07 2009
Please make the camara pan like it used to, it was really interesting to watch, but now not so much.
Romeo Bravo, 05 07 2009
My favorite city - London, the best.
Anthony Spiteri, 04 07 2009
What has happened to your stops now and does not pan anymore.What a shame. I guess you people don\'t read any of these remarks.
Philip Fischetti, 04 07 2009
As a londoner living in the Philippines its great to see Leicester Square live ,but please have this cam reset to pan around as it used.Thank you.
david aram, 04 07 2009
I agree with the other requests:please try to get it working.
Telthecelt, 29 06 2009
John Atherton, 28 06 2009
Why this camera is not move around, please make the camera move again.
Mi, 28 06 2009
Please make the camera move again. We would love to be able to see the film stars and the park again.
Ellen, 27 06 2009
please could clean the camera glass and bring back the other camera\'s. thank you
colin, 26 06 2009
hello?! the potter premiere is on july 7th!!!! please get the cam moving again until then and bring the good quality back!!!!
ryan, 26 06 2009
I love this cam, but I wish it was showing different views again. Could that please be arranged?
Anna, 23 06 2009
I really liked this camera so much more when it would pan around!So much fun to watch the park and follow people.Please get it moving again!!
corine, 20 06 2009
Oh my godness! I can\'t belivie it!!! It\'s completely AMAZINGGGGG! I MISS THERE REALLY REALLY REALLY SO MUCH! I\'ll be back!
Lucas, 20 06 2009
I agree with Joan Pau. With the Harry Potter premier possibly coming up, please have the camera pan the area. Thanks
Judy, 19 06 2009
Good morning London! I will be seeing you soon.
Robsalot, 17 06 2009
sure do wish something could be done about the poor picture quality
john mclaughlin, 09 06 2009
Completely agree with Joan Pau! Quality used to be a lot better as well!
Hollie, 01 06 2009
I like this view very much! but i liked it more when the cam used to move around...
Joan Pau, 24 05 2009
I wish the cam was at street level so that you can see the faces and possibly interact with those that pass by.
Jo Fisher, 23 05 2009
hotel booked, train tickets released in a few weeks, wont be long, love london
paulb, 22 05 2009
back in sept, gonna have to time something with this camera and wave to my friends :-)
paulb, 15 05 2009
Are you going to activate the Thames view camera from ITV...St Pauls view. Thank you.
Marshal Bernstein, 14 05 2009
lots of love from argentina, beloved london!!!
claudia comte, 12 05 2009
More of times i have the same dream, i\'m in london, walking for oxford street, portobello market, tower bridge, picadilly and soho. I hope this dream are come true. I love you London!
Lau, 01 05 2009
I like London very much, I hope to be there next fall.. Inchallah
mina, 21 04 2009
hy grits nd sharon in the states hope u r well havnt been here fr a while londons weather is sunny now looking forward to hearing fr u both harry potter premiere is in july possibley 13th dont know where yet
demi london , 18 04 2009
London the best! forever!
Shivanath, 18 04 2009
Where do all these people live? Who are they?
Steve Greaves, 13 04 2009
I love London. It\\\'s one of my favourite places to visit. Hope to go soon. Had a great time in 2000, visited UK in 2007 but was not able to go to London. Next time I won\\\'t miss it. I wish I could just stay and live there, but no such luck!Cheers everybody! Lynette
Lynette Patterson, 10 04 2009
О,Лондон! Как бы я хотел попасть на твои улицы!Где к сожалению я не буду ни когда....
Andri, 09 04 2009
london is my 2nd contry كيف نعيش بلا احمد - حياتي حمادي
riri, 09 04 2009
интересно, как ты там. буду думать, все в порядке. здесь по-прежнему обратная луна. и ночью поезд едет по мосту и свет из самых дальних окон. лишь то, что мне немного грустно от вина. и хочется опять сойти с ума и ждать дождя и новстей. интересно, как ты там. буду думать, все в порядке.
odna iz, 28 03 2009
O. Marina, i\'m waiting for you there! love you, love london. i want to see you again!!!
Te amo, 25 03 2009
we are coming back down from newcastle in a month for a long weekend, cant wait
paulb, 20 03 2009
Fino ad una settimana f funzionava benissimo,ora l\'immagine non chiara. Avete fatto qualche modifica ? Se la risposta si, meglio tornare a come era prima. Grazie !
Oriano, 03 03 2009
the cam also keeps going blank, not a good cam to watch anymore, it used to be the best, cumon sort it out please :-P
itsme, 03 03 2009
Blurry picture with ripples and the action in stops and starts. Tonight in USA, March 2 the view isn\'t changing.
Anne, 03 03 2009
I\'ve noticed the ripple and blurr effect as well. I hope it is fixed shortly. Will be visiting from the Tampa Florida in a few months. It is a great view.
Ray, 03 03 2009
I love to watch this cam but the last few day it has been blurred with ripples on the lens. Is anyone else seeing it like that?
Maribel, 02 03 2009
hi the quality of the cam picture has degraded over the last few weeks.could you check it as it detracks from ones enjoyment of the views thankyou.
anthony, 28 02 2009
P. Still waiting :(
Lisa, 25 02 2009
Just recorded the song \\\'Sam\\\' for G. Shooting the video here next week. :)
Peter, 24 02 2009
Had a great time at Leicester Square today but returned to my home in Newcastle early afternoon and missed all of the activity thats going on.Never mind,maybe next time.
Andy Baillie, 23 02 2009
It\'s the Watchmen premier .
Kay, 23 02 2009
Premiere for \'WATCHMEN\"
Kj, 23 02 2009
Andrew, Can you tell us what\'s going on? Lot\'s of activity, bright lights, is it a premier?
Pam, 23 02 2009
Peter in P.R Your friends have missed you too and can\'t wait to have you home. xxx
Lisa, 22 02 2009
Oh this is one of my favourite web cams for sure. It\'s a beautiful day in London today!! Wish i was there :( Thanks for these cameras guys!!! Gabi, from Brazil
Gabriella, 21 02 2009
i think this is the one of the best webcams i have watched . and i have added it to my favorites . thank you . mark in shrewsbury
mark drury , 21 02 2009
I miss London and friends but I have fell in love with these islands. Back to Leicester Square Monday!
Peter in Puerto Rico, 21 02 2009
very good live streaming the way the cams looks at differant would be nice if it stopped on the park as well as the other views.great cam.i look forward to you adding more.
Anthony hepburn, 20 02 2009
Hello to all from Ukraine!!!!!
Yuriy Dvoykin, 19 02 2009
Love this cam. Neat views.
Sandy From New Zealand, 19 02 2009
very nice
patrick, 18 02 2009
please bring back the videos from yesterday thanks
al, 18 02 2009
Excellent views, hello from Port Augusta in South Australia
Kym Hartmann, 17 02 2009
hi there! i envy everyone who is in leicester square at the moment!
juliet, 17 02 2009
Judi 16 Feb - Film Premiere of \'Confessions of a Shopaholic\'. - Empire Cinema, Leicester Square
Andrew, 16 02 2009
Спасибо! :)))
Vlad, 16 02 2009
Передаю привет Владу, который сейчас в Лондоне!:) Влад, всё будет ОТЛИЧНО!!! (I send regards to Vlad, which now in London!:) Vlad, all will be very good!;))
Iness, 16 02 2009
16 Feb - Film Premiere of \'Confessions of a Shopaholic\'. - Empire Cinema, Leicester Square
Andrew, 16 02 2009
Judi go to
ruth, 16 02 2009
whats going on at Leicester square...its 16th Feb isnt there way finding out???
Judi, 16 02 2009
i\'ll be ther in the weekend of 16 till 18 may...cant wait
stefan, 15 02 2009
I really enjoy the Leicester Sq Camera. I am looking forward to the day when my buddy Andre calls from the Phone Booth. lol. If I am very Lucky I\'ll actually get to visit myself.
Scott M, 15 02 2009
miss you can\'t get a picture send a message or notice Jean l
Jean L, 13 02 2009
Were back home now in Newcastle after a fab weekend in London. Hit me at the Leicester Sq theater was excellent. We will be back in May for long riverside walks, Soho pubs, great places to eat, shops and taking in the London life.
jacquie, 13 02 2009
Wow! It is snowing again! Lucky Londoners, it never snows here in Corfu, Greece! (
John T, 12 02 2009
we are coming back down to london at the end of april, cant wait. i love viewing this webcam and others in london.
paulb, 12 02 2009
Can\'t believe that the sun is shining in Leicester Square when here in Newcastle everything is covered in snow.Can\'t wait for Sunday 22nd Feb when I will be back down in London where it\'s always warmer than up here in the northeast.
Andy Baillie, 12 02 2009
Love seeing the sunlight over the park! Going to London in the beginning of April, can\'t wait!
Daniel K, 12 02 2009
I\'m relocating from the states to live in England to be with my soon to be Brit hubby. I can\'t wait!!
Omega, 11 02 2009
Watch almost nightly from Port Townsend, Washington, USA. Loved seening the snow in Leicester Square
Anne, 11 02 2009
I simply love London, especially this square. God willing we\'ll be walking there the coming weekend.
Ron, 10 02 2009
FAO Peter I have not given up, by the end of the week all will be clear and hopefully ok,been working hard on a plan of action xxx
Lisa, 10 02 2009
Nice city. We were there last week and I miss it! And the snow was superb!
Diego, 09 02 2009
I miss London. I wish I was there. I look at this webcam every Sunday drinking a beer
John Paul, 08 02 2009
Brilliant! I wish there were more live web cams around the uk. I really enjoy looking at them if I\'m bored!
Smudge, 08 02 2009
I love London was there for a break in June 2008 & Aug 2008, hope to be back soon
Fiona, 08 02 2009
this is one of the first places i intend to vist and will be waving at the cam much love and respect to the uk
Tyrone , 08 02 2009
I look at this webcam everyday, wishing I was there. London is the best city in the world and I miss it very much!!!
Connie, 07 02 2009
I wish literally, everyday, that I could be one of those people walking by, and never know that someone, say in L.A. County would be staring at you wishing, they could be where you are. I envy you.
Monica, 07 02 2009
Very nice cam! I am in Norway now, but will be on Leicester Square in 48 hours! London here i come!
Bjorn Arne, 06 02 2009
Well its currently 38degs here in Australia so the snow looks loverly
jon, 06 02 2009
Excellent cam, looks so cold there now though
Ty England, 04 02 2009
Snow in London!!beautiful!! I am in love of this place I LOVE LONDON
Ro, 04 02 2009
I love Leicester Square!! It did look beautiful when it was snowing... Regards!
Jean from Mexico, 04 02 2009
This cam gives me motivation to finish school and flee this hospital basement office of mine forever.
chad, 03 02 2009
we come to London Saturday from finland and here is -11C and 20-60cm snow.. its bens where you live here! Hopefully airport workin well on saturday and monday too :)
Jarmo, 03 02 2009
Oh my God, snow in London and me, here in my chair, too bad
javier acosta, 03 02 2009
Snow and not a snowman in site!!One along the fence to greet the camera would have been great!
claire, 02 02 2009
FAO LISA : And there was me going to propose, well if it\'s just a kiss you want then who am I to disappoint [saves on a sparkly ring too]
Peter, 02 02 2009
I love snow, i love cocaine
dan, 02 02 2009
OMG! Snow falling down is so beautiful! Love to see these cameras maybe because when i see it i feel in London! I may be there on next year! i hope i can!! Love LDN ;D
Gabriella from Brazil, 02 02 2009
Snow!Does England usually get snow or is this a rare occasion?
mimi, 02 02 2009
Is it only snowing in London ???????????? I\'m in Midlothian Scotland where we always get snow. Enjoy it folks !
William Paul, 02 02 2009
Snowing!!!! what an excellent view of Leicester Square!!! Cheers people
Juan, 02 02 2009
is snowing in london. what a sight.
osteoh, 02 02 2009
I so want to kiss Peter in that snow xxx
Lisa, 01 02 2009
Wow, beautiful snow fall in London tonight!
Robsalot, 01 02 2009
I\'ve watched the cam through many seasons but this is the first time I\'ve seen it snow, beautiful!!
grits, 01 02 2009
l noticed someone was asking why dont the camera stay still on leicester square if u go 2 radison edwardian hotel cam that stays still
demi london, 01 02 2009
john cleese sent a message on the trafalger square cam its funny its definitly him cos thats his personality he is Q in james bond
demi london , 01 02 2009
its chinese new year now at trafalgar square nd china town leicester square it was nice nd sunny earlier now its freezing nd snowing l decided 2 not go this yr just watch it on this web cam instead what happened 2 the chinese fire cracker they usually display at about this time at leicester square 5.o.clock pm maybe there waiting fr it 2 get a bit darker hya grits & sharon from the states how r u both its been a long time since l been on had probs with internet fr over a month but its bk now hope u r both well 8th feb is the baftas at the royal opera house covent garden cam vista does have a cam there but going 2 see if they got 1 at the opera house
demi london , 01 02 2009
we have visited London many times. It is a wonderful city with fantastic entertainment. I enjoy visiting the web cams often.
jerry hiatt, 28 01 2009
Will, did you mean Robert Morley he was doing a lot of films over there at that time
Molly, 25 01 2009
This webcam is perfect but it should be focusing all the time the theater entrance and not moving all the time. Thanks and cheer up Tom & Katie with their Valkiry premiere.
Francesc, 21 01 2009
This Webcam is fantastic but it should be focused where there are the film premiers not moving around all the time, and also a closer view to the cinema entrance, then it would be perfect. Thanks
Francesc, 21 01 2009
Ilove this cam .I often go to London and I use the cam so that my daughter could see me. Well I love London and UK
OWEN SULTANA, 21 01 2009
This webcam lets me re-visit Leicester Square where once back in the 1970\'s I happened upon Peter Morley setting on a bench waiting to film a movie scene. I thought he was the old man who dressed up to come and feed the pigeons. We had a good laugh. Thank you for letting me re-visit him and have a look about from my apartment in Norman, Oklahoma USA. Will
Will Decker, 19 01 2009
What a nice view of Leicester Square!. Today there was a red carpet for a movie Premiere. Cheers London!
Joan Pau, 18 01 2009
i love this cam. i am planning my first trip there in June. Look for me on the cam, i will be the one waiving!
theresa, 15 01 2009
Michael i think you see that in every town and city in Britain at night lol!:)
Alison, 12 01 2009
I used to work this area, check it out on fri and sat nights between 11pm and 4am local time. Constant fighting and drunken girls!!!
Michael, 05 01 2009
Hey everyone I enjoy looking at this camera from Queens, New York. Hope to visit some day.
dian, 04 01 2009
Excellent view of the great Leicester Square. I am excited to visit London on mid 2009. Also wish to get a job there, it is the most beautiful city I\'ve ever been. Cheer people!!!
Carlos from Guadalajara Mexico, 02 01 2009
..i love london..i have been in london on november 2007 and i dream london\'s so beautiful...i have had a good time and i will return very soon...good bye london and happy new year to every body..melita,sicily,italy.
melita, 02 01 2009
i love london so much i cant wait to go there again this year for premieres :)
sophie, 01 01 2009
Hi everyone. Happy New Year from Auckland, New Zealand. We\'ll be in the UK on the 16th of Jan, and look forward to New Year 2010 in the UK. Just on 25C here at present, but call me mad, looking forward to the cool winter weather... a happy and prosperous 2009 to you all...
David Challis, 01 01 2009
Love looking at this webcam.Cause i love London.Happy new year to everybody there and see you in the new year.Debby.
debby, 31 12 2008
This is the best time of the year, I want to wish a Happy New Year to all that watch this camera around the world. London is the greatest city of all the world.
Juan from Guadalajara, 31 12 2008
Happy New Year to everyone here that views these cams, and to London. I\'m saving my pennies because one day I want to see Christmas and New Years in London.
Maribel, 31 12 2008
The best city ever!!!!!! see you soon London!!!! Happy New Year!!!!
Juan Pablo from Mexico, 30 12 2008
I forgot to sign my review. Andrea from Amalfi
andrea, 30 12 2008
I wish I could be there tomorrow night to see the lovely fireworks on the river. Wish you all a successful 2009
Andrea, 30 12 2008
Great view of the greatest square in London. Hope that the recesion will not affect England. Miss you London!!!
John Paul, 30 12 2008
I think this is the best time of the year to be at Leicester square. Wish you all a happy New Year! Christmas @ London 2009!!!
Pablo, 29 12 2008
May everyone who views this website from around the world have a happy and PEACEFUL New Year!
Patty in United States, 29 12 2008
I love this place. I wish you all a happy new Year.
Angelika from Germany, 29 12 2008
Preciosa plaza, espero volver pronto a Londres
hector bahamondes, 28 12 2008
Planning to travel to London on 2009. I want to be at Leicester Square soon!!! Just love it
Juan, 26 12 2008
I\'ll be there with university students in July and it is very exciting to watch this complex take shape. We hosted the summer olympics near here in Atlanta and it was very exciting to host the world for this monumental undertaking. London is ideal for hosting the world\'s greatest athletes.
Jimm Cox, 22 12 2008
I\'m arranging travel now for univeristy students to live and study in London during July 2009. Leicester Square is always our meeting place when we are out and about in the city. I love London and never tire of its magic.
Jimm Cox, 22 12 2008
Love londen,go twice a tear next time will be march......cant wait
stefan, 21 12 2008
wooow it\'s so beautiful there...hope one day ill be there ...:D..
marilyn, 19 12 2008
I live in Canada and will be in London December 27th for 9 days. Can\'t wait!!! Please add to my excitement and tell me what you liked most!
Michele, 17 12 2008
I love you London!!!
Robsalot, 17 12 2008
I love LONDON and I will be there in 2 weeks. Cant wait!
sandra, 16 12 2008
Oh gosh i really wish I could be in London this Christmas! The city is so beautiful in this time of the year! Love all the web cams! Thank you and Merry Christmas!!!!!
Gabriella, 15 12 2008
I was there!! and I want to get there again.. :D I love Leicester Square and this camera.. and LONDON is the best place ever!!
Orsi, 13 12 2008
I will bring 30 students to London and Kingston University during summer 2009. Leicester Square becomes our meeting point for everything. For five weeks, it will be the center of our universe.
Jimm Cox, 13 12 2008
Yay, I\'m in London this Saturday. Cant wait to go on the funfair here!
Andrew, 12 12 2008
Why can`t we never see the center of the square?
Agnes, 12 12 2008
Love this cam...Makes me want to be in London instead of L.A.
Lesley, 11 12 2008
Reposition the camera to show the holiday carnival
Mike, 11 12 2008
\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Australia\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" film premiere with Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman is going on right now.
John Trif, 10 12 2008
I really like leicester square, but you need to show more different places of leicester square. Also so far today there are no pictures of the exact square. Please could you reply to me as soon as possible
Matthew Leedham, 09 12 2008
a nice place to be.......
Faisal, 07 12 2008
These dam jippos are a over the place. Watch ya wallets as they are all theiving chavs
PC Copper, 05 12 2008
I\'ll be taking a high school class to Lnd next week. Can\'t wait to experience the real Xmas Spirit. Leicester Sq, here we come :o)
lella Sassari, 05 12 2008
we\\\'ll be back also. The second time this year. Only two days but that doesn\\\'t matter. Every time we are very pleased going to London. We want to see London in another season than the summertime. So see you in about 2 weeks for a weekend. greetz from holland.
jolanda, 05 12 2008
LONDRA : citt stupenda ! Sono stato l ad agosto e non vedo l\\\'ora poterci ritornare.
Gaetano , 04 12 2008
london- ill be back
marc, 02 12 2008
إشتقت إليك فعلمني ألا أشتاق علمني كيف أقص جذور هواك من الأعماق
Faisal, 01 12 2008
Mi piacerebbe molto essere l, Walter
walter, 29 11 2008
I want to go there... such a nice Place...
Angelika from Germany, 27 11 2008
.....will miss seeing the patches in the floor but will look much better without them... I will be walking down here very soon and can\'t wait...Watch out for me pushing my WALKING AID on the 12th or 13th December.. AND if its night I might even have my xmas lights on my CHAIR
Angie , 26 11 2008
в англии столько-же грязи сколько и в россии
vladimir, 24 11 2008
when did they start having traffic coming in the sq. that seems a bit silly. yes as a driver there i used get annouyed at turning right at Mcdonalds because you could never go further but that was the L Sq.
Raul, 24 11 2008
This is so cool! I too wish the cam will move slower when turning so I could see the center of the square better. All I see is a blur of what I presume is the fountain. I can\'t really believe the phone booths are that design and color. I am now addicted to this cam.
Deanna , 24 11 2008
check this cam on a tuesday night between 9pm and 11pm you will see just below the EMPIRE sign queues for the clubs equinox.
Raul, 23 11 2008
So did I, but when I saw it listed on,all in london,and then saw a prem. going on. Oh well, Whatever.
grits, 18 11 2008
I thought the Half Blood Prince was pushed back until 2009??? I love watching this webcam..
Kj, 18 11 2008
all about london had the royal prem. for half blood prince listed for @ the odeon for nov. 17th. Whichever, always enjoy the webcam prem.
grits, 18 11 2008
The film being premiered is \"A bunch of Amateurs starring Burt Reynolds
Stephen, 17 11 2008
Hi Demi, I\'m watching the royal prem. of the new harry potter movie. Think I see your son in his yellow hat again. Looks exciting, wish I could be there. Hope your doing well, all my best.
grits, 17 11 2008
Yes, it literally just says that it is the half price ticket booth. Nothing interesting!
Jamie, 17 11 2008
Hi Jeff, I believe that is the half-price ticket booth and the rolling red sign shows which production is available. Does anyone have more information? Cheers.
Ellen, 17 11 2008
I was at Leicester Square 8 weeks back - visiting from Australia but I cant remember what the rolling red sign in the background is displaying - anyone tell me? Jeff from OZ
Mindz, 17 11 2008
Leicester square is such a beautiful place. I want to go there...
Angelika from Germany, 15 11 2008
Leicester square is a wonderful place in the Heart of London. I would like to see it...
Angelika, 15 11 2008
Leicester square is cool! The cinematographic centre of London! John, Corfu Greece
John, 14 11 2008
Would love to see this webcam working. It is never operational anymore.
Lisa, 12 11 2008
I dont actually live in London anymore,I should note, Cool webcam!
I am Kentish, 11 11 2008
I will be there with 30 students from the US in summer 2009 for five weeks. Leicester Square ia always our meeting place. This will be my seventh trip and I am excited as ever to live and love in London for a month!
Jimm Cox, 11 11 2008
Susan And Barrie have wonderful time at leicester Square,This weekend Be near the phone Box,s so I can see you,Here in the U S A,Hope you have Great! Time,....Wish we could be with you,Hope you Enjoy,Whicked.
Judi, 10 11 2008
Hi Demi, no I didn\'t go to the premiere. Went to the Tropic Thunder premiere last month and saw him though! Me and my friend (we used to work near Leicester Square so were always back and forth through there) always wondered how he has the time to be able to spend all day in the one spot? Hope all is well, everybody. I like the webcam, it\'s weird being there in the square looking at the camera knowing there\'s people from all over the world watching.
I am Kentish town, 10 11 2008
am from penang viewing the webcam. enjoyed it very much.
osteoh, 08 11 2008
I love this cam! I miss Leicester Square so much. It\'s been a year since I was last there, and my heart is longing to be back there. Leicester Square at night....dinner at Bella Italia, people watching, feeling the air vibrate with excitement....I love it! So nice to see from my office in northern Canada
Kelly, 08 11 2008
Could somebody tell me what programme at Leicester Square now is(6th of Now. evening)
Anita, 06 11 2008
What\'s going on there tonight? Can\'t see. Is it a movie premiere?
Sonja, 06 11 2008
what is happening at leicester square today
jackie, Canada, 06 11 2008
bardzo fajna kamerka i zawsze działa!
mar, 05 11 2008
Thank you so much for this Web Cam,It Brings so much Joy to people,Thankyou,Would Love to have another Web Cam showing down Rt side too,Of Leicester Square,Where the people who do the Portrait,s.Was there in October stayed Leicester Square,thanks to my sister and her Husband,We loved people watch,.....
Judi, 05 11 2008
This webcam is great. I like to come in here every morning to see what is going on. You might say this is my way of getting out of the Ozarks of Arkansas for a little while. For you that want to know, we still have Hillbillies and moonshine here. Good day to every one.
Jerry, 03 11 2008
For the past couple of days I\\\'ve tried to bring up the view of Leicester Square but my screen is blank! Is the camera operating? Thanks.
Katie, 02 11 2008
Boy I love this webcam. Been to London two times in the last 2 years and had dinner in Leicester Sq each time. I keep checking the scene out until I can be there again next April.
Lou, 02 11 2008
I would like to see the camera stop on the middle of the square, we only catch a small,rather blurred view of it as the camera pans by. Is there anyway to stop it to give those of us who will never make it to london to see it?
grits, 02 11 2008
Stewart - I\'m not sure what other views you expect from the Leicester Square Film Premier webcam!
deb, 01 11 2008
hy kentish thats him he loves his yellow hat wont part with it lol next time u there say hy 2 him as u prob noticed he wasnt at quantum of solace last night cos hw was at the nat tv awards with his friends at royal albert hall
demi london, 30 10 2008
JY: It\'s for Quantum of Solace. Princes William and Harry will be there.
alexander, 29 10 2008
Are the views gonnna change at some time??????
stewart, 29 10 2008
Demi you mentioned your son always being there with a yellow cap at the premieres. Is he the one who is always there from about mid-day til the very end when the \\\"celebrities\\\" come out after the film? Always wearing a yellow cap turned backwards??
I am Kentish, 29 10 2008
What premier do I see them setting up for today(10/29/08)?
JY, 29 10 2008
hy grits ur right that is him type in just elizabeth toni it takes u straight 2 just her site there is loads more films with him in them there is one short film just fr him lol he is autistic nd elizabeth is so good with him thnx elizabeth lol hes got loads of friends there as well as 2 alternate carers braving the weather
demi london, 29 10 2008
What going on in the square? Can see what looks like construction of some sort, but the camera moves too fast to see what else is there? Anyone help?
grits, 28 10 2008
Talk about day-light saving ...
Thomas, 26 10 2008
what a pity the camera cannot pan slowly from left to right then we could see more of the square
archie clark, 25 10 2008
hy grits type in then scroll 2 elizabethtoni channel u will find practicaly every premier event there up close and personal lol u will see what it is like 2 b there she is a lovely person and this site is one of the best fr live films on events
demi london, 21 10 2008
hello my british freinds! I love your streaming webcam of Liecester Square! it`s ausome! I have it on everyday, and I hope and pray that 1 day soon, I`ll be able to come and visit London, and other places in England, I have always loved England, and I do have ansestors from England, I myself would love to live in England, anyways, keep up the great work guys and gals! danny, in New Jersey, U.S.A. 09-20-2008
Danny GiacominiD, 21 10 2008
Demi,I think I saw your son on the how to lose friends and alienate people premiere. Bright yellow cap, wears it backwards?
grits, 20 10 2008
Really enjoy your webcam,is it possible for you to stop the cam so that we could see the center of the square?
grits, 20 10 2008
hy grits its starting 2 get cold here but we have had a bit of sunshine the lights shining through the trees now r probabley the premier thats on at odeon westend which is on the other side of the square its the world film festival thats on its going 2 b on till 29th october james bond premier wish it was warm here theres a whole 2 weeks of premiers but so far most have been at the other side of the square type in leicester square tv then scroll 2 same heading all the premiers r shown on there click on 2 list on right my son is in most of them wearing a yellow hat lol u cant miss him
demi london, 19 10 2008
I\'ll be there for all of July 2009 with 30 students at Kingston University. This will be trip #8 for me and I still can\'t get enough. I love the city more each visit!
Jimm Cox, 18 10 2008
Just noticed the lights throught the trees in the square. Is there a carnival?
grits, 17 10 2008
hy Demi, Doing well here. England looks beautiful in the fall,one of my favourite times of the yr.I love to watch the trees in the square change from green to gold. Whats the weather like there? We\'re having afew cool nights but the temp is still well into the 80\'s during the day.Good to hear from you. Take care. Hi to Sharon in Tn.
grits, 16 10 2008
JY, have a look at There is a list of categories to choose from which lead you to the gems/secret places of London!
Chris, 15 10 2008
hy grits nd sharon from the usa hope u r both well
demi london , 13 10 2008
we need another 2 cameras focusing on odeon westend cinema as we couldnt see rock nd rolla when maddonna came nd the empire cinema cos we always miss the premiers that r on at those 2 cinemas please can everyone that agrees please vote in now lm sure there isnt any 1 on here that does not agree with me lol from london all
demi london, 13 10 2008
Dear JY, Whilst there some years ago we went to the City of London Museum somewhere in the City, Not sure where. But it was off the beaten track and an amazing place. Tourists don\'t seem to get there. From the Fire of London, through to the Blitz and to today. Well worth a visit.
Pat, 13 10 2008
Thanks Ellen, that is the only way to see London, we did that the 1st time we were there, we have never been into the \"standard tour\" regardless of where we go...Christopher St sounds great...will be sure to have a couple pints while we are there...thanks again
JY, 10 10 2008
JY, Wander around and get lost. That\'s the best way to see a city. You\'ll find things you never would have seen on a tour. Try St. Christopher\'s Place, a tiny square off of Oxford St. Great restaurants and shops.
Ellen, 09 10 2008
A little help please: I want to do something while in London that most tourists wouldn\'t think to do or see...Any suggestions?
JY, 09 10 2008
WOW, i was at the high school musical 3 premier, it was great!!! me and my friend got front places, we got autograpths, cant wait to go to another premier.
sam, 09 10 2008
I\'ll be in London in November, nice time of year to be there, not real cold yet...HSM3 premiere, it must have been a sea of screeming teenagers...
Bird Man, 08 10 2008
The HSM premiere was at a different theatre, not the Odeon. I miss you, London. Ellen 08 10 2008
Ellen , 08 10 2008
HSM3 was at the EMPIRE.... which I think is at the other side of LEICESTER SQUARE This camera overlooks the ODEON CINEMA...
Angie, 08 10 2008
wheres the tall strapping barrier supervisor at tonights hsm3 premier then??
lisa g, 07 10 2008
Where Is HSM ?? WHERE ? I CANT SEE IT .. WHY ??
Bianca Kamilla, 07 10 2008
Teenage hysteria in Leicester Square, what fun!!! This is the only time I can say I\'m glad I\'m not there.
Kay, 07 10 2008
why cant we see high school musical 3 premiere
rebecca, 07 10 2008
you need to add a webcam at the cinema in leicester sqaure so we can see the premier thanks
michael, 07 10 2008
i miss london. i\'ve been there twice and it\'s always a great experience. such a memorable city, the sights, food, people... october is pretty chilly. around 5C come nightfall.
sillyme, 07 10 2008
i heard the hsm3 premere is on shame we cant see it they need a webcam for that cinama aswell.
sophie, 07 10 2008
It looks chilly, What\'s the weather like this time of year?
grits, 05 10 2008
Demi & Chris thanks for the help...I\'ll take full advantage of the info...
Bird Man, 01 10 2008
Birdman, co to and see all the bars and pubs near Sandersons
chris, 01 10 2008
bird man try the Apollonia rest off tottenham court rd on a friday or sat night its really livley it second turning up from tottenham ct rd on the left going towards warren st tube l cant remember the name of the rd but l garentee youll have a great time lol
demi london, 29 09 2008
Hopefully someone can help...I\\\\\\\'ve been to London before (2006) and I\\\\\\\'m looking forward to going back again around mid November...I\\\\\\\'m staying at Sanderson\\\\\\\'s and need a reminder on soem of the best pubs...also can anyone suggest a wife & I like almost everything...
Bird Man, 29 09 2008
David, I would be sad too.but, i think you live in a Great place too.NY i have Never been there.The City that never Sleeps..but i would miss London so much if i was just there be glad they have these Great webcams that you can watch everyday.Have a Great Day David.Thanks London for the webcam shots sharon Tn.USA
sharon, 26 09 2008
I have a daughter living in London, the webcams help make her feel a bit closer. this is my favourite, with the trees to watch the seasonal change.
Chris, Australia, 26 09 2008
hy barry look out fr the man in the yellow hat he is autistic but loves his independance loves his premiers hes got hundreds of photos with enough stars his name is paul
demi london, 25 09 2008
I was just there Sat night (back in NY now :-(.. I saw the camera and waved! Also found the camera at Big Ben.. Wish I was there.. it\'s so sad to watch now and be so far away..
David, 23 09 2008
1st. day of fall. Love to watch the square when the trees start to change.Love from a girl raised in the south.
grits, 22 09 2008
Wow. Great shots. For people like me who haven\'t been there is wonderful. Lovely city. Hopefully I\'ll be there soon. Omar Mexico.
Omar, 19 09 2008
hi demi next prem come and say hi i like what u say to dress up in i am the 1 who allways where a hat thanks
barry, 18 09 2008
G\'day all, I am visiting London in 2 weeks time, and have to meet some people in Leceister Square. Can anyone suggest a prominent landmark I can quote as a meeting point? I will be arriving at LS tube station end.
Aussie visitor, 17 09 2008
I\'ll be here again at the end of the Sept...very psyched...London is one of the most beautiful cities in the world...If you have never been make a point and won\'t be dissappointed
JY, 16 09 2008
l can see the man in the yellow hat there he is sitting right in front of the odeon entrance for todays premier tropic thunder its 7.50am london time he sure is a big fan of premiers save me a place paul
mandy london, 16 09 2008
Thanks grits,that was very helpful info... The nicest people are on this page.. You and Demi have helped me out alot. I vist this everyday.I love this webcam.. the shots are Great.again Thanks to me new friends on comments.Talk to you later have a Great Week. sharon,Tn.USA
sharon, 15 09 2008
I believe this evening\'s premiere is Righteous Kill, De Niro and Al Pacino will attend. Looking forward to seeing it here
Mohamed, 14 09 2008
barry u asked fr ideas on how 2 dress fr a premiere if u all go dressed as james bond fr the premier that will confuse things they wont no who 2 let in ha ha nd females all turn up with short grey wigs dressed as M
demi, 14 09 2008
Hey Demi, thanks so much for the imfo. I will be watching for the next premier.Love this Webcam.I hope to visit soon... and this is my first Stop.. Thanks again Demi.. sharon Tn. USA
sharon, 13 09 2008
Sharon, Try thats where I find information.
grits, 13 09 2008
hy sharon next uk premier is righteous kill 14th sep at empire but next premier is tropic thunder on full view on web cam at odeon leicester sg with r downey jr nd ben stiller tom cruise on 16th sep
demi, 13 09 2008
Demi, I do like to keep up with whats going on in other parts of the world, U.K. being one of my favourites. People in the south have a strong prayer life so prayers were answered and we have been spared the brunt of the past 2 storms. We have gotten winds,rain & alittle surge but nothing more damaging. Keep our neighbours to the west in your prayers as we are. Thanks again.
grits, 13 09 2008
hy grits sorry 2 have misinformed u about the premier picture of the duchess premier the centre spread picture was in the sun newspaper on the 4th of september l hope every thing si all right now wishin u well
demi, 12 09 2008
hey i\'m in the USA i was wondering a Premier u talking about is it tonight i would love to watch it and how it goes down. since i watch this webcam alot i thing it\'s Great.. if one of you would tell me when it is?? Thank you Love England but,i sit and watch this webcam alot goes on love ,it thanks if you can help sharon USA
sharon, 10 09 2008
I\'ll be in London for a week at the end of\'s been 2 long years since my last visit and I can\'t wait to see the sites again and of course visit more pubs...
bird man, 09 09 2008
hy grits glad 2 hear everything turned out fine god bless can u get the news of the world my son is the man in the yellow hat in the centre spread of the duchess premier on the 3rd september again lm glad the hurrican bypast u
demi, 09 09 2008
hi all i work for tpa we all at tpa r thinkin of dressing up for fun for 1 of the premier if u all think it is a good let us know thanks
barry, 08 09 2008
Thanks Demi, We were lucky this time, the storm tracked west of us. Wind, rain and a small surge, but nothing serious.
grits, 05 09 2008
one month, in one month i will be in London, i can\\\'t wait to walk in oxford street, to go to covent garden and at leicester square, picadilly circus and everywhere, but one month is still way too long, i love this city
jany, 03 09 2008
hy grits in the usa l send a big prayer fr u from london hope everything will be ok
demi , 03 09 2008
hy paul the man in the yellow hat l can see you on the web cam when the camera goes 2 the right outside the white painted restaurant with the red canapies ur dressed in black with a yellow hat enjoy todays premier wish l was there
angie, 03 09 2008
I miss you like mad london! I wish I could be there right now
Cote, 02 09 2008
AMAZING picture! Wish I could be there!!!!!!!!
Emma, 01 09 2008
ahh Camp Rock premire today! :D
Emma, 01 09 2008
hi london! see u again in november, a kiss from sunny italy
Max, 30 08 2008
Great vibes, I\'ve never seen a city so electric.
allan, 29 08 2008
Love to see England. The square is one of my favourites. Wish I was there,we\\\'re getting ready for another hurricane,after going through katrina we dread a storm of any size. Say a little prayer for us.
grits, 28 08 2008
Paul so the next premier is Sept.1st you say.. Thanks for the news i live in the US.and i never know so again Thanks see ya.. sharon USA
sharon, 26 08 2008
Where\'s the regular guys who do the barriers at the premiers ?? They got a right bunch of goons now!
Dawn, 09 08 2008
A un paso de londres! Ya queda poquito para lo mejor! Good night London!
lawy, 08 08 2008
see u all on 1st september fr next premier early
paul, 07 08 2008
hi l am the man in the yellow hat
paul, 07 08 2008
Dammed,i wish a could go back there,London is so great,the best place on earth.I\'m thinking for moving permantly to London and enjoy this city and people forever.The women are fabulous there.Belgium sucks,one of the Corrupted countrys off europe.I could watch this webcam at Leicster Square for hours,i\'m really goying to miss it!!!!!!!!!!!!! Goodbye London!!!!!!!!!!!
Adams Christof, 06 08 2008
Yesterday i was still there,now back in to the Corupted stupid country Belgium,i hate it there,UK London is best and greatest city on earth.Nice people and very nice pretty and friendly women,better then in belgium.If i was single,i will go to London forever!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will sure goying to miss it,having a nice great weekend there.Goodbye LONDON.
Adams Christof, 05 08 2008
Any good pub,s in London we can have good time at,They used to have sing a longs, years ago,we plan on visiting in sept,
Judi, 05 08 2008
look out for the man in the yellow hat he.s a die hard fan off premiers nearley always there first they ought 2 make a film about his life he.s a bit like the rainman but he loves his independance
demetra nicolaides, 05 08 2008
Had a lovely meal here with my lovely man..wish we were here now
Chris, 03 08 2008
Hi Can we have sound too???
Phil Morris, 02 08 2008
I was there 7 days ago. I don\\\'t know when can I get there the next time and it\\\'s horrible! My dear London, I miss you!
Caroline, 02 08 2008
I Love this camera view of Leics sq... It\'s given me lots of confidence for when I will be down and strolling around later this month 21st/23rd August... It\'s just a pity they\'s no Prems during my visit.. Looking forward to soaking up the London atmosphere and hoping to buy a half price ticket for a show too!!!!
Angie Stewart, 01 08 2008
London is magic...
ronaldo, 30 07 2008
I too check this camera at least once a day, just to get a sense of what is happening somewhere else in the world. There is more to be seen than is first apparent.
Errowen, 30 07 2008
Will be there on the 31st August, 7th December and 9th January.Can\\\'t wait! Hope that one day everyone has a chance to visit as it\\\'s agreat place to be. Hope one day to catch a film premier while down there,just missed one on my last visit. Take care everyone. Andy Baillie
Andy Baillie, 29 07 2008
I check this webcam out usually daily. Love to look at London,may never get to see it in person. I like to watch the trees, you can tell by the way the sun cast their shadows that the seasons getting ready to change. It\'s wonderful to watch them change colour as fall and winter get closer.
Mimi, 28 07 2008
I do love, love, love, love, love, love, love LONDON !
sandra, 27 07 2008
great city great atmosphere i miss london
angelo, 27 07 2008
living in london 6 years i miss so much but i\'m coming back very soon bye london
angelo, 27 07 2008
hello London the 7th of august we\'ll be back in London. We almost can\'t wait, than we\'ll walk for the thirt time in the streets of London. love these webcam. See you soon!!
jolanda, 23 07 2008
Living in Seattle now grew up in London lived there for 42 years on and off. Never realised how much I would miss it.
KateKaplan, 22 07 2008
We will be at London this weekend dining alfresco and enjoying the London life! Hope the weather will be sunny.
jk, 22 07 2008
unfair! Sunshine in London, and in Stuttgart reign the british weather :-)
Hans, 22 07 2008
Buenos dias!! Ya falta menos para disfrutarte... que pasa en londres que siempre hay vida?? Hasta pronto londres!!
lawy, 22 07 2008
I was here today for the Dark Knight Premier, very good :)
Jack, 21 07 2008
Abby try this link & you wont miss any more Premieres. x Tony
Tony, 21 07 2008
Love that camera! Greatly enjoyed the Dark Knight premiere!
Carina, 21 07 2008
No Batman Returns premier cam!?? WHHHHYYYY!????
Layton, 21 07 2008
Does anyone know what premiere is going on there today? (Exciting to watch even though I don\'t know!)
Abby, 21 07 2008
Thanks to the Leicester Square School of English for providing this feed. Well done!
JJ, 21 07 2008
I\'m there at the end of August, can\'t wait and counting the days. Fifth visit this year!
Andy Baillie, 20 07 2008
Felipe,Roberta,Clara,Bernardo e Angela,we wait all of you in London. Kisses - Brasil RJ
OLIVIA, 20 07 2008
Die Liebe meines Lebens wohnt derzeit in London. Aber ich werde ihn niemals wiedersehen.
ANGI, 19 07 2008
I love London and Leicester Square. I\'ll be there again in September on holiday!!! can\'t wait to be back there after 2 years. Brasil, 18.07.2008
REJANE, 18 07 2008
The webcams are awesome. I can\'t wait to go back and down a few pints, no better city to visit.
JY, 16 07 2008
Wanna be there!!!!
Machin, 13 07 2008
Were on our way back to London! Love Leicester Square. Just booked a long weekend,lots of shopping, sight seeing, eating out and tickets for the motor show.
jk, 11 07 2008
I Love London. Londres tudo de bom.Estou adorando morar aqui.London is wonderful. Olivia, 10 07 2008
Olivia, 10 07 2008
...yes i agree with donna, and the guy on the forklift with the shaved head is soooo hot! He is always at the premiers :-)
sarah, 08 07 2008
@@ where are you bebeti i can\'t see you!!!? ;> i miss you soo much...
fahad, 07 07 2008
Murat, 05 07 2008
Can\'t wait to see Colin Firth on the red carpet.... Be still my heart!
elemacd, 30 06 2008
Hello eveyone ! ...mmmmm look at the sexy guys who put up the barriers for the premiers
Donna, 26 06 2008
I love London, London...
Clarice, 25 06 2008
I will be bringing 30 university students to London next summer and I always urge them to watch the cam for the entire year before we travel. Leicester Square is the point of departure for almost everything we do during the five weeks we spend in London.
Jimm Cox, 24 06 2008
you would think that health and safety would prohibit the public from walking past the lorry containing scaffolding also a fork lift buzzing about,surely there should be some sort of pedestrian walkway installed
archie, 23 06 2008
WOW!Look at the people. Whats going on in the square?
Claire, 21 06 2008
Does somebody know what the name is of the market with the blue curtain and it start whit 'chio' or somthing like that. it's very nice to see it and i would go to their with a few friend so now we can already see how it is their :D
golky, 20 06 2008
Does somebody know what the name is of the market on the right side. It bigins or ends whit 'chio' or something like this. it stands on a blue curtain
UJoske Vermeulen, 20 06 2008
I can spend hours watching these views. I simply love this city. There isn't a favorite place. I just love them all.
maristela, 19 06 2008
love this webcam,like people watching,my husband and I coming home for a visit in August from Canada
jackie, 18 06 2008
Any chance we could restore the feed? I really miss being able to see the square.....
Jim, 17 06 2008
why the f*** is this webcam not working???!!! i miss leicester square so much
ian, 16 06 2008
Haven't been able to get the picture for days. The clock ticks away at the bottom but no picture. Doesn't happen on any other cam. Anyone else have this problem?
Claire, 16 06 2008
great - wish i were there marc
Marc, 12 06 2008
From freezing Wellington NZ it's great to see Leicester Square again, with the sun shining. Wish I were there.
Harry Duckworth, 08 06 2008
Had a great time on my last visit,weather was good,sat in the sun in Liecester Square watching the cam turn in different directions.Back again for my fourth visit this year on 20th June,will give a wave to all watching. Andy of Newcastle
Andy Baillie, 02 06 2008
Leicester Square.....favorite place in London London of the universe
Dave R, 02 06 2008
Love this site. London is so alive all the time. Wish I were there.
carolyn, 01 06 2008
I can't believe how many people our out at 2 a.m.! Wonderful London
Tina, 01 06 2008
i love the webcam of leicester square so much my famely live in london i can now sea should put sound on allso.thank you very.very good
AUDLEY WILKS, 31 05 2008
Love you London.. My beautiful city...
Stav Rave, 31 05 2008
im british..and i miss London so much..
Tommy Brown, 31 05 2008
Good morning London. Love you and miss you so much.
Tal and Hanny, 31 05 2008
this place is the most wonderful place in the whole world
Hamad alnaimi, 28 05 2008
I love see you London!!!! *_* hehe...
Carol from Brasil, 26 05 2008
I was in Leicester Square in the beginning of May and my friend Hadeel was watching me through this webcam in Kuwait, it was wonderful. I love you London... Mashael
Mashael, 22 05 2008
I never watched Slappers in the City anyway !
Gnasher, 18 05 2008
Sarah Jessica Parkers outfit was hideous! She looked like she had borrowed it from wardrobe on her old hocus pocus movie.
Claire, 13 05 2008
Hey! Are these the "film premiere webcam views"? Cool! If only there was a premiere now....because without one going on these views can be a bit boring.
johnny, 13 05 2008
u wouldent think anything happened last nite it looks so quite now.that hat wat sarah jessica parker had on last nite looked a bit dodgy.i first saw the hat on the news and u could even see it swaying away on the cams.her dress was great though
lorraine, 13 05 2008
Good realtime webcam! The only one I could find. Hi Hime!
Lee London, 12 05 2008
anyone want to purchase a bit of red carpet ?
archie, coatbridge, 12 05 2008
It's the world premiere of Sex and the City and they have chosen to open in the city that represents the beating heart of the whole world: my London. I wish I was there.
lellass, 12 05 2008
what time our the quests dude, to arrive??? i have a friend making her way down and i dont want her to miss it. so if any one knows leave a message. thanks guys.
rob, 12 05 2008
i can see its the sex and the city premiere today. it soo cool seeing all the people there waiting for it. i love watching london its one my fav places to go. i always watch the premieres on here.
sophie, 12 05 2008
Love Leicester Square ,, i see all the people everywhere without jackets ,and i know it's a warm night. How lucky you are to be there so much going on shops,cinemas and food omg so much to do I love ,love it there ,can't wait til i see it again .......... love you webcam shots keep up the Great job sharon USA
sharon, 09 05 2008
Nice day! I was there on 26 april.
ivan, 07 05 2008
Good morning london!!! What a beautiful day...what an amazing city...
Hanny, 07 05 2008
i absolutely agree with JENNY. the webcam is great, but the it was a big disappointment for me when i saw that the webcam views do not change. can anyone tell me why this is????
dan, 06 05 2008
watching leicester square from home in penang. what a sight.
osteoh, 05 05 2008
london as it is imagined, vibrant, busy and I wish I was there. Cool....
allan, newcastle uk, 02 05 2008
i love this webcam and watch every film premiere at leicester square. it's just really disappointing that the views don't change when there's a film premiere (that's what it says in the description).
JENNY, 29 04 2008
wow this webcam is so good i am sitting here watching the icon man premiere iv have been watching it since they were setting it up.
Clarice, 26 04 2008
wow this webcam is so good i am sitting here watching the icon man premiere iv have been watching it since they were setting it up.
sophie, 24 04 2008
This is such the place to be.. always,always something Great going on. I only wish i was there to see and hear all the excitment today. I see the red carpet is rolling out for someting today.I love this website thanks for all the Great shots and we never loose you like some of the others Great Job..
sharon , 24 04 2008
thanks ruth!
valentina, 24 04 2008
sorry Valentina its
Ruth, 24 04 2008
Valentina try
Ruth, 24 04 2008
according to the description the webcam views should change when there's a film premiere... pity the webcam views never do......
emma, 24 04 2008
There are three premieres this week. Monday 21st was "Three and Out", Tuesday 22nd was "What Happens In Vegas", today (Thursday 24th) is the premiere of "Iron Man".
Ghostface, 24 04 2008
do you know what is happening today? what is the stage for? it'd be nice to have a list of events to see through the webcam :-)
valentina, 24 04 2008
yes, you are right... I'd like to listen to the sound of the premiere and every day the sound of the city!!! It'd be wonderful!
valentina, 22 04 2008
i love watching premiere on this webcam today "what happens in vegas" and there is an other premiere thursday it's "Iron Man" !!!
Mary McField, 22 04 2008
This is really good watching the movie premiere to bad there isn't any sound.
Tina, 22 04 2008
i have been watching them set up for the what happend in vagas premiere i think that what its called..i always watch the premieres on here is such a good webcam.
Sophie Baldwin, 22 04 2008
Today there's an other premiere it's "What Happens in Vegas" at 6pm !!!
Jenna, 22 04 2008
I love this webcam!
valentina, 22 04 2008
When did the cam stop changing positions? I miss seeing Leicester Square from all angles. Please set it up so that is changes views.
Lisa, 22 04 2008
It's a very good cam !!! I love leicester square !!! And today I'm watching the premiere of Three And Out and tomorrow there will be an other premiere !!! It's excelent !!!
Benji, 21 04 2008
I love watching this live cam. It looks like a nice day there today. Better than here in NE. Wish I were there!!:-)
Tina, 21 04 2008
Hi i am in Jamaica WI and love your streaming very much a lot of my Famely are in London will tell them. and look for them on your streaming.thank you.
AUDLEY WILKS, 21 04 2008
listening to beatles-tomorrow never knows, smokin a blunt, while in leicester, on 4/20 (today) at 4:20. a dream for me. be there and stay there one day.
doc temple, 20 04 2008
always great to see the premiers etc.....but it would be nice to see into the actual square from time to time, and a few new positions for the cam.
scott mcdonald, 18 04 2008
In the description of the Leicester Square streaming webcam it says "The webcam views will change when there is a film premiere on at one of the Leicester Square cinemas." I've watched three film premieres on this webcam so far, but the views have never changed. Why not??
charlotte, 16 04 2008
Can't wait for next Sunday(20th April)when I will be at London for my 3rd visit this year. Love Leicester Square,great to watch live from my home in Newcastle.
Andy Baillie, 13 04 2008
hey, Missing you wish I was there..
sharon, 13 04 2008
Yeh i found out the day after it was the fools of gold one..isnt the flash back of a fool premiere meant to be on today?
sophie, 13 04 2008
Yeh i found out te day after it was fools gold lol..i throught there was another premiere on today?? the flash back of a fool one??
sophie, 13 04 2008
It's the premier of Fool's Gold w/ Kate Hudson
Kay, 10 04 2008
It was the premiere of Fool's Gold
A, 10 04 2008
They seem to be setting up for somthing i dont think its a movie premiere coz its to late for one..wounder what it is?
sophie, 10 04 2008
There setting up for somthing but there cant be a movie premiere at this time of day??wounder what it is?
sophie, 10 04 2008
There always seems to be someone walking in the square,even in the wee hours of the morning.Is this safe?Wouldn't do this in some areas of the states. How late do the places around the square stay open?
Claire, 10 04 2008
Colin-Noticed its more during the week than on weekends. Thank-you.
Claire, 07 04 2008
I come to this site and see my baby!!I love london
Clarice, 06 04 2008
Claire :- Yep this is very common, as soon as the sun comes out locals/tourists chill out on the grass.
Colin, 06 04 2008
As I'm watching the webcam, it's snowing! It's so pretty :D
Ashley B, 06 04 2008
I come to this site and see my baby!! I can c u!! hasta la luna!!
linda, 04 04 2008
It looks to be about 4:00p.m London time and there are people lounging on the grassy area in the square. Whats going on? Is this an everyday happening? Is this a local or tourist thing? Anybody know?
Claire, 04 04 2008
I love this site there is always something going on,looking at you from n.s.w australia
Joyce, 02 04 2008
It's always fun to take a look at London from far off Kailua, Hawaii where I live. My dad took me there in 1948!
Jim, 01 04 2008
Clarice - what are you talking about?
Lalla, 31 03 2008
Last night in London,we were all drunk and singing just next to these 2 booths...(Καλά μιλάμε φέσι)Greetings from Thessaloniki,Greece
Giannis, 27 03 2008
i love this camera i'm watching from greece!!
maria, 26 03 2008
Great cam, nice local, in fact just saw a local walk past. Love it!!
Clarice, 26 03 2008
hello! I search firm what to deliver newspaper in London. Sorry then my english but I from Poland. please reaply on my e-mail (
Kathes, 25 03 2008
I was there over the Easter hols. It was so amazing seeing it hit by the snow and hail.
lella, 25 03 2008
I was in Leicester Square 3 weeks ago, and looked up at this camera, back in Philadelphia viewing it now...great cam!
Matt Smith, 23 03 2008
Is that snow flurries on Easter Sunday? And Arsenal and Chelsea are supposed to play today! Brrr.
Charlie, 23 03 2008
Great cam, nice local, in fact just saw a local walk past. wonder if he knew he was being watched by an Aussie somewere in Sydney. Love it!!
Rick, 21 03 2008
Sono stata a Londra con il mio ragazzo per il nostro primo anniversario! E' stato bellissimo!!
Anna, 19 03 2008
In three weeks I'll be here. Then you can watching me at this nice place. I love this camera.
Klaus, 18 03 2008
This cam is great. I wish I could be there!
sandra, 18 03 2008
three months ago I was looking for this camera cheers me up when I'm homesick best cam on the net thanks
mike, 17 03 2008
Fantastic camera, I like to watch people walking around, especially on weekends! From Brazil, Clarice
Clarice, 16 03 2008
Fantastic camera, I love to look at my favourite city. I wish I lived there...
Clarice, 13 03 2008
Fantastic camera, I love to look at my favourite city. I wish I lived there...
Paulina, 12 03 2008
Fantastic camera, I like to watch people walking around, especially on weekends! Greetings from Poland,Paulina
Paulina, 11 03 2008
ptl fantastic webcam
osteoh, 06 03 2008
Hey Leicester Square,It's 5 34am your time and my time is 12 34am.It looks so cool to see so many people out walking around it's so lively in the heartbeat of England.. Wish i was there to see the sights and hear the noise it looks like you have all the fun Everyday of the Year Never Boring.. Love it,What else can one say you take my breathe away.. and the webcam shots are the BEST.. Love you guys sharon USA
sharon, 02 03 2008
itz funny
tom, 28 02 2008
Went to London on a school trip. Spent 4 amazing days, most of which in Leicester Sq by night. Hung out at Metra club nearby. Students over the moon.
antonella, 25 02 2008
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this cam. Leicester Square is at the top of my list of places to visit when I get to London. Can't wait!!
Lee Ann, USA, 21 02 2008
Bellissima web cam che mi ha permesso di vedere dall' Italia mia figlia che si trovava in Leicester Square, ed ha calmato le ansie di uma mamma per Sara che per la prima volta andava all' estero da sola. I love Internet.
simona, 20 02 2008
Hello, Wow you have a Party going on tonight!! Always having GREAT Events Love this Webcam.England has to be so Proud of Leicester Square.You have so much to offer!!Love You and your webcam. sharon USA
sharon, 19 02 2008
I Love Leicester Square,This is one of my fist,webcam shots to go to.You have so much going on Everyday,I would love to come there and just watch the excitement. The webcam shots are Great.We love you sharon USA
sharon, 19 02 2008
i love leicester square. it's one of my favorite place in LOndon.
tao, 19 02 2008
i love the leicester square web cam....i got to a lot of the premieres there and when i cant i watch them on the live web cam...brilliant x
tracey penfold, 13 02 2008
I bring students to study in London in the summer and Leicester Square is always our first stop. They begin to watch all of the London cams months in advance of our travel just to increase their level of excitement.
Jimm Cox, 11 02 2008
Chinese New Year celebrations in Leicester Square
John, 10 02 2008
I wish I was there in Leucester Square right now to watch the stars coming for the BAFTA Awards..
Tina, 10 02 2008
One of the things that I love in London is the fact that even in 5:30AM you can see people walking in the square!!!
Regina, 09 02 2008
I'm from Belgium and I miss London a lot : (
Caroline, 07 02 2008
I sooo miss London... I was only there for a short time but am longing to come back!! This gives me a thrill every time I log on !! London Rules !!
Christine, 05 02 2008
I miss London, Ill be back son, its a amazing place with lovely people
gisele di dio, 05 02 2008
London,East Sussex I COMING !!!!!
Kirsten, 03 02 2008
i;ll be back to you london as soon as ...
BASEL, 29 01 2008
I just returned to the U.S. after living over 6 years in Germany during which time I flew to London every three months. This cam makes me feel like I'm still there. Thanks.
Alexis, 26 01 2008
london london london...i miss u... ever my pride!!
marcogallagher, 25 01 2008
londyn to londyn, a nie popierdułka
lipa, 25 01 2008
I Miss You London ... Forever In My Heart... I'll Come Back Soon....
Valentina, 24 01 2008
I visited London 3 times, and just love to move arround Central London, especially travelling underground is the ever best experince of my life, I wish I can also see the Underground movement live...
M F Rathod, 20 01 2008
I agree with MIMI 17 01 I would also like to see the rest of the square and also the statues.
Stan, 19 01 2008
I love London..and i like watching this cam so much..I'll be there soon..I decided to live in favourite capital..
Melania, 18 01 2008
I love London..and i like watching this cam so much!!!I'll be there very soon..I decided to live in favorite capital!!
melania, 18 01 2008
Is there anyway to get a look at the far side and centre of the square. Would love to see the statue. Is there a fountain there also?
Mimi, 17 01 2008
i can't express the site. it really gets to me. not a day goes by without thinking about not just leicester but all of it. london. ill be there soon, and stay there.
Doc Temple, 14 01 2008
Un grato recuerdo de Londrs, que conoc all por el ao 1998.
Luis Scher, 13 01 2008
I bring students to London to study during the summer and I urge them to watch the London cams as we prepare to travel to one of the most excting world capitals.
Jimm Cox, 13 01 2008
Да, действительно - это замечательное место. Здесь проходят кинопремьеры известных всему миру фильмов. Здесь побывали многие известные актеры и звезды кино и шоу бизнеса. А внизу, на этой площади продается замечательная пица "Маргарита" в "Пица Хат". Лучше пицы я пока еще не ел.
Alex Pray, 10 01 2008
Ich liebe London. Ich werde so schnell wie mglich zurckkommen!!! Du bist meim zu Hause!!!
andi, 09 01 2008
quanti ricordi questa estate a londra..mi ricordo perfettamente questa piazza..c era una pazza che protestava contro il divorzio
matteo, 08 01 2008
Это место стало практически родным,хотя я здесь не разу не был.Мечтаю побывать в Лондоне. Эта камера сомая лучшая!!!
dmitry, 07 01 2008
I'm a big fan of this webcam and in October this year while visiting London from Australia I arranged to be in Leicester Sq. with one daughter while on the mobile phone to my other daughter who was watching us via your webcam - AMAZING, despite the 2 or 3 second delay of the visual back to Australia!!!
Margarita King, 05 01 2008
the 1st of january i was there!!! through this wonderful webcam i've made my wishes to family and friends! :-) I love london!!!
valentina, 03 01 2008
te busco elisabet de
luis, 02 01 2008
Happy New Year Leicsester Square.WE love you. WE Love the shots from the webcam what a Great job i would have to say the Best of England is here.... I love watching the cam everyday often.. It is truely a Beautiful Place to see and visit.. God Bless sharon USA
sharon, 01 01 2008
WOW!! I wish I could have stayed for new years. It would have been incredible. I miss London so much. Can't wait to come back in April!!!
Katherine C, 01 01 2008
Can see lots of high viz jackets tonight! HAPPY NEW YEAR SAFE LONDON!
pippa, 31 12 2007
hello we love london and this is the best web cam. we allways wave to our friends from out side of the telephone box. london is the best
jk, 30 12 2007
The best web cam ever, we visit london often and wave to our friends back home from next to the telephone box.
jk, 30 12 2007
LOVE u LONDON hi every i really miss LONDON i been thea jus once in mah life but i have so lot's of memory's ..... i tried second time fo tha visa but dun no thay thay refused mah visa guy's i swea upon mah GOD i really miss uk :( more den every thing once again LOVE U LONDON alot ........
Asghar, 27 12 2007
Beautiful London!!! How I miss it so. American by birth British by heart. I sure miss living in the UK. Great country even greater people. Happy new Year to All. Phil
Phil, 26 12 2007
when i need my london fix, this square is 1 of my favorites. much cheaper than coming from the states but not as good as being there in person. merry christmas all
joel, 25 12 2007
I miss you, London.
elisa, 23 12 2007
City sidewalks,busy sidewalks dressed in Holiday style,that reminds me of you my Beautiful Leicester Square,Shakespeare would be proud of you.. We love you wish i was spending Christmas there.. What a Beautiful Place.Merry Christmas to All. Thanks for the webcam shots.They make our days.. sharon USA
sharon, 22 12 2007
I love to see England through this cam since I am here in India now. My Sister-in-law is in Licester and I have seen him here on the square and she just waved me then then we have talked on Cell. Thus cam is amazing. Thanx to Camvista for providind this facility. Bye Sumir Sharma INDIA
Sumir Sharma, 21 12 2007
Loved the I Am Legend premiere yesterday. I'm also enjoying watching the bumper cars at the carnival.
Kay, 20 12 2007
Great job on the I Am Legend premiere yesterday. I had no problems picking out Will Smith when he arrived. I love this webcam!!!
Kay, 20 12 2007
hello.Leicester Square, The heart of England,,The Beauty of London England I would say. Your bright lights and the movement of people that travel there every nigth says something about you.. I would love to come an stand right in the middle of the Square.. and be a watcher of the people that are there everyday and night . I think it's Beautiful and full of Life ,, Love it . Have a Merry Christmas and a Great New Year. Great webcam shots all year we love it in the USA sharon
sharon, 17 12 2007
My daughter and 2 friends have been backpacking in Europe for 3 months. They are from Canada. We arranged for them to be at the camera at 1:00 and everyone at home got to see them for a few minutes as they waved to us and called home from the phonebooths. Great fun.
Beverly, 16 12 2007
Look at that massive group of holiday-makers ans santa claus!!!!
Thomas, 15 12 2007
I'm just watching what i remember, when i was addictive stepping in this square. A lot of emotions, thanks to this cam. Love you Londra forever with me
Daniele Rosato Locorotondo, 15 12 2007
I was there exactly last week. Gr8 time. I just luv this city. I'll b back in February....
Antonella Sassari, 14 12 2007
Hab dich net gesehen obwohl ich oft schaue,schade
orikrieger, 11 12 2007
I love looking at all the holiday lights on the different webcams around the world. What going on in the centre of the square? Is it a carnival?
Mimi, 10 12 2007
london here we come
os teoh, 10 12 2007
Hey, ain't today the premiere of St. Trinian today at Leicester Square?
Thomas, 10 12 2007
I just love this Webcam. It's like looking at the street from my window. I miss Swinging London!
Avril, 08 12 2007
E' passato qualche anno da quando sono stato a londra r spero presto di ritornarci cmq grz a camvista che ci regala queste emozioni sempre di esserci tutti i giorni....Grazie
Carmine, 07 12 2007
Oh, this is the heart of West End, a gret collection of cinemas and nightspots. It always looks so vibrant!
John Trifonas, 07 12 2007
Cara Adriana a chi lo dici.....Londra stupenda. Posso aggiungere che farei una passeggiata con te? Ciao
Claudio, 05 12 2007
... pure vero che la leggera pioggia londinese una caratteristica di questa splendida citt. ringraziamo di cuore chi ci offre il servizio in streaming, per essere sempre li anche se non fisicamente. Thank You.
Daniele, 05 12 2007
Adriana come ti capisco!!!! Anchio vorrei passeggiare per Leicester Square
ignazio, 05 12 2007
Anche se sta piovendo vorrei tanto essere l a passeggiare!
Adriana, 05 12 2007
Brilliant...definitely getting my friends to come and wave to me on the live cam! Miss London a lot!
Kerry Murray, 04 12 2007
Wow a nice sunny day in lovely old England.Here i am in Canada and getting 40cms of snow. wish i was there
brian sutherland, 03 12 2007
Awesome to see my old hang out! Lived in London up until last year. Returned to NZ but miss London like CRAZY. Best city in the world!
Mandz, 02 12 2007
So many people
keith furnival, 01 12 2007
Good Morning ,It's 5am in Leiceseter Square and it looks so peaceful. I know anytime the People will be on the streets and going here and there so much to do and places to see. Everyday must be adverture for you wish i was there to be apart of your Beautiufl City.. we Love England . I hope with Christmas coming your place will be more beautiful than ever if possible.. WE love you sharon USA
sharon, 01 12 2007
viewing leicester square from penang is so nice
teoh oo seng, 30 11 2007
the webcam is so real that i feel i am in leicester square walking.
teoh oo seng, 30 11 2007
I love london and I went there last august after 15 years I didn't! I walked in leicester square,it's so nice! I'll go again surely
Paola, 30 11 2007
I'd really like to know, what on earth are people standing around for at 7 .20 am?? Is it tickets for a show or what??
Anita, 30 11 2007
what's the next premiere in leicester square? i love london, i hope one day i'll be able to visit properly this amazing city...!
valentina from italy, 29 11 2007
I love to look at leicester square webcam,no matter what time day or night.It's a place that's worth seeing anytime. John Newcastle Upon Tyne.
john atherton, 28 11 2007
Yesterday, 27/11, we could see the red carpet premiere of the film "Golden Compass". Very exciting...
Carlo, 28 11 2007
We love watching the goings on in Leicester Square but would like to know what is being done.Is the Odeon still there? Stan.
Stan, 28 11 2007
Just saw the Premier of a film on the news and went straight to my PC to watch the live streaming webcam Great! to watch.
Geoff Lawton, 27 11 2007
now i am big brother ! (GULPS!)
kirstin price, 27 11 2007
I love London. My dream is to go to europe so until the moment wich I can go I enjoy the old continent through this cam. Greetengs!!!
Emanuel, 27 11 2007
is a facinating sight of leicester square
teohnado, 22 11 2007
great view - I look at it with a pleasure because I was at Leicester Square School of English this month
Roman, 16 11 2007
Wow! This is one of the best webcams I have seen! There is a premiere at the theatre and several celebrities have arrived already!
Christine, 11 11 2007
it is amazing am experience to see london on livecam. now london is on my -i click.
RAHUL RAI, 09 11 2007
this is the best reminds me when i lived there now live in cyprus
colin, 08 11 2007
The best camera, really in live (From Malaga, Spain)
Manolo Ares, 04 11 2007
quando ho nostalgia di Londra mi piace vedere questa webcamera
massimo, 01 11 2007
I love to look at your Leicester Square Webcam. Any time day or night there's always some activity. Thanks.
Avril Pursey, 31 10 2007
Its always cool to see people about no matter what time day, it would be great spot for a virtual geocache...
Darrell Harper, 28 10 2007
My wife and I had always dreamed of visiting this wonderful aquare. But as we grew older and she became ill and past away the dream fadded. But it still kept alive by these great pictures. Thank you very much.
ronald sweatman, 27 10 2007
I love this cam! especilly when there are movie premires happning!
Kimbo, 25 10 2007
hello, Leicester,Love it.. fall has arrive there I see it's never dull there it must be the Greatest place to vist in England. you can go anywhere and learn so much about everything.In one place amazing!! I love this webcam Never a dull moment.. can't wait to see you in the holidays I bet it's awesome. love England and Leicester Square.. sharon usa
sharon, 19 10 2007
A wonderfull site nice and sharp, It would be so nice if we could have some sound as well for those of us out side the UK who can't afford the airfair to come home again. All the best Michael.
Michael Wimborne , 19 10 2007
I'm Brazilian and love watching this Webcam and see what's happenning in Leicester Square. I've been lots of times there.It's so enthralling. I love London.
Jose Oliveira, 15 10 2007
I love Leicester Square. It's a place that's worth seeing anytime.
Jose Oliveira, 15 10 2007
Great cam that shows a beautiful section of a beautiful city. Let's see if my comment gets posted, and then recycled like all the rest are doing for months now.
Glen Leech, 14 10 2007
Tutti i giorni guardo in questa straordinaria finestra su Londra e spero di vedere passare mio figlio Enrico, grazie a chi ha ideato il servizio. ciao a tutti
Gianni Poddighe, 08 10 2007
i would love to be there right now
lester , 03 10 2007
Good camera... but can you change the coments sometime soon ?
Ivica, 27 09 2007
Leicester Square Cam - 1st Class !!
UB, 26 09 2007
Looks like fall has arrive to Leicester Square. The trees are turning and it is Beautiful there. I love the webcam.. Sharon U.S.A.
sharon, 26 09 2007
I've watched this webcam through the past months and I love watching the leaves change on the trees in the square. I'd love to visit England but doubt I ever will, I'm terrified of flying. And I might like it too much and not want to come back to the U.S. Thank-you so much for the chance to see this.
Mimi, 25 09 2007
My favourite square in London, stunning webcam!
Claudio Fior, 23 09 2007
Love this site ....but why does it flicker constantly?
Lesley Johnson, 16 09 2007
fantastic cam, ad i love the location, keep up the good work
jamie mathias, 16 09 2007
Good cam - interesting to see how many people just wander around - my son was one of them today!!
sheila, 14 09 2007
arek, 11 09 2007
I feel close to my London friends. Thanks for this opportunity to stay in touch.
Jeannie Zimmer Dircks, 09 09 2007
I love Leicester Square too and I have many nice memories from this place. Best regards from Poland
Ewa, 06 09 2007
Stunning cam of one of may favourite square in London!
Claudio Fior, 05 09 2007
Love watching the Film Premieres at Leicester Square from this great cam
Angus, 04 09 2007
it is a great thing to see Leicester coz I was there for 2 months but now no so I can see it from camera coz I miss it too much
Tugrul, 04 09 2007
Just a perfect webcam! My boyfriend lives in London now - with this webcam I can feel as if I were there... Thank you...
aija, 29 08 2007
Love the cam. Sound would make it better!
John Harvey, 27 08 2007
Great Camera! We love watching how busy it is! But, could you clean it every so often?!
David, Ian and Susan Mace, 25 08 2007
no rain anymore: only reliable real time wheather informatio! great!
mario rossi, 23 08 2007
These streaming webcams are absolutely brilliant. As as " ex pat" I often get homesick and find these pictures areal mood elevator.
stella, 22 08 2007
Recuerdo el frio y la belleza de tan especial plaza.
hector, 21 08 2007
hey,so sorry my webcam keeps going off to where I can see the most favorite ,London cam Leicester Square.. Miss go to visit it sharon USA
sharon, 17 08 2007
Love this camera -- so fun to see what's happening here. Such a busy place. Just wish I knew what was going on when they have the various special events.
Judy, 15 08 2007
We love Leicester Sq. & always stay at the Pastoria right on it. Thanks for the memories.
jo, 15 08 2007
It's my favourite webcam for a good reason : Four years ago, I visited Leicester Square with my daugther who lives in Croydon. And I remember the famous ice-cream in the famous store we see... Hgen Dasz !
Marie DANGERS, 14 08 2007
This is A Good Webcam , i like the fact that its really live and its one of my favourites !
Pauline From South Yorkshire, 06 08 2007
This is the next best thing if you can't be there in person!
Sharon , 04 08 2007
Fantastic Cam. Was there 1.5 years ago. I just love to watch it again thru this cam
ilias k, 02 08 2007
I sure miss London. It's been officially a year since I left.
Jeremy , 31 07 2007
I just made my first visit to London a few weeks ago and I loved! I was in Leicester Square and could see everthing I'd been looking at via the webcam for the last two months! I even saw where the camera is located.
Vivian, 24 07 2007
I love this webcam, mainly because there is grass and trees...features lacking from all the other London webcams that I visit, so I can see seasonal change. Also I love the activity of people traversing the square and the 3 different views. Thanks for a brilliant cam
Chris from Adelaide,Australia, 21 07 2007
For information on upcoming events in Leicester Square and surrounding areas, check Although it's missing the premiere of The Bourne Ultimatum at the Odeon Leicester Square on August 16th.
Ghostface, 20 07 2007
absolutely the best webcam. nice to see a corner of London without moving from Milan
maria cristina, 19 07 2007
Why can't all webcams be as good as this(Leicester Square)?? This is what I call, realtime!!!
David, 19 07 2007
Fantastic - Is it possible to bring up more of London. We who live elsewhere just love London and would just love to see such reminders orf home. J
Jim Grottick, 18 07 2007
My sister lives in the U S A and when i went to London i made for Lester square and she was watching me walking though holding my flag .
sue, 17 07 2007
A great cam. Went to London for the first time in 2006 I'd love to go back, this cam lets me go back very cheaply :o).
John, 17 07 2007
I love London and especialy the leicester square; greetz from Regensburg Germany
Wojtek Dragon, 16 07 2007
This cam is the next best thing to being there in person!
craig smith, 15 07 2007
my husband and I love this site we live in Canada and are both from the UK and we have this running all the time. Fills our homesick void.
sammi jones, 15 07 2007
Somtimes I keep this window open in the top pf my screen while working on the best thing to being there!
Jeff Grottick, 14 07 2007
Love this web cam,its just like being back at home in good old London town.
gav, 14 07 2007
it,s great ,so many people i wish we could hear what was going on
margo gow, 13 07 2007
I haven't been on camvista for a long time, and now I am nicely surprised! Great camera, great picture - I love Leicester Square, I have many nice memories connected with this place...
Ewa, 13 07 2007
La streaming video camera di Leicester Square veramente fantastica. Sembra di esserci.
Luigi , 11 07 2007
As a Yank who had the opportunity to spend time in London with the US Navy, Leicester, along with Trafalgar and Oxford St. were some of my favorite places to visit. The London cams bring back some great memories.
John B, 10 07 2007
Fantastic! Next best thing to being there! Nicole (California)
nicole, 09 07 2007
This is a great streaming webcam. I watch from the USA and it makes me wish I were there!
Theresa, 09 07 2007
By FAR the best cam in London, wish I was there!
Cory, 09 07 2007
Adoraria poder conhecer esta praa. Londres me chama muito a ateno e se um dia eu conseguir viajar, Londres ser minha primeira parada... Sem contar o fato de que se respira Harry Potter por entre as ruas e avenidas. At um dia londrinos...
Henrique, 09 07 2007
Espectacular camara. La veo todos los dias desde Rosario.
Gabriel from Argentina, 09 07 2007
Remember well being here and just enjoying the buzz of life in the square, 1974-1991
Morag Bell, 08 07 2007
It's really a good cam for peoples living in other countries, good!!
blowbb, 07 07 2007
It's really a good sight for peoples in other countries.
blowbb, 07 07 2007
wow!!!! this camera is really fabulous,wish it was up when I was in London, i would have stood in leicester sq for the entire night, i will sound like a dum tourist, but everytime the camera pans,I'm like "i took a pic there and there...luv it, savin my pennies for vacation (this time) to london! hope i can get a room next summer!
charlene , 05 07 2007
Its great great to see people Moving about.Makes me feel like i'm there.
Philip Fischetti, 05 07 2007
i have followed the cam before my trip to london back from london i watch everyday love london and you british people
raymond jagura, 05 07 2007
I love this webcam and am scheduling with my daughter (who is studying in London right now) a day and a time for her to stand in the cameras view and wave to us here in sunny California!
Lisa, 04 07 2007
splendida webcam che ogni giorno mi porta a rivedere la mia amata londra
giorgio cau, 04 07 2007
It is wonderfull to see leicester square for me that loves london
giorgio cau, 04 07 2007
Ol, Sou do Brasil, fiquei feliz em ver q haviam brasileiros l!!! lol
Felipe Augusto, 03 07 2007
omg! i just came back from leicester square... it was brilliant!! but it was rainning so much! every one was under umbrellas, anyway, it was great! and we had fun! ^^
Ben Poirier, 03 07 2007
Chris, its the premiere of "Harry Potter and the Prizoner of Azkaban".
Marilyn , 03 07 2007
AAAH!! They are setting up for harry potter! And I have to go, so I cant watch it al :O
Dominique , 03 07 2007
Hey this is all British.... YOU Rock!!! Have a Great Day! I love this cam.. Awesome
sharon, 03 07 2007
Every July we bring a HS group to London, this cam is going to give their parents a chance to see them while they are in London. Great job!
Linda, 03 07 2007
London, i love you comming soon!
Gubsi, 03 07 2007
great web cam,love visiting daily, glasgow cams also as good.
a clark, 03 07 2007
I check this webcam everyday because I love seeing what's going on in London, and Leicester Square is one of my fave places in London. I love Cafe Rendezvous!!
Elizabeth F, 02 07 2007
Can't wait to see celebrities arrive for the Harry Potter Film Premiere
Fiona, 02 07 2007
Super, just super!!
Milton, 02 07 2007
ı miss ıng love to watch uk loze from TURKEY
mert, 02 07 2007
having never visited london i find your webcam in leicester square,smashing wish there where more like it very good to watch
BRIAN, 01 07 2007
would love to be there it looks great
betty clark, 29 06 2007
My first place to go in the morning, if it was only to see what the weather is like over there. :-)
Marijke The Netherlands, 27 06 2007
good stuff saw the camera in May of this year ,took a while to find it . it could be a lot slower .
pad, 27 06 2007
I Love this cam,
Johan Smith, 27 06 2007
I used to enjoy the Leicester Square camera but now the picture just flickers. And what's with that interminable shot of the pavement? Why not aim the camera across the park or green space?
Carol, 27 06 2007
We want more web cams at the famous locations in London. This is great.
Ivica, 26 06 2007
We want more web cams at the famous locations in London. This is great.
Ivica, 26 06 2007
The streaming Leicester great.Brings back memories of when I passed thru attending the show The Mousetrap
jerry james, 26 06 2007
I congratulate for the Briliant Webcam at Leicester Square. Its so nice to keep watching on live in a Webcam the Leicester Square Life Every Day. I loved to watch in a Webcam on live - the Leicester Square Life Every Day in London.
Anderson Favero Marques, 26 06 2007
interesting webcam can view leicester square from home
oo seng teoh, 26 06 2007
the best web cam in the world
jacquie knowles, 25 06 2007
I have only ever visited London once in 1993,and we never went to Leicester square. It will be the first place we will go when we get the chance to go back as this web cam is the best!
jacquie , 25 06 2007
It's good to see Leicester Square back online. My only suggestion is changing the second shot after the left pan to cover the center of the park. It's presently too similar to the first shot. God bless!
Bob R, 25 06 2007
This is got to be one of the top Hot spots in London.. Never been there but love looking at the live cam. One day hopefully I will.. Keep up the Great Work. USA
sharon, 24 06 2007
it is great to drop back to the square when thinking of the visit you just had. Brings back great memories. Keep it up from Canada
Glen Horton, 24 06 2007
I thoroughly enjoy keeping in touch with Leicester Sq. 24/7, through this superior cam! I need to come back for a long visit.
John Thomas Whitcomb McCoy, 23 06 2007
This is the most fun webcam of all those offered.
Frankie Richards, 23 06 2007
Una grande emozione rivedere la mia amata Londra
Paolo, 22 06 2007
What function is on at the square tonight?
Chris Priilaid, 22 06 2007
I love being able to look at home from so far away. i call my friends when i'm under the camera. they love it. so do my kids, i call them and they get on and i wave at them. i love my job and i can't wait to move my family there. woohoo!! te 22 of june!! my 24 b-day!!
Kilos Neu, 22 06 2007
Wonder What they are setting up for? which movie?
STINSON DIXON, 21 06 2007
Brilliant, Leicester Square rocks
Responder, 21 06 2007
I live in Texas and at this time of year I Love watching the Sunrise there at 9:56 PM here
A B Lopes, 21 06 2007
this cam rules im hooked haha big brother is watching u and hardly anyone knows it
jamie, 21 06 2007
servizio con i fiocchi... io adoro Londra e questa una finestra su Londra
Tom, 20 06 2007
FINALLY you have a GREAT webcam. It is what the name implies and the streaming view is a great one. I wish the others were as well maintained and worked as good as this one does.
Glen, 20 06 2007
Living away from home,viewing leicester square Helps,what a great web cam thanks,im enjoying every min .
J Davis, 20 06 2007
GEORGE Panionios, 20 06 2007
I'm Italian. I love this webcam!
Adriana, 11 06 2007
Good camera... but can you change the view sometime soon ?
mike todd, 10 06 2007
Brilliant webcam at Leicester Square. Love viewing this streaming cam
Bruce Whitelaw, 18 05 2007
This is my favourite London webcam. I love visiting Leicester Square
Jimmy Smith, 17 05 2007

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