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User comments

Love this webcam of my mum\'s hometown! Can\'t wait to shop on Princes Street this summer!
Jan Gardiner, 13 01 2014
I miss being at home, just happy seeing Edinburgh on camvista, happy 2014 to everyone
Davie Kelly, 30 12 2013
Love this and the Royal mile cams. So good to have them working in this wonderful city.
Bruce, 25 12 2013
Love this webcam! And thank you for adding the local time. I hope to visit Edinburgh again sometime soon.
Garth, 24 12 2013
I am so happy that the new cameras are up! And I love that sound is added too, makes me feel a bit closer to the city I love so much!
Jessica, 12 12 2013
Can\'t wait to see the trams running. Hoping to hop on one when we visit in August 2014.
Alan, 13 10 2013
Love this camera, I miss Edinburgh so much and love that this shows so many different views.
Jo, 12 10 2013
Thankyou camvista & whoever else is responsible for the cam!! It\'s brilliant,fantastic to be able to view beautiful Edinburgh once again from east coast of Oz :-)
Heather, 06 10 2013
Would be nice to have the weather report as well.
Bruce, 01 10 2013
love the views. *sigh*
manuel, 26 08 2013
So good to have the cam back. The views are very good but , OMG what have they done to the street? These poles look awful and wheere are the trams?
Dorothy Mackley, 04 08 2013
Like the camera & w/sound! Much better! Last there in \'07. Love the city. Family from Kilmarnock originally - way back.
Will USA, 30 07 2013
Has the tram car gone into hibernation? When will it actually run? Or was it just a big expensive ornament?
Dorothy Mackley, 03 01 2011
When will we see the trams running.
JJ, 29 12 2010
Thank you for yourt help and information. Lang may yer lum reek.
Ron, 13 12 2010
Thank you so much to those who provided me with the details. You helped me broaden my knowledge of the city I left as a wee bairn in the 50s.
Ron, 08 12 2010
Re Ron, the statue is to commemorate The Royal Scots Grays regiment who fought in South Africa in the second Boar war. Guy on horse is Sergeant Major Anthony James Hinnigan his horse was called Polly.
Eileen fae edinburgh, 08 12 2010
The statue commemorates the Royal Scots Greys, but there is disagreement about who sits on the horse. This link gives you more background.
Expat, 07 12 2010
This statue is beside Princes Street in West Princes Street Gardens, opposite the junction with Frederick Street. It commemorates the Royal Scots Greys who left Edinburgh in 1899 to fight in the South African War. It was unveiled by Lord Rosebery on 16 November 1906
Ian, 07 12 2010
Can anyone tell me who the guy on the horse is? Merry Christmas from sunny Australia
Ron Cockell, 06 12 2010
It is great to see the Wheel again. Edinburgh seems to be such a nice place. May be I can visit someday. Merry Christmas from us in Nova Scotia Canada.
Derrick Matthews, 03 12 2010
it wasnt a train carl it was a mock up tram showing us wht it will be like when it finaly finnishes
aaron, 29 11 2010
WOW!! Edinburgh with snow is so beautiful!!
jacksprat, 27 11 2010
When are the trams due to start running?
JJ, 26 11 2010
Nice to see that the Wheel is back. This is great to watch all this from home in Nova Scotia, Canada. Hopefully I will get there some day.
Derrick Matthews, 17 11 2010
That trams been sitting there for a long time. Is it the first and last one?
Bob Fraser, 21 10 2010
Takes me back to my stroll down Princes Street in \'06. Wish I was there now.
Tom Thomson, 15 10 2010
Great webcam, not for the quality though, just for the view, very calming view...wish there were more webcams in the alleys and streets of old town though, and new town too.
Luca Riley, 04 10 2010
Has some one stolen the train?
carl , 16 09 2010
I love all the cams of Edinburgh as lived there a few times and do miss it so much. Even with the bad weather
Dana, 10 09 2010
To Carl and Eileen The tram will end where the Royal Yacht is moored. I am a native of Auld Reekei (Edinburgh);)
Elaine, 13 08 2010
Next week I\'m coming back to Scotland first The Isle of Skye and then 10 day\'s in Edinburgh I can\'t wait to come back.To see my friends and the tattoo.
Jenny, 17 07 2010
I love this webcam. I visit it almost daily. Come see my part of the world at: I live about 50 mins. from there and have visited there often. Leave a comment.
Derrick Matthews, 05 07 2010
Re Carl, It might have been the Armed Serfvices Day march yopu seen on the mound? The tram is going out to Leith which is east of Edinburgh. I don\'t think it will go north from Leith as it would end up in the River Forth? It won\'t be going anywhere for a long time depending on the new Tory government thrust upon us !
Eileen T, 04 07 2010
Eilenn T., what are they doin on the Mound? My unerstanding is the tram is goin on to the East then North to Leith.
carl, 24 06 2010
Love all the sites you video but could you make it brighter, easier to see?
Marianne Stewart, 15 06 2010
Beautiful Scotland....i was there last year and i fall in love for the country , for the people , for the Highlands...i hope some day ( maybe ) i can go live there....I love my coutry ( Portugal ) but Scotland...amazing..see you soon..
Alexandre, 23 05 2010
Barkers Creek in Autumn is very very nice but oh, to be in Edinburgh now that Spring is here.I\'d also like to have a look inside the new tram.
DorothyMackley, 11 05 2010
The most expensive tram line ever, about 100million a mile - the same money would have been better used to electrify the bus\'s and make them all free.
Mac, 10 05 2010
Edinburgh had trams before and could not keep up with the flow. It will be much worse now with more cars and bigger buses. at least if the bus quits you can tow it away and another comes along. Not so with trams. Old Reekie has shot itself in the foot. (AND Wallet!)
Retiredscot, 29 04 2010
Sorry Sheila, you miss the point. We want people out of those cars by having an efficient and comprehensive transport system. The buses here are excellent and the trams will add to the network. Edinburgh needs far less car journeys to preserve it\'s special & historic nature.
Charles, Edin, 26 04 2010
At last the sight of a tram. I think the buses are great but trams will be a great form of transport thru this great city. Now the Tram company needs get moving , to sort out the wrangles and get the work finished. That needs to be done quickly so we can all benefit from these trams. (re comments on Scottish Parlia - there are many who are glad it is there!!)
Charles, Edin, 26 04 2010
Sad to say John, but the next great fiasco is going to be the new Firth of Forth bridge.My sympathies to the good people of Edinburgh.
Bob Godfrey, 27 03 2010
I live in Melbourne and long for the day they take the trams off the roads. There are fifty people in a tram and five hundred cars jammed behind them as one can\'t pass. What a shame. I think you\'ve wasted money and spoiled a beautiful and famous street. What is wrong with the buses?
sheila , 25 03 2010
Edinburgh\'s Princes Street would be better without the trams as I think it has been a total waste of the tax payers money. Why do we have to put up with these expensive and needless white elephant projects, I mean first there was that eyesore at the bottom of The Royal Mile, called The Scottish Parliament and now the Trams, what next a new international airport in Queen Street?
John Robertson, 24 03 2010
The work starts next week around Shandwick and Haymarket area. They say it could go on until 2014 it\'s anybodys guess, they are all too busy arguing and infighting instead of getting on with it. Roll on the day we have trams.
Eileen Thomson, 19 03 2010
Thanks for the info from Natalie and Brian.
Derrick Matthews, 18 03 2010
It appears the camera view has answered my question.
carl, 16 03 2010
Eileen T., when is the work on the tram going to start again?
carl, 15 03 2010
Can\'t wait, going to there is less than 60 days!
ChrisG, 15 03 2010
Derek, you are looking the Salisbury Crags, which is part of Hollyrood park, including Arthers Seat.
Brian Marshall, 05 03 2010
Derrick in Novia Scotia, the hill is part of Holyrood park where Arthurs Seat is.
Natalie Till, 04 03 2010
like all the wievs alot! watch them daily, luckily third trip is planned and arriving soon to this best of cities!!!
susan, 03 03 2010
Still great views. Can anyone tell me what the view is with the hill in the background and the bridge in the middle ground and the lion statues in the foreground. I love the view of Princes St. with the doubledecker buses going on it. I am a transit driver in Nova Scotia and would like to try one of those buses in Edinburg.
Derrick Matthews, 26 02 2010
Is it only me or are none of the live streaming cameras working? I only get a screen saying wait for video, but how long do you have to wait. Please fix it so I can once again see this beautiful city until I can return.
MB, 23 02 2010
Interesting to see all the activity in the gardens to-day and SOooo many police. Never had that much security when I used to sing there with the Edinburgh Ladies Choir. lol
Dorothy Mackley, 20 02 2010
You guys have hit the nail on the head. Edinburgh....Only place to be.
Bails, 14 02 2010
From Boston, lived there as an expat for three years.. Best city and most brilliant people in Europe. Very cool place!
Tony Dangelo, 28 01 2010
Hello Lily, Oscar and Heather, We\'re back to Edinburgh for 3 days from 22/01/10, get yourselves over here.
allan, 22 01 2010
Lily, from Philadelphia...Enjoying the review :-)Wish I was there already!
Lily , 18 01 2010
It\\\'s now 2:09 AM, Saturday January 16,in Little Elm, Texas, just 30 miles north of downtown Dallas, and enjoying the view of Edinburg across thousand of miles away. Thank you.
Oscar Acevedo, 16 01 2010
elisabeth, they do indeed have a wheel in Edinburgh, as has already been mentioned by Eileen, it\'s only there throughout Christmas & New Year period. It looked so pretty lit up at night :-)
Heather, 14 01 2010
There\\\'s no wheel in Edinburgh, you may confuse with London... Better here, off course...:)
elisabeth, 14 01 2010
Can\'t believe I\'m sitting in Perth Australia in the heat watching my snowy home toon. I wish I was there!! Love Edinburgh!
Elaine Gunn, 11 01 2010
i love the snow i live in adelaide australia and its going to be 110 here today for the 3rd day in a row it sucks when its this hot
scott kane, 09 01 2010
The Wheel is only in the city over the Xmas and New Year period.
Eileen, 07 01 2010
Great views. I hope to visit someday. Can anyone tell me what happened to the big wheel? I do not know the name of it, but you can go on it to see the city. It has been taken down. Thank you.
Derrick Matthews, 07 01 2010
I am in Sydney and a friend said it has snowed for 3 weeks, I said the bright side is ir hasn\'t rained! Love the home of HMFC.....
John Russell, 06 01 2010
Happy Holidays from the US. 1st visit to Edinburgh was July last and fell in love...will be back e
Phil S, 05 01 2010
How nice to see the pavements being made safe for walkers.I live in Buckinghamshire where they forget old people who are vunerable on icy paths.Who need to shop sometimes.
june messenger, 05 01 2010
I live here and am so glad im not in town and out in the snow.
Adam, 02 01 2010
It makes me happy ... and sad ... so see so Edinburgh so beautiful at the holidays. I\'ve spent such a short, but beautiful time in my ancestral home, but it feels like where I belong. My wife and two children love the city and everything about it. We miss you Edinburgh.
Lance Cranmer, 01 01 2010
Such a dramatic city, and no more so than at Hogmanay! Happy New Year to all! (Wish I was there)
Nancy, 31 12 2009
lived in edinburgh for three years and seven months more than three years ago. i really enjoyed my short stay there. my children can\'t stop thinking and talking about edinburgh.
aznan, 31 12 2009
Edimburgh i miss you lots, such a magic city... All my best wishes for the New Year. Orestes, Tenerife.
orestes, 26 12 2009
I miss Edinburgh very much. I spent around 4 years there. What I can say...Edinburgh is such a very nice city and the local people are very great and friendly!
zara, 23 12 2009
this is the best city that I\'ve ever met in Scotland...Just the weather is so bad...I love Edinburgh.
vivi, 21 12 2009
Another 13 days to go and then we\'re back again !! I am so happy :-) Have a great Christmas holiday and see you at the street party :-))))))
Claudia, 17 12 2009
Was up and down the Playfairs many times July last during the Gathering.
Carl, 16 12 2009
I go up the steps every day going to work John they are The Playfair Steps. Simon try clicking on full screen for a bigger pic?
Eileen Thomson, 16 12 2009
how many have actually walked up the steps behind the art gallery from the gardens to the top of the mound?
john inglis, 16 12 2009
Merry Christmas my Bonnie Scotland!!
Lisa, 13 12 2009
As with all camvista webcams, it would be much nicer if the view were LARGER. Their to small!
simon roberts, 06 12 2009
I\'m coming back on Christmaseve.I cunt the day\'s to go to the magic city.The light are beautuful.I missed Edinburgh.My love
Jenny, 04 12 2009
Thanky Eileen, would that I could be there for Christmas Festival!
Carl, 02 12 2009
There are no trams yet till next year. The work has paused for the new year celebrations and to let the shops recuperate some of the lost revenue before xmas.
Eileen Thomson, 02 12 2009
The Street looks fine but I donna know where the tram is.
Carl, 01 12 2009
Well done to the workers fro getting it finished. I travelled 1,000 mile round trip for the celebrations at the weekend - well worth it.
Ann Edwards, 30 11 2009
Princes Street re-opened this morning to buses, taxis and cycles. Edinburgh Trams and its contractors have put in a fantastic effort to get Princes Street re-opened this morning as planned. For further info, check out
Caz, 29 11 2009
Scotland,Beautiful!Love the lights,never been there but somehow feels like home, strange isn\'t it. To all there, Happy Christmas & A Blessed New Year.
Angel, 29 11 2009
thanks for the update on the trams Jen must be very hard for the business\'s along the street.Hope to get home next year again,from Glasgow orignally but just love Edinburgh.tess in canada
tess, 29 11 2009
Yes - at the moment. Princes St has been closed since Feb \\\'09 while the tracks are being laid there. They\\\'re in a rush to open it again from tonight - to give the shops a chance to recoup some of their massive losses this year. They\\\'ve been working 24 hours for at least the past week or so.
jenmalone, 27 11 2009
tuned in from canada at 2.30am edinburgh time,was amazed to see the workmen still working on the tram line.Are they working on it 24 hours a day.
tess, 27 11 2009
we were in Edinburgh summer of 2008 and will return june of 2010. we will be in the Highlands for 4 weeks and love our precious Edinburgh the beautiful city and our walk of the Royal Mile
I was in Edinburgh this past October for the first time. I absolutely fell in love with the city. I am returning next monthto spend Christmas with a very good friend. I can nit wait! I love this city!
Diane B, 24 11 2009
I love your cam, we left Scotland a wee while ago it keeps me in touch with a beautiful city.
Olive Tully, 22 11 2009
We look forward to summer 2010, so we\\\'re going to Edinburgh again hope they are finished with the Prince Street Knud & Annette Danmark
Knud Rasmussen, 16 11 2009
There\'s a lot of activity on the tram line to-day. When is the work supposed to be finished? I see the Christmas trees going up and the rain coming down. After 36 years of Christmas in the summer I still miss it in the cold and, if you\'re lucky ,snow
Dorothy Mackley, 11 11 2009
Yes! My city!!
Lisa, 10 11 2009
Peter, three, four years past there was a beautiful view of the castle.
Carl, 03 10 2009
It would be nice if they added a view of the Castle. Should get a rather good one if the camera is where I think it is. Nice to get my daily view of Edinburgh, I need to get back there soon!
Peter, 28 09 2009
Hello Mr.Castle
Sean D, 27 09 2009
Does anyone rem the old Trams my dad used to do the Clock in Gardens back in 70ts, Its great to sit here SD USA and look at the city I love so very much and how still after 27yrs my heart remain in Bonnie Scotland.
Greta Heggie Gibson, 27 09 2009
Rhonda, do it!!!! You\'ll never regret it.
Carl, 26 09 2009
Good morning bonnie Scotland!!
Lisa, 26 09 2009
It is amazing that I sit here in the middle of the United States and can see live pictures of such grandeur I can only hope to visit in person one day. It is breathtaking to see life going on else where! Thank you for this webcam.
Rhonda Herdman, 25 09 2009
It\'s amazing how beautiful the floral clock looks, so bright and colorful, and next to all the tram works, hooray to the gardeners, good job as usual......
Ruth McClounnan, 21 09 2009
i stayed in edinburgh in fringe 2005. O those wonderful years i relive those moments through this webcam
Saradha Pudarjunan, 17 09 2009
brian - looks like typos don\'t get past you! aren\'t you a quick one!
Lauren, 15 09 2009
We share this webcab with everyone!!! So very delightful to see Scotland each day. Thank you
Billi, 12 09 2009
It\'s so nostalgic, this webcam, seeing Edinburgh as if through a window; makes me long to be back there.
Philip Bonello, 09 09 2009
Brian. Relax.
Stuart, 08 09 2009
am no a student fae embra,i live 70miles west. And i use the web cam so i can see the beautiful city in full sunshine ,while its teaming down outside my hoose.thanks.
miksik, 06 09 2009
its great to see the live camera working again i missed my daily view of edinburgh
paul, 30 08 2009
Lauren, As a student from Edinburgh, you should learn to spell your home town.
Brian, 28 08 2009
i\'m an edinbrugh student currently on a year abroad to singapore, this is a nice way to remembering home. don\'t miss the weather anyway.
Lauren, 20 08 2009
Messed up roads, and overflowing rubbish bins, WHO CARES! I\\\'d still rather be in Scotland than any where else in the world! Thanks for this live calms the ache in my heart!
Lisa, 19 08 2009
I can vaguely recall riding the double-decker trams on Prince\'s Street in the summer of 1954. It was a little boy\'s dream come true! These new ones won\'t be as exciting, but Street cars on P-Street are nothing new. Hope to ride one, again, soon!
Andrew Maclaren Corbett, 13 08 2009
Edinbugh and Princess street is beautiful why would they introduce street cars? seems to me the city fathers should have their personal bank accounts investigated. accounts
Joe Tully, 12 08 2009
Seems like David the ex pat has too much time on his hands. I think the work is progressing as fast as it can.
scott, 05 08 2009
Was in Edinburgh for The Gathering and three days after. Watching from Princes Street, during the work day, can see a lot of activeity. To present you can see the progress being made.
Carl Luke, 04 08 2009
It would be so nice to have some sound effects so the we can really feel at home. Michael in Melbourne
Michael, 04 08 2009
My wife and I are looking forward to when the road work is complete in Princess Street in Wonderful Edinburgh. Michael & Hellen in Melbourne
Michael Wimborne, , 04 08 2009
I visited Edinburgh in late June this year where I witnessed a small crew of workers doing very little in the middle of Princes Street on a pleasant sunny afternoon. On wonder the tram system is in such a sorry state. Please get a full crew and some active supervision and try to get the job done. I watch the torturous progress on the streaming cam and notice that the machines can sit for days in the same place and never seem to move, it is really rather embarrassing for an ex-pat from Edinburgh David
David, 28 07 2009
Who cares about the mess! It wont last forever, and when everyone is having a ball riding the trams, they won\'t give any of this a second thought!
Lisa, 28 07 2009
I agree with James. A lot of the fun going to those citys was to see and ride the trams even in Heidleburg it was great.
Kenneth, 15 07 2009
Regarding Princes Street, for being in the middle of summer there use to be a sea of people walking Princes Street, now it looks deserted, I\'ve been home many times in the summer when you looked forward walking down the street, going in the shops, and down to the gardens, hope it is worth it.
Ruth, 13 07 2009
People, can we please apply some perspective regarding the trams? Any such change will have an impact and create disruption……but it’s not permanent! While the ultimate value of the trams is debatable, they will provide an alternative form of transport that is not reliant on oil-based fuel. I’m not a greenie, and not a great fan of change either, but I am prepared to reserve judgement until the work is complete.
Jock Robertson, 12 07 2009
Look to Strasbourg or Amsterdam to see trams working perfectly well in historic cities. There is such alot of hysteria about the trams. Soon they will be running and providing a very useful service. However, the webcams do show just how badly managed the construction work is! It could have been done more swiftly and efficiently.
James, 11 07 2009
Indeed, Earlene. Forget the litter, look at the state of the Princes Street and The Mound there! All for a tram system that nobody needs nor wants.
Gary, 10 07 2009
I have been to Edinburgh twice and I am in love with the city. I was planning on visiting Edinburgh at the end of the year. I am now seriously considering not going because of the trams. I fear what they have ruined that used to be there when I last visited because everything there is so historically and aesthetically valuable and precious.
Charissa, 10 07 2009
I loved my visit to Edinburgh Why mess up a lovely old city with trams?
earlene, 09 07 2009
name 3 shops that have went out of bussiness due to the tram works and not due to the resession because all the ones i can think of are big chain stores that were closing stores anyway
aaronking, 08 07 2009
People are avoiding Edinburgh BECAUSE of all the roadworks. It\'s cause and effect Aaron. Edinburgh Clowncillors are too silly to realise they are killing this beautiful city.
Wee Eckie, 03 07 2009
the business that have went bust is nothing to do with the trams ppl are not spending as much money just now cos of the credit crunch
aaron, 01 07 2009
aaron- Trams are total waste of money, the buses were fine, they should\'ve just spent the money on sorting the appalling roads and pavements. Maybe you\'d like to tell all the business that have gone bust because of the trams, that YOU think its fine because when its finished, you wont have to wait 15mins (ffs) for a bus!
I live here, 01 07 2009
I check this site once or twice a week and haven\'t seen any progress on the work. Does anyone know when it will be finished?
Aniolan, 29 06 2009
GOD I LOVE SCOTLAND! Spent 6 wonderful months there.
Milore, 14 06 2009
when the trams are running it wont look like a bomb site and i bet all yous people say we should not have them you will use them , the buses are not that good some buses only run every 15 to 30 mins all major citys will have trams in the next 30 years , i know its a bad time for this work but it was planed ages go when we did not know this was gonna happen
aaron, 24 04 2009
The old trams went everywhere. This new one is 1 line only. It is useless to >95% of the population. Lothian Buses are superb and I cannot understand why they are being decimated to fund this white elephant. ho-hum
Wee Eckie, 23 04 2009
I\'d be interested to hear how Tram Traveller defines a tram City. Years ago the double decker trams ran all over the City and suited \"Auld Reekie\"very well. Perhaps it\'s not such a good time to be spending money but surely the works will be giving people employment. Also once the tracks are in place there should be a lot less congestion of traffic in Princes Street. Oh well, each to their own opinion!
Dorothy Mackley, 21 04 2009
In times past Edinburgh had double decker trams so what is wrong in putting trams back again? They have been successful in the past. Ex pat in Melbourne.
Michael Wimborne JP, 20 04 2009
In my opinion , Edinburgh does\'nt need trams beacuse it has got such, a good transportation system (good bus links and trains). The street looks as if it has been bombarded with bombs. I also think it is not the appropriate time to have such works done causing disruption especially, when the economy is not so good plus,the work is being delayed. On another is such a lovely city,I admire it everytime i see it on-line. I love and miss yo edinburgh
Claire, 18 04 2009
TRAM TRAVELLER, 15 04 2009
Why all the negativity about the trams? They\'re great!! Have the whingers ever travelled on one, I wonder
Dorothy Mackley, 14 04 2009
sorry PM !!!
Jack, 13 04 2009
Gaelle, you are about 900 miles south of Edinburgh, if you were in Inverness, it would`nt get dard till 9 or 10 am.
Jack, 13 04 2009
I don\'t understand why at this time (nearly 8PM) it is so sunny and blue sky outside! here it\'s already dark in France
Gaelle from France, 12 04 2009
Wee Eckie this is only the started there already plans for annother 2 rotes even then thats only the start in years to come there will be trams going all over the place
aaron, 11 04 2009
Yay!! Some work is visible! How will it look in July?
Luke, 07 04 2009
Such a shame the Edinburgh tram is only for one line that will be useless to >90% of the population.
Wee Eckie, 04 04 2009
No Bailes, we used the old tram rails to build our new Parliament Building!!
Jake, 30 03 2009
Melbourne\'s trams may be a pain at times but they do cope with the travellers that they are required to take. Our trams cover the whole city !!!!!
Paul C, 30 03 2009
Well Well Gone full circle, are we using the same tram rails that were ripped out, when it was said \\\"These things are past there use by date\\\" I Wonder. Ex Pat.
Bails, 29 03 2009
Luke Reasonyou have not seen any work underway in Princess Street is there has been industrial action by the contractors who are laying the tramlines. Hopefully that seems to be pretty much sorted out now. But as you will imagine this puts the tramlines even further behind schedule
Ronnie, 27 03 2009
Why are they ripping up the street like that, just to put in some pathetic tramline. Seems Australia is not the only place in the world that wastes money, and most likely the tram will not be able to cater for its traffic, just like Australia. Historical cities like Edinburgh have no need for rubbish like this.
Roy Lister, 23 03 2009
Howcome, every time I look at the Princes Street cam, no body is doing any work?
Luke, 22 03 2009
How come, whenever I look at Princes Street, I never see anybody working??
luke, 21 03 2009
The mess on Princes Street must be really hurting the shops, hope it is all worth it
Ruth, 17 03 2009
Oh my God!! I can\'t believe the state Princes Street is in!! Wonder what will happen when all the tourists arrive shortly.
jackie, 17 03 2009
Such a shame Edinburgh Clowncil are wasting millions on a tram line that will serve less than 5% of the population.
Eckie, 14 03 2009
What a wonderful day today in Edinburgh !!
sal, 10 03 2009
Tinkerbell, it\\\'s Princes Street, NOT \\\"Princess Street\\\".
carnelian, 04 03 2009
Ah just luv` the tram cars, nae fumes, nice and quiet, but I hope you can run and jump on one !! used to be a scottish sport, running and jumping on a tram !!
Jake, 04 03 2009
buses are not good for the inverment theres no fumes come off the trams all main citys will have them again including london in the next 20 - 30 years
aaron, 03 03 2009
We are at the mercy of the vagaries of the council. Trams were withdrawn in 1957 for a reason, Buses are better.Ooor poor city what has become of her.
Colin, 03 03 2009
is that what they\'re doing to Princess Street.... trams...? Why...?!!!!
tinkerbelle, 01 03 2009
Thank you Eileen and Darren for info about tram tracks. I was interested to hear that they\'re bringing the trams back to Edinburgh. My Dad was a conductor on the old trams in the early 1950\'s and I loved them. Let\'s hope that the messy inconvenience is worth it when they\'re finished The trams here in Melbourne and Bendigo Australia are very popular
Dorothy Mackley, 28 02 2009
Re: the trams, it is really too bad Princes St. is in such a mess, of all years to have it torn up Homecoming 2009 thousands of ex-pats will be really disappointed with Princes St. torn up.
Ruth McClounnan , 24 02 2009
Dorothy they are laying the new tram tracks. Hootsman is very bitter it would seem.
Eileen, 24 02 2009
Dorothy Mackley, the tram works are the eye sore at the mound. Also, princes street is now closed untill December due to this. The whole of the city that is \"heaven on earth\" as Balis said, is nothing further as it\'s like Hell on earth at the moment with the way the city centre is :( - such a shame.... one day it will be back to being beautiful though (i hope!)
Darren, 22 02 2009
Great advert.... come to Edinburgh and see the tramworks
Hootsmon, 21 02 2009
I\'m very curious about what\'s happening at the bottom of the Mound with the green and red barriers. Can any one tell me please?
Dorothy Mackley, 16 02 2009
AULD REEKIE. The nearest thing to Heaven on Earth. A Brilliant City, You don\'t know how lucky you are citizens.
Bails, 13 02 2009
Beautiful Scotland. I will be living there with my soon to be Scottish husband. We will do dual citizenship. Winter in Bonnie Scotland and summer in Ohio,USA. These webcams keep me in touch with his world until we marry this summer. Great work CamVista!
Margo, 13 02 2009
My daughter is living in Edinburgh with her Scottish husband & their baby daughter. I love to watch what is happening in their world. Have been to Edinburgh several times & love it! Hope to be there again next Christmas.
Norelle, 13 02 2009
This is really wonderful! I\'m in Colorado!!
Donna, 09 02 2009
I miss Edinburgh, it was a great year which i spent there 2006-2007, Edinburgh... i wish to come back a gain....
Mostafa , 03 02 2009
Spent 3 days in our favorite city with my wife on my 5oth birthday hope we will be back soon we both love edinburgh
Steve Lowe, 27 01 2009
My daughter is at university in Edinburgh. I can see how things are over there!! Hi, Holly!!!
Elizabeth, 27 01 2009
What can I say... I visited Edinburgh three times and want more. It\'s fantastic city! Princes Street, Royal Mile, Edinburgh Castle and Calton Hill. Thanks Camvista I can watch it every day.
Stephanie, 17 01 2009
Hey everyone, thanks to this web cam i\'m still in touch with this beautiful place.I\'m from Malta but I use to live in Edinburgh for a year \'07-\'08.I\'m still missing it,its atmosphere and my ex- Boots collegues (Shazz,Linda,Moira,Shirley,Monica,Eileen and Paddy). Hope to get back there any time soon. xxxxxxxxx
Claire, 15 01 2009
Happy New Year to all in Edinburgh! Thinking of my colleagues who have to work round about the Edinburgh Street Party tonight. I can watch them working hard! lol :-D Great!!
Trenz, 31 12 2008
I fell in love with the city of edinburgh on my first visit in 2005. My father is a Scots so i grew up hearing all about it, I had alway\'s dreamed of visiting there and meeting my aunties and cousins for the first time. Happy New Year Scotland.
Helena Cowie, 31 12 2008
this is what live web cam is all about (live streaming)im from edinburgh but live in the country this is fab
andy murie, 31 12 2008
Haven\'t been here for a while but I hear something is happening tomorrow for New Years....... so I\'m watching the Royal Mile all day/night long...! Happy New Year to all.... :)
tinkerbelle, 31 12 2008
Edinburgh is a wonderful City. Wish I could be there for New year...
Don Bruce, 28 12 2008
Wonderfull!! I spent several months since years ago and I would like return soon. I miss the elephant house coffee and cakes.
Antonio, 24 12 2008
Edinburgh on Christmas eve. Now that I\'m living in Australia, it\'s great to be able to see the old place with this webcam.
Billy, 24 12 2008
Hello Wonderful Edinburgh from the USA. Edinburgh is my favorite city in the entire world!!! Brilliant
Elizabeth, 21 12 2008
Cette webcam est un vrai bonheur pour un regard nostalgique sur cette ville merveilleuse
novel alain, 20 12 2008
When I was a wee lassie living in Edinburgh there was no big wheel etc in the Gardens but there was the Carnival in Waverly Market every year which was a great place to spend your pennies. I love this web cam!!
Dorothy Mackley, 16 12 2008
See you on boxing day Edinburgh. Look forward to spending another new year in such a fine city.
Jeff, 05 12 2008
Brilliant views of Edinburgh...hope to get up in New Year to visit cousins. (((((Hugs))))) to all Edinburgh relatives from family living in North East England.
Katy, 04 12 2008
Aye, Edinburgh your looking braw, comin hame for the homecoming 2009, Merry Christmas and A Guid New Year tae yous. Cheers
Ruth McClounnan, 04 12 2008
Happy St. Andrew\'s Day Everyone. You\'re looking Gorgeous today Edinburgh, I\'m going to see you in person September 09, we\'re going to have a little \'Face Time\' together you and I! I can hardly wait!! Loragene in Roberts Creek, B.C., Canada
Loragene, 30 11 2008
Happy St. Andrew\'s Day Everyone from Roberts Creek, B.C., Canada! I\'m comin\' over in September 09 to have a \'little face time with you Edinburgh!\' Watch Out!
Loragene , 30 11 2008
wow....seeing edinburgh again ....brings back those lovely memories.....hope i\'ll b visiting soon.....
kamran, 29 11 2008
Oh its so lovely to see edinburgh in winter...i miss the city so very much....hope i can come back soon....merry Xmas to all......
kamran, 29 11 2008
Visited Edinburgh in 07... magic!
Wilson , 23 11 2008
Oh!! the big wheel is back!! It must be christmas!! I want to be there!!
jackie, 23 11 2008
I am glad to see that traditoin is still going ( the old waveley colock being that five minute fast so you could catch that train. I am a OAP now living in Somerset but Edinburgh is still home thank you from a old Royal Scot RS1 John
John wilson, 14 11 2008
This is lovely. It brings back fond memories of my trip to Edinburgh. I want to return. Soon.
Tamara, 13 11 2008
Happy 233rd Birthday USMC!
Mark B USMC, 10 11 2008
Thank you very much, Ed
sal, 10 11 2008
thank you ed !
sal, 06 11 2008
Hi. I would love to see the tree on the Mound from the 27th of November. That symbolises Christmas for me. I\'ll be home to see it in December, but would love to see it before then. Kind regards, Tia.
Tia, 05 11 2008
i live 30 mins from edinburgh and love going there at least twice a week. I feel sorry for u people who live miles away,
ed, 30 10 2008
We\'ve just returned to the U.S. from Scotland and are already making plans to return. Edinburgh is a marvel - a beautiful city with a grand history and culture at every turn. The people there are accommodating and friendly, as they were all over Scotland. We were at home from the minute we arrived. We\'ll be back soon.
The Simpsons, 19 10 2008
going there tomorrow can\'t wait
lucy, 09 10 2008
My husband and I loved Scotland so much that for our 25th wedding anniversary we brought all our children and their families just so we could share this wonderful place with the people we love most. We worked hard to save the money to be able to do this and I will never regret the time we got to spend in Edinburgh!
Kim Parks, 07 10 2008
Scotland is a great place to visit.Have been several times and have loved every holiday I have spent there.
Rosemary, 30 09 2008
My friend, Aimee Ukasick, will be in Edinburgh on Thursday,m Sept 25. I wish I was coming with her. I love Scotland and especially Edinburgh. Ny husband\'s ancestor was Provost Mayor in the 1730\'s and an earlier ancestor was Provost Mayor of of Montrose. I check this site everyday. I believe Scotland is home.
Linda Warn, 22 09 2008
Such negative comments from s mitchell. I have so much love for Scotland. I have been to this wonderful place and recommend to everyone I know to visit here. I enjoyed it so much we are going back in May. I can\'t wait to visit again and the people were so lovely and friendly to us. I liked visiting the White Horse Inn for a drink. Loved the people in there.
Maria King, 21 09 2008
one wwek before our first edinburgh and scottland visit i m very impressed about the pictures. i look forward to see this obviously very beautiful town.
reinhard nisse, 20 09 2008
Been to many, many cities in world, but when I see Edinburgh, I am so damn proud to be scottish, and british. Its a beautiful city, the best.
John Milne Grantham, 13 09 2008
To s.mitchell, It\'s tourist(foreigners)who help the economy of your country by visiting. Don\'t bite the hand that feeds you.
Claire, 13 09 2008
S. Mitchell, You are a racist cretin. You are an embarassment to the city and to the concept of civility and good manners. To those viewers who have been offended by this oaf\'s comments, I apologise on behalf of real Scots.
John Robertson, 09 09 2008
Hi S Mitchell You must walk about with your eyes closed or can\'t appreciate the beauty of such a wonderful place as Edinburgh, once a Scot always a Scot.
thorburn c, 08 09 2008
STEWAR, 30 08 2008
I love watching these web cams. I can\'t wait to get back. Hopefully I\'ll get there again in 2 years. For now I\'ll just have to keep checking it out here. I love this city. Outlander in WI USA
sharon resz, 24 08 2008
dont come to edinburgh its crap and the festivals a joke. its a way for people from edinburgh to get money from foreigners and now the foreigners r joining in...we dont want u here go home. walk in edinburgh evry 2nd person is a foreigner or immigrant not nice lets c u watch this happen to ur city?!!
s mitchell, 16 08 2008
Born in Newhaven, grew up on Ferry Road. Emigrated to America in 1986. Home will always be home. As a wee boy I vividly remember going to Princes St. Gardens in the summer to watch the shows that they put on for the kids including amateur talent contests. I remember seeing literally every park bench the length of Princes St being filled with red faced \'seniors\' enjoying the balmy summers (probably anything over 65 degrees!) I promise you that after having travelled extensively, there is no finer city than Edinburgh. I knew then and I still know now how lucky I am to call Edinburgh home.
john inglis, 16 08 2008
anyone coming to uk man do not miss to come to edinburgh.this place has everything.its a shame that so many people in india do not get to eat dialy food also and here im working as a shop assistant and saving 1.35 lac a month.i feel bad for people in paradise is here
harjot sidhu, 07 08 2008
hi there to life has changed so drastically after working in call center in edinburgh.i cant beleive i have everything indian works for whole there life.come man im waiting... edinburgh you rock.
akshay mehta, 07 08 2008
\"Scotland\'s stunningly beautiful, and utterly captivating capital city, Edinburgh\" Even though I left Edinburgh for Orlando 10 years ago, I need to keep looking at this site!
Graeme McAllan, 02 08 2008
I lived in Edinburgh for 6 months in 2005 and visited again last year for the Festival! I miss this city on a daily basis. It is fantastic.
Melissa, 30 07 2008
It\'s been eight years since I was there and I still miss the warmth of her people and the originality of the climate. :D Someone hoist me a Guinness at the Royal Oak.
Joan, 25 07 2008
I visited Edinburgh Februari this year.I loved it.These cams are great,love to watch them.
Gonnie, 19 07 2008
i live in edinburgh and i really really need to get out b4 the festival starts!!!!!!
brian, 15 07 2008
I´m as possible I´m in Edinburgh, but in between I watch this Webcam to be there ! Tam / Germany
Thomas Rips, 14 07 2008
Yes, it\'s the great city... I want to see it alive... Philadelphia, PA, USA
Saulius Simkus, 13 07 2008
These webcams are great. I really want to visit. Scotland is a dream to me.
Keith, 12 07 2008
i was born at edinburgh, and here i am in indiana. i love this cam. i have never visited edinburgh, but this is wonderful!
rose, 10 07 2008
I was in Scotland a year ago this week and I miss the hell out of the place. I\'m so glad they have these web cams so I can see the streets I walked along. Sure hope to visit again.
Sha, 05 07 2008
I soooooo want to go there and i will one day...meanwhile I have this webcam to take me there
John Parker, 02 07 2008
i love edinburgh the people the history the zoo sean connery i just love edinburgh
steven, 01 07 2008
I love Edinburgh !! Great site - can see the goings on. Love it !!!
Paul, 01 07 2008
I absolutly love Edinburgh, cant\'t wait to get back here, soon, i hope.
chris, 29 06 2008
Mike -- Don't know about Glasgow, but a great B&B in Edinburgh (right on the bus line to the Royal Mile) is the Amaragua Guest House. I've been to Scotland twice and Amaragua has just been wonderful. (I can't wait to come back, hopefully in 2009.)
Ellen, 23 06 2008
I've been looking at your cam for 7 yrs now and I thank you we are making it a #1 priority to go there asap!!!Thanks for the cam
Maria, 20 06 2008
We will be in Scotland next May. I look at the webcam every day. Thanks so much for keeping the cam going.
Donna, 17 06 2008
I love this city and I'm back in July for a week.I can't wait to get there
Jenny, 15 06 2008
Gonna be going to Edinburgh during August. If anyone has good bed and breakfasts suggestions that will be great, mainly around Glasgow
Mike Kramer, 09 06 2008
We just return from Scotland (from USA). What a beautiful country and Edinburgh is definitely one of the highlights. We stayed at BUDGET BACKPACKERS HOSTEL near the grass market- it was safe and affordable. Try the Haggis while in Scotland. Scotland-we love ya!
rUs, 07 06 2008
we will be back in this great city in september we miss it so much
paul, 10 05 2008
I know that Margaret Brotchie (Logan after getting married) in living in Edinbutgh, is it possible to know her email or address contact ?
Eduardo Pedro, 07 04 2008
I'm graduating this May. I would give anything to find a job in Scotland!!
Tont, 28 03 2008
Uh,Katie- check your work address;I think you will be working on Prince's Street-don't want you to get lost before you start your job!
Alan Freebairn, 11 03 2008
I am moving to Edinburgh with work in 2 months and my office is on Princess Street..from these comments i think its gonna be good! :) K x
Katie, 03 03 2008
I lose track of time when I visit the cameras.. My goal is to make the trip someday and see it all firsthand
wanderinglost, 19 02 2008
I was born in Leith, been in the states 61 years now, I love looking doon the long view off Princes St. Makes me feel happy to see Edinburgh, and the many times I've walked doon Princes St I look at the site everyday, Thank you. cdic
Ruth McClounnan, 08 02 2008
Visited Edinburgh 1996. I loved the blue Himalayan Poppies growing at Princess Street Gardens.
Hannelore Heimler Kerr, 02 02 2008
I have been to Scotland and Edinburgh many times, lived there in '94 / '95. My mothers family are from Leith, my sister and a friend were in Edinburgh for Hogmonay and I managed to view them during their stay on this site (pics taken) and another camera opposite St Giles. Great to be able to do that. Love to see what is happening
Paul Cobbing, 13 01 2008
Hi just had to say how much I enjoy getting on this sight I was back in Scotland in july 07 first time since coming to Australia I loved it Scotland forever Edinburgh is just beautifull I miss all the history that surrounds you at every turn
Carol Weatherston, 13 01 2008
We hav'nt been back to Edinburgh for a couple of year's and can't wait until next time.the people are always very friendly and of course the location is perfect. Steve and Karen.
Steve Lowe, 09 01 2008
Hea Mitch, good for you...I am looking for employment in Scotland. What company do you work for??? (If you feel comfortable answering) I would LOVE to live there. You are so lucky. Just look at the Edinburgh webcam it is stunningly beautiful! I have been to Edinburgh twice and plan to go back a third this year.
Charissa, 07 01 2008
I love viewing Edinburgh. My company is planing on sending me to Scotland late this summer! But do you have any cams in Dunfermline? As this is most likely where my compant will send me. Thanks for the great views.
Mitch, 07 01 2008
Thanks, Bill, much appreciated. I am always looking at this webcam, it's great. And it's nice reading some of the comments. I am exploring the world using a laptop and webcams! haha Happy New Year everyone..
Carol Boultby, 05 01 2008
I quite enjoy checking in on the beautiful city of Edinburgh. I asked my lady friend to marry me in Edinburgh Castle on a nine day trip in October 2006. We're getting married in the Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia, in September 2008. We hope to return to Scotland again some day.
Robert, 04 01 2008
Yes, snow, and loads of it!
Frank, 03 01 2008
Can't quite seem to catch any hours of sunlight in Scotland on streaming video cams at this time of year due to their latitude and our 7-8 hour difference..will keep trying..awk-mon! Is that snow?
Kathryn from CO, 03 01 2008
Happy New Year... This is so Beautiful. What a Perfect Picture,Love this webcam.The movement of the city ,lights and Wow it's just Beautiful,I love it.. Thanks for the webcam shots. We love it and we Love your Beautiful City Scotland sharon USA
sharon, 02 01 2008
paul, 01 01 2008
paul, 01 01 2008
First to Carol---right click to enlarge picture. We have this location on day and night---feels like we are in Scotland everyday. Thanks so much
Billi Hall, 28 12 2007
This is truly amazing, a live view of edinburgh,handy for , do we go to the shops or is it too busy!
Jim Peaston, 28 12 2007
I've never been but have spent lots of time admiring the beauty of Edinburgh on the cam. Gorgeous
Wanderinglost, 28 12 2007
although iv'e lived in australia for 36years, your camera allows me tae see my lovely hame land.
robert laidlaw, 24 12 2007
This is great! Good live streaming video of Edinburgh. Well done for a good pic. Could do with it being full-page though! But you can't have everything...
Carol Boultby, 21 12 2007
Everyday, i have a look on this Webcam, and i cannot forget the marvellous time i spent in scotland. Love you very deeply with my entire heart. Guido from Argentina
Guido , 17 12 2007
Ach it's a gloomy place in winter but where finer even then.
Wee Al, 09 12 2007
I left in 1953 been back twice I do talk to relatives often it is spectaculor the sun rise , and I do miss it so maureen
Maureen , 08 12 2007
Thanks to my sweet love, I visited this wonderful place, it makes me homesick. I'll never forget the dream I lived here... My heart stayed in Scotland for ever...Hope to come back.
Kimy, 05 12 2007
Princes St. looks beautiful with the twinkling lights, nice view, Anyone from Leith?go to from an Auld Leither Ruth
Ruth McClounnan , 04 12 2007
try to check in often ,my native home left in 1951, but, still miss it
millie, 01 12 2007
A few years ago I spent the summer in the Borders and it was a faaaaaabulous time for me really! I visited Edinburgh many times every weeek. I love Scotland and very much miss all those places where I spent my time in such a pleasant and interesting way... Greetings from Warszawa, Poland :)
Marek, 29 11 2007
Igo to the cam every morning,still have family there . left in 1965 miss auld reekie. leither great cam
frances, 24 11 2007
Skyliner, my sweet friend lives in Edinburgh, I look at the webcam every day because I miss him deeply...These wiews remind me wonderful memories.
Kimy, 19 11 2007
I've moved from Edinburgh to Newcastle and have a family down here now. Looking at this cam has made me feel both happy and pretty home-sick for my home city...
Derek, 18 11 2007
The camera locations are fantastic, I love my Edinburgh, I especially like the long view of Princes St.I watch this everday. Thanks for what you are doing An Auld Leither in California
Ruth McClounnan , 17 11 2007
this is great...keeps my dream of returning to edinburgh alive...every time i miss it, i log on and smile :)
Tania, 16 11 2007
I'll be there, in Princes Street, in a couple of weeks time and your webcam was just right to give me a preview of what to expect when I get there. Beautiful
Philip , 15 11 2007
My dreaming of returning to Edinburgh continues. See you next summer.
Laura, 12 11 2007
great web site if I want to go home for the day I log o from the USA !!! keep up the good work
audrey, 07 10 2007
exellent pictures live from my home town, shame no audio though, shame that the local time setting is an hour out
Davie, 01 10 2007
As an Edin Expat in Spain, it's great to see home!
Charles, 27 09 2007
Always amazes me to realise that I'm sitting in Australia looking at my hometown from the other side of the world!
Tony, 26 09 2007
As a St Andrews graduate missing "home", this really makes my day. Edinburgh is simply breathtaking. A million thanks!
Zeina Guven, 15 09 2007
I love checking this out every time I feel homesick. Hopefully not long now before I'm walking past this cam too!!
June, 14 09 2007
Some sound? what a nice idea and would enhance the atmosphere to a truely wonderful City.
Michael Wimborne, 13 09 2007
Love to see that fanatstic views again. Lost my heart in Edinburgh
Andy Gerry, 15 08 2007
Fantastic to see 'Auld Reekie' from the antipodes whenever the heart strings pull!
Jock Robertson, 15 08 2007
Vorig jaar liep ik hand in hand met een SCHOTSE VRIEND; jammer dat hij zoveel, TE veel dus, drinkt. Onze vriendschap zal hierom eindigen...
nelleke roerink, 14 08 2007
Whoa...that was weird the camera turned really fast. Wish there was a zoom in option like they have with Time Square.
Anny, 13 08 2007
how exciting! thanks for taking me home for a while. i will be back.
Joan Kingsland Dunn, 12 08 2007
Необыкновенно красивый город. Очень хотелось бы там побывать.
Leila, 10 08 2007
Hi from ex pat Edinburgh sure love the cam I live South Dakota now since 85 but go home via cam every day sure love and miss Edinburgh in fact all of wee Scotland forever .
Greta Heggie Gibson, 05 08 2007
i was going to go into town to see the parade but i wanted to stay warm and dry im my own house lol
michael, 05 08 2007
I have a shortcut link so I can 'come home' in an instant. Jim Kelly, Woodbury, New Jersey, orifnally from Bathgate West Lothian
Jim Kelly, 28 07 2007
I have it as a shortcut on my desktop so I can visit whenever I get homesick. Grew up in Bathgate and went to "The Watt" for 5 years. Jim Kelly, Woodbury, New Jersey.
Jim Kelly, 28 07 2007
Can we have a streaming cam in LEEDS UK please
paul, 15 07 2007
Thank you for allowing me to take a mini-vacation with a click of the mouse. Love this site!
Patty Ferris, 14 07 2007
I love the streaming video. Sound would be nice. More cameras could make it feel as if you were actually wandering about. A clearer view of the peoples faces. With the eyes being the widow to the soul, you could see Scotland in their eyes.
Wayne Waddell, 13 07 2007
PLEASE bring back the Castle on the Historic Edinburgh streaming camera!!!
Carl Luke, 10 07 2007
How about a camera placed by a Department store so we can people watch or one at the West End Thanks
Diane Frederick, 07 07 2007
I visit the Edinburgh every day, miss the old views, though these are good too. Got a real buzz seeing my daughter standing waving at the Dragoon Monument. Oh what happened to the weather icons?? bring them back pls
Morag, 06 07 2007
I'd love to be back in Auld Reekie. Would it be possible to show the "long-shot" down Princes St again - the new one of The Mound and St.Giles is an improvement. How about another camera like this one looking down The Royal Mile
John Waters, 06 07 2007
Why have the views changed from the Castle and along Princess Street to tree tops and the top of the Mound? They're OK but nowhere as good or interesting as before
Dorothy Mackley, 04 07 2007
I've been to Edinburgh a half dozen times. It's not home, but I feel like it is and I miss it. It's nice to have a little refresher moment.
Heather Clark, 04 07 2007
Our daughter has been in Edinburg since January 12,2007 and will be there until July 23,2007 on a job assignment. I check every day. We have been over there two times since she has been there, and we love Scotland. Thanks for the cams! Jean from the USA
jean nuszloch, 03 07 2007
Sound would have been nice
John Ferguson, 01 07 2007
Love to look in... have great memories of Edinburgh.left there when i was 18 in 1975.........Living in USA now sill get homesick!!
Diane Frederick, 26 06 2007
YA add sound to the cams
william, 26 06 2007
For all you former Edinburghdonians out there, here's another great cam.
Gavin Wishart, 23 06 2007
great site i will be in scotland soon cant wait to see it again i really miss it
paul, 23 06 2007
I come to Edinburgh every day It makes me feel like I am at home as Australia is very far away thank you Camvista for making me feel happy everyday keep up the great cameras.
Dale Watson, 23 06 2007
Love to look in ...brings back some great memories of growing up there. Living in USA since 1975 ,left Edinburgh when I was 18...and still get homesick
Diane Frederick, 22 06 2007
Wants me jump on a 'plane and go there today. Sue in Canada
Susan Merkley, 22 06 2007
Reminds me of being back in Edinburgh again, love it. Thanks
Sharon R, 22 06 2007
I live in Hong Kong, my family live in Edinburgh (my home town). I phone them evry morning and tell them what the weather's like, ha ha. But it makes me very homesick
Adam, 21 06 2007
Makes me homesick ,have great memories of Edinburgh Im so glad I got to grow up there till I was 18. Lived in USA since 1975
Diane Frederick, 21 06 2007
I love to imagine myself when I was a teenager walking along princes street enjoying all the hustle and bustle.Im living in USA now but I lived in Pennywell gardens till I was 18. I left there in 1975.I still get homesick!
Diane Frederick, 21 06 2007
The best cam you ever had. Feels like I am home every day now.
Irene Achey, 20 06 2007
I check daily......wish we could live there.....look for our friends on the camera all the time, some live in Edinburgh!
Cheryl, 20 06 2007
the stream of the Mound is great and the cams keeo me in touch from overseas with my old hometown and country
alan bruce, 18 06 2007
I look at the streaming cam every morning. If I can't be in beautiful Scotland, this is the next best thing... I streaming cam at Loch Ness isn't working........I miss it.
Anne Cosper, 14 06 2007
It's nice to look at when I feel homesick. Great camera technology. Coming home soon!
Gavin Montgomery, 13 06 2007
Dear Friends I live in,Beijing, and watch Edinburgh each day with your super service. But I preferred the previous live views to the present ones! Anyway, thanks for your service and I hope to return to my Edinburgh home soon. All best wishes from China. Daniel
Daniel, 12 06 2007
The really neat thing about the Edinburgh cam network is that while my wife was on business to Scotland from the States my childern were able to watch in real time as she walked along Royal Mile. The kids thought it was the greatest thing. The only negitive thing I have to say is that their are not enough cameras around the city.
David Jankowski, 09 06 2007
The new camara's are wonderful and sound would really bring it all alive for all of us who live oversea and are homesick, I look at Edinburgh every day. All the best from Melbourne.
Michael , 07 06 2007
expat from Scotland I chech in most days - what happened to the rain, seldom see it now
mia, 07 06 2007
love it, I go into most days, makes me feel like I'm home an oldleither
Ruth McClounnan, 30 05 2007
Adding sound would be fantantastic
John Walker, 25 05 2007
Re. my earlier comment about the excessive flickering on this webcam - could it be because I am using an Apple laptop?
bill metcalfe, 18 05 2007

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