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User comments

This is so cool! I\'ve got friends visiting Edinburgh and they\'re going to give a wave to the cam :)
Linda Moser, 11 08 2014
Can\'t wait to go back!
Nancy, 19 07 2014
LOVE the zoom in function!! great to see all the activity daily and to watch the all the way from canada.....where it is cold or very hot.:) Any chance the camera can pan over the other way?
allison, 24 05 2014
Braw min, will be there next friday 24th april.
Boogie, 19 04 2014
Love this window to the city I love most. Greetz from the NL.
Elise, 07 02 2014
Fantastic. I hadn\'t checked this in a while. Glad it\'s back.
Steven, 28 11 2013
I am watching your webcam every day to catch the amazing Vicki Weitz who is runnung 26 marathons in 26 days from 1st August along the Royal Mile. Dont know what Im going to watch when she
Corinne, 18 08 2013
Nice new super HD view with sound, doesn\'t get any better than this
allan, 27 07 2013
What great video quality. I could recognize faces, and perhaps read the labels on Mountain Equipment Co-Op jackets
Dave Willis, 28 01 2011
Did I miss something or has this webcam always been in color? I look forward to visiting Edinburgh.
Teresa, 28 01 2011
Wife and I have been to Edinburgh several times, once for the Tattoo (when it poured down). Wonderful City and friendly people and can\'t wait until our next visit.
Mick Allsop, 10 01 2011
Hola , estuve en Edimburgo hace 1 mes y medio, mi hijo me vio en tiempo real por esta cámara situada frente a la Catedral sobre un comercio. Es muy imteresante
Antonio, 01 01 2011
Happy New Year to all the marvellous Scots! Wish I could be there to celebrate with you, maybe someday......
Lynette, 01 01 2011
I can\'t get to see my beautiful city of Edinburgh on the webcam .... happy hogmany tho anyway!!!
Moira Jones, 01 01 2011
Happy New Year to my dearly beloved EDINBURGH....and to all my fellow Scots wherever they may be!!
jackie, 31 12 2010
Happy Hogmanay!!!! Make it a Gid Yin!!
Julie, 31 12 2010
I\'m another who views this cam frequently from the US, wishing I was in Edinburgh!
Annette, 31 12 2010
lovely sight. Would love to be able to hear the sounds of the people
Richard, 30 12 2010
Wishing to be in Edinburgh and walk with the torch holders.Watch everyday from USA
Nancy, 30 12 2010
Good one Daniel - \'Fridge\' Festival - a \'typo\'??? OR a suggestion for a new winter festival - considering recent weather events?? :-)
Crazy for Scotland, 30 12 2010
That car - it looks like a Mercedes Benz - hasn\'t moved from that spot for days.
Stewart Sutherland, 28 12 2010
I used to be a tenant in this lovely neighbourhood beside the office of the Fridge Festival in Borthwicks close. It was an unforgettable experience living in the Royal Mile...
daniel, 27 12 2010
I love Edinburg! This is a great view of this amazing scottish city!
Juan Pablo, 16 12 2010
evviva Edinburgo la città più bella del mondo, spero di andarla a visitare o addirittura di andarci a vivere
francesco, 09 12 2010
Hurrah Edinburgh, the most beautiful city in the world. I hope one day to go visit him or even to live there.
Francesco Ciano, 09 12 2010
Nice the snow on Edinburgh!!
GiGi, 06 12 2010
I used to live in edimburg and now I\'m living in Brazil and I thank you for these images that remind me of there. Every day I look at them!
Fausto Guerra, 06 12 2010
Muy buena la camara!!
Juan, 02 12 2010
ok enorabuaena
ANDRES, 30 11 2010
ok esta muy bien
ANDRES, 30 11 2010
Sitting here in 35c and watching the snow cools me down
Garry, 29 11 2010
snow!!!! yay :)
ainslie, 29 11 2010
White Edinburgh: what a lovely view!
Laurence, 28 11 2010
White Edinburgh: what a lovely view!
Laurence, 28 11 2010
Seven days and we\'ll be there, can\'t wait.
Heather and Robert, 24 11 2010
Just a wee bit o rain would not dampen a good walk along the mile. Love the cam
Nancy, 22 11 2010
wonderfull streaming sunlight today!
sal, 10 11 2010
8th November...we\'re on our way....keep the beer warm and the food cool.....what??????
allan, 15 10 2010
Anyone else wish there was a \'Shallow Grave\' webcam setup in New Town in contrast?
Luca Riley, 04 10 2010
We spent a great week in Edinburgh recently at the Fringe. The Royal Mile looks a lot quieter now. Thanks for the cam.
Linda, 02 09 2010
Heart of Lothian is still there but hidden by street entertainers and stalls presently.
Stuart, 23 08 2010
Aye Del, was there July last year and one must assume its still there.
carl, 17 08 2010
Is the \"Heart of Midlothian\" still to the west of St Giles?
Del, 17 08 2010
Long live the Black Watch
Don, 17 08 2010
I remember when I was there in 2000 for the Fringe. I always check this webcam every year. I\'d love to go back!!
Julie Hill, 17 08 2010
hiya , does anybody knows how to download from the webcam? . thanks
Abdul Ertami, 16 08 2010
Edinburgh im coming soon . xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx this site is great Invention lol . thankssssssss site
Ertami, 16 08 2010
oh my god , dno wat 2 say , i wish im there now, is there any tv channel can present the fringe festival.
Abdul Ertami, 16 08 2010
Royal Mile is not so far from Augustine\'s where LSU Theatre (Dance & Physical Theatre) shows \"Medea\" (14-15 August, 21:15). Excellent! Luc, 14.08.2010
Luc Clicq, 14 08 2010
Royal Mile-wish I where there right now
sal, 12 08 2010
Sheila, they are indeed getting ready. 13 Aug to 5 Sep.
carl, 06 08 2010
Are they getting ready for the Fringe Festival?
Sheila, 03 08 2010
God bless Edinburgh and the upcoming Tattoo.
Del, 29 07 2010
great memories about Edinburgh Festival 2009. I have been in Broodi hostel in Royal Mile
maria cristina tomatis, 25 07 2010
God Bless Scotland & Edinburgh...hope you have a wonderful Tattoo
Don, 20 07 2010
Stewart,Her Majesty The Queen was attending a service in St.Giles Cathedral.It was just grand to see all the Pageantry...all thanks to Cam Vista and the great Antique jewellery shop that hosts this camera..johnnyb
johnnyb, 19 07 2010
Cos it was dark, Stewart :lol: ... remember the 24 hour clock
Adam Browne, 17 07 2010
Stewart, it was the annual visit of HM the Queen to Edinburgh. There was an investiture on July 15th for the Royal order of the Thistle in St Giles Cathedral on the Roayal Mile.
Sue, 17 07 2010
we are going to edinburgh on 24/8/2010 been 3 times love the water of leith river walk roseburn to leith yipee from leicester
albert and lynne, 17 07 2010
What is happening on the Royal Mile at 10.15am on Thursday 15th??? Can\'t tell from Australia.
Stewart, 15 07 2010
I agree with \"ken in texas\". Just give me a peat-block,thatch-roofed cottage with two rooms close to Loch Lommond and I\'d be in live in Scotland! I was in Edinburgh in 2006 and long to return. SW OK is no place! Thanks for this site!!!
Marie Cohoon, 13 07 2010
We love the cam and have truly enjoyed our visits to this beautiful city-can\'t wait to return!
Pat, 13 07 2010
One of The Most Historic Streets in all of Scotland ...and the gas board is being allowed to dig up the cobble stones !!! and replace them with TAR!!! Look at the black line across the road>>>We [ The World] are waiting AND Watching how long it will take to have it restored...BRAVO Cam Vista ... And to the Fabulous Old Jewellery shop that hosts this camera
johnnyb, 08 07 2010
I love watching the street, the action and the weather. Wish I was there. Sheila Hopewell, NJ
Sheila Blackwell, 07 07 2010
Don, just a thought, but I don\'t think parking spaces were invented when John Knox died in 1572!
Pam, 03 07 2010
July 4th- we celebrate independence from the UK. However,I think we should give back America to its natives, so long as someone gives me property in Scotland.So I can visit Edinburgh.
Ken in Texas, 03 07 2010
speaking of John Knox...if you projected a line from this webcam directly thru St Giles to the other side is a parking lot. He is buried under one of the parking spots..should have been shown more respect.
Don, 14 06 2010
Bob, it\'s not hard to get a fix on where this camera is. It\'s literally across the street from St. Giles. That\'s the side of it that you\'re looking at in one angle. The other angle is the statue of John Knox that stands near the entrance. Not hard to find pictures all over the web.
Pagan, 12 06 2010
could someone get the eejit who is blocking the pavement to remove his horrid squalid strreet signs!
haggis, 11 06 2010
Bob, put this into Google maps- 55.949816,-3.190904
lee, 07 06 2010
I\'ve been trying to get a good fix on this location on google earth.Could someone post a picture there? It would be nice to see a reverse angle of this cam as I watch it so much, many thanks.
Bob Godfrey, 07 06 2010
Hiya Don Better not do that !!! I made pictures just before a service started... Nelleke
Dutchy Nelleke, 03 06 2010
Proposed to my wife in front of St. Giles. I wish we could move there tomorrow, our favorite city by far.
Adam Campbell, 02 06 2010
hello to the man who just waved at the camera! my daughter and i did this back in march. dont think anyone would see us!
tina, 29 05 2010
I agree, Rosslyn is Great...wish they would investigate the underground vaults
Don, 26 05 2010
and, in case you would like to watch some more angels playing bagpipes, you might visit Rosslyn Chapel..does you good for many reasons...Dutchy Nelleke
Nelleke, 24 05 2010
Visit St Giles Cathedral and see proof that Angels play bagpipes.
Don, 23 05 2010
Ray, 22 05 2010
I have visited 37 countries. Yours is at top of list. Would be nice to see services at St Giles on video.
Ken in Texas, 21 05 2010
I was last there in 2006. Some rich person needs to send me 2000 pounds so I can return. I won\'t regret it.
Ken in Texas, 21 05 2010
thank you! thank you! for fixing the Royal Mile Edinburgh webcam!
Hillary, 20 05 2010
God Bless Scotland & Edinburgh
Don, 13 05 2010
very good
diego, 12 05 2010
Welcome home to the 1st Battalion The Royal Regiment of Scotland and 3 Battalion The Rifles as you march down the Royal Mile today. Not forgetting the 30 members lost in battle. God Bless you all.
Jock, 08 05 2010
Ive never heard of Hollie Greig or the others! I just look at the webcam....
Louise, 04 05 2010
hei fabio ! I\'ll be there soon!!!
vilmatempia, 02 05 2010
What a great shot--especially to see how people are out supporting Hollie Greig, Anne Greig and Robert Green and getting the message out.
wenyd, 01 05 2010
1st May there will be a demonstration in support of HOLLIE GREIG organized by Scots against crooked laywers in parliament square 12 till 3 pm today please show your support...cheers Dan
Dan Theman , 01 05 2010
Was supposed to be in Edinburgh today, but had to change plans cause of that volcano. Will be there 3May instead. Still can\'t wait!!!
Diane, 23 04 2010
i must of walked up and down this street 20 times in September. What a great city!
don, 06 04 2010
I will be back to this beautiful city 22 april. I can not wait. Spring in Edinburgh, how grand!
Diane, 22 03 2010
I will be here in 4 days!
Steffi, 16 03 2010
Going back to this beautiful city next month. I have falen head ocer heels in love with this city. Alas, this will be my last visit for a while, I am sorry to say. But it will always be in my heart.
Diane, 15 03 2010
will be here in two days! i cant wait.
tina morgan, 13 03 2010
moy, 07 03 2010
Would love to be there for just one minute, stifling heat here in Australia
Nicky, 26 02 2010
I must say that i love edinburgh and i love this webcam because it is the only connection i have where i can see whats going on. However...this is the only webcam that is so clear unfortunatley. Anyways.....i\'d like to send my reguards to all Boots ex-collegues of mine, especially: Shazz, Linda, Moira, Shirley, Eileen and the rest. Take care. We sure miss everyone and ont of the most romantic cities...Edinbrugh xxx
Claire T , 25 02 2010
Estivemos em Edimburgo por 5 dias em Feveiro/2010. Adoramos a cidade e o tour pelas Highlands e Lago Ness. Recomendamos a todos que ainda não visitaram esse país maravilhoso. Não morram antes de conhecer a Escócia ! Lugares lindos, povo gentil, música alegre.. Tudo de bom !!!
Luciane from Brasil, 22 02 2010
All,s well in Edinburgh noo,the snaws awa and the pavements are lookin braw, were lookin tae welcome yea awe,so dinnie blink an dinnie bleather..come come and enjoy whatever the weather...Johnnyb
johnnyb, 15 02 2010
have just booked to visit in march. cant wait until then!
tina morgan, 06 02 2010
just got back from visiting my good freind , love the place cant wait to go back .
paul, 04 02 2010
Pavements look better today, snow seems to be clearing at least from the centre. Hope its all gone by next weekend when we visit!
Mo, 07 01 2010
No Pete: no grit, no sidewalk snowplows. Edinburgh is beautiful in the snow, but dangerous for pedestrians. We walked on the roads whenever we could
Dave Willis, 06 01 2010
Those pavements look very dangerous.....hasn\'t the council there heard of gritting!!
Pete, 04 01 2010
Happy New Year Robert Nicoll.(traffic warden/enforcer).I always think of us when I look at this webcam. Happy memories! You know where I am!
ibis belle, 02 01 2010
Very disappointed with Camvista in that NONE of their Edinburgh webcams could be accessed all evening last night which is precisely when most ex-pats want to see their home city!!! But I\'d like to wish all fellow Scots a Happy and Peaceful New Year wherever they are in the world!
jack, 01 01 2010
Edinburgh I love you and I miss you. See you in March for the rugby match against england..Anne Macrae
Anne Macrae, 31 12 2009
Happy New year to all.. on the Royal Mile,Edinburgh ..johnnyb, leather journal man
johnnyb, 31 12 2009
Edinburgh the most bautiful city after MY Nederland
Nelleke, 31 12 2009
Happy New Year Edinburgh! Wish I was there celebrating!
Catherine, 31 12 2009
Royal Mile is so crowded today!!!! Great view!!!!! Cheers people from Scotland
Juan Pablo, 30 12 2009
just some more hours to go !!! Edinburgh, we\'re coming !! Happy Holidays to everybody !!
Claudia, 29 12 2009
Merry Christmas to Edinburgh ! It\'s the most beautiful city in Europe, after my Rome of course...:-)
Paolo, 23 12 2009
Continental Airlines willing, we\'re getting the whole little family together in Edinburgh. Will wave to my favourite camera whenever I go by. Happy Christmas and Hogmanay to all!
Dave Willis, 21 12 2009
Thank you for the camera! I hope to stand at it and wave in August!
Temple, 21 12 2009
Thanks for the camera. My wife and I were just in Edinburgh on our second trip to Scotland. I purposely took her up the Royal Mile just so we could see the camera (and eat at the Tass!) My God, we love Edinburgh!
Steven, 15 12 2009
Poor Diana doesn\'t get it. I look at this camera every day (yes, every day) and each time it brings a smile to my face. My wife and I have been to Edinburgh twice in the past 3 years and plan on going back several more times. I realy enjoyed watching it snow on 11/12/09 (yesterdsy).
Ed, 12 12 2009
Just looking at this on my computer brings a smile to my face. We\'ve been there twice and walked the Royal Mile from end to end numerous times. this view brings back memories and we can\'t wait to get back
Ed, 11 12 2009
Yes, the lens is cleaned. Thank you. Thank you, now i can see my daughter on saterday. She is for 6 weeks in Edinburgh.
Karl from Holland, 11 12 2009
What\'s wrong with the streaming cameras? They are blank during the day and can only be seen at night. I\'m feeling frustrated!
Lynette Patterson, 11 12 2009
Can ya all quit bickern\' about the camera and just enjoy the view?
Carl, 10 12 2009
Karl, the picture is \\\"unsharp\\\" (not a real word btw) and wet because the cameras are outside and it\\\'s raining! Do you honestly think that the store that they\\\'re outside of is going to keep sending someone out to dry them off? Be an all day job!
VP, 10 12 2009
The lenses of your Cam is unsharp and wet. Please clean the lenses!
Karl, 08 12 2009
Is Diana perhaps from Roumania ? Nelleke from Netherlands
Nelleke, 07 12 2009
Diana is very wrong, I think this cam and Edinburgh is great. Maybe I can go there some day.
Jerry , 07 12 2009
Diana, your comment really wasn\'t necessary....especially comparing it to a donkey\'s backside. If you don\'t like the view, there\'s a very simple solution....don\'t watch it! It\'s sad that you can\'t see why this is camera in enjoyed by everyone else.
VL, 07 12 2009
we walked and we talked we sat by that tree though the tree was not there when i tripped over my words,we walked and we talked and i hope you remember that night as i do
Link, 06 12 2009
this is for Diana, was Scrooge a distant relative? If so, you are definitely keeping his \"spirit\" alive. Happy Christmas to you and yours.
Diane Berglund, 05 12 2009
Love the view of the place of my birth and look forward to that day when I walk the Royal Mile with my wee Canuck grandaughter.
Olive Tully, 05 12 2009
Seriously, I do not mean to be disrespectful, but I just do not get this lovely view reference. We are talking about this view arent we? Rainy, buildings in every direction and none spectacular to the eye, at least not this up-close. Must be only the memories. Nothing wrong with this, but please be a little more realistic. A rose is a rose and a donkeys back end is the back end. Lets dont go too overboard, shall we?
DIANA, 04 12 2009
What a lovely view with the Christmastree!!! I love this webcam and love Edinburgh!
Bettina, 02 12 2009
Please can you get the camera working again.
custos, 29 11 2009
Reading all those user comments....why did all those Scotts leave this great me just unbelievable..!!! Nelleke
Nelleke, 29 11 2009
please get cessford
corran, 25 11 2009
I love edinburgh, looking forward to hogmanay, dancing to madness in princess street, walking along a beach in east lothian in the winter. Wonderful. Do these things.
Ian, 09 11 2009
We\'re here again 9th November for a few days of Scottish hospitality and banter. I\'ll give a wave to the cameras. geordie clan.
allan, 01 11 2009
Love the web camera. Was in Edinburgh this summer and realy miss it.
James Cochran, 29 10 2009
Can\'t wait til decenber when i will be coming up to do my Christmas shopping!!
Sam, 20 10 2009
estivemos nesta maravilhosa cidade e percorremos toda High street, certo que voltaremos em breve.Obrigado Edimburgh
Bryan Orr, 17 10 2009
Got excited when i spotted these 2 webcams the other week while visiting Edinburgh and then looked at them at the 5* Youth Hostel down the road on the net ... wow !! thanks for the memories
Lee, 16 10 2009
estivemos ai semana passada nesta mesma High street, ficamos bastante lisongeados pelamaneira educada e gentil do povo escoces.Certamente voltaremos logo.
Bryan Orr, 08 10 2009
The best webcam ive found in the United States so far, has been the webcam featuring the front of Wrigley Field in Chicago, Home of the Chicago Cubs Baseball Team. Now you need to compare that webcam with any other. You will be amazed, providing you find the right webcam. Type in the key words, Wrigley Field Webcam Cub World. You should find it somewhere. I do still watch this webcam though.
TIFFANY, 01 10 2009
Diane .... you will LOVE it there .... I didn\'t want to leave when I was there .... check out the museums they are free and very interesting... have fun !!!
Karen, 29 09 2009
Two weeks from tday and I will be in your beautiful city for the first time. Am so excited!!!!!
Diane, 29 09 2009
my visit to edinbrugh was fab and the royal mile was a great location to go and see. edinbrugh is a fab city and the people of scotland are just as fab and friendly I recommend anyone going yo edinbrugh as well as anywhere in bonny scotland.
Paul Jeffs, 28 09 2009
Your cam, in my opinion is the best in the UK. The clarity and depth of field is the greatest!
John Maszka, 25 09 2009
Yours, in my opinion, is the best in the UK. The clarity and depth of field is grand!
John Maszka, 25 09 2009
omg wat a beautiful city . i was there from 2003 till 2007 . i love it , its the best city in the world , wish to go back soon ...xxxxx
Abdul Ertami , 09 09 2009
hi guys . i don\'t know wat i say ..i lived 3 yrs in Edinburgh , i come everyday on this site 2 see it , i shed tears when i see it on this webcam ..i missed it so much , it took big piece of my heart .. i love it
Abdulbaset Ertami, 09 09 2009
This must be one hell of a festival. The street is packed and it\'s 6:15 in the morning! Can\'t wait to join them on Friday, but at a more reasonable hour.
Christy, 23 08 2009
i guess the festival is to be \"blamed\" for all those people. Anyway, I was there 3 years ago during the festival and it was really great, the city is wonderful and scotland is magic. I look forward to my return hopefully next year.
Rudy, 13 08 2009
The love of my life brought me here last Valentine\'s weekend and he gave me the best weekend of my life. I love and miss him dearly, as we\'re close to 4,000 miles apart for now. I can\'t wait until we can come back next year!
DeAnna, 12 08 2009
Hi to John Maszka. In answer to your question about the crowds, its the Edinburgh festival time with hundreds of shows, many free on the streets. Also at the top of the Royal Mile you have Edinburgh Castle and at the bottom, the Queen\'s official residence in Scotland, Holyrood House. The place is electric having been there to see for myself in previous years.
Geordie, 11 08 2009
Wonderful camera shots. Where are all the folks coming from, going to? Thanks.
John Maszka, 11 08 2009
The Royal Mile is looking very festive. It\'s been 13 years since I was last there. But come 27 August I will wave to the camera. Can\'t wait to get back to Scotland to see friends and family!
Christy, 08 08 2009
what a lovely day in Scotland.......wish I was back there
fitzjames, 07 08 2009
Edinburgh is absolutely the most fascinating city I know, and when I marry I will bring my wife to wave to all from this magical place.
Kent Bourland, 02 08 2009
Uh oh! Just realized it\'s Monday. Missing time?What were those lights in the sky? Still wish I there. Maybe I need a CT scan??
Bob G, 28 07 2009
5:30 AM.Saturday. saw a lone man walk by.Brother,where you bound? Wish I was you?
Bob G, 28 07 2009
5:20 am. Saturday.Peaceful.Pigeons have the Mile to themselves.Wish I was there. Makes me smile.Happy Saturday everyone.
Bob G, 28 07 2009
Thank you so much for providing this webcam that allowed us to see the Clan Parade yesterday. It made not being there a little easier!
Tressa, 26 07 2009
Not even heavy rain can dampen the day one of Lothain & Borders finest Firefighters is laid to rest after giving his life to save others. Rest In Peace Ewan Williamson.
Wee Eckie, 22 07 2009
My best friend is over there rite now for the gathering of the clans.....It\'s so wonderful being able to share at least a few views of Edinburgh...makes the seperation seem a bit less painful:)
mj, 15 07 2009
I for one can\'t wait to see pictures on here of the Gathering and the Festival. I love seeing all the people and am going to be very sad that I\'m not there this year as usual.
Jack, 15 07 2009
there\\\'s a lot of silly comments on here lately...just enjoy the webcam please!
linda, 13 07 2009
i love watching this. we were there earlier on in the year. cant be there for the gathering of the clans, which is a shame. would love to be though. my partner are both descended from bells of the boarder. my grandaughter made me promise i would take her to edinburgh, so will have to visit sometime.
tina, 13 07 2009
Barbara, you write anything you wish to write honey. Its a free world and i dont see anything written that you\'ll go to H*ll if someone does not like what you write. Just like London has these areas where anyone can stand up and say whatever they please, you have the right to do the same on here. If camvista does not like what you write, they would not put your writing on here. Its that simple.
Rodney, 13 07 2009
Simon, you seem to be the type of person who pulls a lollipop out of the mouth or someone else\' child, telling the mother, not before the child has his lunch, or ill shoot you, you good-for-nothing-mother.
Cassandra, 13 07 2009
Simon, if we go by your advice, then why in the world did you comment on the one who commented? It was not relevant, just like their comment was not relevant. Like the commenter stated, where is it written and are you going to be the one who does the arrests. I seriously doubt it. Just go with the flow and be thankful you have the freedom to write.
Terrance, 13 07 2009
at least if people comment on here surely it should be relevant to the webcam?
simon pettrell, 13 07 2009
AH!! the Oxford bar!....did you see Insp. Rebus?!!
vicky, 13 07 2009
Where is it written on this website, that a person cannot write anything he or she may want to write about. Someone complained about the trash problem in Edinburgh, so evidently Barbara chose someone trashy in the United States, where trash is not attended to. Again, where is it written that a person cannot write anything he or she may wish to write about? If you dont like what you see on here, PLUCK YOUR EYES OUT or JUST TURN YOUR HEAD.
Timothy, 12 07 2009
I visited Edinburgh last night,went to Belushis bar and the oxford bar and the liquid rooms,great night!
Link, 12 07 2009
Barbara....what are you waffling on about?!! Are you on the correct website? Edinburgh is world class...Hannah whatshername is NOT!!
jack, 10 07 2009
Hannah Montana?Edinburgh? What are you on about? The two things have nothing to do with each other.Edinburgh is great,Miley Cyrus,not so much.
Bob G, 10 07 2009
Perhaps if Hannah Montana were to visit this city, the trash would be picked up before her arrival. Although i dont see why they would clear up the trash. Through the miracles of modern technology, Disney has been able to make a singing superstar out of someone that can only sing through her nose. You have to understand if someone talks through her nose, then she sings through her nose as well. Although Disney has made a better singing superstars out of the Chipmunks. Ive heard they can even make a singing superstar out of someone mute.
Barbara, 10 07 2009
Re: Di Cole.Even a clean city like Edinburgh has labour issues/binmen vs. the city.
Bob G, 07 07 2009
quanto amo Edimburgo...non c\'è una città più magica...
Vale, 05 07 2009
Don\'t they ever pick up their trash...I\'ve watch the same pile for the last 24 hours!
Di Cole, 04 07 2009
In augustus lopen we daar terug richting Tattoo.
MacLivinus, 02 07 2009
Sehr , sehr schön.
Eden Carneiro, 30 06 2009
ho lavorato per 6 anni e posso dire che e\' la citta\' piu bella del mondo in tutto.ed e\' per questo che tornero\'presto li per sempre e passeggero\' per royal mile come ho sempre fatto con i miei amici ubriachi e sinceri.a presto casetta mia
simone catoni, 29 06 2009
great town.... abolutly. the most wonderful town in the world.... greetings from germany
stefan, 29 06 2009
TIFFANY, 29 06 2009
I\'ll be there at Christmas for my 5th visit - can\'t wait! Norelle, Sydney Australia
Norelle, 27 06 2009
Há muito não vou à Europa. Mas esta vista de Edimburgh me conforta. Belo cenário com todas estas pessoas circulando.Cumprimentos do Brasil- Rio de Janeiro
Eden Carneiro, 26 06 2009
Edinburgo ARRIVOOOOO !!!!!!
Ros, 24 06 2009
I\'m longing to go back to Scotland, and walk down the royal mile once more. Maybe I\'ll get lucky and go back soon. I love watching the people pass by, surely enjoying themselves hugely.
lynette, 17 06 2009
I miss Edinburgh. My wife and I can\'t wait to go back. Watching the live stream cam is the next best thing.
Brian, 15 06 2009
What a great camera view. I will be there from 23-27July2009 and will be able to wave to my neighbor here in Loudon, New Hampshire USA. Thank you for this opportunity. Don
Donald Taylor, 14 06 2009
I love looking at this webcam, wish I was there too.
anne, 11 06 2009
Enjoying the view and wishing I was there. 6-08-09
Andie Landis, 09 06 2009
I was uptown last week near the cathedral and I would have been on this camera! That\'s rather creepy
David Purves, 04 06 2009
Jackie, what are you on, should be the question? What type of english is...WHAT ARE YOU ON ABOUT? Doesnt make a bit of sense. It is you that must be on drugs, even for making stupid comments like this webcam works daily. I have personally seen that its not always reliable, such as any other webcam. So my question to you is, what are you on and what have you been watching on this screen when it is down? Slow down on those drugs and you may see that its not always on.
Abigail, 02 06 2009
Robbie And Abigail......WHAT ARE YOU ON ABOUT???!!! This is a really great webcam which is working daily. I have no idea what you two are watching!!...or on!!
Jackie, 28 05 2009
Its been a very long time since ive seen something on this screen. Dont believe this camera belongs to just one merchant on that street. Otherwise, that merchant has not paid his dues to have it shown on Camvista. Dont even think its a group of merchants. Otherwise, surely they would have enough money for their dues to Camvista. Surely, its not Edinburgh or Scotland as a whole that does not have enough money to pay their dues to Camvista. So do i believe the person who gave the comment that theres a blizzard going on in Scotland and this camera is all covered in snow. I seriously doubt it. So, sorry for me asking, WHAT GIVES?
ROBBY, 25 05 2009
it´s always a pleasure to look at high street. Im having wonderful memries - had a love there once -sigh! Luv this place Andy from germany
Andy, 08 05 2009
Quite an improvement for this particular webcam. Spent most of the winter months, looking for snow. Now that summer is almost here, you have so much snow that its buried this camera completely. I LOVE THE SNOW. So much beautiful than without it.
Abigail, 04 05 2009
This webcam is really great. Thank you to whoever keeps it going. Just hope it does not rain a whole lot when we come to Edinburgh for the 2009 Gathering. At specific times we will stand in camera view so our relatives here in New Hampshire USA can see us. The road always seems shiney or wet. Is that most of the time? Don
Don Taylor, 29 04 2009
Vasi, unde esti?
Cosmin, 20 04 2009
What is everyone staring at?
Philip, 19 04 2009
Very nice camera!!! I also wish I was there!!!
Maria Cristina, 14 04 2009
carlos, 12 04 2009
Love this camera! It\\\'s so fluid I feel like I\\\'m looking out the window. Oh how I wish I was there. Miss it!
Kristina, 07 04 2009
I wish they would light up St. Giles at night like they do for so many historic buildings. It would be lovely to see it alight at night!
Jack McNary, 06 04 2009
I can\'t believe it- the very first time I view this camera and its snowing! Absolutely amazing... I could watch for hours!!
Louise Hartshorn, 03 04 2009
Would love to trade my place on the west coast of Canada for a room for a week to watch the match.
Doug Gow, 26 03 2009
I come from a long line of oatmeal savages and would love to see the match.Would trade my place on the west coast of Canada for a week.
Doug Gow, 26 03 2009
MICHAEL, 24 03 2009
Thanks you guys. Now I know theres more than just a handful of Leslie\'s or Laslie\'s in Scotland. I heard that the name may have started off as Leslie, then on its way to America, it changed to Laslie, then to Lasley. Wish they would have just left the original name alone. Dont you just hate someone changing their name. If I only knew the true reason why it was changed, I would go to court and have it changed back. May do it anyway. Would you think I would be doing the right thing?
Barbara, 18 03 2009
there was 4 girls called Leslie in my year at high school ,(bannockburn scotland)
jimmy, 18 03 2009
quite a few people named Leslie where i stay,Coatbridge,Scotland
wee fella, 17 03 2009
The name Laslie or Leslie is not too common in the part of Scotland Im from. Anyone have any better luck in their neck of the woods? Although, Im sure its Scottish.
Terry, 17 03 2009
I believe I saw a touch of this area on american television the other night. The special was with Rick Steves who goes around Europe, giving information about these places for perspective travelers. This no doubt is one of the older parts of Edinburgh, although the program did not go too much in depth on the Royal Mile. Wish there had been more time on this particular program. I would have loved to have seen more. Doubt I will ever have the chance to visit. Havent been to over half of the United States yet, so in all liklihood, I seriously dont believe I will be going too far from the United States, even though my roots originated from Scotland, with the last name Laslie or Leslie????
Barbara, 17 03 2009
Stan the man, who said that Margaret claimed she was nothing but virtuous. Are you so bored that you just want to put anyone down, for anything they say. I dont know where you come from, but here in Scotland, the word \"virtue\" can be used in many ways. Stop trying to be a party-pooper who goes around and just wants to \"poop\" on everyone. She wasnt trying to be conceited. She was just trying to make a valid point. That Scotland is no more different than the United States when it comes to most things. I sure hope that you\'re not from Scotland.
Barry, 13 03 2009
Sorry Robert, Im from the United States, but I dont really understand your comments about basketball players in the United States. Sure most of them are tall, but isnt this almost the norm throughout the world? I believe what the previous commenter was getting at, is that anyone would probably rip this camera off, if given the chance. Be it an average joe off the street, a punk kid on his way to school, or a white-collar worker who just may be low on money. I never hear that basketball players as a whole, were thieves. In fact, with the millions of dollars they seem to be making in the United States, it would really be odd any one of them would steal a camera in order to make a fast buck. Nothing personal with the understanding.
Aaron, 13 03 2009
How can you be virtue?
Stan, 10 03 2009
Just want to make it official. We Scots do not have a monopoly on being virtue.
Margaret, 10 03 2009
are you trying to say ? or are you stating ,that if this cam was in the usa it would have been nicked by one of the many bent(unlawfull) basketball players? lucky us scots are all short,
robert, 09 03 2009
Jack, I believe Michelle may have figured this out, either prior to saying this or while saying this. You could tell by her wording. Like I said, its human nature for most, to get in front of a camera and be amazed that others in the world are watching you. Although it would be great for a short period to see if what you and I expect to happen, if these cameras are lowered. In fact, in some American cities, Im sorry to say, this camera would already be heisted by now. Even in the position it is now.
Teddy, 09 03 2009
You\'re right. If you lower these cameras to body level, with a sign to let people know they are seen all over the world, as it is in Scotland, as it is in the United States, and as it is almost everywhere else on earth..... People are \"HAMS\", which in the United States mean that people will try to \"hog up\" the entire view of the camera for as long as possible, just to be seen all over the world. This is only nature for most people, unless of course you\'re one of America\'s Most Wanted. Then you try to avoid as many cameras as possible.
Teddy, 09 03 2009
Watching this view on Saturday - it\'s what I call a \"dreich\" night! But still fascinating to watch!
Peter, 07 03 2009
that\'s a silly idea.....can you imagine what people would do....?!
jack , 27 02 2009
Michelle, 27 02 2009
Ik kom er ieder jaar in augustus terug, ik voel me er een beetje thuis. Paul
Paul Lievens, 26 02 2009
From South Australia, to my home town I appreciate getting the chance to visit there...Many many thanks...Graeme.
Graeme Munro, 25 02 2009
Nog een weekje en dan ben ik er ook.
Marijke, 24 02 2009
i love this city .i came here two weekends on the trot . i miss it gratley . so when i get down i just click the mouse and im back thare . thank you very mutch. mark in shrewsbury
mark drury, 22 02 2009
Thank you for this beautiful view. I visited the area in January \'08 and I\'m planning on going back in May. Watching the camera from Miami, Florida, it brings back great memoirs from the trip. Thank you. Warm regards.
trudy krasovic, 22 02 2009
I love Edinburgh and I am very grateful for this webcam. Whenever my longing for Scotland is too much I open this site and my thoughts go back to the wonderful time we had there
tanny, 20 02 2009
Keep the webcam on during the day - back on the royal mile in March of 2010 and cannot wait!
BJ Reed, 17 02 2009
i second that stephen ,i did notice this as well ,personally i thought it was just 2 sad mares who had nothing else to do, but after readying all there posts ,sad sad sad ,stephen ,do you hate cats or dogs ??? why do you want to send one to these girls ,mybe they have an issiu with life m8 ,,catch u soon stephen ,robert
robert, 16 02 2009
I was there June 2007 and can\'t wait to go back! I spent 15 wondeful days in Scotland. Hope to go back soon
Lynette, 15 02 2009
I love visiting all of the Scotland webcams daily. My fiance\' is from Scotland and we will be doing dual citizenship after we marry this summer...winter in Bonnie Scotland and summer in Ohio. Can\'t wait. Until then, these webcams give me a glimpse into his world until we can be there together. Keep up the fantastic work!
Margo, 12 02 2009
STEPHEN, 12 02 2009
I absolutely LOVE this webcam! I hope it is always here for us to enjoy! I will be moving to Scotland soon from California and I can\'t WAIT!
Scarlett Harlott, 12 02 2009
My favourite streaming webcam - wonderful to check out the action and weather from here in Canada.
lou, 11 02 2009
great web cam ,top class quolity. love to visit edimburgh from my office in switzerland
robert, 11 02 2009
I\'ve been watching from The Netherlands, and I have to say that this is the best webcam I\'ve come across, qualitywise. It\'s great to see what\'s going on over there in my favourite city! Thanks!
Bettina, 10 02 2009
excellent streaming webcam the best i`ve seen very clear thanks
tony, 08 02 2009
Ah, the snow is gone today (Friday 6 Feb.) This is an excellent webcam. Thanks due to the sponsors.
Alan, 06 02 2009
pleas clean the lens, thank you
bryan robert, 26 01 2009
Great webcam - live, clear and interesting.
Terry Coughlan, 17 01 2009
been theer so many times.. so many happy memories.. i wish i was therenow
joe , 16 01 2009
I wish I cold be there although. I´ll come this summer, I hope
sal, 14 01 2009
it looks a bit miserable from here....cold and grey and rainy i wouldnt want to live there
jeremy, 07 01 2009
Fulfilled my dream, visited beautiful Scotland in summer of 2007 and I miss it every, single day.Cannot wait to go back, the people are awesome! Best of 2009 to all. Rita
Rita, 01 01 2009
Happy New Year to everyone xx
Colin Capham, 01 01 2009
\"Did not strong connections draw me elsewhere, I believe Scotland would be the country I should choose to end my days\" - Benjamin Franklin. not so many junkies back then i guess
boab, 25 12 2008
CHRISTOPHER, 12 12 2008
It\'s one of the most beautiful places I have visited. Thans for the cam, I can return here anytime I want
Juana, 09 12 2008
\"Did not strong connections draw me elsewhere, I believe Scotland would be the country I should choose to end my days\" - Benjamin Franklin. AYE, my sentiments as well!
Lora MacPherson, 03 12 2008
I love watching this cam throughout the year.I look forward to seeing the changes in seasons from the festivals and parades during the year to the Christmas tree being erected in the square by St. Giles any time soon.It makes me feel close to home.
anne, 20 11 2008
I set up the website on my computer and waved to my family back home in Canada!!! Awesome!
AnneMarie Belle, 16 11 2008
I think there is a fault with this webcam? Every time I log in, the same taxi is driving down the High Street.
custos, 26 10 2008
Live? Don\'t make me laugh! I\'ve just refreshed the monitor ten times in the last 3 minutes and watched the same taxi go past, over and over again .... if this is live - I think someone should buy the taxi driver a Sat-Nav!
Alan Gripton, 26 10 2008
Both our daughters have lived in Edinburgh. I wish the Royal Mile camera had been there in 2003 for the younger, but now I can watch every day for Canadians in MEC jackets with a standard poodle
Dave Willis, 21 10 2008
When I visited last year - I kept in touch via this camera! Got to wave at my family back home.....
Annie, 12 10 2008
I love to watch this cam especially when it\'s early morning as it\'s so peaceful looking.When I go back I always get up and walk the empty streets admiring the sights before the city really wakes up.I find it\'s the best time of the day.I am so proud of my home city.
Jackie Wardrop, 11 10 2008
I love your city. I would love to visit it sometime.
Jerry, 09 10 2008
Rebecca, 08 10 2008
Rebecca, 08 10 2008
I am an edinburgh boy moved to Aus last year i miss my city i took it for granted when i was there but Australia is very modern you don\'t get the amazing old buildings edinburgh has and the royal mile well it speaks for itself Cheers
iain ferrie, 04 10 2008
i\'ve been watching the cam for a while, nice city
summer, 01 10 2008
The views are nice and clear, walked up and down there many times, love my Edinburgh....
Ruth McClounnan, 23 09 2008
Lovely!!! Apart from being there in person!
Lisa, 22 09 2008
visit camera everyday it is excellent only get to Edinburgh rarely but lived in high street many moons ago Bungy\'s and the place era
harry, 21 09 2008
Double thanks to all who worked on getting the cam up and running.
Nan, 11 09 2008
I will goto edinburgh this winter...lovely place
zerek, 30 08 2008
Well done to Chris Hoy for winning the OLympic gold medals
Brian, 27 08 2008
mushroom milkshake must be from Glasgow. I was in Edinburgh 2 years ago, loved it so much that I\'m coming back next year.
david, 19 08 2008
I\'be in Edinburgh next saturday, it seems a wonderful city with wonderful people. Greetings from Rome.
paolo, 19 08 2008
Just come back from this beautiful,amazing city,To have the old town,with its cobbled streets and closes,and the new town with its magnificent Georgian buildings and monuments,and the tranquil beautiful Arthurs seat and Holyrood park,all in close walking distance from each other is so breathtaking,there is no place like Edinburgh. Went during the festival with all the street entertainers and shows,and just can\'t wait to go back,I love this city,thank heavens for these cameras that in some way ease my pining for the place.
Pete, 18 08 2008
rubbish city
mushroom milkshake, 16 08 2008
Advocate Close next door to blue shop canopy you see a lot of people take photo\'s John Ps hope it helps you Sue
John Somerset, 14 08 2008
Someone just said Edinburgh is grey except when the sun is shining . . . I can only say at night all cats are grey but when the sun shines in Edinburgh it sends glorious glints of light monuments allowing the city to earn its name as Athens of the North
jean michael, 13 08 2008
What a crying shame its raining on U\'r parade. Join hands & sing \"Let the sun shine,Let the sun shine.Fae 100deg in Dallas Tx USA
mia carr, 13 08 2008
Anyone know where Advocates Close would be located in relation to this webcam?
Sue, 12 08 2008
Alex, Edinburgh alwas seems a bit grey except when the sun shines and have even spotted though you sometimes have more chane of spotting a haggis
Bob Fraser, 12 08 2008
Archie,I only get it in black and white on my screen too from the can I get it in colour?
jackie, 11 08 2008
alex falconer,remove your sun glasses.
richard morrison, 11 08 2008
Glad to see the sun shining!
Allie, 11 08 2008
Alex falconer,the camera does transmit in colour on my screen
archie clark, 10 08 2008
I feel sorry for the buskers today, its really raining lol
stuart pocketfox, 09 08 2008
what a city; wish I were there
sal, 06 08 2008
Fantastic location but is there any plans to have a colour camera installed with a weather shield on it.I think the location warrants it.
Alex Falconer, 05 08 2008
Viewing the webcam brings back wonderful memories o last year\'s visit and making me feel a wee bit homesick. But thanks for providing the view!
Catherine, 05 08 2008
What a joy - Perth WA straight to the Auld Toon. Thank you.
Jean Brien, 03 08 2008
Thank you for getting the cam going....looks great... Love my Bonnie Scotland.....fae LA via Leith
Ruth McClounnan, 01 08 2008
Please get these cameras up and working again.
Gavin Montgomery, 01 08 2008
No...Say It Ain\'t So!!! Hope someone is working to fix this live stream.
Debbie, 31 07 2008
of all times the camera is no working, hurry get it fixed for us...from shakin and bakin in LA ...via Leith
Ruth, 31 07 2008
great to see the cam up again , will be there in a couple of weeks,can\\\'t wait !
amanda johnston, 30 07 2008
The picture is very clear and very sharp. Hello from across \"the big pond\".
Rene, 30 07 2008
I\'m pleased everything is working again. Glad to be this weekend in Edinburgh. It\'s a nice place to be. Willem Verharen, Rotterdam Netherlands
Willem Verharen, 30 07 2008
I\'m very pleased te be there this weekend and to see everything is working again. It\'s a great city it\'s the 3th time I\'ll be there this year
willem verharen, 30 07 2008
love this cam can´t wait to see the activity of the festival
sal, 30 07 2008
Very pleased to see these cameras back on line. love to see the views. Gavin in Perth Westarn Australia
Gavin Montgomwry, 28 07 2008
YEA, It\'s fixed. Thank you. Ed Cunningham, Phoenix Arizona
Ed Cunningham, 26 07 2008
Great, real life again. Thank you.
Wilson McArthur, 25 07 2008
I think that Wilson McArthur should go to Specsavers
Embra boy, 24 07 2008
Thank you for fixing this live stream camera! The Fringe Festival is fast approaching and this camera has the most fantastic view of the Royal Mile. Keep up the good work -- much appreciated by everyone here in San Francisco, California.
Debbie, 22 07 2008
These pictures seem to be the same every day- have I missed something?
Wilson McArthur, 22 07 2008
Hope you get this fixed soon, I miss Edinburgh and this was a great way to view the Royal Mile and remember the great time we had there. We\'ve been looking at the same vidio of the Royal Mile for about a week now. I do appreciate the trouble you go through to provide streaming vidio\'s through out the UK. Thanks for your hard work.
Ed Cunningham, 22 07 2008
It is so good to see people so close. Sound would be nice, I see that the picture often freezes up after a few seconds. quite frustrating. All the best Michael Wimborne, in Melbourne Autralia.
Michael , 21 07 2008
Is the building in the rightmost view Lothian Chambers? We\'re getting married there on August 8th, so I\'m hoping virtual guests can attend via webcam. :)
Marsha, 14 07 2008
Love this camera, very clear but wish we could have a sound to it!
Peggy, 12 07 2008
Hooray. The camera is back. Good job. Now I can resume my Royal Mile walks
Nan, 10 07 2008
I love your city. Can\'t wait to see the activity in August
Rich, 10 07 2008
Good luck to all who are trying to fix the steaming Royal Mile cam. I miss my daily walk
Nan, 09 07 2008
Edinburgh is a great city with its small streets connected with the Royal Mile. You can hear the history in the walls. Thomas Malmö Sweden
Thomas , 17 06 2008
It is not as good as being there but it is nice just the same. A great window on this nice spot by St. Giles.
bill , 12 06 2008
I love Edinburgh. I am studying here accombined by my fmaily. We all love it. It's a great city.
Ahmed, 11 06 2008
What a beutiful view. I love St. giles and the Royal Mile. Cannot wait to walk there again.
Jack McNary, 08 06 2008
This is one of the best web cam sites. Principally as it is in REAL time and not the 5 sec. delay. Images are clear and clean. Excellent viewing for a long way away!
Anne Sherwen, 02 06 2008
I love to watch the Royal Mile every day or week, because it is a link to the country I love so very much. Was there last year and enjoyed every minute I spent there. I´ll be back as soon as I can.
Vanessa, 30 05 2008
Congrads on getting the steaming cam fixed. I missed my daily walk up the royal mile. Wish I was there.
Nancy, 27 05 2008
I whatch the royal mile every day and for the last week I have seen the same bit of film every day is there some thing wrong and why is the one down the street on the roof showing the arches and princes street and the mount I can't get it now and it was a good one. Sorry to be on all the time when I come up to Lochgelly I will call in and see you keep up the good work Mr J Wilson
John Somerset, 23 05 2008
Ahm workin' my sweaties aff K-man. A bit of a rest to entertain the Thrapplons cannot be construed as a skive! Nice view by the way.
Soup, 19 05 2008
Craig Ferguson (AKA Soup)works here!!!!] Get some work done Souperstar!!
Kowaldo, 19 05 2008
great having the streaming camera back. Makes me relive my Edinburgh vacation. Love to see the activity during the Tattoo. thank you, thank you for a wonderful view.
Richard, 09 05 2008
Been there - done that! Could you hold each view a little longer? About a minute? Great job.
Tommy Thomson, 09 05 2008
Not a boring view at all. Walking down this street was a great experience. I wish I was there. I can feel the street beneath my feet.Its wonderful to be able to see the Royal Mile and St. Giles. Nancy 09-05-08
Nancy, 09 05 2008
great as it is to have this webcam it's in a really boring position. Could we please have another cam further down the Royal Mile towards North/South bridge area where there's more going on?
jackie, 02 05 2008
After having been some times in Edinburgh (loved it) I think this cam is the proof that all those "rainy" prejudices about Scotland are without any sense. Sure it is not dry, but as far as you can see everyday by this cam, there is plenty of sun to enjoy.
Domenico, 27 04 2008
Hooray!!! The camera is now back to showing both views of the Mile as it used to! Thanks Camvista!
Jackie, 24 04 2008
I agree with Steve there, gies a guid view o the High Street, going up past St. Giles. Ruth- Los Angeles
Ruth McClounnan , 04 04 2008
I moved to Sydney a few years ago, having lived in Edinburgh for over 15 years. It's great being able to see the city live on Camvista (and does make me feel a little bit homesick).
Billy, 02 04 2008
Since 2001 I have spent 50 days in Scotland- not nearly enough. My son has joined a Grade 1 Pipe band, so I may have to visit again. Ken, Houston, TEXAS
Ken Goodrick, 01 04 2008
Thanks, yes the people are facing away from St. Giles so that is what they are photographing. My son loved Edinburgh, the royal mile and especially the castle. He brought back a good single malt scotch that we will open when he graduates college.
Frank, 30 03 2008
Hi. Thanks for the camera. We were in Edinburgh April '07 and loved it. I miss the old camera you had that switched the view from left to right.
Steve, 29 03 2008
Frank, They are probably looking down Advocates Close which is right by the webcam.
jackie , 27 03 2008
Hi Frank from New York, the answer to your question is, they are photographing St. Giles cathedral.
Barry, 22 03 2008
I notice a lot of people stop and take pictures below the cam. What are they viewing?
Frank New York, 21 03 2008
We visit Edinburgh at least three times a year staying in self catering accomodation.A fabulous city with an atmosphere worthy of telling your Grandmother that it is not for her as she will like it so much that her pension cannot posibly afford it. Enjoy... Geordie Boys
allan, 28 02 2008
I visited Edinburgh in 1999. Can't wait to return. Isn't their anyway to keep the webcam dry? It's always so blurry. Would love to see it all clearly.
Juliet, 14 01 2008
There appears tp be a problem with the webcams on the Royal Mile. Having been to Scotland, home of my GreatGrandmother, in September, I do so enjoy looking at all the WeBams of Scotland. 10 days was not enough to traverse your beautiful country and I left my heart with the people and your beautiful country.
Kay, 12 01 2008
I see you are having trouble with the camera I thought I would report it and could you wish all the staff at Curios a happy new year to all your staff from John & family.
Johnsomerset, 06 01 2008
Wow it's so Lovely here too.It's snowing I belive well,your Country is always in my heart if I could live anywhere it would be Scotland.I think every webcam shows alittle bit more of your Beautiful country.Thanks for all the webcams.I truely Love you,Scotland sharon USA
sharon, 03 01 2008
I've been living in Sydney, Australia for seven years, having moved here from Edinburgh, and love looking at this webcam. It makes me feel a little bit homesick.
Billy, 03 01 2008
Visiting relatives in Canada but woke up homesick this morning and had to have a look.
gypsydavey, 29 12 2007
Why would anyone live in this dreary drab city. It looks like outer space
Jim, 20 12 2007
love it,lived there for 5 years 1987 to 1992. great back this december 2007 for 2 weeks, cant wait.
Chris Puech, 07 11 2007
The right-hand view shows the entrance to the new Edinburgh Registry Office. This is where we got married in August! We live in Edinburgh but still love this webcam.
Duncan and Lulu, 19 10 2007
My mom came from Edinburgh. I visit it every chance I get. It is the city of my heart
Jeannie Michael, 18 10 2007
I live in Edinburgh and I love watching the Royal Mile cam it amazes me how busy it gets.
Theresa Brown, 06 10 2007
I've been to Edinburgh several time and will be bringing my choir to participate in the Easter parade in 2009. I've given my students the "cam site" address so they can see some of the sights that they will be a part of. This is great. Thanks,
diane, 28 09 2007
I was in Royal Mile in July,I'm from Portugal, and sinve them i come this site everyday, because I'm a Edinburgh lover.
Mario Cardoso, 17 09 2007
Brilliant web cams I go on often Keep up the great work
AUDREY USA, 15 09 2007
Excellent thank you, sometimes wish the lenses were cleaned as it gets fuzzy sometimes...Marvelous to see from South Australia.
Graeme Munro, 14 09 2007
Watching the streaming video makes me want to jump through the computer and walk the Royal Mile right now.
Jack McNary, 11 09 2007
Thanks for the views, brings back great memories.
GerT, 08 09 2007
My Wife and I realized a lifelong desire and visited Edinburgh in 2001. WONDERFUL City. Your Camera takes us there again and we love it. We can't wait to come back. Thanks so much!
Theron Helton, 25 08 2007
been to the festival with the children for the last three years,is there a nicer city in the world ?
amanda johnston, 25 08 2007
Great Cam! I visit Edinburgh quite often so I know exactly where this cam is. Good work! Cheers, AJ Calgary, Canada
AJ Gibson, 24 08 2007
Hi I've just spent the last week in Edinburgh, seeing the shows and picking up the fantastic atmosphere of the Fringe Festival. Can't think of any better way of spending August. I'll be back next year.
Les Smith, 22 08 2007
Waar is die, oh zo lieve vriend , waar ik vorig jaar hand in hand mee over de Royal Mile heb gelopen ? Waarom kan hij zijn afschuwelijke drankgebruik niet voor mij veranderen ? Nelleke.
Nelleke Roerink, 20 08 2007
i was born in the royal mile it is good to see it all this after 54 years absents in auatralia
james bleakley, 19 08 2007
i live in england but my hearts in scotland
paul glading, 18 08 2007
no wonder a phone call from edinburgh to heaven is classed as a local call. The Royal MIle is fab.
peeter jaaniste, 15 08 2007
hello there, just watching your cam on the live stream love it.It seems to rain alot there but i it still looks nice and cozy to me wish i could be there.. Love the live cam great job. u.s.a.
sharon, 14 08 2007
Was in Edinburgh two yars ago and fell in love with the city, especially during Festival time. I love seeing the city all over again on cam
peeter, 14 08 2007
is it always dark in edinburgh?
graham leak, 12 08 2007
I was there last year for the festival and it's wonderful to see the royal mile in live but with the sound, it will be better...I miss Edinburgh and my boyfriend...
Sophie, 10 08 2007
The site is fantastic, I went to the Fringe last year and going again this year to see my daughter perform - can't wait.
Lynne Broster, 07 08 2007
I love watching your web cams.I haven't been to Edinburgh in ages but will be back very soon. ciao from Italy.
Valere Anne Askew, 06 08 2007
My question today, would be to ask if it would be possible to add 'sound' to the camera over "Royal Mile Curios" at 363 High Street...there was a 'fiddler' playing today...pipes would be better, but a fiddle work's too.---thanks
CHESTER MARTIN, 02 08 2007
I have not been home in 6 yrs and i sure miss auld reekie It will always be home to me Florida
Ruth Savitt, 01 08 2007
This is good for me to check the weather before leaving home. Good stuff.
One of the best quality cams I have seen, I am watching in Auckland, NZ. Not been home for 5 years, I am looking forward to coming back in Dec and looking for where the camera is! all the best fae NZ
Murray Douglas, 19 07 2007
I am not from scotland but i have a lot of friends there.I spend most of my hollidsys there and love the place and the people.can we have more streaming cams there not only in Edinbrough but other places for the country has a lot to offer and a lot of fantastic places to see.
paul rayworth, 15 07 2007
As an expat, I just love these views.
Dave, Fort Lauderdale, 10 07 2007
I moved away from Edinburgh a couple of years ago - and this keeps me in touch - thank you
Jayne, 09 07 2007
Love this camera but would be even better with sound especially during the festival as many performers base themselves in this area
stewart kennedy, 06 07 2007
I was born and bred in Auld Reekie now living in Canada 40 years ago. I love to keep in touch with whats happenning
Brian Marshall, 05 07 2007
Love all the views of the places my brother and I visit every year-but wish you would put weather back- a big help in planning trip!
Alan Freebairn, 04 07 2007
This webcam is in my Favorites folder. I open it daily, to rember me of a wonderful time in Scotland. tanny, holland
tanny, 02 07 2007
Love seeing St. Giles and the many people along the Royal Mile. Brings back great memories of many visits to Edinburgh
Jack McNary, 01 07 2007
Always handy to check what the weather is like up the toon and how busy it is
gary mckenzie, 30 06 2007
hey do you think you could add sound to this it would be to cool
william, 28 06 2007
I love it! Makes me feel like home is only a click away, when infact, I'm on the opposite side of the world.
karin jones, 28 06 2007
Thanks for letting me see Auld Reekie again. I left edinburgh for good in 06 and I miss it every day.
Gavin Bayne, 24 06 2007
Just got back from our native Scotland and walked the Royal Mile to Hollyrood Palace. Great to see it once again. Nothing as wonderful here in Houston, Texas.
Helen Clark, 23 06 2007
Awesome, son and daughter in law living in Edinburgh, be cool to see them on webcam
Mandy Williams, 22 06 2007
I was on the Royal Mile one year ago; the camera refreshes my memory and has convinced me to return soon
David, 21 06 2007
Just great, sincerely appreciated by an ex-auld reekier!! Would love to view other sections of the 'Mile". Best wishes from Canada!!
Robert Scott, 07 06 2007
Hi since I retired I spend a lot of time on the computer and as I come from Granton it keeps me in touch with Edinburgh thank you a old Royal Scot (Living in Somerset
John Wilson, 07 06 2007

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