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User comments

I could not start my day without visiting this beautiful city. The best webcam on the internet.
Nancy, 14 04 2014
Visited Edinburgh last fall. Beautiful city, lovely people. Was a fantastic holiday. Hope I can go back one day.
Heather, 24 11 2013
No thats not the largest set of ladders in the world and the Royal Mile has not been ripped up - it\'s scaffolding right in front of the camera but the depth of field is creating the illusion of the scaffolding/ladders being in the background - lol !
Gman, 07 10 2013
Just returned home after visiting Edinburgh, what an atmosphere, this city is fantastic! The Tatto was amazing and the Fringe generates such a vibrant buzz! Just had to visit a live web cam of the Royal Mile..........
Shane, 04 08 2013
... dedicated to the most sacred town of the world : Edinburgh, love ye ! Dave
Detlef Sander, 17 04 2013
God bless Scotland and Edinburgh
Don, 02 02 2011
Lots of people ..what\'s going on tonight?
Linda Metcalf, 30 12 2010
I love this city
kamal El Abd, 22 12 2010
love this city
zerek, 07 12 2010
Edinburgh is OK, better than Glasgow, but I love coming home.
SJB, 03 12 2010
The clock on all the Edinburgh Cams is at the wrong time. Its Awesome to see the city covered in snow
Margaret Halkett, 29 11 2010
Lynsay, you are truly blessed! What a great place to live!
Robin, 17 09 2010
I enjoyed the tattoo this year and the colourful, vibrant festival, wonderful to return to a fantastic city. Thank you to alllx
mary nichols, 15 09 2010
I live in Edinburgh and couldn\'t imagine living anywhere else. I love it here!
Lynsay, 09 09 2010
Edinburgh...Amazing city..the most beautiful city in the world..I hope to live,marry, work and study in Edinburgh...I hope my dreams come true.
Hassan, 09 09 2010
Hi John from Oz we are coming too for the festival and Tattoo - cant wait Qld\'ers here
Colin Logan, 25 07 2010
this camera ia actually looking down the royal mile towards holyrood palace
john from aus, 11 07 2010
lived just off the royal mile years ago great camera location, coming to the tatoo in August, can\'t wait
john from Aus, 02 07 2010
I love Edinburgh, I proposed to my wife in front of St. Giles Cathedral. My wife and I would LOVE to move there....hopefully that\'s in our near future.
Adam Campbell, 02 06 2010
Trust that the road repair employer is not spying on his/her workers!!!!!!
Tom Reilly, 29 05 2010
i lived at 14 tweedalecourt high st edinburgh in 1970 is it still same
thomas, 17 05 2010
Best years of my life,1986-1991.Was only 20 and lots of party.Work at the Great Le Sept restaurant. Chris,Australia
Chris, 17 05 2010
Beautiful City, honeymooned there in 1959, would love to return someday. Irene..Ontario
irene, 23 04 2010
I was born and brought up in Edinburgh. It is the best place on earth to live
Linda, 06 04 2010
edinburgh, here we come on the 15th! cant wait!!!
tina, 27 02 2010
Proposed to my wife not far from there. Edinburgh is by far my favourite city in the world. One day I shall live there but for now I have to cope with going ever month. Love it!!
Andy , 02 02 2010
staggerd along that road afew times when i was stationed at redford in the 70s
john, 06 01 2010
büyüleyici mistik enteresan ınanılmaz etkıleyıcı bu tanımların hepsı bu sehırde toplanmıs royal mıledakı gezılerım edınburg kalesının guzellıgı edınburg senı özledım
asim onuk, 06 01 2010
Hello. Haven\'t seen an updated post, so I thought I\'d send a message. It\'s Christmas eve here in the states and I thought I\'d check the camera. I switch to this one when the live cam is off line. Thanks for all of them. Love Edinburgh.
Steven MacMartin, 25 12 2009
Of all the webcams we can watch, this one always brings a smile. Rain or shine, it’s Edinburgh and the glorious Royal Mile!
Crazy for Scotland, 25 10 2009
A lovly view of the Royal Mile and of St. Giles. Takes me back to my trip and makes my mouth water about my next trip there in a few weeks.
Ronnie Loeb, 06 10 2009
Of all the web cams in the world, this one is my favorite. It brings back fond memories of my several visits to Edinburgh. I hope the web cam for Princes Street reopens soon.
Rod, 23 09 2009
everytime I look at this site i want to be there!!!Love it, thanks.
Aileen , 31 08 2009
Het was gewoonweg heerlijk hier rond te lopen. Zeker tot volgend jaar !!! Doegie Edin
Nelleke Roerink, 29 08 2009
just seen my daughter who is there for the festival, at venue 13 Thank you for this - great!!!
vivienne, 20 08 2009
Just got back from about our 20th or so visit to the Tattoo. This years show was fantastic - best for years. Edinburgh is still brilliant, but everything has got really expensive in August
David Ashworth, 15 08 2009
Great views of the Clan Gathering in Edinburgh Thanks
Jessy, 25 07 2009
Received the greetings from Lads and Lassies Pirk & Hunt in Edinburgh. It was great, rain and all. Keep us posted; a vicarious trip is almost like being there!
Judy from Bama, 21 07 2009
Just got home from Edinburgh, can\'t wait to return to this lovely city.
Sue Rands, 02 07 2009
Coming to The Gathering later in July and can\'t wait! What a thrill to march up The Royal Mile with thousands of other clan members! Scotland forever! Pat from Alabama, USA
Pat Hunter, 02 07 2009
I\'ll be in Edinburgh in 3 weeks. I hope to walk by this very spot and wave at the
Vickie, 04 06 2009
What can I say .. Edinburgh is the most beautiful city in the world. Thank you for this web cam. It brings back a lot of pleasant memories.
Derrick Nault, 16 05 2009
Was there in 2001 for the Military Tatoo . . . wish I was there again!
Betsy In Nevada, 15 05 2009
I will be walking down this street next week!!! Can\'t wait!
Robin in Nashville, 14 05 2009
I will be here in 2 weeks!!!! Can\'t wait!!!
Robin, 07 05 2009
Great view, excellent resolution and quality. Keep it up. Not alot has changed weatherwise
Robert Miles, 06 05 2009
i Love edinburg!!! i will b there next week, look out for me on the cam!!!!
Michael from Larne, 11 04 2009
Love being able to watch this cam. How I miss Edinburgh!
Kristina, 07 04 2009
Great view! Better weather than here in Derby, Kansas!
Linda, 28 03 2009
Thanks for a great cam view, one the few that works well from Scotland. Jean florida USA
Jean, 27 02 2009
shitty weather as always:(
Marge, 07 01 2009
Mark, I\'ll back you up. As the camera site, Castle to the right, Bridges to the left and St.Giles straight across. The \'Tower\' at the left is The Tron church where New Year used to be celebrated with much face sucking going on!
Harry, 15 12 2008
just love it. Hope it is still there next June and I will make a dill of myself trying to get on it. Love the Royal Mile. I am doing a Uni Degree in the Social movement of a group of people who were the propriortoship of George Rainy on Isle of Rasaay. Came to Portland Australia on John Davies, Edward Johnston and Borneuf88 died on last ship 1882-1884. Passage paid from Liverpool McLeods Gillis etc clearances. Any information from others needed have ships log of John Davies.
Sandra McLeod Hunt, 09 12 2008
Not sure but l think your images are the wrong way round, the one pointing towards the castle is in fact pointing to Holyrood house and vice versa. either way still love to lookat them love Edinburgh
Philip Randall, 30 11 2008
i\'m from edinburgh and the castle is on the right hand side going up the way the view your looking at is heading towards the bridges
mark , 01 10 2008
the person from connecticut who made the comment about the camera being wrong, is sadly mistaken, I have just returned from Edinburgh and it is perfect as I was in front of St Giles
sandra, 20 09 2008
what a cockup! Just as the bus carrying Chris Hoy gets near your camera it locks up...until the bus has passed. Amatuers!
Mr Angry, 27 08 2008
I was in Edinburgh in 2005, I can hardly wait to go back will be there in 8 days!!!!
Rona, 10 08 2008
That is really neat i can\\\'t wait to go to scotland next year! CHS theatre misses CHAK
CHS, 07 08 2008
Your description has a small mistake in it.This camera is facing away from Edinburgh Castle(down the street) if that is StGiles across the street.StGiles is on the south side of the street and the castle is to the west of St.Giles or to the right(up the street).
B from Connecticut, 03 08 2008
I\'m moving to this wonderful city this year. Gorgeous people, great atmosphere and a spirit of midieval times that\'s hard to find these days!!! I kept coming back to Edi over the years, now I coming back HOME. Dunedin, I adore you:)
Lukasz Marzec, 30 07 2008
Im from Austin,Texas..I think its cool..Im going to Scotland this year..and I cant wait!!
Marie Many, 28 07 2008
I miss my friend from Musselburgh, I love the people in Scotland they are the best, I cant wait to go back soon to visit that beautiful land Tika USA
Tika, 14 07 2008
I absolutely adore this city. I got my LLM at the University of Edinburgh from 2002-2004. I worked at a kilt shop. What fantastic memories! Everyone must go. I am excited to be visitin in 2 weeks.
Locke, 13 07 2008
Viewing this regularly makes me homesick! I lived in Edinburgh in 2000 for 6 months and miss it very much.
Gibson, 03 07 2008
Will be making life long dream to Scotland in 2 weeks from USA, can not wait. I will be bringing my Mum home after 56 years of being in the US. Where are the best Pubs ????? Scott
Scott, 02 07 2008
Arrived in 1987,left in 1992.Loved it. Studied there at Napier and worked in so many restaurants.So many good memories.sharing a flat with 6 people,City cafe,Filmhouse, meeting my wife and Having a Child there. Love and miss the place.
Chris, 30 06 2008
Usually a streaming camera - excellent but not the 5 secs. delay one too slow
anne, 30 06 2008
beautiful picture...i just w atched the sun rise over the Cathedral and my best friend is there at the HighStreet Hostel while I am over here in Virginia!!! Makes me feel as though i am there too:):):) thanks for the great view!!!
mj, 30 06 2008
Mikki Mack, still there and yes is called the clamshell
Alan, 19 06 2008
i have never been but someday oneday to hope to see it live
Lisa Connors, 08 06 2008
MIKKI MACK, 19 05 2008
I want to go back!! wahhhhhh!!!
Char, 28 04 2008
Sometimes I see this street. I have very good memories from this city. I was living there for 14 months, and I love it.I found friends and love. Sometimes I just missed it. Hugs from Spain!!
Monica, 28 04 2008
Get some work done Supereclipse
Thrapple Member, 09 01 2008
I've never been there, but hope to someday and listen to the pipes.
charles, 12 11 2007
ooooh, what can i say..i miss Edinburgh so much. i lived 4 years , i'm just came back from Edinburgh 2 months ago i watch and see where i was, i see i was in that corner in that street, having fun with my friends, this cam took me there now..i feel like i want to cry cuz i loved it.. what anice city. eeh i hope if i can visit it again. cuz Edinburgh for me is the best city in the world, i love it..i love it. i left my heart there really, and from me best regards to all scottich people.
Abdulbaset Ertami, 11 11 2007
i now live abroad and miss edinburgh, especially at the weekends. :( i hope to live there again one day.thanks for the cam
Steve, 04 11 2007
its lovely to see scotland again the cam vista is great. maureen sydney australia
maureen , 14 10 2007
i was in edinburgh 2 weeks ago and i had a great time, cant wait to come back next year
paul, 09 10 2007
I want to go back!!!! Haven't been since 1999
Charlene, 05 10 2007
Only two more weeks and all the luvvies will be gone, roll on september!
henry, 20 08 2007
i love this city i can not visit like i used to but your web cam takes me there every day thank you
julie, 27 07 2007
I was in Edinburgh lasst year, loved it. I check this each day, just to see what I'm missing!
Ronna Lester, 27 07 2007

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