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User comments

I\'ve been there .... I can\'t forget ... Lovely place DUBLIN
Chris, 06 01 2010
OMG!!!! Im gonna cry now. I LOVE Dublin with all my heart:((((( I lived there for 7 years, now live in Canada...dont like it at all:((( would give everything to go back to Ireland. Would love to see live web from Jervis shopping Centre
Katarina, 22 12 2009
How I dream to be back in Ireland. This web cam is the best I can come up with at the moment.
Darren, 18 12 2009
Gord, how boring is this; watch people walk across a bridge different people doing the same thing a minute later. Get the kettle on.......
allan, 23 08 2009
Ah I miss Dublin, born and lived there for 30 odd years now living in Scotland for the last month, can\'t wait to go back to visit,
Toni, 12 07 2009
Gretings from the USA! I visited Dublin a few times - really enjoyed it, stayed at Bewleys, near the 4 seasons. - great hotel! visited the Missionary of Charity sisters on circular road. My roots are Longford.
Brian, 10 07 2009
Best place for a walk, I used to pass this bridge everyday when I was living in dublin last year. I miss this city it provides a lot of thing tat I will not forget!
lucas, 29 06 2009
david walsh, 14 06 2009
After all these years....still missing every inch of it. Snifff.
Dick, 15 05 2009
I visited Dublin in October 08 It was my first visit anyplace .I loved it and feel like I\\\'m still there. I wish i were.Absolutely loved it.4b8f2
LEE DICUS, 11 05 2009
When I\'m in Dublin I think I walk that side of the bridge everytime back and forth.
Kevin, 11 04 2009
dublin can be crap at times weather wise, but apart from the rip off prices its not the worst.
tony lynch, 06 04 2009
cold and weary drab and dreary thats the way to say dun....dublin
una, 31 03 2009
So glad I don\\\'t live there anymore
joan, 21 03 2009
Would love to see this country someday. Thanks for having this feature available. I look forward to seeing pictures of other countries I have visited.
Karen, 04 03 2009
planning to visit Dublin again in April - trying to get \'in the mood\' - picture \'not\' changing -- :-(
patricia, 25 02 2009
Well lovely to see home , with live cam. first time for me. I live in Bulgaria. but nothing seems to move in the pictures, not the traffic, not the people. why is that?
liam daly, 11 02 2009
i miss home sooo much very happy here but no place like home xxx
denise ashe, 03 02 2009
i miss home soooooo much
denise , 03 02 2009
no place like home
neal curran, 01 02 2009
i love watching my home town hoping to visit this year xs
Sharon Corr, 25 01 2009
We Have flew from Bristol on several occasions, taking the opportunity of cheap travel and we have become very attached to the city and it\'s people. Can\'t wait to return.
Ray, 23 12 2008
Very amazing video. My love is in Dublin and I\'m in Brazil, so I used to watch this camera every day, imagining me there.
Leandro de Souza, 10 11 2008
Greetings from Tennessee USA, I am enjoying the view... it is fun watching all over the world... wish I could visit .. God Bless and Peace to all ...
Ron Fields, 07 11 2008
Lucie, Mat, fait magnifique à Dublin, non? see you tomorrow!!
Greg, 05 11 2008
I\'d give anything to be able to visit your beautiful Island.My heart is heavy with knowledge of this being so very unlikely as my slowly failing health is robbing me finacially and spritually...but I can still go on line and see it all thanks to these webcams
Rick, 31 10 2008
Have u seen me???? =))
Johannes, 30 10 2008
Oh My Sweet, Sweet Emerald Isle! I\'m coming home for New Year, then jsut a few months longer and I\'m yours for good!!!!!
Max, 29 10 2008
Hello to all the other Dublin watchers!!! Tomorrow we\'ll stand on O\'Connell Bridge and wave to you =)
Johannes, 27 10 2008
Dublin! We\'re coming to you in a few weeks!! But because of this wonderful cam we never have to wait until the next trip to Dublin if we want to see it again. And so we see all the evenings when the sun goes down and the busy city changes into partytown. See you soon Dublin!!
Anja and Johannes from Germany, 26 08 2008
We had a great holiday in Dublin this year won\'t leave it as long the next time. The Kelly\'s
Paula Kelly, 25 08 2008
Got in today to check if there was rain and I see no umblellas. My niece was married in Dublin today and reception at Trinity.
Phil McGovern, 25 07 2008
Hi a chara all the way from s cali i miss dublin i was born and raised there
clare, 18 07 2008
Hi baile atha cliath
clare, 18 07 2008
Dia Duit CHARA ITS BEEN 30 LONG YEARS SINCE I LEFT bAILE ATHA Cliath the biggest mistake of my life if only i say if only i coukld go home alasit is to late
Clare, 18 07 2008
Hi Baile atha Cliath its been 30 long years since i left ya and it was the biggest mistake of my life
Clare, 18 07 2008
How i miss ya a storin have liven in Southern Cali far to long Wish i had stayed home july 18th 2008
Clare, 18 07 2008
I miss you so much Baile atha Cliath have been away almost 30 years now What a mistake 07-18-2008
Clare, 18 07 2008
See you in September Dublin when you lift the Sam Maguire Cup, I\\\'ll be there!!
Noel, 06 07 2008
I Love u Dublin will be back to see u soonxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
sandra, 02 07 2008
Just a liitle more time my sweet Emerald Isle and I wil be home! Miss U So much!
Max, 27 06 2008
I'm missing you, Dublin. See you in September......
kathy, 31 05 2008
Incredible and beautiful city. I'll go back someday...
Carher, 21 05 2008
Éire - the biggest love of my life! One day I will come back to you for good!
mandy, 06 05 2008
love ya dublin.miss u ireland.will definitely comeback to u.
vamsi rajesh kondaveeti, 28 04 2008
I love so much dublin miss youuuu mertt..from Turkey go irland !
Mert , 05 04 2008
Our favourite cam at my moms b-day and Paddy's day =)... would like to be there now
John, 17 03 2008
Watched this afternoon from Valdivia, CHILE. Happy Day to you from us. JAC
Joaquin , 17 03 2008
Watched from Indianapolis, saw the Cathedral High School band. Wonderful site. Go Irish!!
Kim, 17 03 2008
Watched this morning from Huntsville, Alabama.My daughter is in the Huntsville High Band! It was surreal to see her go by! Thanks so much!
Cheryl, 17 03 2008
We are enjoying your view from Atlanta, Ga with friends and family and listening to Q102 via web! Lovely. Thank you. Lots of U.S. marching bands! Happy Day to you from us!
Rhonda Tucker, 17 03 2008
Beannachtam na Feile Padraig! Sláinte!!
Heather, 17 03 2008
God Bless Ireland!
kate, 17 03 2008
I can't wait! My high school marching band will be playing here for the St. Patty's day parade, and I'll be with them! It's a shame the cam only updates every twenty minutes.
Ree, 11 03 2008
Dublin = COLM visiting soon! great live site. thanks.
Sasha, 23 02 2008
Top of the morning to ya ha ha:) I love this site. Im from inner city Dublin and I miss it? all the hustle and bustly of life over there.It's great to just look at it now and again it take's you right back thank you.
Debbie OToole, 19 02 2008
Dublin......sigh!... City of my childhood and youth,, the place were i first fell madly in love, i feel so homesick, and so very far away
brian reid, 03 02 2008
Thank you, I plan to stand on this spot in April. Look out Ireland, the Yanks are comin', Southern Yanks that is...;-)
Boyd, 25 01 2008
Love this site. My Irish hunni told me about it. Now I can look at all his rain... until we see each other... and he can look at my city's cam and see it is -42 today... close as we can get til the summer. Hi James.
Daff, 18 01 2008
good old dublin
hancock, 10 01 2008
much more serene than i remember from a year ago! absolutley adore erin see you in august!
quinn, 05 01 2008
love dublin great site
kenny black, 01 01 2008

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