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User comments

i love it and it makes me a little upset because i miss my darling..we spend a nice time together walking around..
pesky jo, 10 01 2010
我喜歡倫敦,因為我的男朋友住在這裡!!! I love London. Just because My Darling living there. I LOVE NEIL FRANCIS PARTICK TOWNSON.
ICY TANG, 07 01 2009
Tomara Clarice, voce vai amar!
Sandra, 05 01 2009
Feliz 2009 Londres, mi deseo para este nuevo año...Volverte a ver!
lawy, 05 01 2009
Acho que este será o ano para que eu conheça Londres... este ano eu vou....
clarice, 03 01 2009
Happy 150th Birthday Big Ben!
Lara, 01 01 2009
Espero estar este año ahi, londres!
jorge, 01 01 2009
Just wanted to say Happy New Year London!!! I wanted to watch the fireworks but the server was slammed :(
Lara, 01 01 2009
Happy New Year London! America loves you!
Terri, 31 12 2008
In the morning mist. That looks just like HOGWARTS just left of the two towers next to Ben.
Tony, 30 12 2008
I love the new angles of Big Ben, they are the best yet. If you could tell someone at the Aquarium to adjust the focus on the closeup of the clock face it would be perfect!
Mike Esposito, 29 12 2008
I love looking at this camera. Great views! Hope to one day soon visit London and the rest of the UK very soon. Just one comment though, is it me or is the camera out of focas or dirty. Some views can\'t be seen very well. Thanks, Tracy from Provo Utah.
Tracy Nelson, 29 12 2008
HI.. I\'m from Brazil and i wish a happy 2009 for everybody... I hope one day, live in London, coz i love this place.... I know i\'m late but merry christmas too... J.K i want to see you one day, i love your books, who knows i do (coadjuvant) the last movie... hehehehe Everyone wants this nehhh... Now in português.... Para todos um Próspero ano novo, cheio de felicidade e alegria.... Muita paz... Um dia eu chego ai
rick, 28 12 2008
Love the new angles on Big Ben, please try and do something with the focus on the camera though. Merry Christmas to everyone, everywhere.
Mick, UK, 24 12 2008
THANK YOU for fixing the camera so quickly! The views are gorgeous and I have London back!
Lara, 24 12 2008
Sandra, 23 12 2008
we miss london terribly! was there just last month, at earls court. want to go back for christmas, maybe next year!
quaoce, 23 12 2008
I\'ll be there in July for five weeks and I am counting the days. What could be better than introducing 30 university students to the excitement of London for the first time?
Jimm Cox, 22 12 2008
MERRY CHRISTMAS LONDON!! I love this city like nothing in this world.. enjoy for the time ill be there :)
Ahojeq, 21 12 2008
Merry Christmas to you too! I think the views are great and I have rarely seen it foggy. Still dreaming of coming there.
Lara, 21 12 2008
Hy chritopher in Kentucky, there sin´t anymore fog in london, teh famouse london fog was pollution, all the smoke from the chimneis, industry....i was there one year and never see it, just a vit close to the river in the mornig, but just the normal thing...imagin, it was pollution..merry christmas Usa
ORESTES, 20 12 2008
Merry Christmas from a British expat feeling very homesick. This webcam helps to feel at home!!!
Manuela, 19 12 2008
CHRISTOPHER, 19 12 2008
Merry Christmas @ Happy New year to all the lovely people who watch this cam.Lynn,Lara,Sharon,Katy,Danny. and the Camvista guys.
Tony, 17 12 2008
Happy Xmas to all, from angie in Australia
Angela Mantle, 17 12 2008
very Beutiful & marvellous site. I watching it every time like, day, night & evening, every time looking beutivul. I Never go london, after watchin this looking good. Marry Christmas London from Puneet, India
Puneet Bansal, 17 12 2008
Happy Christmas London, From Alabama , USA
Lara, 16 12 2008
I love this site almost as much as I love London! I can not wait to go back for a visit! Merry Christmas London from Wisconsin!
Lynn, 14 12 2008
Londres fantastica estarei ai breve.
robert bryan, 13 12 2008
Yes Becky im in England. Check this out if your a Beatles fan
Tony, 11 12 2008
Merry Christmas to you, too, Tony. Are you in merry old England? My favorite place, home of the Beatles.
Becky, 09 12 2008
Becky the Dealey Plaza looked great today in the Dallas sunshine. Tony
Tony Brittain, 05 12 2008
Merry Christmas England! I wish I was there, God Bless you all, danny in New Jersey, U.S.A.
Danny Giacomini, 05 12 2008
Merry Christmas Dear Becky. I watch the JFK Cam in Dallas all the time as well. X Tony
Tony Brittain, 05 12 2008
Merry Christmas London, this to me is London England it\'s so Beautiful.. I love looking at all the sites you can see from this one webcam great shots.. I can see the lights up for the Holidays and it\'s so beautiful too Great Place i love this webcam sharon tn,USA
sharon, 05 12 2008
I Love you London I Miss you like crazyyyyyyy!!!
Mashael AlAwadi, 05 12 2008
Aw....Merry Christmas, England!!!! Wish I was there, and I bet I\'m not the only one!!! Becky in Dallas, Texas
Becky Massengale, 04 12 2008
Merry Christmas Greetings to all in and around London City, from Snowy North East England
Katy, 04 12 2008
I miss London.
Someone, 28 11 2008
I love London! I wish I could return soon. The shorter view of the Westminster Bridge is unfocused. I suggest you use the larger view as a fixed take during the night.
Luis, 28 11 2008
This part of London is my second home ! I view it everyday fron Florida, USA. The new camera angles are great ! Riley - Art Cove Artist
Riley Geddings, 25 11 2008
London, london... Como puede ser que me tengas tan enamorada?? Te echo de menos cantidad, tus calles, tus paseos, tu oscuridad brillante... Una ciudad increible!!
Lawy, 21 11 2008
I also wanted to thank you for fixing the cam. I am so addicted to watching it. My lifelong dream is to go to England. It is so beautiful there.
Lara, 19 11 2008
Thank you for moving the Cam its great to see the things we love so much about London again.
Tony, 14 11 2008
I fall in love in London.There are so many beautiful places.I wish I could come back there soon:)
Ada, 07 11 2008
I will be bringing 30 US students to study at Kingston University in July 2009. They are always excited to see Mr. Ben. The more I come to London the more I fall in love with the city. We will be coming from the University of South Carolina Upstate and we are already excited!
Jimm Cox, 26 10 2008
I really LOVE this streaming webcam of the London houses of Parliment! I have it on everyday, cuz I`ve been home on disability, with spine problems, but I Love watching this webcam, and I want so badly, to take a nice vacation to England, I also have always wished I could move to England, I just love everything about England, and all the History, thankyou very much my freinds, danny in New Jersey, U.S.A.
Danny Giacomini, 21 10 2008
My wife and I with my wife\'s sister and husband visited London just one week ago in October 2008. My wife and I and our children have been coming back to London and England since 1976. It is a fantastic city and a fantastic country. We always visit our old favorites and new places. The people are friendly. The beauty, history, pride and organization is admirable. We will come back again. We are from Houston, Texas. Thanks UK.
David, 18 10 2008
I just love London, I was there just over 18 months ago and it won my heart... I hope to be back by 2010.. so the web cams will have to do till then ~~
Christine, 11 10 2008
It\'s fantastic to see London from my home in Italy. I love it very much. Watching it makes me feel there, breathing the air of those beautiful places. It\'s been three years I was in London for the last time. Next January I\'ll be there again. I can\'t wait!
Angelo, 18 09 2008
My wife and I visited London and Paris on our honeymoon last year. My wife never quite understood my love of England until she spent a week in London. Now she, as well as I, cannot wait to be able to visit London again. I was so happy she was able to hear the sound of Big Ben in real life, not just a recording or a broadcast. Kew Gardens won our hearts, as did Westminster Church and our flight on the London Eye. I hope we are able to return soon, and see more of Great Britain.
Patrick, 09 09 2008
I just love London and looking forward to my visit again next year, I love watching the web cam brings back beautiful memories
Carolyn, 05 09 2008
London has my heart and soul. No other city in the world comes close... It\'s been 3 long years since I was there and its way too long. Thanks to you guys I can look at \"my\" city every day.I\'ll be back in 2009 to enjoy you again. Tracy, Lismore , Australia 1/9/08
Tracy, 01 09 2008
We had a great time at the London Motor show. We loved London so much we are coming back in October, This time we have booked a hotel on the South Bank for great places to eat and moonlight walks before we head back to the hotel.
jk, 13 08 2008
london city is definitely one of the best places in the world - thanks to the webcam people for letting us glimpse it
maria v, 12 08 2008
Fell in love with London in 1998. Been back several times. Wish I was there. Hope to be there again Spring 2009.
Jeanette, 04 08 2008
Nice to meet you Sandra ;) i love brasil :D . Best wishes for you.
Fabrizio, 04 08 2008
These pictures are to small. I thought at camvista you could get bthme larger
lakey, 02 08 2008
I think its pretty awesome to be able to see whats happening in another faraway country. Especially because I\'m in New York upstate.Hello to everyone .
Jack Cournoyer, 01 08 2008
Hello Fabrizio. I am not Italian. I am a Brasilian who loves Brazil, England (specialy London) and italian food, of course. Best wishes for all of you.
sandra, 31 07 2008
England is the place Ive loved since a child..where the man of my dreams holds my heart....Happy Birthday mi amor! See you soon..your lady.
Lady, 31 07 2008
Excellent immagine in this days,and excellent wheather Hi \"sandra\" are you italian girl?
Fabrizio, 30 07 2008
Hi \"me\". Are you English? I love, love...London, and I love English people too! You are very friendly!
sandra, 29 07 2008
Hi!! That is london yay!!!!
me, 28 07 2008
I do love, love, love, love love, love, love LONDON! Sandra
sandra, 27 07 2008
What a beautiful city London is!! I will be going there this Tuesday to see the Earls Court Dr Who Exibition!! Can\'t wait.
Ellen, 27 07 2008
You\'re right as rain, Algie.
Biggles, 24 07 2008
...but there is no place like LONDON !!!
scott leicester, 24 07 2008
Good Morning London! You Big Beautiful Heart-Felt City You!
aLGERNON, 19 07 2008
Hi London!!! Thanks for this site,many compliments...i love camvista and LONDON!! Cheers from Cagliari
Fabrizio, 16 07 2008
Love cool rainy days. Wish I were there or that we had your weather here.
Claire, 09 07 2008
Tomorrow is the big day! Direction London!! so impatient! Kiss
Lesley again, 03 07 2008
it´s so beautiful.. in my town it´s raining, but London is pretty sunny :D i love London! i´m gonna here this summer.. omg!:D
Letys, 03 07 2008
wowww i love it, i have been there 2 times and next friday im going there another time, cant wait!!
lesley, 30 06 2008
I love London, the best City in the World. I can\\\'t wait to come back. Wish I were there right now!!
Tina, 29 06 2008
Visited in 1998--too long ago!
CLMonts, 29 06 2008
I Spent the New Years Holiday in London , l am ready for a Return Visit ASAP !
Frank Saracino, 27 06 2008
I went to London three years ago with my daughter. Before visiting there, she was very reluctant to go to London.But she is really into it now.London,the best place for us. My dream is to live there one day.
alc, 16 06 2008
hogey is bald
Fraser, 12 06 2008
Fantastic webcam, would be amazing if there were zoom-ins on Big Ben's clock faces and the London Eye capsules every few minutes.
Hogey, 12 06 2008
great & fast view - similar trafalgar square the only questions i have are: - wich camera is used ?(distrubuter-model) - wich software is used to transfer the information fluently? - what is used for a system (like linux/unix or windows) and the build of this system? would be nice if u answer me regards marc
Marc, 12 06 2008
in 1956 & 1957 when i attended high school at bushy park i crossed that bridge many times. thanks to you i can visit anytime
patrick obrien, 11 06 2008
I lived in England from 1999 to 2001 and it was living a dream! London is the center of the world!
Tricia, 08 06 2008
i`m still in love with london
anna, 06 06 2008
I've wanted to go to London for a life time. This really does help. Thank you for being there. Siannon
Siannon, 05 06 2008
I used to visting London in April 2000. It my best most memories vacation ever! I love it and miss it dearly!
Diana L Reynolds, 04 06 2008
I hope this summer go to london, 'cause i LOVE IT !!! :)
Gabi, 31 05 2008
I Love IT... I hope this summer go to London... :P
Gabsi, 31 05 2008
from what i see of london through your camera, it's pouring with rain at the moment - i love it! beautiful city, rain or shine.
maria v, 26 05 2008
London.. this city is my DREAM. :) i was there six years ago, and i´m going to go to London this holiday for two weeks, i very enjoy to see thames, parlament.. feel London :) Respect London! see you soon!
Letys, 25 05 2008
been to London 4 times now.My favorite place in the world.Planning on coming back next year at this time. Can't wait!!!! I love this webcam.
Connie USA, 20 05 2008
i spent a week with my daughter for the new year's eve 2007, it was fabulous and the fireworks from london eye was amazing. i love London
jany from Rouen, 12 05 2008
Monica how sweet you are we love England and so many places to admire,and go too. Thank you so much for saying we are welcome.To me that is what draws you to England the people and the awesome History of your country. Thank you again Monica Have a Great Day in your Lovely,Beautiful Home sharon USA we love you England
sharon, 12 05 2008
Everybody here leaves such sweet comments about our dream city London. Please come back soon, you are so welcome in here!
Monica, 11 05 2008
We´ve been there last may and it was just amazing...just want to be there, when I watch this stream. Thanks for it! :)
Rene C, 06 05 2008
I would just like to take a moment to say I enjoy watching the web cam everyday it feels like Iam living there again, i left there when I was 7 years old and I now live in Toronto Canada but have been back a few times. Im planing to come there this year in July.
Paula, 04 05 2008
danny, your city is fantastic - and those back streets of yours are pretty cool too (i was with a local and we kept a local profile) - large buildings are ruining the whole world unfortunately, but London remains at its best in the spot where the camera swivels
maria v, 03 05 2008
Glasgow Rangers f.c on tour 2008. WE ARE THE PEOPLE! we are going all the way to the UEFA cup final in Manchester. we`re gonna win the league, and the 2 cups aswell. Walter smiths blue and white army super ally, super ally. celtic are crap
colshy, 26 04 2008
You know i am born and bread cockney and reading all your excellent comments about my city i just wish you could see by means of virtual the rest of london now they are ruining the city with all the modern buildings the back streets the pubs are great but go with someone who knows there way about and keep a low profile have a great visit
Danny, 24 04 2008
nice view...and i am impressed with the high number of bus services (even in the early hours) I wish Birmingham had such an efficient bus service as the Capital.
Andy, 19 04 2008
Love England, Happy Birhtday Big Ben! Cheers!
Claire, 10 04 2008
Heey I absolutely loove this camera! I come here everyday to see London I hope to be there soon! thanks for this cameras, guys ;*
Gabriella, 08 04 2008
The Clock Tower, the river, the bridge are all beautiful--but PLEASE not so many close-ups of the boring London Eye!
GerardJones, 07 04 2008
quite frankly, i cant wait each day to get a view of this city from the webcam - wish i could be there every weekend!
maria v, 04 04 2008
Beautiful pics of Big Ben, London Eye and everything else. It's fun to see where we've been. Will be coming back soon!
Tina, 03 04 2008
yes, Harry Potter time is beautiful in London :) i never was there for it, but it looks like so..magic! i´ll be in London on August of this year, so i really ENJOY!
Letys, 31 03 2008
This is our City of Lights. Can't wait to get back in November. Just in time for the new Harry Potter Movie!!
Quaoce, 30 03 2008
@Ryan H, 27 03 2008 This camera is pretty harmless to privacy. Its in a public place where no one has an expectation of privacy and its not pointed at any house or window. Tourists with super high resolution 8+ MP cameras and camcorders take photos all the time with zoom lenses, and that bothers me more frankly because who knows where those photos end up. This webcam is so low-res that you wouldn't recognize your brother or sister if they were looking right at the camera.
Mas Jaer, 30 03 2008
Hey guys! Thank you so much for having those cameras Im fron Brazi and I look it everyday because London is my favorite and unfortunately i can't be there yet, but hope to be there soon! Leicester square and Piccadilly circus cameras are great too! Keep up with this awsome work guys! thanks :)
Gabi, 30 03 2008
I was born in England,but not London. I went to London when I was Six years old. I now live in Vancouver Canada
Dawn Horsfall, 29 03 2008
I have seen London when I was 6 years old. I was born in England but not in London. I would love to see it again! I now live in Vancouver Canada!
Dawn Horsfall, 29 03 2008
Ryan, are you serious???? You mean you could identify anyone you see on these cams in a lineup? Get real.
USA CEM, 29 03 2008
Look the webcam might be alright and yes what a fantastic city but i do think this is ruining our privacy allways being wached by peopel its not good and think there should be a law to prevent from waching this Except the police My view feel free to contact me
Ryan H, 27 03 2008
Hi! i´m looking at this webcam every singl day.. because london is my dream city :) i love it there
Letys, 26 03 2008
my god i have just seen big ben and i dont even belive there is a webcam streaming video from out side!!! amazing!! keep up the good work guys & gals
ttboi, 25 03 2008
born there. last saw london 28 years ago. like to reminisce. i now live in adelaide australia and like the melbourne visitor we have just had a major heatwave. 15 days above 35C. and no significant rainfall forever ago, so its IS great to see rain!
barbra, 22 03 2008
Is that rain I can see? We are from Victoria, Australia and we haven't had decent rain for years. Loved England. Loved Scotland. Loved Wales. Would love to be there and enjoy some cool. It's been very very hot here for weeks.
lee, 19 03 2008
I visted London twice and love that city! Hope to live there one day. Seeing that rickety park bench infront of the museum, its hard to believe that I sat there in August 2007. Its on the other side of the planet but watching it live with people walking around feels like I am there for a moment. I used to take an evening stroll on that side of the river all the way down to Tower Bridge and watch the lights across the river with a cool breeze coming off the water. Very peaceful. Lucky people who are there right now doing just that! 03/15/08
Mas Jaer, 15 03 2008
great views. Can't wait till my friend and I visit on 2010.
Trish Bolan, 15 03 2008
London = dream city
Jose , 14 03 2008
What a nice view!, i love London, the most beautiful city! i've been there twice,watching this, came to me so many nice memories! Hope to be there again next year!
Elizabeth DW, 03 03 2008
I wish this webcam had sound!
Tony, 26 02 2008
ho visitato londra 2 volte , la prima a dicembre2007 , ora a gennaio 2008 è stupenda e mi è rimasta nel cuore , spero di tornarci ancora appena sarà possibile
anna , 23 02 2008
9.20 pm aussie time--G'day to the girls that gave us a wave on the cam by the Thames;;hope u c this
bobt, 21 02 2008
Hello,London, what says UK like the famous Big Ben? I love this webcam !! I come here to see all of the shots you give us and they are all Great!! This one says to me England in fact it screams England, love love it sharon USA
sharon, 19 02 2008
We visit London for the first time in 2003 of August. I love everything about it. It was very exciting and enjoyable. We visit a good friend of ours there, he took us all over London. Watching the cam makes me feel that I am there. Tess 08/13
Tess, 13 02 2008
what a lovely view, makes me feel i am there. and makes me feel closer to my special friend over there...miss you
rachel, 08 02 2008
I love London as well as everyhting what's connected with this city. Great views. Thanks very muchxD
Margaret, 08 02 2008
I love this view best. The activity in this location really gives you a sense of London.
Ella, 05 02 2008
One day I'll be there, beautiful London
Jo, 05 02 2008
I love those cam videos of london feels like I`m much closer to my loving Boyfriend. Beutifull city I hope I visit someday
Ute, 29 01 2008
I enjoy the view of Parliament and knowing that the girl who helped me on July 27th is working there.
Don Walters, 10 01 2008
I was in London in '97. i love this city and it is awesome to be able to see it live everyday!!!
ROBYN, 08 01 2008
I Spent 4 days in London , including New Years Eve , Westminster and Piccidilly Circus are Breath taking. the Underground is a blast to Ride too "Mind the Gap" , Ill be back soon !
Frank Saracino, 07 01 2008
Just been there 2 days ago and it is so good to know, that I will come back. I love this city so much! Greetings from Germany!
Kati, 07 01 2008
I shall never forget the best two and a half years of my life in England, with visits to London - with my one and only love - who God called far too soon. The coins I threw into the fountain in front of the Queen's Palace have given me what I wished ardently, that he would love me until he died. And he did! I love England!
helga, 02 01 2008
London is a very impressive city. Full of poeple, mondern und traditional life. I enjoyed the short time im my apprenticeship there. Great town. Wonderful people. Miss you London!
Alex, 02 01 2008
In 2003 I spent the best 4 weeks in my life with MY love in London… he took me all over the city therefore I fell in Love with London. This webcam reminds me of my lost love and the great time we had together
Joriya, 29 12 2007
London, I miss you so much!
Makarete, 28 12 2007
Great web sight, We love to see how things are going in our beloved London. My wife and I were there in 99 for my 40th b-day. Wish we were there now!
bryne creekmore, 25 12 2007
Wonderfull.Looking forward 2 come again in january.
Tery, 22 12 2007
Estive apenas uma vez em Londres. Já faz tempinho, mas mato minha saudade pelo Camvista. Henrique.
Henrique, 22 12 2007
I love this camera kiss from Croatia
Dubravka, 21 12 2007
We are finnaly comming in this beautiful city :)
Duda , 21 12 2007
I wish I was standing there right now. I love this webcam!
Terry, 19 12 2007
I will be there very soon. London,here i come!!!!! Greetings from Croatia
Daniella, 17 12 2007
I love this webcam. It shows my favorite London stroll. I'm going to miss it this year, so your webcam alleviates the pain!
Maria, 09 12 2007
Dritings from Norway
bjarne, 09 12 2007
London is such a great city! I travel to London five times a year for business and when I'm at home I visit Camvista's webcams of London -which makes me feel like hopping back on a plane to head back there.
Drew, 08 12 2007
I´m from Brazil. I visited this area in July 2007. I loved this city. I check this camera every day.
Thome, 07 12 2007
I'm from Brasil. I like this camera. I check this camera every day.
Sandra Igreja, 07 12 2007
Everytime I miss London I watch this webcam. It makes me miss it more.
AL, 06 12 2007
I am from Germany but the UK is some kind of my 2nd home and especially London. I check the webcams whenever I am online!!!
Crissy, 06 12 2007
I'm from Poland.I love this webcam.
Joanna, 05 12 2007
Hi! I like this webcam of London. I look for it ever when i´m surfing on the web. I think London is very beautiful and interesting city. I was there eight years ago and i´m going to move London from Czech Republic. :) ´cause I´m fourteen. :)
Michaela Letosnikova, 04 12 2007
Londres, maravillosa ciudad. Ojalá pueda volver pronto. Un saludo desde Sevilla, Spain.
Ana, 04 12 2007
Eduardo santos, 03 12 2007
The most famous view of London: the Big Ben with the Houses of Parliament! And in view a 21st century landmark: London Eye! Love that cam!
John Trifonas, 02 12 2007
London you're my favourite city. I stayed there last weekend for my 5th time and I'd like to come back again!!!! See you soon
Alberto, 29 11 2007
Yes, I agree with you, David. its a wonderful location but such a bad lens or is the setting of the software?
Dietmar Czieschewsky, 26 11 2007
I watched this cam for weeks before we made our first trip to the UK. I liked it so much I took a pic of the webcam! It reminds me now of a wonderful vacation!!
Mark, 26 11 2007
I LOVE this cam, Can someone PLEASE clean the lens??
David, 22 11 2007
I am actually here right now....with such amazing location of central london and amazing rains and such an awesome climate...i am in my house which is very close to the abbey....and seeing the miracle of the internet with loads of studies going on simultaneously.....
Abhijit Dande, 21 11 2007
At last a great webcam in the UK and what a location!
Pete, 10 11 2007
My daughter moved to London last week to take up new post. She just sms me that she is going to watch fireworks for Lord Mayor's Show. I feel sharing her experience by watching your webcam. Keep up your good work! (Are you going to stream the fireworks today?)
Butch, 10 11 2007
big ben is the pulsating heart of live london.
RAHUL RAI, 09 11 2007
I visited London in 2002 and now I would like to visit again. Until I can this is the next best thing. The camera shows most of the areas I visited in and around Big Ben.
Deborah, 06 11 2007
OH My, I could look at this beautiful site all day,the night is so breathe taking love this webcam.. can't wait to see it one day soon I hope Good job with the webcam one of my favorites always sharon USA
sharon, 25 10 2007
I often visit this web view, I can smell the rain, and feel the sun, Reminding me of the few times I spent visiting this very embankment (Winnipeg, Canada)
Colin Mawdsley, 25 10 2007
Se ve espectacular la camara, parece como si se estuviera en la ciudad, muy bonita ciudad, saludos. / Great view, and it feels that ur there..
Fabian from Mexico, 25 10 2007
It's awesome.. great cam, look like I'm there..
Omar, 25 10 2007
I have not been home to UK for several years, this is as close as I can get from here in the states. Looks a lot colder then the 23 degrees I am in tho!!
joe Gresham, 24 10 2007
Whos that Man with the Mask ????
Enrico Gelsenkirchen Germany, 24 10 2007
Me and my family love this cam, except for the pavement shots! We want to see Big Ben, and the river Thames, all the lovely buildings, not just a few feet of pavement with passers by please!
Jackie, 22 10 2007
I love London.Big Ben and The Houses of Parliament ,through the Webcam are fantastic views , too beautiful for words.It would be better if we could listen to the local sound simultaneously. The murmur of the people, the sound of the Thames river, the whistle of the boats, the songs of the birds, the sound of the London Eye...
Jose Oliveira, 19 10 2007
Great to watch London live from down under (NZ). The London Eye shot stays on too long!
Nancy Rudkin, 17 10 2007
Your webcam is the best I have seen anywhere in the world.
Errol, 10 10 2007
every time I feel sad....I look at this web cam.....the best ever.....London is where I would like to live:::.sigh for now I shall just watch out what goes on in the best place in the world
MARINA, 05 10 2007
i came from Germany and i see the Big Ben in london.That's great
Alex, 03 10 2007
Its nice to see city and people, but homesickness...
Ercument, 21 09 2007
London is so a greatfully and 29th january I fly to it^^ is so great!!
Jacqueline, 16 09 2007
I love all views of BIG BEN but I think seeing BIG BEN at NIGHT is spectacular!!! I LOVE LONDON!!!
Pam, 13 09 2007
Those were the times! Thanks for a trip down memory lane...
Barney, 13 09 2007
I've not seen this until today; it's a muxh better picture and I really like the live streaming and the variety of views...must look again tomorrow in the daylight now 21:38 UK time.
Alice, 12 09 2007
Hi! This is a great idea with the camera. I will drive on Saturday to England, Eastbourne with my schoolclass. We will visit London on Wednesday, the 19 September 2007. I will look to Big Ben. Perhaps, you can see me. Bye!! Steffi
Stephanie, 12 09 2007
I really love this webcam I love the city of london next year we will be visiting this great city especially when its dark so gorgeous the big ben and the london eye!!! thanks for letting me enjoy from the netherlands
yvonne, 10 09 2007
I love the streaming videos. When my wife and I visited London, the London Eye was one of our favorite things we did. London is our favorite city in the world.
carl ray, 10 09 2007
It is really great, put the address in my favorites and often have a look!It seems like I'm there too! Thanks!
Kamelia Ivanova, 10 09 2007
I love this, it makes you feel like you're there! Can't wait to go back!!
Tina, 10 09 2007
Although I live in Greece, I feel that I have a room with a London. Thank you very much for this opportunity!
Zoe, 06 09 2007
My wife and I just returned from 3 weeks holiday in London and Scotland. We have only been back at home for 5 days, and really miss the London vibe. This streaming video brings back all the beautiful memories we have. Thank you so much for all the great cameras!!
Carlo Goertz, 30 08 2007
I live in Argentina, and I love see London in my PC It is a beautiful city, and I love it Thank you very much, and see you later
Gaston Canovas, 28 08 2007
very cool the webcam
winnie, 27 08 2007
Wow, this is relly brilliant. Every time I feel homesick I get a fix of London action.
Stella, 23 08 2007
Watching from Connecticut USA Have not been home to Portsmouth in 20 years.
Brigitte B, 20 08 2007
God I just love London and watching it through this webcam only makes me miss it more... But it's so relaxing!! Thank you!
Anne Wunderlich, 19 08 2007
My daughter lives in Croydon and I in France. As Mike Comptone, seeing the differents videos of London makes me feel like she is not so far away! Thank You too ! Marie-A.
Marie DANGERS, 14 08 2007
london c'est la paradi de cette vie et j'ai shouete vister cette paradi
adel, 13 08 2007
A great cam, one of the best...but,how about a better view of big ben?,you can see that the cam has a zoom function so how about a closer look at the clock face?
redvers kyle, 11 08 2007
Hello from Poland .
Joanna, 11 08 2007
ja też jakis czas temu miałam przyjemność korzstac z tych atrakcji turystycznych.Bardzo mi się podobalo i polecam innym.
Joanna, 10 08 2007
hi, you working nice job. your countery is very butfull.all plice very nice.but i wont you countery come in vizit. good lock.bye. usman
usman basharat, 04 08 2007
hey,Im from Kiev and some times its realy cool to see the life of another country,its realy incredible
Inna, 03 08 2007
My husband and I arrived home in Australia 2 days ago from a Month holiday in the UK. I thought I'd have a look and see if I could get all the places we were at on the net. Love the site, I can see everywhere I've been on the cams.
Maria King, 02 08 2007
Very Cool live stream. Definitely a fav.
Mark M, 25 07 2007
I absolutely love this cam!! I was just in the UK last week found the cam in front of McDonalds and enjoyed waving at everyone!! - it was great fun! I wondered how many people around the world would see me waving... !! Thank you very much!!!! I love it
Diane Unverricht, 25 07 2007
what a great london cam - probably the best i've seen! i'm going to london in 2 weeks so i use this cam to check the weather ;)
markus, 24 07 2007
I wanted to echo Mike Compton's comments. My wife and children are in London and I unfortunately had to stay home due to work commitments. Seeing the streaming webcam makes me also feel that they are not so far away. Thanks!
Josh, 24 07 2007
My wife and I went to London for our honeymoon in 2004. We both can't wait to return.
John, 22 07 2007
Ted, 22 07 2007
this streaming cam is just great. Can hardly wait to get back over to London
jerry james, 20 07 2007
I live in Hungary. I was in London one years ago. London is very-very nice. I love LONDON . London 4ever...I look forward to the day I'll be able to move back..
Csilla, 20 07 2007
This certainly is one of the best live cams in old London town; wish I was there right now, but it's cool in San Francisco too.
James, 18 07 2007
I love London. It is my favourite city and with camera is I each day with it.
Ralf, 17 07 2007
I love London, and camera brings me each day there.
Ralf, 16 07 2007
Ohhhhhh! I love this city very much.... is fantastic live you in direct!!!!
Esperanza, 15 07 2007
Que nostalgia tan grande de mi ciudad preferida!!! Unas lagrimitas de emoción y recuerdo Un abrazo a todos
Esperanza, 15 07 2007
I have a look at most of the webcams in London daily. I love the city and truly enjoy the webcams
elaine grundon, 10 07 2007
Hello! This is just a wonderful webcam - especially if you´ve ever been to London. I´m dropping by almost every day. Greetings from Germany!
Rene, 10 07 2007
It sure is neat to see London live from the Twin Cities, MN. I love seeing the birds GOOD SHOW!
Denise Griffith, 10 07 2007
i love england i want to go there now
sandra sipos, 09 07 2007
I think this is the best webcam!!! I think London is the best city!!
Theresa, 09 07 2007
Muito legal poder ver o cotidiano das pessoas de outro país. Sem contar o randioso Big Ben, eu amo Londres... Espero poder visitar este lugar um dia... Enquanto isso mato minha vontade vendo pela web cam... São Paulo, Brasil.
Henrique, 09 07 2007
Going to London next weekend, this cam really brings me in the mood... I wish it were Friday already...
Gert, 08 07 2007
the camera for alls those visiting the embankment is on the building and it's the one that moves left to right. good fun to phone people back home and give 'em a little wave. Only do this though when it is sunshining.
honey moon couple, 07 07 2007
BIG BROTHER, 06 07 2007
I love the web cam as my son is in London, but recently the pictures are not very clear South Africa
SHABNUM, 06 07 2007
Perfect vision in really time. Thank You. Daniele Mormino. Italia
Daniele Mormino, 05 07 2007
I also love this cam. I am visiting the UK soon and it just makes me more and more excited to visit one of the most fabulous cities in the world
LYNN JOHNSTON, 04 07 2007
my friend told me about the webcams.I think it's cool. you should put web cams at SE London England univirsty's. you should put them near the front entrance
kristen, 04 07 2007
I love the Idea about the webcams.i think you should have them in front of SE london england Univirsity's
leon, 04 07 2007
O God I miss England so much. Living in Australia is great but
Brian Tranter, 03 07 2007
This web cam is easily the best and truely rocks! Totally London seeing Westminster Bridge and Houses of Parliament and Big Ben plus the South Bank along by The Eye and County Hall. Can even spot the RAF WW1 & WW2 monument acroos The Thames in one view. So real and so London, Absolute Tops. Thank you for making me feel like I'm home when I'm not!!
Carter Saunders, 03 07 2007
Cool! Just checking with your help if Wimbledon tennis games will be deleyed due to rain. Looking good! No rain. Now I will move my ass and turn TV set on.
Robert, 02 07 2007
I just love this. It is interesting compared to any others that I've seen.
Janet, 01 07 2007
Hello from Norway
JR, 30 06 2007
Why do the comments stay the same everyday, but the date changes?
Terry, 29 06 2007
Hey There! totally cool site you rock my socks loves
STELLA MOON, 27 06 2007
hey there! great site you got going on . you totally rock my sock. your awesome love x
STELLA MOON, 27 06 2007
Will be walking there in August.Good to view from Durban S Africa
Andre D, 27 06 2007
fantastic cam - i walked along here a year ago
STEVE, 27 06 2007
WOW... fantastic cam Big Ben still looks as it did 20yrs ago when i saw it... I loved London and everything about it..
Marea Gray, 26 06 2007
love viewing this webcam same temp and raining on the other side of the world!!!!Gold Coast Australia
Barbara Green, 26 06 2007
Thanks for these wonderful views. I'm especially enjoying them today as I celebrate my 57th birthday! My wife and I made 5 trips to England from 2003-2005 when our daughter and son-in-law were living north of London. We were in London numerous times and appreciate this opportunity to see some of the same sights via the internet. We would love to get back there but they now live in the far east so we're crossing the Pacific to see them and our granddaughters.
Jerome Larson, 25 06 2007
My girlfriend and I were in London for a week in September '05 and this streaming cam somewhat quenches my burning desire to return. It's gives a little tatse of being there again. Love it.
Bill Coleman, 24 06 2007
I visited this area two years ago, missing it so much. This streaming is cool. I just notice banner said Star Wars?!? OH, man!
Jara, 23 06 2007
Mike....Your wife is doig fine...That step daughter has really bloomed nicely!...I'll have a piece of that!
matt, 23 06 2007
Mikes wife and daughter are with me now....We'll check in and I'll have my way with both!
matt, 23 06 2007
I will probably never be able to visit, but I love London and enjoy viewing the webcam.
Terry, 22 06 2007
I'm moving to London next month and live a block away from the eye...I've been watching this cam for weeks to this camera!!! Thank you!!!
Jen, 22 06 2007
Thanks for keeping me close to London!!
Renee, 22 06 2007
Minha filha está estudando em Londres, e esta webcam de certa fora me faz sentir mais próximo dela, Obrigado,Meneguetti
RA Meneguetti, 21 06 2007
I visited London 2 years before for only one day and it was wonderful. I wish I come back to UK next year for a master course!
John from Corfu, Greece, 21 06 2007
It is so fascinating to see London live from an Upper Mississippi town. I even saw the birds flying about. Thanks for the webcam.
Denise, 21 06 2007
i have been to london so many times but i never get tired of seeing it. i love your webcam so much. thanks
melody and mike hagan, 21 06 2007
I'm a Brit - living in the USA since 1952, moving back to England to live soon. This makes me feel close to home when I get homesick! It's brilliant!
Wendy Olson, 21 06 2007
Being and Ex londoner the web cam provides an occasional London fix for me :-) Thanks
David Barrett, 20 06 2007
Recommend this site to all those travelling to London!At a pre-arranged time last week, my son, now living in London, appeared there, right next to Thames and proudly waved his Aussie flag at the camera to say Hi. Online to watch were aunties, uncles, grandparents (and mum and dad). It was terrific!
Kim, 20 06 2007
This is my favorite webcam - I love the sight of Westminster Bridge and London Eye. It always makes me yearn for London, rain or shine.
Maria , 18 06 2007
Ex pat from the UK here, this is an Excellent web cam, Im watching from work in Adelaide (South Australia). Cheers Nigel
Nigel, 15 06 2007
When I see all the people walking there, it makes me feel like I am also there, just looking out of the window... I MISS LONDON SO MUCH
Kathrin, 14 06 2007
Hi, I think that this is the best web cam in london. I love London and I want to visit it!!
Theresa, 09 06 2007
Hi, This webcam is the best!!
Theresa, 07 06 2007
I really like your streaming cams and they worked great on my Apple when I first started using them but now they just flicker! I have a very up to date system.
Dorothy, 04 06 2007
It's definitely my favorite webcam!
Maggie, 02 06 2007
This is greatfully cool !
Frank Saracino , 30 05 2007
My wife and stepdaughter just arrived in London 6 hrs ago. Unfortunately I had to stay State side because of work. Seeing the video makes me feel like they are not so far away.! Thank You! Mike
Mike Compton, 29 05 2007

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