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User comments

I wouldn\'t say Los Angeles weather is always nice but it\'s nice about 90 percent of the time. The other 10 percent the weather is either stormy, hot or windy.
denny, 26 10 2009
Greetings from New Jersey! God bless my California friends, especially the Missionaries of Charity!
Brian, 07 08 2009
I just luv LA I\\\'m so glad that I live theree! The weather is always nice and kewl \\\'nd everything
Josh, 22 07 2009
Crime here in NYC is worse than in LA
Matt, 21 04 2009
i,ve just spent a week in carson and felt completely safe....very clean and tidy..better than i was expecting
colin, 28 03 2009
I adore L.A! I just got back today and I was SO sad to leave. I\\\'m definitely going back soon! The people were amazing, as was the weather and the places, and I\\\'ve never felt so welcomed and at home anywhere before in my life. Stacey, London UK.
StaceyLou, 05 09 2008
So stay away, please. Hide out in East Overshoes and avoid the crowds.
Antonio, 01 09 2008
There is crime in any city. Here the violent crime rate is plummeting, the air is way cleaner than it used to be and so are the beaches. Not many cities can say that. We live in a gorgeous neighborhood. L.A. has good and bad points like any city. But where it is good, it is great. And the climate is unbeatable. And SO much to do. We love it.
Richard, 29 06 2008
don't bother visiting folks, people are very rude, arrogant, place is dirty and littered, high crime rate and lots of big egos. Won't be going again
j, 13 06 2008
We had a great time in Los Angeles. We stayed at the Sheraton hotel and walked across the street (West 7th) to a subway station that had trains that went to most places in Los Angeles and suburbs. We saw the Nokia theatre and Staples Center and the Jewelry district. Restaurants are first class and so is shopping like at Macy's Plaza.
Denny, 17 05 2008
I remember my visit well. I handed a blood soaked ladies purse to a Police Officer who told me to take it to downtown LA. When I said I didnt know where he meant he told me to **** off and stop bothering him! It's a once dreamland turned ghetto!
Michael Hughes, 24 04 2008
Yea, high crime rates, pollution, rude people and over urbanization - paradise.
steve, 18 04 2008
i would love to one day be able to see this actually be there is way better than just looking from the web the meantime i can only dream.
jasmyne, 24 03 2008
i cant wait to move to guys living over there are so lucky...i need to get away from this damm canadian weather
ben, 18 03 2008
My all time dream is to live in America, especially California or Los Angeles. To all you people that live there,you dont realise how lucky you guys are. I would give up England forever to live where you are!!
Kim, 05 03 2008
You guys are so lucky that you live in L.A.It seems like a Paradise.I can just dream about beeing there.Maybe some day my dream come true...Cheers from Poland:-)!
Sand, 19 02 2008
Wow it seems like a Paradise , guys you are really lucky that you live in L.A . I can only dream about beeing here...Cheers from Poland people!!!:-)))
Sand, 18 02 2008
Is nice but no like
adydublin, 02 02 2008
Fantastic city and awesome weather, you lucky people. It rains all the time in England...
mark mackay, 13 01 2008
No matter the weather, to a kid from Ohio who's life's dream revolves in Cali. It is always beautiful. I can't wait to call L.A my home
Chrysta, 06 01 2008
We always love coming to Los Angeles almost every summer. This is a great city with lots to see. The subway and light rail system takes us everywhere from the city center to Hollywood and beyond. We love Los Angeles.
Denny, 03 12 2007
We spent our last summer holidays in California. A dream come true. We visited also Hollywood for my birthday. It was an unforgettable gift. IŽll never forget :-)
Pat, 19 09 2007
make the picture more fast3c
nabil nafee, 16 09 2007
do you have any more live webcams located in LA
carm whiting, 27 06 2007

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