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User comments

Chris; you\'re better off kissing Big Ben with Raul in the distance. LOL! great place no matter what.
Retiredscot, 13 11 2010
benjamin Aponte, 11 11 2010
Hi Freinds I am Prashant from INDIA, I love London and Specially Big Ben, My Dream is to Come and see live Big Ben.
Prashant Haldar, 31 10 2010
I\'m coming Ben! Hang on, Big Buddy. It won\'t be long! I\'ll be on Waterloo Bridge!
Jimm Cox, 26 10 2010
I love you, Fox.
Doctor Tronik, 06 04 2010
You are my love, my only, great, incredibile LOVE CRISTINE!!!
raul, 22 02 2010
Raul I want to kiss you with the Big Ben inthe distance .
Cris, 22 02 2010
I love you Raul Ineed you
cris, 18 02 2010
sergio margato, 18 02 2010
kharkov - the best
Paul, 18 02 2010
each man think that his place is the best (ukraine - Kharkov city - THE BEST) good luck!!!
Paul, 18 02 2010
Hello London! I wish I could visit London Olympics in 2012. It would be so wonderful. Well, I can dream of it.
Virpi Koski, 01 02 2010
Wonderful place
John, 21 01 2010
Wish I was in London !
Laura Jones, 09 01 2010
London is one of the best place in the world, in spite of being so cold on these days... But, by now the place I am in, is around 27 C... Ufa what a hottest days...
Silvio Campion, 06 01 2010
The BEST and I mean the BEST place in the world so far is London.
Cesar Frank, 06 01 2010
what a miserable cold place, glad im in sunny australia...38c on thursday!!!
david, 04 01 2010
Tomorrow I\'ll be there the first time in about twenty years. My daughters will be there the first time! Christmas shopping in London. What more could someone wish for.
Christian, 18 12 2009
Eu adorei Londre. Pena que foram poucos dias de viagem.
Joa Fernando, 18 12 2009
I LOVE THIS! so does caity! lol!
Molly, 11 12 2009
\"The webcam view of houses of parliament and Thames,but a bit misty,not sharp image,today,because of weatherbut it\'s very nice to see views of London scenes.
Sue Jackson, 24 11 2009
Beautiful London, I Love You So!!!...You are so majestic & full of history-&-depth, Your Magnificence takes my breath away!... I Love You London!
Monica Myers, 22 11 2009
CADIL, 03 11 2009
¿ podríais quitarle el empañao a la cámara ? , o retirarla un poquillo del rio éste, ¡...a lo mejor!
fali, 01 11 2009
Hola Londres, espero ir muy pronto a verte...Te extraño!!! Feliz cumple a Oli y Desi Te quiero Luis!!!!
Mariade, 16 09 2009
Hola Londres...espero ir muy pronto a verte. Te extraño!!! Felicidades Oli y Desi. Mariade.
Mariade, 16 09 2009
this camera view hasnt changed in months. it is sunny and warm today, not cloudy and misty!!!
kellie, 16 09 2009
I love the USA but my heart is in the UK. Great view of Big Ben.
Fran, 08 09 2009
just came back from London and every time I go to the embankment I love it there its amazing. looking forward for next year.
john, 07 09 2009
I used to live in London and work in Whitehall and saw this sight every day,now I live in germany but visit UK and London whenever I can.
Tony, 04 09 2009
A ruddy brilliant place if you love life. I love London. I\'m from Yorkshire but @ 52 my first visit was 2 yrs ago. Went again only last week.
ken hemstock, 26 08 2009
Un pasito mas adelante, parece que puede ser... I love London!!
lawy, 21 08 2009
Hellloooooo LONDON!
Danielle, 18 08 2009
This view is amazing.London is a place that you go and always remember.Such a magical place.
Shannon, 09 08 2009
London always gives me a headache! It\'s the noise ... I\'m from up North, much quieter. Better visiting Manchester :)
Quentin, 09 04 2009
London you took me as a boy and made me a soldier in a few month. You saved my life and showed me much excitement. Now I am in Australia but remember my young days!
Dave MacPhail, 06 04 2009
Hola mi London! A pesar de que haya pasadoe l tiempo te sigo mirando y sigo alucinando e imaginandome alli, disfrutandote, me encantas y me encantaras siempre! Que magia tendras que me atrapa tanto?
lawy, 30 03 2009
I was in London last week. It was great and sunny.I hope I will be there soon again.
cecilia mangion, 25 03 2009
We are just wondering at our school if Big Ben is the biggest clock in the World and we want to say g\'day to George who is over there at the moment.
Brinkworth Primary School , 18 03 2009
I come in london sometimes but I would like to live there, I love british atmosphere, sounds, language and melting pot. Simply I adore it ! I hope to come as soos as possible
Max , 17 03 2009
Hello London !! we where there in the begining of may 2008.. where there for 5 days and my children was so impressed by your town...we sure come back to big and beautiful LONDON. Best regards from us in Norway / oslo
Larsen , 24 02 2009
I wen to london in 2004 and I would like to go again it s the best city in the world and this great cam reminds me to those wonderful days
estre, 20 01 2009
I\'m listening Cold Play, and i\'m very upset to look these pics. I\'d cry. London miss me too much.
Pierpaolo, 19 01 2009
Hi London..! How you are beautiful...I hope to come back soon and visit again your Parliement Building...! Mirriel
Mirriel, 18 01 2009
stephanie speir, 10 01 2009
stephanie speir, 10 01 2009
I\'m an argentine lawyer, and I love Europe, and England , I love London . I wish I were there just now with Christine. Merry Christmas.
raul, 24 12 2008
I\'ll be there in July but the cam makes me want to be there for the holidays. I\'ll have 30 university students in tow for the five weeks of their lives. How exciting to host their first trip to one of the world\'s greatest cities.
Jimm Cox, 22 12 2008
cosa le prende tutto a un tratto la cam credo sia caduta oerche io vedo solo un marciapiedi
Nico De Blanck, 16 12 2008
Estive em Londres em Março e adorei, todos os dias vou a web ADORO!!!!!VISEU PORTUGAL
Isabel pina cruz, 15 12 2008
I\'m an English teacher from Argentina and I love England , I love London . I wish I were there just now . Thanks for your web cam .
Christine , 15 12 2008
Just love London it;s alive and just full of activity, cant wait to come back and live a little
steve Hawkins, 14 12 2008
I luv this view of Big Ben. Can\'t wait to return to London Town again.
Linda Whiddon Dallas Tx, 13 12 2008
Hey, I just came across this cam and I think its famtastic! Is this cam streaming all the time? Well done anyway. Cant wait to come back.
Sam, 09 12 2008
love London, used to work there in the 70, so much better today than back then. I have been twice in the last 13 months. You are an amazing city. I love you!
Jennifer Smith, 09 12 2008
My wife and I spent a few days in London several years ago. It was the most wonderful place and I honestly wish I could move there. It\'s my favorite city.
Mark Lechman, 06 12 2008
hi there London, what a view. I\\\'ve never been there but would like to one day. greetings from Singapore
konken, 29 11 2008
I spent 2 weeks in london on holidays a couple of years ago. Every single day around 5 I sat by the acquarium benches to watch the sun go down behind the Parliament. What an great view that is. I love London and can\'t wait to go back.
marin, 28 11 2008
Estuve en Londres la semana pasada, y pasé muchísimo frio.
bela, 27 11 2008
I was in London eight yrs ago and really very soon I´ll show it to my two children Lorena & Adrian. MERRY XMAS LONDON !!!
Jose Guardia, 26 11 2008
looking at this cam i only went to the GLC side a couple of times. funny how you miss it and take the old city for granted! i sat on the benches in the summer once eating a icecream. the benches were in love actualy by the way.
Raul, 24 11 2008
I was in London last Christmas with my wife and my kid. I love London, Big Ben and Tower Bridge. I would live in this marvellous city. See you soon my LONDON.
Pierpaolo, 21 11 2008
I love London. My dream is live end work there. What\'s else
Pierpaolo, 21 11 2008
Yellow leaf and dry tree and cold, wet roads and cold wind, it is looking like dream and still i dreaming to visit again London.......I hope.
Muhammad Jamil, 18 11 2008
Amo Londres. Estuve en julio-agosto de este año con mi hija tratando de cumplir su sueño... conocer la cuna beatle. Inolvidable. Para volver mil veces.
betty, 13 11 2008
Wow, London...what can I say. I really love it I hope go back very soon. Wait for me !!
Jose Guardia, 06 11 2008
Ich vermisse die Stadt so sehr. Wie gerne wäre ich wieder dort und am liebsten für immer. Januar 2009 darf ich wieder dort sein. Leider nicht für immer
Michaela, 03 11 2008
Maravilloso Londres, realmente disfruto mirando esta cámara, con deseos de estar allí, felicitaciones.Estuvimos en 1999. Soy de Montevideo-Uruguay
Ana Maria Arce , 24 10 2008
Oh how I miss London. How I would love to take a round in London Eye with the night lights. *sigh*
Pippa, 21 10 2008
I will love to go back to london and see the famous big ben clock close up.
Philip Birkett, 21 10 2008
London is indeed beautiful. We had been there for a week but it was too short.I regret to be there for a week.The BIG BEN,LONDON EYE,LONDON BRIDGE ,TRAFALGAR SUARE,BUCKINGHAM PALACE such beautiful places i really miss them.LONDON i will be back soon.Miss you Love You!
BARNALI, 21 10 2008
I\'m coming for the month of July 2009 with 30 students. This will be trip #8 for me and I never get enough of London. Keep shining, Ben, I\'ll be there soon!
Jimm Cox, 18 10 2008
why is it that we have been forced to live again into the past and turn our lights out and you see an empty house with all it`s lights on
del, 18 10 2008
London is beautiful,fantastic,wonderful....I´ll be back as soon as possible!!!!! Andreza Moretti from Brazil
Andreza Moretti, 17 10 2008
Can\'t wait to get back to London next month. We will be there for 1 whole month! This time we\'re looking for a flat. I am so excited. Hoping to find a place near Picadilly Circus. Wish us luck!
acourtesan, 16 10 2008
will be going to london in november. we were going for the harry potter opening, but since it was postponned will now just have fun!
benny martin, 16 10 2008
Jake Thomas, 15 10 2008
I love Big Ben and The Eye ...and everything in London.It\'s the most impressive,beautiful town I\'ve ever seen!!!I\'ll be back as soon as possible:)
Antonia from Bulgaria, 13 10 2008
Big Ben, just fantastic...
Vincent Steine, 07 10 2008
hi i\'m from malta i like london. here is the most beautiful area in london.
denis, 04 10 2008
London, my old love, the only place to be!!!
Thomas , 21 09 2008
HOOOORAY!!!! I\'m coming back to see LONDON again for Christmas... Will see the SITES and LIGHTS all over LONDON town Love London sooooo much
Angie, 19 09 2008
Dear Sir Big Ben is a world famous landmark and always impresses me like so many great places it represents an enormous effort by the architects and constructors.
Mr Carey David Price, 19 09 2008
see you in London,cant wait to came back!.
Rolf Uwe Guesten, 15 09 2008
Sorry, does somebody know boysband Blue???
Ira, 14 09 2008
My friend Vanessa has just moved fron the US to the Strand. I\'ll be bringing 30 US students for five weeks during the summer and Vanessa and I will turn the town upside down. Look out Soho - here we come!
Jimm Coc, 13 09 2008
I\'ll be bringing nearly 30 students to London next summer and they always watch the webcams before we arrive. Five more weeks in your beautiful city. I can\'t wait!
Jimm, 13 09 2008
Sorry, does somebody know boysband Blue?
Ira, 13 09 2008
I Love London!!! I Will visit it one day!! It\'s the best city...
Rose, 11 09 2008
i was at this location in early may with friends and wish i was still there
CHUCKRCM, 11 09 2008
london is a wonderful city,looking forward to visit is, you will hear about me soon in the UK. get ready
lamine, 11 09 2008
I really hope to visit England with my mother soon, thats always been my dream<3 I LOVE England, I am a british movie freak!LOL and BBC America too! My fam says its a perfect place for me casue it rains a lot, and I love the rain=)
Tahleah, 11 09 2008
And Blue is GREAT!
Ira, 08 09 2008
London is GREAT!
Ira, 08 09 2008
I love London. I think I\'ll see London one day. I want to see Big Ben, Trafalgar Square and more. But the first reason is boysband Blue. I\'m a big fan of Blue. I love them of all very much.
Ira, 08 09 2008
This Is Butiful Because I\'v Never Been To London But I Look Forward To The Olympics In 2012 I Will see More Of London On Tv!!!!
Kieran, 06 09 2008
Was walking along there just 2 wks ago (my 50th Birthday treat) and on the LONDON EYE in the beautiful SUNSHINE.. got a slight TAN on the River Boat tooo!!!! Wish I was there again... I WILL BE BACK !!!!!!!!
Angie , 05 09 2008
for me uk is one of the best country with all its diversity of cultures ,hopefully i\'ll be there soon , london , picadilly circus, trafalgar square, coming soon !!!! lamine from Algeria(algiers)
lamine, 03 09 2008
I agree Shelb. I cried when I boarded the plane to return home. What a fantastic place. I can\'t wait to return.
Gloria, 02 09 2008
This view of Big Ben takes my breath away each time I see many wonderful memories of London...of course the best is son who lives there!
Alice, 31 08 2008
i really like all pleaces in UK and i dont have any comment about anything just i really have 1 dream inside me one day i be there in london , i never been there but i live in this life even for 5 mint to be there in london , i think the one he siting now and reading my comment is lucky he is there in london , thanks god save UK,Mohammed
Moahmmed Hussein , 31 08 2008
Been away too long! Last visit in May 07, but I will be there for Christmas this year. Must be nuts to leave Sunny South Africa in summer for UK in winter
HooMee, 30 08 2008
My grandfather was from London and I can\'t understand why he left. (I\'m in the U.S.)
George Parker, 30 08 2008
London is my favourite city and England is my favourite country in the World!!! I have been in London a year ago and I wish every day that I could live there! I\'m planning to move there! I LOVE YOU ENGLAND!!!!!!!!!!!
Csilla, 30 08 2008
London,England is better than freakin awesome!!!! and can\'t wait to go back... what\'s up ENGLAND!!!!
Abbigail, 29 08 2008
You wouldn\'t want to live here, it\'s a dumping ground for the world\'s losers!
Coley, 24 08 2008
i miss England so much... i spent almost 3week there,and can\'t wait 2 go back... when i got on the plane 2 go back 2 the U.S.A i almost cried...most of my time i spent it in Manchester, but i saw London as well... i\'m missing it already and it has only 2months since i got back...Luv England lots!!!
shelb, 23 08 2008
Haha! I live here :P
Louise, 18 08 2008
It´s OK. No está mal.
javier, 17 08 2008
I have been in london for two months and i really think its not enough for me because i have left my heart and soul there. I can not wait to get back to london. Thanks for letting me re-acquaint myself through your webcam. Thanks to camvista
Zarine, 11 08 2008
The web cam n big Ben at night is bad... WHY cant we see the time on massive clock ??
don, 02 08 2008
All the cameras are dirty and need a clean, one camera is completely out of focus! this spoils all the views
MIKE, 28 07 2008
I\'ve been to London a few times on holiday and love to \"visit\" again via the webcams. Can\'t wait til I get to go back!!
Julie, 26 07 2008
Visited London last month for the 2nd time. Love the city with all my heart!! Hope to stay in the UK one day.
Heleen from South Africa, 23 07 2008
Пацаны. В Лондоне по моему до хера черножпых!!!
Alesha, 16 07 2008
I`ve been in London for 2 weeks in 2005 and can`t forget it till this time.
Alesha, 16 07 2008
I have been visiting London 2-3 times a year since 1979. I love Big Ben, Picadilly Circus, Park Lane. As awhole London is amazing City, one should not miss to see in life.
Shyam, 16 07 2008
I was there in London for 5months, its great to see Big Ben.Eventhough iam not in london now If i think and want to see Big ben, iam seeing through Camvista,at anytime. Thanks to Camvista.
somasundaram, 14 07 2008
I can not wait to get back to London. The city is beautiful.
Oswald, 12 07 2008
I lived in London from 1999 to 2001 and the thing I miss most is Big Ben and the peacefulness of the late night/early morning views. Thanks for letting me re-acquaint myself through your Webcam
tanya, 09 07 2008
oh man i can not wait to get back to london...wish i never left. thanks cam vista for the awesome view
Von , 05 07 2008
hi there! Eghain wrote miss London so much.. Me too, because London is one of the most beautiful places on the Earth for me :) I love it here..
Letys, 03 07 2008
I miss London sooo much... =(
Eghain, 28 06 2008
Our wish came true. Now you are in the summer solstice we can see you bright and clear.
Brinkworth Primary School, 24 06 2008
I love london,england, although I have never been there Ive been told that it is more beautiful than it looks in the movies! I have wanted to go there since I was little, I always imagined being there with my mother and hopefully we both can go to london!!!!!!!
tahleah, 21 06 2008
Have been to London twice, last time 12 years ago, loved it, will be going back over in July, wish we could live there
Linda, 16 06 2008
I spent 3 wonderful weeks here in 2002. Since then thoughts of returning someday are never far away. I felt so at "home" in London ... more then any other place I have ever been. At least with these images I can "be there" in spirit !!
Craig Shimel, 11 06 2008
beautiful day, you've got there today. Amaizing and adorable london.
JUAN, 09 06 2008
London is definitly the geatest city on this planet. I used to live there for a few years. I miss that place so much. Maybe I'll move back there some day. If you're tired of London, you're tired of life, trust me on this one.
Luc, 06 06 2008
This is amazing. I love history and this is not just a practical joke!
Aiyana , 04 06 2008
Oh GOD!! I love this place!! Wish I were there again!
Debbie Tyson, 03 06 2008
I used to live in this wonderful city during the 80's..yeah long time ago. I miss it so much and coming soon to soak myself with memories of the hu hu
roy, 24 05 2008
We are on our way to London very very soon and can't wait to explore this city and hang out with my son - An Aussie in London - Keep the good weather comin'!
Rainey, 16 05 2008
Ahhhh I miss this lovely city. So much to see and do. Ten days just wasn't enough. Now I can watch the webcam and envy the people on the streets. Cheers!
Scott, 15 05 2008
i'll be in london very soon, its just a question of time, its lovely to see this busy city , i adore it lol coming soon london !! lamine , Algeria
lamine, 14 05 2008
OHHHHHHHHHH london i like london c'est mon réve d'étre à londonnnnnnnn pour le visité namira
nadera, 12 05 2008
I discovered this page some time ago and want to thank you for having these cams for us to see... I love and miss London so much and is great knowing I can come here along with the other cams up (Trafalgar Square)and be able to see my favorite city in the world practically any time. I can't wait to be there again!! See ya soon London!!!! xxxxxxxx
Gladys, 09 05 2008
OOOOhhh!! Londres te echo muchisimo de menos, en breve estare alli para disfrutarte de nuevo!! I LOVE YOU AND I MISS YOU!!
lau, 08 05 2008
Oh, beautiful!!! I miss London a lot... Wanna go back some day!
Milena Serro, 07 05 2008
big ben is my son
big mom, 06 05 2008
safe to lodon its class i love to go yhyh. bye now xx
ashley jones, 06 05 2008
mitchell, 06 05 2008
london is a class i hav been there want to go again!!!!! i can see london live NOW!!!!!
chelsea , 06 05 2008
im on tv
bob , 06 05 2008
This image is fantastic! I live in Rome but life in this historical moment is not so great... I know things in London are better than here. One day i wish i could live in! Ciao Londra ci vediamo tra poco !
luana, 30 04 2008
i like london but the weather is not too good, just rains pretty much all the time,
rob, 30 04 2008
I LOVE LONDON! I was in London two years ago.This year i going to London again becouse is the most beatiful place in the world.
pettrus, 29 04 2008
This webcam is great!! I have it streaming on my desktop at work all day. I've visited London twice and will be there again in Oct 08. London just feels like home. Cheers from the U.S.
Matthew , 25 04 2008
Hya Brinkworth Primary sorry for the delay I just went on that si got up todate streaming of Big ben but Dont forget the Time differnce good luck Danny. double click on the picture you get full size .
Danny H , 24 04 2008
We'll be in London,maybe in a few weeks,I'm very exciting to see and work in London, wish me luk, please,we know it's a very beautiful and intresting town,bless you!!!
sorin, 02 04 2008
i am sitting in canada looking at this webcam to see what earth hour looks like in london. I was there last august and loved the city.
bruce springsteen, 29 03 2008
Die Kamera aktualisiert si garned alle 5 Sekunden. :(( Aso, Mahlzeit!
Martin Stefan, 25 03 2008
Thankyou Danny for your kind advice however when we went to that website it took us back to the original Big Ben cam vista site- and its still night time. What are we doing wrong ?
Brinkworth Primary School, 25 03 2008
Hi Brinkworth Primary Big Ben fantastic in the evening go to then UK you can see most of the UK your so lucky with all that sunshine guys
Danny , 06 03 2008
wetter ich I am now have to reverse to the age of 37 yrs of age,I was in London at that time and now I am able to recall the beautiful memories in the past.That was fantastic!I really enjoy the beautiful sceneries as shown in website here.
have such a gorgeous view, 04 03 2008
mieses wetter
ich, 29 02 2008
We are from a little school in country Mid North of South Australia, and we love looking at England on your web cam. However we wish it was day time. One night we might stay at school to see Big Ben in the daylight.
Brinkworth Primary School, 21 02 2008
I was in London between the 3rd and 7th of February 2008, and it was my second time there and i visited everything showned in this camera. I absolutely love London and i wish i could live there even if only for a few years. I tried the London Eye and i even saw Jack Straw at the Houses of Commons. If you live in such a great city your lucky. Cheers!
Serginho, 19 02 2008
victoria, 16 02 2008
I love London, I wish to move over there to teach one day! I most likely will live in Essex due to cost of living.
The Zodiac Prince, 13 02 2008
in response to the xenophobic 'bulldog' of the previous post, I want to express that there are many British people who are aware of the benefits of immigration and that we welcome migrants to boost our economy and culture.
a rare liberal Briton, 09 02 2008
Hiya British Bulldog...I believe you should be careful speaking for an entire nation. Many of my friends, who are London, Birmingham, Cheltenham, and Reigate, have encouraged me to come live there. So, perhaps you aren't as full up as you think. London is a lovely city, and I've always found the people there to be warm and friendly, as with every other city and town I've visited in England. Take care!
Elbie, 09 02 2008
I lost my heart in London...specially in this side!:)) ciao darling!;)
idonnow, 08 02 2008
Plan on being there next weekend. I have never been but I can't wait to go! :-)
Jessica Latham, 06 02 2008
As a London born Cockney English man its nice that people think Big Ben is great,and that London is a great city. But I would say to people like Marina,Maria Porto,Jorge from Mexico,and Susy from Brazil,Its nice that you want to come and visit us, but we don't need or want you to come and live here as we are full up.
british bulldog Londoner, 31 01 2008
Woop Woop I was there not that long ago!!
Meg, 31 01 2008
Will be visitng London again in may 2008. Such a lovely place to be.
Jennie Dunne, 20 01 2008
London is beautiful I have gone for the first time with my husband Cristian I am in love of it
Oh look! Parliament is in session! I so wish I were in London now!!!
Lori Beth, 03 01 2008
I miss london so much, thanks to this web,Could be posible to have one in the top of Saint Paul Cathedral?I want more...Feliz Año Nuevo from Tenerife (Spain)
orestes, 01 01 2008
We are coming to London next month. Can't wait to see Big Ben. I hope it does not rain as we are from Canada (Vancouver Island) and it is raining here.
Gavin and Dana, 30 12 2007
Здорово.Удачная камера.А вообще- очень люблю Лондон
roma, 29 12 2007
Wow, Big ben, I'd love to go there! But unfortunately i cant :(
Nikos, 24 12 2007
adoro londres e mato saudades com estas imagens todos os dias!!!!!
maria, 20 12 2007
Big Ben = Big Friend beautiful, love to hear the bells. See you at 27th of december!
caroline, 14 12 2007
I will be there next month..please don't rain all the time!
Gennaro, 02 12 2007
big ben gives me wonderfull memories when i was a child.I used to live in london and only now i can appreciate big ben and its fine glory.i went to school in london so i saw big ben every day,what asight
joseph xuereb, 01 12 2007
watching this cam every day until i will go there in 1 month! Can´t wait! London i´m coming!
Manu, 29 11 2007
Que bonita esta ciudad, me encanta la he visitado dos veces,y cuando la veo por la webcam me trae muy buenos recuerdos, es mi lugar favorito.
Virginia, 27 11 2007
tra un pò ti vedrò londra....
debby, 27 11 2007
very nice shame theres nothing on the roads at the minute!! vey good scanning camera!!
Biggles, 26 11 2007
This is a scanning image - not always BB.
David D, 13 11 2007
big ben is the beating heart of live london-
RAHUL RAI, 09 11 2007
i miss my home in london,this is the only connection to home.oh how i wish i could go back and see my friends @ parliment!!!!!!
craven dantes, 08 11 2007
Going to London tomorrow!
Sofia, 26 10 2007
I live in Connecticut USA after living in London for 12 years...its great to be able to see live pictures of The Houses Of Parliament and Big Ben anytime I want's a very beautiful building.
Robin Brown, 20 10 2007
London Town is such a great place. See you soon Big Ben. Love England
graham, 16 10 2007
Access web can Big Ben is beautiful, but I would like visit England one day. Gilson
Gilson , 15 10 2007
what a glorious site it is....... it just bring back my 13 years stay in london
Nauman, 05 10 2007
soy de venezuela.Muchas felicitaciones esta cam web es impresionante
dayana, 28 09 2007
I love LOndon and I enjoy so much this cam. It helps dream and think that one day I shall live in LOndon....yhe most beautiful city in the world...take care of it...
MARINA, 26 09 2007
I love london!!! It means for me the freedom. Somewhere over the rainbow...:)
Kinga Geczi, 19 09 2007
i lovvv big ben and his gus he is soooooooooo fine!!!
mary, 18 09 2007
Ah! Big Ben! I can still remember the first time i saw Big Ben, Damn! I was ecstatic! Lotsa love from South Africa!
Shane Lee, 07 09 2007
I am from South Africa, And I was really taken aback, of the Magnificent Big Ben. I really miss London, We'll be back soon... Romelan, Sandton, Johannesburg, S Africa
Romelan Nagan, 23 08 2007
Big Ben is my Brother :)
Big Sister, 20 08 2007
We Love Just Good Always From Must Be Very Our Beautiful With Downtown For London Big Ben Wanna The Best This Perfect Work It's Clock Like Repairing Gonna From Last Few Week Ago.. I Hope Really Not Because Just Around From Next Two Year's Our Greatest Moment It's Already Very Special Mark Our Big Ben London Gonna From 150th Anniversary Waiting Until 2009.. Best Wishes, MR.HOLLYWOOD Kevin Day Byram,Mississippi (USA)
Kevin Day, 16 08 2007
Could stand & appreciate (as I did Mar/Apr this year) for ever at the magnificance & detail of these beatifull buildings. Imagine designing & building like this at that time!
Leonie Coleman, 14 08 2007
London is my home away from home ( live in Copenhagen ) and Big Ben beside the Thames, brings at lot of good memories back. C.
Christian, 12 08 2007
i hope it is nice weather tomorrow because i am coming up for a week from Cumbria, with my family, what a shame the Clock has stoppped that is hte best part, but htere is still pleanty of more fun stuff to do.
Kate Dunsmoir, 12 08 2007
From our vacation trip to London a favorite photo was of my daughter and Big Ben from a capsule of the London Eye high above London.
Gloria Hille, 12 08 2007
born in england as i was with the atwoods natruly rooted there big ben oh it was a site
bradley atwood, 11 08 2007
My daughter stays in London today. Now I can see her waether :-)
Dirk, 02 08 2007
special city to me, my daughter was born in london in St. Thomas Hospital it was so great.....'m brazilian and i love london
Maria Porto, 31 07 2007
Viewing this cam, brought me great memories of my two wonderful visits to London. :-)
Elena Shakirova, 31 07 2007
I hope to get back to London say someday and God willing I'll get there. For now though I'm grateful to be able to see these images they are a wonderful visual aide to my imagination. Thank you
Jeff, 29 07 2007
When I can't be in the UK, this is the next best thing! I've been visiting CAMVI for over 7 years. Thanks.
Dorothy, 26 07 2007
LONDON!One of the best cities in the world!!One day I`ll visit this Eye of London,Big Ben,Westminster and more,more,more!Just because yesterday I had an English exam and told about London`s sightseeings,I had been learning about these Houses of Parliament,the history of Big Ben,etc for all this year!!!I have a right,lol!Good luck,people!
Vika, 23 07 2007
I love London and I love Big Ben so much! I visit this site very often to see him and say bye nostalgically...
ilaria, 23 07 2007
omg!! this images get me back very good memories! when i was there, is a fantastic city, the people is very nice, lots of places to visit, everything are so organized,the weather is amazing wooow i'm just waiting the time to go back there for a long time, visit all my friends arround europe and make an english life, it would be nice to taste. bye from México
jorge antonio, 21 07 2007
Big Ben and London, i love that city and that country, it is my favorite place for an vacation.
DoT, 20 07 2007
Big Ben is THE clock, a "timeless" clock.
judy, 19 07 2007
I am from Texas so whenever I see it I thin one of several things; (i) Reminds me of my dakkywanger; (2) Why is it so small and old looking; and, (3) God Bless the UK.
stinkman karuthers, 15 07 2007
Hello for all... I´m from Brazil and I am very happy of seeing Big Ben of here. Kisses for Eliane ...
Curvacho, 12 07 2007
Yes! It's there waiting for me... I'll be there in september... for a while, I can apreciate the sun rising from the other side of the world... I'm desperate to go!!!!
cleber, 11 07 2007
i wish i would here(england) and go to little venice;)
sandra, 09 07 2007
hello ı com turkey last wınter ın london very beutuful ın london and london eye all green very good thenkyou
muslum, 07 07 2007
i would like to say I LOVE LONDON
mikala, 04 07 2007
I was born in London, England and when I travelled back there from the U.S.A. Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament brought back very special memories to me. Pat W
Patricia Wertheimer, 04 07 2007
I love England,even though i live in america and haven't visited yet.and the ones that really got me into England is my 2 brothers Tom and John.
shelb, 04 07 2007
its always a pleasure to see this famous big ben, really a nice and beautiful place,looking forward to be there soon,without forgeting the london wheel that i adore alots having this high and exciting view of london see you soon there !!!!! lamine from Algiers, ALGERIA
lamine, 03 07 2007
BIG BEN, its a nice place. And I have many recollections in here. Neil is my Darling , and we kiss under Big Ben and walk around here always. Now I miss My Darling Neil....because I 'm in Hong Kong. Hope to see him verY soon.
Icy Tang, 03 07 2007
Im from small country in Cemtral America, my dream was to come visit Londond and Scotland, now I can die happy cos I visited the most incredible pleaces in the world, God allow I will come back to London and specially Scotland, cheers to my friends in Edinburgh..Tika
Tika, 03 07 2007
I am from Brazil, but I love London...if I can, I will live in this very nice city.
susy, 02 07 2007
I'm doing a project on Big Ben at the moment. I'm from Australia but saw Big Ben when i went to London in 2000 (when i was 5). It looks great.
Claire Mercer, 01 07 2007
hi steve how come star wars is still being advertised by big ben,dont anyone now the martians have landed there in no 10
mick h, 29 06 2007
I`ve NEVER been there in London and near to BIG BEN, however, I`ve read much about it!I hope one day to go and see myself what I`ve read about!! Valya from Bulgaria
valya, 26 06 2007
ohh, Big Ben it brings back memories of our wonderful UK trip so long ago.... but still so vivid in my mind.. I love England..
Marea Gray, 26 06 2007
i love big ben hes my boyfriend! i miss u
stella mooney, 20 06 2007
i was born in london but now in malta but only now i can apreciate big ben cos when used to live there it was always is a fantastic clock and brings back great memories of when i used to go to school
joseph xuereb, 21 05 2007

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