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User comments

Edinburgh is one of the nicest places on the planet Earth. The citizens of Edinburgh are among the nice people in the world.
John Ellis, 06 09 2014
Wonderful Edinburgh!!!!!!! MISS YOU A LOT!!!!!!! ......WARMEST GREETINGS FROM ARMENIA!!!!!!!!
Nana, 26 12 2010
Pls let me know how or when I will display your webcams on Android device like HTC ESIRE HD. Tks
Ettore Corda, 21 12 2010
Those trams look lovely!! But a bit close together I think!
Slatach, 19 12 2010
Looking through web cam the priscess street, I go back in 2009 June when we walked almost all Edimburgh..this town, Athens of North, is and will be for ever in our hearts! We\'ll come back certainly because we love you soooo much!
katerina aristea, 09 12 2010
Hurrah Edinburgh, the most beautiful city in the world. I hope one day to go visit him or even to live there.
franck, 09 12 2010
Really miss the old town, Visit this web cam every day just to see how things look. The snow looks great although it can be a pain when you are there. Wish we could have the snow in Brisbane Australia. See you in a couple of years, Edinburgh.
ALan, 07 12 2010
I lived in Edinburgh for 4 years and I left it in 2000. But every place is treasured deeply within my heart. Seeing this makes me feel home...
Marco Carvalho, 06 12 2010
You guys have more snow than we have in Boston, USA ! Johnny, 12-6-2010
john mccune, 06 12 2010
Im so proud that I was born in Edinburgh and can live in this beautiful city! Le it snow :-)
Vivienne, 03 12 2010
I\'m going to miss christmas in Edinburgh this year, I really wished I could have been able to come home again, christmas in England is boring, still, I will be able to watch the fireworks on new year of course
Davie, 02 12 2010
Amazing to be able to see this from Nebraska, USA! just amazing!
mmmexperimental, 29 11 2010
Beautiful snowy evening for a stroll in Edinburgh. I visit this lovely city every day via the web cam. Thanks to all who make it possible
Nancy, 29 11 2010
I wish I could be there!
laurence, 28 11 2010
What has happened to the Trams?
Mary, 27 11 2010
I\'m going to miss Hogmanay in Edinburgh this year, although both daughters will be there. It was probably my best Christmas ever last year
Dave Willis, 19 11 2010
hi Billy McKirdy , i agree with u , i lived in peffermil court in craigmiller , i saw many good ppl there really .i use to go to the shopping centre in Niddrie as im stranger i see all ppl there r friendly .
Abdul Ertami, 16 08 2010
hi , does anybody knows how to download from this site . thanks
Ertami, 16 08 2010
Wished that there was sound like the live webcam views of Times Square in America. The picture quality on these cams is a bit wavey and blurry, can this be fixed?
John Robertson, 09 08 2010
This is for my friend NF I know you are there in that beautiful at this time of year, I just wanted to say: Enjoy it and have a fantastic time!
Natacha, 07 08 2010
coming to Edinburgh for 2 weeks holiday. home sweet home, nothing to beat Edinburgh, the best town in the world
Davie Kelly, 28 07 2010
I love Edinburgh, especially the old town where I grew up. I wish it stayed beautiful. its a Pity the place is run by idiots. pollution doubled because of the unwanted trams, that failed... grunt!! There is so much to like in Edinburgh, and it\'s being outweighed by so much to hate because the counsel insist of abusing power and not listening to the visitors and citizens. HELP!
Jon, 24 07 2010
PAUL, 09 07 2010
WayneB, wherever you are, thank you so much for your comment, I love Edinburgh as much as you and in my phantasy I\'ve strolled down the streets you\'ve mentioned, especially Water of Leith...
GabiS, 06 07 2010
I wish the angles of the camera would be better, they stick on the sites too long, who wants to sit looking at a clock for 2 minutes? lets have more views and clearer pictures to boot
Davie, 03 07 2010
I first moved to Edinburgh and fell in love... 35 years later I love it more than ever, with annual holidays there keeping the flame alive. Small enough to feel town-ish, with a steady stream of events and seasonal changes to keep things fresh and exciting. Get off the main streets... get around the New Town and down in and around Stockbridge, or to the Meadows and beyond into Sciennes, Marchmont, Bruntsfield (remember, get off the main streets)... and walk the Hermitage of Braid (wilderness in the city) or stroll down into Dean Village and along the Water of Leith to Stockbridge and further to the Botanic Gardens. Love it in the rain, or savour it in the sun. Step into the charity shops and find some great books, or seat yourself in a small cafe for a bite to eat. Watch those fluffy white clouds roll on overhead. Visit Corniche on Jeffrey Street for the coolest designer clothes, or hit Armstrong\'s in the Grassmarket for a staggering selection of vintage goods. And best of all, you can walk it all. Even all the way down to Portobello Beach... Or take a bus to Joppa. And if you\'re tired of the city, get to the outskirts, like Crammond, for lunch. Or go to the countryside, it\'s only minutes away. Edinburgh... I love her.
WayneB, 28 06 2010
its been long time since i left Edinburgh in 2007, still as it is beautiful, my plan is to visit Edinburgh in august this year aye pal lol my regards to all ppl in scotland xx
Abdulbaset Ertami, 16 06 2010
My wife and I were in Scotland from May14 to the 27 with are last 4 days in Edinburgh. It is a very nice city had lots of fun walking around lots to see and nice people. Walking the royal Mile is like walking the 16 street mall in Denver lots to see nice places to eat and drink... Mikey
Mike Ross, 07 06 2010
Thank you Lorraine, you are spot on, this is not the place to bitch about areas, Edinburgh is a wonderful city and I love being from here, for the record, Niddrie isnt bad, its just another inner city suburb blighted by unemployment but it IS improving, I live here and should know. Im proud of both Edinburgh AND Niddrie.
Billy McKirdy, 01 06 2010
Listen, we can argue all day about Niddrie but the fact is that every big city has its bad parts,this is not exclusive to Edinburgh, and to bring up the subject here doesn\'t even make sense. If I could move to Edinburgh tomorrow I would, it\'s beautiful.
Lorraine, 31 05 2010
Its Hard not to love this city i do for so many travelers, scotish dont bring so much to it, this place is internacional center of crazy guys from abroad, who love to meet you, as same as you,Plenty of australians spanish italian franch polish great base
KAMIL, 31 05 2010
this place is like a heaven,n my second llove after my wife,i owe dis place a lot n if god willing i will come bak n will do as much as i cud for d betterment of d society,i love you edinburgh
victor, 30 05 2010
Elvis Presley I really am sorry to hear of your experiences in Niddrie and I also know through some of my own experiences that some of the idiots who live there make life very hard for others, I do understand how and why you feel about this area, it just irks me that once again the area is put down with true conviction. I dont know if you\'ve visited recently but its not as bad as it once was. regards.
billybop, 23 05 2010
Its A wonderfull City lived there about 20 years but has changed people have become ignorant they stick to their own kind thats a Fact....sad but true
Mr Raymond, 23 05 2010
Excellent cam, I love Edinburgh city I lived in ther a few years ago, and i just love it. it`s nice to still wath the city. Great people, by the way I love its weather
Luis Paniagua, 19 05 2010
PAUL, 17 05 2010
in reference to the niddrie and craigmillar comments, I know what the hell I commented about seeing as I stayed there, AND TRUE, THERE IS DECENT PEOPLE THERE, BUT THERE ARE ALSO JUNKIES, ALCOHOLICS AND OTHER BRAIN DEADS IN THOSE AREA\\\'S READY TO RUIN IT FOR EVERYONE THAT STAYS THERE, MY FLAT WAS BURNED OUT BECAUSE OF JUNKIES so please pal, let me have my comments about that section of Edinburgh, I know there are decent folk, I have friends that come from there
elvis presley, 14 05 2010
Best web cam on the net. I visit everyday. Edinburgh,a city with friendly people and great food.
Nanette, 12 05 2010
A beautiful day in a beautiful city. If wishes came true I would be walking on Princess St.
Richard, 12 05 2010
Please ignore the negative comments about Niddrie & Craigmillar, Its a total insult to the many many good people from there. Edinburgh, my home city, and a place I love dearly is still unfortunately 2 cities as evidenced by these comments.
Billy McKirdy, 07 05 2010
going to the tattoo in august love Edinburgh. Can\'t wait to get there, was born there a long time ago, feels like I am coming home
john from Aus, 30 04 2010
just logged in and seen the new tram for the first time, I love being able to see my hometown, at times I wish was still staying there though Niddrie and Craigmillar area\'s are still pimps and junky lands, keep well away from these area\'s folks
Davie Kelly, 26 04 2010
Just returned from Edinburgh 2 weeks ago. Loved it,miss it,can\'t wait to go back. Beautiful city,terrific history,and lovely,lively people with a great talent for storytelling.
Jennifer from Canada, 08 04 2010
Just returned from Edinburgh 2 weeks ago. Loved it,miss it,and can\'t wait to go back. Beautiful city,terrific history,and lovely,lively people with a great talent for storytelling!
Jennifer from Canada, 08 04 2010
great seeing my home town again wnenever I want,
Davie from rothetham, 04 04 2010
...é de facto fabuloso estar em Edinburgh no mês de Agosto. O mundo cultural reune-se na Royal Mile , na Prince Street e nos seus jardins e é realmente grandiosa a recepção que a cidade e os escoceses no geral fazem a todos quantos quiseram visitar a cidade .Don´t miss: EDIN in AUG . Lisbon,Artur.
Artur, 14 03 2010
great cam positions, although we are now in a hot country, we miss going into Edinburgh. Beautiful, friendly city.
Eamonn Toland, 06 03 2010
I spent two years in this strong and nice city and I still miss it so much. I have worked at the Balmoral Hotel in Princess street it was a dream all the best to everybody....
emanuele venice italy, 15 02 2010
Edinburgh é de facto uma cidade que nos rouba a alma . A traça arquitectónica é simplesmente fabulosa e as gentes são simpáticas e amistosas...paixão garantida a quem visitar ! Eu fiquei (como se nota) apaixonado.
Jorge Rato, 11 02 2010
I really miss Edingburgh. One year ago I stood there for 4 month and I really looking forward to come back when our son is older... I felt in love and still I am in love with this beautiful city and country!!! Hope to see you (Edinburgh) soon...
Verena, 09 02 2010
Edinburgh is a dream.
mimmo tullo, 31 01 2010
Every day my husband and I take a look at Edinburgh,our city home we love it very muh and We miss it a lot.We guess to come back very soon. Daniela from Sasso Marconi(bo) Italy 31 01 2010
daniela, 31 01 2010
Moved away from Edinburgh 1966 nice to be able to visit whenever I like via this web cam also nice to see Princes Street looking back to normal again.
stuart Balgarnie, 18 01 2010
Love this cam. I and my wife, who\'s Scottish, visit when we can. I miss it already.
Robert Jablon, 13 01 2010
My favourite city in the World. Often take a look at this cam, brings back good memories.
andrew albon, 11 01 2010
this camera is my fav. lived in edinburgh 6 years and loved every second, living in states now and miss it soo much dying t omove back and settle in the one place where i was ever happy at least with this am i can pretend and keep an eye on my beautiful city
niall, 06 01 2010
Visited Edinburgh for the first time July last and is wonderful to see it live again in Holiday season. Will be back! edininburgh
Phil, 05 01 2010
Miss Auld Reekie so much, the white Xmas made it so picturesque. Thanks for the Web Cams, felt closer to home.
sandra mcginness, 05 01 2010
Love Edinburgh and people who live there! It´s so amazing city! Greetings from Prague..
Vivienne, 04 01 2010
What a wonderful city! With the snow it\'s an absolute miracle!
Christine, 03 01 2010
was wonderful watching you all enjoy the New Year cant wait to be there with you My Love...Thanks to the City for the cam..*s
Aussie Girlfriend, 01 01 2010
I visited Scotland in 2007 and I fell in love with Edinburgh. I want to visit this beautiful country very soon. Happy New Year to all! Kisses from Brazil.
Patricia Soares, 01 01 2010
Watching this webcam from Oregon, wishing I could be transplanted back for this night. Wa\'s tae us wa\'s like us damn few there a\'deid HAPPY NEW YEAR SCOTLAND
Liz, 31 12 2009
Happy New Year to all, wish I was celebrating in my favourite city in the world - looking even more beautiful with her festive snow dusting.
Scotslass, 31 12 2009
Happy New Year Edinburgh!...looking forward to coming home in 3 weeks x
Emma, 31 12 2009
Happy New Years. I can\'t wait until I can come as see this beautiful city and it\'s people.
Debbie, 31 12 2009
Happy New Year Edinburgh! It\'s with tears in my eyes that I remember having been there in 2007, how I miss you Scotland! God bless you all!
lynette, 30 12 2009
That settles it. After looking at the Christmas shots of Edinburgh, I\'ve reached a decision. I\'m definitely going to Edinburgh next Christmas.
Ash, 30 12 2009
hi to every body in edinburg, bruce&angela&familay we are all in sunny/rainy florida not missing the snow one bit ,,just our friends best wishes to all
bruce edwards, 26 12 2009
Merry White Christmas Edinburgh. How stunningly gorgeous on the webcam. I rang my best friend in Fife today (Christmas day) and her white Christmas celebrations are a world away from mine in Australia. We were sipping champagne in our swimming pool and \\\"dreaming of a white Christmas!\\\". All the best Edinburgh.
April, 25 12 2009
We Traveled to Scotland from Canada for the first time in July of 2007 and then again the following summer of 2008. We missed it so much we HAD to go back! Scotland stole my heart. Stole our hearts. Edinburgh is such a beautiful city. Its history making it rich with intrigue and romance. Sure there are other great cities in the world, but not so grand and as mesmerizing as Edinburgh. We love it and miss it so much. If my dream comes true I will one day make it my home, for it is home in my heart already. xoxo
Bobbi Webley, 22 12 2009
Lived in Edinburgh all my life until Feb 09. I challenge you to find a bar that isnt full of sum/neds. A lot of the people have no respect for their country
Creesball, 21 12 2009
Andrew whinges about Edinburgh being run down, he misses the whole point....Edinburgh is a very historic city, get out boy and do a bit of sightseeing, i`ve lived in Edinburgh ALL my life!
Russ, 21 12 2009
i miss edinburgh so much...
Simona, 19 12 2009
Im an Edinburgh bus driver & Edinburgh native, I am extremely proud of my city & its people & history, the roadworks over this last few years apart, my hometown is truly one of the worlds top places :):)
Billy McKirdy, 18 12 2009
Edinburgh looks so lovely at night with all the snow. Though I\'m surprised to see people out so late at night. I know it is a realitivly safe city but still what business our people have to be out at 3 or 4 am?
jody , 18 12 2009
Edinburgh, it looks so lovely with the snow falling Everyone should visit this wonderful city, I miss it so much, coming home soon
CAROL CULL, 17 12 2009
You want to get out more Andrew. Nowhere is perfect and Edinburgh is a darn sight better than most places featured on this site. Typical negative comment from a local - don\'t be put off - come and make up your own mind!
Jen, 17 12 2009
lovely city, just a pity about the weather!
emma, 16 12 2009
Edinburgh is indeed a beautiful place. I lived there with my family for 4 years and we loved it. The people are nice, the historic features are amazing. I pray to go back some day
Njekwa, Zambia, 07 12 2009
Some of the comments suggest that Edinburgh is a great place to travel to from across the world, but it\'s not that good, princess street & leith walk are rundown places, i am sure there are many better city\'s in the world to visit, i live near the city and have done for many years
andrew, 06 12 2009
I wish they had more web cam\'s all over Edinburgh. So we can see what a beautiful city it really is, and the people who live there. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
Debbie Brehmer, 03 12 2009
its beautiful and i plan to move there oneday...
chez,, 01 12 2009
johnnyb i just wished the tram workers had worked as hard through out - we may even have had it finished on time and on budget...
phil, 30 11 2009
Ah well Nick, there are what we call lamp standards, and until well into the 70s Princes Street had central poles for lighting which had been left after the removal of trams in 1956. George Street had them too. And very attractive they were too. In fsct, if you take yourself along to the RSA you will see four examples of these poles that still survive - bet you hadnt even noticed them! Mike
Mike, 29 11 2009
Now we can see the overhead posts running down the street we can imagine how brillant it will look with the over head cables in place. Of course when looking at the Castle these posts will nicely structure the view with strong vertical lines. Outside the RSA there will be a fab contrast of Neo Classical and Functionality..Joy of Joys!
Nick, 29 11 2009
Hi everybody. I love Edinburgh. But, What is this attraction beside The Walter Scott Monument? Regards
Antonio, 29 11 2009
Good on you,Edinburgh tram\'ve done well to work flat out in this weather..24/7...have a happy and peaceful Christmas ..JB
johnnyb, 28 11 2009
i have been in edinburgh 8 times and can\'t wait to come back.the locals are great and the city is beautiful.
braden, 27 11 2009
hi ARCHIE certainly i will do dat but wat abou u guys,i dont think so anything in dis world can change scottish people who just are (english) apes.please guys be more accepting towards other people and relegion.
victor, 24 11 2009
When do you think the live web cam of Prince\\\'s Street will return? Thank you
Rod Finkle, 18 11 2009
hi joan, u may have problem in ur pc , or may be the internet connection is slow. hope u sort it out . best regards
Abdul Ertami, 27 10 2009
hi guys, im just want to know why the local time changes? if u just set the time in ur mobile phone with local time below the cam , then close the site and re open again , u will see the time diffences about 15-20 mins !!
Abdul Ertami, 27 10 2009
I attend the tattoo every year and was stationed at Glencorse with the 9th Lancers in 1950 they were running trams then. I do hope this wonderful city gets back to normality shortly.Whos footing the bill? and how much over budget will it run? Perhaps a guessology competition to help with the eventual cost
Charlie Proctor, 25 10 2009
I am having trouble viewing Edinburgh princes street. camera has been off the air for at least a month, is sight having problems or are there new sign on requirements. Miss viewing the live cam construction progress.
Joan Thomson, 22 10 2009
poor victor, English just isn\'t your language eh? Matt
matt, 22 10 2009
The reception on the Princes Street webcamhas gotten much poorer than it used to be.
Robert Gibson, 20 10 2009
Hi Victor,I think you need some lessons on how to speak and spell,before you ridicule us Scottish people
archie, 20 10 2009
I have enjoyed walking down Princes Street a few years back. What a mess city council has made it with the addition of the tram line.
Stuart, 17 10 2009
Going back for the 7 or 8 time. Christmas shopping in Edinburgh is a tradition. Great beer and great whisky.
Langesund, 16 10 2009
i want all the guys out dere to no the place is heaven but v\\cant say abiout the people out dere.80% scottish are not educated 100% are racist and dey are just fake people reality is dey do not wanna accept any other culture.too snobbish to be even bothered about.
victor, 09 10 2009
Last time i visited home was in 1999. I miss it so much! Not likely to get home again in this life but at least my soul will rest in Glen Coe someday.
Bobbie, 04 10 2009
What a beautiful place... I\'ve been there for 4 days last month, I loved the city. Hope i can go back there soon...
Valerio , 01 10 2009
I just returned from Edinburgh. Love this city! I don\'t even care about the mess on Princess Street. I\'ve seen it in it\'s glory, and I chose not to see the road work. I took in the beauty of the buildings and the magnificant gardens. I think most people that feel about Scotland the way I do, will chose the same. Besides, there is more to Edinburgh than Princess Street. Hated to leave friends and family, but I will return one day.
Christy, 17 09 2009
Just clicked on the webcam as I regularly do\'s now live! How brilliant. Having lived there for a couple of years I am finding the new works fascinating, and in real time too. I wonder if the workers and shoppers are aware that they are being watched as far away as the Gold Coast in Australia? Thanks for modernising the webcam. April
April, 16 09 2009
In answer to Margaret Essex, 22 08 2009 The road works are a total nightmare for us local people. It’s been going on for 2 years now and still no sign of a tram. We can’t even work out a route through the city as the barricades change daily and most of them are just barricades without any road works. I think Edinburgh is agents cars and I’m sure when the work is all done in about another 2 years there will be a car ban in most of the city.
Peter Kelly, 04 09 2009
Glad you enjoyed Edinburgh Margaret, a wonderful city! Locals such as myself who appreciate its heritage also appreciate that constructing a world class transport system is essential for Edinburgh\'s longterm wellbeing, and understand that the short term pain will result in long term gain. What many fail to appreciate is that large sections of ageing infrastructure (water, gas and sewers) is being replaced as part of this process which will also benefit the city for the future. Mike Marwick, Edinburgh
Mike Marwick, 25 08 2009
I have just come home after spending four days in Edinburgh, i just couldn\'t believe what my eyes were looking at, at the moment there is such a lot going on in this wonderful city i just dont know how the local people are feelig seeing their city in such a mess, i do feel for them, I myself was able to come home after my four days but these poor people have got to put up with it for i dont know how long. My Granny will be turning in her grave!!!!!!!!!
Margaret Essex, 22 08 2009
Paul I agree with you. The measure of busses in P.-street was no more to endure.
sal, 18 08 2009
would suspect it would run well over budget
Charlie Proctor, 17 08 2009
Just been back to my home city of Edinburgh for the first time in three years, and I won\'t be rushing back. What a nightmare. The city has been turned into one giant roadworks, there is rubbish spilling out of bins into the streets and 670m is being spent on replacing the most regular bus service in the city with a tram line...why ?? I could understand it if it was actually going somewhere but it\'s not, it\'s running from one shopping centre to another. It was so sad to see my beloved Edinburgh with the heart, soul and character ripped out of it. I hope it all comes together but I just think they are bankrupting the city for nothing.
Alex Holstead, 19 07 2009
David, you are so wrong on this one. Go to Dublin or Nottingham of Montpellier or any of the other 200 plus places in Europe where they do have trams and see what a great difference they make. It\'s great to see the progress on Princes Street via the webcam.
Paul, 08 07 2009
I\'m with Mikem. One of the biggest problems with British urban transport systems is that the trams were all removed half way through the last century, and sadly now it is hugely costly and disruptive to put them back. The benefits of having them will be massive though. They are the quickest and, if you get a seat, most comfortable way to get across a city.
Joe, 08 07 2009
Hi all I think the trams are the way to go because diesel will go up in price and being dependant on oil but not so with electricity from hydro and wind and other non oil source and so when the oil is gone in 40 50 60 years there will be likely no private transport only for the rich so not many cars electric transport will be the norm unless alternative fuels are used and less dependent on only oil so I am for trams and it should not stop at one route but should grow across the city and surrounding area outside Edinburgh by the way I am a pensioner so I will probably never see this happen
arthur young, 07 07 2009
don\'t blame the locals residants for the trams! no-one here wants them. Its a glory project for the councillors
david, 01 07 2009
Well Maven, I actually am very much in favour of the trams - as are most clearthinking people! And I have lived here all my life. They will be well worth the temporary inconvenience, and, as has happened in other major European cities (Dublin, Paris, Nantes) the opposition will melt away like snow once they arrive on the streets.
mikem, 30 06 2009
yes edinburgh is a lovely place i love it here so for last 8yrs it was going good but this trams have changed everything. we dont need them its just wast of taxpayes money. what do you say edinburgh public?
maven, 30 06 2009
I love these cameras! It allows me to revisit the best vacation I ever had! Edinburgh Rocks!
Terri Marcum, 18 06 2009
I love always feel at home and welcomed. I try to get there as much as I can. I usually get there about 6 times a year. Just looking at these pictures is great.
Gary, 13 06 2009
Very nice
RONNIE QUIGLEY, 11 06 2009
I was there last week and yes, Princes Street is a mess, but it is still just a wonderful place! Plenty of things to do and the weather was the best!!!!
Robin, 04 06 2009
I lived in Edinburgh a few years ago and I agree with the comments. It´s nice, kind and people accept you since firt time. I hope return in the future on holyday.
Antonio, 23 05 2009
What a crying shame, the mess is unbelievable!!!as is the mess at the foot o\\\'the walk. GET IT SORTED COONCIL.
Graham Whyte, 23 05 2009
When are they supposed to finish those works?!?! I hope before the Fringe Festival!
Cristina Italy, 21 05 2009
I\'m the same Aileen, I always jump on this site when I want a smile back on my face!!! Edinburgh is the most wonderful city and I miss it so much!!!!
Bridget, 14 05 2009
i go to this site whenever I need to cheer myself up!
Aileen Davidson, 13 05 2009
The best city i\'ve ever been to. beautiful, full of green, young and old at the same time, like Tina Turner sang it\' symply the best! lol
Alessandro, 12 05 2009
My favourite place in the world. I miss it every day that I am not there.
Melanie, 01 05 2009
Telo, if you\'re telling us that a tram ride from Leith to the Airport would be a short trip then you sound like an advert for the trams. How can it destroy the view to the castle? Only possibly from the pavement outside the shops on Princes Street, and then your standing in one of the most ruined views in Scotland.
Joe, 21 04 2009
There were these two priests who rode bikes to church every Sunday. Well one day one of the priests showed up to work without his bike. The other priest asked where his bike was so the first priest said, \"I don\'t know, but I think it got stolen!\" The other priest said, \"Well what you do is read off the Ten Commandments, and when you get to \"Thou shall not steal\" someone will confess to the crime.\" The next time the two saw each other the priest had his bicycle back. \"I see you got your bike back! Did you do what I said?\" the one priest said. The other said, \"Well kind of, when I was reading the commandments and I got to Thou Shall Not Commit Adultery, I seemed to remember where I had left it.\"
robert , 20 04 2009
I am so in love with this country. I wish i was born there. I hope someday i will live in scotland! Edin is a beautiful city, love it a lot.
Cristina, 17 04 2009
Well Joe, the bad news is there will only be one tram line so your journey will be short. As for being a good thing - at 500 milion its not. and it will destory the view to the castle
telo, 17 04 2009
Now I live abroad I\'m enjoying watching the work on Princes Street. Scott, I\'ve lived in a number of places with trams. Once you forget the pain of preparing for them they really are a great way to get round a city. I can\'t wait for them to be ready so I can ride around on one.
Joe, 02 04 2009
Living in Canada but coming home for good soon, I miss Edinbugh very much and the web cam is great to look at my hame toon!
Janet, 01 04 2009
shame the streets closed i live local but still worth a look no point complaining about it either what they supposed to do switch the camera off while they do it all for those waste of spacw trams
scott , 28 03 2009
edinburgh is nice place for day visit,i found Glasgow ,Scotlands largest city much more exiting vibrant and has good subway to get around,
Derek , 28 03 2009
My husband and I were in Scotland last June for 3 weeks and had the best time. Edinburgh is a beautiful city and we look forward to going again in 2010. These Canadians love Scotland!!!
Carolynn, 28 03 2009
I wonder very much Edinburgh
NESE, 21 03 2009
poor site choice due the fact that the street is closed what is there to look at, Poor choice
alanclark, 21 03 2009
I visited Edinburgh with my wife in Sept \'06 and fell in love with the whole country. I live in Australia, but long to go back for another holiday ...... and another ...... and another.
Kyle, 20 03 2009
What are they doing to Princes Street??
Bridget, 18 03 2009
Great country and city. My parents are from Scotland,the highland and lowlands and I always enjoy going to Scotland.
joan, 26 02 2009
Most beautiful city in a beautiful country. Visited 3 times so far am longing to see again. Felt like home for me. S. Johnson, USA
SHARON JOHNSON, 19 02 2009 dear, we was there last march, and since then, we dreamed of edinburgh...i hope we can fly to edinburgh and next year, best wishes from vienna/austria to scotland, the most beautiful country in the world...roman
roman, 13 02 2009
my grany and grandad are from edinbourgh its fun there
kayleigh, 11 02 2009
I miss Edinburgh too, went three years ago to this beautifull city and wish i was there again. I live in the Netherlands
Claudia Haagen, 08 02 2009
I miss my beautiful Edinburgh so Much!!! I wish I was back there!!
Bridget Hoile, 02 02 2009
Miss it so much it hurts! im hopefully going in summer though, I hope!
Alison, 02 02 2009
Spent New Year in Edinburgh, live in Sydney now, moving to Edinburgh late 2009.
Robert, 01 02 2009
Still miss it after 15 years in the states
John, 06 01 2009
makes me sad!!! Live in Sydney Austalia and miss Scotland at this time of year!!!
gillian henderson, 01 01 2009
Happy new year !!! Stuck on a boat in the persian gulf watching and wishing i was home
Daz, 31 12 2008
All the best in Princess street, bringing in 2009 in style.
gina, 31 12 2008
Edinburgh is excellent! So is sunny Moira! Happy new year!
SMP, 31 12 2008
Just having a look at my home city. Won\' be joining in the celebrations there tonight as just heading off to work. Would like to wish everyone all the best for \"2009\".
Debbie, 31 12 2008
There is no place better to spend new years eve, the Scots really know how to bring in the new year
Dave , 30 12 2008
looking at the webcam from Colchester Essex, looks really good, shame it can\'t move a bit faster. Happy New year to all
gordon, 28 12 2008
The burgers at the German market are out of this world! I would fly back over there just to have one! My wife is from Edinburgh , but we live in Florida.
Pete, 19 12 2008
This is a wonderful place to visit over Christmas and New Year. We spent 3 years in Scotland (from Australia) and came here every Boxing Day. Hoy Chocolate at the German Markets is to die for. Yum!!!
April Boyd, 02 12 2008
Best place to have a glorious, tasty coffee... Tiles at St. Andrew\'s Square. They are absolutely the best!
Gerri, 18 11 2008
this cam is facing south-east, not west!
Bee, 24 10 2008
Oh this beautiful city, we spent our honeymoon here, so romantic. A time we will remember forever.
Ned and Chris, 18 10 2008
We were in Edingurgh for the 2007 Tattoo. I searched camvista daily before our trip. Our trip to Scotland was amazing.
Donna Cameron, 13 10 2008
i\'m fi edinburgh and noo i liv in england and noo a wanna cum hame tae the place i luv the most. SCOTLAND THE BRAVE YE!KIN TAKE THE MAN OOT O SCOTLAND BUT YE!CANNY TAKE SCOTLAND OOT THE MAN.
mark, 01 10 2008
Oh Edinburgh. I saw you in 1974 for the first time. Miss you eversince . . . . .
Markus, 30 09 2008
Oh my God, I miss Edinburgh so much!
Iris, 27 09 2008
Miss Auld Reekie sooo much ....\'Mon the Hibees!
Gerry, 25 09 2008
Been living in Australia since 1971.From Edinburgh,feel like I want to return, as I can\'t get the beautiful city out of my mind!
Brian Hodgson, 14 09 2008
We came to Scotland from the US (near Seattle) & were married there on 25 May 2008 we stayed in Edinburgh & loved it! The people & sights were wonderful - we\'ll be back!
Trina, 26 08 2008
hi lydia buchanan its still the same weather u just stay where u are u traitor for moveing down there xxx
paul nobody, 22 08 2008
I was stationed in Edinburgh 1950 in the (then) New Carlton hotel North Bridge with the WRAC but now live in England-happy memories of lovely Edinburgh.
Marian Price, 19 08 2008
i was born in edinburgh and moved down south in 1965 i miss the place very much
andrew findlay, 15 08 2008
I was born and brought up in Edinburgh i meet and married a lovely man 15 years ago and moved down south but i didnt realise how much i miss the place we try to get up every year i just love to see a bit of the festival and fringe there is no place like it love you edinburgh
lydia buchanan, 11 08 2008
Liam - your comment is totally uncalled for, judgmental and discriminatory. You should be ashamed of yourself.
FLM, 10 08 2008
Oh for god sake, look at the comments, mostly Poles..
Liam, 09 08 2008
edinburgh you changed my life. its such a beautiful place.i was working as a labour and today after working for 3 years i have owned my own house in poland all thanks to edinburgh
ploaski, 05 08 2008
i fell in love with this place.i was from such a poor family but in last 2 years i have earned more than 35 lakhs in call center in edinburgh.i love you edinburgh
kartik chassa , 05 08 2008
one of the beautiful place in the world.i was working as a banquet manager at TAJ delhi.the day i came to edinburgh on student visa i fell in love with my whole life is well settled.this place has given me all things which i could not afford in india
jasvinder singh, 05 08 2008
Every year we go to Edinburgh en this year we went in May and we will ben there again on the 10th of august and stay there till the 13th. We hope to enjoy the festival again!! That will be no problem I guess.
Marien, 03 08 2008
we just got back from a 3 week trip to edinburgh, wales and england. we stayed in the old waverly hotel 4 nights, overlooking princes st. I would not hesitate to return, its a world of its own, and I miss it already.
Ann, 29 07 2008
What can I say... I\'ve taken one of Edinburgh\'s most wonderful men to Holland. But we do miss Edinburgh, so we\'ll be back for a week in September.
Gerri, 17 07 2008
we have been to your beautiful city twice now and myself and mrs knucklehead were blown away by the veiws its just a shame london isnt as graceful and polite as the scottish thankyou for a wonderful experience and tours
knucklehead, 15 07 2008
a was in edinburgh in 2002 for one year and i have to say that was my best year in my life, i love scotland, it is my second home.
Macarena, 14 07 2008
As a Canadian who honeymooned in Edinburgh, this image holds great sentimental value; makes want to go back immediately. I\'m truly pining for a return trip....sigh....maybe one day.
Matthew, 08 07 2008
heaven on this earth edinburgh where people are so friendly that u feel at your own home luv you edinburgh
yash, 08 07 2008
beleive u me if there is a paradise on this earth undoubtedly its edinburgh
yash, 04 07 2008
I come from Greece and i\'ll come to Edinburgh on September for one yaer for a master degree. I have never been there before and i am really anxious... But it seems a beautiful city... I hope that i\'ll have a good time...
Vasso, 02 07 2008
i came to edinburgh in 2004 and that day changed my whole life though i have not seen paradise but if there is one on this earth,without any doubt its edinburgh.luv u
yash , 23 06 2008
Hey Howabout some cameras outside some stores like Marks and Spencers or King James Center.Maybe Ill catch a glimps of some of my relatives.Thanks bunches!!!!
Diane Frederick, 19 06 2008
I spent 7 years in Edinburgh, Right now I am in India and watching this Live Cam gives me goose bumps and I really miss Edinburgh. Just cant wait to come back to EDH..
Vijay Jackson, 16 06 2008
born in edinburgh 1948 came to Aus in 1960. visited Edinburgh in 2007 for the first time since coming to Aus, forgot how much i loved it can't wait to come again
john fraser, 20 05 2008
i spent in edinbugh four months last year. it was the best time in my life. i wish i could turn back time and decide no to leave this great place. miss it so much :(
marek, 19 05 2008
A wonderful city. I want to come back "home" as soon as possible - and stay!
Abrorath McIntyre, 16 05 2008
was born and bread in edinburgh but left when I was 20 to get married in Blantyre. I miss walking along Princess Street with the gardens and atmosphere, sorry to say I have lost my accent but my children tell me when I get mad I revert to the twang as they call it.
catherine stewart, 16 05 2008
I love Edinburgh. I've been to The Moray House school of Education From April 2006 to July 2006. Ihope I will be able to go and live there. It was my life's best time.
AbdelBasset, 08 05 2008
I love Edinburgh and been to all the tourist sights, going again this month to show my children. I was born in Aviemore,lost my accent years ago, boo hoo !!
rosemary, 02 05 2008
I love Edinburgh. A wonderful city in an enchanted country. I hope to return to Scotland one day, perhaps to stay.
Tim, 16 04 2008
My partner and I went again to Edinburgh in March 08 and we simply loved it, (yet again!) We walked up Arthur's Seat for the city views, visited the Pentland Hills, also went to see the forth Bridges and took in the view of Hollyrood Park from Calton Hill. I simply love Edinburgh, the city is alive with history. I don't know when I'll be visiting again, but I shall carry the memory with me always :-) We love you Edinburgh!!!
Christine Lucas, 20 03 2008
is there away to enlarge the picture.
robert grant, 07 03 2008
Will never forget my stay in Edinburgh. Lovely place, Scots are so kind, wonderful lanscapes , Tattoo was great !... Thank you !... Love you for ever...
Kimy, 26 01 2008
I went to Scotland last year with my dad and fell in love with it! I'm returning again next year with my best friend Teresa. We are so excited i am all ready planning where we are going.Can't wait!!
Kelsey Cleverdon, 06 01 2008
When we were in Edinburgh, I'm sure we rode the night bus from Harry Potter. Very scary but very fun. I shall go back.
Lisa Anderon, 04 01 2008
It was always my dream to visit Scotland. And this year I did it.Amazing country!Magical Edinburgh!Thanks Scots!
Krystyna Tolsty, 03 01 2008
Edinburgh is really beautiful. I love this place, i'll never forget the year which i spent at Edinburgh, i missed the old feature and the heritage. I hope to go back soon.
Mostafa, 01 01 2008
Edinburgh is undoubtedly the most beautiful place.i was there in aug. this year during was amazing .thanks for web cam.
ranjit puri, 30 12 2007
I love you Scottish webcams. I was over to visit family this last summer. Everytime I feel a little lonely I check out my favorite webcam.
Ross Biebl, 23 12 2007
Edinburgh is one of my most favourite places. I remember standing right outside there.
Emma, 17 12 2007
Very nice to see Edinburgh trough this web cam,I just was there 3 days ago and it seems to me I´m already there again.Very pleasant
francisco bru, 09 12 2007
Wish you would put a cam outside marks and spencers or some other department store so we can people watch
Diane Frederick, 06 12 2007
I'll be in Princes two more and your webcam was just right for me to get a preview of what to expect
Philip, 16 11 2007
Love the pictures, I was born in Edinburgh and it will always have a place in my heart
catherine, 13 11 2007
I'm an American visitor, but never felt so at home. Love it!
Joyce, 11 11 2007
hi anu/mansi and poppy come to edinburgh , its a haven on earth,really very beautiful
vijender gauri, 07 11 2007
Love the sight.. Was in Edinburgh in August and left my heart..
Pamela, 06 11 2007
Was in Edinburgh just a couple of weeks ago. Loved it! Would love to go back!
Rebecca, 06 11 2007
a large property on a river in Canada does not feel home.My auld toon is Edinburgh gotta go back there and feel the humour and warmth, Sit in a pub and have a beer with bad service (perfect).Auld N Cauld N Canada
Kevin Morris, 04 11 2007
hello please help me. I can see the edinburgh webcams. what I can do ? thanks
Dave Kamphey, 31 10 2007
YEAH........I love living (and brought up!!) in Edinburgh! Not a better country in the world....u can go to all the most exotic locations but theres nothing like setting foot back on celtic soil!
MIKEY, 15 10 2007
In the next week I shall be there.Is the first time. I hope to like Edinburgh. Gil from Portugal 13.10.2007
Gil, 13 10 2007
That's very nice plcae
Bratt, 09 10 2007
Great city, lived there during my studies, these cameras bring me the same views as being there!!!
Panos, 03 10 2007
Love the views my grandma came to new zealand from edinburgh many years ago and i just enjoy looking at the views. I must have many relatives their calle hendersons
betty clark, 01 10 2007
Visited this lovely city at new year 07. Left a lovely man behind who is back living there!
carol, 01 10 2007
Even though I was not born in Scotland, I feel that it is my home. Thanks for a wonderful way to stay connected.
Karen, 28 09 2007
Left Edinburgh when I was 18..still get homesick.Take a short trip home in my mind each time!!!How about a cam outside King James Center so we can people watch Thanks
Diane Frederick, 26 09 2007
I long to go back to Edinburgh.
Christi, 21 09 2007
makes me homesick but have to visit the site everyday wonderful
rose, 17 09 2007
Moved away from Edinburgh 40 years ago but will always be my home.
Norma Smith, 17 09 2007
Moved away from Edinburgh 40 years ago but will always be home.
norma smith, 17 09 2007
Edinburgh is really beautiful. I love this place.
KarenHappuch, 09 09 2007
I like all tooooooooooo much! Thanks Edinburg!
Elio, 06 09 2007
Edinburgh is the most beatiful town I have been in. I have visited Scotland two times, in my own norwegian car. I love Edinburgh, the sottish footballclub Celtic and the highlands and scottish bagpipes, and of course, Robert Burns!
Arnstein Vada, 04 09 2007
Can't wait for the fireworks tonight - lets hope the rain stays off!
neil, 02 09 2007
This is one of the most historic and beautiful cities we have ever been to. We just love it. Can't wait to visit it again.
tina tenney, 30 08 2007
I love visiting this lovely place......... Love the Scottish girls and the accent
Gary, 25 08 2007
Can´t wait to see that live again next year! Longing Greetings from Germany ...
Kathrin Sundermann, 23 08 2007
Love Edinburgh. was there last week, hope to return soon Robert
Robert McCallum, 11 08 2007
i'm from USA i was in scotland it took my heart i'll be back
Chris, 10 08 2007
love edinburgh the most beautiful city in the world, visit every two years and never tire of this city.
tom orr, 10 08 2007
Lived in Dunbar from 2001 to end of 2003, Used to go into Edinburgh at least twice a week. Beautiful city. Loved New Year's Eve in Princes Street. Back in Australia now. Love looking at the webcam. Makes me feel closer to my best buddy from there. Thanks for this brilliant service.
April, 08 08 2007
I've never been to Scotland,but I hope to visit it next year.What I see here is beautiful.I will surely love it!!
Gonnie, 04 08 2007
Thank you for the pleasure this site gives me and other exiles it makes a computer worth its weight in gold!!!
elizabeth field, 01 08 2007
I was living there 8 years ago and I can´t wait to go back next September
Noemi, 26 07 2007
Edinburgh stole a very big piece of my heart
Claudia from the Netherlands, 24 07 2007
Been USA since 85 Still have to see my Edinburgh Scotland
Greta, 23 07 2007
great camera's how about one showing Tower Bridge & Tower of London
don main, 20 07 2007
love your cams all over london and scotland...would be nice to have a cam in dundee....
Anna, 20 07 2007
Marie, 06 07 2007
Love it froma homesick scot.
jessie dalgleish, 27 06 2007
I visit this sight everyday. Can't get enough of it. Loved growing up in Edinbrugh
Jennifer, 26 06 2007

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