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User comments

Thankyou soooo much for realigning the camera - it\'s a daily thrill to see that beautiful lady \'centre-stage\'. It has to be one of the most wonderful sights in the world, especially with a mantle of snow on her shoulders! THANKYOU!
Crazy for Scotland, 18 12 2010
Great to see the camera back,nearly right now just needs turning a bit the left for better view point.
dave, 10 11 2010
The view is not really good from this angle. Last week it shows the whole centre and was amazing.
Margaret, 16 09 2010
Love Edinbourg, visited in 2008 can\'t wait to come back.Please move camera so we can see the castle!!!!
Frank Sterling, 05 09 2010
Even though we couldnt hear the music all I had to do was remember the amazing bag pipers awesome music,and I go back to 2003 when I went to the tattoo, Hopefully in a couple of year will go see it again..THANK YOU CAMVISTA .GREAT JOB! Ga Ga for Scotland!
Tika, 03 09 2010
HUGE thanks to the wonderful person who took the banner down from in front of the camera. We\'d rather see the castle gradually reappear from behind the stands than see nothing at all! THANKS!!!
Crazy for Scotland, 03 09 2010
Hi Ronnie & Eric - to get pic/font back to normal size, use the same process, but press the minus key instead of the plus key.
Crazy for Scotland, 03 09 2010
Why has this camera moved? it was central on the show ground and within the last couple of days has moved... can someone please get up there and push it back to the left a little.
Dave, 23 08 2010
Hi crazy for scotland.Thanks for the tip for making pic bigger it worked a treat.Now any tips on how to get it back to normal lol.
ronnie from scotland, 23 08 2010
Alec, if you hold down the \'command\'key (or \'control\'- depends on your computer) and press the addition sign, it will enlarge both the pic and the writing. You can do this on most web pages to make them easier to see/read.
Crazy for Scotland, 23 08 2010
Went to the tattoo last night [20th] was superb ,lovely show,great city,getting dvd when it\'s out!
Dave from harrogate, 21 08 2010
Would like to enlarge the view !
Alec Lemon, 21 08 2010
I\'ve pre ordered my DVD and can\'t wait to get it in October!!!!
Barb, 19 08 2010
I have visited Scotland from the States a no. of times it never gets old.This cam view is wonderful why don\'t the Tattoo give us live cam view, with music and charge me 20.00 I would pay it in a minute to experience wonderful Scotland and its culture
Jack, 18 08 2010
Wish I was there again.
Donna, 18 08 2010
Einfach nur super dieses Tatoo. Und ich darf es am Mittwoch live erleben. Absolut super und es wird ein Mega Event für mich.
Frank, 16 08 2010
Thank you cam vista for letting us see the tatoo 2010 live .
tess, 14 08 2010
I am watching the tatoo live at 5.30pm Toronto time,and its amazing,wish I was there.As there is no audio I am playing Scottish Music from you tube on another browser at the same time.Lots of fun.Well done Edinburgh.
tess, 14 08 2010
A million thanks to the wonderful person/s who sited the camera for the Tattoo so brilliantly. The best ever view. THANKS HEAPS!!!
Crazy for Scotland, 13 08 2010
What a pity it doesnt work on my I-pad!!!!!
Trev, 12 08 2010
hello edinburgh here we come see you next week
john and gerda , 10 08 2010
Looks like there is water on the camera. Would you please wipe it off? Thanks!
MHD, 09 08 2010
Carn\'t make it upto Scotland to see my son playing with the Massed Pipes and Drums, so this is brilliant, Shame theres no sound though.
Jeanette, 07 08 2010
Brenda-unfortunately this is not a streaming camera so no sound and no real time action. I would love to watch the Tattoo but, I\'ll have to wait for the DVD.(I live in the USA).
Steve Power, 07 08 2010
was at the show last night- brilliant! Love the site.
Heather Forrest, 06 08 2010
i am so glad i found this site..but where is the sound?
brenda, 05 08 2010
love it. i\'ll see an awesome tuba player soon!
robin smith, 04 08 2010
Oh I remember when I was there what a magical time was that!!..the tattoo was the best part of my trip, I hope they let us see it from this camera....pleaseeee!!...crazy for Scotland!
Tika, 04 08 2010
just watched the imps practising for their show at the tattoo fabulous as usual would be tho my boy is there
Tracey , 03 08 2010
Custos, you are looking at this with your glass half empty! Most of us would willingly kill to be in your shoes and would just be glad to be in the audience - sun, rain, or a force-nine gale - just to be there! (Will however, cross fingers for fine weather for you!!)
Crazy for Scotland, 02 08 2010
Of dear! Every time I look at this webcam it is raining. Hope it stops by August 28 when I hope to be in the audience for the Tattoo.
Custos, 01 08 2010
Not to pick nits, but could someone tweek the camera a bit toward 12 o\'clock.
carl, 01 08 2010
THANKYOU! To the wonderful person who moved the camera. May all your dreams come true. THANKYOU! THANKYOU!
Crazy for Scotland, 25 07 2010
Thank you so much for moving the webcam during the Tattoo.
Pat, 23 07 2010
Hurray, hurray, no more butt of the bleachers!
carl, 22 07 2010
Hiya Paul Je komt er absoluut alleen in wanneer je kaarten hebt.(Tattoo) Zou ik wel kiezen voor de avondvoorstelling.. groeten Dutchy Nelleke
Nelleke, 04 07 2010
They\'re not the new stands I\'m afraid. Be prepared for the usual squeeze! Maybe next year!!
Brian, 24 06 2010
Ik hoop in augustus ook aanwezig te zijn op de Tattoo
Paul Lievens, 20 06 2010
DAVID SPEIRS, 10 06 2010
I see the new stands seem to be about done, hope they\'re a bit roomier than before. Are we going to see the butt end of them for all times or will the cam be re-positoned?
carl, 01 06 2010
We loved Scotland so much and Edinburgh Castle is so beautiful. Praying we can save enough money to come back again in 2011
Tammy Alberta, Canada, 06 05 2010
Edingburgh has stolen my heart, I love it. It is a beautiful and very interesting place.
Henry, 08 04 2010
What has happened to the camera has it been moved ? the view seems to be a building site. definitely not the castle
George Brown, 16 02 2010
Who bumped the camera? You can\'t see the castle anymore!
Stephen, 16 02 2010
We just loved Edinburgh ! One of the most wonderfull cities in the world !!!
Luciane, 12 02 2010
Good to see the beautiful Edinburgh Castle, looks like the exact weather we are having in Bellingham, WA, USA at the moment. Cannot wait til I\'m in Scotland once again. hkrbabe
Rita MacCallam Sinclair, 25 01 2010
Just read this morning on bbc website that its archaeologists who are digging on the esplande. Good photo on their website explaining all about it.
tess, 25 01 2010
Good one Car! They\'re actually for trapping unsuspecting tourists who are CHASING the wee haggis - they\'re speedy little beggars!
Crazy for Scotland, 10 01 2010
Is that a trap to catch a wee haggis on the right sde of the parking lot?
carl, 07 01 2010
Love the city and castle,was there in 1998 wabt to come back.people were great. love the history.Robert w from Tennessee USA
Robert w Boofer, 06 01 2010
We visited the castle last Summer and loved it. We check back in frequently to see how it\'s doing and to remember the trip. We\'ll return.
Stephen, 26 12 2009
Can\'t wait to see it, it looks magical, just leaving now...
Jacqueline, 21 12 2009
Such a beautiful castle, and even more beautiful in the snow!
Elizabeth, 19 12 2009
Work is for improving the the set up of the bleachers, hope the new bleacher seats are a bit wider.
Carl , 16 12 2009
Wow, looks like a lot of construction going on here. What is it all for? Holiday celebration?
Robin, 14 12 2009
Great to see that coach has been moved on and once again we can see that glorious Castle.
MB, 10 11 2009
Praise God from whom all blessings flow!!! We have our castle view back. THANKYOU!! THANKYOU!!
Crazy for Scotland, 09 11 2009
Hmm, it is about 10 PM there, but still bright! So much for being \"Live\"! I guess that explains why the coach is still there!
Robin, 08 10 2009
This camara is not working. Pity.
EM, 07 10 2009
That coach must have broken down cause it\'s been there since about sunday ha ha
Chris Mackay, 30 09 2009
That bloomin bus has been there since about sunday now ha ha
Chris Mackay, 30 09 2009
Yes, the view is getting better every day!!!
Robin, 21 09 2009
Hey Carl, Robin & D, at least we can see the castle and they haven\'t got that wretched banner thing up blocking the view entirely. Be grateful for small mercies!!!!
CrazyforScotland, 21 09 2009
Back to the bum-end of the grandstands. Que pasa?
Carl, 17 09 2009
Hmmmm, back to the butt view of the bleachers!
Robin, 02 09 2009
Well, I see we\'re back on the under the arse view again.
D, 02 09 2009
I was at the Tattoo on Monday. It was one of the best things I have ever seen. Thanks for this camera, it reminds me of the fantasticn time I had at such a wonderful location.
Rick, 26 08 2009
Aye Carl, that would be grrreat to see it with video and sreaming, it might just happen one day....Cheers from an auld Leither from California
Ruth , 22 08 2009
how come its day light at the castle but its been dark on the princess street camera for 2 months? or is it the northern lights haha
paul, 19 08 2009
Please, please, please; streamong and audio.
Carl, 15 08 2009
why does the web cam not refresh every 5sec as the web site states
michael, 15 08 2009
OMG! I noticed this morning the camera was moved...that is fantastic! the best show ever!..I loved the Tattoo hope to go back and see it again! thank you, thank you!! CALIFORNIA
Erika, 15 08 2009
Absolutely brilliant! Thanks for moving the camera.
Kit, 12 08 2009
Had to cancel reservation for this year. Planning on being there 2010! Thanks for the wonderful show!
Always, 12 08 2009
Thanks for moving the camera.I\'m enjoying the Tattoo in Michigan.
Barb, 11 08 2009
Nice to view the Edinburgh Tattoo One of the best shows in the world
john, 11 08 2009
I have a question ... when it rains how do they keep their uniforms dry ????
Karen, 11 08 2009
A THOUSAND THANKS for moving the camera!! May you be blessed with many children!!!
Crazy for Scotland, 11 08 2009
Thanks for moving the camera will be able to see tattoo from Canada.
tess, 10 08 2009
Thanks for moving the camera!!!
Mendee, 10 08 2009
For heaven\\\'s sake, have a heart and move the camera so we can see the castle and not the bum-end of grandstands most of us won\\\'t be sitting on!! Thanks!!!!!
Crazy for Scotland, 30 06 2009
Daniel Q: My pleasure! Have a wonderful time. :-) Deborah
Deborah, 26 06 2009
To Deborah: THANK YOU!!! I did what you suggested, and I finally got two tickets for the Tattoo\\\\\\\'09!!!! Greetings from Gran Canaria!!!!
Daniel Q: Don\'t stop trying for tickets! I must have phoned 50 times and finally ended up getting tickets to the closing cermony of 2008. People cancel and tickets become available at all times of every day. It\'s well worth the try! Enjoy Scotland. It sure was worth the 8 hour flight for me. :-) Livonia, MI U.S.A.
Deborah, 18 06 2009
Doh! I couldn\'t get any tickets for the Tattoo! I\'ll be visiting the Castle with my girlfriend this August anyway. Back in Alba since Y2K!!!
Daniel Quintana, 08 06 2009
I,m coming back for the tattoo,its special this year.The year for Robert Burns and homecoming Scotland.I be proud for my second homeland.
Jenny, 14 05 2009
Wow, if they keep putting stuff up, there will no longer be a \"Castle View\"! So glad I will there to view it in person next week!!!!
Robin, 13 05 2009
Kay, the Gathering is part of the Homecoming. There\'s events going on all year for Homecoming Scotland 2009. Take a look at the website.
Vicki, 05 05 2009
Thanks all for the update. I had read about a Homecoming; I guess it\'s called the Gathering. Wish I could be there. Some day perhaps.
Kay, Irwin, PA, USA, 04 05 2009
No, Kay, those are for the Gathering in July.
Vicki, 30 04 2009
The seating is being set up for the Gathering in July. Although I would guess that they\'ll just leave it for the Tattoo.
Anon, 16 04 2009
Are they installing the seating for the Tattoo already? They were just taken down. How time flies!
Kay, Irwin, PA, USA, 05 04 2009
Thanks, Paul. There are some good pictures of her from Google Earth!!!!
Janet Ferguson, 20 01 2009
janet its not mors meg its mons meg
paul, 17 01 2009
You now copyright the view we have of THE CASTLE. I can partially understand you restricting our ability to record scenes during the Tattoo, but to do it during the balance of the year is just mean-spirited !! Over the years thousands of us have been able to capture a permanent record of lucky friends/relies waving madly at the camera from the carpark. Or we could change our Desktop pics of the castle to reflect a more current view. Please be big-hearted and give this facility back.
defenderofallthingsscottish, 17 01 2009
Will there be visible fireworks over the castle to celebrate the New Year?
Janet, 31 12 2008
as I love you country and your people too, I watch it and dream to be there again...
renato valenti, 31 12 2008
Watching in St. Louis, Missouri, USA! Enjoyed Christmas Day at the Castle!
Janet Ferguson, 27 12 2008
Is there a view of Mors Meg?
Janet Ferguson, 25 12 2008
A wonderful view of Edinburgh Castle I once visited as a resident in the 1970\'s, but now get the opportunity to view via cam in Connecticut, USA. Thank you for showing me home!
Anonymous, 21 12 2008
Nice to view the castle again from here in Irwin, PA, USA.
Kay, 16 12 2008
Great to see the camera is back in action again after been stuck for so long.Great view of the castle.
Tess, 15 12 2008
Yes its time to get this camera back in action.
tess, 09 10 2008
Is there something wrong with this camera? The picture has not changed for several days.
custos, 07 10 2008
Could you PLEASE change the comments at least every couple of weeks. You have them on for so long, they grow cobwebs and many are SOOOOO BORING!!! Thanks Heaps!!
defenderofallthingsscottish, 22 09 2008
Any chance to move the camera back up again?
Gary Clark, 27 08 2008
Lucky to buy tickets for preview night and since then been on webcam to relive the splendour of the spectacle.
JG, 23 08 2008
Too bad this isn\'t a streaming camera-I would love to see and hear the tattoo.
Steve Power, 05 08 2008
went to scotland 2 years ago to see where Gran and Gramps and Dad were born --fell in love with the place -- next to Canada thats the place I would like to be ---loved Edinburgh the Tattoo and the people ---ED
e law , 05 08 2008
In all her splendor there she stands,truly an amazing castle. Makes you really proud to be from Scotland.Love to see the castle even if its only by internet.
tess, 05 08 2008
Oh...we were at the Tattoo this time last year...wish I was actually there now
Missy, 04 08 2008
Aye it looks awfy nice..perfect..been ta the Tattoo twice, beautiful to see. Thank you for getting the camera going...A daughter of Scotland...fae LA via Leith
Ruth McClounnan, 01 08 2008
Och, this is BRILLIANT!!!
Gary Clark, 01 08 2008
What a wonderful view. Thank you.
James Markusen, 01 08 2008
Lindy, 01 08 2008
Thanks Ed. That\'s it! Michigan, U.S.A.
Deborah, 31 07 2008
ca mon ur ye going to let us see the Tattoo, I\'m sitting in Los Angeles just waiting, please ....fae Leith
Ruth, 31 07 2008
I just wrote the Tattoo and let them know of the problem with the webcam. Let\'s see if it will get re-focused...hope so!
Lindy, 30 07 2008
I di beleave we are looking at a picture printed on screening that they use to cover the scaffolding in the UK. Ed Cunningham, Phoenix, AZ
Ed Cunningham, 28 07 2008
What\'s going on here? There are people in the stands. I thought the tattoo started on August 1st. Great webcam! I cannot wait to visit the \"homeland\"
Deborah, 22 07 2008
sure have missed the castle view with scaffolding going up. It\'s time to move it to the top of the East stands for a great view.
Barb, 16 07 2008
Great view of the scaffolding-would the same genius who sited the camera please move it to provide a view of the castle which is why people come to this site?
Steve Power, 25 06 2008
This is quite scary. I work just there, and had no idea my running around the Esplanade was being webcast across the world!
Daibhidh, 21 06 2008
I like scaffolding and cars, but I am with those who think it is time to move the webcam so we can see a bit more of that beautiful castle.
acelt, 20 06 2008
I enjoy checking out the castle every day. But It's time to raise the camera above the scaffolding. Mark M. Caledonia, OH
Mark Melroy, 15 05 2008
Can the camera be moved to provide different views other than parked cars , please ?
schantz, 25 04 2008
If you can't say anything good, then don't bother those of us who are so glad just to be able to see The Castle - with or without cars and/or scaffolding. Go stare at a webcam of paint drying!!!
Defenderofallthingsscottish, 04 04 2008
a tired looking castle with people dragging their if they are getting into summer mood
Tahir Nagi, 03 04 2008
Pagan, I know that.I have been at the Tattoo in 07, but itīs a great pity to see more cars then castle.
Silvia, 25 03 2008
Sylvia, other than when the Tattoo is going (and set-up and tear-down), the Esplanade is used as a car park the rest of the year. It was being used as just that when I was there in Sept 2006.
Pagan, 18 03 2008
We were there last summer... I check daily on the castle even tho it has been there safe and sound for many years. What wonderful memories and awe inspiring experience. What's all the construction about? It's too early for Tatoo bleachers, isn't it?
Michele in Montana, usa, 14 02 2008
With my return to the Tattoo this August already booked, I can watch the scaffolding being built. As each section is installed my enthusiasm and excitement grows. Thank you camvista.
Laura in Florida, 10 02 2008
I live in Lanzarote but Im from the Borders of Scotland and used to work in Edinbugh, it makes me feel at home in Scotland again looking at the wecams
Sandra, 09 02 2008
Now the view is a showcase for parked cars!!? Hello?? You can it better!
Silvia, 05 02 2008
The view is of the esplanade where the tattoo is held - so you can watch the show, not the castle - the camera is run by the Edinburgh Millitary Tattoo organisers. To see the full effect, you'll need to make sure your watching this camera throughout August - from around 7pm GMT to see why it points here. To get a good shot of the castle and catch the one o' clock gun, you'll need a camera on top of Gladstones Land - another not quite so famous building in Edinburgh. See if you can find out what wtaches from the roof already. Another Edinburgh secret.
Jen, 19 01 2008
I find the view splendid, with the Esplanade in the foreground and all that. That's where the yearly Tattoo is held, and sets the Castle off correctly.
Gary Clark, 17 01 2008
Edinburgh Castle is a magnificent sight...and the first site I visit everytime I get back to Scotland. It would be wonderful to get a closer view without the car/coach park in the foreground. But thanks for starting up the memories again!
Regina, 11 01 2008
the castle view is only in the dackground as the main pickture is a car park. i would like to see the castle in all its splender
STUART, 10 12 2007
you should lift the camera up to give full view of castle, i do not want to see a rowe of parked cars when i switch on the camara this is spoiling a great view.
les hibbert, 07 12 2007
was @ tattoo on july in basel/switzerland and august in edinburgh, both performences were great, but the flair in edinburgh itīs much more terrific.
Silvia, 30 11 2007
The camera needs to be tilted up toward the castle looking at it.
Barb Robbins, 06 10 2007
Fantastic Cameras!..we can see the beauty of Scotland and its country side...keep up the good work Camvista! AWESOME! from USA
Erika Ben, 11 09 2007
LOVE the music, men in kilts -- visited the castle in May and LOVE Scotland. Any sweet old mature guys want to keep me up on the news there?
Shelly, 03 09 2007
Hope you tilt the camera upwards for the fireworks tonight! (Sept 2, 2007) My daughter is a student in Edinburgh ~ and I am a faraway mom on Vancouver Island, so this is great fun!
Elisabeth, 02 09 2007
Was at the Tattoo on 8.8.07. It was absolutely wonderful. Love the streaming camera. Greatings from Germany Black Forest. Silvia
Silvia Albers, 27 08 2007
Was at the Tattoo last Saturday late performance and got absolutely soaked - but still enjoyed the show. Hope to return next year. Brilliant with the webcam.
Mick Allsop, 25 08 2007
Just been watching tatoo on tv it was terrific the aussie dancers were ace but the pipers always come firs
kim, 25 08 2007
We have friends watching the Tattoo in the Stands, great to be a part of them from Australia.
Maya and Ray, 23 08 2007
I'm watching from Connecticut (USA) I just came across this site yesterday looking for cameras from home... I was born and grew up in Bedhampton near Portsmouth. Loving this!
Brigitte B, 20 08 2007
I'm watching in Brazil. Beatiful show!
milton ciongoli, 18 08 2007
Beautiful show.I'm watching in Brazil.
milton ciongoli, 18 08 2007
I am glad at the new position of your canera please put sound
John Wilson, 18 08 2007
I'm in Aus watching my girlfriend be superstar as well, missing her dearly!! GO SHELLEY!
ben debruin, 17 08 2007
This is a great way to preview what we will be seeing when we go to the tattoo on the 23rd. We are traveling there from Eugene, Oregon.
Nancy Burns, 15 08 2007
We are due to attend the tattoo on Friday with our good friends and are really looking forward to it as a first visit for us Bruce & Carol Leamington Spa
Carol Draper, 15 08 2007
Great to watch and to be able to listen, with the back door open we listen as we live a stones throw away
gary mckenzie, 14 08 2007
For Aussie Richard K...I watched the tattoo last week and her group was wonderful. Watching from Texas now...sniff, sniff.... ;-)
Lindy, 14 08 2007
I'm watching from Budapest,Hungary. It would be nice to have sound! Joe
jozsef vagany, 13 08 2007
Awesome view. We were there this time last year too. It was wonderful. Would love to do it again
Neil and Carol Logan, 13 08 2007
Wish we were there! We will be next year!
Dee Miner, 11 08 2007
my parents are over in uk from australia visiting our son in cleethorpes today they have all gone to the tattoo in edinburgh so watching the web cam. Shame about the wet weather.
linda, 11 08 2007
Was @ the tattoo 6 years ago but it seems like yesterday. I keep in touch with my favourite part of the world by the cam and lots of Scottish events on the continent.
Ingrid, 10 08 2007
My friend Julie told me about your site and this is my first view of the square. My husband Don would love to visit the tatoo someday! I'm viewing from California, USA
Nancy Troyer, 05 08 2007
why not have sound via the web cam also have the web cam Live streaming camera ??
Paul Cannop, 05 08 2007
A steaming camera and sound would be worth paying for for the Tatoo. Luke (clan Lamont) USA
Carl Luke, 04 08 2007
I'm watching from Michigan, USA and I'm so glad they moved the camera. Too bad there's no sound!
Debi, 04 08 2007
nice place to put the cam. at the top of the east stand. i dont really know why im watching it. performing in tatoo this year with the scouts so woohoo.
adam, 04 08 2007
Awesome... Im in Australia watching this, cuz my girlgriend is there performing in the tattoo, she is part of 20 aussie highland dances, missing her muchly. longest 5 weeks of my life.
Richard K, 04 08 2007
Great position of the camera, was at the Tatoo this time last year
Andrew Sutherland, 03 08 2007
glad you have relocated this camera to a higher point well done!
margaret grady, 03 08 2007

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