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User comments

Saw a really great band called The Kings Parade at Traf Square. They were really good.
Lisa, 24 07 2014
I was there in July last year , it wonderful . I miss it a lot I nee to return .
cristina , 23 07 2014
I was there last year in July and I was surprised to see that the square is more beautiful than in photos . I wish I were there
cristina viviano , 06 07 2014
Time the square was redeveloped. Could build low cost housing for the homeless.
jeff herbert, 11 04 2014
I was there in august on holiday, at work now, wish i was there now!
phil gray, 13 11 2013
Love hearing the patriotic music every year at rememberance sunday
kevin, 10 11 2013
Love watching the rememberance service and hearing all the patriotic music
Festival UK, 10 11 2013
all my feelings in a heartbeat ... for you my beloved London
Pierpaolo, 16 10 2013
Great webcam, allows anytime me to be in London for a few moments (but I often get the impression the lens isn\'t clean...)
Michiel Hegener, 06 10 2013
I was there and it was fantastic ! I love London !!!
christine , 04 10 2013
we were there in July and I saw it as wonderful as usual , I want to come back soon.!\\\"!!!
christine , 27 09 2013
When we hear the noise of the tartan army boys, we\\\\\\\'ll b coomiiiing doooowwn the road.ALBA GU BRA!
David, 14 08 2013
C\'mon Scotland! Get intae them!
Liam, 14 08 2013
C\'mon Scotland! Get intae them!
Liam, 14 08 2013
Emmanuel, 18 06 2013
Starting the countdown for our coming trip. London, here we come!
Donna, 24 05 2013
looks like the place has been cleared
jez, 13 04 2013
....should be a good view this evening(6pm onwards):-)
james, 13 04 2013
I love this city! I want to live here one day! I love this cam! London is beautiful!
Betty from Texas, 12 04 2013
Come back on Saturday night, we\'re planning a big celebratory party.
PigletJohn, 08 04 2013
What A Fabulous City!! I LOVE you London!!!
Monica Myers, 31 01 2013
My favorite spot in London
Len, 27 01 2013
I love watching this camera because it reminds me of how lovely London is, I can\'t wait to go back to this beautiful city.
Steph Kalten, 19 07 2012
We kissed eachother at Trafalgar Sq. a few days ago!!! We miss you, London!!! Pabli & mayte
maria, 14 04 2012
London I love you :))),,,wait for me I\'ll come back :)
Michael, 09 04 2012
mohd shah daud, 15 12 2011
Watching for a massive turnout today. The more the better. Scottish power..
The Tartan Army, 27 03 2011
Watching for a massive turnout today the more the better people power..
Anthony Bean, 26 03 2011
I\'ve never see London in real life,now,this is my dream. Anfisa from Russia!
Anfisa, 17 03 2011
Spectacular on Wednesday mornings and evenings when the notobikeparkingtax have there motorbikes demos
topper, 16 03 2011
I will be there next month-
Javier, 12 03 2011
What is that they are building in Trafalgar Square--looks intriguing. I\'ll be there in July. Lived in London for 3 months one summer and loved it. Been back twice since and this will be the third time. Love it! Judy from NY
Judy Mazurkiewicz, 04 03 2011
I\'ll be there again next week. I am looking forward to this wonderful city. For me, the most unique place in the world.
Thomas from Germany, 01 03 2011
I\'m sure, the world\'s most beautiful people lived in London ! Bye nice city !
Yenal, Ankara, 28 02 2011
I\'ll be there next friday 25th , and sunday walking on trafalgar square...sure it will be very nice..
lia, 23 02 2011
See you next Monday London, we love you. Molly and Julie . xx
Molly and Julie, 22 02 2011
I can\'t wait to see this stunning city again. See you soon London!
Joanna, 17 02 2011
i´m going there next 19th may.i would like be there already but because the could i think it would better in may
antonio cortes, 16 02 2011
Linda! Can I come with you??? I need my London fix! :)
Betty in Texas, 15 02 2011
London, nice city, I think, cause I visit now in May an I\'m so happy and glad!
Sonja, 14 02 2011
This cam helps me remember the wonderful special times shared. Life moves on ..... be happy with Helga II
Helga, 06 02 2011
London My London, I shall see you soon.
Linda from Texas, 06 02 2011
love you London best City in the World, \'Wish I was there\'
jeanie, 03 02 2011
I agree with Kathi.....if you\'re lucky enough to be in London, you\'re lucky enough!! Love, love, love it.
Carol, 02 02 2011
ALEX , 30 01 2011
Sandra, 27 01 2011
I miss you London!!! Working on new C.D. Be back soon!!! Joey Graziano
Joey Graziano, 23 01 2011
I was there last december, and be sure I want to be there again, happy new year London
Erick V, 23 01 2011
I simply love London!
Sandra, 22 01 2011
Wait for me too!!!
Sandra, 22 01 2011
If your lucky enough to be in London...........Your LUCKY enough
kathi , 20 01 2011
Trafalgar ! Trafalgar ! Wait me,please. I\'ll come soon...
Cenk, 18 01 2011
Truly amazing,we have a wonderful time for the last ten days. Love London!!!
Michaela Dunn, 14 01 2011
It looks cold and rainy, but I still wish I may wish I might be in London tonight.....
Linda, 12 01 2011
London may be, I\'m afraid, not so far a cry form Paris, but still.
Dawid, 08 01 2011
I was there yesterday and i hope to be there soon again.
Pedro Miguel, 04 01 2011
Am trait un vis ,Londra este un oras F A B U L O S ! Este incredibil amestecul de frumusete contemporana si istorie straveche.....minunat.Am trait o experienta unica! Imi doresc din suflet sa revin.Doamne ajuta!
Teodora, 30 12 2010
I love London! Hope to be there again soon.
Maria Luisa, 29 12 2010
hello english friends. i\'m from crimea. the weather is fine in london. then all football matches will play today))) this very good. good luck
sasha, 26 12 2010
Well I do reside in Perth, Australia and today IT WAS A VERY HOT DAY ON XMAS DAY. 40 degrees. I have been to London back in 1994 and I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT AND DO MISS IT AS WELL. In 2011 we are trying to get over there again depends on some circumstances. CROSS OUR FINGERS.
Mrs Paula Maree Vernon, 25 12 2010
Love a bit of cool weather. Christmas Day in Perth Australia was 40 degrees celsius
Carolyn Brown, 25 12 2010
Three weeks until my trip to London-can\'t wait. Hold the snow, please.
Sarah, 24 12 2010
Ilove london I was there in 1976 I hope to be there next dicember
francisco salazar, 24 12 2010
Adelaide, South Australia warm and sunny 30C.
John Fitzpatrick, 24 12 2010
Were is a snowstorm ? In Russia now the temperature is -33 C.
Dima, 21 12 2010
London is my favorite city in the world, I would love to be there for Christmas.
Pc, 20 12 2010
Very good strategist Horatio Nelson, Stephanie! :-) Dezső
Dezso Kovacs, 19 12 2010
Normal citylife without any snowstorm, why all airports are closed :(
uldis, 18 12 2010
Nice to see someone using the cam to bring to the attention of the tourists an important political issue, IMHO.
paul, 18 12 2010
London. Love of my life.
Tina, 14 12 2010
please keep your comments about the camera,not politics
colin, 11 12 2010
Just great to be in London again!
Ernest, 11 12 2010
Thanks for this webcam. I can see Trafal Square every day, but I live in Altay, in Russia.And it is great wonder!
Mila, 11 12 2010
How interesting to see Traf Square devoid of all but emergency service traffic. Good luck to the students and lecturers demonstrating. Why are the poor of this country always having to bear the brunt of measures designed to correct the mistakes of the rich?
noel reeve, 09 12 2010
Have been there only last Saturday.Great to see it again LIVE!
neel, 09 12 2010
i love London,but i never been there=( i study english and i wish live in London=)
Yevgenia, 08 12 2010
I love London and this webcam takes me there whenever I feel kind of homesick... Hello, Trafalgar Sq.!!!!!!!! ;)
HELLOKITTY, 07 12 2010
London My London, I shall see you soon.
Texas, 05 12 2010
Me encanta Londres con nieve !!!
euge, 02 12 2010
Love London - greatest city on the planet. I\'m exiled and just long to go back there permanently.
Jonthegooner, 02 12 2010
Emmanuel, 02 12 2010
I see London in snow now! That\'s so awesome! 2/12/2010, 8:13 GMT
Liz, 02 12 2010
Hi to my son Tony from his Mum in Ohio. Hope you wore your jumper today! Looks cold & wet.
Mum, 30 11 2010
I have been there for 3 days holding hands with my Helga. 3 days in heaven i will never forget..... a love can never end :-)
Hans, 23 11 2010
Remind me of the most amazing time spent with my love in London. Helga will never forget her darling Hans who is so far away...
Helga, 22 11 2010
Its a better place of the world!!
Paulo from south of Brazil, 17 11 2010
I\\\'m with you guys! London is my favorite city and I can\\\'t wait to return!
Gary, 15 11 2010
Was here a couple of years ago when we visited my daughter in college there for a semester. Liked the country got tired of the rain
templar saint, 12 11 2010
Are You ready to Me London? I go tomorrow:)
Cudrelle, 10 11 2010
Dear London, I know you\'ll be there for me when I\'ll escape from this ugly Toronto!! See you soon!
Rodica Balta, 09 11 2010
Hey, Texas! I hear ya! I want to be back in London again..taking a nice walk by the Thames...what an awesome city!
Betty in Texas , 09 11 2010
Can not wait to walk the streets of London again....
Texas, 08 11 2010
my dream to live in london
zola, 07 11 2010
I live in Russia, in Altay. I was not in London never. But every evening I can see this wonder - the famous Square.
Milla, 04 11 2010
I live in OK (USA) and enjoy the web cam views of London...from whence my ancestor\'s came.
aaron, 29 10 2010
I live in the North England and just love to visit London so much to see and do.
Eileen , 17 10 2010
wish I could be i the worlds geatest city
Stein, 13 10 2010
I moved back to NZ after 3 years in London and just looking at this makes me wanna go back!
M, 11 10 2010
Saw that there were storms headed your way...hope everything is well in London! The city lights look beautiful in the rain!
Betty in Texas, 04 10 2010
On 1st October, the \'Square\' plays host to the Big Bulb Plant supporting Rotary International\'s bid to elliminate Polio from the Globe. Come and join the fun between 11am and 2pm
Stephen, 30 09 2010
London i\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'ll arrive in one month for last october week-end.
HERVE FROT, 30 09 2010
We were here in August, loved the visit and will come back someday!!
Mark, 26 09 2010
I wish I was there now, coming soon.
Linda, 21 09 2010
NAMI, 14 09 2010
Visit this site it´s like travel again to london. I love this city and her people. I was visited more than 7 and all i got a good remember.
spanish, 12 09 2010
mobeen, 12 09 2010
mobeen, 12 09 2010
Hiii From Turkey.Ilove London Ilove Trafalgar Square.Last July Iam in London.....
Handan Diker, 11 09 2010
I love Trafalgar Square, now think about my holiday last July
JLB, 10 09 2010
i Love London I thing i am theare
Bhavin Thakkar, 03 09 2010
Parece que en Londres llueve pues en Madrid hay 34şC Os invito a todos a visitarnos. OK? chao!
Rasputin, 27 08 2010
It\'s raining in London! I wish I was there right now! It\'s been 105 degrees plus here in South Texas...I love you, London!
Betty in Texas, 23 08 2010
Was there last week fantastic, with the love of my life. x
HELEN, 22 08 2010
We just arrive from London,we´ve been passing across this place several times a day due to our aptment was very close..plenty of people any time...good mood,se you soon again
Octavio, 16 08 2010
Oh dear. Car crash. A lot of police cars and I think I saw some people running.
Admin, 07 08 2010
I\'ll be in London next 15th of August! Can\'t wait to see again this fantastic city! Each time is a new city ..i really feel comfortable with it!
giusy, 02 08 2010
Isn\'t there going to be a maze somewhere in the square on Monday?
Betty from Texas, 02 08 2010
I love London. My life\'s desire is to live there and I plan to make that happen. I visit when I can and I visit the webcams everyday. Lond live the webcams!
Carol, 01 08 2010
Hey Lezah from Texas! You lucky duck! I am really hoping to get there for New Years...I want to see the Eye when it strikes would be so cool!
Betty from Texas, 30 07 2010
I have just returned from London after a 3 day break - what a FAB place. So proud to be british - such much history - we shouls all be proud!! Samantha (Liverpool UK)
Samantha Perris, 28 07 2010
Just come back from London - what a fantastic place. I am very proud to be british. We have so much history - we should all be proud. Paula (Liverpool-UK)
Paula, 28 07 2010
i\'m another gal from texas! will be there for christmas!
lezah, 27 07 2010
Will be there tomorrow ! can not wait !Hope the sun is shining.
HELEN, 26 07 2010
going there this saturday,cannot wait to be much going on and to do
colin smith, 20 07 2010
Hey chick from Texas, which part are you from? I\'m in South Texas. I\'ve been to London twice and I wanna go back again!
Betty in Texas, 20 07 2010
AMIN MUMTAZ, 18 07 2010
It\'s raining in LondonTown. Wish I were there to enjoy it.
Linda, 16 07 2010
I love London. Can not wait to visit again.
chick from Texas, 14 07 2010
donald, 12 07 2010
Aaahhh, I LOVE London!!!
betty, 11 07 2010
Wow it\'s a busy, crowded day today in heatwave conditions!! Beautiful blue sky day :-)
Heather, 10 07 2010
will be there next month. can\\\'t wait.
sudha, 10 07 2010
There\\\'s a reunion of plinthers today at TF - 1st anniversary of Gormley\\\'s One And Other!
Plinth Man, 06 07 2010
Are they filmimg a movie today? London is awesome. Can\'t wait to go back.
jodi, 04 07 2010
The party at Trafalgar square, is it because the queen is out of town...
Gilles from Quebec, 02 07 2010
Richard I miss you so much. Keep txting and one day I will come back and see you again. XX
Deb, 30 06 2010
How lovely to see the sun shining on Trafalger Square....London is a great place.
Wendy, 28 06 2010
Good to see the No To Bike Parking Tax protestors are still making a stand.
Bruce, 23 06 2010
today is Hare Krishna festival Ratha Yatra, the devotees of krishna chant the holly names of the lord all day, besides they will have artistic performances.
Vissudha, 20 06 2010
This is the hare krsna festival Ratha yatra, The devotees of krishna are chanting the holly names pulling big cars and dancing. that happen in london and every country each year.
Vissudha, 20 06 2010
Ann - I believe there is an ISKCON festival terminating at TS. Colourful, peaceful and free food - what more do u want?
Dave, 20 06 2010
Love London! Love West End!Will be there soon.
Lily, 18 06 2010
London. A city with lots of sweet memories. Just so crystal clear.
Crystal, 18 06 2010
you have a dream , you have to protect it , you want something, go get it, dream is to visit this great city and i\'ll be there one day soon lamine (Algiers)
lamine, 15 06 2010
nice design!= and greate news
Cruireece, 09 06 2010
my heart is in London. Will i ever get it back?
Arne, 07 06 2010
Hi! Thanks John! I think they\'re lovely! I love London, such a mix of cultures...I\'d live there if I could. I hope to be there again soon...
Betty in Texas, 06 06 2010
Thank you guys (Mark, John and Kevin) for explaining. Kevin, your link is great!
Ann, 06 06 2010
Today is the thailand@trafalgar event celebrating 50th anniversary of visit to UK by HM King of Thailand. The statues are explained here
Kevin, 05 06 2010
No kidding, who knows, what\'s going on there on Trafalgar Square today? Londoners, please tell us!
Ann, 05 06 2010
Betty - today is a celebration of Thailand (food & crafts) The statues are elephants created by various artists, similar to the cow parade of previous years. ENJOY & Love LONDON
John, 05 06 2010
Betty - today is a celebration of Thailand (food & crafts) The statues are elephants creadted by various artists, like the cow parade of previous years. ENJOY & Love LONDON
John, 05 06 2010
hi betty - its a protest against israeli terror attacks on the flotilla.
Mark Adams, 05 06 2010
I would trade all the sun in Florida for a life in London! Can\'t wait to return.
Greg from Florida, 05 06 2010
Hi! What are the little colorful statues for? What\'s going on in the square? I love that place!
Betty in Texas, 05 06 2010
London and I love her.
Sunny, 03 06 2010
I just love London. My heart is always with my British people. One day, I hope to live there on my Indepenent Means Visa. Until then, I just watch my webcams and dream.
Carol, 01 06 2010
my dream is to be in london and i hope this wish will become true,i really love the british cultures and the british society :)
lamine, 01 06 2010
I envy all these people walking and running across this spectacular place. I even envy the postlamps on Trafalgar Square, I wish I were one of them. London is so far away and so beautiful! And you guys are so lucky to be there!
Anna, Russia, 31 05 2010
I love London I will be back soon!!!
Nancy, 28 05 2010
London is calling me back, I\'m coming soon.
Linda From Texas, 28 05 2010
London is always in my finest memories. I love London. From Brazil.
Vanessa Souza, 26 05 2010
london i\'ll come back i promise :( i miss U
paola, 26 05 2010
London is a toilet full of shite people
john boy, 26 05 2010
London I will love forever
londongaby, 25 05 2010
miss u London...I love lived there :(
VIKSY, 22 05 2010
I hope some day I`ll be there to stay. And I will.
Tiina, Finland, Kajaani, 21 05 2010
Always love London!
Rose, 21 05 2010
My dearest London, we´ll meet soon again!
Tiina, Finland, Kajaani, 20 05 2010
I love London
Aigerim, 15 05 2010
I like it!!
Aigerim, 15 05 2010
˙ î÷ĺíü őî÷ó ďîáűâŕňü â Ŕíăëčč!
Aigerim, 15 05 2010
My wife Janice and I stayed in London for two weeks three years ago and cannot wait to get back again in 2011. Such a wonderful place to visit.
Charles, 12 05 2010
I love London..... I look forward to coming back there.....
Cristina, 09 05 2010
why are all the comments on this cam when the live streaming cam is far superior?
peter, 07 05 2010
Those motorbike parking charge protesters sure brought the square to a standstill. Heh!
Trevor, 05 05 2010
I do love it...but when does the sun shine? that it?
Deb, 04 05 2010
catia, 04 05 2010
Londra frenetica, affascinante e coinvolgente! Trafalgare Square brulicante piazza del mondo! Fantastica!
catia, 04 05 2010
Oh London, my favorite City. Love to be there, looking forward to my next visit in july!
Matthias, 03 05 2010
hi, you are right about london, but never the less, i would love to call london my home!
lovely, 01 05 2010
The heart of London! London is a fabulous city full of fun things to see. The Brits have always been warm and wonderful to us. Seattle Wa
snelson, 30 04 2010
What happened to you in London John? How sad for you that you feel that way. London is truly one of the great cities of the world. Can\'t wait to visit this \"grey\" I mean great place in June.
Truthful Ted, 30 04 2010
What is a `big O.E.?\' - big Orgasm Experience? and that comment about London was made before motor cars - go to Venice to see what he was talking about. London is a grey dump under grey skies full of rude, aggressive, selfish grey people.
honest john, 29 04 2010
I love London. It\'s my favorite place in the whole world! Trafalgar Square is beautiful, I look at this site every day.
Betty, from Texas, 29 04 2010
All young professionals should try to get work experience in Loondon it add a lot to your resume
K King, 27 04 2010
S T E V E I wish I was stranded here with you for weeks and weeks...just us two!!!!!!! XOXOXOXOXOXO
MERCEDES, 19 04 2010
London!!! The best place ever!
Macarena from Argentina, 17 04 2010
Oh London, The capital of the world!!
Tiery Alman, 14 04 2010
Wonderful to see London again - the thrill is still there as it was in 1969 when I had my big O.E. and again a few years ago. \\\'When a man is tired of London he is tired of life\\\' - greatest place in the world!
Anne H, 12 04 2010
Learning about London with my students... and at the same time watching it live!!!
Irene Perez Jones, 07 04 2010
Londres Love!Prenez des photos avec elle. Elle veut danser avec vous toute la nuit!
Rose, 07 04 2010
Hi Bob and Louise Can\'t wait to be there Continu the good search for great hotel Kiss
Nichole and Gilles, 06 04 2010
The best town in the world
ionescu vali, 06 04 2010
Beautiful London! Hope to there again in July.
Matt, 06 04 2010
I\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'m from Russia! I\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'m an english teacher! That\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s why I\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'m interested in english-speaking countries! I dream about visiting The UK! I hope that my dream become reality!!!!!
Ilmira Damirovna, 04 04 2010
Love you London, hope to come to see you again soon!
Kate Hanibalova, 03 04 2010
I hope someday be there...
Carolina Oliveira, 30 03 2010
i hope that someday i can be there...
Carolina Oliveira, 30 03 2010
cant wait until sunday until am in london
brian, 29 03 2010
Great! Happy holidays!
Rose, 23 03 2010
Super! Joyeuses fetes!
Rose, 23 03 2010
Bob et Louise nous y serons bientot...
Gilles et Nico, 22 03 2010
I\'m celebrating my birthday in London, can\'t wait.
Bel, 20 03 2010
Spent 10 years of an Air Force career in England one of the nicest/warmest/friendliest atmospheres a city could offer miss it immensely.
BamBam Hodges, 16 03 2010
excellent in a word, l do want to be there in future
cag, 15 03 2010
verry nice maybe some day I will be there!
julia, 11 03 2010
absolutely stunning!!!Lively atmosphere, many great places to see, friendly people and much more. I visit London regulary as I am completly addicted to it :-))
joanna, 10 03 2010
hi!i from uruguay !
marr, 09 03 2010
Will be there tomorrow !!!cant wait. :)
pink helen, 09 03 2010
the best city in all world!!!! I went there three times e could saw this cam in trfalgar square!!!! simple the best!!! go to London and... MIND THE GAP!!!!
london forever, 04 03 2010
being in london was and still my dream,i\'ve so many amazing project that i\'d love to do in london, it\'s been 3 years that i\'ve not watch it through your website, i\'m so glad to see london moving again,and i wish i\'ll be walking on the street someday :)
lamine, 27 02 2010
BEST CITY EVER. Luv all the Londoners. xoxo Fancy a party or something?
lexie, 25 02 2010
We\'ll be there in about 11 days! Can\'t wait! I love this city!
Betty, 24 02 2010
I have just seen London through this webcam, seems to be nice.
Iftikhar, 23 02 2010
i love yu my dear, my great love
RAUL, 22 02 2010
London. My London. Best city in the world. I\'ll see you someday. Maybe soon. I dream about it every day. And this web cam is my litle window to city of my dream...
Natalie, 21 02 2010
I love London and I love you Raul of my life . God save you .
christine , 18 02 2010
can\'t understand that hype about london. sure, nice for party and stuff. but people there are not lucky. as simple as that.
Arne, 18 02 2010
I from Russia and thought that will never see London, however, I wronged )))
Roman, 18 02 2010
great view make me happy
mc, 15 02 2010
I LOVE London, this link makes me wish I could be there I try and visit as often as possible! Letsitele, South Africa
Lynne, 11 02 2010
London, my beloved city, my happiness is linked you, hope to return very soon!!!!
Alejandra, 09 02 2010
I think I\'ll return here on next september.
Mario, 09 02 2010
I never been in London but I plan next year to go and after come back again to live there, the life is too shirt to live in canada.If you want more webcam about Trafalgar Square i recommand you this one live:
eddie,canada, 08 02 2010
Fui este fin de ańo a Londres y por supuesto estuve en Trafalgar Square después de más de 25 ańos, pero la plaza desprende alegría siempre. Ojalá pudiera ir de nuevo en verano.
Juan, Tenerife, Canary Island, 05 02 2010
I´ve been in London each holiday for fifeteen years and I miss it every day. I hope some day, somehow I´ll be there to stay. This web cam is my daily link and it´s keep me carry on. Oh my sweet London, next summer we´ll meet again!
Tiina, Finland, 04 02 2010
Born in London now live in Perth Western Australia Oh how I miss my London was there 2009 love the history love the old buildings never miss the cold
Jeannie, 31 01 2010
STEVE, I wish I had been able to come here with you this time when you travelled to London. I would have made your birthday fantastic!! Think of me on this corner and blow me a kiss! xoxox
MERCEDES, 30 01 2010
Great web cam my wife and I stayed at the Citadine Trafalgar Hotel for 8 days last September sure is nice to see the old neighbourhood again what a grand place.
Ron Burns, 27 01 2010
It is really a good thing. I mean wed-camera, as I\'ve been to London it\'s so nice to refresh my memories.
Irene, 26 01 2010
Great webcam. I am in Pennsylvania, USA and my son rang and said he was there, so I logged on and was able to see him... over 3000 miles away. Wonderful!! Thank you.
Janet, 26 01 2010
I wish I was back in London & not living in Spain
Wendy Nesbeth, 21 01 2010
Beware the flatulent Egyptians who gather near dusk. They still are resentful because of the Suez. They seem to like Nelson\\\'s column.
Chi Chi Rosenstein, 15 01 2010
back to home yesterday. We had a great time in London for four days and for the fourth time !! Be back soon
Isabelle, 11 01 2010
i really do miss being inLondon. The last time I was in London was 1994. We will be there again in Oct 2010.
paula, 11 01 2010
Yes @ Chris the big red buses are still there and also london tourist buses,place would grind to a halt without them.
dunks, 11 01 2010
I was seven weeks in London....I miss it a lot....nice city, nice people from all over the world...I\'ll be back!
Isabel Sanchez, 10 01 2010
I left my heart and soul here. my 1st trip I fell n love-said I shall live here one day-Im retired from the Service and Police-Now to get my wife to agree Its time to Do it.
pete s, 09 01 2010
Are there still the typical double decker buses? It looks like it in the webcam but I was told that they were done away with. We are coming in March and my daughter was looking forward to seeing them and riding on one.
Chris, 09 01 2010
Great to see snow fall in London. Quite magical!
Hector, 06 01 2010
Love to look at my old country of birth. promised myself I would be there again soon.miss the snow and the cold weather at xmas
Deb from Oz, 02 01 2010
I Wa$ @cTuaLly 4 four a deer aBby wHen actualLy a beatifulL lady is what i was lookin 4 Audio
Happy New Year London Can\'t wait to come back.
Tina, 01 01 2010
Greetings from Dallas, Texas. I have fond memories of the square from 1993
David B, 01 01 2010
Happy New Year London..wish I could have been there to dance in the fountains. Will be back someday. Hello Helena
Jackie A, 01 01 2010
Feliz Ano nuevo London, I hope someday to be there!!! happy 2010... From: Buenos Aires, Argentina
kenny, 01 01 2010
Happy new year! London wait me the next year! Ronaldo - From BRAZIL -Riberao Preto- SP ( )
Ronaldo, 31 12 2009
no better place to be!
deni, 31 12 2009
happy new year!!!!!!!!!!!
deni, 31 12 2009
i feel so homesick its nice to see my country on the 31st 2009
deni, 31 12 2009
At home with my 5 year old, 4 month old son\'s and husband with a glass of wine... no party this year! Happy New year all!!
Kay Hanson, 31 12 2009
missyou london
monica, 31 12 2009
Hello London and lovely Trafalgar Square. You always look beautiful
marjorie narey, 31 12 2009
happy new year to all....... im going 2 be der in 2 hours time yahooooooooooooooooooooooo
jeff, 31 12 2009
Looking at this picture I\'m feeling homesick. Have been there in April 09 and am looking forward to return in March \'10. Happy New Year to all of you!!
Carmen Stieber, 31 12 2009
Happy New Years my English Cousins from across the ponds
Scott Hanshaw, 31 12 2009
Happy new year year I\'ll be in Trafalgar to party...
Mariagrazia, 31 12 2009
parece ser un lugar fantastico y muy concurrido, felicidades a mis compatriotas alla el Inglaterra
Cristian calderon, 31 12 2009
I can\'t wait to visit London\'s theater, and other exciting venus. I\'m closer than ever before and London is one of my travel plans. Hope I make it to Paris first for New Year\'s Eve.
Bel, 29 12 2009
HAPPY NEW YAR ALL LONDONER!! Wishes Helena from CZ Brno
Helena Ostra, 29 12 2009
this web cam is rally cool my sister was in london not long ago and she enjoyed herself there :)
zoe, 26 12 2009
Merry xmas London, I miss u so so so much...hope to be there again 2010! My heart is in Trafalgar now
Mariagrazia, 25 12 2009
I am hoping to work in London, and enjoy the wonderful Circle Line. Merry Christmas to all! Duncan
Duncan, 25 12 2009
Happy Christmas, London. I hope to be with you next year.
Libby, 25 12 2009
Hello from Florida. I love watching the webcam\'s from London especially around the holiday time. I hope to get back to this great city in 2010.
Georgian, 24 12 2009
I try to be in London at least once a year, love trafalgar and covent garden, wish I was there now.. :(
andrea, 24 12 2009
Hi, everybody. We are from Munich/ Germany. Merry christmas to you all!!
Hilde and Corinna, 24 12 2009
merry christmas to everybody!
Abby, 24 12 2009
This city is so wonderful...I want lives here.... merry christmas to Brazil
Monica, 23 12 2009
Hi, everybody. I\'m from Brazil.Merry Christmas!
Carla, 23 12 2009
I was back in London last year with my teeenage son.I had a great time showing him the sights.I love London and lived there for several years.I agree that London and in particular Trafalgar Square is the centre of the universe.I always miss it from here in New Zeraland.
Bob, 22 12 2009
I just left london after 2 years, and I miss it a lot. WISH I WAS THERE....FOREVER
Vikramjit Singh, 21 12 2009
i was born there,but i live in dorset and prefer the quiet life,sea,sun countryside,but london has it all,just not for me,sorry
matty, 20 12 2009
I left London almost two years ago.Used to lived and studied there. I still missing especially the snowing days. I hope I can visit some time.
ei phyu thwin, 20 12 2009
london is too expensive
mark, 19 12 2009
I watch this for a few minutes before I go to bed here in the US. The sun has always *just* risen and traffic is calm. I love the red buses and black taxis. Good morning, London! And goodnight.
Libby, 19 12 2009
Love this web nice to see London with xmas tree all lit up. Ex Essex girl who has a hankering to go living down under
Deb, 19 12 2009
I left London 10 years ago to live in the US. I still miss it very much as there is no city like it, the history, culture, nighlife.... Seeing these webcams views makes me miss it even more...
Annie, 18 12 2009
Trafalgar square is beautiful and the taxis so unique. I need to visit again!! Steve, the accountant, let\'s people watch together!!!!!!
Tara, 17 12 2009
Levent, I watch Istanbul cams from the UK! Especially Sultanahmet. London and Istanbul are two of my favourite cities, after Liverpool. I love London views at night,
Jan, 16 12 2009
I first had gone to London 4 years ago from Istanbul.I had been so homesick that I had been watching Istanbul from webcams. Then, day-by-day I fell in love with London. I have not been to so many cities around the world, but I guess it is the only city I can be happy to live in. Now,I am back in Istanbul and watching lovely from webcams. It is so sad :(
levent, 16 12 2009
I was looking for the Green Tunnel Tent of Vestas. Is it still there?
Jenny Baker, 12 12 2009
I stayed in London last August, no point to say, it\'s a fantastic city! My nephew lives there and he is a busdriver ,I hope to see him one day ,through the webcam!!
Giusy, 10 12 2009
London in the lead up to Christmas...sorely missed! Xmas in the sun/at the beach just isnt the same. Australia is having its hottest weather for some years at the mo, I just want dark mornings, cold, Xmas shopping, commuters, BBC, a cup of English tea..oh I miss home right now! Gday from Sydney :))
Marcus, 09 12 2009
I used to look at this camera at a library when I lived in the US - there was another one on HMS Belfast and you could see the sun rise behind Tower Bridge while it was late at night in Texas. God it made me homesick. One day I watched the traffic on a wet dawn and saw the lights inside the double decker buses reflected off the wet surface of the road around the junction of Whitehall and the square and I thought \\\'I would love to step into that scene just for a few minutes with wellies and an umbrella!\\\' Now I can do so I rarely do it.
lawrence, 08 12 2009
Sziasztok ! Tiszafüredről nézünk,olvasgatunk titeket!
Anna Erzsi, 07 12 2009
Hello Home, I miss you like crazy. From Poland with love.
Katie Boardman, 03 12 2009
London, I love you, but Manchester, you\'re better ;-)
Marc, 03 12 2009
London I love you=))) This city is mu dream!!!... I was there 2 years ago, my trip was wonderful, due to beautiful buildings, streets, parks... If it will be possible, I\'d like to leave there... but now, it is just a dream...
Catalina, 30 11 2009
I love you, London!
Natalia, 26 11 2009
Great city - train travel is phenominal - my wife and kids have been to London nine times in the last four years (I\'m an airline employee) ... we stay at Holiday Express - great breakfast, good pricing. We look forward a couple of times a years to travel to see Crystal Palace football, too - and visit Harrod\'s and the great sites around town.
Butch and Family from USA, 26 11 2009
London is the most exciting city in the world, there\'s so much history...The ambience makes my endorphines roar!!!
Monica Myers, 20 11 2009
I have never been in London. London is my dream!I want to walk on Trafalgar Square.
Elena, 06 11 2009
hi firework in london
james, 05 11 2009
We spent two weeks in London and after we got our feet wet we were all around town.This is one of the most beautiful cities we have been in. The people were all very friendly. As for the prices it was really no different in San Francisco or New York.It just depends on how much you want to spend.Trafalgar Square was great.When we got tired we would walk two blocks from our hotel w/coffee and just watch all the people.It was a great trip and we will go back in 2010 for a week and then on to Rome.
larry hendrickson, 04 11 2009
I really love this city!
Dacil , 02 11 2009
london oh i love london see you at the weekend my lovely london
kevin, 02 11 2009
Ah Trafalgar, ah ma bello Trafalgar. I love\'s it lovely lovely lovely yummy yay yay. He he :) I love London!!!
Richard, 31 10 2009
love to be there. this is the place to be.
annie, 27 10 2009
love to be there! have so many memories here. going to be here again soon I hope
annie, 27 10 2009
love to be there!
tannie, 27 10 2009
From USA many thanks for bringing these unique images of my beloved London\'s Trafalgar Square. Today it is so vividly clear in London. a city so loved by me! Mind you I visit this site on a daily basis...
Finita, 27 10 2009
Will I ever forget London\'s Trafalgar Square? a thousand and one \"NO\"...a majestic and unique city London is!
Finita Reed, 27 10 2009
How cool those cameras! made me nostalgious remembering my days in London! definately a lovely place to live, eventhough the cloudy weather.
Danyella, 26 10 2009
Let me take you to london then we will really kiss on Trafalgar Square...:)
Steve, 25 10 2009
Kian, you just feel envy to them. This is the beautiful town with perfect people. A excellent place without lacks.
Vitaliy, 24 10 2009
I love London i am from Ukraine
lida, 24 10 2009
Love looking at the square when the Christmas tree is visible in December.Spent time there in 2004, can\'t wait to return
Len, 24 10 2009
I want to kiss my lover on the corner. So absolutely beautiful.
Mercedes, 21 10 2009
lovely city, but ridiculously expensive, crowded, and also very noisy. Even the rich living in those lovely mansions have to get used to it.
Kian, 21 10 2009
I love London, I visit on a regular basis, so much to see and do.
Di, 20 10 2009
Класс !!!
Mihail, 18 10 2009
I miss London so much. Can\'t wait to go back there. It\'s the best place in the world...
Alex, 16 10 2009
lovely city, I would I was born there. I\\\'m looking forward to return there on 13/11/09-cristina
CRISTINA, 14 10 2009
geil amn, 12 10 2009
loved the city! can\'t wait to go back!
simona, 20 09 2009
It\'s called One and Other,it\'s an art instillation by Anthony Gormley (who created The Angel of The North). You register your details online and if you get chosen you get to stand on the empty plinth for 1 hour and you can do anything you want!
Sean Naylor, 20 09 2009
The guys and girls who are on the plinth are part of a two-month experiment, each given an hour to do whatever they please for one full hour--it\'s not a soap box but could be if an individual uses his/her hour that way; most seem to have fun.
ROB, 20 09 2009
Watching from work in New Haven, Connecticut USA. (I grew up in the UK and have not been back since 1987) I miss it every day.
Brigitte, 20 09 2009
Colleen, its an art project, where 2,400 spend an hour on the plinth doing whatever they like. see
Sean, 19 09 2009
Isn\'t that what\'s called a \"soap box\"?
Nikki, 18 09 2009
I will be returning to this fantastic city in two weeks ! Julie (Perth West Australia) 18.09.09
Julie, 18 09 2009
What is that guy doing up on the pedestal with the net around it?
Colleen, 17 09 2009
Trafalger I\' comming on Friday, only hope will be nice weather then. Tschau from Germany
Buggsi, 16 09 2009
A\'s engagement ring is so sparkly, we could see it across the pond! Love to you and C, Mom & Dad
Elyse, 16 09 2009
I was there for 3 weeks and saw all the sunshine and blue skies. Worth every penny!!
Kellie, 16 09 2009
Been there in Oct 1994... Luved it...
Remi Paulin, 14 09 2009
Ssh! Don\'t tell the politicians that megaphones are allowed on the Plinth - they\'ll either ban it or nationalise it.
John, 13 09 2009
very nice weather today,no clouds,the sky is blue,unussualy,i like to be there now
gogy, 29 08 2009
Our naked Egyptian bloke at Bounds End has to wear a loin cloth on London Transport premises, or maybe the Big Issue make him - sexist, huh?
Kevin, 26 08 2009
That\'s probably what the kids called her. Truth is, she is Egyptian and has been excused clothes because she is suffering from extreme flatulence.
Bob, 25 08 2009
That woman with her clothes off should be ashamed of herself. What about kids walking around? What a jerk!
callie, 24 08 2009
Loved London on our first visit in 2008. Will be returning on Sept 10. Gonna work our way through the West End. Just a wonderful city. So alive!
alfuso, 24 08 2009
i love london. there\\\'s something that is so magical about it. absolutely beautiful
krystle, 24 08 2009
i love that many memories
Demmy, 23 08 2009
P.S. I\'m inlove with London-I am so grateful that, I can visit your Fabulous webcam, it absolutely Thrills me!... Thank you-my heart will Always belong to London!!!
monica myers, 23 08 2009
I was born in London & spent the first ten years of my life there!...For me, London is the greatest city in the world, it shall stay in my heart FOREVER!!!
Monica Myers, 23 08 2009
Josh ... That construction houses a camera crew who are filming the people on the 4th plinth link
Colin, 22 08 2009
I love London, wish I were there now.
Jeff D, 16 08 2009
One week ago I was there, London is outstanding, I reccomend you all to go there if you can. See ya
bogdy, 16 08 2009
what\'s with all the construction in the front of the square?
Josh, 15 08 2009
Wait me, i\'m coming.
Pierpaolo, 12 08 2009
We\\\\\\\'ve just enjoyed seeing our Daughter/Mom and friend, waving to us in trafalger square. It got us very excited, and we all waved back. Weather looked goos, as the sun was shining.
Margaret Donaghy and Sian Peters, 11 08 2009
I have recently notice an uptick in flatulent Egyptians throughout the city. Is there a convention in town?
Dr Higgs Boson, 06 08 2009
So cool I miss London very much seing this image from Săo Paulo
Muriel, 06 08 2009
My daughter is very close to have my first grandson at London today. I feel closer her having this image at my PC from Buenos Aires
Constantino, 06 08 2009
Stunning location. I\\\'m looking forward to being there next week? I\\\'ll bring some sun for you all. Carolyn of Western Australia
Carolyn, 02 08 2009
I pray that I get the job in Europe then London will be a visit for sure. I hope to meet Stephano there.
Bel from Miami, 02 08 2009
at this moment in time,im missing london alot,and seeing this lovely view of trafalger sqaure,makes me more love london.i live in malta now,but soon i will go back and make my spirit alive you london,see you soon xx
joseph xuereb, 29 07 2009
I have just been last week in London after 30 years and I fell in love with this city, when I\'m looking now at the cam, I wish I was there. Greetings from Germany.
Matt, 28 07 2009
I love London, look at Trafalgar square all the time but wish I were there. Great memories of my visits.
Jeff D, 25 07 2009
I am sitting in my sun room pining to be in Trafalgar Square at the moment. A nice cup of tea and scone at the Crypt would be sweet. I so terribly miss visiting London.
Hector, 25 07 2009
I love this view. Next week I\'ll be in London!! Greetings from Germany.
Thomas from Germany, 25 07 2009
the 4th empty pillar is being used as a living sculpture, people stand on the pillar in 1hr sessions,i think it goes on until nov,
stephen cooke, 25 07 2009
I love this cam and visit it often. In 2 weeks I\'ll be there. Carolyn - Western Australia
Carolyn, 25 07 2009
I like the view overlooking the square better. I brings back memories and we haven\\\'t got a clue what\\\'s going on on stage anaway.
monique, 24 07 2009
I wish I was there. Beautiful
Jack in Tucson, 24 07 2009
Haven\\\\\\\'t been there in a couple of years, hope to return next summer. My husband and I think of London often - we love it there.
mollie, 23 07 2009
wish I was there. Looks great. Can\'t wait to go back
cindy , 19 07 2009
What\'s going on here??
SunLit Dream, 18 07 2009
been there, seen it dunnit..shame about the pigeons..but everyone has to be somewhere
robert, 17 07 2009
I can not any longer sit by and allow the blasphemy of \'noel\' to go unremarked upon on this site. May 72 virgins rain down upon you. Infidel!!
Peter the Confessor, 14 07 2009
Glad to see its nice and sunny in london today. My son is on a school trip from Swansea.
Robert Paukovits, 14 07 2009
Thanks for the close-up of the fourth plinth!
LindaP, 13 07 2009
Noel, want to know the truth about Jesus read the Bible. I DARE YOU!!!
angel, 12 07 2009
Wish I could zoom in on the 4th plinth and see who\'s up there this hour. I had a great time when I was there in London last Tues. Thanks UK for a great holiday!
bec from ATL, 12 07 2009
how come its daylight at three thirty in the morning.
alan downie, 12 07 2009
Camera refresh every 5 seconds ? I don\'t think so. It has been daylight for at least the past 3 days and those lions have not moved an inch either !
Paul in Germany, 11 07 2009
Paul, I think Jesus liked polishing shafts, but that\\\'s my own interpretation... Let\\\'s face it, he only hung out with one woman yet over a dozen men.
noel, 11 07 2009
Was there a year ago today, so wish i was there again with the person i was with then.
Helen, 10 07 2009
was there a year ago today wish i was back there so much now.
Helen, 10 07 2009
in reply to Alan Downie - It was prob showing a daylight picture as its not updating and is an old picture as it has had same pic all day!!!
Jayne, 10 07 2009
Noel, I\'m afraid you are mistaken. At the time in question I was busy polishing Cleopatra\'s Needle !
Paul in Germany, 10 07 2009
Alan, didnt you hear. There was a strange phenomena the other day when the earth stopped rotating. I believe this was about the same time that Hannah Montana proclaimed to the world, she could sing. The sad part about this, she can only sing through her nose. You\'ve got to understand, if a person talks through her nose, she has to sing through her nose. But yet, with the modern miracles of technology, Disney has made her into a singing superstar. I heard they can even make a mute person a singing superstar, if they wanted to.
Barbara, 10 07 2009
Trafalgar Square-I already miss you!!!
elizabeth, 10 07 2009
why is still daylight at 00.47 ? just wondering.
alan downie, 10 07 2009
This webcam is my only gate to revive my memories of my last visit to London in 2004. I love it
Hamdi Fdhila, 07 07 2009
Happy Fourth of July in Trafalgar Square!
LindaP, 04 07 2009
Trafalgr Square is the best location for chillin out & having gentle fun!!!
christine gordon, 04 07 2009
2 Costa Ricans in the beautiful city of London, exploring, this amazing city,I hope weather is good,enjoing London!!
Tika, 03 07 2009
Happy Canada Day in Trafalgar Square !
Dave W, 01 07 2009
I\'m sure I spotted my brother and family from Germany on the webcam. He was the one stroking Nelson\'s column.
Noel, Thailand, 30 06 2009
Eden Carneiro, 26 06 2009
I don\'t know how but I\'ll be there, no matter how long it bet.
esteban, 25 06 2009
My boyfriend took me here, while visititng the UK after watcthing it on webcam from Australia for over a year. It was really great, makes me wistful looking at it from afar once again.
Samantha Kerr, 21 06 2009
As R.Burns said;\"My heart\'s in the Highlands, My herat is not here...\", I can say that my heart is in London, my heart is not here! My god,how I want to be there!
Zarina, 15 06 2009
It brings back fond memories to see this live video of Trafalgar Square. When I was there in Aug. 2008 they had a big screen up to show the Olympics. I love London and want to go back!!!
Maria, 13 06 2009
FABULOUS. I can get a better look at my daughter\\\'s new home! google her under CARRIE HABER or
cynthia, 30 05 2009
Yes, it\'s revenge for Suez. Also, tourists should not feed the Barbary Apes in Trafalgar Square. If they smell food, they can get aggressive. One man had his ears bitten off.
honest john, 14 05 2009
You need to watch out for flatulent Egyptians primarily in the late afternoons.
Dr Higgs Boson, 12 05 2009
wow what can you say love London played tottenham on a charity lost had a good time 1963 good old days then sang at the red lion great time too once sang tony hatch playing and our cliff with his check shirt on at a table with a lass. tony said move up the midlands could make it went on television 1996 stars in their eyes as jim reeves loved it then sang around the country 7 & years until the mrs was pooly so I packed it in & now look after her eh now i\'m with my wild life dont drink or smoke just live for my wild life cant say any more than that. love to you all down the smoke lads& gals Alan xxxxx
Alan Gibson, 12 05 2009
hey julie n, great website thanks. this cam appears to have slowed down though
jodie oconnell, 09 05 2009
Info for Peter - for more travel details on London go to visitlondon website.
Julie N, 07 05 2009
Buckingham Palace is around .8 mile from Trafalgar Square (approx. 20 mins walking). Also less than 20 mins walking is Westminster Abbey. Best city to explore!
Julie N, 07 05 2009
Peter its a few minutes walk ,check google earth it will show how close it is . try visit London or visit Britain web sites
Anthony, 07 05 2009
Will someone tell me, what the distance is from Trafalgar Square to Buckingham Palace, just to give me some perspective. Are there any other worthwhile websites in London that i have missed, besides this one.
Peter, 06 05 2009
I love London. There is something magical about being there. The history, the people..just everything. Can\'t wait to go back.
Krystle, 05 05 2009
\"How do I love London...let me count the ways...\" Being of British descent I could not have passed the opportunity of visiting the land of my ancestors and was not dissapointed at all. From my very first impression landing at Heathrow, the thrill of just being there in that cold drizzling morning long ago, its cultural diversity, their citizens gentleness, visiting the National Gallery with its amazing paintings and having a quick lunch downstairs, Trafalgar and its pigeons (no longer there!)St Martin in the Fields,Madame Tussaud\'s, The Tower,The Phantom of the Opera which touched my heart forever.....I dream of coming back someday but for now it is indeed appreciated your views through your camvista camera making feel as if I was still there!
Fini, 02 05 2009
London is amazing.
Brasil, 27 04 2009
I agree, London is the centre of the universe. I\'ve been visiting nearly every year since 1986; absolutely the best.
sebastien Wright, 25 04 2009
London is a beautiful place Brent
Gisele, 24 04 2009
The unique city of London, misterious, majestic, lugubrious and addictive. I would like to die of a London \"overdose\"!
Susangel, 24 04 2009
This site is amazing, you can see this beautiful place my american friend but in trafalgar square streaming cam is awesome.
Brasil, 23 04 2009
London - the greatest and best city on this entire planet (and I was born there).Don\'t U just love the sights, the atmosphere, the noise, the life! Forget Paris, New York etc - Gimme LONDON
J A Rose, 23 04 2009
Went to London in January to see Hamlet...can\'t wait to come back in January 2010!!! I love London!!!!
Betty in Texas, 22 04 2009
I adore London, and Trafalgar Square in particular. So I check out this cam almost daily. Pity it doesn\'t move any more, like it used to.
Michael, 22 04 2009
hhqfguoq, 21 04 2009
Missing London already!! The best place I\'ve ever been in my whole life!!
Karla, 20 04 2009
Can\'t wait to be there again!! I\'ll be staying in London from July till September. Love the city and the atmosphere! Gretings from good old Germany :)
Toni, 20 04 2009
i love moving there as soon as i get a job (and a visa)...or maybe just enroll in grad school :). greetings from Washington, DC
Diane, 20 04 2009
S HARRILL, 12 04 2009
I spent 15 days in London last year. The best trip ever, loved the city, the people, the places, even the weather was fantastic. Can´t wait to be there again...
Anna, 07 04 2009
London\'s calling.... Greetings from Germany
Thomas , 07 04 2009
i m here in pakistan cant offord to visit world but i believe this is the only best way of liveng i just born to visit beautiful locations i cant offord this time but i m trying i pray to God for this hopeful in the near future i will be there to visit i love nature
irfan, 04 04 2009
Nice day for a Protest!
David , 01 04 2009
april 1st 2009....keep watching..i predict a riot!
jamie, 01 04 2009
I check out this web site almost every day from here in California on the northern coast of the Pacific. It\\\'s the only way I can afford to travel and satisfy my wander lust. I love the fact that it isn\\\'t a static image, but changes every few seconds. It gives me a feeling of almost being there. Colleen
Colleen Reiswig, 31 03 2009
hi greetings from argentina, i like trafalgar square,oxford street,and many moore
miguel, 30 03 2009
Estuvimos en Londres con un amigo y nos encantň, la gente muy educada, muy cordial y la ciudad maravillosa, espero volver en lo mas breve.-
Ricardo Francou, 25 03 2009
I think u\'ll like London Nadia, i love it there, its so beautiful and friendly. I miss it everyday have a great time
hollie, 25 03 2009
I live in Russia,Moscow. Me and my son are going to vizit London next week. I hope we like to be there.
Nadia, 25 03 2009
We visit London every winter and usually stay in the Trafalgar Square area. We love London! It\\\'s super clean Surf City California (HB,CA)
Patricia , 25 03 2009
What a great city. London is eternal. My wife and I visited London recently, for the first time. It was a wonderful experience for two weeks, visiting family. Hope to return soo for a visit. These cams great. Ken. An Aussie.
Ken, 23 03 2009
I\'ve been there with school. I\'ts really cool Greets from the Netherlands
bas, 20 03 2009
helen, 17 03 2009
Lá ‘le Pádraig sona daoibh! 15th March was a celebration for St. Patrick\'s day (which is actually today) the patron saint of Ireland. It\'s usually held at the weekend as it would disrupt traffic too much on a weekday.
Jiv, 17 03 2009
Dianne Brown is right. u should a calendar to let us know what is going on at the square
sudha, 16 03 2009
Get rid of the traffic and bring back the pigeons!!
Vince, 15 03 2009
I love to watch your web site and I typically check it out at least once a day if not more, but when I\'m watching and I see so many folks all gathered around in the square, it drives me crazy not knowing whats going on. Perhaps you could add a calendar that might allow those who visit regularly to know what type of events are going on. I.E. Special events like shows, holidays and the such. I often see hugh crowds gathered together but I have not a clue what kind of things take place there. Thanks.
Dianne Brown, 15 03 2009
Gosh....what`s going on right here???
Vika, 15 03 2009
The pigeons were traditional but made a real mess everywhere. It was slippery when walking especially when wet and very smelly. There used to be a guy selling bird seed which attracted thousands of them. It\'s much more pleasant now and there are a few birds still around.
Ant, 14 03 2009
trust me the Pigeons have not been driven away. They are as plentiful as ever.
Colin, 14 03 2009
How can they drive the pigeons away?!!!! If you can see whether there are pigeons on the square form the camera, then you must have great eyesight!
Jivan, 13 03 2009
Nice view but looks bare now the pigeons have been driven away.
Des, 13 03 2009
I\'ll be walking in this square in 2 weeks. Our son works just around the corner. He has been in London for 8 years. We always use this site to check the weather and time.
bushman, 12 03 2009
I would like to go there, to my friend. London is very beautiful city.
Helen, 11 03 2009
Черт, круто, блин! самому не верится, что смотрю на лондон )
Greasy, 10 03 2009
I\'ll be there this summer with 14 US students in tow! London is incredible in every way.
Jimm Cox, 09 03 2009
Я живу в России,и увидить Лондон,для неописуемое удовольствие:))
Scazy, 08 03 2009
I was coming last april this town and my hotel is near by Trafalgar Citadines hostel.I loved this hot city and many,many wonderful people.I was sorry but my visiting is so short and i come back this summer and then i live longer.Be your proud your land,city and peolpe
Kalevi Tuominen, 08 03 2009
My beloved city of London, i\'ve been watching you in this web cam every morning, missing you so much. Hope to see you this summer again, looking forward to my way from the airport to your heart! Much love, London! Kate
Katerina Hanibal, 08 03 2009
I leave Australia tomorrow to arrive in England Monday night. I have been looking at this web cam wistfully for a year, and am unbelievabley stoked that I get to see it for real at last, holding hands with my lover xxooxx
Samantha, 07 03 2009
Love this so much i wish i Lived there,but,I don\'t but this makes me happy just to come and visit everyday.Thanks for the webcam shots they are Great. -sharon- USA
sharon, 07 03 2009
LILIANA, 06 03 2009
My dream came true last year when I visited this lovely city. I will go back someday, I know. I LOVE LONDON!!!!
LILIANA, 06 03 2009
Sitting in Middleeast warm winter weather and sunshine...i miss home so bad. Specially going to central London..every weekend..
MS, 05 03 2009
i am standing there next year lottery or not!?!!!!
phil hope, 04 03 2009
My niece and I visited London from Texas to attend a performance of Hamlet with David Tennant. I absolutely love London! I want to go back so badly!! Trafalgar Square is beautiful! Thank you for this cam!
Betty, 04 03 2009
If you haven\'t been to London, go man go! Don\'t just think about -- do it, this year, make it happen. Nobody is going to give you permisson. Go! You will never regret it.
Jerry the Message man, 03 03 2009
I mising so much this place
Grossi, 02 03 2009
wow. AWESOME VIEW. SPIRO loves london, he is very big
jodie theone and only, 02 03 2009
What is happening at the National Gallery? It is beautiful with all the graphics but there is nothing online about it. Information please!
Francine, 01 03 2009
London, You\'re The Greatest!! I Love London So Very Much-I was born there in \'46 and, live there for the first 1o years of my life...Of All the Great experiences that, I\'ve had-LONDON, YOU\'RE THE BEST!!
Monica Myers, 28 02 2009
despite the cold, it\'s a busy place.
Rafael, 27 02 2009
alex, 27 02 2009
can you clear that \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"fuzzy\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" camera please
peter , 27 02 2009
what no pidgeon poo????
Peter, 25 02 2009
I\'ve never been in England, but I\'m sure I\'ll visit London in two years after leaving Secondary school. London, wait for me!!! :))
Ksyusha, Baskunchak, Russia, 25 02 2009
Para Fede, Te quiero, te extranio y desde la ciudad de la plaza te mando un besote grande!!! TL
Lucesita, 24 02 2009
Hi! My daughter and wife will visit National Gallery today. I am spying - could I see them also on the square. Toomas in Tallinn.
Toomas, 22 02 2009
London\'s one of the nicest cities in the world. My wife and I spent our honeymoon over there. Hope to return soon.
Aldo, 21 02 2009
Greetings to all my fellow countrymen in the glorious City of London!
Wojtek from Poland, 21 02 2009
I spent the early 90\'s in london in college was some great pics in this location
andy, 21 02 2009
HOLA LUCESITA!! Aprovecha este dia peronista!!! :-) Que lo pases lindo en SouthBank, me encanta haberme despertado con tu dulce voz. TE QUIERO. TF
Fede CG, 21 02 2009
LUCESITAAA Aprovecha este dia peronista!! No importa el haber despertado ahora, me encanta hablar con vos!!
FEDE, 21 02 2009
hi everyone what a beautifful day,blue sky i wish i\\\'ll be there gogy from israel
gogy, 21 02 2009
I\'ve spend lovely days in london between 1977-1980. I was a poor student one of the london university. Thanks my god.
Cengiz, 20 02 2009
I have never been in London... Ehhh....((((
Kate, 20 02 2009
a gray day,very cloudy,i like this,in israel today is the same weather as london gogy from israel
gogy, 20 02 2009
It is my best wish to visit London
Tatyana, 20 02 2009
de solo ver las imagenes dan ganas de regresarse, londres pronto ire nuevamente para disfrutar de todo lo hermoso que vivi ahi.
LILIANA, 18 02 2009
Such a long time that I was on Trafalgar Square. Need to go back there soon! Annie from South Africa
Annie, 16 02 2009
Another beautiful night in London.
rob, 16 02 2009
would love to be there again next summer together with my daughter and to live in this city very soon!
june, 14 02 2009
We are the skaters move away from our territory
Jurry, 14 02 2009
OMG, that is so romantic!
Lizzy, 14 02 2009
Aditi, you are one lucky fellow. Go for it!
Tom, 14 02 2009
Has start soon the Silent Dance mob flash events!:)) Have rest 10 min!
Adam, 13 02 2009
Have a brill time Samantha!! Im going to London in April and i cant wait. We have lovely snow here in Scotland, think London might be getting some more
Claire, 13 02 2009
Im going to be here in 23 days!!!!! Ive been waiting so ling to touch these lions for real, instead of watching them everyday from Australia!! Watch out London here I come!!!
Samantha Kerr, 13 02 2009
Dr BARKAT ALI, 12 02 2009
hi today sky blue,sun warm the streets,very nice,anjoy there gogy from usrael
gogy, 12 02 2009
today 11/2 the sky is blue,the sun came out but very cold:1 deg c
gogy, 11 02 2009
i see fire from the builging,its true?
gogy, 09 02 2009
best location on this site
chris, 07 02 2009
lovely city, nice people
Luis Arrieta, 07 02 2009
taxis blocking traffic to traffalgar square
peotro, 05 02 2009
shalom tomorrow on friday between 0300-1000 will snow again
gogy, 05 02 2009
London is one of the best city i been too.
Haseeb Ashraf, 05 02 2009
i absolutely LOVE london! i love these webcams and love to try to watch the life in london. i wish i were there. hopefully will be back soon!!!!
pamela, 04 02 2009
the life are back to london\\\'but i think it will snow again this week
gogy, 04 02 2009
CRISTINA, 03 02 2009
I hope I can get to London next Saturday and be one of the many Italians at the match England vs Italy 6 Nations
yary, 03 02 2009
ALLAN , 03 02 2009
Oh NO, I missed out this lovely scenes of London on this snowy day. Looks so beautiful. Missing London and my friends too much. I\'m enjoying my holiday at my home land in INDIA.
Lekha Shaj, 02 02 2009
Thanks, Ann. Like here in Washington, DC, a little snow throws our public transportation into panic! Enjoy whilst you can, though. Cheers!
Hector, 02 02 2009
Even in Russia I can see this square...It is wonderful
POlina, 02 02 2009
snow in London? I lived 10 years in London...never saw that much snow... Now I\'m back in Germany...and suddenly it snows.
Susanne, 02 02 2009
We go to visit London,next feb.4th, for my wife\'s birthday, hope isn\'t too cold, anyway London is marvellous
Louis Carciani, 02 02 2009
WOOOW...London and the snow...I would like to be thereee!!!
Angelooooo, 02 02 2009
..weird to see no buses on the road...i lived and worked as a busdriver in london for more than back in germany...
martina, 02 02 2009
Hector... Londoners are stranded without public transports, roads clogged with snow and curbs slippery if you dare walk! But apart from those minor inconveniences, it\\\\\\\'s magical here!
Ann, 02 02 2009
snow in london ... so magic!
valentina, 02 02 2009
Trafalgar Square looks lovely in the snow. Great to see snow in London albeit occasionally. Londoners must be ecstatic.
Hector, 02 02 2009
could someone clean the camera? It is full with snow.
Andi, 02 02 2009
good morning today evrything white outside,but i cant see it\'could you pse chek the camera?tks
gogy, 02 02 2009
hi evrybody tomorrow will be snow day and here in israel we feel like spring time
gogy, 01 02 2009
Thanks to
Lekha Shaj, 01 02 2009
its chinese newyear now at trafalgar square nd china town it was nice nd sunny earlier now it started snowing & cold l decided not 2 go this yr & watch it on this web cam instead hy grits in the states hope u r well
demi london, 01 02 2009
What\\\'s going on Trafalgar square at the moment? There\\\'s load of people and I see marquees as well.
Hector , 01 02 2009
Ramon, 31 01 2009
Stayed at hotel close to Square. Pictures bring back happy memories. Am back here in Fiji, hot rainy and very different
Eminoni Ranacou, 30 01 2009
nice day,blue sky,no rain,i wish to be there
gogy, 27 01 2009
Every time that i watch this web cam, i remeber last Christmas. Me, my family e friends of mine spent one evening in trafalgar. It was magic. I love London.
Pierpaolo, 19 01 2009
V Londone rabotaet fantan,a v Moskve sneg idet. Andreiko,tebe vezet))
Elena, 19 01 2009
Good day to everyone. Love this webcam, it\'s great. Keep the good work. See ya....
Dulce, 17 01 2009
I miss so much London. I wish to return there soon. Its the most beautiful city i have ever seen. i felt very happy in London.
petruta achim, 15 01 2009
london T-square one of the best places to skate/slalom! Hope the surface is dry so i can skate tonite!! :-D
Cobbs, 13 01 2009
Lovely place at this time of year, fresh and quiet with just the occasional mating call from the wild gibbons. They tend to lop up to the top of the column to sleep during the day, but you can usually see them if you look up around Nelsons feet for a few minutes. Next time I visit I\'m brining binoculars with me. The Bats in the underground were no trouble this trip either. since their recent decline due to sonar blindness which makes them fly into the trains.
Dave Bazzo, 10 01 2009
I was there in July, would love to be there now.
casey , 09 01 2009
Ann - Say g\'day to your hubby from us here in Australia as we too were watching yesterday when the Christmas tree was being taken down - was a lil bit sad after seeing it there throughout Christmas. Great cam, great city - can\'t wait to get back one day.
Heather, 06 01 2009
Yuriy, 05 01 2009
Dear team,is a beauty image,I wish to arrive there and to stay 3 months in London,Vasile Zaharia
vasile zaharia, 05 01 2009
Just watching my husband in his crane taking down the christmas tree.
Ann Potter , 05 01 2009
nice place to be visited in the cosmpolitan city.hey guys and babys I recomended not lose this pretty expeience to know london.a big hug
George, 03 01 2009
The Magical City!!! The most beautiful city in the world!!! I\'ll never forget it!
Cristina, 02 01 2009
Happy New year to you london. I wish i was there now. I really miss you. I am convinced now that a part of me is there but too late. :-(
Zarine, 01 01 2009
I miss this city so much! I love to walk the streets and see everything and everyone. There is a surprise around every corner. I hope to be back soon--but it won\'t be soon enough!
Francine, 01 01 2009
1996/97. The night I made love with London, I made love with life. London the theatre of the best years of my life. Happy new year, my beloved friends. GA
Johnny Boy, 31 12 2008
i love this picture, i feel i am home where christmas is cold and is 30F not 30C thank you for the this picture
sue watmore, 31 12 2008
i love London so much...mi manca un sacco e spero di tornarci il piů presto possibile... happy new year!!
simona monardo, 31 12 2008
how I wish I could visit here again love this city
Mary Houck, 29 12 2008
1992 brought me to england at that sqare. What a thrill,in my blood from Grandma Young.What a souvenir...Ill be back.
Yvon gauthier Canada, 28 12 2008
Hermosos recuerdos de la plaza y el museo. happy new year London
hector bahamondes, 28 12 2008
I do love this place! I do love this city! I do love England! I have always wanted to come to London, to become acquainted with Londoner, but I haven\\\'t possibility. So I see webcams of this city every evening. And I wish the English and other people to be healthy, heavy, successful and all other good things! Merry Christmas! Best wishes from Russia,
Alice, 25 12 2008
Its soooo beautiful........... i dont have word 2 say more about London ..........I Hope i Will be there in UK as a Businessman Next Year
Deepak Arora, 25 12 2008
This site is great. It take me back to 1983 when I was a young student.I remeber the birds,the sound of the water and the black cabs.I\'ll be next year to taste the UK hospitality. Merry xmas to every member of this website and to every one standing there.
Salah Mustafa, 24 12 2008
Imiss my homeland at Christmas and this makes up for it a little bit cheers Merry Christmas
JULIA McCarthy, 24 12 2008
London is arguably the best city in the world, god I loved living there, take me back...
Mark, 23 12 2008
I was there for the beginning of the Tour de France and I will be back for five weeks this July. I\'ll have 30 university students in tow and can\'t wait to introduce them to the heart of the city.
Jimm Cox, 22 12 2008
I am a Londoner. You can\'t beat it. No other city that I have been to compares. Now is the best time with the Christmas Tree and carols every night.
Chris, 20 12 2008
Love to watch the london webcams.How is it possible to be homesick for someplace I\'ve never been.
Claire, 20 12 2008
I love London, can\'t live without it! Was there twice this summer and can\'t wait to come back. Love you londoners!
katerina hanibal, 17 12 2008
oh londonnnn i miss it soo much i was there last August i love this city especially in the summer..wowwww its very busy with lots of stuff to do..with nice sightseeing all over it, i hope to be there soon
re, 15 12 2008
the most exciting place
Maysa, 15 12 2008
I love this place so very much, always watching to see what the weather is like & traffic, Christmas decorations. Been there twice and can\\\\\\\'t wait to be there again soon.
Linda Whiddon, 13 12 2008
They are ex gibbons, they have ceased to be.
Baso Dave, , 12 12 2008
it gets a bit noisey in september as they cull the gibbons, lots of gun fire.
Baso Dave, , 12 12 2008
Love this webcam.I come here everyday to look at Beautiful trafalgar Square it\'s so fun,full of life i wish my holiday was there.. Merry Christmas.......... sharon USA
sharon, 11 12 2008
I live in Australia and watch the London cam every day. I have watched my boyfriend who lives in England drive through here too, very cool! It looks gorgeous and I can\'t wait until I get to stroll through the square myself shortly. Love you Laundy!
Samantha Kerr, 11 12 2008
Joyous wild Gibbons in London?Maybe they spotted a dead parrot!!
Emma, 11 12 2008
From: Miami Lakes, Florida. USA
Dulce Matamoros, 10 12 2008
This is a wonderful city. It\'s lively and friendly. I would definitely visit again. Thank you, for this webcam.
Dulce Matamoros, 10 12 2008
I love this place.It\'s so Beautiful especially Now it\'s Christmas.LOVE IT.. sharon,Tn.USA
sharon, 09 12 2008
absolutely LOVE London!
liz k, 08 12 2008
The pictures are wonderful but you also need to imagine the sounds:- Christmas Carols, the grind of London Buses; the cooing and flapping of the Pigeons; the distant \"Mind the Bats\" announcement floating up from the Underground; and the joyous hooting of the wild Gibbons calling to each other across the rooftops. Aaah, London.
J Cleese, 08 12 2008
Hello london, I love it here on chirstmass and the tree looks awesome.
Boby, 07 12 2008
I remember going here as a child in the late 1950\\\'s. London is great at Christmas time.
Brenda Bixler, 05 12 2008
it\'s wonderful. I like it
Alina, 05 12 2008
the tree is up. now it christmas officially.
sudha sastry, 01 12 2008
Hallo Lundun! I vunce intended to visit Trafalgar Sqvare on a night visit in 1941. Unfortunately ze weather unt der verdampt Spifires meant I vas unable to complete mine trip. Ach! Der follies of der youth.
Ludlum McKenzie, 01 12 2008
YAY!! The christmas tree is up, watched it this morning :)
George, 01 12 2008
Webcam, Media Player please,please.
lira, 01 12 2008
Rats, behave.... London is, \"THE\" capital city! I live in it, I work in it, I love it! The visitors from all over the world make it what it is!
Will Hope, 27 11 2008
Just wondering when the XMAS TREE will be put up and LIT in the SQUARE????? Can\'t wait to see it on this webcam and will see it up close when I visit 12/13th DEC............. YIPEEEEEE!!!!!
Angie, 26 11 2008
my name is roger B. and i live in colorado and i am a fan of michael palin. go figure.
roger barnhart, 26 11 2008
Tube stations which suffer very badly from Bats will make an annoucement, \\\"Mind The Gap Bats\\\". As you step onto the train, you should look up and wave your hands on each side of your head, so the bats can \\\"see\\\" you with their echo-location.
Michael Palin, 24 11 2008
Wild Gibbons are not the only feral animals in London. The tube tunnels are infested with very dirty mice and sooty bats which live on the ceilings of the tube tunnels. If you have long hair, you should wear a hard hat to stop these \"Gap Bats\" from getting tangled up in your hair. A Bowler hat is ideal.
Rodger B, 24 11 2008
Visitors to Trafalgar Square should obey the signs and not be carrying food. The Gibbons are a much loved Tourist Attraction but they can become aggressive if they smell food on your clothes. That is presumably what happened to Billy, (see previous message).
Jonathan, 24 11 2008
nick i had the cam sitting at the opening of the mall hence the weird directions but i think you are right. since i drove there long time ago now. this sq is brill in the summer i have to say.
Raul, 24 11 2008
London is my fav city in the world!!! i miss it every day. only i can do is watch this webcam that remind me the beautifulness of the city.
AlbapOSH, 23 11 2008
I love London!! It\'s the best city in the whole world!!! I hope to be back soon! :)
Cristina, 18 11 2008
London never ceases to amaze me or, bring about a feeling of Awe! I LOVE London so very much and, I Always Will. I was born in London and lived there for, the first 10 years of my life-they were The Best and, Happiest Times Ever...I LOVE LONDON!!!!!!!! Thank you for sharing this Fabulous & Nostalgic webcam-London Will Stay In My Heart, Forever!!!!!!!
Monica Myers, 16 11 2008
this is a beatyfull square tommaso
tommy, 13 11 2008
is not raining in the best city of the world , still loving the real metropoly . fa kiss from Rome giovanna
giovanna Sarno, 13 11 2008
i love london especially in the rain, it suits to this wonderful city!was there twice this year, in summer and in the end of september and fell in love with it! Love you London!
katerina hanibal, 08 11 2008
wonderful place to visit had alovely hotdog outside south africa hse made it a great day
bill buzz, 06 11 2008
Hi just viewed my childs school on the cam it was really good to see them at trafalgar square x
sharron, 06 11 2008
What was a wild gibbon doing in Trafalgar Square? - and Billy do you normaally eat with your ears? :-) Seems the only wild thing may have been whatever you were doing to cause you to imagine it?
robnz, 06 11 2008
Visited Trafalgar square in 1999, very nice place,dream to be back one day. thanks
pramod, 05 11 2008
I went to Trafalgar square back in \'97. The truth is I hated it. this is mainly because I was attacked by a wild gibbon, which bit off both my ears. I\'m ok now though. Just a bit of trouble eating.
Billy Mac, 05 11 2008
I\\\'m going to London in a few weeks. Hope to visit this beautiful place too. It\\\'s great!
Eugene, 04 11 2008
went to the square today EA games event played on the xbox was fun stayed for the bands was impresssed ith the show
ZeeFord, 01 11 2008
this place looks interesting. and crowded lol.
vladimir, 31 10 2008
I have been to London several times and it is my favorite city to visit. I\'ve walked around Trafalgar square many times to go to the Crypt Cafe located at St Martin\'s in the Fields which is visible from this webcam. Having a look and see every now and then brings back fond memories of his lovely city. Can\'t wait to visit again. Crypt Cafe here I come!
Hector , 29 10 2008
CORY, have a successful trip. Hope to see on the webcam!
Elyse, 27 10 2008
I\'m on my way London. I\'ll be bringing 30 US students to Kingston University for the month of July 2009. The square is a great photo op for visiting students. We can\'t wait to get there!
Jimm Cox, 26 10 2008
come on jordon you can do it all the best for today from dean and ali
dean yarmouth, 26 10 2008
The Canadian flag is flown from Canada House (Canadian High Commission) on the West side of the Square.
Ray, 24 10 2008
I\'m sitting in sunny LA looking at Trafalgar Sq, and was just able to see me best friend waving at me. Isn\\\'t that cool!!!!
frida farrell, 24 10 2008
Wish me luck everyone... This is not my first time to London, but it is with my husband and son. I visited your grand city 23 years ago when I came to visit my cousin who lives in the Turham Green District. I am so excited and so nervous all at the same time because I so wish my husband and son can enjoy it as much as I did; as much as I know I will again...Truth be told; if my husband and I had our wish; he would find work there; we would aquire VISAS and we would live in your wonderful city...Wish me luck that I can help them enjoy it as much as I will...
Teresa Vandal, 23 10 2008
I enjoy visiting this webcam on a daily basis. It is nice to be looking out this window onto London from my Toronto office and I even notice a Canadian flag waving in the distant corner!
S McCullough, 23 10 2008
london baby! MSSING YOU LOADS, have only popped away until sept 2011 when i have done my alevels and i will be back i promice!! sorry for leaving you so long already and i am sure the time will fly by..until then i look forward to seeing you on my journeys in between, sorry again as I feel i have lost the one I love. London CANT BEAT IT!! .... EVER!!
Craig Faulkner, 22 10 2008
I was in London, right place right time, for the event in Trafalgar Square honoring the 2008 British Olympic and Paralympic teams. Wish Tejasvi, Roshni and Deepa were here too!
Naveen Patil, 16 10 2008
I completely agree with Miguel here. It\'s almost been a year since I went to London, and I miss that town so very much! I remember the days I spent at the National Gallery and all my walks at Leicester Square. *sigh* I love that town!
Ana, 15 10 2008
mom and I had a wondeful reminiscing about the walks done when Dad was still with us. It was a wonderful bonding time with mom in London even if the weather is very unpredictable...but i love the place.
dzu, 15 10 2008
fell in love with an English bloke. Seeing this reminds me of him.
tehliah johnson, 09 10 2008
In 2004, I used to go to Charring Cross near here from work on the way to home, and my mother in law works down the street from here right next to #10 Downing Street. I am back in America now where my home is, but i sure do miss being in London sometimes.
Marilyn Hill, 08 10 2008
I love London I wish to visit london soon I like the English ppl
abby, 08 10 2008
Awww my Beautiful London, How I miss you , I remember walking across trafalgar square ,What a beautiful time I had there , I Love London and the whole country England , It is my favorite country . this footage brings me back beautiful memories .
Miguel, 04 10 2008
I remember a splendid Czech girl making faces to greet Nelson statue crossing the road. This will be one of my best, painful memories I will ever have.
Marcellone, 01 10 2008
I miss London so much.My heart is there all the time. Wish i could be there now. Hope my dream will come true someday, to return there and live there. London is beautifull....
petruta, 30 09 2008
What a great view. My wife and I walked across this intersection several times a few months ago. This view brings back memories of one of my favorite spots on earth, London.
Sterling in Texas, 29 09 2008
Where are you hiding Will?
Beth, 25 09 2008
There\'s nothing quite like London in springtime. I truly miss my favorite city.
Kenneth Murphy, 25 09 2008
wish to be there!
Ernesta Esse, 24 09 2008
Just got back from London. It was so incredible and rich and history. I will be back soon.
James S, 24 09 2008
miss you like crazy London
Sandra, 22 09 2008
Great Place....Thx You
Danish Gul, 21 09 2008
see naples and die see london and live
jim kelly , 15 09 2008
Just moved to Chicago and missing my hometown like crazy! Can\'t wait to see London again in March 2009! Like Judy says...there\'s no place like home...(all I need now are the Ruby slippers)doh!:o)
Sally Sakuma, 14 09 2008
Just returned from your lovely city I do miss you every time I come home Australia
marg, 13 09 2008
I loved London on vacation from USA. I can\'t wait to get back! Everyone was so friendly. Great!
Joe Martin, 12 09 2008
So incredibly proud to be English, I wouldn\'t wish to come from anywhere else!! :)
Stacey, 12 09 2008
london is a very special place to me... you feel like you are at the very centre of the world, expecially in Trafalgar Square, where vehicles turn around you while you are quietly sitting on the steps!
micky, 12 09 2008
godd morning London... a kiss to you from me
ross, 11 09 2008
London is beautifully clean and the tube modern and well maintained. And the Brits are so friendly & helpful to foreigners.
Jonathan, 02 09 2008
London is the best town in the world.Where is the heart of the city? Well it seems London is a collection of hearts!
sanja, 02 09 2008
Hum ko is city se pyar hai. Hai na!
Anish G Tibrewala, 31 08 2008
amo londra , vorrei tornarci al piů presto, č come una droga baci
melania, 29 08 2008
Давно хотела побывать в Лондоне и покататься на красном автобусе. А пока смотрю веб-камеру и метаю...
Chvedova, 27 08 2008
i love this place look how clean the fountains are and how well maintained the place looks
joe key, 21 08 2008
I moved to the lake district 3 yrs ago,how i miss london and trafalgar sq,the beauty of the lions,splash of the fountains,the roar of the traffic
spencers mum, 18 08 2008
Wow, look at the huge crowd and see how well you can see St Martins now that the scaffolding is gone. Can\'t wait to sit at the Square again.
Pamela, 15 08 2008
I was there for the send off of the Tour de France and I will return for the month of July in 2009. I can already feel the spray from the fountains on my face. I will bring 30 excited US students and they will have the time of their lives.
Jimm Cox, 13 08 2008
I have been in london for two months and it was amazing. I want to live in future, my heart is there. Its a great city. The best place in the world. Hope to return there soon.
Zarine, 10 08 2008
I have been in london in june and i must say that it is the most beautiful place i have seen, i felt very good in london. I will return there soon and wish to live there. Love u london:)
petruta, 10 08 2008
London és a Trafalgar Square engem annyira megfogott , hogy minden alkalommal mikor bekapcsolom a computert, rákell kattintanom a kedvencek listájában arra a gombra amellyel láthatom amit a web kamera mutat a térről. Már adódott néhány alkalom, amikor átsétáltam a téren, de mindig meg kellett állni és bámészkodni egy kicsit és tovább menni. London and Trafalgar Square had influence on me so much , that with all occasions when I switch it on the computer, needs to click in the favourites\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\' list onto that button with which I may see it that the web camera shows from the space. Some occasions presented themselves already when I walked over on the space, but it was necessary to stand it always and to gape a small one and to go on. Tamás
Tamas Bodi, 09 08 2008
Londra i miss u too much sang da medonn!!!! :)
Daniele Rosato, 09 08 2008
I\'ve been in London several times, and everytime surprise me more and more! it is a great city, a great city of great souls and minds... I\'ll be living there soon!
JazZ, 07 08 2008
I have been in london in june2008 and it was amazing. i want ti live there in future, my heart is there. Cant forget London. Hope to return soon there.
petruta, 04 08 2008
I have just been there this month for a vacation with my hubby..I can say that London is amazing!! The best place in the world!! I love London!
Cristina, 28 07 2008
London is the most exciting city on the planet. I\'d be there now if I could afford it. ;o)
Don, 28 07 2008
I agree with FX - my physical being might be in Indiana but my heart and soul are in London. - hope you don\'t mind me quoting you
Pam, 21 07 2008
I enjoy the view from the United States.
Rene Manuel, 20 07 2008
what a fantastic place to hold a march for Jesus, go MJA! luv ya always!
MGR, 19 07 2008
what a fantastic place to hold a march for Jesus, go for it MJA!!!
MGR, 19 07 2008
I have visited many cities around the world and without a doubt, London is my favourite. Theres so much history and things to do. I really do wish I could live there-you only really know London once youve stayed there for a while.
Pete, USA, 19 07 2008
soap dodgers everywhere!!
burt, 19 07 2008
My physical being may be in Pennsylvania, but my heart and soul are in London.
FX, 18 07 2008
Good morning London!
NP, 15 07 2008
i hav sex there lol love u london xxx
ali bb, 12 07 2008
this is very fabulous!!
emi, 10 07 2008
nou comment
Breta Fidra, 09 07 2008
no wonder london has films film star down there ,beutful city!lots of things to do.I`m a Glaswegien, born in glasgow .if I`d had another choice to stay it certinly would be london
ally mac, 09 07 2008
Vivo en Espańa y estuve un mes y medio estudiando justo al lado de Trafalgar Square, y la verdad es que me trae muchíiiiiiisimos recuerdos... la cámara está genialmente colocada y se ve super bien. It´s amazing!
Lourdes, 04 07 2008
Happy Canada Day-see the celebrations for Canada\'s 141st birhday in London on this web-cam Jul 1st. I returned from a visit to London last week -lovely as ever
Margaret, 01 07 2008
Visiting ths UK especially London is a must on any travellers must see spots. The place is simply put...breath taking
Nats, 29 06 2008
How beautiful!! Watching the sun come up over Trafalgar Square. London your a dream. If you want to know how sweet home can be leave it for awhile.
Claire, 29 06 2008
I live in Brazil, but I love London as if it were mine, and every night I am looking at this city and believing that one day I will live and die in it ... I love London!
Lisiane, 29 06 2008
I MISS YOU LONDON Sergio - Argentina 25/06/08
Sergio Castillo, 26 06 2008
I´ve lived in this lovely just for years and it seems that I´ve lived there forever. I MISS YOU LONDON!! Sergio - Argentina 25-06-08
Sergio Castillo, 26 06 2008
I love London, would love to live there.
Jeff Dale, 25 06 2008
My favourite city is London! I miss it every day!My dream is to live agaian in London some mounth!
Anita, 21 06 2008
My wife and I couldn't have enjoyed London more. So much history. Can't wait to go back.
Jay, Westchester, NY USA, 20 06 2008
I miss you London!! What a beautiful view!! I have so much memories with Trafalgar square.... I miss you!!!!
Kat, 20 06 2008
Everybody loves London. I miss this city, I want to go back and enjoy England.
Daniel Rueda, 13 06 2008
Cory, it was great seeing you today in Trafalgar Square. Thanks for starting my day off with a smile! Webcams are fun.
maccamaven, 10 06 2008
I miss London everyday!
Cristina, Brazil, 08 06 2008
My son lives in London. Looking at your London webcam, I feel closer to him. There is so much activity at 4a.m; it reminds me why he wants to live in this vibrant city.
Janis Gale, 08 06 2008
London is my favorite city in the world and love just walking it's streets. Charing Cross train station just up the street has always been my gateway to the city from my Aunts house in Sidcup. I have spent many a New Years celebration in Trafalgar Square with my Uncle. I can not wait until I can go back net year.
Phil Harris, 07 06 2008
We have NYC.LA.but we dont'have London England . I love this Country You have so much history and so many places to go I would love to live there.Due to work family we have to live here .. but i come visit everday and I want to say Thanks to the Webcam shots we love,love them Great job sharon USA
sharon, 06 06 2008
I love this webcam. Allows me to go back to the days before we had children and could travel overseas. I really love London.
chris post, 05 06 2008
what a sunny day!!!! In Italy are several days with rain :-( I wanto to fly to London immediatly!
Claudio, 05 06 2008
London is the best place in the world!!! Lovely city..I Love LOndon!
Kamil, 02 06 2008
I absolutely LOVE and miss London. I cannot wait to move there in December :D
Katherine, 02 06 2008
I've only been here once but I am obsessed with going back. I have dreams of living in london. This webcam takes me back.
Dan, 27 05 2008
i love that city and i can't wait to move there in july
alex, 27 05 2008
This is one of the best places on earth! I love LONDON!!! Its so poetic full of imagination...Im happy its full of ppl who are of the same opinion as me ;)
marulinka, 24 05 2008
Oh my God!! You can't imagine how much I love this city...this place and all the others!!! It's really really great to see this every day!! I can't wait to be in a month to see this wonderful city again!!!
Morgane, 15 05 2008
what a historical city. love every nook and corner. my fav place to visit
sanjeev dhara, 15 05 2008
I love London It my second home cant wait to get back to it
ciaran, 15 05 2008
I love London! This is magic place!
Cristina from Brazil, 14 05 2008
I love London.
sudha, 12 05 2008
I love London !!
Rosana, 10 05 2008
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Linda White, 10 05 2008
Where in America can I purchase The Impact of God by Iain Matthew
Sister Joan Marie, 07 05 2008
London is fab cant wait to get there
Ciaran , 07 05 2008
I go to londen im from netherland i can see how it look like very nice
joachim, 30 04 2008
Nelson's Column isn't actually as high as the official measurement. when they cleaned it they shrunk it apparently !!
Tim, 30 04 2008
I can see you Tommy with your brolly, LOL
Erica, 30 04 2008
Hey it's chucking it down with rain !
Bobby, 30 04 2008
If you happen to see the MySkip skip being errected on Nelson's Column I would recommend that you think twice before helping them reach their Guiness World Record of 1,000,000 visitors to their site. Having seen what MySkip have been doing over the past year I think it amounts to nothing more than hype, using paid endorsements and promises of celebrity publicity to get their website noticed.
Dan, 30 04 2008
I love to be able to see what it's like in Trafalgar Square in real time. Have a great trip, Cory!
Maccamaven, 30 04 2008
Sunny on 5th ave New York. Raining in old London Town. feels like i'm home.
Rick, 29 04 2008
I love London! That´s a magical place!
Cristina, 27 04 2008
yesterday I was there and today I am home missing the busy city.
JANE, 27 04 2008
beautiful city! the city where my ex is from! :(
Steph, 26 04 2008
Last summer we were there. Looking at it via the webcam helps bring back those great memories. Thanks.
Ken, 25 04 2008
Dear friend Stv Happy birthday Săo Paulo-Brasil
Gisele Di Dio, 25 04 2008
Yesterday - I was standing there. Now I'm back in Chicago!
Pam, 09 04 2008
look out for the Grimsby Town fans today at 17.00 come you town wembley here we come 25.000 codheads on the way to London
oi oi , 29 03 2008
At 5pm today Trafalgar Square belongs to The Mariners of Grimsby Town FC, and at 1.15pm tomorrow, Wembley will belong to us, too. Up The Mariners!
Nick, 29 03 2008
Grimsby Town fc fans photo shoot due this afternoon.
Alan, 29 03 2008
I am coming now for ten years to London, next time in december ! I love this town more than any other capitol in Europe - with its present history and its inhabitants! Thank you London for many lucky hours ! Yours "Mr.Smith" in Germany !
Lars Schmitt, 29 03 2008
To Andrew's post 27/3/08. You would know it well the lol..had a bit of a giggle with your comment and couldnt help myself. Im home sick!
Deborah, 28 03 2008
For weather, go to That's the BBC's weather site, probably in Farenheit. Looks like it's pretty sunny to me, but I think the BBC is forecasting rain. Just take an umbrella and jacket to be prepared. I came home from there a week ago today. London was great! We stayed about a half-block off of Trafalagar Square on Whitehall. Great location!
Pat, 28 03 2008
I am going to visit london for my first time this week -end, do you know how will be the weather ???
MARIA, 27 03 2008
At the grand age of 12 years old I learnt to drive a car by going round and round Trafalgar Square for the best part of a week day - including ‘Rush Hour” so the Square has special memories for me.
Andrew, 27 03 2008
i always log on to the web cam when i am feeling home seek, i grew up in london and now live in australia, love that i can see it in a click of a finger.
jess conway, 26 03 2008
"Has anyone tried cloudberry juice?? alison fulcher, 10 02 2008" (previous comment). Yes I have Alison, it is the most disgusting drink in the world bar none!! Eurgh! Has anyone else?
jonathan m, 22 03 2008
Hello, Love this webcam.. come here to see the City London!!It's the hottest place to be.... When I come to London this is my first Place to see it 's Electric.. love it sharon USA
sharon, 22 03 2008
interesting gives me a clue of the weather in london
les, 20 03 2008
london we´re comin´:)))i bet it´s one of the most beatiful places in the world!!!
IringoBingi, 19 03 2008
awww London!! great memories of last year's hoilday! and this week at thursday I'll be again in London! :D
Julia, 17 03 2008
WOW! It looks so fantastic. I can hardly wait to see it for real in 2010.
Trish Bolan, 14 03 2008
Ah, seeing the Square cam brings back wonderful memories for me. I hope to see it in person again some day!
DENNIS, 14 03 2008
Great camera...Great square... Great place...Great memories...
Tal and Hanny, 14 03 2008
Great camera...Great square...great country!!!
Tal and Hanny, 14 03 2008
Tal is the king of England.
TAL, 12 03 2008
many years ago i went htch hiking two groups two couples and the idea was to both meet up in trafalgar square..we did at 3am it was very romantic!!
robert chewter, 12 03 2008
I've been to London only once for now but I'll never forget it. It's beautiful city and I love it. Hope to go there again :) Seann_K - Czech Rep.
SeannK, 11 03 2008
Am heading over to london this weekend and i cant wait to see it again i love london big time, the sights and the landmarks its truely
Ciaran , 07 03 2008
You know i was born and bread a cockney in london yes it is a beautiful but we take it for granted like you folk do who live in the states or wherever it,s just there. as a visitor you sometimes miss the best parts the back streets of Bermondsey and the East End where all the good pubs are BUT not so much today they can be dangerous being a stranger you could get a knock on the head go with someone who is familiar with the areas but you will have a good time just pick and enquire about where you fancy visiting at the age of 73 ive seen most of it and mixed wiht most of them just be yourself but not to Loud have a nice time
Danny , 03 03 2008
I have visited London several times, and I even know it better than my own hometown in the States. I miss it terribly, and these camera shots get me misty.
Becky, 01 03 2008
One more month and I will be standing their - can't wait. It has been 11 years! "If a man tires of London, he tires of life"
Pam, 01 03 2008
I miss London so much. I love looking at this site as it reminds me of the best times of my life. I miss Richard, would love to see him walk infront of the camera lol.
Deborah, 01 03 2008
I was back in New York and my husband was in London so I had him stand in the little pedestrain triangle at the bottom of the picture. Then he called me on his cell and I could see him on this site. Fun!
Judy, 29 02 2008
Lived in London for 3 months in the summer of 1991. "I fooled around and fell in love" with the city! Get back as often as I can but that is never often enough. Trafalgar Sqaure is the wonderful heart of London and I look at this site to get me through until my next visit.
Judy, 29 02 2008
what is that smell? I had some burritos and got gas.
james, 28 02 2008
I left the woman I love in London on January 16th 2008. I come to this site to feel her presence, my London girl. Australia is a long way away, but looking at Trafalgar Square brings her closer. Thanks!
Dave Dobbin, 26 02 2008
i have visited London once n it was such a memorable moment for me..London rocks...
ashok pai, 22 02 2008
I love Trafalgar square with the pigeons pooping on everyone and the drunken beggars. The cold stone seating is another fab item.
jim, 16 02 2008
I have visited London 4 times bringing students to learn about your beautiful country. we always love to see the square and hear about the smallest Police station. I hope to come again next year.
Jeanette Albright, 14 02 2008
I bring students from the US to study in London during the summer. They always arrange for their parents to watch the cams so they can wave to everyone back home.
Jimm Cox, 11 02 2008
I am from St. Louis -- have been to London three times . . . love this site. Someday I hope to go back!
Patricia Bauer, 11 02 2008
Has anyone tried cloudberry juice??
alison fulcher, 10 02 2008
I am from Russia.It is greate!
Julia, 08 02 2008
Good evening! I am Brazilian when I see these pictures fico marvel. I have only one imensa will coenhecę las personally. My disposition transpire London. I hope soon , soon be able be in that moment. For the time being I go girlfriend by webcam. bye
Clarice , 02 02 2008
i realy like it it soooooooo cooool thanks for showing ya
jael, 30 01 2008
Love this camera, love this city. 60 days and counting - I'll be standing there again. :)
Pamela M, 26 01 2008
Such a nice place. Wish to visit trafalgar again with my family in spring.
muhaini muhammad, 22 01 2008
Have many good memories of Trafalgar Square....and heaps of photos too!!! Will be back in May 2008.
Jennie Dunne, 20 01 2008
JOSUE NELSON, 19 01 2008
London is the greatest place in my life in where I spent my university life (together with Coventry, the second best) many years ago. After back to Hong Kong, I still remember the happiest days living in London with my friends. London, I miss you so much!
Eddie, 16 01 2008
Thanks to this webcam, I came back each day in this magnific square.
Claudiu Ionescu, 13 01 2008
In just 6 months, 24 days and 3 1/2 hours (not that I'm counting)I'll be departing Adelaide South Australia for London and Trafalgar Sq where I shall stand and wave at the cam to all the folks back home
Steve Howell, 11 01 2008
i was there the 1st of january fot the 7th time... but my heart is still there... london is magic!
valentina, 10 01 2008
London is the best place I have ever visited in my life!! I miss it sooooo much!!! Hope to comeback again soon..I love London! It's a wonderful place really!!
Cristina, 09 01 2008
Never Been Here But It Look's Nice. :) x
Heather, 08 01 2008
I loved London and Trafalgar. I was there in the end of year 2006. I hope to return in this year.
Ricardo, 04 01 2008
Funny, a few hours ago i walked right i back in germany..m hmm, not funny :/ London is so great!
Sven, 04 01 2008
I love watching the cam of Trafalgar Square. When I was in London, I spent many lovely hours in and around the area. Seeing all the activity helps me relive the experience.
Lori Beth, 03 01 2008
Susan, having just returned from Oz I'd swap with you any day. This countrys going to hell in a 'Hand Cart'.
Duncan Ridgway, 02 01 2008
Duncan, if your the last out..leave Big light on ;-) as I would be first on a plane from Oz, to be/live in London..anyday!
Susan, 02 01 2008
Why on earth would anyone want to live in the UK let alone London, you all must be barking mad. Can the last person to leave please turn the lights OUT?
DUNCAN RIDGWAY, 31 12 2007
this is a great idea, it gives you an idea of how the square is set for when you go there, i'll be there tonight for sure
Richard B, 31 12 2007
I am across the big pond in newfoundland went to london in the eighties... wish I was there now instead of being stuck in the house because of a snow storm. It's nice to watch it on computer though keep up the good work....
sands, 30 12 2007
yh luv london n miss it a lot yh piccadilly on cam wd be cool!!!
sina, 29 12 2007
London is my favourite city and I will be back in the next year. I want to live in the UK again. I wish everyone a happy new year.
Alex, 29 12 2007
The service is great! Love watching London! How about putting on something in Picadilly Cercus?
barbara perpoli, 29 12 2007
I last set my feet on Trafalgar Square quite a while ago and I'm missing this place like crazy, hope to be there again very soon.
John Clifford , 27 12 2007
best place in europe for shopping and visit the ultimate city.happxmas to all. hans hřiseth-oslo
HANS SEATON, 25 12 2007
Hi All Its sunny up here in Scotland this Xmas morning ! Have a good one.
Iain Clarke, 25 12 2007
nice view of the square glasgow george square the best one though very christmas image of glasgow both good cams
james kyle, 25 12 2007
London - centre of the World. Just fantastic. Feel privileged to visit London. God Bless Everyone on over this fantastic Christmas period.
Benita Joseph, 24 12 2007
Trafalgar Square is beautiful.
John Parker, 21 12 2007
I so want to visit London some day.Until then this the next best thing.
John Parker, 21 12 2007
You are never too old to enjoy Hamleys Happy Christmas to Everyone
Paul Gray, 21 12 2007
I love this website. I love London very much. I have been there a couple of times. Hope to visit it soon
sudha sastry, 17 12 2007
Georgia Aslam, 11 12 2007
Hi my veiw is of a close up of a xmas tree Bye I love you all
Georgia Aslam, 11 12 2007
This is the best webcam of the best place. There never is a day when i have not had a view of my favourite place. It is just like i open the window of my room and i see trafalgar square.
Anish Tibrewala, 11 12 2007
Love the close up of the Square, how lovely to be able to see the Christmas tree, and everything thats going on. :)
Jackie, 09 12 2007
What a thrill to see the tree up for Christmas in Trafalgar Square. I look forward to seeing it each year
Len C, 07 12 2007
I enjoy this webcam. It puts me in touch with one of my favourite cities in the world, and brings me closer to the heart of London.
Sandra, 06 12 2007
It's great to see London again and the statue of George Washington visible in front of the National Portrait Gallery just to the right of Nelson's Column
John Karpiscak, 03 12 2007
hmmm it's no Manchester!. Full of Cockneys who don't know how to speak English properly!!.
Gary, 01 12 2007
London Rocks! One of my favourtie cities in the world. Xmas is always a magical time!
Mandz, 01 12 2007
Like other's have said - It's truly a magical place! I wish I was there right now!
Mark, 30 11 2007
I love England, and I especially love the hustle and bustle of London. It's a magical place.
Ken, 29 11 2007
My favorite city in the world. London is magical during the holiday season. I wish I was there !
jennifer, 29 11 2007
My two year old son and I are 'peeking' Santa's view of Londonites behaving for Christmas.Thank you for sharing!
Jennifer, 28 11 2007
I used to live in london and now live very far away. I love the cam because i can see london again.
Jonathan, 26 11 2007
i worked in the area of trafalagar sq,and now live in the u.s.a i miss london so much
mike lawless, 25 11 2007
Thank you. I totally enjoy this format with the different views. Especially with the holidays coming, this is great viewing from the U.S.
John B, 24 11 2007
I love it - sitting here in Denmark, Australia watching the hustle of London
Tim, 22 11 2007
I love this webcam of my favourite city. The weather, temperature, etc. used to appear under the picture and I thought that was a great feature. Could you reinstate this?
Nancy Wood, 19 11 2007
This is an excellent view! One of my favorite places - thanks for showing it.
Pamela, 18 11 2007
Wish i were there! Great view! Best regards from México.
Guillermo Huft, 16 11 2007
This is an excellent location for this camera. I agree with the comment from John B (10.11.07) that the former view showing a steady picture of Trafalgar Square is the better view in my opinion. The fast refresh rate is really good.
LESTER JONES, 11 11 2007
A great view of 1 of my favorite places till I get there again!
zuuumie, 11 11 2007
Would it be possible to zoom in on the new item on the 4th plinth?
Linda, 09 11 2007
I miss London everyday!!!
John from Brazil, 08 11 2007
Is there any chance of getting streaming video from Trafalgar Square? When we visit London, we love to sit on the Square and just watch the world go by. We love England!
Judy Oak, New Mexico, USA, 04 11 2007
Please could you change the view you show of Trafalgar Square, and return to the view that shows Nelson's Column and the fountains. Christmas is coming, and the view of the Christmas Tree that is put up each year makes folk living thousands of miles away, and can't get home to England for the holidays, lets them for a fleeting moment "be there" via the wonders of the internet. So please pull out all the stops, and make it happen, and change the camera angle to allow us that magnificent view again, of the fountains and the Christmas Tree asap. Thank you in advance for granting this request hopefully. Sincerely Ken H.
Ken Hooper, 03 11 2007
Trafalgar square is amazing!, I absolutly love the special events that take place there.
Lisa, 30 10 2007
Shelby M, 29 10 2007
Its wet, its windy, its cold, its LONDON but we love it. I for one would not change anything about London, however i don't live in london so there are probably people who oppose my view, London ROCKS! wish I was there!
Ant, 28 10 2007
The view is breath taking!! I hope to someday visit London so the view can take my breath away in person.
Michelle S, 26 10 2007
Looking at this live cam brings back the sweet memories I had when visiting Trafalgar Square.
John Clifford, 25 10 2007
The last time I visited London was such a long time ago. Looking at the Trafalgar Square live cam brings back the sweet memories I had then.
John Clifford, 25 10 2007
The last time I visited London was such a long time ago. Looking at this Trafalgar Square live web cam brings back those sweet memories I was having then...
John Clifford, 25 10 2007
We used to live in London, & when I get homesick I look at all the London webcam's. We now live in Spain. Wendy
Wendy, 22 10 2007
alessio, 21 10 2007
I can just about see you Jonny!!! Come on England!
Louise Greenwood, 19 10 2007
Wait. That is the view from the Bank of Scotland. Good job Cam Vista.
Terry Norman, 14 10 2007
I'd like to see the camera they used to have on top of the Bank of Scotland on the south side of the square. That cam gave multiple views and was a favorite.
Terry Norman, 14 10 2007
This view is terrific. I am totally enjoying watching the area. Thank you.....
John Bergmann, 13 10 2007
I love the Trafalgar Square cam. It would be even better if it were streaming video like the Piccadilly Circus and Leicester Square cameras.
Bob Faulkner, 08 10 2007
I LOVE this webcam. Leave it on my computer when I'm at work. Love London! Be there in a few months!!!!!!!!!
Pamela, 07 10 2007
Truly wonderful. Hope gonna be there one day!
Biazzi, 06 10 2007
I was born near London in 1944.Spent many happy days in Trafalgar Square. Loved the big tree at Christmas too.
Brenda Bixler, 04 10 2007
Was in London in September 2006. I fell in love with London and the British people. Trafalgar square is and was awesome!
Dale Alonzo, 03 10 2007
Bellissima,Londra č la mia citta preferita. Wondefull, London is my favorit city.
Alessio S, 24 09 2007
I love this square!i love london in general.I'm italian.
elisa, 19 09 2007
This Square could be very nice.I haven't seen it personally, but My Love is there, wo I love very much!:)
Babaa, 16 09 2007
this summer I spent three great weeks in London.every part of London was wonderful.I am looking forward to seeing London again.
aysegul, 11 09 2007
I love London and this square: stunning view!
Claudio F, 27 08 2007
This cam is wondefull
Mario Bernardi, 21 08 2007
Hey guys i'm from West Norwood,Lambeth but now I live at Earl's Court with my daughter :) Trafalgar Square is my favourite place in London, I go there everyday to see my friends.
Lily Blethyn, 20 08 2007
Hey guys i'm from West Norwood but now I live at Earl's Court :) Trafalgar Square is my favourite place in London.
Lily Blethyn, 20 08 2007
Your website is great. I love London and the cameras make me feel like I am there, in a corner, looking about. Thanks
Steve Lazzerini, 15 08 2007
I love these webcams and I love London but I wish the Trafalgar Square cam would stay on Trafalgar Square at night time too instead of either Nelson's Column or the Wheel which is not as interesting as watching everyone go by down by the fountains. Thanks though. Keep up the good work.
Linda Friesen, 15 08 2007
hi,london is my favorite city. i visited london 2 month ago. can´t wait to come back next weekend with my friends. i love this cam and i enjoy this view, thanks!
Kay from Zwickau, 14 08 2007
ekta kankrej, 12 08 2007
Ah, I can still feel the spray of the fountains on my face the first day in London by myself. Hard to believe just a month ago I was sitting there.
Pamela, 11 08 2007
I sure miss the view of Trafalger Sq. that showed the whole Sq instead of roofs of buildings and the Eye in the distance. Please bring it back!
MaryLou in California, 10 08 2007
Since I visited for the first time London I was fascinated by this splendid capital. Trafalgar Square reminds me a lot of beautiful things... When I am sad, I check online this site and ... it works for me!!!
Claudiu Ionescu, 29 07 2007
I love this webcam! I have it set as my home page. Thank you Camvista for the free trip to London every day!
Jeff Shirkey, 27 07 2007
I love the camera views of Trafalgar Square and check them out often. As an Aussie who has visited the UK, it brings back wonderful memories of fun times spent in London.
Mary W, 27 07 2007
Trafalgar Square is my most favorite place in London!! I just spent three weeks in London and everytime I went into town, I always found time to spend at the square (one day for three hours ! enjoying this perfect place!) Thank you so much for the cam I really enjoy it !!! (makes me feel like I'm back there again!) Diane from Portland, OR USA
Diane Unverricht, 25 07 2007
Love my trip to London. But beware of pickpockets and little men trying to distract you with racial remarks to get at your pockets they ruined my second trip to London. I still may visit again.
larry, 23 07 2007
I miss the wide-angle view. It showed so much activity and a great overall view.
Perry, 22 07 2007
When I see London, I feel a Great amount of emotion and nostalgia! I LOVE London, I was born there & lived there for the first ten years of my life...Looking at the Trafalga webcam, as well as the other London webcams, fills my heart with unsurmountable JOY!!!... Thank You So Much! monica (L.V.N.V.-U.S.A)
Monica Myers, 21 07 2007
I love London, I was born there, in 1946 & lives there dor the first 10 years of my tife. I now live in America But, London will Always have a big part of my heart-Forever! I am Sooo thrilled that, I am able to click on to Wonderful webcams-i.e. Trafalga Sqare etc., and have that Warm, Wonderful, Nostalgic feeling, upon seeing London Life!...Thank You!!!
Monica Myers, 21 07 2007
I live in Turkey.. I visit London and I love this city.I like to walk around Trafalgar Square.History is realy wonderful this area.Also in UK.I like to visit in London.
Remzi, 20 07 2007
This site is my favourite . I love London and Trafalgar Square is my most favoured sight there .
Richard Best, 20 07 2007
én majd most megyek ide..alig várom
Jess, 15 07 2007
On the 16th of September 2006 we were on Trafalgar Square when the Marc Quinn statue of Alison Lapper was revealed. We have good memories of that day, because we were also interviewed by Charlotte Higgins of The Guardian.
Roy Flem, 08 07 2007
Miss London so much...thx for the cyberview
holmesbt, 07 07 2007
GREAT ! - This cam is the only possibility for me to watch the team presentation of tour de france 2007 today on july 6.
Andreas Herbst, 06 07 2007
I love London. Can´t wait to come back next year. Meanwhile i stare at this web cam and imagine I'm there. Home is where the heart is, and mine is definitely there!
Marina, 06 07 2007
Enjoy Trafalgar Sq cam especially at Christmas when the tree donated by Norway is up for the Christmas season
Len C, 06 07 2007
My favorite city is London, and this webcam site is fantastic
Chris Dunn, 06 07 2007
Yes this is a great cam and cool site. It’s a big shame about the weather. I have been looking at this cam for weeks now and it always looks grey, drab and miserable.
Dunny, 06 07 2007
eu amo Londres...Trafalgar é tudo.....amo amo amo amo amo amo
fabiano, 06 07 2007
I agree with John B, I liked the old view of Trafalgar Square was better. In general, I find streetscapes more interesting than the top of Nelson's column, roof tops, etc. All that happens in those shots is the clouds move by.
Poobah, 05 07 2007
I agree with the views, looking at good ole lord nelson all the time is really boring, i adored the shots of the national gallery and all of trafalgar in its glory,and the sky,oh. I love London, I worked there for just a week, stayed in charing cross, close to all the action, never thought I could fall in love with man made beauty, but I am smitten!
charlene r, 05 07 2007
Thank you. The new camera setup is fantastic. Now, I totally look forward to seeing the square. I had the opportunity to spend time in London while in the Navy and this was one of my favorite stops in London.
John Bergmann, 04 07 2007
Trafalgar Square is one of my favorite places in London. We had such a wonderful time in London, it is just beautiful with all the old architecture and everything else that goes with it. Can't wait to go back.
Tina Dimmitt, 04 07 2007
Miss London much when I am not there. Thx for bringing it to me.
holmesbt, 03 07 2007
I love your camera views of London, but please show the panoramic view of Trafalgar Square at night instead of Lord Nelson. Cheers!
Cobber, 03 07 2007
I visited London 2 years ago- my best friend and I arranged for her husband to view us live from the square via the web-cam (that was when it had that great full view). He even presented us with pictures of us waving to him via cam upon our return. I check on London every few days - longing for a chance to return and refreshing memories of one of the best weeks of my life.
Jamie Glock, 02 07 2007
Very impressed we now have shots of Trafalgar Square again rather than just Nelson - thanks!
Melanie, 02 07 2007
I agree with John B., the previous camera gave a better view of the square. I want to watch traffic and people, not static views.
MariaTeresa Mondragon , 01 07 2007
I liked this site better when it showed different views -- the museum, St. Martin's and the street to Westminster buildings and bridge. I've been to London several times and love it more each time! Thank you for the streaming webcams, especially Big Ben and the bridge, and Leicester Square.
Judy Oak, 30 06 2007
My favorite city is London, and these webcams are fantastic.
Anthony Spiteri, 30 06 2007
My favourite Trafalgar Square cam.From Hungary attention,because My son lives in London now,not far from Trafalgar Square.
Elizabeth, 29 06 2007
Please bring back the full view of Trafalgar Square. I love watching the buses and people moving about. I love London, I miss it and I miss Richard...Im in Australia now but one day will return to my home land.
Deborah, 28 06 2007
Please change back to the view of Trafalgar Square - Nelson is really not very interesting!
Melanie, 26 06 2007
its an exciting city busy with cars and people, i love that kind life , trafalgar square is amazing place, can't wait to be here soon lamine from Algeria
lamine, 25 06 2007
as an englishman now living in illinois u.s.a i like to see london when i get homesick,i also used to work nearby for a number of years
mike lawless, 24 06 2007
Cool shots. London is once again the centre of the western world. It's put New York into second place. What goes around comes around. I haven't been to London in many years and that was the late 80s well before webcams. I remember wandering over to Trafalgar Sq from Piccadilly Circus past the Westend theatres round a corner and there was the National Gallery and Nelson's Column. Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament were all aglow in glorious orange light in the distance. It was August and and warm so the clock tower looked eerie kind of like the way the WTC Twin Towers did in summer from a distance. It was a weeknight but party people were out late. I needed a bus back to my hostel near Victoria station and finally a noisy, smelly Routemaster pulled up and I hopped on. Too bad about those old red doubledecker buses. The new ones at least are still red. BTW I'm looking on this webcam website for any webcams for the Glastonbury festival. In the rain LOL.
Rob, 23 06 2007
Please show the full-view of Trafalgar Square at nighttime not just the top of Nelson's column. Plus would be great improvement to have a streaming camera like the one for Big Ben/Houses of Parliament/The London Eye. Cheers!
Paul Saunders, 22 06 2007
Trafalgar Square is brilliant it always looks great. The Nelson cam is quite boring. It would be more interesting looking at a pidgeon.
Roger, 22 06 2007
Mon fils et sa famille habite ŕ peux voir les conditions météo dans lesquelles ils sont
Gerard Schmitt, 22 06 2007
why does it only show the top of nelson's column? i also enjoy the full view of trafalgar square... it's much better. thank you!
shauna, 22 06 2007
Yes I think the view of Nelson is quite boring and a waste of time. The Trafalgar Square shot is brilliant
Roger, 21 06 2007
These camera views are spectacular! As a frequent visitor to London, with another trip there in just 2 weeks, these camera shots really get me juiced up for the trip! Thank you from Philadelphia!
Matt Smith, 20 06 2007
As an American who enjoys the London cameras, I have a hard time with one that only shows the statue of Nelson vs the one that used to show all of Trafalger Square. To me, that is the better view.
John B, 05 06 2007
i was born in london but now live in malta but i still love trafalger brings back memories when i was a kid.great history and lord horatio nelson dominates the square.truly wonderful sight
joseph xuereb, 23 05 2007
This Trafalgar Square cam is my favourite on the Net
Jimmy Smith, 18 05 2007

Add a comment about Trafalgar Square, London
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