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Live NASA Apollo/Saturn V Center Google Maps Street View
Live NASA Apollo/Saturn V Center Google Maps Street View

Check out this greatLive Google Maps NASA Street View from inside the Apollo/Saturn V Center in the Kennedy Space Station. Check out the amazing Live NASA Google Maps Street Views from inside the Apollo/Saturn Google Maps Street View.

The Apollo/Saturn V Center is located north-northwest of Launch Complex 39 on the Kennedy Parkway N near the Shuttle Landing Facility and is only accessible to visitors by bus tours from the Visitors Complex. Designed by BRC Imagination Arts for NASA and Delaware North Companies, it opened December 17, 1996. The building was built to house a restored Saturn V launch vehicle and features other exhibits related to the Apollo program. Until the structure was built, the Saturn V was displayed horizontally for many years outdoors just south of the Vehicle Assembly Building and tour buses brought visitors to it. The rocket\'s first stage is S-IC-T (a test stage) and the second (S-II) and third stages (S-IVB) are from SA-514, which would have been used for the canceled Apollo 19 mission.The interstages between the first and second stages and between the second and third stages are not present, but the Instrument Unit is on display (showing the internal equipment). The booster has been repainted to resemble Apollo 11\'s Saturn V. Its command module is the boilerplate BP-30. 

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