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Severe Outbreak Roiling Midwest, Plains

Severe Outbreak Roiling Midwest, Plains
Dangerous severe weather is once again thrashing the Plains and Mid-Mississippi Valley, with storms rumbling from the Great Lakes to the Texas Panhandle. Damaging winds, hail and even tornadoes have been part of the mix and will remain so overnight.The root cause of the severe weather is an unseasonably strong low-pressure system swirling across central Canada. A cold front stretching southeastward from this low extends across the Great Lakes before bending southwestward into the central Plains and southern High Plains. The clash between hot and moisture-rich Gulf of Mexico air ahead of the front and cooler and drier air behind the front is kicking off the thunderstorms.A Tornado Watch has been issued across northern Missouri and adjacent portions of Illinois and Iowa, including Quincy, Ill., and Kirksville and Kansas City, Mo.Severe Thunderstorm Watches stretch from central Michigan to central Illinois, including Lansing and Grand Rapids, Mich., Chicago and South Bend, Ind. More Severe Thunderstorm Watches are in place from the Texas and Oklahoma Panhandles into eastern Kansas, including Dodge City and Topeka, Kan., and Dalhart, Texas.The strongest storms tonight will move eastward along the Interstate 80 and 94 corridors, with two lines of activity. One is moving east of Chicago and will rankle western and central Michigan, while the other moves through southern Wisconsin and western Illinois. Wind gusts of 70 to 80 mph and hail to the size of baseballs is possible.These won`t be the only places peppered by severe thunderstorms today and tonight either. Another set of storms will form along the front from Missouri to the Texas Panhandle. These storms will bring with them strong winds of 60 to 70 mph, as well as golf ball to baseball sized hail. A tornado or two is also possible.The storm will have one last trick up its sleeve. Plenty of Gulf of Mexico moisture being drawn into these thunderstorms as they track swiftly across the Upper Midwest will squeeze out 1-to-3 inches of rain in a very short time. Not only will this overwhelm storm drains, but it will cause rivers and creeks to climb above bank levels. Flash Flood Watches are in place from eastern Nebraska to northern Illinois and across southern Kansas and northwestern Oklahoma. If you approach a flooded roadway, do not attempt to cross it, as it is likely deeper than it appears. Remember, "Turn Around, Don`t Drown."Five possible tornadoes have been reported, with some damage in Stuart, Iowa. The Traer, Iowa, Fire Department reported several homes damaged or destroyed. Softball sized hail was reported in Rockwell City, Iowa, with baseball sized hail in Adair, Iowa, breaking car windows. Two people were injured when a building was destroyed by the storms in Fairfax, Iowa, while trees falling sent two people in Iowa City, Iowa, and one in North Liberty, Iowa, to the hospital.A two-foot tree was uprooted and fell on a vehicle in Milwaukee, while Lockport, Ill., reported 70 mph winds. Meanwhile, the strong winds blew down a metal fence in Frankfort, Ill., with 66 mph gusts in Highland, Ind.If you live in an area that could be threatened by thunderstorms, be sure to download the mobile WeatherBug app on your smart phone. The mobile apps now include Spark Lightning Alerts, a GPS-based lightning detection feature providing you the location of the closest lightning strike, so you can Know Before the storm hits. Click here for the link to download.Be sure to keep WeatherBug active to receive the latest weather alerts in your neighborhood and get the latest updates anywhere on Twitter.What do you think of this story?
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UPDATED 8:45 PM CDT, June 30, 2014
UPDATED By WeatherBug Meteorologist, Andrew Rosenthal

Atlantic's First Depression Forms Near Fla. Coast

Atlantic's First Depression Forms Near Fla. Coast
The 2014 Atlantic's first tropical system formed tonight while drifting just off Florida's east coast

UPDATED 1:30 AM EDT, July 1, 2014
UPDATED By WeatherBug Meteorologist, Fred Allen
Tuesday's Weather Outlook

Tuesday's Weather Outlook
The active weather that has plagued the central U

3 PM EDT, June 30,2014
By WeatherBug Meteorologist, Mike Marston
Today's Weather Outlook

Today's Weather Outlook
The start of the workweek will bring flooding downpours and fresh thunderstorms once again in the U

UPDATED 12:15 AM EDT, June 30, 2014
UPDATED By WeatherBug Meteorologist, Fred Allen
Dangerous Storms Raking The Upper Midwest

Dangerous Storms Raking The Upper Midwest
The Upper Midwest and Missouri Valley will be front-and-center for dangerous weather as we head through early Monday morning

UPDATED 9 PM CDT, June 29, 2014
UPDATED By WeatherBug Meteorologist, Mike Marston

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