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User comments

Hope you\'re having a great voyage Darlene and Manuel!! 29/12/10
maida, 30 12 2010
QM2 love the rough seas, we sailded her 10 times now, last year was a force 11 ++++ and no problem with movment at all
rob, 19 09 2010
Looks peaceful now but she will be meeting a major hurricaine as she approaches new york
JT, 01 09 2010
Best wishes to Jane and Gordon on their trip home. Enjoy!!
Tom Bowen, 20 07 2010
Can\'t believe my mum and dad are aboard the QM2 on their trip of a lifetime. Nice to be able to follow them along. Can\'t wait for monday morning to see them arrive in new York.
sarah, 16 07 2010
this is awsome...i know its only water but it will be cooler when its coming into land in a few days....
kevs, 01 05 2010
i love that cool qm2
persia, 29 04 2010
When black screens on bridge webcam persists, click \"Live View\" once, then click \"Save Image\" once\" to reset the webcam image sending in the onboard ship\'s SATCOM.
Rick Usher, 21 04 2010
The webcam on the QM2 bridge is black - it\'s 0735 in Adelaide now and it\'s light. The Outer Harbour webcam works well but the bridgecam on the ship is not working...
RW, 10 03 2010
Always check the date and time. I am in Toronto Canada so QM2 is a day ahead March 10 at 2am. Sailing at night there is nothing to see on the bridge cams
Geomc, 09 03 2010
Looking forward to boarding QM2 tomorrow in Sydney for Southampton. What a trip
alang, 07 03 2010
To Derrick,--It is almost 8am on the QM2 and the screen is completely black, explain that. A. Mackenzie. 4.3.2010
Amy Mackenzie, 04 03 2010
A Makenzie the picture is black because its night time !
derrick, 04 03 2010
QM2 Bridge Cam is again not working it is always completely black. 2010
Birthe Bermeitinger, 02 03 2010
QM2 Bridge Cam is again not working it is always completely black. 19th.Feb 2010
A Mackenzie, 19 02 2010
The picture I am getting from the Q M 2 Bridge cam has been a black screen for the past two days.
Amy Mackenzie, 04 02 2010
QM 2 Bridge Cam appears to be malfunctioning again/still 26 Jan 2010
Peter, 28 01 2010
The cameras on the Mary and the Victoria seem to be malfunctioning.
donna, 29 09 2009

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Queen Victoria cruise ship cam Queen Victoria cruise ship cam
Enjoy this live cruise liner webcam onboard the Cunard Line - Queen Victoria.  Folow progress on the Queen Victoria cruises by viewing this deck web cam on the Cunard Line ocean liner - Queen Victoria

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