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User comments

nice to see it. its happening.
graham, 05 06 2010
Looks like a beautiful day. Great to see the progress is comeing along so well. Wish we had more camera angles though!! London is a great city!
Dan, 05 03 2010
Wow, blue sky at last, it must be a taste of Spring!
Chris, 01 03 2010
I hope we never see the legacy of the game tarnished by the images of football hooligans fighting re West Ham and Milwall
Ged, 18 02 2010
Lokks like the happy hammers are going to have a new home!!
c mac, 19 01 2010
You all will be sorry after the olympics leave you holding an empty Sack! SO Glad Chicago did NOT get the Olympics. Chicago is a Money Pit and a Financial Drag every day of the year on we Illinoisans spend too much on it anyway!Olympics make money for only a few businesses in the long run.
Retiredscotsman, 09 01 2010
What a change for the area. Still miss Hackney Speedway being there, though!
Baxi, 03 01 2010
So that\'s where our lottery money went yet another white elephant after 2012
Ceaman, 29 12 2009
Has London flooded? Come on guys.. ever heard of a rain hood?
Rennay, 29 12 2009
What a pity the government policy has for some years been to discourage competitive sport in schools. \" Nobody must loose\"
Robert, 13 07 2009
It\'s good to see progress being made on the Olympic stadium site at last! What a pity that we haven\'t a clearer view!
Pierre, 10 03 2009
Hey BBC -- what about adding some information about the site and how the building is planned. What\'s going to be visible in this view?
Alan, 23 02 2009
London is such a wonderful city. Been there a dozen times, but never to this site before. The night view is cool too.
Fiona, 19 02 2009
Snow\'s gone, what a pity. Still, we like watching the construction go up. Best of luck for the event!
Alan , 19 02 2009
Hey Steven, Things like this are happening over here in the USA as well. Mexicans to the south, Canadians to the north. Just been told the hotel that I work at is going to be sold and the new owner is going to hire an entire canadian staff. Im being terminated. Dont know about me, but you may have a case in court. Try filing a lawsuit against your own country. It should be unconstitutional for an outsider to receive favoritism over a british citizen. Think about it. Otherwise, the british government should have to pay you to just sit at home, watching television. Seriously.
Brian, 17 02 2009
Look at the snow! Amazing. Great webcam, thanks.
Alan, 10 02 2009
Fantastic! How to become a member?
Bartek, 03 02 2009
I an English formwork carpenter who has been unemployed for six weeks is paying for this project in my council tax yet can\'t work on this site due to foriegn labour it\'s disgusting
steven curtis, 01 02 2009
Love it. As Chris said this is going to be exciting to watch.
Ellen, Beccles,, 26 10 2008
This is going to be an exciting webcam to watch folks!
Chris, Australia, 15 10 2008
Oh what a beautiful sunset. London is amazing and I look forward to my next trip.
Pam, 19 09 2008
I\'ll be there in June for five weeks with 30 US students. It will be exciting to see the progress on the stadium. Look out London - here we come!
Jimm Cox, 13 09 2008
Excellent to see the 2012 webcam. Well done to all who competed this year for team GREAT BRITAIN. London will host the best ever Olympics watch this space!
JACQUIE, 27 08 2008

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London 2012 Olympic Park webcam London 2012 Olympic Park webcam
Watch the build up to the 2012 London Olympic Games by viewing this construction webcam overlooking the Olympic Park site at Stratford in London

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