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User comments

you think miley cyrus is terrible. look at hilary duff and vanessa hudgens they really are disney material now lol. i\'m semi impressed with miley and i\'m nearly a decade older than her lol. viva las vegas!
jeremy, 06 12 2009
Ok Tiffany and Monica this is suppose to be a place to post comments about the cam. There are private chats you can get on to share your thoughts to one another! Good shot of Los Vegas!
DS, 29 09 2009
I agree with the previous comment. In fact, i have always agreed to it. Miley Ray Cyrus does indeed sing through her nose more than she sings or talks through her mouth. Ive noticed this, before this person even brought it up. I have also wondered if someone at Disney either had a strange crush on Miley as a child or a strange and unwarranted crush on her dad, ole Billy Ray, a has-been if i ever did see one. If i had to take a guess, the person at Disney that has the crush on Billy Ray, is no longer at Disney supposedly. This is Mr. Eisner himself. Sorry, but to me, he looked like he was into guys and i could probably bank on that opinion. Miley Ray has absolutely no talent and for sure, Billy Ray has no talent. Anyone could have sung Achy Breaky Heart. Anyone at all.
Monica, 22 05 2009
Ive never actually been to Vegas, but i have some friendly advice to those establishments that hold concerts. Stay away from Miley Ray Cyrus. First of all, this really shows what Disney can do for someone with absolutely no talent at all. Ask any professional vocalist and you will see this girl not only talks and sings through her mouth, but she talks and sings through her nose, as well. Moreso her nose. If you dont believe me, just pay attention the next time she speaks or sings. The miracles of technology. Now, if this singing through the nose is not bad enough, you will not believe what is going on behind closed doors at Disney. Since Disney has taken someone with absolutely no talent at all, a person with a very bad impediment to say the least, and made a singing superstar out of her, other child actors at Disney have came to the conclusion, if Miley can made into a superstar, then i can be made into a super superstar. This is why you are seeing so many child actors at Disney being introduced into the singing arena. These child stars, their parents and their agents are demanding it. Demanding it so much, they are threatening to quit in droves. Just because someone higher up at Disney, has always had a crush on Billy Ray, a one-hit singing sensation, who has not only lost his singing ability, if he had it at all, but lose his supposed good looks, if he had it at all. Just look at him now. Even when he co-stars with his daughter on Hannah Montana, he looks so much like the poster child or should i say, the poster adult for the drug meth. Makes one wonder, if the person who loves him at Disney is on meth herself or yes, himself.
Tiffany, 21 05 2009
I was at the Stratosphere last December and the views from the hotel were breath-taking. Loved every minute in Vegas, wish I could have stayed longer. VEGAS ROCKS!!
Sara, 04 11 2008

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