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User comments

What a beautiful and peaceful looking place. With the water and the wildlife,I don\'t think I\'d ever want to leave home if this were my garden. How blessed you are and thank you for sharing the view.
Mimi, 02 08 2008
What a beautiful country Scotland is. I will be visiting for most of the 2008 summer season and will tour all of the land. I will be celebrating Hogmanay in Fife this year also for two weeks. Love your webcams! I visit daily and feel like I am there at times. Can't wait for summer!!!! Leslie from Tallmadge, Ohio, USA
Leslie, 28 05 2008
Andrew: It appears you have been busy little bees inside the house with your remodeling since last we spoke in November. From what I can tell it looks very nice. It also seems youíve have ample amount of rain as the river is quite roaring from the video. I still visit. Itís my quite place to go. Deanna - Hamilton, OH USA
Deanna Hering, 10 02 2008
What a beautiful part of Scotland, lovely of you to share your little part of my old country. I shall visit you often.
Catherine, 22 01 2008
How lovely. It looks like a serene place to unwind at the end of a day.
Mimi, 11 12 2007
Is that solar panels you have, on the roof
John Mc Aughey, 27 11 2007
Andrew, you have a beautiful place. I try to visit everyday.
Milton, 14 11 2007
Deanna, Thanks for the kind comments...Yes we are altering the house, its totally changed over the last year. We moved here last year, and since then have been altering many things including re-building the river weir, adding the bridge, the pond and totally altering the garden. All work in progress.....More to come soon. Regards, Andrew
Andrew, 08 11 2007
I love this web cam and the shot of the house and gardens. It's so pretty. Is he remodeling the house? Looks good!
Deanna, Ohio, USA, 07 11 2007
I've been many times to Crieff. Lovely area to visit. Also have fished on the Turret river
Dave, 11 09 2007

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