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User comments

It\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s working! Must make sure I visit in my next trip to Scotland. Great work!
EM, 02 11 2009
oohh lugar bonito....acho que estou cansada do BRASIL ...opss sorry i love BRAZIL....
Taynnara, 19 10 2009
Jodi, I have seen a couple of things happen after hours...once a chair moved about a foot, and another time the tvs flipped on and off. I said something about it on the streaming blog and they thought I was nuts, I was just asking if anyone else had seen anything. After researching this hostel, there could very well be grounds for paranormal activity. I am from Dunfermline living in the states going to university, but on my trips home I have asked some of the employees if they had ever had anything happen, and a few of them said they thought Belushi\'s had something going on.
denise, 30 03 2009
Tabhair \'om póg, is Éireannach mé!
Nancy, 15 03 2009
C\'mon Wales we can beat the Scots 2day
JJ, 08 02 2009
Why can\\\'t you stream the cam after hours when the bar is closed? It would be interesting so see if you have any uninvited quests of the paranormal persuasion looking for a bit of pint in the wee quiet hours.
jody , 21 12 2008
I saw my mother and father inlaw ... We are all the way in Amsterdam Netherlands. They are holidaying in Edinburgh. Hope they have a great time
Harley, 07 12 2008
is anyone ever going to fix the live stream - can hear fine but all you see is a blue screen - shame really as its fun to see the live acts
rebecca, 04 12 2008
hello from Pittsburgh, PA
drdugg, 28 11 2008
Great fun...can\'t wait to visit. But please, get the stream \'cam\' repaired (it seems this is an on-going problem, based on other\'s comments over the past year or so?).
Barry, 16 11 2008
Hello from the Rocky Mountains USA - we are skiing today ! will be in later for a pint - haha
spider, 29 10 2008
How come this cam always goes off at 22:59 when all the fun starts? LOL Tonight\'s karaoke would have been awesome from this angle!
Nancy, 12 07 2008
Love to check in on the action at Belushi\'s!
Jacqueline, 25 06 2008
Your camera's gone all squinty. We're seeing mostly the roof and the walls with the jerseys. Not much of the bar at all now.
John Toronto, 24 05 2008
Love to see folks at the bar while we slave away during the work day here in New York. Will be visiting in June
John, 08 04 2008

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