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User comments

This is one of my favorite cam sites. However, I seriously doubt that what is on the camera at 5 am your time is really what\\\'s happening? Thanks
Rod, 17 01 2010
I\\\\\\\'m curious. When I click on to your site and your locaL TIME IS 4:30 AM, are the customers I\\\\\\\'m looking at still there? Your hours of operation are really extended.
Rod , 16 01 2010
Hello, I\'m just having a break from the other room.
Geordie, 14 08 2009
Finally someone gives the information why so much toast is served here. I suppose its sort of like a complimentary breakfast in the United States. Something to just to tie someone over until lunch. Thanks for opening my eyes.
Gregory, 25 06 2009
the toast thing is the compimentry brekky that you get in the moring their not actually paying for anything lol
pia namei, 18 06 2009
Anyone home out there? Why are the comments stuck on just these? I thought Camvista was more sophisticated than to let their webpages deteriorate.
Walter, 04 06 2009
Why is it that the picture seems to be alright here, but the comments are at a standstill?
Constatine, 03 06 2009
Hey you! Yes, im talking to you, the one talking to that good looking girl. Turn around when im talking to you bud. Im trying to find out if this camera is at the front entrance, the back entrance or near the entrance to the dungeon below? Could you assist me with this piece of information. Seems like no one knows the answer or they\'re too boozed up to know what entrance this camera\'s at. I suppose you wont answer either, since you have your eyes focused right on that girl\'s legs. Im cute too. In fact, i could draw circles around that girl with my looks. But i guess you dont believe me, so im just going to assume this is near the entrance to Belushi\'s dungeon. Thanks for nothing, bud.
Miranda, 19 05 2009
Would anyone be able to tell me if this is the entrance to Belushi\'s in Edinburgh, or is it near the back door? Just in case someone tries to run off with toast, without paying for it. Exactly how is it that customers pay for toast. When they are around the toasters, it looks as if they are undetermined exactly how many slices of toast they really want. Oh yeah, did anyone see someone reach into a bread package to get perhaps two slices of bread and he got more than two slices, placing the other slice or two back in the package (contaminated with his hands)? What a clad, but i suppose its better to put it back, than to pay for it.
Miranda, 07 05 2009
Hi to you too, Diana! *waves again* Glad your trip is coming up soon, you will adore Scotland! I know I did when I had the opportunity to go. Slainte!
Nancy, 05 05 2009
I was told by the Bible Thumpers to come over to this website and lend them support. Pick any other website if you wish, but leave Belushi\'s alone. We will not follow you anywhere else, as long its not in Edinburgh. We do not want anyone such as yourselves to tarnish Edinburgh at all. Soon, there will be many others arriving to the beat of the drum.
Machia, 29 04 2009
Nancy, what a dumb broad you are. You know as good as i, you and everyone else does not believe in selective post reading as you like to call it. Otherwise, you would not have commented on that particular post, nor this one. No wonder you want to team up with Diana and i wont mention the other one. You and Diana though, must be ho\'s. Have you positioned your bed on the curb?
Gertrude, 29 04 2009
Here ye, Here ye, Here ye. Would like to inform everyone that the so-called Bible Thumpers will be in Edinburgh from the middle of June thru the first couple weeks of July, meeting with local church leaders there. Oh Happy Day.
Pastor Wilmington, 24 04 2009
Hi Claire! *waves* Hope everything is going great with you... I think with the other things, selective post reading is the way to go :)
Nancy, 22 04 2009
Hi Claire and Nancy glad to see that i still get to chat with you ladies without getting yelled at lol. i can`t wait to get to belushi`s in july
Diana, 19 04 2009
Claire, the so-called bible thumpers are on this website as well. Just as long as everyone keeps everything clean, we dont mind.
Timothy, 17 04 2009
hi Nancy, saw you over here and decided to say hello, better here than on the other board, things are getting weird there.....
claire, 30 03 2009
Tabhair \'om póg, is Éireannach mé!
Nancy, 15 03 2009 Griffin. go to this site for a better look.
Jack, 17 02 2009
Actually I don\'t think it is refreshing at all. That person has been sitting in the same position for over 4hrs now! LOL
Jayde, 08 02 2009
Why is this camera only refreshing every five seconds? Why not streaming? The sense of watching the patrons as they enjoy your pub is what makes your web cam worth watching.
Griffin, 16 10 2008
I think he meant....funky pub Its cool.....
allan, 09 09 2008
junky pub
tam, 01 09 2008

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Belushis Bar streaming webcam Belushis Bar streaming webcam
It\'s party time inside the Belushi\'s Bar in Edinburgh.  Check out this streaming Bar cam, with live audio, inside one of Edinburgh\'s most popular Bars and Entertainment venues.  Enjoy your virtual beer or whisky at Belushi\'s in Edinburgh, Scotland.
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Check out this live Bar webcam inside the Belushi's Bar in Scotland's Capital city, Edinburgh.  Catch the party atmosphere in one of Edinburgh's most popular Bars, Belushi's Edinburgh.  In Market Street, Edinburgh.
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It's Party time inside the well known Belushi's Bar in the centre of Edinburgh, Scotland.  Enjoy this live Bar cam inside one of Edinburgh's most popular Bars..

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