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User comments

I love London I love Picadilly Circus.
Handan diker, 12 09 2010
Buliding covers are building renovation works....we have a very laid back construction work force who has lots of tea breaks...hence the long period.
Bus Driver, 24 08 2010
coming back down to london in 5 weeks, cant wait.
paulb, 03 08 2010
Hey bus driver, from December last, whats it about with the covers over the buildings? I asked in Feb but haven\'t gotten and answer.
carl, 13 07 2010
I visited London first time in 1974.After returned to this beautifull city every year from Canary Islands. I love London.
Francis, 30 06 2010
Gostaria de morar pelo resto da minha vida em Londres. Eu amo Londres.
Olivia M Araujo, 18 06 2010
I love this place. Had fun here with my family a couple of times visiting London. It\'s so busy too horns going off double decker buses and taxis everywhere. London Town is so busy. Love the pubs and the people. I\'ll be back in 3 weeks at the end of May on a 6 week trip in the UK woohoo see you there!
Maria King, 07 05 2010
Hi Im Sunny Tim, This website is a really great view almost like the future envisioned in the movies and cinemas. Sunny Tim
Sunny Tim, 20 04 2010
It\'s wonderfull. I\'m back in London on next May.
Mario, 13 04 2010
i was standing right there in September. London, greatest city in the world!
don, 06 04 2010
It\'s so nice to loo at these cameras from time to time. At least you can feel a bit closer to this amazing place even though you are far away:-) Miss you London! I\'ll come back soon!:)ciao!
marta, 03 03 2010
What\'s the construction under the white covers? Been at it a long time.
carl, 21 02 2010
goodbye to the ads,with the dome in my mind.was there in december.
Where is the dome?? Is it broken (read: damaged)?
jolanda, 21 12 2009
It\\\\\\\'s a temporary cover...stop the drunks during this time of the year from being super hero\\\\\\\'s
Bus Driver, 17 12 2009
That\'s cool wish I was there!!!!
jacquie, 16 12 2009
Eros has a dome on because if you look closely to the video you will be able to see that it\'s snowing inside, Eros has been turned into a giant snowdome!
stevo, 16 12 2009
Some people want to be on the top :) in new year eve ;)
NoName, 15 12 2009
Que pasta with the enclosure around Eros??
Carl, 15 12 2009
why is eros wearing a condom?
allan, 11 12 2009
What is that ugly thing on the statue? Looks disgusting...hope is just to repair and clean the fontain
Orestes, 05 12 2009
That\'s nice. Now you still can see what\'s in it. Last year it had an ugly bag. This is very nice.
jolanda, 04 12 2009
i love london, especially piccadilly circus..hope to get there again soon larry
larry wilkerson, 28 11 2009
your olympics are in 2012 the 2010 winter olympics are here in Vancouver Canada
julie, 04 11 2009
They are upgrading the tube stations for the Summer Olympics in 2010
Jennifer, 02 11 2009
L i will take your life in return for my house in London..Deal?
Jasper, 25 10 2009
they have build a green wall. Why? What are the doing? Maybe someone can tell me. Thank you
jolanda, 18 10 2009
I would give my life to live in London...I hope one day will succeed that!
L, 19 08 2009
We\'ve been here! we have pictures from this corner. Also pictures in the dark, then you see the lights much better. We came home last friday after staying 6 days in this lovely town. It was great as usuall. Greetings from the Netherlands
jolanda, 09 08 2009
Oh How I wish I were there! It looks so wonderfully busy, but I would love it nonetheless!
Stephanie, 09 08 2009
I will be there again the next month .... yeahhh!!!!
Ro, 17 07 2009
I live in Reading, about an hour an a half by car 30 minuites by train, I think that it\'s a brilliant place, but it is incredibly busy all of the time , I normally visit at christmas so there is more to see than just shops but theres lights to,, xxx
Lauren, 06 07 2009
It\'s been a few years since I\'ve visited London shame we can\'t get any sounds from this cam. London is a great place.
Theresa, 04 07 2009
I wish I was there right in the middle of London right now instead of Thomasville NC!
Chip J, 01 07 2009
London is a great city, I miss you London.
carlos, 08 06 2009
Hi,my buddy and me just visited here after several years. Was it worth it again, certainly was. Although at this very spot we could not find this camera to give you all a wave. Next time....
allan, 26 05 2009
London is a fantastic city. Was there June 2000 and I\'m longing to go back and say: Hello London, I\'m here again!
Lynette Patterson, 17 05 2009
London is amazing my american friend B.
Brasil, 04 05 2009
London is amazing, see also trafalgar square streaming cam it´s fantastic my american friend.
Brasil, 30 04 2009
London is such a wonderful city. Been there two times.
Brasil, 24 04 2009
Piccadilly Circus how I miss it, and trafalgar square amazing place, my american friend you have to see trafalgar square by
Brasil, 22 04 2009
Lovely city, lovely people.
Brasil, 21 04 2009
I miss London. Where are you Brent?
Gisele, 20 04 2009
London is amazing.I can´t wait see it again.
Simone, 20 04 2009
Hey Gisele, I would like to find out in person what \"that\" would be quite \"exciting\"...LOL...I live just outside NY City...never been to Brasil...I would like to visit one you have an email address?
Brent, 09 04 2009
Hi, Brent. Yes, I know what you mean and probably we have more in common than that, I also like beach areas and I have been to Caribbean as well: Aruba, Cuba, Barbados... I usually travel once or twice a year to different destinations: Europe, Americas.I know many places in America, maybe I know the city where you live. Do you know Brasil? There are many amazing beach areas here.
Gisele, 08 04 2009
Hey Gisele, I think maybe we have more in common than that, if you get my drift...I\'m there on business...we have an office over on New Oxford Street...Most trips I make are to beach areas...Jamaica, Bahamas...Aruba, about you travel much?...
Brent, 06 04 2009
Orestes, 05 04 2009
Hi Brent, I think we have three things in common: 1- we love London; 2- Londoner friend (s); 3- drink with friends. I´m curious, why do you visit London once a year? Do you travel only to London? Gisele/Brasil
Gisele, 03 04 2009
Gisele, I have a few Londerner friends that I didn\'t tell me how you made out in 2007 with your friend...I wish I was there now, the weather looks fabulous and I\'m sure the beer tastes great...
Brent, 02 04 2009
Hi Brent, answering your question and making other question: I was in London in 2007, but you...once a year! Do you have a \"Londoner friend\"? I agree with you, London is amazing, wonderful and I´d like to go back there. Gisele/Brasil.
Gisele, 01 04 2009
Gisele, Just curious? what happened with your \"Londoner Friend\" you visit London often?...I\'m usually there once a year...awesome city London...will probably never tire of visiting...hope to hear back...Brent, USA
Brent, 30 03 2009
I have visited this cam many times and love it. Have been to Piccadilly Circus once or twice but never when the camera was there. Its a shame no one has invented a webcam where we can experience the sounds of a citys webcam aswell as the sights of a place or city would be interesting.
Theresa, Edinburgh, 29 03 2009
Hi Brent, only curiosity. Brasil. São Paulo.
Gisele, 27 03 2009
It\'shard to be lieve that I have stood right here many times while visiting England ! Now I have to see it from Florida - OH WELL ! Riley - Florida Landscape Artist
Riley, 14 03 2009
Hi Gisele, no I\'m not, been there quite often..why do you ask?
Brent, 08 03 2009
i really love this feels like i\'m living there right now.hope i\'ll be there in the summer.
Eda, 08 03 2009
Piccadilly circus looks so cool at night with all those billboards lighting up the place and the crowd making its way to the nearby nightspots! Looks like Times Sq.! I wished I could be a part of it! Greetings from Corfu, Greece!
John T, 28 02 2009
It\'s great to be able to look at Piccadilly Circus from far off Chicago - but is there any way to make the picture less dark? It even looks dark in broad daylight, making people look more like shadows than people.
Jeff Smith, 18 02 2009
It\'s great to be able to look at Piccadilly Circus from far off Chicago, but is there any way to make the picture not quite so dark?
Jeff Smith, 18 02 2009
Hi Brent are you Londoner too?
Gisele, 16 02 2009
Gisele, sounds like your hoping for some action from your \"Londoner Friend\"
Brent, 13 02 2009
London brings back good memories
Gisele, 11 02 2009
I´m so happy. I found my londoner friend, I can´t wait see him again.
Gisele, 11 02 2009
im so in love with tihs country and will be relocating here very soon peace and love respect
Tyrone, 08 02 2009
Lol Carla, that was a cool comment :D That´s what I wanted my friends to do.. wave to the camera :D How are we gonna recognize you?:D
Terezka, 06 02 2009
Look for me here in about 12 hours! On my way.
Carla, 05 02 2009
Thanks for getting this camera fixed - its a really pretty spot to show people in Oz. Warms the heart of us xpats - its 40+ Degrees here. Cliff from Adelaide South Australia
Cliff Falconer, 03 02 2009
Wow!!! Great to see the snow. You are very lucky - it was 75 degrees here in Texas yesterday.
Cheryl, 02 02 2009
Thank you soo much for finally getting this camera working again! I missed being able to see Piccadilly Circus every day. I soo long to be able to visit London soon. Thanks again. Love from Provo Utah
Tracy Nelson, 25 01 2009
I love that place, thank you a lot for get repaired the camera.I used to have breakfast in the fontain stairs after work three years ago...miss you so much London
Orestes, 20 01 2009
I really love this place and I am so glad I can watch in on the webcam! It´s almost like I am in London. Thank you to help me feel the London vibe while I am not even in this amazing city.
Frenchie, 19 01 2009
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to watch London every day! Great view! My hearts beats in London!
Leonidas, 12 11 2008
Oh wow you guys make Piccadilly Circus sound so romantic. I can\'t wait to go there one day. I just HAVE to go to London one day.
Maribel, 12 10 2008
I miss you London...Hope to see u soon! I could spend hours walking in London streets...Thanks for the webcam!
Leonidas, 22 09 2008
There is a certain feeling of magic in the air in London,nowhere else I have ever been compares. I suppose my opinion could be swayed a bit since I met my best friend,soulmate and forever love there. I can\'t wait to be there again : )
Dave, 07 08 2008
Piccadilly Circus is my fave place in London. Wish I was on the Tube on my way there. Miss it.
Chris, 06 08 2008
I met the love of my life on the steps of Eros, wish we were there now..
Chris, 02 08 2008
Met the love of my life here, wish we were here now.
Chris, 02 08 2008
We are staying in London this weekend, so dining alfresco, walking along the river, taking in the London life. Nothing but the best! Hope the weather is sunny.
jk, 22 07 2008
Hate the neon signs, its almost as bad as the ones in new york city, the states.Surely there\'s a better way for advertisments.
Claire, 17 07 2008
London is a beautiful city. Wish the architects of the modern buildings had stayed with the original look of victorian london when building. The modern look distracts and the gerkin building is just ugly.
Mimi, 17 07 2008
This webcam didn`t work yesterday, while my daughter was there and I hoped to watch her from germany! And the same in october last year with my other daughter :-(((
Susan, 14 07 2008
Great memories come back to me when I look back at London :-)
Brigette, 13 07 2008
Excellent! Brilliant quality.
Vampkin, 03 07 2008
Fra 4 giorni saremo a LONDRA a fare i matti!!! Il tuo compleanno sara' strepitoso! TANTI AUGURI da xia Cristina
cris, 16 06 2008
Ciao Sandro, mancano 4 giorni a LONDRA ... quest'anno il tuo compleanno sara' SUPER!!! TANTI AUGURI da xia Cristina
Cris, 16 06 2008
Isabel pina cruz, 16 06 2008
Graciela , use this camera to see her daughter, I meet my friends in the one at Leicester sad when those cameras get off...I keep in thouch with London using this website
orestes, 25 05 2008
todos los dias visito esta pagina y hoy, que tristeza desde Colombia quería ver a mi hija Cristina, por esta camara y hoy no funciona, me tocará sentarme a llorar ........
GRACIELA SERPA, 24 05 2008
hello, all you people. when i see this my hart hurts. me and my daughter want to come back to london, but we have to wait till december. we've walked on piccadilly circus and miss it very very we look at this webcam allmost every day. thanks for the possibillity to watch this cam.
jolanda from holland, 16 05 2008
Everyday i've crossed this square, i miss it and London too
Jacopo, 13 05 2008
Yes, i really love the city too and i miss it a lot too. Cheers
Joao Ramalho, 09 05 2008
it's a great place, i love it and i miss london
Jany from Rouen, 05 05 2008
Dear friend Stv Happy birthday Sâo Paulo - Brasil
Gisele Di Dio, 25 04 2008
yeah!!! great. now we see a normal picture of piccadilly circus. It's great to see this place where my daughter and I walked the past 2 summers. It brings back happy feelings. we'll be back!!!
jolanda from holland, 20 04 2008
It´s very good to see Piccadilly Circus every day, brings back lots good memories. I miss London.São Paulo - Brasil.
Gisele Di Dio, 17 03 2008
It´s very good to see Piccadilly Circus every day, brings back lots good memories. I miss London.São Paulo - Brasil.
gisele di dio, 06 02 2008
I just came back from London. It was wonderfull,and weather perfect for explore this viberante city. I will came back again. Greeting from Croatia Daniella
Daniella, 06 01 2008
brilliant cam! my partner works in london and i watch him walk by every morning he gives me a wave!!
chezz, 11 12 2007
This is the best webcam i ever seen in my life! i was standing just right there last summer !
Waddah, 03 12 2007
What an amazing cam! Piccadilly circus is like a small London version of Times sq.! Love the billboards and their effect at nights!
John Trifonas, 01 12 2007
this is amazing. It's truly a small world and I would seriously due anything to stop what im doing in my life and leave now to come. Words can't explain.
Doc Temple, 30 11 2007
What an improvement with the streaming webcam. I watch your webcam now and then after the day at work to see what London looks like where my children are living and where I once lived.
Vasant, 26 11 2007
Our students are in London, as trainees. Thanks to this cam, on Saturday November 24th, at 10am, all their friends, families and teachers could see them saying "hello"! Great performance!!!
christine, 24 11 2007
What a great view! I was able to show my kids their mother and grandmother in London. The world truly has become a small place. Peace to all this holiday season from sunny Florida.
Chris Oliver, 23 11 2007
I love this webcam I check it out at least once or twice a week. I love that this is a streaming webcam. You sometimes can see a guy holding a sign up but you can't see what it says I would move to the left a little lol!!
Theresa, 16 11 2007
Misueño tener un apartamento en Regens Street , me gusta estar en Londres , mi hijo vive en Tooting Brodway
Francisco Martinez, 14 11 2007
Great cam, these streaming ones are much more fun than the others, next time I'm in London I'm going to get my family to watch this cam while I'm there!
Alon, 14 11 2007
This is an awesome site. I love seeing all the people there. I wish I was there right now. Cannot explain that enough.
Doc Temple, 11 11 2007
Great camera, good views, remind me my student times:-)
Teymur, 04 11 2007
it is lovely.i have been in London but now i cant.i need a viza from my stupid country.i missed london and thanks for this camers that.s all at the moument
lika, 02 11 2007
Thank you for this great view of London! I wish i could live there the rest of my life!
Leonidas, 29 10 2007
I really love Picadilly and i can't get bored watching it live through this camera! I'm looking forward visiting London again for Christmas! See u!
Leonidas, Athens, 25 10 2007
I love london, i love Piccadilly, i love all webcam of London! Thank you very much from Italy
Paolo, 05 10 2007
Love the webcam, reminds me of home being so far away! Just wished it would stop switching cameras.
Scott, 27 09 2007
very nice cam keep up the good work from ireland
billy mc grane, 18 09 2007
IAN, 17 09 2007
This Webcam is Fantastic! I love Piccadilly Circus and it's wonderful to watch!
JAKYE, 16 09 2007
i love this webcam and it is very fast can you please give me some webcam website in london
leroy, 03 09 2007
This webcam brings back very happy memories of a theatre break holiday my boyfriend and I had in London last week, it's a fantastic location and it makes me want to be back in London!
Nicky, 03 09 2007
hola!(hi!) omg it gets me back preaty-cool memories when i went to UK few years ago, it's my favourite place in the world! i hope can come back soon! adios(bye)
jorge antonio, 02 09 2007
I love London and wish I was there right now. With God's help I'll be back there soon. I live in New York and I've been fortunate to have visited othe wonderful cities but my heart and soul belong to London. Thanks for these cameras they keep my dreams alive. All the Best, Jeff
Jeff, 27 08 2007
I visit London every year & have done so for 25 years. My birthday today; wish I could be there again. waves of nostalgia. Graham Ledbitter Cape Town
Graham Ledbitter, 26 08 2007
Precioso hito de una fantástica ciudad
Hector Bahamondes, 25 08 2007
will its so cool me and my boy grant was looking at it togeter
jasmine shave, 24 08 2007
love this view with me girl jasmine keep up the good work
grant adams, 24 08 2007
i love this view of piccadilly with me girl jasmine
grant adams, 24 08 2007
The best cam for the best place. Great. very very nice picadilly Regards, from spain
Neopirate, 21 08 2007
what a fun web cam,best one yet! thanks so much everyone,Enjoying every min of it.
Judi, 15 08 2007
Outtasight! Theee very best webcam of London--thanks!
MaryLou in California, 15 08 2007
great webcam,it helps me to feel close to the girl i love cause she is in london in these is the last day..eros help me!!!
Lorenzo, 14 08 2007
its said if you stand at eros long enough you will meet someone you know!
stephen innes, 14 08 2007
Excellent service! Keep up the good work :)
Andy, 13 08 2007
BILL, 13 08 2007
BILL, 13 08 2007
oh my god! i love london! i love picadilly circus!... london is the best! i'm from zulia-venezuela!
berenice lopez, 11 08 2007
please give the weather on each location, this was done in the past few monsths, but suddenly stopped.
ADELTA, 08 08 2007
I was there on Xmas 2005! By day, by night.. always beautiful! Thank u for all theese wonderful london cams. Ciao da Napoli, Italy.
Antonio , 06 08 2007
This is my favorite webcam.The people look so relax enjoying the town and having a Great time no matter if it is day or night but the night is Awesome with all the lights. I would love to visit Piccadilly Circus in London one day.. Great Webcam and Great Shots sharon USA
sharon, 01 08 2007
Took some relations to london today not enough time . Had a look at the web cams when I got back .Like the streaming ones best. Karl
Karl Mesterhazi, 01 08 2007
I'm in LA, my heart is in London! The Piccadilly Circus webcam rocks.
Tom H, 31 07 2007
What a Beautiful Place... I would love to come and visit. One day soon i plan on a trip there this spot.. Love to shop too. Just to visit would be my lifelong dream....... London .. sharon
sharon, 31 07 2007
wow this is really amaizing
amanda, 31 07 2007
best web cam yet !!! thanks
Judi, 23 07 2007
Mein Sohn ist grad in London, hoffe, ich entdecke ihn! Tolle Webcam, weiter so!
Susanne Jensen, 20 07 2007
Great webcam overlooking Piccadilly. Best I'[ve seen over the Web
Tom Smith, 16 07 2007
This is one of the best webcams I've ever seen, well done!
Nola , 16 07 2007
Fantastic webcam. I love visiting Piccadilly Circus in London. Keep up the good work
Ben Smith, 14 07 2007

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