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User comments

Does it ever stop raining in Glsgow? Every day you see umbrellas up Stan B.
Stan, 08 04 2010
Be greatful that they changed the view Dave and its Camvista not Vamvista get your spelling sorted.
Michelle , 07 04 2010
Just on here to let you all know to compare this webcam to dundee cam and judge for yourselves if this is top notch,dont tink so,think it should be able to point up sauchiehall st and also be able to view buchanan st at same time just like the dundee cam can move around.come on cam can do better than this..
bernie, 06 04 2010
I live in Glasgow and know this street well but still they have it mirrored viewed, come on Vamvista it has been like this for years!!!!!! Get it sorted!!!
Dave H, 06 04 2010
This view is the mirror image of what we should be seeing, check the buses traveling from Cathedral St to Bath. Street
Dave, 03 04 2010
Thanks a million for changing the view :-)
Ally, 02 04 2010
Brilliant view, I love looking at this when I am homesick.
CaymanGirl, 02 04 2010
Ay! Shame its still back to front. Its about time the image was the right way round!
Fed up Fred, 01 04 2010
thanks camvista, love the new view, makes me feel like i am there mary, toronto
mary, 01 04 2010
Finaly, a full view of Buchanan St (looking south). Well done Camvista.
Archie, 01 04 2010
Loooooooooooooove the new angle on the cam
Charlie, 31 03 2010
thankyou camvista for taking note of the messages and giving us a btter/great view.
Link, 31 03 2010
LOVING the new view
Sandra Temple, 31 03 2010
Love the new Camera location :)
Toronto Canada, 31 03 2010
Nell, Buchanan St is one of the busiest shopping areas in the UK. That is the reason all the people are carrying parcels.
Archie, 08 03 2010
Sainsburys supermarket is just out of view of the camera
Sandy, 05 03 2010
neil, Buchanan Street is a major shopping area in Glasgow
carl, 05 03 2010
Nell....this is the city center so there are loads of shops. Funny thing I noticed when I was over there is that Glaswegians have a thing about carrying plastic bags around with them.My mum used to do it all the time.
Sandra, 04 03 2010
The pedestrians all seem to be carrying parcels of some sort is there a supermarket in the area ?
Nell, 01 03 2010
could do with different views on buchanan street rather than the 2 it\'s been permanently on for some time now
john g, 25 02 2010
to Paul Halliday... where in NZ you are that you missing the weather, you can certainly have it in NZ too ;-)
Andrea, 24 02 2010
Moved to N.Zealand 6 years ago and missing the weather:)
Paul Halliday , 23 02 2010
Is there a circus in Glasgow at the moment? Seen a lot of odd looking freaks with hummfy backs wandering around down there lately.
Jobi, 18 02 2010
i wish i was there at like this very seconds.
lovebeingnuts, 11 02 2010
god I\'ve always wanted to go to Scotland!
Natalia, 11 02 2010
hi it is a good town ti stay in
hannah oliver, 05 02 2010
I wish I was there.
Tom, 05 02 2010
I just returned from a visit to Scotland - what a wonderful country. This was just about the best trip I ever took. I wish I\'d known about the webcam before I went. You guys are the most friendly people I\'ve ever met . Hope to be there again soon.
Melanie, 30 01 2010
This stream is a mirror image - HMV is on the right-hand side of Buchanan Street!
neil, 25 01 2010
Did ye see that wee wuman stotin doon they twa steps wi her message bag?? I think it wis ma Aunti Bella goin hame wi ma uncle wullie\\\'s tea.
GeordieM, 24 01 2010
pathetic picture,too dark and miserable,put some lights on ?
alc, 22 01 2010
Ah - mystery solved. Thanks to all who responded.
Agnes, 14 01 2010
There was a (crap) band signing stuff in the HMV just there.
Bored, 13 01 2010
Agnes, The band You Me At Six are doing a meet and greet. The queue started at 7am.
Paul, 13 01 2010
you me at six signing
andy carmichael, 13 01 2010
By jings HAMilton, that wis a sair yin. Like a blow to ma hert. Is that the best ye can dae ya numtie. I\'ll bet ye were a founding member of the White Heather Club.
Dr Who, 13 01 2010
Why the big crowd outside a store on Wed. around 3PM?
Agnes, 13 01 2010
Soy de Argentina y mi sueño sería conocer Irlanda. Por ahora gracias por abrirme esta ventana en vivo.
Daniel, 13 01 2010
I wish this pillock Who, would get off the site and take his whinging elsewhere
Hamilton, 12 01 2010
To The White Heather Club. With appologies to R Burns. A\'h cin see yi a\' there in yer big ghillie brogues, wadged onti yer fit ower yir thick wooly hose. Ye\'r wearin yir kilt and sporran O\' leather, on the table\'s yer tam wi a big eagles feather. Yer lovat green jaiket made oot on Harris, Ah sae the same otfit for sale at the Barra\'s. So get aff yer high hoarse an gie us some couth, for Glesca smiles better, an\' thats the goads truth. We Arra peeple!
Dr Who, 12 01 2010
oh thats no nice i was from just out side hamilton but now in aus a little cooler here today thank god.
scott, 12 01 2010
to scotinoz, the White heather Club shut us down. They just hate to see anyone having a wee bit fun. They can\'t laugh at themselfs or anyone else and have forgotten their Glesca roots.
Dr Who, 11 01 2010
In Scotland -6 here in Rio 41 p´lus Celsius AhAhAh
Dr orr, 11 01 2010
were has the humour gone? Thats what makes Glasgow that bit more special the humour
ScotinOz, 11 01 2010
Brrrr.....just woke up here, and it it is cauld 67 Degs. and then took a look at the Buckie webcam does\'nt feel so cold now, Aloha from Hawaii.
KAMEHAMEHA, 09 01 2010
..great web-cam pics sorry to here about the bad weather ..we still have 20 degrees plus in Tukey.
john eadie, 09 01 2010
Jimmy, I thought the stopped exile as a sentence back in the 1800\'s :) With all the ice and snow right now you are better off where you are.
Dr Who, 08 01 2010
Being an exile in the South Seas I long for the wet streets of home town , left in 1960s never to return
Jimmy martin, 08 01 2010
Only in Canada, Eh? Has Glasgow lost it\'s famous sense of humour???
DrWho, 07 01 2010
The White Heather Club has my vote any day!
Canada, 07 01 2010
I agree with James.The beauty of that wee bit wet pavement warrents all the comments we can give it :)
geordieM, 06 01 2010
kasımda glasgow baskadır işte bu sözu dogrulayan bır sehır gecesi ayrı gunduzu ayrı guzel buchanan streetin canlılıgı unutulmazdı ve sehrın ınsanların sıcaklıgı alışverişte ayrı guzeldı :)umarım tekrar gelırım ıskocya senı görmeye
filiz onuk, 06 01 2010
Come back rodrico. The White Heather Club is trying to take us over!!!!
Dr Who, 04 01 2010
Well said Alison, this should be comments on our beautiful city only,not childish garbage!
James, 04 01 2010
Thank goodness others feel the same way about using this site for a personal chat, if that\'s what you could call those witless exchanges. The site is about showing the world a wee bit of Glasgow and the nostalgia it brings to those of us who love it
Peter, 03 01 2010
Move on Dr Who, no ones interested in your petty squabbles & small mindedness!
Ann Mariw Tx, 02 01 2010
This is not a chat site but for comments, can\'t you guys chat somewhere else :-)
Alison Glen Flannagan, 31 12 2009
Rodrico, again with the fantasy friends and the sexual innuendos. You need help son. Do you have any female alter ego\'s? You seem to have an aversion to the female sex!!!! Please get some help and end the pain. Any hoo, have a guid new year ya numtie. yours aye, Doctor Who.
DoctorW, 31 12 2009
Enough of the garbage comments!! The new year is upon us, cease and stop and stop perpetuating Gasgow being without couth.
Carl, 31 12 2009
You better watch out over there...cheers out of Nederland
Nelleke, 31 12 2009
Doctor doctor give Rodrico the news hes gotta bad case of loving......
Link, 30 12 2009
Your no doctor,,,, Dr Asrsehole!! & this is not the first time uve pretended either - i can tell! Ur tryin 2 groom me. Damm pedro philes evrywhere a trim young stud like me, turns. - \"cut there baws aff\" as my momma would say
Rodrico, 30 12 2009
RE- Link. I\'ll give you more than a shilling, if you fancy a wee casual rendezvous at the St. Vincent Street toilets big man!! 9ish on Hogmany night, suit Ok? Just chilaxing, with a can of Tennents & an After Eight - wish it was Xmas every day!
Archie, 30 12 2009
Rodrico,please accept this in the spirit that it is intended. So far I have counted at least four personalities calling out for help. I am a Doctor in your area and I can help you at no charge. Please e-mail me and you will feel much better and you will be able to stop making up these imaginery friends. All you have to do is e-mail me at
DoctorW, 30 12 2009
Archie if you have a spare shilling can i get it for my tv
Link, 28 12 2009
hehhe Archie u mad old jakey. Sounds like father santa left u & ur boyfrnd a litre botle of white lightning in ur xmas thongs. In 2010 i wil finaly get2 visit the gr8 glasgow & b so gd 2 finaly c the bueroll colection, primark & the Empire bar. Will b gr8 if i get 2 meet a high flying glasgw aristocrat like archie. Il wil keep an eye out 4u in the public lavvies!
Rodrico, 26 12 2009
Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year. Now, could someone put a shilling in the meter & turn the heat up?? Archie.
Archie, 24 12 2009
We love Scotland ,nice city Glasgow.Merry Xmas everybody !!! Sao Paulo-Brasil
Antonio Aloision, 23 12 2009
Good old Glasgow i love the place and the banter Rodrico and Alistair love it keep it going lol
ScotinOz, 21 12 2009
oh the banter i\'m only here for the banter,great keep it up lads
ScotinOz, 21 12 2009
Lets keep this site nice guys and girls, its nearly xmas!
Bella, 17 12 2009
pic look great wish u could pan down the street more ...cheers from adelaide australia
scott kane, 14 12 2009
I think this is the time of year all Scots abroad get a bit homesick, helps to see what is going on in Glasgow.
Alison, 12 12 2009
Last time I stand up for a MacIntyre!! Should have known better, always were a clan of cattle thieves & sheep dippers! At least Bawheid Rodrico wished me a Merry Christmas, which tells me is not totally lost in the \"Buckie Fog\"!!! Might even buy him a pint the next time I\'m in Lauders, oops sorry, that\'s not a wine shop!!. Archie 1.
Archie, 11 12 2009
Archies ru crazy loco? My heart & smpathys go2 u & ur kin. Get out of ur alcoholism please & njoy ur xmas double giro.
Rodrico, 10 12 2009
Re- The real \"ARCHIE\" U sound like a rite old fanny by the way. Hope ur next jobbys a sore one. Up yae!
Alistair MacIntyre, 10 12 2009
Good one \"Rodrico\" slagging another poster then signing off as me!!!!!!!! I\'m not sure if your Buckie rotted heid can figure this one out? but you have just proven that you are indeed from nobody knew that already!! By the way Bawheid, if your going to sign off as me...make sure the spelling is correct. The real \"ARCHIE\"
Archie, 09 12 2009
What in the name of shite are you talking about Alistair MacIntyre? Are you a buckie drinking giro-hunter from Easterhouse!? Baws to yae - Im away to read my Daily Record.
Archie, 09 12 2009
any bigger street for shopping anywhere else no? London well knowen yes, but not for christmas shopping , booze in scotland are for celibrating and keeping us happy too that`s why Glasgow smiles better !
Alistair MacIntyre, 06 12 2009
Rodrico,the banter is great,keep it up
Link, 05 12 2009
Re Link. U so freindly link - but i hav2 say tht im not in the gays. I wil likley c u dwn on the webcam 1 day kising men and disapaering down a lane & i wil think \'thts tht link doing the glasgow kiss\'. Respeck 2 al homos.
Rodrico, 03 12 2009
Re - FATJOHN Ru the galeic!? U confuse me so much. Not only u talk weird but u make luv 2 the sheep & beat up ur wifes. Hapy xmas
Rodrico, 03 12 2009
Re-rodrico have you ever heard of the famous Glasgow kiss no not that one the song by dream theatre
Link, 03 12 2009
Re- Rodrico. Please ignore this idiot, he is so obviously from Glasgow & thinks he is being funny!!! Truth be told, he is most likely a \"buckie\" drinking muppet from the east-end, living a sad pathetic life on the Giro. He should be ignored & maybe he will go away.
Archie, 29 11 2009
I love the view here it makes me so homesick,Glasgow sure is a awesome city.
James Hendry, 29 11 2009
Link i no not of the red lites u speak off - but i do wish u good luk in findin luv &companionship 2ease ur lonilness & tossing off habits.
Rodrico, 27 11 2009
No sandra tht no homesickness. Wot this means is tht ur new life in canada is, how u say it \"pish\"
Rodrico, 27 11 2009 are an arse. I\'m watching this from Canada and it makes me very home sick.I spend a lot of time in this location when I am at home and it is a fantastic place
Sandra, 27 11 2009
The camera transmits a reverse image. That\'s why the cars seem to be driving on the right instead of left side of the road.
Lon, 25 11 2009
rodric as i look at google map not one of those areas are higlighted as red light areas as you mean so i ask have you visited these areas
Link, 25 11 2009
kai the picture on the camera is inverted
Link, 25 11 2009
Kai do not worry about this - they r drunk driver they no wot they do or where they go. It a holiday in glasgow big celebration they cal it \"giro day\".
Rodrico, 25 11 2009
If this is Buchanan Street and if the crossing road is Bath street - why are all the cars seam to be driving on the right side of the road???
kai, 25 11 2009
Lot of frustration &anger in tht town of the glasgow. Evry twn has a place where u frustred can find releif. Using the google i have discovered glasgows ares :- Anderstone, Blythwoods Square & Glasgow green. Go 2 these places freinds & ease ur frustartions!
Rodrico, 25 11 2009
DUSTY, 24 11 2009
..and you are nothing but a wind-up merchant Rodrico! You blew it with the phoney \"how you say\" crap. Chances are you live in one of those subsidised housing schemes, living off the Giro & have nothing better to do with your time. Grow up ya muppet!
Archie, 22 11 2009
Aye Rodrico your quite correct,come for a holiday and introduce yourself to us freindly weegies
last rites, 22 11 2009
Rodrico.... you might need specs I suppose.... and you are a really miserable guy. I am not from Glasgow but I love it there and also love to look at that town. Maybe you should look for another cam....
rembrandt, 22 11 2009
The people in the glasgow all dress in rags. Why r they al fat? They been eatin 2much haggis? haha Tht street is full of, how u say \"jakes\" ?
Rodrico, 21 11 2009
I left Glasgow 20 years ago still miss the curries and the kebabs and the humour. fond memories of the dancin and georges square at 3 in the morning and then the night bus is not a bad town
mark, 21 11 2009
Nelleke, 20 11 2009
Poor Roderico...
Nelleke, 20 11 2009
I love Glasgow! I love Scotland!!! Love it!!! Becky in Dallas, Texas
Becky Massengale, 16 11 2009
Rodrico, how can you possibly make a comment that \"Glasgow must be the poorest place on the earth\" from looking at one street, that by the way, is usually filled with shoppers carrying goods that the have just bought?? Have you ever been to Glasgow? If you think it is \"poor\" you obviously haven\'t been to many places in this big world.
Archie, 16 11 2009
Wow - is Glasgow the poorest place on earth?
Rodrigo, 09 11 2009
Cheers to all who told me the camera is actually in colour and its still a joy to see!!!
John Richie Brennan, 07 11 2009
I have been living in Italy for 20 years now,but i still love going home,rain or no rain..who cares..Glasgow centre is charming,but let\'s say that the outskirts are a lot less
ian, 07 11 2009
Is there ever a day when it dosen\'t rain in glasgow!? The people have odd body shapes is this because the wind deforms them over the years?
Albert, 06 11 2009
Great view. used to shop on Buchanan St. with my Granny. She lived on St Georges Rd. Just up from the George Picture House, it\'s probably gone now,just as she is..Norah
Norah Tucker, 03 11 2009
Camera is colour lol It\'s...just ehhhh what can you say..Glasgow is seriousl dull & drab!
Dannyb, 03 11 2009
Hi John :-) it is in colour but sometimes the weather is tooooo dull to see the colours in Glasgow. I love to look at that cam and I also love Glasgow and Scotland...
rembrandt, 03 11 2009
\'Amor Vincit Omnia\' for the person who wants to know what \"love conquers all\" in latin
Peter, 02 11 2009
omnia vincit amor(love conquers all)-thanks Mr. Cambell,Woodside Secondary School-1954ish,
Steve Power, 02 11 2009
Shame its not in colour...still good tae see auld glesca town!!!!
John Richie Brennan, 25 10 2009
How do you say Love conquers all in latin?
Cary Grant, 25 10 2009
Even if it is raining today, I still miss home very much. Wil be home soon though, can\'t wait
James, 24 10 2009
Hi mum and Diane! thanks for the laughs! xoxo
Cindy Townsend, 16 10 2009
It would be so much better if they cleaned the cameras every now and then. It looks like it is wet and cold but today is sunny and pleasant.
TONY TOWNSEND, 16 10 2009
what a dark and dismal place for a web cam,not a patch on the web cams from Edinburgh or London,so come on Glasgow,get a grip and relocate this camera to show Glasgow in a better light
wee fella, 16 10 2009
Glorious Glasgow.... what about the Victorian architecture and sculpture ?? I love Glasgow !
Helen Kennedy, 15 10 2009
M Grant i watch this cam to remind myslef that im one of these weegies that i talk aboot and to try abstain from all that i mentioned.
last rites, 11 10 2009
well nothing wrong with Glasgow to me,danny you`re right about weather ,everyody needs water,London nice place but woud`t stay there to many crakpots down there crime every night and day
alistair macintyre, 10 10 2009
For the whingy moaning thing called last rites WHY ARE YOU WATCHING IT THEN? YOU PLANK.
Michelle Grant, 03 10 2009
Lisa,nothings going on down their - hes a paid charity begger and he\'s trained & told to be so animated - student loosers who cant find a job.
Santos, 03 10 2009
Its good glasgow loves itself,cos noone else does -\"best shopping city out of london\", \"Amazing nightlife\" - all total shit. Poor souls, dont know how sad they they battle the wind & rain to the next sad, cheap boozer!
Dannyb, 03 10 2009
So, whats going on down there today? Does anyone know what flyers those people are handing out? I love the guy with the red and white umbrella! Hes very animated!!
lisa, 02 10 2009
How about repositioning the camera so that you can see right down Buchanan St. I hail from Glasgow but live in New South Wales, australia and enjoy viewing my home town on these cameras from time to time.
Geraldine Lemming, 30 09 2009
reprobates eating kebabs drinking like fish and dancing like prats.i hate this city no matter how much u romantasise it.
last rites, 27 09 2009
you have to click on link to allown page to appear
john, 22 09 2009
Blank screen after blank screen, sooooo many of these cams are not working!
Complainer, 20 09 2009
Hi the people in the red jackets work for tourist imformation michelle salsburgh
michelle grant, 19 09 2009
Hey madwumminglesga thanks for your comment, coming home for Christmas and New Year and can\'t wait.
Steve, 12 09 2009
I wonder who the strange character in the red jacket is, and what he\'s up to, wandering around talking to people.
Carl, 08 09 2009
I wonder who the strange character in the red jacket is, and what he\'s up to, wandering around talking to people.
Carl, 08 09 2009
hey steve in melbourne. know how you feel, i went to work down in somerset and i was homesick, so gawd knows how you feel, ya wee soul ye. i managed to find a glagow taxi driver and i would phone him at his office just to have a laugh.nothing can beat glasgow humour. hope you get home for a visit soon son, untill then chin up!!!!!!xxxxxx
madwumminglesga, 28 08 2009
cant you make the veiws cleare, iether thaqt or get some eedgit to shimmy up and clean the camera?xx
lydia wilson, 28 08 2009
I love these webcams cause one day I will travel there
John Parker, 19 08 2009
did you see the boy that looked lost with the backpack
Jordan, 16 08 2009
15 degrees (59 degrees in old money by my calculation), one whole degree hotter than Sydney at the moment (:->
Gavin, 15 08 2009
Did I just see the Gouranga Lady?!?!
Angela, 13 08 2009
Yeah, there are lots of cowards online that love to flame and argue. This just proves it. They should just remove comments.
Brian, 23 07 2009
Well it never fails. When someone tries to complain about someone else comments, they get a handful of complaints slapped right back in their face. Looks like people would learn from this. Complain about other things in general, but dont complain about someone else complaints. As long as youre not putting down other comments, its fair game.
Bennett, 23 07 2009
OK Yawning at you. So perhaps its not a tape. Then what is it, so smart and know it all? Oh yes, dont try to contact camvista before you give the answer. Anyone that writes Um in a comment, when that word doesnt even exist, is someone that thinks they are smarter than anyone else, but isnt. In fact, anyone can assume you had difficulty going thru school. Got knocked up and never married did you?
Brian, 21 07 2009
Hey Yawning at you. Seems to me you have used this, not-out-of-the-dictionary, word before. The non-word UM. What do you do, go around and B*tch, B*tch, B*tch anytime you want. Dont you have a man in your life? It appears you dont and you\'re mad at the world. You are one of these people who complain about what others say, but when you say something, you dont want anyone to complain. People like you, make alot of other people sick. UM
Wilma, 21 07 2009
Hey \"hEATHER\". Um.. tape? What are you, like 70? Or were you actually trying to be clever... cause.. fail. Wonderul cam, thanks for showing.
Yawning at you, 18 07 2009
I live in Melbourne and wish i was home in Glesga, rain or shine.
Steve, 18 07 2009
hEATHER, 17 07 2009
is that rain? It\'s 104 degrees in Dallas. I wish I was in Glasgow with the \"crappy weather\" and rain!
anorm, 17 07 2009
Ahh good old Glasgow! I miss this beautifull city and its crappy weather! Studying there felt like home! I\'ll come back some day for vacations!
John, 16 07 2009
i stay here because its a great place to stay so if you wanna know why we continue to stay in a really wet, cold infact freezing place its coz we aint sissies and we can handle it ;) :P
james, 14 07 2009
LESLEY ANN, 13 07 2009
Hey i would.. missing good old doesn`t look like anyone is bothered with the cold and wet to much,as they are still there.except me boo hoo...TRUTH...i wish we had a little of there rain here in oz...sooooo nead it..
janice, 13 07 2009
AhH summerTIME in glasgow looks like it\'s at least 14C - the t-shirts & shorts are out! Why does anyone want to live in a country so cold & wet?
Ralph, 11 07 2009
well said mad lizzie....
janice, 09 07 2009
I think the Glaswegians are not fatter than elsewhere and what is important they are the funniest and friendliest people I met.
pukeko, 08 07 2009
We might be fat but at least we can spell ya tube ye !!!
Mad Lizzie, 08 07 2009
Been in USA for 45 years but still miss dear auld Glesca Toon.
Duncan, 08 07 2009
hey Kinkg Billy,it is spelt GLASGOW,,look again,i think you should put some glasses on..
janice, 07 07 2009
People in glashow are so fat!
Kinkg Billy, 04 07 2009
went in to look at buchanan street web cam not working as a glasweggian,living in OZ i love to see the old place,also when i see the rain i remember why i left,love living in the sun,but miss dear old glasgow town.
mechele zdrojewski, 04 07 2009
I love you Glasgow!!
Eva, 02 07 2009
Hey, wheres my brother\'s comments when he was thanking God for allowing all that snow to melt, so that pedestrians can walk down this street once again. Ive never heard of that much snow staying on the ground, covering up this camera all the way through the month of June. Im just glad its all melted now and I can actually see what the camera has to offer.
Barbara, 02 07 2009
Well Happy Days Are Here Again. I see all that snow has finally melted and Im able to see this street again. Dont understand it though. We\'re suppose be going through Global Warming. Its late June and it took this long into the summer, for all that snow to melt. Id like to live there, if snow sticks around this late into the year. Not a patch of snow anywhere or did someone or some establishment finally pay the electrical bill on this camera?
Bingham, 24 06 2009
Lots of lovely rain today. Wonderful camera, thank you for providing it!
Ann, 17 06 2009
Visited Glasgow recently and as I get older am beginning to see the city I grew up in, in a new light. Glasgow is such a beautiful town. It has become so cosmopolitan in recent years. I do miss more and more. Living in Oz with my husband who is an aussie and two aussie born kids. But get homesick from time to time. Can we get a better camera view of Buchanan St and other streets also. Geraldine
Geraldine Lemming, 02 06 2009
Cant wait to be back in July. looking forward to my pie and Irn Bru. Better remember to pack my brollie. LOL!
Mary Doll, 27 05 2009
I have to admit, all of you are correct. This is a beautiful street. Too bad that the snow had to ruin it, because for days, the snow has been so deep, the camera has been buried in at least twenty foot drifts. All i see is a white screen. Someday though, im sure the snow will melt and ill be able to see what everyone else is talking about. Beautiful snow though. Its all white. Better than all black and dirty.
Bingham, 06 05 2009
If you use Google Earth, you can see this site, albeit from the bottom of the street looking towards the Galleries. But the corner of the steps can be made out, and the trees visible when the camera zooms out are on the other side of the street.
scott, 05 05 2009
hi scott thanks what u see on the stream is the corner of sauchiehall/buchanan it shows zavvi there but on google on that corner its dorothy perkins on that corner with zavvi further left down buchanan st looks like they got the stores the wrong way round thanks again scott
phil, 05 05 2009
Buchanan is the most beautiful street in Glasogow.I believe,the web camera must cover a larger area of this.
NIKOLAS, 04 05 2009
Of course it is a \"live\" stream!!! I am on everyday & at different times of the day & it\'s always different. I have also had relatives \"wave\" to me at arranged times.
Archie, 01 05 2009
Phil, having lived there for numerous years, and trodden up and down that street in various states, I can confirm that this image is reversed. Why this should be so escapes me.
scott, 01 05 2009
dee how is this reversed it looks the same on google earth
phil, 30 04 2009
I enjoy Buchanan St live camera! I\'m a writer in the USA researching Glasgow for a book (fiction). If you live in OR lived in Glasgow...PLEASE write me at and if you\'re on Buchanan St give us a wave.
Hayes Baker, 29 04 2009
This does not appear to be a live feed afterall. I often turn it on and it\'s the same as view and people moving around as before.What happened to a true live stream?
gerri, 27 04 2009
Dee - you would go to the very north end of the Buchanan Street pedestrian mall, just near the corner of Sauchiehall. Standing on the west side of the street, outside what used to be the Zavvi store (not sure what it is now). Look north, and up toward the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall, where the camera is mounted. Remember that the image shown here is reversed.
David, 11 04 2009
Where is the webcam if you were in town and wanted to wave at it what direction would you look? I think this is excellent.
Dee Wilson, 10 04 2009
can this camera be brought to its normal state as in...not reversed camvista???
david wilson, 10 04 2009
Aye, tis reversed, except just about a minute ago, the picture went green but it was upside down and not reversed.
Carl Luke, 07 04 2009
Rain again in Glasgow! same old same old!
Andy, 06 04 2009
this image is REVERSED.
John Galbraith, 31 03 2009
Hi seanett,I doff my cap to you,an equal citizen of the world,though here in Minsk it is a cold hard living,better I stay in SCHOTLAND.How do you ken I am in hiding here?Ta ta
rab rogan, 12 03 2009
Ah, Rab – you’d send me to eat borscht and drown my sorrows in wadka? You are the type of Glaswegian gentleman that makes Glasgow, for all its faults, (granted, far fewer than I clearly have) a fair and warm place after all. I am disarmed. Look! Wouldn’t you know it; the sun is shining on Buchanan St. This born, bred, bitter escapee loves you too… Thanks for rising above my bile and hope you’re enjoying the Highlands!!
seanatt, 12 03 2009
hi seanett,you seem to be well educated and au fait with a high opinion of self.Perhaps a spell my mother RUSSIA would do you no harm.I love you,xxx
rab rogan, 12 03 2009
Yup, just as I remember it. I used to be one of thesepoor, drookit wee basturds tryin tae walk up Buchanan Street tae get tae college, but bein blown back by the nasty biting wind and sleet coming from the civic center. (I think maybe the wind knows its a metaphor for Glasgow politics) Ach these were the days. Days in HELL, I mean... otherwise known as Glesga! It was only bearable in the mid-summer when the rain was a wee bit less hard, scunnering the wishes of the nasty wind which blows all year round.
Jimmy Hepburn, 11 03 2009
Yo, Rabella Roganovich!! You seem to have a slightly jaded opinion of your South Side brethren? cgnat? Please stick to acronyms that transcend the narrow minded confines of your cultural capital, now that’s a joke-and-a-hof babe – cultural capital my ass, or was it your ass? Never met inhabitants so obsessed with drinking. Not just drinking but drinking till they are – how you say? Oh yea – miroculous, definition being – we have now lost what little self-respect, self-restraint and pretty much any other positive sense of self that our greatly marginalized little heeds contained. Gonni tap us a fag mustr…??? Please Rabella, you know of what I speak. Take your indignation and put it where the wee senga fae Castlemilk pleasured you last Friday night. O look, it’s raining again.
seanatt, 11 03 2009
not much for glasgow then saenatt best place on the earth in my opinion shame
jock, 11 03 2009
hi seanatt,or should that be cgnat?You have obviously been among the giffnock/newtonmearns fraternity,try Brigton next visit and air your sick opinions at the Umbrella.
rab rogan, 10 03 2009
Living in Australia but enjoy having a wee look at Glasgow, my place of birth. Would love to see more cams around the city.
geraldine, 09 03 2009
good ridance to this dreach dank ****hole of a city. the most most uncivilized morons I\'ve had the displeasure of living amongst - stick that in your crack pipe and smoke it you weegie, mouth-full-o-marbles speakin ned fagots. comments?
seanatt, 06 03 2009
I love to visit the old country have been in Canada 39 years but to watch this site is boring a few seconds to see the weather but apart from that it\'s like watching paint dry, there must be better areas so see in Glasgow
Bill Blair, 06 03 2009
This cam is great! Living in the States now, it\'s really cool being able to see Glasgow in real time. You should put more cams up around the city, I\'d watch them all.
Sarah, 03 03 2009
Could you zoom the camera in and out like you did a few weeks ago? I really liked seeing the zoomed out picture.
Gil Plummer, 28 02 2009
Was there for a month in \'07 to visit Family & loved every minute of the visit. Would move there in a flash if I could.
Helen Redfern, 21 02 2009
agree with d wilson,not enough views of Glasgow,lets see argyle st,the river Clyde over the bridges,etc.,
wee fella, 21 02 2009
Great Cam. To bad the image is reversed.. But my grandkids enjoy seeing me there every August when I come home for The Worlds
Jim Gillan, 20 02 2009
yes nice locations of glasgow BUT! come on camvista,not enough in locations of glasgow in my view so MORE locations PLEASE!
david wilson, 19 02 2009
Best city in the world. I will return for good within 2yrs to enjoy it all, the people, the pubs, can\'t wait
James Murphy, 19 02 2009
why do people run from the bottom left to the top right
dont know, 14 02 2009
I\'m in Florida,USA, and just found this cam, it\'s great don\'t know why I like watching other places (just interesting). Why would Zawi\'s being out of business? they seem to have a lot of activity,what do they do?
Jane, 11 02 2009
Dear Friends, clean the lens please! thx
Zoltan Kakuszi, 10 02 2009
Thanks for the response in regards to the location of the camera. I would like my bf to go there and wave to me someday, seeing as I am in Oklahoma for the time being, thanks again :)
Tracey, 02 02 2009
great cam for \"posers\"
bob rogan, 25 01 2009
I get most home sick looking at it on Friday night seeing everyone going out for the evening.I am lucky to get to home almost every year but I still get very home sick
sandra temple,edmonton, canada, 23 01 2009
Its Zavvi, soon to be out of buisness
dave, 19 01 2009
Theres always some ned ridding his pushbike up the pedestrian precinct.
Gordon, 15 01 2009
To the lady who asked the name of the shop, it\'s Zawies, which used to be the olf Virgin records store. The camera view is reversed - not sure why - so it makes it difficult to make out the name and to orientate the view. The camera is a round black dome located on the Buchanan Galleries wall high up and to the right as you approach the Galleries coming up Buchanan street. Personally I love the camera - I live in Canada now but a Scottie at heart - I wish it showed the true view though. Peter
Peter, 07 01 2009
That shop on the corner is or was Virgin Megastore/Zavvi.
davie, 06 01 2009
The shop in the corner is Burton/Dorothy Perkins at the top (North) of buchanan street.
Gordon, 04 01 2009
The camera is located above the doors of the concert hall, facing south on Buchanan St. The street you see on the \"wide view\" is Bath St, running east & west. The picture is reversed for some reason & is like looking in a mirror!! The shop used to be Richard Bransons \"Zawi\", not sure if it still is?
Archie, 02 01 2009
To the man who posted from LA; that\'s the first time I\'ve heard Glaswegians described as \'orderly\'! Thanks for the chuckle :)
Big Joabbie, 02 01 2009
were is the camera located? what shop is in the corner?
Tracey, 01 01 2009
can anyone tell me the name of the shop on the corner and were the camera is located?
Tracey, 01 01 2009
can anyone tell me exactly what shop this is on the corner and were the camera is located?
Tracey, 01 01 2009
i am desert hot springe califonia. i have been here and the city is a very nice one, but disapointed it\\\'s not all done for the holiday\\\'\\\'s a shame.
andrew, 17 12 2008
Look at city every day. But can the angle not be wider. I know now and again it is. So why not keep it wider or is it a security camera as well? But love it any way. Glasgow is the best city in Europe.
harry in Spain, 16 12 2008
Blame the economy reg xmzs lites.Maybe council is being fiscally resposible & about time they should do more the \\\"Rates\\\" R V expensive,more than double thab here in Dallas, tho guess they could have put up a tree,@ least. Merry Texmas, fae the Lone Star State, Mia
mia carr, 10 12 2008
I am in Los Angeles,California USA. I wish our streets were so Clean and Our people so Orderly!!
Thomas Moore, 04 12 2008
Visited Glasgow last week, waved to the family here in Canada through this great technology! City looking terrific, wonderful holiday!
lynn, 19 11 2008
If Buchanan Street is the most popular shopping area in Glasgow, then why have Glasgow Council stopped decorating it at Christmas??? I can remember when up to three years ago it was decorated lovely for Christmas with lights across the street and through the trees. Now it is dull and and would look terrible if it was not for the shops being lit up. glasgow Council should get their act together, after all this Country has always celebrated Christmas.
Bobbie, 16 11 2008
Isn\'t the camera more faced to Sauchiehall St? looks as if its more headed west to me
ricky young, 05 11 2008
I can see the little pidgeons walking along right beside all the people. Such a fun cam!
Jennifer, 04 11 2008
Hi Steven,the camera is on the side of the concert hall pointing down Buchanan street,view is in reverse archie
archie, 03 11 2008
This cam is at top end of Buchanan St near the Donald Dewar statue. There are also cams in George Square (
GERRY BROWN, 03 11 2008
hi everyone,can someone plz tell me where this camers is,as i\'ve bn to this part of glasgow many times but can\'t seem to find the camera,thanks.
steven, 01 11 2008
haha, I\\\'ve probably been on this every weekend and not even realised it. Didn\\\'t even know there was Webcams \\\'til my computing teacher told me. Paranoid now. haha.
Beth, 20 10 2008
Will be back in Glasgow later this the camera!! plan to wave to the family here in Toronto when over in the City of my birth!
lynn, 20 10 2008
From suny Spain to wet Glasgow . Even in the rain you look great Glasgow. Looking forward to visiting Glasgow soon. Harry
Harry, 19 10 2008
be in glasgow in a few weeks,can\'t wait
andrew fagan, 17 10 2008
a didny know the toon was this busy at this time
connor, 13 10 2008
great seeing my home town now living Turkey,in kusadasi,the wifes on holiday in glasgow for 3 weeks
John Eadie, 13 10 2008
i like this city
hadi, 12 10 2008
Could someone stop and speak to the poor wee soul trying to sell something? He\'s on commission you know and could you all give us a wave. Bless.
jeezoh, 08 10 2008
i\'m soo jealous i\'m a glasgow boy living in oz i aint been home for 2yeaRS BUT heading back soon for a holiday whoopee
james h, 07 10 2008
Its great to see glasgow city online live
emily, 05 10 2008
Its a nice sunny morning here in the Costa Blanca, but I would love to be in a wet Buchanan St on a Saturday morning. Have a great day
Harry, 04 10 2008
this camera works! it\'s a great view.i\'m writing you from italy,guys you really need a sun! why don\'t you make artificial sun for your place? should be possible this days,with those photo cells or something. tanti baci! kisses for glasgow!
maria, 02 10 2008
very nice . by andy fagan
andrew fagan, 30 09 2008
Awesome to see Glasgow in live stream right across the world. Feel sorry for the apparent cold and rain. New Zealand
Kane, 29 09 2008
Anybody here know a Chris Gilles< unsure spelling visted US in late 80\'s from Glasgow
Monica, 17 09 2008
i wonder how many of these good glasgow patrons realise that they r on this cam...
greg , 07 09 2008
it was good that i could make out my dads yellow t shirt i think he had a big mac in his hand and some fries.
bagzey, 30 08 2008
Just seen the 2 ghosts at 10 pm..a bald guy and a woman..
Link, 27 08 2008
YEP.. The powers that be should flip the picture! Do you think this is linked to the cctv??
Link, 27 08 2008
Has the image been reversed so as not to advertise the zavvi name ?
Tam Mac, 16 08 2008
Why is this camera a mirror image of what is going on? Puir wee weegies going the wrong way!!
Dr John Eaton, 14 08 2008
The shop is Zavvi records, the old Virgin shop, the camera is looking down Buchannan Street, but it is reversed so the word Zavvi is backwards
Defender, 14 08 2008
skwirrel, the shop is called zavvi, it used to be virgin. The camera image is flipped te wrong way, the shop is actually on the right!
James, 11 08 2008
Camera direction urgently needs changing. What does this view tell others of Glasgow? Switch the camera round 45 degrees left and face it doon Buchanan St fur gawds sake....
J GOUNAR, 11 08 2008
What shop is this cam focused on? .. with the aluminous green writing?
skwirrel, 11 08 2008
A high def camera would be nice. Is the camera facing towards the gallery?
Peter, 11 08 2008
Thank you, James.
Chris, 11 08 2008
Chris, double click on the screen
James, 10 08 2008
I cannot get full screen either Malc?
james, 10 08 2008
Malc - how did you get full screen? I can\'t change the settings on mine
Chris, 10 08 2008
I\'ve put this full screen - and I feel like I\'m spying! Very strange the picture is very clear, not what I was expecting. Malc
malc, 30 07 2008
Typical Fair Day - Dreich!
Colin, 22 07 2008
my comment,mmmm...goes to mabawser and linda and all ive got to say really is...well said least the people of glasgow e.g. the glaswegians arent ignorant prats,lol enough said really,byeeeeee...oh! and glasgows my favourite city and always will be:)
dave rw, 17 07 2008
Oh, but now I see... Embra = Edinburgh! You are Scottish, laddie! I thought that the ignorant sarcasm had to come from the arrogant brain of an English, but no! Ah, then you are mercy at all. Go down to England. There the streets are clean...LOL. At least in front of Buckingham, to avoid the queen to slide in the mess. LOLOL.
Gena, 13 07 2008
The very moment I red the comment by Embra Boy, was really impressed. Only the fact that \"he\" is a \"boy\", avoids me to think that the person is a gowk, a glaikit or even a galoot.. I´m Portuguese, never put my feet in Scotland, so I don´t know if there is usual to see vomit in the streets or not. Anyway, who comments with the sarcasm that the \"laddie\" used, is doing nothing but showing ignorance. Instead of the sarcasm, anytime, anyway, did the \"boy\" anything to prevent the excess of use of alcohol? You, yourself never drunk too much? I hope not. But, if you don´t mind, take my advice: just in case you never did anything to help or to prevent the dipsomania, at least when you should pass in Glasgow or anywhere else, clean the fankle, or warn and help the ones who have that task to clean it. Don´t step and prevent the others from stepping. Anything is better than your ignorant comment. Oh, but it´s only a boy...grow, if I´m not asking too much and stop the havers and haud yer wheesht! Thank you.
Gena, 13 07 2008
EMBRA BOY, If all the world\'s a stage, why are all the clowns in EMBRA?
Mabawser Richie, 06 07 2008
Rain rain go to spain never come back to glasgow again/trade for a few days w/HOT HOT DAllAS, YA ALL.
mia carr, 01 07 2008
What do you mean? Vomit? Glasgow streets in the shopping district are keeped very clean.
Linda, 16 06 2008
There is a ghost that appears in the street each evening around 10pm - spooky - anyone else seen it?
Ali, 15 06 2008
Has anyone else noticed that the image is flipped round the wrong way? If you look at Zavvi(the shop) the letters are reversed
Alex Black, 08 06 2008
If you visit you'll see the image correctly
Alma, 01 06 2008
Are you sure this is Glasgow as I can't see any vomit on the ground
EMBRA BOY, 30 05 2008
The location is great. I just wish the image wasn't reversed.
David from Toronto, 23 05 2008
a good place to have the camera would be on top of the heilanmans umbrella pointing east along argyle street
archie, coatbridge, 21 05 2008
We can't see out of our office windows so we use this webcam as our eye on the outside world. Great for finding out weather conditions in the city centre so leave the cam where it is please ;0)
Eliz Lloyd, 21 05 2008
Location is fine.Great to see Glaswegians heading for work and I am settling down for the evening 12000 miles away in Australia.
George Kay, 21 05 2008
OK everyone where would YOU place the camera?? Would you rather see people, buildings, parks or whatever?
G Munn expat, 19 05 2008
Agree with the previous poster. Quite the most ridiculous, and less than flattering, view of my home town. Even more so when there are dozens of fab views of Glasgow. Change this location asap....
J GOUNAR, 17 05 2008
your camera location is garbage compared to the ones in london,lets see some nice views of Glasgow
archie, coatbridge, 15 05 2008
What a treat to actually see what it's like(weatherwise) in my favourite city!
Gail, 06 05 2008
What is that guy giving out! Everyone wants one!!
lisa, 22 04 2008
What is that guy giving out!!?? Everyone wants it!
lisa, 22 04 2008
this is a dismal view of a glasgow street,why not let us see view along argyle street where there is a wee bit of biz,and lights
a clark, 20 04 2008
Us Glasgewians walk quickly, don't we ? Why is that?
martin, 19 04 2008
i agree with last comment show the street the right way
steven dunn, 19 04 2008
The picture's back to front ! sort it for goodness sake (or gett Richard Branson to change "Zavvi" to "ivvaZ"
Calum MacLeod, 13 04 2008
Hip Hooray!! I'm not the only one who wants the world to see a brighter view of Glasgow. When's it gonna happen?
Dorothy Mackley, 12 04 2008
compare this camera to Londons camera on thames side no comparison,bright lights in london,dreary darkness in glasgow,what a let down for scotland
wee fella, 04 04 2008
now your cooking with gas ;-)
Bulsaros, 03 04 2008
come on glasgow surely U can come up w/a better view. Remember Edinburgh may B the capital but we have the capital.
mia, 02 04 2008
pity that the time has stood still in glasgow
a clark, 01 04 2008
I would agree to angle the cam a little more to view down street
Bulsaros, 27 03 2008
It took me a while to realise it but the webcam is a mirror image of the real world. The shop in the foreground is ZAVVI.
Stacey, 26 03 2008
can you please angle the camera up a wee bit to show the view down buchanan st
a clark, 12 03 2008
I long to visit Scotland land of my ancestors,One day I hope my dream will come true when God provides the money to do so.I love all things Scottish thank you for the web cams that allow me to daydream that I am there.
Maria, 11 03 2008
I agree w/Dorothy, the Uk is suppoded 2 hae the most security cams in the world & this is aw we hae tae show aw Glasgae kin we nay dae better mon.
mia, 10 03 2008
oh how i envy you people, have lived in australia for 40 years and still call scotland home, come home evey two years and would dearly love to stay. Glasgow, Edinburgh and the highlands are the best places in the world, well done Scotland
tom orr, 06 03 2008
I love to view this site when I feel homesick. Wish I could 'beam over'. Awrabest tae all.
Duncan Hunter, 29 01 2008
John, I'm not really moaning, just giving an opinion in the hope that the powers that be of the web cam world might lift their game and show the world some of the great, vibrant parts of Glasgow instead of a dreicht corner!
Dorothy Mackley, 11 01 2008
This is a great cam, like all the others but unfortunately the view is a mirror image! I wonder if anyone else has noticed?
Keith, 09 01 2008
Absolutely breath-taking view of this beautiful place. I would be nice if the carmera could zoom in on some other spots in close proximity.
Michael, Jamaica, 05 01 2008
I think the cameras are great. Whenever I feel a bit homesick I just have a look and it really cheers me up. :-D
Alison, 04 01 2008
Guid Hogmany FROM the Lone Star State, ie, Dallas Texas Yee haw Y'all, now lets round em cheers (steers) up
mia, 03 01 2008
I check in throughout the year to see what's happening in my hometown. Too bad that there is not a light after dark so we CAN see.
CPoole, 01 01 2008
We Dorothy, i think you really need to be in Glasgow to really appreciate it! If you dont like the webcams then dont look just take a look at your own in Edinburger and stop moaning like a big girls blouse.
John, 31 12 2007
Even though it's raining on a dreich New years eve afternoon, I still wish I was at home rather than over here in Canada with the snow. Guid New Year to everyone when it comes.
John McGregor, 31 12 2007
Although I was born and raised in Edinburgh, I lived in Glasgow for 7 yrs before coming to Australia and wasvery fond of the city. However, the Glasgow web cams are boring and very dissapointing for such a large and proud place. The streaming cams of Edinburgh leave them for dead!! Dorothy Mackley
Dorothy Mackley, 30 12 2007
Glasgow is a cool city for filming for taggart and city and high time....
Robert, 25 12 2007
KT, 21 12 2007
TOTALLY AGREE with Adair Cameron!! Point the camera to show the whole of Buchanan street!!!!
MonTheHoops, 19 12 2007
this location looks more like Buchanan St @ St Vincent St. Where R the christmas lights. Have a merry Texmas from Dallas
mia, 04 12 2007
It is the corner of Sauchiehall St and Buchanan Street, looking down Buchanan St from the Opera House, but the picture is reversed, as the store you can see on the left hand side is Virgin Megastores and it should be on the other side of the picture. Hope this helps.
Chelly, 21 11 2007
Hello, I'd like to say that the Buchanan Street web stream is a great place as this is my favourite street in Glasgow. I live in Wales now and miss walking down the number one shopping street in Britain so this camera is ideal. Although, I think that it would be much better if it were to focus down Buchanan street rather than the corner of Buchanan/Sauchihall. If it were positioned straight down, then you'll benefit from the amazing scenes of Glasgow shopping on a Saturday afternoon! Please change it!
Adair Cameron, 20 11 2007
What is it that Glaswegians all have in their pockets apart from their hands? And that's only the women! A great Webcam and not a 'Glasgow Kiss' in sight.
Mattie Turnbull, 19 11 2007
Are you sure its buchanan street lookls like Sauchiehall street
steve, 19 11 2007
i'm a scot living in tasmania just love the webcam my old country is beautiful,och aye the noo
jambo, 15 11 2007
Good to see the weather is still the same. Now i know why i moved but will be back for xmas :)
Autumn, 09 11 2007
I'll be there in 3 weeks!!!
Misa, 05 11 2007
was there in may and june, cannot wait to get back again
Tom Orr, 16 10 2007
Looking forward to being there again,(Oyama, BC)
Jean McLean, 09 10 2007
A very impressive webcam, well done. Adelaide. Australia
Duncan McHale, 30 09 2007
These views give me a terrific insight into what I'll be seeing on 9/22/07. This is my first trip to Scotland, where my great grandmother was born. I'm coming from Ohio, USA. Can't wait to see the beautiful country of Scotland! Kay
Kay, 20 09 2007
wot a ill thing!!! am from glasgow and ave walked past there tons of times team swango!!!
mr swango man, 13 09 2007
Tommorrow I`m coming to Scotland for good. yippi
daniel , 12 09 2007
Great Cam. All the people waiting outside Virgin Music Store are getting signed copies of Quentin Tarantino's new screenplay Death Proof from the man Himself.
Alex Rodgers, 10 09 2007
Mag ik mee ? Nelleke
Nelleke Roerink, 09 09 2007
volgende week zijn wij in glascow, dus dan is het mooi weer
ferry, 08 09 2007
A window into the life of the peaceful serenity of Scotland’s heart and soul.
Larry Michael Lounsbury, 07 09 2007
I worked in Glasgow for a long time and know the streets like the back of my hand. I live in New Zealand now, but it is quite cool to log on and look and the town I left behind. I miss you Glasgow
Chris Cooper, 30 08 2007
Walk-about you were a friend to me when I needed a drink.
ClaymoreBob, 29 08 2007
Glasgow 2004 the memories will stay with me. Let's go Claymores. Thanks for the Webcam I wish there were more. Perhaps on Sauchie Hall (Center).
ClaymoreBob, 29 08 2007
A great service should be more like it , gives me a glance at a corner I walked over many years. Now living in Tennessee, Glasgow is still in my heart
john, 26 08 2007
Ook hier heb ik hand in hand gelopen met mijn Schotse vriend, Albert. Nelleke
Nelleke Roerink, 20 08 2007
Nice camera,but the view is reversed..!!!!
Charlie Farley, 20 08 2007
Ik heb een klein foutje gemaakt in mijn vorige opmerking. Het is dus MIJN SCHOTSE VRIEND ALBERT, waar ik in Glasgow mee zou willen lopen hand in hand !!!! Nelleke
Nelleke Roerink, 16 08 2007
my daughter has waved to me a few times now on her way to work in the early morning. BRILLIANT thanks. lesley, south africa
lesley, 16 08 2007
Hello Kitty, No it is not raining, I can see shadows from the sunshine - at the moment
Keith from North Wales, 16 08 2007
It is not from the Buchanan Galleries and it does not look up Sauchiehall street. The main intersection is Bath street and Buchanan street.
Andy Hamilton, 13 08 2007
Ik zou willen dat ik daar zou kunnen lopen op het ogenblik met een lieve Schotse vriend naast me. Nelleke
nelleke roerink, 13 08 2007
Will be there soon on Vacation
Duncan McPherson, 13 08 2007
You should try the Edinburgh Web cam - Edinburgh city centre looks so much better.
Leo, 11 08 2007
was there in june loved every minute of it wish i was still there.
tom orr, 10 08 2007
This is the greatest cam ever!!!!Nur from Istanbul
Nur, 09 08 2007
That's from the Buchanan Galleries actually looking up Sauchiehall Street isn't it?
acidjazz, 08 08 2007
This camera is fixed to The Glasgow Royal Concert Hall, looking on to Bath street and the Virgin record store. The view is inverted and there seems to be an approx 30 second delay.
Andy Hamilton, 05 08 2007
I adore scotland!!!!!!!!!! cheers everyone...
susan from canada, 05 08 2007
I love this place, im shagin there ;)
Anton, 04 08 2007
I just met someone from your beautiful city and wanted to see it for myself..
Jamie, 04 08 2007
A great view of home for us over here in Ontario
John Mac, 03 08 2007
that's not rain, it's a sprinkle
linda, 02 08 2007
Ah, I remember fondly my visit to Buchanan St. A delightful Celtic supported showed me what a Glasgow Kiss was and it only cost me the contents of my Wallet & 3 days in hospital!
Pull yer Haed, 01 08 2007
this is good neet noot naht naht know [glesga banter]
wullie , 28 07 2007
love to check this cam out great place glasgow
william, 27 07 2007
Great webcam, always check it out when I get the urge to visit again....would be wonderful if you could get sound as well...might prove interesting
ab, 26 07 2007
shopping in buchanan street is fantastic,loads of fit girls :0
Swales, 26 07 2007
thats the best from the good ole USofA
duncan, 25 07 2007
Try adding sound to more of your cameras makes it more intresting thankyou.
BILL, 25 07 2007
nice to see the sun in BUCKIE ST. ps what day wss the summer this year. jack perth AUSTRALIA
JACK THOMSON, 23 07 2007
Widzę, że jest fatalna pogoda ! A u nas słoneczko od samego rana
Pawel, 22 07 2007
Can you tll me the exact location that this camera is. I have friends in Glasgow and I want them to go there so I can see them. Thanksa
mark, 18 07 2007
I lived here for 7 weeks at the Jurys Inn. Beautiful place, extraordinarly.
Wayne Krumenacker, 17 07 2007
Congratulations! I see images all day, are fantastic! I'm brazilian, são paulo.Bye
Clarice, 16 07 2007
Can anyone tell me the name of the store in the picture? Or which street that is crossing Buchanan streetn in the picture please? Thanks!
Jackie, 16 07 2007
my daughter works just a few metres up from that corner, am hoping to wave at her on a regular basis. lesley, south africa
lesley, 13 07 2007
I Think this camera is great all the tech guys would love it you can see the guys that are drunk round about 1.30am in the morning
Aidan MacIsaac, 10 07 2007
its funny at about 12-3am when you see all the drunks coming home from the clubs on a friday nad saturday!
Grant, 08 07 2007
This is a great webcam, makes me homesick when I watch it, now stay in Northern Ireland
i, 06 07 2007
great camera but looks like blobs of rain on the screen I hope someone can do something
Kathleen Carr, 06 07 2007
Quite busy corner , interesting ,full of live there.My greetings to Glasgow , my second home-town . Gina from Germany
Gina, 06 07 2007
its absolute magic. i never saw such a gud streamin site.. keep it up guyz....
srikanth pagidipalli, 05 07 2007
magic webcam..waved to my sister thru the rain last Sat.
marywilliamson, 04 07 2007
Awesome view with the streamline...your country seems more up to date with all the technology. Pittsburgh, USA
Brad, 01 07 2007
Land of my birth. I can't wait to walk there again.
Elizabeth, 30 06 2007
Excellent webcam images. Miss the shopping not the weather! Luv from the Land Downunder.
Skippy, 29 06 2007
Claymore fans. I hope NFLE comes back to Scotland. Maybe another Worldbowl.
ClaymoreBob, 28 06 2007
Where on Buchanan Street is the camera located. I was in Glasgow in 2004 and remember SauchieHall Street running toward Buchanan. But I was curious as to what the cross streets were it looks toward.
ClaymoreBob, 28 06 2007
an excellent webcam but would it be possible to give a longer view down Buchanan Street
Jeanette Griffiths, 28 06 2007
just really enjoy looking at dear old Glasgow,takes me back to happy days as a young man. Jim F Phoenix AZ
Jim Fraser, 28 06 2007
Good to visit fleetingly from S Africa
Andre D, 27 06 2007
Ohh Glasgow in the early morning, so beautiful so cold... just love it...great cam..xx
Marea, 26 06 2007
Great camera but mirrored I am afraid. We do drive on the left.
Don Murray, 25 06 2007
great webcam always have a look when i am feeling homesick
jane harris, 25 06 2007
I Hope that his camera is working the week of Piping Live. I want to wave to my grand kids from there.
Jim Gillan, 24 06 2007
Flip! Have you noticed the the streaming webcam is just a miror image of the "normal" webcam?
Candy Kilgour, 22 06 2007
Superb webcam , wish it had sound as well ;-)
Donald MArtin, 21 06 2007
as an X pat (Glaswegian) now living in v hot Dallas Texas I miss those long light cool summer/evenings in the dear auld green place.
mia, 20 06 2007
Don't tell me it's raining again!
kitty, 20 06 2007
This is a most wonderful webcam! Greetings from the USA. :)
SweetestL, 20 05 2007
I love shopping on Buchanan Street in Glasgow
Alan Aitken, 17 05 2007

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BBC Scotland Headquarters, Pacific Quay, Glasgow BBC Scotland Headquarters, Pacific Quay, Glasgow
This Glasgow web cam is overlooking the construction of the new £72m BBC Scotland Headquarters at Pacific Quay on the South bank of the River Clyde in Glasgow.
Evangelista\'s Barbershop, Glasgow Evangelista\'s Barbershop, Glasgow
See the "Art of Barbering" in action at the Evangelistas Barber shop in Glasgow, Scotland
Glasgow City Centre - Buchanan Street Glasgow City Centre - Buchanan Street
Thanks to the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall for providing us with this great view of Buchanan St.

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