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User comments

Thank you for these views they are amazing.
Judith Roberts, 05 07 2010
This is awesome
Katy, 25 06 2010
I can see the Rock Ness music festival from this camera!!
Boris, 13 06 2010
The waves on the lock, the trees blowing, seeing people walking on the castle. Great views. Keep up the great views
Nancy USA, 03 06 2010
This view brings back wonderful memories of my last visit to Scotland.
Ron Ward, 16 05 2010
Really happy to see cam up and running again. But wish it was static with perhaps only two views. Not jump around so much.
JT, 15 05 2010
When I double click for fullscreen nothing happens. Can you help?
John, 06 05 2010
thank you so much for getting camera working again.
linda, 04 05 2010
Excellent! I actually got a picture of that rainbow! Life is good!
Kadie, 04 05 2010
I really liked the web cam.
Katy, 03 05 2010
Beautiful in all seasons. A lovely rainbow today. I\'m so glad you\'re back!
Kadie, 25 04 2010
So beautiful!
Kadie, 11 04 2010
Oh thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I\'m so glad you\'re back! I have missed you so much!
Kadie, 10 04 2010
I\'m coming back this year to the Highlands I miss it so much
Jenny, 09 01 2010
I feel like I am in a sacred place when I look back on the Lochs of Scotland. I miss my Largs girl who showed me the wonders of Scotland and let me see why she loved it soooo much.
Jimmy Mc, 09 01 2010
It is amazing to see the falling snow so far away,whilst sitting here with the Persian Gulf viewed from my window. Beautiful
jan, 31 12 2009
Wish I was there.. This place fills up my heart with an unexplainable sense of peace..
Chrysa, 28 12 2009
My heart is also in the Highlands even though I live in North Carolina in the US. I, too, am thankful that I can see many parts of Scotland even though I can\\\'t be there.
Beth, 26 12 2009
My heart is in the Highlands. So glad i can see this from Australia.....sooo beautiful.
Karin, 25 12 2009
Absolutely beautiful! I love this time of the year. Merry Christmas!
Kadie, 20 12 2009
I adore the mountains in the distance across the water sprinkled with snow, and yet so green still near and about the castle ruins.
Nell, 30 11 2009
Lovely views over the loch at night with the full moon. Thanks you for placing these cameras!
Kathleen, 30 11 2009
nov 28th snow on the hill tops how nice
lyn sanderson, 29 11 2009
Glorious views today. The blue blue loch and the castle are splendid.
Fiona, 24 11 2009
Excellent location, and these are good views, but sometimes the cam is out of focus and the picture is blurry. It would be a great idea to have a \'capture\' button so that one could take a snapshot of any sighting.
John, 20 11 2009
Sorry to hear of the passing of Dr. Robert Rines, famous inventor and researcher of Loch Ness. His imagination and dedication will be missed.
Carol Young, 09 11 2009
Hi. Please can I put this Nessie camrea on my website so that everyone can look for nessie. It would be really nice. So please can you put the HTML on your website please. Thanks.
Victoria, 06 11 2009
Hello. I just wanted too let you know that i would really like too put this on my website for people to look for Nessie on and there is no HTML to get. Please can you put its HTML onto the screen so that I can put it on my Website. Thanks!!
Victoria Major, 06 11 2009
Thank you Kadie, I\'m glad you liked the picture. I had two goes at it, as it doesn\'t always capture the image showing when you click. I have dozens of saved images which show everything from amazing weather to unusual lights.
David, 06 11 2009
David, fantastic picture of the full moon over the loch! thanks!
Kadie, 06 11 2009
Nell, 22 10 2009
Our holiday home is closeby and we have the same fantastic views. Now wherever I am I can get my Loch Ness \\\'fix\\\'. I love it!
Tess, 29 09 2009
Wow this is great! I\'m in Pennslyvania, USA! I was impressed with the one view, now with the different views It\'s even better!
Len, 22 09 2009
Thank you for fixing the problem with your camera. The scenes are even more beautiful.
deborah, 22 09 2009
Many congratulations on fixing your camera..Great news... Best regards from Brittany, France..
Mike Carrie, 22 09 2009
mrs caroline kelly, 15 09 2009
Love your site. I visit it every day (From Brittany) but I hope you can soon fix the problem with the different views it used to show.
mike carrie, 09 09 2009
I\'ve been watching this great cam for over 2 years, and occasionally it does get stuck in one view, but the owner tends to realise within a couple of weeks - I even briefly saw his house once as he adjusted the cam, and it looked great! The views should be back soon, I miss the night lights on the opposite bank the most.
David, 02 09 2009
Great views. I hope the camera shows the rest of the views soon.
Derrick Matthews, 01 09 2009
i love this webcam .but why have the different views gone.
rob, 30 08 2009
Hienoa katsoa, jos sattus näkemään hirviön. Onko muita kävijöitä täällä suomesta? Kommentoikaa myös.
Toni, 28 08 2009
come on nessie come n say hello
nessie fan, 28 08 2009
I think the camera is stuck please fix it
Judith Roberts, 23 08 2009
I hope you get the camera working again. It affords us great views of Loch Ness. Thank you.
Derrick Matthews, 23 08 2009
This is really amazing! I sit here in Pennsylvania USA, Watching live video from Lochness! I can\\\'t believe the clarity!
Len, 23 08 2009
please please please get this camera working again.
lin, 18 08 2009
This camera is fantastic the views are wonderful I could watch for hours.
Judith Roberts, 15 08 2009
I have visited this fabulous loch and hope to go back soon. I swear I saw the monster yesterday (6th of august 2009) She was over diving beside the shoreline
David Geddes, 07 08 2009
Precioso sitio para visitar y sobre todo en la excursión en barco. En general Las Highlands de Escocia son una maravilla, un sin fin de paisajes todos de postal a cual mas bonito. Saludos desde Tenerife. Islas Canarias.
Venexpher, 23 07 2009
I love this camera. My wife and I have been there and loved every thing about it. I also love watching through the seasons and seeing the Loch with snow on the ground.
Bob Simison, 21 07 2009
Oh, I just love watching the boats on the water!I desperately wish I could visit this beautiful castle/loch:)
Emily, 20 07 2009
You should maybe put a webcam in the tower of Urquart Castle so you can get a closer look of nessie 24/7, and have it still scan the lake.
Crystal Masters, 19 07 2009
We are trying to look for this monster thanks for posting the webcam!
Monsters od the World Team, 14 07 2009
Cara Licia , augouri e complementi. Dear Licia congrats on possibly seeing something.
Nell, 21 06 2009
Kadie, very nice photos of the sunset!!
Cathy USA, 19 06 2009
son oriuscita a vedere qualcosa e a riprendere l\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'immagine di qualcosa non identificata nel lago , credo che nessie si è fatta viva
licia, 19 06 2009
Yay! Seems I got it after all!
Kadie, 18 06 2009
Tried to catch a photo for the gallery of the fantastic sunrise today, but couldn\'t seem to time it just right. Amazing
Kadie, 16 06 2009
I was here exactly 39 years ago. It hasn\'t changed and is just as beautiful. Same isn\'t true of me, sadly
dave, 24 05 2009
I love this view but it reminds me of a love i feel happy but also sad...very strange feeling. its still very beautiful
Trev, 18 04 2009
Its always a wonder to gaze on to the water and the castle ruins and day dream of clansmen looking out for Nessie in days gone long ago
Nell, 16 03 2009
If anyone catches a picture of nessie, please send it to this email address: I am a strong believer in nessie, and I would like to see a sighting. Thanks
David, 05 03 2009
I saw you waving 1150 on 26.02.09...its a beautiful place ive been there several times and will be there again soon
john maclean, 26 02 2009
Ah Nessie..are ye waiting for me?
Janet, 11 02 2009
It is a full blown blizzard of Canadian proportions and I should know I live in Canada, the Loch is invisible just the tower of the castle can be seen through the flying snowflakes amazing .
Nell, 06 02 2009
It\'s a dream to see the Loch in all its beauty from one side to the other, my daughter did a water color of the castle remains from a Whiskey program from our provinces liquor board,the site of it is live is terrific.
Nell, 03 02 2009
Kayla, a lake and a loch are not technically the same thing. A lake is a completely surrounded body of water; a loch has some type of opening, either from the sea, or another loch, or a river. There is only one true \"lake\" in Scotland, Lake Menteith. Lake or Loch, I hope to live in Scotland someday.
miss skeptic, 02 02 2009
I\'ve only recently discovered this site its marvelous,I live in Canada at this time we\'ve had todate over 91 centimeters of snow so its great to see green and moving water. My daughter did a beautiful water color painting of this same castle but the view from the other shore.
Nell, 29 01 2009
Just found this site today and I am very impressed. My 2 kids were born in Inverness in \\\'78 and \\\'79 and we used to go for lunch on a Saturday to the Loch Ness House Hotel and on a Sunday to the Doors Inn.We moved to Canada in \\\'81 and I still ask myself why?
sandra, 26 01 2009
Hey guys, how do i see the pictures that Kayla saved? I\'m DYING to get to them!
Katya, 23 01 2009
Oh and to those of you arguing over the loch/lake thing, A LOCH is the scottish word for LAKE, so they are the same thing. And a LOCK is something you put on a door. it has nothing to do with nessie.
Kayla, 20 01 2009
I strongly believe on Nessie because I saw her. I come on here every day to look, and I\'ve gotten lucky three times. Once was just a small hump rising and sinking in the water(probably a log), on that showed something zipping across the lake, and a full minute sighting that I have documented on here already. If you look in the past comments it is there.
Kayla, 20 01 2009
Awesome!! Makes me want to return to Scotland even more than before.
Dan, 18 01 2009
What a lovely message David.I feel exactly the same and am pleased that I\'m not the only one who logs on several times a day! I also log onto many other webcams that \"soothe my soul\".
jackie, 18 01 2009
Gustappo, 14 01 2009
A big thank you to the people who have set this cam up, kindly sharing this wonderful setting. It\'s a real escape for me down here in the Midlands. I visit many times a day, every day, and have done for 18 months. I wouldn\'t want to be without it. Thank you!
David, 07 12 2008
who here believes in nessie and did any one saw it im just very curius cause im a 14 year old that believes
peter, 06 12 2008
I thought I saw something, but then the camera moves :(
David, 03 12 2008
There She is! Behind the boat! Oh, You just missed Her!! Really though, a good webcam. Enjoyed the views of the Loch and seeeing the Snow! And you never know what else you may see when you least expect it! After all, So many people have seen \"Something\"
GC, 02 12 2008
i agree with scotty what are you on kayla???
paul, 30 11 2008
Ok i saw something move fast and it wase like a giant serpant and it wase night so it could not have bin a didt not too a picture cause it wase dark but if we could take videos i would\'v take it (srry for mistakes)
peter, 29 11 2008
What was the time when you guys saw it?
Crystal, 26 11 2008
Ya I pressed save. I remembered a few minor details just now. It didn\'t have any type of mane. I did estimates with a calculator and some references and I estimate it was 25 feet long from tail to nose, and it reched up about seven feet out of the water. also, there was a wake next to it that seemed to be moving aabout as quick as it. Baby nessie? tell me what you think.
Kayla D, 24 11 2008
scotty, 23 11 2008
this is such a beautiful cam.So peaceful and serene.
jac, 23 11 2008
Kayla, did you hit the save button when you were viewing this animal in the loch? Would like to hear more details.
FM, 22 11 2008
omg that is nessie
chris, 11 11 2008
oh my god oh my god oh my god!I\'ve been sitting at this computer every waking moment watching this webcam for the past week and I was just about to give up for today when an object started zooming through the water and it bobbed up and down like an animal not a boat! My mom was up here with me and she doesn\'t believe in the loch ness monster but This webcam just changed her mind! I got a close up veiw, kinda. It was pale green and had faint stripes. It had no horns but a very long neck and when it dived back down(after about 20 seconds)its whole body came out of the water and I saw the whole thing! It had large flippers in front and small ones in back, and it had a tail that was maybe two or three feet long. I would estimate from my veiwpoint that It was about twenty feet long, although I\'m not good at judging distances. It was so cool, though! I swear I\'m not lying, It was there!
Kayla Duff, 09 11 2008
We were there in June and found our home away from home! Beautiful area...I check in every now and then and have to wipe away a tear of homesickness....
Rachael, 28 10 2008
I SWEAR i just saw Nessie in this i am positive it poked its head about 5 feet out of the water if been watchin for about 3 hours and i am not kidding i started yelling cause i was so freaked i swear i saw it
NICK, 13 10 2008
just spent a week in highlands, and visited the castle, stunning and beautiful.
linda, 24 09 2008
i think i saw it cause i saw a shadow but i don\'t know if it was Nessie
em, 19 09 2008
Ach Don! You\'ll no o seen the beastie yoursel\' then? You\'ll need tae watch longer or go tae the banks yoursel.
John, 05 09 2008
I dont know how true it is and dont want to cause doubt over nessie but i was once told that in the past nessie was inventent to strike fear into the hearts of any one trying to invade scotland by using the loch kind of like a modern day gaurd dog and was wondering if any one else has heard this,i am myself of scot back ground and know what i prefer to believe.
don, 31 08 2008
I heard a rumour that in the olden days nessie was used as a detterent to scare invaders of scotland from using the loch to invade scotland and that he is not real,im not saying there isnt some thing but am interested to hear if anyone else has heard this.
don, 29 08 2008
visit fort augustus best fish and chips in the highlands
paul, 26 08 2008
cant wait to see nessie
daniel, 16 08 2008
eventually someone will find nessie and this camera could help alot
daniel, 16 08 2008
Most Beautiful sight in the world!!!
Maria Howard, 16 08 2008
wow, wish i could have visit there when i was in Scotland 20 yrs ago. that looks like a nice place
anthony, 14 08 2008
Hey Jessie, Check out Sykes Holiday Cottages.
Donna, 12 08 2008
To the person asking where to stay near Loch Ness. Try Drummnadrochet. (spelling is off I\\\'m sure). It is a cute place, restaurant, hotel and shops. Probably about 20 mins away. Have a great time!
Sheila, 11 08 2008
I love these cams! Now I want to go and visit defiently!
Aramis, 11 08 2008
Hello! Does anyone know a good place to stay by the Loch Ness in scotland? from Jess
Jessie, 10 08 2008
Not sad at all, Caroline, I watch the cams nearly every day, too. Congratulations on your marriage, it must have been lovely having your wedding there at the Loch.
leonie, 09 08 2008
At first I was disappointed by the lack of image but I\'ve start to see the famous or well known loch and the surrounding area. Hello from La.
Rene, 30 07 2008
I got married here on 28th june it was the most perfect setting. I wish the camera would zoom in closer though. i come on everyday.. how sad am I lol!
caroline kelly , 24 07 2008
I visit the camera every day to check out how things are around Loch Ness :) Wish I could be there right now!
Kristine, 23 07 2008
Hey You All, I\'m Donna from Kentucky. I have this camera on my favorites list so that I can click on it everyday. We will be in Scotland next spring.
donna, 23 07 2008
Cathy and Nadine - My name is Lauren and I live in Chicago. I too visit this beautiful site every day. My family and I will be visiting Scotland the last week of July - we will give you a wave from the castle!
Lauren, 22 07 2008
Nadine, I am in New Mexico and I look at this site everyday also. I was lucky enough to visit Loch Ness last September and can\'t wait to go back to Scotland. Love the people there and the scenery.
Cathy, 18 07 2008
Greetings from Idaho, USA. I visit this site every day. It feels like home now. Thanks for brightening my day, and hopefully I be able to come in person to see this spectacular place.
Nadine Bergeson, 18 07 2008
Great view of loch ness saw a funny shape in the water mot the monstor just a floating sausage
fred, 13 07 2008
Your live streaming webcam is superb! You show different places in a changing modus, which is very good! However we thank You for Your great work; every scenic webcam is a highlight! Keep going on Your special service for viewers all over the world! Many thanks, all the best from Germany and Switzerland!
Wolfgang, 13 07 2008
What a breathtaking view! Stunning and great window on Loch Ness. An \"every-day-highlight\"!
Wolfgang, 13 07 2008
To Paul, it\'s not a \"lock\" either it\'s a loch.
scott, 12 07 2008
can you please add new camera\'s in differnet parts of the loch and have them in places where the loch ness monster was last seen past the years.
andrei, 09 07 2008
paul, 08 07 2008
to katya just to inform you its a LOCK not a lake and i take it you have never been there
paul, 05 07 2008
I absolutely love this webcam. I watch everyday. One day I\'ll be there waving to you all!
Kade, 04 07 2008
yahay its working again.
linda, 01 07 2008
is it just me or is the camera screen gray to everyone today?
jon smith, 28 06 2008
oh my goodness i love the new camera!! i love how you can now view various parts of the lake! thank you soo soo much!
dina, 26 06 2008
Did anybody see 3 hump like objects around 11:41am on 6/24/o8? I did see something different.
David Branch II, 24 06 2008
This is a great view, but it would be much better if there were more cameras around the lake, preferably closer, too. It would be nice if the users got to choose which camera they would like to look from. Closer cameras could also mean more users (:
Dina, 23 06 2008
Crystal, I took a normal picture for the gallery, but when it was featured there was a largish grey disc hovering over the loch, so I saved the picture. Often at night I see bright lights shoot across the sky, stop instantly then go out.
David, 21 06 2008
I think this view is fine. I do have one suggestion, however... Can someone set up more than one camera around the lake? Like... say two more, but of course at different points. and that way, the viewers may choose which view they would like to use at the moment.
Katya, 16 06 2008
why isn't the camera moving around anymore, it's been stuck here for a few days
Crystal, 11 06 2008
The camera still isnt moving but thats ok, because at like 1:13 i saw a UFO fly closely over the lake, it was not shaped like a plane, and it was shiny and saucer like, and it zoomed right across before i could get a picture. Thats cool,right out in broad daylight.
Crystal, 11 06 2008
Yeah...why after 4:00 pm does the camera stop moving, what's up with that?
Crystal, 10 06 2008
having been to the highlands several times the castle is one of my favourite places absolutely beautiful.
linda, 09 06 2008
You did not move the camera can you move it to the north end of the lake please
Tyshoan, 06 06 2008
Can you please move from this spot ok
Tyshoan, 06 06 2008
get out of the bath then travis
John Ingles, 04 06 2008
The lights are at the northeast end of the loch. Glendoe is at the southeast end at Fort Augustus according to the map at
David, 03 06 2008
i seen a big thing come out the water
travis miller, 29 05 2008
Thanks for the information Paul. I think this was constructed after the satellite images were taken. From the webcam angle, the lights do resemble the outline of 2 humps, a short tail and long neck with a small head - I wonder if that was deliberate? Anyway, thanks!
David, 15 05 2008
the lights are from the glendoe hydro scheme their web site is
paul, 14 05 2008
the lights on the loch are from the new hydro they have their own website showing you how it was built
paul, 14 05 2008
Sue, as you live there, could you end my intrigue and tell me what those lights are on the far bank at night? I know from satellite maps they are not buildings or road lights. Looking at the shape, I can only guess it's an illumination of Nessie - is that right? Thanks. David, 13 5 08
David, 13 05 2008
I loved reading what you said, Nancy. It put me there, too!!! Becky in Dallas
Becky Massengale, 13 05 2008
Nancy, PLEASE Loch not lock! I live here in Drumnadrochit and love it.
Sue, 13 05 2008
Wonderful to see the lock and castle. I watch everyday to take in the view. On my visit several years ago a lone piper was standing at the entrance to the castle. I can feel the breeze and smell the air. Wish I was there.
Nancy, 12 05 2008
My wife and I hitchhiked through here back in 73,now we go there every day,can feel it.
geoff sykes, 11 05 2008
I Live in williamsport, Pennsylvania,U.S.A. I think it is great to have these live shots of this beautful country
Richard Baird, 21 04 2008
Hi, on the 17th April 7:08am (scottish time) I was looking at the webcam and near the castle I saw something slightly out of the water moving very fast towards the castle. It could have been a duck I don't know. My question is, is there anyway to view that frame again? Paul 18/04/08
Paul, 18 04 2008
Oops, sorry, the Great Glen/Loch Ness runs diagonally across Scotland from SW to north EAST. I never did have any sense of direction, ha ha.
leonie, 16 04 2008
Patricia, they are all different views of Urquhart Castle, except the one that is simply the Loch, looking north-west towards Dores, with the Castle just out of shot on the right. Great cam - next best thing to being there, as I have been, a few times. Thanks.
leonie, 15 04 2008
1 day you will see me riding on the back of the monster haha
joe, 11 04 2008
I love the live cam but can you tell me what exactly am I looking at. I recognize part of a castle but the others, I don't know. Thanks. A few years ago there were some live cams and we could see fish and seals. What happened to those? Thank you for your efforts in letting us see things we probably will never see in person.
Patricia Rooks, 08 04 2008
how big was the monster?
Sarah, 01 04 2008
Nice webcam, verry nice! I wish i could really be there and witness the loch ness monster. Does anyone know when the loch ness monster was viewed the most?(spring,winter,fall(autumn), or summer). Thanks!
Ovi, 23 03 2008
I think it was a boat. But if you really wana learn more about The Lochness "monster", you should read "The Loch", by Steve Alten.
Ovi, 23 03 2008
Can anyone tell me what is in the water at the present moment? It may be a boat, but not... Harwich, MA USA
Michael J Chilson, 22 03 2008
i saw nessie last year but iam not telling anyone haha
paul, 08 03 2008
Nice webcam but how come it is now only pointing at one view? I used to see Urquhart Castle and another view of the loch on this webcam but you're now only showing this single view. I love to watch the loch and use this camera lots. Cheers Sandra
Sandra, 30 01 2008
I think Jimmy was mistaken seeing Elvis,It can't be him as he works on the check out at our local ASDA. I suggest he takes more water with it in the future.
Mark, 17 01 2008
you are mean if you try to hurt nessy i think it's her baby that keeps getting put on the camra that pepole take pitures of and nessy is really far down in the water and her baby probly comes up to play with the other animals i just don't think you should hurt any prehistoric animals please they deserve to live don't they.
Jamie, 15 01 2008
not only did i see the monster i saw elvis rise from the water riding the monster.
jimmy hoffa, 12 01 2008
It has nice views. Just wish it would hold on the location for more like 30 sec to a minute.
Jeff, 10 01 2008
Hey! Anyone good fishin' in there?
Bucky, 09 01 2008
i saw the monster but iam not telling anyone haha
paul, 07 01 2008
was the bright thing the loch ness monster?
diggyd, 04 01 2008
I love this site. Watch it at different times of day. My dream is to someday visit your country. Love to see pics of the Highlands.
Judy B, 15 12 2007
This webcam is pure escapism for me. I've loved watching the colours change throughout the year, and the different times of day. What's puzzled me, is that there looks like a village lit up on the opposite bank at night. I think it's called Whitefield, but on satellite maps, I cannot see any buildings there - can anyone tell me what it is? I hope this webcam will always exist, it's made me want to visit this beautiful place.
david, 14 12 2007
Thought I saw the monster, but it was just a Midgie on the lens!
Richard, 24 11 2007
What a breathtaking view! Stunning and great window on Loch Ness. An "every-day-highlight"! Wolfgang
Wolfgang, 17 11 2007
Just a simply question. Has anyone seen the Loch Ness Monster on this webcam yet? Just curious. But the webcam is pretty cool, I look at it everyday.
Donavin, 15 11 2007
Unfortunately, the image is not close up enough.
Ruthie, 03 11 2007
This is very cool!.. The image is super clear and is a pleasure to watch.. thank you very, very much! my only wish was that the image was slightly larger.. but I'm not complaining!
Rob, 01 11 2007
My wife and I hitchhiked through here in 72,great memories of a beautiful place.
geoff sykes, 27 10 2007
I love your webcam. I'm hoping to visit one day but now, at least, I can see the beauty of the lake. I wish the cam image was larger, like the ones for Mt.St. Helens so I could get a better view, but still it's wonderful. Thanks for letting me visit your country.
Deanna Lilly, 26 09 2007
I love your webcam, I enjoy looking for Nessie, you never know. Imagination is a wonderful thing.
Nancy, 28 08 2007
Wonderful views of my favorite country in the world. A slower change of the spots would be fine. Greetings from Germany.
Gerald Trebaticky, 18 08 2007
This webcam is absolutely splendid. I'd love to know more precisely where the camera is located--how far from the castle, in the town, etc. But it truly gives one a sense of being at the Loch.
Pamela Benbow, 04 08 2007
WOW! This site is amazing, by far the best Loch Ness cam online. The way you show different angles, and views all on one cam. So thanks for a great cma site.
Morgan, 31 07 2007
Just a great site! Espacially the live streams of Lochness, Edinburgh and Glasgow! Best regards from South Germany
Bloody Fox, 15 07 2007
Hi your cams are exelent however is there anything you can do about the beetles that crawl all over it when your trying to view thanks
Nodge, 07 07 2007
Hello! This is awesome. I live in Rockwall, TX, USA (outside of Dallas). My family visited Urqhart(spelling?) Castle about 6 years ago. I have forever wanted to return and now I can!Thank you so much for reminding me of how much I love and miss Scotland! I shall return one day! Sheila
Sheila Donnelly, 03 07 2007
Love the wide variety of views and the frequency of the changes.
Milton, 02 07 2007
The views of loch ness are absolutely wonderful. It's like I was looking out a window enjoying the view. Please continue with this site. The only thing missing is the sound.
deborah , 01 07 2007
Watch the activety on the Loch daily, wonderful shots. Makes me want to be there.
Carl Luke , 29 06 2007
Hallo to whom it may concern! Your live streaming webcam of Loch Ness is superb! You show different places in a changing modus which is very good! I would like to have bigger image on the screen as it is the case at the windermere car ferry webcam. We hope, all Your interresting webcams in Scotland will become live stream webcams so as those from Oban, Eilean Donan, Inverness we hope, different ones from Edinburh and may be one or two from Dryburgh Abbey, Melrose Abbey, Scotsview, Carter Bar, Ullapool, Inverewe Gardens, or Jedburgh! However we thank You for Your great work; every scenic webcam is a highlight. Keep going on Your special service for viewers all over the world! Many thanks, All the best Wolfgang from Switzerland!
Wolfgang Lattrell, 28 06 2007

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