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User comments

Just adore this view,we have been visiting for many years now, and it always makes my heart skip a beat, wonderfull.
Linda and Trevor, 31 05 2010
why is webcam stuck on night view? is one of my favorite webcams in entire world, but want live day view. thanks
betty, 23 03 2010
If this is real time why is there so little snow whereas closeby at the other web site {sheep in field.... renews every few seconds}it\\\'s deep in snow?
Peter, 25 02 2010
Appreciate the webcam..spectacular views of the castle and loch..have been in Sept and March..even went for a swim..breathtaking..recommend staying at the Clansman Hotel for invredible views
Ed VP, 20 11 2009
what is wrong with the webcam? used to change scenes, is now stuck. still brings back wonderful memories of this beautiful country and this beautiful loch.
betty sue, 12 09 2009
saw three humps swimming side by side was last day of Holliday
steven , 01 09 2009
hi there I think I have just seen half of nessies head floating just above water! to small to be a boat, or it could be a floating log if you want to review the footage on the news time 17 08 37 hours aug 17th on web cam please do so!
pamela Gregson, 17 08 2009
i saw the loch ness monster last night, it was really cool! It looked like two or three of them and maybe a baby. i didnt save the image cuz i didn\'t know that u could. it was really amazing. my mom was with me and now she believes. it was awesome!!!
kayla, 07 08 2009
fort augustas is worth a visi t best fish and chips if this doesnt get me free fish and chips nothing will haha
paul, 30 05 2009
Loch Ness is such a wunderfull place! We went there last August. It was unforgetable...
Angelika from Germany, 05 05 2009
we have been many times in summer but its lovely to see the great veiws with all the snow
Alison Margaret Young, 08 02 2009
It is so nice to see the views with all the snow we have been many times in summer but it looks just as lovely in winter
Alison Margaret Young, 08 02 2009
Great views nice to have changing scenery instead of static missing scotland!
Anita, 06 02 2009
I was watching the camera, when all of the sudden, a long neck appeared!It was only there for a second, and then it vanished!
Emily, 29 01 2009
Many thanks to the operators of this webcam. Cold and dreary, warm and sunny, no matter for the glorious Loch!
Isobel, 12 01 2009
Thanks for the webcam -- it brings back great memories!
Alan C, 31 12 2008
Just a post to knock the \'Keisha\' post off.
Not Keshia, 31 12 2008
i akshully sor nessie once and it swam out and behind the island mountain thing
robert, 02 12 2008
this is cool! I love the lockness monster... but i LOVE boys even more. I like older men, like in their 40s. They are soo hott.. With a capital H lol call me at 1-780-817-3422! ( ill be waiting)
Keshia, 24 11 2008
nessie changes the web cam views to avoid being seen
paul, 26 10 2008
Does that idiot really think there us a human standing there moving the camera?
Jim , 07 09 2008
Just got back from a week in Glen Urquart...fantastic place, wonderful nessie but stunning loch !
Drew, 27 04 2008
are the pepole doing this asleep because when i got on here it passed 5 seconds and it never changed
Jamie, 27 02 2008
I have stayed in a holiday cottage high up on the hill overlooking Urquhart Castle a number of times, this is the view we see from the panoramic windows. It's the best place in world. Book a holiday yourself, Marnies Croft, it's beautiful, although it's up a very steep hill.
Alison, 01 02 2008
i saw nessy she had her back to the camra and was swimming away she's black.
Jamie, 15 01 2008
i saw nessy she had he back to the camra i really saw her
Jamie, 15 01 2008
We have seen this loch several times on our trips. We took a 2 hour boat ride on Lochness and what a wonder this loch is. We didn't get to see Nessie though. We look forward to coming back soon.
tina tenney, 30 08 2007
Suberb location and pictures,been many times and seen all the changing modes Alas not "nessie"!
David Pam Higginson, 24 08 2007

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