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User comments

Just found out we\'ll be visiting London for the 3rd time at the end of this month...VERY PSYCHED!!\'s been 2 long years since our last visit...
NY USA, 06 02 2011
Just found out we\'ll be back again the end of Feb..VERY PSYCHED!!!...London here we come
NY USA, 06 02 2011
BEST PLACE IN THE WORLD!!!!i love london.missit loads
lina, 18 12 2010
I love you London.You are the most admirable city in the world.I will come back soon to see you again.
roberto, 02 09 2010
London,it is the most admirable city in the world.I will come back to see you.I love you London.
roberto, 02 09 2010
I liked to see the images from oxford st Iam very glad, that\'s all I liked to see oxford st by internet, I am very glad. that\'s all
osmar, 31 07 2010
It looks like we\'re comming back to this lovely city. We have to wait till october but we love the idea!! So see you than.
jolanda, 12 05 2010
Ah, Oxford street. It\'s always a great place to be and shop. I think this view is looking towards Marble Arch. I\'ll be visiting soon!
kathi, 20 02 2010
london authorities word the hardest to make this citi the best place to fantasize;its the heavens on earth.
shaban, 29 01 2010
ohhh,,, london i love that city , it rminds me when i used to go from woking to waterlo station every saturday to see a movie thear and to walk in the streets , i wish if i could go back agian some day.
basil, 18 11 2009
As with everyone else, love this webcam. Any chance it could be upgraded to a live web? Also, could someone please tell which direction we are looking here, towards Marble Arch, or in the other direction. Thanks so much from California
angela, 10 11 2009
great to see the people in london work so hard to get this crossing ready. i\'ve seen it on the news that they are going to make this and it\'s allready done. i hope to walk across this point very soon. maybe soon????? greetz from holland
jolanda, 04 11 2009
I get very emotional when I see London, I love the city so much and wish I could immigrate so I could live there. Have visited 4 times and will be back again for much longer I hope.
Lois, 04 11 2009
hi evrybody i love london so much iwas there last tow week ago ilved in myfair inew london wen iwas young iuse to com with my dad and mother since 1978 ,in my last vist to london stayd 4 weeks it was wenderfil and love exford st iuse visted daely also iwatch camvista som time daely imiss london so much iwish to cam back soon with my best regard
sami, 24 08 2009
we\'re back again for 3 months love it here
sabrina sammy toni and pia , 12 08 2009
3 weeks on thursday and we will be back in our second favourite place in the world
paulb, 12 08 2009
in excactly we will be there! we have to wait 2 weeks. Then we\'ll be walking around in this great city, in the street and shops!!
jolanda, 18 07 2009
Just discovered your website. I love you !!! I miss London so much, it aches. Thank you a lot.
Emmanuelle, 13 07 2009
I lived there for 4 years, I love London, I hope one day I will back...I missing all my friends... if you have a chance visit Cafe the flower at fulhan palace road opposite charing cross hospistal.
Selma Avila, 12 07 2009
Loved shopping on Oxford Street, wish I was there right now. Hopefully one day soon, I\'ll be back.
Tina, 23 05 2009
wish i was there for the traffic free day. have to live with the 3 days in sept, love the place
paulb, 22 05 2009
i\\\\\\\'ve spent 1 year in london and gonna spend my life there... London i\\\\\\\'m coming back..
giamy, 03 04 2009
i spent 8 days in london at the beginning of march. the people, culture, and even the weather were wonderful. i hope to come back next year.
Tom H, 21 03 2009
YEAH!!!! we\'ll be back in August in our beloved city. We\'re bringing 2 more persons with us. We\'re hoping they like it it here as much as we do. So see you in a couple of months. Can hardly wait......
jolanda , 27 02 2009
I love London!And i hope to be there in one day!
Andra, 31 01 2009
had a wonderful christmas in london westnorwood and of course went shopping in oxford street it was great what a shame we\'re back in italy
sabrina fabbo , 05 01 2009
Happy New Year \"London\" Miss you very much, still working on new album called \"Last Stop, London\" Hope to see you soon. Joey from the U.S.A.
Joey Graziano, 01 01 2009
hello oxford street!! we\'ve been walking here and had a great weekend, the past two days. Wonderfull to see the lights on the street , shops everywhere. Very impressive. It was great to be here again. greetz from holland.
jolanda, 22 12 2008
ai wont lokin op london cam
fatah, 09 12 2008
we will be coming again on the 17 december bye bye italy
sabrina samantha toni, 08 12 2008
we will be coming on the 17 december for 3 weeks can\\\'t wait.bye bye italy
sammy and toni, 04 12 2008
Have visiterd in the past and fell in love with your city. May the sun never set on the British Isle.
MATT, 23 11 2008
Just got back to Australia after visiting London missing it already So much to see and do you don\'t appriciate when you live there.
Jane, 06 10 2008
i loe Oxford Street. I would live there if i could.I would shop and eat to my heart was content. You have a Beautiful country and the best places to go on the earth be proud God has Bless you with all the history and modern life to see.. we wish we lived there.Great webcam shots everyday.. we love you Oxford Street.I would walk to make sure i didn\'t miss a thing,then i would ride the bus take it all in.Love this place sharon Tn. USA
sharon, 22 09 2008
I just love london its my home away from home next summer we will be there again oxford street is such a great place to shop and have a wonderfull coffee at mcdonalds!!! love yvonnexxx
yvonne breevaart, 15 09 2008
Hi Everione! London is great and it\\\'s so fantastic. Istaye there for 9 weks... I stayed withy best cousin lUIGI pTRILLI HE\\\'S THE BEST. And bunella Petrilli It was the best summer of my life..!!! IMaybe i will go to live there for ever...!! My d first haft to talk with my grand parents and then i will know the answer!!!!!.... I will let you know...
Sabrina Fabbo, 10 09 2008
hello London!!! This is a wonderfull street to walk and ride in a bus. Me and my daughter had such fun in London. With a travelcard you hop on and off the bus, when your feet are hurting by walking this street time and time again. It\'s so great being there. We\'ll be back, you can count on it. So see you.....f5fbe
jolanda, 08 09 2008
We stayed at St Athans around the corner. It was the best of times.
Tony and Cicely, 06 09 2008
I used to study english at Berlitz in OXFORD STREET in 1999,drop off at OXFORD CIRCUS UNDERGROUND and that october 99 was my the best time of my life!!!! I LOVE LONDON AND HIS NIGHT LIFE AND ITS UNIQUE CULTURE. !
Ricardo Vieira, 07 08 2008
i miss london its just full of life
mariapiapisano, 20 07 2008
with a little luck we walk again in this street in a couple of weeks. we, is my daughter and I, miss london very very much and we decide that we don\'t want to wait any longer. so we are coming!!!! see you soon.
jolanda, 01 07 2008
Hello London!!!!!!!!! Oxford Street!!!! Miss you so much, hope to see you soon. Working on new album called \"Last Stop, London\"
Joey Graziano, 27 06 2008
adorei oxford street adorei londres i love london eye
Isabel pina cruz, 12 06 2008
I wish I was here shopping on Oxford St. right now! It looks like some beautiful weather there. Can't wait to come back!!
Tina, 08 06 2008
Hello, Oxford London, Love,love this webcam Greatjob as always. I want to be there so bad and enjoy the shops and it would take me three weeks to just shop .London has the Greatest clothes and Shoes.. we Love this webcam Please keep it up... I would love to ride the Famous double decker red bus and just take in the Views Of Oxford an enjoy the History thanks London for your webcams sharon USA
sharon, 06 06 2008
Oh mi god!!! Oxford street, el centro de londres y de mis recuerdos, qué grandes momentos, qué de compras en primark, pronto de vuelta a las shops y a las tardes de shopping in london, desde tothenham court road hasta acabar en el maravillosos hyde park, en marble arch!! Oh siiiiiiiii y po rno hablar de notting hill!! Dios mio ya! que ganas de volver...
lawi, 25 05 2008
It would be nice if you would make this cam streaming. :-) Hope you do soon....
Tina, 17 05 2008
i sure wish all the cams in london were streaming ones like on leicester...please make this one a streaming one.
corine, 15 05 2008
the favorite street of my daughter, we love London it's a great city. can't wait to be there, maybe this year
jany from rouen, 12 05 2008
London is great, so exciting, I wish I lived there. After one year in Paris the next big city I would like to live in is London.
Marco, 22 04 2008
Love,love this webcam You guys do a great job with the shots. When i come to London I can't wait to vist Oxford Street. It looks so alive and that is the place for me so much History.. Love Love Oxford
sharon fugate, 20 04 2008
I love Oxford Street, everything that's going on there. Love the shops, can't wait to come back. Soon, I hope. :-)
Tina, 05 04 2008
I'm from sicily and i'm seeing this beautiful place where I was four years ago and where I ate the most wonderful sweet in my life, the scones ;P
james, 30 03 2008
Hello i'm viewing oxford street from usa ,and it keepspopping out thank you
agnes quinn goodnough, 09 03 2008
Hello,Oxford! Love this webcam!I would love to be there if just to shop!! The world's Largest Shopping Streets are you kidding me wow what a time I would have doing that. But just to see Oxford would be worth my trip and to see the history of what makes up apart of England. We love you. Webcam great shots we love them. sharon USA
sharon, 03 03 2008
Hkuraali excellent site
karak, 22 02 2008
Thank you
karak, 22 02 2008
Thank you
karak, 22 02 2008
I love Oxford Street, the shopping is GREAT!! Had a wonderful time. Can't wait to come back!
Tina Dimmitt, 25 01 2008
typical oxford street, full of tourists, shoplifters and homeless... horrid place
paul, 13 12 2007
Great to see the homeland again, especially at this time of year.
Chris, 10 12 2007
hello, just dropping in to catch a look how busy you are all the time. It looks so nice,alot to do in Oxford,wish I was there to spend the holidays.. Your town is Beautiful..Love IT..
sharon, 05 12 2007
It was the greatest time in my life. I wish I could come back some day and walk down Oxford st...
artur, 04 11 2007
Hello,Oxford, love this webcam.Life always seems exciting there...wish i was there now.. It is always full of life,and Beautiful place to be....... sharon USA
sharon, 22 10 2007
This is one of the most popular sights in London. Unfortunately the webcam picture is static and does not move at all. It is a pity no to see any movements.
Raymond Mercieca, 22 10 2007
Me encanta Londres.
paco domene, 13 09 2007
I live in Hungary and the Big Brother was in Tv for 3 years.I don't remember it.My English isn't good. :-)I very love London and I hope I will going to go London soon after.:-)
Ditta, 10 09 2007
God knows how much I miss Oxford Street !! Great times I spent there !! I´m from Brazil and hope to go back soon.
Marcelo Rocha, 02 08 2007
People of London take your Soma, conform, obey; know that Big Brother is watching...
George Orwell, 05 07 2007
Love these camera views. I had a great time shopping on Oxford Street when we were in London. Saving money to come back and shop some more. :-)
Tina Dimmitt, 04 07 2007

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