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User comments

Someday, this year, I will be there.-
Javier, 16 03 2010
dear sirs, really is very, most, beatifull this place. i\'ve several, goods memmories, including st patricks party. congratulations, milton santangelo blumenau sta catarine state south brazil
milton santangelo, 24 12 2009
the statue of eros gets vandalised by new year revellers so, making it into a snow globe for the festive period was an idea to try stopping this.
myra tansley, 12 12 2009
the snow globe is only on there for xmas and comes down in january.
myra tansley, 11 12 2009
yes, the dome is a giant snow globe but, u cant see the snow inside it really on this webcam.
myra tansley, 11 12 2009
Hello Myra, Could you tell me why they did taht Dome? Kind regrads, from Tenerife, Spain.Orestes.
Orestes, 09 12 2009
Im watching my other half working through the night when he should be at home with u x
kerry nash, 03 12 2009
the dome is on. well dun 2 all at orbit roofs and staging especially banjo, lucas,craig,martin oh and the boss karl.hope it looks good wen its all finished
myra tansley, 03 12 2009
i was watching my husband and his work crew working through the night putting a dome over the top of the eros statue wich the company he works for built in the past few weeks. hope it looks good wen its done.
myra tansley, 03 12 2009
Kevin, let\'s walk down this street and hold hands, then kiss me. xo
Mercedes Mariella, 28 10 2009
thz place is realy very nic wid gr8 hustle and bustle .....i wish to liv ova there n going to london fr study soon....... HEY london em coming ,,,,,,,lolz
Sanan Malik, 24 10 2009
thz place is realy awesome wid gr8 hustle and bustle.....i wish to liv ova there .... n em going to london fr study soon... HEY london em comin .....lolz
Sanan Malik, 24 10 2009
Hello... what are they doing behind these green wall? I would like to know. Can somebody tell me, please. Thank you.
jolanda, 17 10 2009
This place is so nice the architects of this place are very genius and best design famous britain old buildings looks awesome
Safdar khokhar, 16 08 2009
This place with Xmas lights is magic.
Pierpaolo, 12 08 2009
I miss my London, My Home I hope you have forgiven me for not coming back. I like America. But I\'m a Brit and I cry for us every day I miss you with all my heart and soul and hope to one day return
Chris Peckham, 27 05 2009
I was right there a week ago!! did anybody see me? hehehe
Marina, 20 05 2009
London is amazing. Where are you
Gisele, 21 04 2009
To Betty and Connie,I wasnt in the war as I was born 1962 but I did work for five years as a meat porter. Any praises would be greatfully accepted. Andy
Andy Baillie, 17 04 2009
This is for Betty Douglas. Congratulations on 65 years, amazing, you have been truly blessed! Please thank your husband also for his service. My father was in WWII as a Marine. Connie
Connie, 01 04 2009
i live and work in london the greatest city ever..
wales, 28 03 2009
I am a war bride. Spent my honeymoon at the Mapleton Hotel in Piccadilly Circus, and had our meals at Lyon\'s Corner House. Bombs fell, the underground was full of beds in which people slept. I was born in Ash Surrey, and have been married to my beloved husband (ex RCAF tail gunner) for 65 years. Part if my heart is still in England.
betty douglas, 17 03 2009
Isabel pina cruz, 12 02 2009
ı was there in 2001-2002. ı miss london. especially piccadilly circus..
seyhun, 09 02 2009
We will be coming to London on Valentines day.We\'re going to see Thriller at the Lyric Theatre and on sunday maybe a museum.London has such a great atmosphere!c u soon London xxxx
Alison from Sussex, 07 02 2009
I love London so much! And Piccadilly is my favourite place! London is my home and my heart will always be there.
Alexandra, 01 02 2009
SAFDAR, 28 01 2009
i love london and my heart is bearts in this place of london every second every minute. i love piccadilly circus
MARIJA, 03 01 2009
Un sitio inolvidable, como todo Londres. Una gran ciudad. Y Piccadilly... el lugar del amor con Eros ocmo protagonista
Saray, 19 11 2008
my best place in london where i spend all my time i miss it
login, 05 10 2008
Woo I live here :D Its great!
Minday, 17 08 2008
I\'ll be there Friday night for two weeks. Be hard to sit still on the long flight
Adam, 10 07 2008
A great place, that must b seen. A place with unique athmosphere. It is just the whole world in one place.
Viktor, 04 07 2008
Wow, love love Piccadilly Circus This is my kind of place people everywhere I would think to come all the way to England this would be your first place to see and just looked around ane enjoyed the view.. it\'s so Beautiful and seems like everyone having a great time. the webcam shots are great.. Love this place sharon USA
sharon , 01 07 2008
Just came home,what a great time we had we all love London
Mary Houck, 01 07 2008
I just booked my trip for the fall, I can\'t wait!
Dean, 25 06 2008
Unbelievable! I was just there a month ago and now I confess - I want to be there again!!
Sergey, 09 06 2008
Want to be there too!!!!!
Marina, 05 06 2008
Debbie Tyson, 03 06 2008
Love Piccadilly , looks like everyone is having a Great time tonight. and , it's a warm nigh around 70 so have a good time. I wish i was there to enjoy it with all of you guys your lucky to live there are be on holiday.. I love this webcam Great Shots . Have a Great weekend sharon USA
sharon, 09 05 2008
Great London cam Love visiting Piccadilly
john, 08 05 2008
I Love London! I live here and I still don't get bored of it. Best city in the world!
Ashleigh, 03 05 2008
hey i've been there! it's quite a long time ago though. i went to London for a vacation in 2003 and i went to that place i love UK it's wonderful really want to go there again - Indonesia
citra, 27 04 2008
Happy birthday my dear friend São Paulo Brasil
Gisele Di Dio, 25 04 2008
was in London in 1993 went to piccadilly was there about 2 minutes and ppl were asking me for directions , i must have looked like a local LOL Bazza from Tasmania
Barry Grant, 05 03 2008
I was here with my wonderful girlfriend in December. Great memories!
Jim Sefton, 05 02 2008
I love this view, in the street left of the luminous adverts was my hostel - really close to (almost) everything. I loved it and will come back to make my fifth trip to London! Yippie!!!
Natascha, 18 12 2007
It´s very good to see Piccadilly Circus every day, brings back lots good memories. I miss London.São Paulo - Brasil. Gisele, 06 12 2007
Gisele Di Dio, 06 12 2007
wonderful....someday I will be there..thats my dream!!!
Indrawati, 02 12 2007
cool, i always want to visit viewing this Piccadilly webcam, at least i can see n feel it....but i promise, someday i will be there
Indrawati, 02 12 2007
“You find no man, at all intellectual, who is willing to leave London. No, Sir, when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford.”
Samuel Johnson, 01 12 2007
Very strange to see ( from west Coast, uSA) the Pic online at 5:30 AM London time.
JB, 22 11 2007
A short notice to say a GREAT "thank you" to London & Vanessa from Neuchâtel who, like me, loves that city ! Sergio...
Sergio, 16 11 2007
It´s very good to see Piccadilly Circus every day, brings back lots good memories. I miss London.São Paulo - Brasil.
Gisele, 15 11 2007
hello,Piccadilly Circus what a beautiful shot.. It makes you want to come there an just stand a watch the people go by and look at all the Great shop,Theatres,club,you have it All in one place Lucky You..Great webcam you do a Great job for us to see the Great City thanks sharon USA
sharon fugate, 15 11 2007
Gostaria que a imagem dessa web cam fosse bem maior, para poder melhor o local.
sandra, 15 11 2007
Friday's @ Friday's or any day @ or anywhere around Picadilly around. The Honey's! Ah yes!
zuuumie, 11 11 2007
It would be nice if the video feed could be enlarged because the images are too small.
KEVIN, 22 10 2007
Thanks for letting us see swinging London especially those of us who can't get there easily!
Maria, 04 10 2007
It's pretty cool being able to see swinging London from the comfort of my own home in a small Mediterranean village; I'm most grateful!
Maria, 04 10 2007
I think this webcam should be live streaming like Big Ben. It's such a busy place, it would be fantastic to see all the people walking, rather than staggered "Jumps"
George, 25 07 2007
At Last,I can see Piccadilly,Ive been trying for a while,What a site,Thank you guys,Brings back lots good memories.With my sister susan,Had a Great time thanks to my Brother in law Barrie,Enjoying every min ,watching the people.Sincerly J Davis.U.S.A
Judi, 19 07 2007

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