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User comments

skye one word awesome
ian graham, 04 06 2010
DB, 19 01 2010
90 degrees to the right please!
DB, 17 01 2010
Skye is misty and mystical.It wraps around your senses when you are not paying attention and calls you back.
Anjali Angel, 20 11 2009
heading back to Skye tomorrow can\'t wait it\'s a magic place and beckons you back time after time. No price can be put on the solitude and beauty you find there.
Pamela Ross Winpenny, 03 09 2009
Visited Skye some years ago, west coast stunning.Wished I could have stayed. Ron has no taste.Visiting Wester Ross Xmas.Will visit Skye again.
Jan, 31 07 2009
ay,as ron says,no cheap beer,rarther stick to glasgow, and have a few pints of tennants in the clansman..
rab nessbit, 16 06 2009
sounds a good idea ron, stay in southend this year and leave skye to people with a taste for beautiful scottish scenery and hospitality
john hunter, 09 06 2009
go to skye every year beautiful place no rowdys or pub louts nice people nice hotels this is not a place to visit if you like cheap beer 3rd rate entertainment and rough pubs and is not for people with no taste not the type of holiday for pub crawlers that type of holiday can be found in southend i wont be going within 200 miles of that place i will be back to skye
captain ray, 28 05 2009
hi,i found skye boring, no pubs as such. we will be going to southend this year, more entertainment. grubs cheap, and they speak english. thanks RON.
ron, 19 05 2009
my most wonderful place on earth coming up in july we cant wait
ian , 04 05 2009
Not sure where Ron went for his holiday but I spent a brilliant fornight in Glenelg and found everyone most polite and friendly. Best scenery in the world....ever! Defo going back as soon as is possible. Love it.
Cathy, 02 05 2009
Dont know what you did to the people Ron, I found them all most hospitable in nearby Glenelg. Spectacular scenery, defo worth a visit, had a fornight there in the summer and it soooo was not long enough! Cathie fae the Midlands.
Cathie, 03 01 2009
lovely place, shame about the misarable people.
ron, 20 05 2008
an excellent view,we holiday here every year and this reminds us just what we're missing.
wendy reid, 21 04 2008
What a gorgeous view! Sigh....
Nola , 13 02 2008
Snowing here in Edinburgh, Looks like Skye is the place to be ..
Cameron Morrison, 03 01 2008
Hope for more sun next days - we will see the mountains
Harald Kirsch, 07 08 2007
Sort of like heaven...only more so!
Michael Cameron, 23 07 2007

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