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User comments

i\'ve always dreamed to visit london, covent garden,picadilly circus,oxford street,will this dream comes true lamine ( algiers )
lamine, 09 06 2010
this is good but we want yuo to view my area which is church lane kingsbury london
Nithurshan, 06 06 2010
A great place to shop for books, relax, enjoy good food with friends and someone special. My favorite spot in London.
Tony, 27 03 2010
Is more snow expected? Haven\'t seen a weather report in a bit
Cheshire, 06 02 2010
Wish I was there! Why am I not there?
Cheshire, 06 02 2010
Not offened Tarquinn...just pointing out that with out USA tourism money London would look quite shaby especially with people who sit back, do nothing and just live off of other hard working englishmens backs...England needs to be \"for the people\" and NOT \"for the gov\'t\"
Ed Boss, 26 01 2010
A message for the americans that took offence at my earlier comments: whatever. London is the best city in the world regardless of the presence or absence of obnoxious heffalump tourists. Peace.
Tarquinn, 13 01 2010
Phil/Turnip, move on mate. Sarah has and it\'s time you did too. Sorry to be mean but last time I saw her there was a Greek fella hanging out the back of her. It\'s time to move on brother.
Tarquinn, 13 01 2010
... I made a mistake, I wrote Camden instead of Covent Garden... I apologize!
Mike Calabrese, 09 01 2010
Few weeks in a year are few to live this city to the fulll... I\'d like to live here for some year instead! Camden is one of my favourite places, even if I missed the 70/80\'s shop that was there. Anyway... they still sell good jacket-potatoes!
Mike Calabrese, 09 01 2010
I do miss London alot. Icould be going back in July 2010 for a few days. The last time I was there was 1994.
mrs paula m vernon, 30 12 2009
Hope to be back in London in 2010 to either settle there or bring my Darling Sarah to America
Turnip, 23 12 2009
I was in London for my first time on 2002, just 6 week for learn english. And I appreciate to much, i know tha I need stay again maybe one year... I should improve my english.. My study was made in LSI school near Goodge Street... beautiful time there. In seven days i\'ll fly again to london and the first day of the year 2010 i\'ll be there WOW !!! Great London. greetengs from Switzerland
Francesco, 23 12 2009
I miss london! I love london... I worked in caffè nero (southhampton road)for 2 years but 10 years ago!!!! I will be in london next february.
lucia, 28 11 2009
I have moved back to London again. And this time I hope for good. It is a fantastic city with wonderful people.
JT, 14 11 2009
Well Steve, the Yankees won the world series!! I think you owe me a drink and a kiss!! xoxox
Kevin: Will you buy me a drink here if the Yankees win the world series against your favorite team, the Phillies? xo
Mercedes Mariella, 27 10 2009
Wanting to go here and get just a little drunk with my lover.
Mercedes Mariella, 27 10 2009
One of the greatest places in London where you feel wonderful.
Tarkan , 15 10 2009
such a great city Covent market is The Place
Glenn, 14 10 2009
Wish I was there. My heart already is!
Cheshire, 22 09 2009
3 days, and I am THERE!!!
Kellie, 15 08 2009
I want to hope a plane, and hangout for a minute.Very nice view
james, 09 08 2009
I miss the love of my life Sarah and holding hands in Covent Garden. I miss here... Love Always Your Turnip
Phil, 04 08 2009
This is a much better cam than the one claiming to be the Piazza!!! Hooray!!!
kellie, 31 07 2009
Your heat wave versus California\'s heat wave. Your celebrations on July 4th versus Calif\'s 4th of July. I\'ll take Covent Garden! Hands down!
Mark, 06 07 2009
Love London!Wonderful place. I wish I were there(((This webcam is supergreat!
Naty, 13 05 2009
I miss all the sites and sounds at Covent Garden but most of all I miss Sarah. Her Turnip Always xxx
Turnip, 03 05 2009
I miss London and walking around the sites with Richard. Miss you heaps. X
Deb, 18 04 2009
Здорово,сидя в Курске приобщиться к лондонской жизни.Привет,Лондон!Жди в гости!
teroikhin Sergey, 11 03 2009
venanzo, 28 02 2009
I miss walking through Covent Garden with my Sarah. Maybe again someday soon.
Turnip, 20 02 2009
Thank you very much Orestes and Cheshire for your help its much appreciated. Cant wait until i come down to London, im so looking forward to it
Claire, 12 02 2009
Claire, this webcam is facing away from Drury. So, going back a little bit further than the distance the camera shows. Puts you at Bow St. And about another city block puts you at Drury. A total of about 200 m.
cheshire, 12 02 2009
Hello Claire is quite close from Drury Lane go to Arne St Bow st and finally you´ll be in Covent Garden, anyway have a look in , you will love that place , look for a resaurant called papageno, is sper...
Orestes, 10 02 2009
Nice webcam! Rainy there, eh?
Alan, 10 02 2009
Hi xx Can anyone please tell me how far away this web cam is from Drury Lane? Im away to London soon and and help will be much appreciated. Thank you xxxx
Claire, 09 02 2009
Can anyone tell me how far away this web cam is from Drury Lane? Im away to London soon and would really appreciate an answer, thank you in advance xxxx
Claire, 09 02 2009
Rach: CTV truck is for BAFTA Awards taking place on Sunday evening at the Opera House just around the corner. All the big stars will be there!
Butch, 08 02 2009
whats going on with the CTV truck been parked there for a few days?? anyone know
rach, 06 02 2009
Message to Tarquin, London is great but remember you guys are nothing if not the foreigners that have kept ur tiny little isle propped up these years. So keep quiet and go work in the bar or something instead of living off benefits (yes you) and sitting down complaining like every other fat chav slob in your miserly country.
Drkyg, 02 02 2009
Message to Tarquinn. Keep your bloody comments to yourself. If it wasn\'t for US tourists and visitors your city would not be the great place it is. Much obliged guvnor
Jay, 24 01 2009
Mesage to Jimm Cox. Please stay at home. We have enough annoying american students to annoy us as it is. Much obliged guvnor.
Tarquinn, 23 01 2009
London rocks! I\'ll be there with 30 university students in July. We\'ll visit the bar and wave to all of our friends back home in the US!
Jimm Cox, 22 12 2008
Well its very nice The others look dead this one actually moves
lucia, 21 12 2008
Belushi\\\'s was one of the best times I had while in london. I cant wait to go back again. I miss it.. What a wonderful city
Deb, 09 12 2008
Cool,this camera is good,it\'s almost as if they are moving in real time.
David,Harrogate, 02 12 2008
Sarah and I loved walking through Covent Garden, enjoying Belushi\'s, all the stalls, Christmas Shoping and being together. I miss her. Phil 24/11/08
Phil, 24 11 2008
That\'s an easy way to \"meet\" our students doing a work experience in London! A great experiment for their friends and families! Thanks..
christine A, 22 11 2008
Had a great night in Belushi\\\'s bar when we came to London last year! Staff were mad and had such a blast! Make sure you pay a visit if you can! Tony Leeds
Tony, 14 09 2008
Now that I am missing London so much, even if I went there only 8 months ago, I love this web cam, it makes me feel I\'m there. Hope to be back in London soon!
Rita, 15 08 2008
Great shopping around Covent Garden. The market is different every day. I will spend July 2009 in London with 30 US students and we will spend some dollars at the stalls. I\'m sure I\'ll pop in for some opera as well.
Jimm Cox, 13 08 2008
i love London and the whole of England so much that we are finally moving there next week, i can\'t wait to drink pints in a proper pub...yeahhh
alex aizprua, 09 08 2008
My heart is bleeding when seeing London, it\'s incredible how much I\'m loving this city! I\'ll be back in April 2009
Natascha Nina, 31 07 2008
hourra !! i\'ll be back in London in october, but this time for work, i can\'t wait to be there, i love this city
jany, 30 07 2008
I\'ll be back in August, after stops in Germany & France. This is the city I look forward to being in the most...I can taste the beer already...
JY, 30 07 2008
Can\'t wait for my visit to London on 7th December when I will be staying at Covent Garden,sounds such a posh place.Will look for the cam and give everyone a wave. Best wishes to all. Andy Baillie
Andy Baillie, 29 07 2008
I will be back in London in September and I can\'t wait. Somehow it just seem less stressful than the States. Not so set on material wealth.
TravelersRest, 25 07 2008
I love Kirkcaldy. Shame about the prom.
iwan klots, 19 07 2008
i'd love eat a pizza at ponty's in covent garden market, it's one of my favorites places of London
Jany from Rouen, 20 05 2008
With you there, Deborah. I like Down Under too but the longer I'm away from UK the more I miss the place. Understand you, too, N Gough - we're all in too much of a damned hurry, and it's the same in every major city.
Bob, 10 05 2008
It's to bad but most bigger cities are like that, even smaller ones are anymore, anywhere you are. But a lot of people have good hearts and still help one another out.
Tina, 27 04 2008
I think people everywhere in general are looking out for themselves more and probably becoming a bit more rude. I love London its a fantastic city. I love Australia too but I will always be British and you can never get rid of that in your heart and soul.
Deborah, 25 04 2008
Eric although your comments are valid about the Mayor im a cockney and you know what Johnson said :When your Tired of London Your Tired Of Life:
Danny H, 24 04 2008
i have lived in london all my life and have to say i have noticed a huge decline in peoples attitudes, its a very rude 'look out for number one' place, its all rush rush, i dont like it and am hoping to get moved away soon as i get my life sorted out
n gough, 24 04 2008
Hey anyone seen those amazing Dinosaur t shirts.The fella does loads of different designs,cool skull and crossbones.Genius and so well priced.He does each one by hand,think they are air brushed or something.
Martin, 07 04 2008
Living in London is a nightmare. There is a mayor (Ken Livingstone) who squeezes out money of motorists via parking regulations, congestion charge etc. Streetcrime, even shootings and stabbings are quite common. I used to live there for about twenty years, I am glad I managed to leave this horrible city.
Eric, 07 04 2008
Christy I totally agree with you, I would much rather live in London than NZ. People in London are sooo much nicer. Rona, I think your the mad one!
Deborah, 29 03 2008
Hey! Christy! i've been in Aussie 31 years, yeh sometimes i get those feelings too, but just for a visit, thats why these cams are fantastic. I visit the world from my home,the mouse in one hand and a beer in the other. Save up luv take a trip back home your only here once. Rick.
Rick, 21 03 2008
Londres é um lugar muito especial, amei todos os lugares por onde passei, tomara que possa novamente estar por aí, não agora na primavera, mas no inverso, amo muito tudo isso. Compactuo com a opinião do sorocabense, Londre é demais. Bjs e sucesso a todos do site.
Clarice, 16 03 2008
To Christy - You would rather be in London than NZ! Are you mad?
Rona, 16 03 2008
i feel so homesick, ive been in nz for 6 years.. and i just miss england so much, i wish i was there in the frosty weather talking to my lovely friends all wrapped up.. being here breaks my heart
christy, 01 03 2008
Grande Londres, que saudade dos passeios por essa grande cidade. Até a proxima e que seja breve. Thomé - Sorocaba - Brazil
Luiz , 10 02 2008
sono qui a lavorare..e guardabdo queste immagini sto sognando ad occhi aperti!e' sttao bellissimo vivere la e adesso sento tanta nostalgia..di tutto!! spero di tornarci presto!!
bea, 23 01 2008
London...I feel like home even if I haven't lived there!The camera makes me feel closer..Thank you!
Ju, 29 12 2007
ciao magica londra,mi sei entrata nel cuore a capodanno 2004,e non ne sei piu'uscita.da allora sento una grande nostalgia di te!a presto!
vittoria, 28 12 2007
I like london, but this place is amazing, when i lived there i went every sunday to Covent Garden, every sunday for three years. Miss it all
Angie, 25 11 2007
Londra mi manchi, chissà quando ci rivedremo!
Azzurra, 01 11 2007
This view´s bringing back the memory and the feeling of a very good trip to London two years ago. I disoverded the area around Covent Garden and it was fun, adventure and a feeling of coming home.
Steffi, 11 10 2007
Love London, going there in november....can`t wait!!!=))
Sylvia, 09 10 2007
Wonderful place, at the corner of magnificent, Covent Garden square. I miss perfect beers and magnificent music inside the bar and live music performed out in the street. I hope I will be visiting very soon again belushi’s bar.
Burim Dinarama, 21 09 2007
I dont know this place, but I'm looking for my girlfriend. She is someware in London now ;)
JJ, 24 07 2007
I'm planning a vacation to England next year and maybe even emigrating from the US. I like to use the cams to tide me over until then. Love it!
Patrick, 19 07 2007
OMG i so wish i was there! Belushi's my fave place in the entire world . ive had soo much fun there, feel sorry for the bartenders, they have to put up with a lot ..
Sarah, 15 07 2007
gee I feel so excited glad I`m not there I love the rain
doris bonkers, 13 07 2007
i want see marko
sandra, 09 07 2007
i wish i would see marko infront of the camera :)
sandra, 09 07 2007
Covent Garden was very different back in the early/mid 70's when it was still London's fruit and vegetable market. There were pubs open at very odd hours, lots of greasy spoons to eat in and the place had a very tough feel indeed. It certainly was not all stores and such like.
James Montgomery, 07 07 2007
Wow, that washing machine things is great
Hobbo, 06 07 2007
Covent Garden is a great place to hang out, see you soon
A Louw, 06 07 2007
i am in California watching people in England... George Orwell spoke about this in his book "1984"...
Perry Noid, 05 07 2007
One of my favorite haunts when in London. Can't wait to return. Thanks.
Rick, from Toronto, 03 07 2007
Hy, I'm brazilian, lifed this images.... Congratulations... Just in Londres, its is beatiful.... And righ away here are there... bye,bye
Clarice Mauro, 30 06 2007
Hy, I'm brazilian, lifed this images.... Congratulations... Just in Londres, its is beatiful.... And righ away here are there... bye,bye
Clarice Mauro, 30 06 2007
Congratulazione! è bellissimo!
FABIO IACOPINI, 27 06 2007
Bello bello! congratulazioni
FABIO IACOPINI, 27 06 2007
It's pouring rain outside and here I sit, able to watch Londoner's and I assume many tourists, as they come and go around this square. Thanks Belushi's, for letting me bring a little part of London "LIVE" to my living room. Across the big pond. Claremore, Oklahoma, USA Vonda O'neil
Vonda, 26 06 2007
Great camera, can't wait until we can visit Covent Garden again. From Canada
Dave Chatterton, 24 06 2007
Love see see pictures of London. Just wish I would see Richard walk infront of camera. I miss him..alot.XX
Debs, 21 06 2007
AHHH, I wish I was there! I love this neighborhood and that first glance around the corner into Covent Garden is always a thrill...Is the doc marten store still there?
annette norman, 08 06 2007

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