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User comments

Are the red topped boats under the crane lifeboats?
Len, Yorkshire, 16 10 2010
left scotland in 1961 have lived in australia since 1971.I still remember the freezing water in the open air pool.Happy days--BB
bill brown, 21 09 2010
We were just there May 18-19 2010. Loved it. The ladders that go up the side of the bay to hold the boats are neat. Love that area & Scotland!
Mackie, 24 05 2010
Oh great! I was there back in 1991 and we visited the castle which was great. It would be nice to see the castle on the webcam as well!!
Ingrid Heymans, 29 04 2010
New views? Probably old views, new camera site!
CA, 24 02 2010
pat obrien, 23 02 2010
Just beautiful with a dusting of snow.
Cate in Canada, 19 02 2010
wish I was there!
jackie, 26 12 2009
message to kelly,usa, when you go, stay at Beachgate, right on beach, very comfortable and the host cannot be beat. book well ahead
bettysue, 29 11 2009
Some day I will visit. Can not wait. Beautiful!
Kelly, USA, 23 09 2009
Born and brought up in Stoney.Often thought of calling for Mackie Academy FPs to get together.There is a housing complex in Jo\\\'burg called Stonehaven so obviously there must be a connection!
Ronnie Moir, 10 08 2009
brought up in stonehaven. my brother and his family still live there. lovely place. message for egammie dated the 06.05.2009 . I lived across the road. from the Hendersons
ian walker, 02 06 2009
A lovely place which we left 40 years ago. Still miss it. Anybody remember the Henderson family Urie Crescent?
egammie, 06 05 2009
ahhhhhhh cannot always be there but loving that i can see my harbour anytime i wish . will be seeing it again in its lovely entirety in 2 weeks from now lol
bree, 20 04 2009
A reply to Sydney Lowry,who was brought up in Stonehaven 60 yrs ago.Am wondering if you might remember the Skinner family of Victoria St?My mother was the 3rd child,Bessie,and the others were Jane Ann,Ida,James and Billie(Williamina),but the ones you may remember are the 2 youngest,Craig and John?
Linda Hershbien, 13 04 2009
Fascinating watching the JCB rescue to car and the boat from the harbour
Harvey, 23 02 2009
It is a nice little place!!
Hanni, 25 01 2009
Looks like a nice place
Elliott, 23 01 2009
how lovely it looks with a sprinkling of snow
jack, 23 11 2008
Having stayed at the harbour for few days found people very friendly and would love to come back for a longer stay beautiful area!
anita, 15 10 2008
Derek...You often find that in small traditional towns up there but after 25years I\'m sure you must have made some friends amongst the locals! and you still live in a nicer place than me! My grandad had a farm up that way when I was a child and I loved to holiday there although I have never been to Stonehaven...yet.
Jackie, 11 10 2008
I moved to stoney when I got married. 25 years ago, I still live there but no longer married the locals are strange and treat everybody like strangers.
Derek Adams, 11 10 2008
I was born in Stoney. Mum and Dad living there but sometimes I like to look at the harbour and wish i was there too!
Alison, 09 10 2008
i was brought up in stonehaven 60 years ago.I have not visited for 41 years but i will travell down memory lane in the next few months.I wonder if anyone rembers the name.
sydney lowry, 09 09 2008
You have such a lovely town. Thank you for sharing it on the web. I wish my ancestors had thought it over a bit more before they left Scotland
teri, 01 08 2008
Greetings from Colac Australia. My forebears lived in the Auld Toon since c1780.The harbour is a very special place for me.
Bill Brown, 30 07 2008
Best little toon bar nane! Life is awfy grand in Dubayy but Jeckie and the other Station Hotel rs pull ye back tae earth wi\' a bump!!
TattieTam, 26 07 2008
Let’s have a zoom in on Shorehead, the taverns and beach area. Thank you
Deanna, 21 07 2008
Let\'s have a zoom in on harbor town and beach area.
Deanna, 21 07 2008
Best little town there is because it is home. cant wait to come back home after 9 months in Angola. Hope Bob has a beer ready for me at the Marine. Also hope they have changed the soup !!!
Racinsnake, 11 03 2008
hello and greetings from austria! in a few days, we´re there for 10 days!...from edingburgh to stirling to stonehaven to aberdeen to elgin/lossiemouth to inverness to loch ness/ oban to glasgow!! we´re very excited!
Roman, 11 03 2008
My kin are from Aberdeenshire, Alford and Touch .... love visting Stonehaven, my buddy Brendan Mccabe and The Trybe are plying there for Hogmanay tonight .... my heart is in Scotland, my body in North Carolina, yours aye
Jim Gee, 31 12 2007
Clearly unless your name is Louise you cannot get one of your choosen pictures into the viewer gallery.
Barrie Horsburgh, 19 12 2007
I love Stonehaven, was there in April had a wonderful time. Will return
John McClements, 16 12 2007
Beautiful, charming, town. Wish there were closer shots of the Ships Inn area and beach.
Deanna, Ohio, USA , 12 11 2007
looking at this web cam it is one place that i would love to visit it looks so restfull
LESLIE HIBBERT, 05 11 2007
I love this! I was brought up in Stonehaven and my parents still live there, although does make me a little homesick
angela brown, 29 06 2007

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