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User comments

Ah, that wonderful seaport of Oban. Friendly people, beautiful scenery and great food. The departure point of many of my ancestors, so I feel at home when I visit.
Laura, 18 01 2010
I would like to be able to enlarge the picture. What I\'m receiving is too small to enjoy. Scotland needs to be seen life size, otherwise you lose the majestic beauty that is Scotland.
jeanne brodie, 13 08 2009
A little frustrating that you even ask for comments when they are ignored. The old view was much better than the current one, nothing to look at but water now. Always disappointed when I bring up the site hoping it has changed.
Sandra Mathews, 23 07 2009
Sorry! Didn\'t wait long enough for the scene change. There are some great shots if a person has a little patience!
Patricia, 02 06 2009
oban is a nice town and there is a great fish and chip shop in the high street
paul, 30 05 2009
You say you want remarks but when you get all these negative comments, nothing is done to change what was originally a terrific webcam!
james pettigrew, 07 05 2009
Boring, boring boring. Nothing to make anyone want to visit. Looks like a ghost town.
Lil, 25 02 2009
what is the name of the mountain in the background
N Steel, 18 02 2009
Miss your rotating camera views. Always enjoyed your harbor and traffic scenes.
richard spalding, 11 02 2009
I agree with Dorothy. The old cam was the best to view Oban
Alan, 10 02 2009
Quite simply, the previous webcam views were better. Why was it changed?
james barr, 02 02 2009
A good webcam is bringing people and !money into a town. The old one was good, the new one is keeping people away. Gerald from Germany (who visited Oban becouse of the old cam).
Gerald Trebaticky, 25 01 2009
What in the world have you done to this webcam? It used to be wonderful.
Kim, 13 01 2009
The camera should be on Caldonian Hotel looking out over the bay. The beautiful sunsets could be see and showcase the beauty of Oban. Miss the old view of rising & lower of tides, etc.
Nancy, 07 01 2009
I miss the old webcam that showed the quay, shops, people, ferries and more boats. This one seems to be stuck in one place.
Dorothy, 01 10 2008
What an absolutely waste of time looking at this web site. Missing such a priceless upportunity to show Oban at its best. Very tragic
Jake, 31 08 2008
oban has some of the best sunsets in the highlands
paul, 30 08 2008
What on Earth has happened to this Oban webcam? It is now a total waste of time. If it is awaiting maintenance, please tell us.
Hamish, 20 08 2008
i love watching the sun set over the bay,i wondered where it went and one day it dawned on me
paul, 18 08 2008
please please please please put web cam back where it was pleeeaaassseee.
Linda, 25 07 2008
why just one cam, put one where it shows the stores (shops) and the people , and make it streaming cam, we stay in lochgilphead when we are over but oban is always on our list,
robert, 09 07 2008
I miss the old camera with its sweeping views--a lot!
Beth, 08 07 2008
Don't know why you ask for comments when you obviously don't pay any attention to them. Did a high-powered official's son, cousin, or brother decide to move the cam and that's why you leave it there despite all the cmplaints? There's nothing to look at. It is so disappointing. Move it back to the old location, PLEASE!!
Sandy, 14 06 2008
used to watch this web cam all the time now i dont bother just check in time to time to see if it is back where it used to be . no change.
linda, 12 06 2008
View of lamp post is a total waste of space-when will the camera show the full bay views-6 months on and its still rubbish,that a Scottish term for poor quality
Robert, 23 05 2008
Oban is a beautiful spot. The sunsets are spectacular, but are not showcased on the new view. Use to watch the bay everday but not so much now cause there's nothing to watch.
Nancy, 12 05 2008
Good grief! The Oban cam used to be one of the BEST cams on your website. Why in the world did you have to change such a good thing?
Kim, 17 04 2008
It is me again! I have been watching on and off for about an hour. Your views are limited. Your view across Kerrera and the ?Stephenson monument is marred bya tall mast. Why are there so few angles and the frame change frequency is far too infrequent. You can do it. You have streaming video of Leicester Square, I do not ask for this but surely you could return to your 3 second change rate of some time ago. You have zoom and mobility. Why not use it? I have not yet worked out where the camera is, but it was much better on Mactavish's. It looks tome that you could swing round for far more views. Please do something. You are not doing yourselves justice.
John Haldane, 14 04 2008
STEVEN, 31 03 2008
I have watched this view(s) from the old camera location for several years and biased on what I have seen plan to visit Oban from the USA this fall. I am greatly disapointed in the new location as it does not convey what Oban is like to me. Please try to return to the old location. Jim: 29 03 08
Jim Shaughnessy, 31 03 2008
The new Oban cam is ridiculous! As a frequent visitor to Scotland, I think the people responsible need to review their decision making process. Bring back the old cam!! Larry Edwards, San Francisco
Larry Edwards, 29 03 2008
i would like to see a camera outside the claredon hotelbeside the one the police have got this is where obans locals drink the ones that are barred from every other pub in oban big bimbo the doar man has hjs work cut out there i here there is a nutter drinking there now he scratched his name on the toilet doar
steven, 27 03 2008
What a disappointment the new Oban site is. Does ANYONE from Camvista read these comments? We've all expressed the notion that the old one made people (like me) want to visit. Now it doesn't excite me with that "can't wait to save my money and go across the ocean from the US to visit this small place"
Joice, 24 03 2008
The new camera is beginning to shape up well. Different from the old one but great angles. Pity about that lamp post.
Hugh , 21 03 2008
This appears to be a new camera based at an hotel on the promenade next to the Cathedral. Certainly it is a change from the original set based on George Street between the two piers. It would be useful to know what happened to the old webcam. Does anybody know? It would also be in the interest of local tourism if a camera reflecting the quality and location of the old one could be resurrected for people all over the world, who were used to 'visiting' the old one on a regular basis.
Hugh, 13 03 2008
They are probably refurbishing the room it is in. They do this every other year and have to move the camera. It will probably be back in place later.
Sandy, 13 03 2008
The new Obancamera i a shame!
Hanni Kuhn, 12 03 2008
new cam is a backward step-one fixed shot,bring back the old system with full view of the bay
Robert, 11 03 2008
What a terrible shame that this once proud web cam has been reduced to one poor and pitifull image.Where have all the wonderful views gone?
cully pettigrew, 10 03 2008
Awwww! Fix the camera! I LOVE this webcam!
Judith Hague, 23 01 2008
hi i visited oban it lasted eighteen months i had a ball some of the time met the usauspects i will name some. but not all stevy shaw owner off the woodside and hydro dancing brittish boxing champion nice guy his coach halphy hope to see you soon the pub was like some thing out of shameles ithink stevey was frank gallecher in disguise
steven burns, 05 01 2008
My favourite place in the Highlands-a wee oasis of peace.
TREVOR GARDNER, 29 12 2007
Where's the grand sea? The splendid ferries? The old man of the sea sculpture. McCraig's Tower? The swirling gulls and lobster nets? In other words where are all the things that make Oban wondrous?
jean michael, 20 12 2007
SCOTLAND-OBAN great location,aye
james mc callum, 15 10 2007
Lovely memories of Oban and had lunch across the street from the webcam. George
George, 27 09 2007
Could be a great webcam. Shame that the images are blurred,taken from unimaginative angles and do not refresh more often! A waste of a valuable opportunity!
cully pettigrew, 28 08 2007
Next year we want to travel around in Scotland and even more because of the beauty we see thru the cams.
Ron Abbo and Louise Peerdeman, 12 08 2007
just like to check the weather and wish iwas there when it is sunny
sid slater, 28 07 2007
Wonderful to see Oban to remind us of our holiday there. The harbour, skies and ferry. Lovely
Roger Sykes, 26 06 2007

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