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User comments

abdul khaleque, 01 11 2011
visited last week Oct 15 - 18. Beautiful city indeed
Merv, 26 10 2010
wings, 06 08 2010
wonderful! And I hope I am able to visit there someday!!
wings, 06 08 2010
wonderful!I hope that I will visit there someday~!!
wings, 06 08 2010
LOVE this site and how the camera actually pans the area so that we may see all around.
Cheryl, 06 02 2010
wait...this isn\'t a political comment. Was January 30, 2010 a clear sunny day all day in Washington?
Paolo, 31 01 2010
I\'m missing something and it\'s not the sky as that\'s in plain view, it\'s what the national mall looks like right now during the March for Life. Whatever ground view there is supposed to be is hidden behind the bottom banner.
Larry Smith, 22 01 2010
VITO, 06 01 2010
Stop with the political comments.
Carolf, 22 12 2009
So am I missing something. The weather channel says DC has heavy snow yet the \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"live\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" vido cam that updates every 5 seconds has a beautiful sunny picture. Ah in DC the truth is always elusive.
Jim Murray, 19 12 2009
What a sad commentary to see an apolitical site used for propaganda by ANYONE, least of all the clueless. DC is a great place to visit, the history there is everywhere, and the sights this camera sees are timeless. But now visitors must wade through whiners and socialists bent on making everything a political issue... Sad.
Manny Urbina, 02 03 2009
Jim Aubuchon suggests asking someone in England how the national health service works: well I\'m in England and it works very well. Yes it has problems like any other healthcare system but these issues are more than offset by the millions who receive exemplary care free at the point of delivery. And no I\'m not a politician just a grateful patient.
P Coghlan, 02 03 2009
So Jim, How about you give some ideas on how the crisis the last president made. Also I am Emglish and I can tell you that you can measure a nation by how it looks after those who through not fault of theit own can are not in good health, God bless a national health service, hope you never get ill and are refused health insurance like I was.
Craig, 02 03 2009
Talk to me in 1 year and then maybe, just maybe I will celebrate. So far I haven\'t seen much. Other then growing the government, which is always bad. You want to turn over the banking system to the government. Look what they did to social security. You want national health care. Ask Canada and England how that works. Stimulus package?? That\'s your money they are throwing away in Washington. Who do you think is going to pay for all this? A 900 page bill that no one took the time to read was passed, now that\'s typical. Wait a month when you find out about all the B.S. (PORK) that\'s in this bill. Someday we will learn to just throw everyone out of Washington and start over.
Jim Aubuchon, 16 02 2009
I do not agree with Obama ideals but I always support my pres..GOD BLESS THE US...
doug, 31 01 2009
I love to see all the thousands of Pro-lifers quietly and respectfully protesting the 36th anniversary of Roe v Wade
Cynthia Hintz, 22 01 2009
Everything will be alright in the end. If it\'s not alright, it\'s not the end.... welcome to Obama and family & congratulations Camvista for again having your lens in the right place at the right moment/
Alison, 20 01 2009
this is the best day of my life! finaly a honest, good righteous man to lead what i concider to be the worlds greatist nation.butt most of al a man that is worth looking up to, respect and trust and who will not betray all of that. short someone who is worth believing in because he is hope...something which was long overdue and has finaly come to us all!
gideon koeter, 20 01 2009
All the best to you America, have been watching from Timaru, New Zealand. This man has great values and great beliefs, i feel he is what your country needs to help. May your country be happier and God Bless you all, HAVE AN AMAZING DAY AMERICA, Love from New Zealand
Amanda , 20 01 2009
Congratulation from a new President,Obama = Hope. Greetings from Wattenscheid,Germany
Elmar, 20 01 2009
Cogratulation to the new President. Obama = Hope. Greetings from Wattenscheid, Germany
Elmar, 20 01 2009
At last, a good honest man as President. Congratulations to USA, now lead us out of this recession
Gary Burns, 20 01 2009
congratulations to the new president i know you will keep this great country of ours safe
chris engler, 20 01 2009
I know people saying that one man cannot change the world but I say to them that at least he can be the spark that will light up the fire of change and peace all over our crying world!!! Peace from a friend in Quebec, Canada.
Alex, 20 01 2009
I\'m so proud of our country today.. and of my son who is one of those freezing americans on site in Washington.
Cynthia, 20 01 2009
Ding,Dong the witch is dead!!! Happy Obama day to all of you.Congrats all you yanks on a good decision.Sanity returns to the world!enjoy the day love from Ireland
I am watching from my music shop near the Mayflower steps in Plymouth UK from where the Pilgrim Fathers set sail on their epic journey to America. Your new President is now on another epic journey of peace and hope for our World. Mr Obama is so, so right for us all. Have a great day America! Very best wishes from the other side of the Pond!!
Linda, 20 01 2009
I\'m so jealous of everyone that is lucky enough to be in DC. First Time in my life that I wish I was there. Take lots of pics, make a scrapbook, and have a Great Time!
stan, 20 01 2009
I\'m watching from the UK. What a wonderful day!
Maggie, 20 01 2009
Enjoy the day, Washington! This president is a model to all citizens. Will watch from Ontario, Canada.
laura b , 20 01 2009
What a day!! you are so fortunate to be able to witness the inauguration of this great man. We are indeed in need of such an inspiration. he will be great and I wish him so much luck in his position. We all need a new role model - worldwide. Pl,ease let it be him.
Karin, 20 01 2009
It is wonderful to ook at these pictures and to feel involved in todays proceedings, I am a frequent visitor to USA and feel I belong whilst I am visitng and I wanted Obama to win the election, he is the best man for the job, God Bless America. To all of you in Washtington and all over the US have a great day
Lisa B, 20 01 2009
From Finland This is special day to all of us, I believe that the future will be better because Mr Obama is big part of it. I hope that this positive atmosphere would be present also here in Finland.
Tuomo, 20 01 2009
I am watching from Canada. A great day for America and the world.
Jim, 20 01 2009
Canada is better
Steven Harper, 20 01 2009
Eight years ago today, I stood massed with 350,000 proud and peaceful protesters of every race and creed all along the parade route traveled by George W. Bush. He is leaving with his tail between his legs, the same way he arrived through miniscule Midland, Texas. Barack, my Barack, I am so proud of you and of my nation that elected you to truly represent us in a complete restoration of freedom, justice and tranquility. America can again uncover its loving care and gentle strength toward all the people of the world, our friends and partners in an age full of dreadful troubles. May we all acknowledge, speak with and care for one another openly, honestly, and ready to act to help repair what has been so badly damaged since that awful Inauguration day eight years ago. Love and Peace to You All!
Paul Suckow, 20 01 2009
A beautiful city in a wonderful country,we have visited with friends from N.H. WE WISH YOU WELL GOD BLESS AMERICAN PEOPLE
robert franklin, 20 01 2009
From France and work trying to feel the special atmosphere of this amazing day...through a webcam :)
marion, 20 01 2009
We wish You all a very happy inauguration and hopefully is President Obama the man who brings peace, prosperrithy and lots of good luck and understanding among an toward all of us the next 4 Year. We wish him all the magic that he neads to forfill his Job positivly.
George, Joeske and Gideon Koeter, Netherlands, 20 01 2009
Congratulation America
Thomas Moeller, Denmark, 20 01 2009
I\'m so excited for the USA and the world! What a great great day. Good luck Mr Obama and his family. I never thought I\'d live to see the day when an African-American got to the Whitehouse. Brilliant.
Alison Cassidy, 20 01 2009
God bless you all.Heres to a new world era.Will be thinking of every American today
selwyn Channon, 20 01 2009
Quelle grande journée !!! L\'espoir est en marche... good luck
louis, 20 01 2009
Change - We hope it\'s for the good of all people in the US and around the world. AB
Blaine, 20 01 2009
God bless America and his president in this important day for the American History. All the world watch you and hope that this president will make a new world.I am watching from France, near PARIS, and I am proud of you.
Isabelle, 20 01 2009
We are witnessing the peacful, orderly transition of power at the highest level. NOT the salvation of mankind.
Rick, 20 01 2009
nigel fellows, 20 01 2009
good luck to you all,a very important day in american history
nigel fellows, 20 01 2009
I am watching from N.Ireland and feel priviledged to be able to see this in my own home.I wish the new President well.God bless him and his family.
Pat, 20 01 2009
I am not USA citizen but I wish to all of You good luck and I hope Obama can restart the dream
Giorgio, 20 01 2009
It is indeed a magical day. The sun is rising on a new hope.
Yolanda, 20 01 2009
We are watching from the office in Devon Uk
Elaine, 20 01 2009
Eric, 20 01 2009
My family is very excited about Obama being president. God\'s Blessing To Barrack, His Family/Friends and to All Of Us here in The USA!
Cindi Herre, 20 01 2009
Change is coming to America. Good luck to you all! We are watching from Holland. Love, Coco en Michelle
Michelle Wisse, 20 01 2009
good luck usa watching on earthcam yorkshire england
melanie griffin, 20 01 2009
We are watching from Melbourne Victoria Australia. This is a great moment in history.
Wendy, 20 01 2009
Love and best wishes to the people of the United States. May the dream come true.
Mark Lane, 20 01 2009
We are watching you on the webcam at our school in Dublin Ireland. We are very excited about Barrack Obama becoming president.
Joanna, 20 01 2009
We are in a school in the North East of England watching Washington via a webcam. We wish you well at the dawn of a new era.
eileen fenwick, 20 01 2009
I loved visiting Washington DC in 91 after Manhattan it was so green and quiet reminded me of my hometown Edinburgh.
Theresa, 31 01 2008
How I miss Washington. One of the most beautiful cities in the World. I wish I was back in the states...
Heather, 06 12 2007

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