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User comments

Looks a lovely evening at Sennen. In West Yorkshire its 7.15 pm dark and rainy. Cannot believe how much I am missing the sea, sun and sennen Will not be back now until March 2011.
Chris Pattinson, 04 08 2010
Wow the sea is up tonight. Missing Sennen so much. Will not be back until 2011. My heart aches for the place
Chris Pattinson, 01 07 2010
back in derbyshire now but have left our hearts at sennen cove,cant wait to return
kev and sue, 19 06 2010
Its been a long time but are they rocks on the beach, where has all the sand gone? Just back form Hawaii and its pretty nice too. Mahalo
Curly, 10 04 2010
Like Alan & Chris, we have just returned home from my cherished Sennen, I left my soul there too! Hope to be back in June & November Vicky Burton
Vicky Burton, 24 03 2010
looking at the cam everyday I notice the surfers are using long boards these days , getting back to normality :) shall be down there at the end of may, cant stay away any longer, :) chris .
chris, 22 03 2010
Just got back from a visit down to our beloved Sennen. First visit of the year. We will be back in June for two weeks. Miss it so much - we have both left our souls there. A truly magical place.
Alan and Chris Pattinson, 17 03 2010
used to live in Newlyn , bought my kids up on sennan beach , after 15 years they still talk about going back home and visit sennan whenever they can , they dont need an excuse
chris, 12 03 2010
Sennen is an amazing beach and only second to Gwenver. I love to see teh very familiar shot of the car park and beach. Amazingly it is identicle to the days i spent all my time on the beach back around 1974! My dream is to revisit with my kids one day while we can all still hit the surf. Both beaches have something about them that makes them two of the best in the world. maybe its because so many people just have such a great time there and feel part of it all! Curly
Curly, 23 02 2010
We also check this out everyday & can truly understand how Alan & Chris love it. I would willingly travel the 300 miles plus to visit Sennen anytime The Robinsons, Newcastle-under-Lyme
Diane and Kevin Robinson, 08 01 2010
love it
vic, 30 12 2009
We view the web cam daily. Alan and I both feel we have left our souls in Sennen. Only someone who loves Sennen as much as we do can understand. Roll on March when we will be back. Alan and Chris West Yorkshire
Chris Pattinson, 26 11 2009
Steve, 02 11 2009
So grateful for the Sennen webcam -- next best thing to being there but, on my laptop at least, the picture is always very grey and misty. I wonder, does the camera lens get cleaned regularly? I realise that climbing up to it can\'t be an easy job, but it would improve the view no end, if that\'s the problem!
Liz Lanyon, 25 08 2009
just had a photo text from my friend from top car park looking down too sennen cove the caption reading worth the wait!! Sennen in the sunshine the greatest place to be!
trudi, 06 08 2009
we\'ve just come back from our holidays in cornwall,senen is a lovely place,and we\'re now counting down the months till we can next visit this lovely place.
phil broadhead, 27 07 2009
We\'ve just found the webcam for Sennen. We have been visiting Sennen since 1975 once if not twice a year. On a sunny day we would rather be in Sennen then anywhere else in the world. A very, very special place. Alan and Chris Yorkshire
Chris Pattinson, 23 07 2009
i was born in cornwall st austell,moved to usa when i was 2 mum died a few years ago she was a hair dresser there for years, i want to go see it again with my kids now.
vicki, 18 06 2009
looks a really nice beach, my dad used to live in a pig stye at the beach next to this. He says he surfed there but looks a bit flat for surf Nick Curl
Nick Curl, 03 06 2009
My dad is from Cornwall. Syd Turner. He fought in the war, then came to Australia and became a naturalised Aussie. I want to visit Cornwall, it looks nice.
Richard, 04 04 2009
I too visit this site almost daily. I have been holidaying in Sennen since childhood, it is my special place in the world & can\'t wait to return next month! Thanks for the view
Vicky Burton, 04 02 2009
Surfed Sennen and gwenver for many years when I could get down from Plymouth to stay with family freinds at trewellard meadery,last 20 years I have surfed the east coast of Australia, but still rate Sennen as one of my top places to surf. check out the sennen web cam most nights and long for the day to return for another go
Paul Leonard, 25 01 2009
i visit this site every day to view this great area, i love sennan cove ,can\\\'t wait to visit in may,thanks camvista.
philip broadhead, 14 01 2009
Who needs to go abroad when you can go on beaches as amazing as Sennen in your own country. Thanks camvista.
Andrew Burdett, 13 09 2008

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