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User comments

coming back down to london in june, bringing my little brother, its his first time down, looking forward to it
paulb, 22 04 2010
London is fantastic, marvellous. The Londoners too. I will visit the city in May.
Klemens, 23 01 2010
so missing london, gonna be a while before i go down again
paulb, 20 10 2009
Gonna be living in that same street as from next month!!!
Noel Zarb, 18 09 2009
back - lovely long weekend. it was also fun spotting the various webcams i have bookmarked. probably go back down next sept now, see how much i miss the place.
paulb, 06 09 2009
i live about 3 hours away on a train, and im heading down there first thing tomorrow morning, would live there if i could
paulb, 02 09 2009
Hey paulb, where are you from that you visit London so often? I wish I could, you\'re lucky
J, 31 08 2009
1 week to go
paulb, 26 08 2009
love covent gardens-please show the piazza
tom h, 25 08 2009
3 weeks today we will be supping in covent garden
paulb, 14 08 2009
5 weeks next thursday, itching to get off the train and on that tube
paulb, 31 07 2009
9 weeks today, cant wait
paulb, 02 07 2009
It\'s much warmer in London than in Vladivostok. Lucky people you are!
Irina, 18 06 2009
Agree with Kellie. The camera refreshes but doesn\'t change the picture.
Irina, 14 06 2009
Love Covent Garden, went into Porters, everyone there was great. Wish I was there right now.
Tina, 23 05 2009
back in sept, double-bubble for a change but after this it wont be for another year, gotta pack a lot in
paulb, 15 05 2009
why is this camera always showing the side street?? Occasionally it shows an actual view of the piazza, rahter than a dark side street
kellie, 15 05 2009
back after a nice long weekend, weather was great, be back either 6 months or a year
paulb, 05 05 2009
back, had a great weekend, blazing sun and plenty shopping & beer had, thanks london
paulb, 03 05 2009
WHOHOO - we\'re coming down on thursday for a long weekend, cant wait!!!!
paulb, 23 04 2009
Stayed in Covent Garden recently--loved the unique atmosphere and especially the craft stalls--entertainent second to none even a James Taylor and Neil Young surrogate---sign him up!!!
Barkley Campbell, 17 04 2009
I love,love this place.. Great Web Cam shots.. I hope you never take this off..It would make me sad.....Its a big part of London,and it\'s where everyone wants to go with they visit.. sharon USA
sharon, 19 02 2009
Why is this camera call Covent Garden Piazza cam? Its outside Porters it should down the street outside the grill
Jay, 24 01 2009
Covent Garden is my favorite area of London. I love the covered market and the opera and the Drury Lane is exquisite. I love the great dining and the variety of shops and stalls. See you in July!
Jimm Cox, 22 12 2008
Camvista is a wonderful gift. thanks so much for the beautiful views in the UK. just wondering if we will ever see any views in England other that London? say York,Bath or Lake District? Thanks for the wonderful views > Linda in Kansas
LINDA, 26 10 2008
just got back from london, we try and get down twice every year. based in shaftesbury avenue area, we explored the surrounding areas and find new things every time. we love london and if we didnt love living in newcastle it would be our ideal home.
paulB, 09 09 2008
So...Lovely,what a Beautiful day you are having looks like the temps are around 80 wow it must be so wonderful to live there.. i see the flowers all on the street wish i could buy them all. Don\'t ever forget what a Beautiful place God has given you to live.. Great webcam shots.Love this place sharon USA
sharon, 01 07 2008
its very nice to be able to travel to another country and see real life happening. i just wish there was sound and a bit of a control with a sharper picture thx any way keep up the good work
tasawar, 11 06 2008
I lived the best days of my life there.. just some months ago. Can't wait anymore.. I miss you!
sam , 10 06 2008
We just got back, and can't wait to go back. Staying in Covent Garden is so much fun...
linda, 15 05 2008
It looks a nice sunny day there today. Wish I were there. Can't wait to come back for another visit.
Tina, 21 04 2008
I saw my special people at Covent Garden and it was exciting knowing they are safe.
Debby, 26 03 2008
Covent Garden is a great place and Porters is a nice place to eat, everyone in there was very friendly and helpful. Looks a lovely sunny day, wish I was there!!
Tina, 11 02 2008
I can't wait to stand here and wave to my friends in the States. There will be over 30 of us. Hope we fit in the picture! Ha ha
Debbie, 13 01 2008
Hello,CoventGarden,Your Beautiful!!You look so full of life everyday.When i come to England i will Be sure this is one of the first places I go too.I want to shop and go set and take in the view at some favorite spot I have read of. Take in some sight seeing of the people that live there you are truely Blessed.Lovely Place sharon USA
sharon, 08 01 2008
It's been over a year since we visited London. We always stay in Covent Garden and we miss it so very much. I am such an anglophile! Wish I was there for a grand Christmas holiday!
Beth USA, 12 12 2007
I love this Webcam, I missed it while it was gone. It is one of the best for really seeing street action. I also love London. My dad lived in London for a bit (during WWII) and this makes me think of him. I wonder if he ever walked down this street.
Marie Doorey, 16 10 2007
Loved Covent garden, it was a chilly day when we were there, and went into Porters and had a nice hot cup of tea to warm up. Then we went to the markets that were there found some great bargins! Thanks for the great time and memories. Tina
Tina, 14 09 2007
hey,miss you so much Covent garden, haven't been able to see you in awhile. Love this webcam to Me it's one of the Heart's of London Glad you are back up
sharon, 24 08 2007

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