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User comments

Raul and I were there in July , and we were extremely happy , London is wonderful and the london eye fascinated !!!
cristina , 15 11 2013
London is a great city for sight seeing
Tommy, 02 06 2012
I was there a few years ago. I would like to move back...
kamillos, 23 10 2011
I miss you and my memories with Cagatay, Lale, Caglar and others my dear London.
ercument, 15 08 2011
I miss you London! I can\'t wait to move back in June!!!
arlene, 06 01 2011
Hold on London, I\'ll be there in February and then again for the month of July! My favorite place to play!
Jimm Cox, 21 12 2010
Noch eine Woche dann sind wir da !!!
mi, 09 03 2010
London is a beautiful city, the views from the london eye are amazing, i would definately visit again, and plan a longer stay next time
marie mcmullen, 22 12 2009
I\'ll probably go back next summer with one of my friends but I\'m not sure
Never goona tell ya, 30 08 2009
london eye is soo beatifull
sasha, 15 05 2009
I also love London.I need go back this lovely town every day,but i must spend money and maybe next summer its possible
Kalevi Tuominen, 28 06 2008
Just to clarify - I didn't mean to sound cranky! I love these webcams and London is my very favorite place to visit!! So even if it's an old view, I still love it. Thanks.
Pat McClure, 13 06 2008
Are you working on fixing this camera? The view has been exactly the same for weeks. Thanks.....
Pat McClure, 06 06 2008
i'd say london is the most beautiful city i have seen, i wish i could live there.
mari, 20 05 2008
Really Bob, Shut up. I live in south east london and its fine!. You make it sound lyk a shithole wen it aint! "ugle dirty.." paaahh
Melissa, 04 05 2008
Great overview pic, of the London Eye, and Big Ben with the Houses of Parliament, and all the rest. Beautiful!!
Tina, 23 03 2008
central london i grant you is quite spectacular and some of the suburbs too like kingston..its when you go into south east london it all goes wrong--nasty ugle dirty..and 'luxury apartments' even uglier
BOB CHEWTER, 12 03 2008
veatiful london! I want come back
Miguel Madrid Spain, 12 01 2008
Happy New Year!!! We have wonderful memories of the London Eye, when we visited England in October 2003. We returned to S. Calif. and lost our home and everything in an arson set fire. But nothing can take away the amazing trip we had.
JMarie and Marc, 01 01 2008
Guapisimooo LondresĦĦĦĦĦĦĦ
Jose canary islands, 28 12 2007
hello,London Eye What a View,, Wow I have seen it on the News,and the Webcam,what a Beautiful Site,, I would love to sit and Look at All the wonderful Places your Eye can see it looks so Peaceful,what a Picture of the most Beautiful Place on the Earth London England so lucky to live there wish i did thanks for All the webcam shots we thank-you in the USA and Merry Christmas,, sharon
sharon, 12 12 2007
"Maybe its becos' I'm a Londoner". I love her with a passion. There's no place like home when you're far, far away.
Maureen, 06 11 2007
How lovely to see my darlin' London. How I miss her. How I miss her! I now live in New Zealand, but I left my heart in London. Love it!
Maureen, 06 11 2007
London is an amazing city! Webcams offer so much to the ones of us who can't physically be there. But if you visit London HAVE to return!!!eb
Jean Cook, 09 10 2007
I can picture everyone having a nice cuppa and sitting down to a curry tonight. I've been in the States since 1987 and this makes me want to come home. Someone please send me some decent sausages so I can cook them up with some mash.
Brigitte, 20 09 2007
I love London as well and I live in Malta too but I dont think Malta is as shitty as they say it is. If I had that idea then I would leave instantly. Maltese people don't keep anyone against their will. I do think London is much more beautiful but I still love my country.. that's why I'm still living here.
Erika, 16 09 2007
Love London,my favorite city in the world.The history,the traditions,the adventureous spirit of the people and so much to do and to see.I wish I were there right now.Love this city!!!!!
Dee, 16 09 2007
WOW!!! 'What A Fabulous Webcam,& What A Wonderful Sight- My Beautiful London, I Love It Sooo and, 'Always Will!!!... I was born in London, in 1946 and left there when, I was ten years old 'still, I just can't tell you what a Fabulous, Nostalgic & LOVING Feeling I get when, I see "my beautiful London", again...THANK YOU!!!! A Great, BIG part of my heart Will Always Belong To London!!
Monica Myers, 26 08 2007
The London Eye is the first main attraction my girlfriend and i went on together.. what beautiful memories, i,ll never forget them.
john, 19 08 2007
You have no idea how much my students have loved your site. This has been a great help and they want to visit London in the near future. Thanks for your fine work and support to my classes.
Larissagornaya, 19 08 2007
I Love london , River thames all along the embankment , because I feel the best view is in the evening , it reminds me of the views from the an airplane as its landing into gibraltar airport the whole rock is lighten up with all different color light, its an amazing romantic view , so when I look over one of the london bridges I live near , it reminds me of of past memories of gibraltar , spain at night time looking arose the sea at night . I have always lived between london and gibraltar and so pleased that so much improvement has been going on along the embankment walk looking into and long the river thames over the 30 years
margaret, 10 08 2007
Widac ze w Londynie jest bardzo ladna pogoda zasylam wszystkim pozdrowienia
Eugene, 14 07 2007
Love London!Although I`ve never been there.But that`s a very amazing city,a capital of Great Britain,which is my favourite country!British folk,always rain,magical castles-that`s why I love it.And of course,it`s a motherland of punk!Hope I`ll visit London one day.
Vika, 12 07 2007
i was born in london but left when i was 18 to live in malta.but seeing the river thames and houses of parlament always gives me nbostalgia of when i was young. i miss london terribly cos malta is a shitty place to live now.the only good thing for me in 15 years since i left is my wife and two kids.they love london so much especially my 9 year old girl.she loves the river thames and the houses.
joseph xuereb, 23 05 2007

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