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User comments

Mom & I had such a wonderful time in this wonderful city back in 1981. We are so grateful for that magical vacation and all the wonderful Scots who so warmly welcomed us and helped us while we were there. God bless you all!
MacDonalds, 05 08 2010
I would like to say that the web cam could be a lot better. Can someone not clean it to make it more clean. It is all BLURRY. Also what about puting it in colour like the one in Princes Street.I have tried and tried to see Burntisland but I can\'t make it out. Please upgrade the lens and or the camera. Thanks, I hope the next time I log on it will be better.
miriam, 02 02 2010
it\'s a pity i live in the USA and i have No picture it\'s sad i love this place
sharon, 30 01 2010
I was only able to spend one day and night in Edinburgh. Staying at the Caledonia hilton was wonderful. My only problem is I cant get this beautiful city out of my mind. Your right the charm is out of this world and unable to retrieve from a cam.
machelle, 27 01 2010
Being from Edinburgh, now living in Sydney, Australia, I am very disappointed with the blurred image of our beautiful city.
Brian Hodgson, 04 01 2010
Luckily I now how beautiful Edinburgh is in reality, but the blurred view through this webcam gives no idea of it\'s charm - what a pity!
Christine, 02 01 2010
It is fantastic to review my favourite city from all the way here in Brazil.
Eduardo, 01 01 2010
What a nice white Christmas you will have. Regards from burning Buenos Aires
Annie, 23 12 2009
this camera is not very clear and this is a pity as looking over the city at night can be so interesting
J Harrughty, 18 12 2009
Terrific views of my favorite city in my favorite country. A real 360 degree view. Suzanne from U.S.
Suzanne, 17 12 2009
Great location, but at least on my north american confuser there\'s a moving moire pattern. Does this camera need an overhaul?
Dave Willis, 06 12 2009
great idea guys!! lovely city to visit and enjoy! xxxxx from Argentina
Cristina Royall, 04 12 2009
Excellent panoramic view of Edinburgh.
Samuel Ong, 21 10 2009
siamo stati questa estate a edimburgo...bellissima!! E cosė ogni tanto mi guardo questa webcam con molta nostalgia. Ciao a tutti
giuseppe, 03 10 2009
This has to be my favorite web cam. Love this city! Went to most of the places the camera shows, but there\'s never enough time to explore when I\'m there. Hope to be back soon. I miss my family and friends.
Christy, 01 10 2009
Great web cam this real time..folks are walking very cam rotation Good Job! Rose
Rose, 23 09 2009
Such a beautiful day. I always enjoy seeing your beautiful city.
Jeanette Texas USA, 11 09 2009
to get it to go full screen you double click the picure , not the icon
aaron, 06 09 2009
THANKYOU! THANKYOU! THANKYOU! for fixing the camera!!! Can now get daily \'fix\' of your beautiful, beautiful city!!!!
Crazyaboutscotland, 05 09 2009
I could not get the image to go to fullscreen mode.
Caroline, 28 08 2009
Wonderful view of the city. I have love the 4 trips I have had to your Beautiful city. Can\'t wait to return
Jeanette Texas USA, 27 08 2009
Looking good now it is fixed. Really good views of this great city.
Owen H, 20 08 2009
my wife@i bring the grandkids to edinburg when they are 11 yrs yr will be our 8th the people and the sights.the web cam is great.wish we could bring scotland to texas.braden
braden lee, 20 01 2009
Its 11 am and its dark !!
Marjory, 11 01 2009
sat and looked at the same still picture for over a minute, suppose to refresh every 3 seconds, HA HA. Just like the rest of the webcams for Scotland very poor or broken links, How does anyone expect tourism to imporove?
John Adamson, 10 01 2009
11:01 and the picture in darkness?! See the high resolution web live cams in humlnet web from Trutnov
Jara, 04 01 2009
14.39 and the picture in in darkness!!! My sister is in Edinburgh, and it is sunny all over. What has happened. May.
may, 01 01 2009
Im from Edinburgh but live in Spain. I found this site yesterday and will be watching the streets of Edinburgh on Hogmanay for sure!
Denice, 31 12 2008
I love this website, it brings me home again whenever I need a quick fix. If only I could smell the breweries! I have one observation, why is the webcam used by the Scotsman in the Haggis Hunt competition featuring Belushi\\\'s bar always 3+ hours ahead of the others. Does that bar have a time machine. I will have to visit this place next time I\\\'m home, in person. Keep up the good work. Merry Christmas and a guid Ne\\\'erday.
L Kincaid, 15 12 2008
All the vehicles in this view appear to have stalled!
keith stephen, 11 12 2008
I am from Craigentinny \\\"kids love the name\\\" 50yrs. ago my husband kidnapped me and brought me to Canada but as soon as I escape from his clutches I will return to the place of my birth !! great site, thanks
Olive, 20 11 2008
my home, I miss it when I am away but this is my way of seeing home in a moment :) Thanks to great technology!
stuart, 18 11 2008
Thank you for the web cam,s I left Edinburgh to live in Canada 51 years ago but I have been back as much as I can ,I was there last year and will go next year,I still have family there and I always try to have my walk down the Royal Mile many happy memories of that as a child and the Calton hill, the art galleries and the Palace. all were free to enter then.I love the Scotish art Gallery.
nancy, 09 11 2008
I lived in Edinburgh for a while, and I miss this city like you cannot believe. This is such a good way to feel a part of the city again. This city is pure magic. Well done on all the views of the major tourist areas!
Taylor, 17 10 2008
REBECCA, 15 10 2008
I frequently check this site as it is a way of \\\\\\\'going back\\\\\\\'to Edinburgh. Just wish the webcam really changed every three seconds - donīt know why it doesnīt. Another thing: could you add some info on the weather over there? Thanks a lot. Zaina.
Zaina Nunes, 24 09 2008
I wish you\'d show more of Calton Hills area.
Debbie, 14 09 2008
I visited Edinburgh again after a gap of 40 years,and I\\\'m glad to see it\\\'s still a great city,it has a bit of everything for the visitor,young or old.It\\\'s a magical place and I\\\'ll be going back again as soon as i can. George (Devon)
George Gunn, 09 09 2008
Please identify each location shown on your live webcams. This will help the viewer.
Brenda Peterson, 20 07 2008
I visited Edinburgh about 20ys ago.Now I\'m very happy because I can see this beautiful town by this site.
TMD, 06 07 2008
I was in Edinburgh, August 1-5, 1992 and loved it. After I left St. Giles, I walked east on High St.and stopped for fish and chips at The Clam Shop and it was the most delicious fish I had ever eaten. Sorry that I am not able to make a return trip to Scotland.
Mikki, 25 06 2008
Sorry but every time I look at the Edinburgh webcam no matter the time of day, it is a picture that is of the night with lights showing in a blur.
Mikki, 25 06 2008
I'm coming to Edinburgh in September to visit my family and am looking forward (sort of) to seeing all the changes
June Fergus, 22 06 2008
This Edinburgh view is still coming through pitch-black, as though it was midnight. Can you help please. May Reddy.
May Reddy, 10 06 2008
Everytime I look at this it is pitch black - is there an error. I don't get this with other webcams. Thanks, May.
May, 09 06 2008
It would help if this was working. I'm in Livingston and he sun is shining here.
Annette, 26 05 2008
Early morning Aberdeen and Edinburgh shows the dawn light differences North and South ! Auld School Pals unite !Daniel Stewart pupil left 1946! FOr Manchester now Carterton, North Island, New Zealand
Eric McArthur, 26 05 2008
This is a great site. I live in North York, now part of the Greater Toronto Area, and enjoy seeing all the places I know.
Grace Bruce, 16 04 2008
I live in Toronto (Canada) and will move to Edinburgh in October...I cannot wait to return in this wonderful country ... my feet are here but my heart is already there : )
betty, 11 04 2008
i just cant get enough of Edinburgh so this cam it brill and keeps me going till my next jaunt through
Morag, 09 04 2008
I Now Live Just Outside Toronto in Canada, But i am from Leith, so it makes me feel good to see all the Land Marks That i Know so Well. Only Bummer now is i get Homesick when i see the Images.
Scott Hughson, 08 04 2008
I read novels by Ian Rankin and I am fascinated by Edinburgh. I live in Allentown, Pa., USA , long way from thee but I do plan to visit...this is nice for now....thanks.
Michael Franco, 24 03 2008
A wonderful variety of views for us to look at.
Christine, 22 03 2008
The views are spectatcular! What A city! I see geordie i think!
Jamie Porteous, 03 03 2008
i'm from kirkcaldy in fife and often go to Edinburgh, it is an excellent city with lots of history this camera shows lots of great parts of the capital its a great camera and a great site.
aaron kane, 20 02 2008
i'm from kirkcaldy in fife and go to Edinburgh often it is a beautiful city steeped in history,the camera shows varies places in the capital which is great.
aaron kane, 20 02 2008
A magnificent woman is going to pass in this street today, my thoughts are for her so beautiful... Closed to your eyes Ijctsily ... Sys Phil
Phil, 13 02 2008
The cam dosen't seem to want to load for me. this is very disheartening for me as I just love Edenbourgh. The view from the Castle makes you feel you are on top of the world, and the people there are all so nice. I'll be back this year, but in the mean me load this cam! Melnaie
Melanie, 29 01 2008
I have been in Scotland and Edenburgh many times and I love it there. The cams help me to keep in touch a bit.
rita, 17 01 2008
scotland is a plase of gud culture,education system.a world class palse for study.thanx
ali imran, 04 01 2008
CAROLCULL, 23 12 2007
I lived in Edinburgh for 3 years and I loved it! These webcams took me there again for a bit... I miss that city! I had an amazing time there and I met wonderful people. Thank you Edinburgh! Daniela from Naples (Italy).
Daniela, 27 11 2007
I miss my man from edinburgh. Its a great city.
carol, 14 10 2007
last summer i went to edinburgh: these live cams make me feel as if were still there... great city and... great site !
marco, 28 09 2007
I have thought of little else since my visit last year. What a marvelous, historic and exciting land. Thank you for the outstanding hospitality, such lovely people!
Kathey, 26 08 2007
I Love Scotland, and love live web-cams from Scotland. Would love if there was a web-cam or 2 in Fife. Anyway a few could be installed? Oh Yes, Hello to my friend David in Scotland :-) xoxo thankyou
L Regnell, 16 08 2007
great site and a great city
p glading, 28 07 2007
i want to see the view in edinburg it is 9:41 pm in canada
irene drummond, 25 07 2007
please can we have more streaming cams from scotland i am not from scotland but have a lot of freinds there there is a lot of wonderful places so can have more please.
mr p rayworth, 15 07 2007

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