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User comments

Oban. The jewel of Scotland. Love the people,so friendly.
Rich, 06 03 2011
Sunsets at Oban are the most beautiful in the world
Nancy USA, 10 01 2011
The wonderful changing views of Oban Bay never fail to amaze me even after about 4 years of coming onto this site on an almost daily basis.
Archie, 07 10 2010
just got back from 2 weeks holiday in Oban and cant wait to return, we go every year we love it there, and the fish and chips are something else!
val murray, 05 09 2010
Been living in Austalia for 30 years still miss all the lovely views, and family.
ellen Australia, 26 06 2010
Just come back from our holls on mull spent some time in oban wish We were still thier
sandra, 18 06 2010
Great views could watch all day not long till we are back in Oban on our way to Iona.
Christopher Browne, 05 06 2010
Thanks for photos of Plancius. I can sit here in Australia and watch it - makes me happy to see a friend
elizabeth, 04 06 2010
Like the site.More to see. Just a year ago since I celebrated my Golden.Alone unfortunately.Still remember my honeymoon at the King\'s Arms
Harry Smith, 23 05 2010
not long to go now the 4th June and we will be on our way to oban
sandra , 18 05 2010
Brings back wonderful memories. I\'m in Virginia, USA. Almost like being there again.
Diane, 14 05 2010
Wish I was there!
Ingrid, 10 05 2010
I first landed in Oban from HMS COOK in 1954. I have many happy memoriesand some regrets
RON FOUNTAINE, 09 05 2010
Glad to see the site up & running again.
archie, 08 03 2010
A rainy afternoon in the English Midlands. Transported to one of my favourite places with the Oban WebCam. Wather not good there, but Scenery still terrific
Eileen, 27 02 2010
This site does not appear to be working...only getting a black screen for some time now!!
Archie, 02 01 2010
what has happened to hthe webcam
sandra, 26 12 2009
miss\'n ma pals up there .hope al see you in april when am up for a holiday.
morgan, 17 12 2009
Hey Tereasa, Marc and Sarah here, get in touch by googling Orillasound, miss you loads :)
Marc, 09 11 2009
Back myself end October... Staying Seil Island for week. Oyster Bar, Easdale, Oban... Looking forward to it. Second time this year
jSayle, 05 10 2009
Haven\'t been back in 3 years, but a week from today, we\'ll be sitting on the harbour wall being strafed by gulls. Later, we\'ll be on Seil at the Oyster Bar. Thanks for the tip, John. Love this webcam. Keeps me in touch when I can\'t be there.
Jane, 14 09 2009
I,ve not been home for over two years and miss oban. Everyone i,ve met in luxembourg i tell they have to there because its very beautifull and the locals are great!
Tereasa Docherty, 11 09 2009
Volgend jaar misschien weer heen vanwege een bruiloft is gelijk een goed excuus voor een bezoek aan de Aulays.
Johan Beck, 06 09 2009
I visit Oban once a year,but how many times I visit a webcam,also on the Oban website,I don\'t know,sureley every week.I hope to be back next year.
eric nijhof, 05 09 2009
Hi yvone I miss it as well hope you are both well
Tony Harman, 22 08 2009
There is something magical about Oban - that really you have to visit and find out for your self !Been there lots of times and jsut checking that the yacht is OK today as it is very stormy...... Summer ? What summer ? LoL
Scottish Mags, 15 08 2009
I had to see what Oban Bay looks like! My grandparents immigrated to the United States in 1918 and they brought over a beautiful oil painting of Oban Bay. I would like to see it in person some day!
edith mei, 13 08 2009
Visited Oban a few weeks ago on holidays after 11 years in Australia. Back in Oz now, sooo homesick for Argyll! Love the views..Yvonne
yvonne johnston, 13 08 2009
Just stayed in oban marina over the bay fantastic mind the dolphins in the bay like to show of a bit fantastic
Lisa, 19 07 2009
Try Sandvilla bed & breakfast. Bredalbane Street Owned by Scott & Joyce Gibson. Really Comfortable
ian bateman, 18 07 2009
The pictures are not as good as the ones from the previous cameras which gave views around the the town and are dull compared with the EEUSK camera.
Len Coupland, 06 07 2009
My husband and I will being going to Oban in Sept.for some diving. can\'t wait to go.Our first time to Scotland. any hints on where to stay?
Gina, 05 07 2009
I have just come back from my holiday on mull spent two days in oban wish i was still there
sandra, 23 06 2009
I lived in Oban. When I get homesick it\'s lovely having a view like this.
Amy Gustafson, 19 06 2009
I lived in Oban for a while...when I get homesick I love being able to see the places I miss.
Amy, 18 06 2009
Love the site, stayed in Oban, visited Mull whilst in the UK. I live in Canterbury New Zealand but love to watch the sun come up and go down, and the boats in the Oban harbour, thanks for providing this facility, love it.
Dr Bronwen Byers, 09 05 2009
Fantastic to see the ferries. I\'ve realy missed them. Makes me wish I was there!
Liz Thomas, 29 04 2009
Just back...... Absolutely brilliant.. Again!!!!! If visiting please tret yourself to a visit to Ellanabeich, south of Oban, have a snack or meal in the Oyster Bar.... Well worth it... Back soon.
John Sayle , 19 04 2009
get ready were on our way home sweet home
colin beaton, 18 04 2009
Visited Oban on Wednesday and had a delicious freash prawn sandwich sitting in the pier, just heaven.
Derry Martin, 18 04 2009
I will be here in May!!! Can\'t wait!
Robin, 01 04 2009
i love oban the scenery is absaloutely beautyfull looking forward to going back this may
elaine beaton, 29 03 2009
oban is a beautiful place we go every year it takes your breath away.
bernie reeves, 21 03 2009
i am a resident of oban and rekon that they shud change the webcam back 2 george street and take the camera away from the tic.
stookie, 14 03 2009
Thanks Silvia, I have just seen your message, this site doesn\'t get updated very often!! I had a lovely time in going back again next month with family this time! We have found a lovely flat to rent (previous accomodation we used for ten years became very run down) with views across the bay, should be lovely....can\'t wait to catch up with friend\'s and family in Oban!!!
Lorna, 11 03 2009
Too bad you only have the one cam. I was born & raised in Oban.Been in the States since 1980. I check the cam out frequently.
Norman JM Macleod, 11 03 2009
looking forward to visiting sunny oban this coming saturday bet it rains see ya soon mum
TRACEY GRAHAM, 11 03 2009
myself and 20 friends are heading to oban for my 50th end of june .some of us in our caravans and the rest in the oban bay hotel . look out oban
steven grigor, 09 03 2009
Will be there in April. Ellenabeich again. Lived in Oban from age 3 to age 7. 50+yrs ago. Father was keeper on Barra. Best place on earth
John S, 03 03 2009
Hi Lorna, I hope you enjoy during you stay at the Manor House, town and general Oban.Sometimes the weather it\'s not soo bad as we expect in Oban if you\'re lucky and see the sun Oban it\'s double nice when it\'s sunshine. Send Regards to the Staff at the Manor House they\'re lovely. Sharron,Helen that probably you\'ll see because the rest of the people who are working but the customer can\'t see are lovely as well. Enjoy a lot.Have a nice time. Silvia from Spain
Silvia, 09 02 2009
Thank\'s Silvia for your thought\'s. I agree, the manor house is a lovely location, they do a lovely Sunday roast too! Only a few day\'s to go before I arrive in Oban....yipee!!
Lorna, 07 02 2009
My girlfriend and spent Easter Holiday 2008 in Oban. It was one of the best vacations ever!!!!
john Todd, 04 02 2009
We have just booked our ferry tickets for mull and we are looking forward to being in Oban again in may
sandravickery, 01 02 2009
Why do we never see the ferries any more?
Liz Thomas, 27 01 2009
Oban looks lovely this that snow I can see over on the hill\'s?
Lorna, 18 01 2009
Getting withdrawal symptoms as not been to Oban since March 08, we\'ll be up there sometime in 2009 definitely!!
Suzanne O, 07 01 2009
Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Christmas and a great New Year. Might see you in Oban in 2009.
June, 19 12 2008
It\'s lovely see OBAN eventhought I\'m miles away. I\'ve been there for a year and I miss a lot I backed on holidays with my husband and daughter and she love the place. To answer the question to Lorna that would like a recommendation for acommodation. My best recommendation is the Manor House hotel near of the harbour. You can check by internet is a nice place with nice people working there. Silvia
Silvia, 15 12 2008
It\'s been 3 months since I was last in Oban...missing it lots! Need to find good self-catering accommodation for 2009, can anyone recommend anything?
Lorna, 24 11 2008
I loved visiting Oban earlier this year. It is a terrific site that has allowed me to relive some memories firsthand of this lovely location. Thankyou.
Tania, 10 11 2008
I would love to make a comment but not going thru cause of verification code
cas , 26 10 2008
It would be so nice if the Oban camera was streaming with sound and full screen
cas , 26 10 2008
It would be lovely if there were a streaming camera with full screen and sound at oban. Its a lovely site, its such a shame.
Carol Prior, 26 10 2008
After a vacation to oban during Easter holiday. I long to go back. I be there soon enough!
John Todd, 22 10 2008
One of my favorite webcams, Oban is beautiful. We are planning our trip to the UK and Oban will be one of the stops.
Dawn, 09 10 2008
my boats there too im in leicester
Alex, 06 10 2008
Great Cam back in Oban in an instant ,stuck here in Aberdeen, Tell John to keep those windows clean.
Alex Wilson, 02 10 2008
in oban may and july this year had a fab time and will definetly be back. wild nights out at the lorne and aullys
SEAN MCLEOD, 02 10 2008
Im soooo gutted that we are unable to do our yearly visit to Oban this october, our daughter is getting married in November, so we have no spare cash !!! so please keep the webcam, see you next October.
Sheila Booth, 23 09 2008
Why is this camera so difficult to find now when I go to your Home page? I preferred it when it showed the esplanade area.
Dorothy, 15 09 2008
Watching my home town from my present home - Bangkok. Feeling homesick now....
John Watson, 22 08 2008
I love it! I can see my boat over at Kerrera even though I am 400 miles away!
Frank Watt, 15 08 2008
wow I\'ve just found the Eeusk camera too. Well done Alan & Callum that\'s more like it
linda, 13 08 2008
All you lucky dogs in Oban, I was fortunate enough to be there in June 2007 and stare at the web all the time even though it\'s changed considerably, but at least you still get a glimpse of the dramatic sky over Scotland. I love it and miss it so....Becky exiled in Dallas
Becky, 13 08 2008
its been a while since i viewed this camera and hadnt realised it had been moved. Have to say i don\'t think the new position does Oban justice.
tony , 13 08 2008
Your very welcome Mary & June! I agree with you June, the camera inside the TIC doesn\'t really do anything for me either - what a waste of resources eh! Well, I am lucky enough to be coming back up to Oban this week for a couple of weeks so I will be able to sit at the window and look out towards Oban bay and up George St. to my hearts content......
Lorna, 11 08 2008
Totally agree with Lorna. The Eeusk camera is great. At last, some good views of Oban. Have watched the one in the Tourist Information Centre a few times over the past couple of days. Who\'s bright idea was it to put a camera in there? It would be better outside the building. At least there are people there. Never mind, you\'ll get it right one day.
June, 09 08 2008
I used to live in Oban - I visited the Mull Festival back in April. I did read in the Oban Times that they were sponsoring 6 new webcam views of Oban & the Bay area - apparently (then) they were just waiting for BT to provide the necessary feeds for the webcams. I have no idea whats happened since, but the current views from outside the Youth Hostel and by the Cathedral, looking down toward Luing & Easdale are not the best - especially when a coach parks outside the Hostel. The old Goerge Street view should be re-instated and perhaps the best view of the town would be a webcam looking down from Pulpit Hill and one looking over from Kerrera which would capture both North & South piers and the town. Please sort something better out, Oban is a beautiful place. Regards, Glenn Freakley.
Glenn Freakley, 08 08 2008
Lorna ~ thanks for telling us about the eeusk webcam, had a quick look today and love it. Thanks again
mary, 08 08 2008
Have just had a quick look at the webcam that Eeusk have sponsored on the north\\\'s fantastic, you can almost see George Street! Thank you Eeusk, you obviously have good listening skills and promote excellent customer care!
Lorna, 07 08 2008
A lot of people are complaining about the new location of the camera. They obviously don\'t know that MacTavish\'s Kitchen shut down a year or two ago. That was the time the camera stopped for a while, before moving to its present site. I only get to Oban each Autumn, so I don\'t know the present state of play, but I suppose that either there hasn\'t been a buyer for the premises and they\'re still unoccupied, or the new owners/occupiers don\'t want the camera sited there. Nothing much can be done if the premises are still vacant, but if the second case applies, could the Oban and Lorne Tourism Association not offer a small advertising spot on their website, in return for siting the camera in its old home ...?
Alun, Exiled in Europe, 07 08 2008
I have been visiting Oban regularly for 10 years and was very disappointed when the webcam was moved from Mc Tavish’s Kitchen. The old vantage point was far more interesting and enabled people on their mobile to wave to friends viewing on the net. The resolution from the new location appears to be inferior too. John P Hollands 02Aug08
John P Hollands, 03 08 2008
I agree with Oonah, if you had lived in Oban, you do appreciate what a beautiful town it really is, seeing all the fimilar places which Oonah has mentioned. Not to portray the scenery is a crying shame. Please have some consideration for the Oban people that now live away from home.
Niall M Macdonald, 01 08 2008
Oonah I agree with your comment entirely, I wish someone would listen to us. \"change the webcam back to George St please!!!
linda, 31 07 2008
Oops, it would have to be a bloomin\\\' good camera to see Oban from Luing; I meant Kerrera !!. What a dope.
Seabed, 29 07 2008
My suggestion would be that a camera is sited on one of the marker buoys in the bay facing into Oban or on Luing.
Seabed, 25 07 2008
At last, the promise of some decent pictures of Oban from the North Pier. Although promised varying views, the camera doesn\'t seem to move yet. Hope you can fix it.
Norman Massey, 23 07 2008
A view towards Mull would be a great addition, but I have been watching the views this morning, and I think them much better than they used to be.
Fenton, 23 07 2008
I like the new camera positions. I can actually see Oban again.
Kelly, 17 07 2008
About a year ago I emailed the Oban tourist site where the webcam is also situated and asked what had happened to the old one saying that I didn\'t think it was as good as the previous one and I was directed to a company in Oban who then emailed me back and said my comments were quite rude! I also think he was rude and think like a lot of the comments, people are not taking notice. The old views of George Street and the place where you could sit and wave to friends etc. is by far the better one. The webcam is sponsored by the Oban Bay Hotel but maybe they don\'t have a say in it\'s position.
Shirley, 17 07 2008
I like the way the camera changes position and different views are posted. Thank you
John Booth, 17 07 2008
I agree with Linda that your new views are boring. I must thank Linda for pointing out Hutcheson\'s Memorial which I forgot the name off. We used to see that many time a day from out lounge and bedroom.
Hamish MacDonald, 16 07 2008
well we are back from our holiday on mull it was great we spent a couple of days in oban and i agree the web cam could be better placed
sandravickery, 14 07 2008
im from usa never been there but i love all the views i love oban so so beautifull thank you the nice views any you do i love thanks
chris hatton , 13 07 2008
Oh dear! Is this all we get now? Yes indeed, the varying old views were a thousand times better and we used it to see when the Mull ferry was leaving in order to set off to meet it in. What a banal view of good old Oban!!
Kenneth Maclean, 12 07 2008
Please!!! 2 views of the old fishing pier? Is that the best you can do? I\'m getting seasick. Unless you knew Oban you would have no idea of what a lovely town this is. McCaig\'s Tower, Pulpit Hill, The sound of Kerrera, Kerrera Island, Dungallan, Portbeg, not to mention the town itself. You\'re not going to sell the town with these views. A fishing boat bobbing about on the waves may look attractive...for about 5 minutes! Why doesn\'t someone use their imagination? What about asking the Council to fund a decent location that would at least do justice to the town and even attract more visitors. More visitors, more income for the town, surely? Oonah Parr
Oonah Parr, 12 07 2008
I agree that the old camera was better. I was in Oban July 2005, thoroughly enjoyed myself. A beautiful part of the world
spud, 10 07 2008
I complained two weeks ago about the views but now I want to say Thank You for showing more of your pretty town again.
Pam Porter, 08 07 2008
I live in Oban, just took a look at this webcam view, its very boring. We have famtastic scenery and I dont rate Hutchesons Monument, a lamp post and the top of the Mull ferry as fantastic. Sorry
linda crosher, 05 07 2008
Please bring back the old views. When I was in Oban last summer I was able to wave to my friends online. I was also able to see relatives when then were in Oban. The view showed more activity and a better view of the town.
Cara, 05 07 2008
You are doing yourselves and oban town a GREAT DIS-SEVICE by not having at least some of the old view of last year ,come on guys look at your comments from people who use this camera to view possible trips to OBAN
johnnyb, 03 07 2008
please put the oringinal webcam locations back.
mike, 03 07 2008
Great!!I am very delighted by the new views. In August we are spending our holidays in the area Western Isles (for the first time), so the webcam gives us a real good impression of the area.
Elfriede from Germany, 03 07 2008
I absolutely agree that the \'old\' views where much more interesting, always somthing happening and gave a brilliant impression of Oban for intending visitors and others. Does the operator read these comments and choose to ignore them? Dave Vessey @ Sawtry . Cambs, UK.
Dave Vessey, 02 07 2008
What has happened to the view of Oban from Mactavish\'s window ? The current view is hardly worth loking at
Murdo MacKenzie, 02 07 2008
Yeh bring back the old views i agree
morag, 01 07 2008
First visited Oban in 2003 and then looked almost every day at the webcam views from McTavishes - really enjoyed it. Visited again in 2006 and will do again in 2009. I agree with others - bring back the old views please.
Terry Johnson, 29 06 2008
I agree that the original views were better, but no action is being taken to improve the situation. Please give us back our old views. Thank you.
Sandra Cockburn, 27 06 2008
I too am very disappointed that we haven\'t the views of the town that were there last year.I\'m in Cairns Australia and like to see your different houses and weather.
Pam Porter, 27 06 2008
I was born & brought up in Oban & USED to love looking at the camera, I don\'t bother now as the view is totally pants. PLEASE PUT THE CAMERA BACK TO IT\'S ORIGINAL SITE.
Lou, 26 06 2008
The original views were much better. It felt as if you were there with the close ups of people strolling by and the seeing the bay with the tide out etc...
Sam, 25 06 2008
just moved from oban to cyprus wish we could see the main street so we could see our friends please put the cameras back the way they were before
jackie and ste, 25 06 2008
I agree, this cam is now pointless. I rarely check it and only to see if it has been put back in the original position! PLEASE put it back.
MacDee, 23 06 2008
Where are the beautiful flower beds which change magically over the spring/summer seasons?
Annabelle Juchter, 21 06 2008
This seems a pointles view as there is perspective, no viewing point information, for the eye to process to help make sense of the view. The scenic nature is spoiled by the spar transecting the image.
martin , 16 06 2008
I agree the old views were better because you could see people walking along and arrange to wave to relatives around the world
linda crosher, 15 06 2008
Already, one year ago today I was first in beautiful Oban, Scotland!!! Aw...I'll never get over it, lovely memories and miss it soooo much. Becky *exiled in Dallas
Becky L Massengale, 15 06 2008
why did you change this was much better the old way you saw a lot more more going on please put it back the way it was
kathy, 15 06 2008
We visited Oban a few years ago. Can't wait to return, so the webcam cheers me when I start daydreaming.
Sheila Wilkes, 13 06 2008
I just wanted to say that I loved the old camera views much better with views of the harbor, the water, the town, and the people. The new views are kind of strange.
Karen Kep, 13 06 2008
I was just watching the images across to the quayside, showing the empty pier. Next moment there was a hughe great Cally-Mac ferry there which, after three seconds, disappeared again. Have Macbrayne's figured out a way to beam their ships around, Star-Trek style, or is it a new "stealth" device? Maybe its's just as I suggested before, that we're not seeing live shots but pictures taken from an archive photo-bank ...? I visit Oban each October, and miss it dreadfully the rest of the year. Why can't we see "the real thing", please?
Alun, Exiled in Europe, 13 06 2008
I have been coming to Oban at least twice a year fot he last 20 years; Love the place. Can we have a better view with the camera; out towards the harbour entrance etc to show the ferries coming in?
Trevor Garlick, 12 06 2008
the old camera used to show the people on the Espalande, in fact I arranged to be there at a certain time & waved to my son in the states, its much more fun seeing who is about & how busy the town is, bring it back to that angle, PLEASE
Dave Miller, 12 06 2008
I look at the web cam evey day even on a grey day it makes me smile. I am looking forward to having some shell fish when we come to get the ferry to Mull at the end of the month
sandravickery, 06 06 2008
I come to Oban every year to get the ferry to mull and I am again this year. Looking forward to having some sea food by the harbour
sandravickery, 04 06 2008
No, Jean, and it's not the only thing. What is the point of having a live camera when it hardly ever shows anything capable of moving? The scenery is very nice but to a stranger, it could be any one of a dozen similar views on the west coast. If we can't see the town, then how about the esplanade, cathedral and out towards Lismore? At least we could see the ferries coming and going and the beautiful sunsets. So many things it could show, but doesn't. By the way, the clock is an hour slow!
June, 03 06 2008
Think someone should inspect the camera, as it does not seem to be moving ???
Jean, 03 06 2008
Lived in Oban and Isle of Mull for 11 years before moving to Andalucia in Spain. Loved the scenery and especially the wildlife.
Linda Crossley, 25 05 2008
Ive been camping in Oban for the last 7 years sometimes 2 to 3 times a year i love the place, i can get ferry to all the islands from here
Darren Coombs, 20 05 2008
I also have family in and around Oban. All my childhood summers were spent in Oban, Connel and Benderloch, and yes, it did rain sometimes, but so what?, it's the rain that keeps the beautiful hillsides green! Would love to see more of the town on the webcam, I miss the view's outside Mc T's and people watching too! However, I am enjoying the new views of the landscapes....not too keen on the views of calmac, especially the hideous walkways, that incidently, cost 3 million and were not even working on my last visit across to "Balamory!" Oh well, will just have to count the week's till I'm up in August when I can see the views of the town for myself...
Lorna, 13 05 2008
my family live in oban,I go up as often as I can to visit love it,second home to me
sue jenkins, 11 05 2008
I have been to Oban a number of times . I love the drive in and the pubs in town . The waterfront is awesome . I am not sure what point is being made about the rain in Oban . It rains most places . So what ! It is a fabulous area . As all of Scotland is .
Rob Smith, 10 05 2008
Your web-cam reminds me of the great 12 years i lived in Oban. I see a lot of changes, they say its progress, I'm not so sure.
Bobby Diesel , 09 05 2008
Come rain,hail,or sun,ill have Oban,any time.
NMMacdonald, 09 05 2008
Hey Donald i've seen Oban when it rains, I've also seen the boats blown onto the road & driving along the esplanade with bits of seaweed hitting the windscreen.
Lou, 08 05 2008
Read all te glowing reports above. Has nobody seen Oban when it rains.;a particularly virulent wet rain
Donald MacKay, 07 05 2008
Please try to get asite that lets the world see how nice a place Oban is. Is McT's closed
Andy Dougans, 07 05 2008
That phouse on the Isle of Rhuibj hChruive offthe Isle of Kererraic is of wee Kenny Dunn's
Andy Dougans, 07 05 2008
visited oban since the 1960s then a top hotel was 1.50 a night cant seem to find anything at that price now but it is still a nice town and a place to get the best sandwiches on the jetty fresh crab and salmon these are the best sandwiches in scotland its a super place for a holiday i watch the fishing boats come and go while the wife goes shopping so get up there and enjoy yourself
ray from blackpool, 06 05 2008
just spent an amazin weekend in oban can't wait to come back again SOON
It's lovely to see oban when is sunny looks wonderful the contrast between mountains and water. I'll wish to be there right now but I'm working in this moment in Spain. Lots of loves and huges for the lovely people that live in oban from Spain.
Silvia Casal, 30 04 2008
Glasgow Rangers f.c on tour 2008. WE ARE THE PEOPLE!!! going all the way to the UAEFA cup final 2008 yeeha. celtic are crap!
colshy, 26 04 2008
My friend from Ireland is visiting in Oban. He cam waves to me from all over the UK. He waved to me from Oban yesterday, but today when he call me, we had a shifting view and he could not find the place to wave. I missed my wave. But it is very nice that people sponser the web cams. Thanks.
Patty, 22 04 2008
Responding to Jonh's message. Oban lovers like me was used to see the entire city with the old webcam. This new webcam is better than the preceeding one, but I think people that aren't stay in Oban haven't view enought to decide to visit Oban. However I appreciate they are trying to find a good view. Thanks Camvista!
Claudio Fior, 22 04 2008
Thanks for the great webcam! I look at it every day and can't tell you how much I enjoy it. Rini (Virginia, USA)
Rini, 21 04 2008
I think people should stop moaning about the position of the webcam, I live in a dreary town in the middle of England, and am very happy to see any views from the Scottish webcams, including this one in Oban. Show a little more gratitude, people!
John, 17 04 2008
What happened to the webcam from the restaurant? Is the sign still up saying you are on a webcam?
Bruce, 15 04 2008
At last, some one has cleaned the glass in front of the lens, lets hope they can keep it up!
Norman Massey, 15 04 2008
Glad to see you are in actio again, but the views coukd be better managed. More frequent frame changes and more views
John Haldane, 14 04 2008
Would it be possible to get a view towards Lismore and the cathedral. It would be so much better than the Cal Mac terminal and the flats behind. And we could see the ferries coming and going too. Some of the current views are simply boring.
June, 14 04 2008
Much better views thankyou reminds me of what I`m missing will be back asap!
anita rolfe, 14 04 2008
I love Oban. I have been there 10 times since 1979. I often look at the webcam, but I miss the old one. The wiew over Kerrea is fantastic but it is nice to see people too. Bente from Denmark
Bente Ingerslev, 14 04 2008
Please return the original cams! They really gave a much better "picture" of Oban and really made you want to visit! Hugh Muir,Williamstown,MA. USA
HUgh Muir, 13 04 2008
hiya i livein oban its a very nice place (when its sunny
laura murphy, 08 04 2008
I have nothing against the view but wish it still showed the main area of Oban and the people there. I got the chance to see family walking towards the railway pier - I would love to see that again. Or a web cam point that there was before.
Mary, 07 04 2008
Please, please, please put the camera back as it was.
walter thomas, 06 04 2008
AT LAST...someone has listened and moved camera...some damage must have been done ,strangers to Oban would have been put off by terrible visa from last position..
n webster, 05 04 2008
I don't understand these complaints, am I the only person who gets a different view everytime I log on? This morning it changed twice in the space of a couple of minutes. I like the variety!
Shirley, 05 04 2008
Don't want to seem picky, but the dark blue images of a wet early morning are occasionally interspersed with much brighter images, as though taken on another day. This isn't the first time I've had the impression that some older, archive shots are being slotted in among the "live" ones. Either that, or the automatic iris-control is running amok ... Should we be told ...?
Alun, Luxembourg, 04 04 2008
Surely there is a location similar to the old one for the camera. This one is not as good & i'm finding I don't look as much. Is there a meeting point where you can still be seen. I spoke to my daughter who was on the phone at home, whilst we were holidaying in Oban & she could see us too, great fun!
Janet Hall, 02 04 2008
ne u, 01 04 2008
Please, please, please put the camera back as it was.
Bernadette, 31 03 2008
Well, its a nice day and we can see clearly now.The lens does not really need cleaning and the views are not all bad. I do agree that more of the town and esplanade would be good to see but it still inspires. Until I get the real thing again in August
Nick Ranald, 31 03 2008
To Tom Lynn, Thanks for the clarification. Hard to believe the variety of shots comes from just one webcam. While I understand the frustration behind some of the comments referring to the "original" siting of the webcam, people should know that the old premises have closed, and perhpas the new owners don't want the responsibility of the webcam ...? Anyway, I still enjoy my daily fix - it keeps me sane until I can get home each October.
Alun, Luxembourg, 31 03 2008
A lens cleaner in needed. Not much of Oban in the shots, at one time one could see peaple walking on prom. Oban has a lot more to offer and consideration should be given to relocate the camera or cameras, how about lookoing towards the town, say from near to the Northern Lighthouse Offices or the RNLI Station, and may be a camera on Kerrera situated on a tall mast with a 360 degree sweep. A camera obscura in the town would be a good visitor attraction.
Peter Redshaw, 31 03 2008
I do not like You camera positions any more! It is a pity, Oban webcam of camvistacom was a fix every day on my computer; I think when it won`t change back I will delete it! The question is just, why didn`t You let it be as it was for years: Very good and very successfull! If You like to show other views so put a second one and You will see which one is more loved by Your fans all over the world!! I am really sorry to blame You! Because I love all Your work and webcams all over GB!
Wolfgang, Bern, Switzerland, 30 03 2008
Please let us have back the old camera position, this new one is a disaster! The tourists strolling, the flower beds, the ferries, all the action of arriving and departing,the fishing and wee pleasure craft, the lovely old buildings. Oban tourism you've thrown away something VERY special. Heads need knocking together!
oldtimer, 29 03 2008
To Alun in Luxenburg two of the webcams have still to be installed. Tom Lynn
Tom Lynn, 29 03 2008
there is only one camera. and that is sited .beside the war memoral.
valmacdonald, 28 03 2008
I am not impressed with the new location of the oban webcams because I love to see what people are up to!!!With the new locations of the cams, I agree that they are extremely picturesque.
A Ochello, 27 03 2008
Thanks for a great improvement on the static camera (installed in the window the Esplanade post Office, perhaps ...?) of the last few months. The new images make a pleasant change from the previous shots out of Mactavish's window. However, the new images also puzzle me: the views to the north appear to be from the Esplanade, while those of the Railway Pier could be from the North Pier. Finally the views of Kerrera and down the Sound msut surely be from down the Gallanach Road, maybe the yacht club? Nice initiative, using three (more?) webcams in unison. Can anyone enlighten me/confirm their locations, please? Thanks again, and well done!
Alun, Luxembourg, 27 03 2008
Well, I'm sorry, I don't think this is an improvement at all! The little bit of Oban town we do see is anything but inspiring. I loved watching the Mull ferry coming and going but that's gone too. This should be called Kerrera webcam not Oban. And the lens is still filthy!
June, 26 03 2008
Thank you! The views are once again inspiring. Thank you.
Elizabeth, 25 03 2008
You may find this funny as I am in the caribbean.. but I really, really miss Oban as I used to live there years ago.. & the camera really makes me feel good :) Happy Easter everyone.. !!!
kiwi, 24 03 2008
Many thanks for change the position of the web cam. We can enjoy more now of real Oban eventhought we miss a lot to see George Street. Could be possible to install a web cam to see this missing view is lovely to see it. Thanks a lot. Sílvia Casal
SILVIA, 24 03 2008
Great to read in Oban Times of three new webcams. T. Lynn
Tom Lynn, 23 03 2008
The new view point is so much more attractive and inviting! I had long thought that this camera was a wasted opportunity previously showing mundane roads and buildings instead of the beautiful surrounding scenery. I was unaware of other viewer's objections also and congratulate you for giving them a listening ear.
Terry, 22 03 2008
Thank you, thank you, thank you! glad the camera has been moved back into the main town, and about time, have really missed my weekly fix of Oban these past few weeks! We can all view the Oban we know and love once again. If we could see a shot of George St. and the railway peer then the view's will be complete!
Lorna, 22 03 2008
Much Improved views from previous position. At last some one responded to all the comments and e-mails. Thank you I hope it results in increased prosperity for the town
David Parr, 21 03 2008
Now you're getting somewhere with the current various views of Oban. Pity about the glass in front of the camera. It really does need to be kept clean and dry. Your lens focuses on the raindrops instead of the view. If I was the hotel that was sponsoring this camera I wouldn't be too pleased with the results so far.
norman massey, 20 03 2008
New views of Oban and situation of cam are fantastic. Great to have a change. Thanks! Holidays many times to Colonsay, so shot straight down Sound of Kerrera particularly good. Can almost imagine the low-lying hulk of Colonsay there in the (currently) grey dismal gloom. Don't think it physically possible to see Colonsay from where ObanCam appears now to be situated: earliest I ever saw Colonsay was on a very clear day steaming down Sound of Kerrera at the light at Sgeirean Dubha (about 2/3 down the Sound from Oban or 15 to 20 CalMac minutes or so)! Jonathan
Jonathan Butler, 20 03 2008
i agree with Hugu Whitcombe that the view down the Sound of Kerrera is much better than looking at the Railway or North Piers
D MacKay, 19 03 2008
Been coming to Oban on holiday twice a year for many years, from Lincolnshire. Enjoyed a daily 'fix' of lovely Oban scenery from the old camera. Current location very disappointing as it doesn't show how beautiful Oban really is. Please put camera back and consider live-streaming for all those who love Oban.
Steve Davidson, 19 03 2008
I really miss the panaramic views - especially George Street. What has happened?
Kathy Nordeen, 18 03 2008
Am I really the only person who finds the view down the Sound of Kerrera beautiful. Can it not be included if you resume the circular tour of the Bay?
Hugh Whitcomb, 18 03 2008
Oh Dear !! Can you not get a site nearer the original one at McTavish's which covered the Ferry Terminal, the bay and the middle of George Street? How about the S.W. corner of the Columba Hotel ?
Alexander MacConnacher, 17 03 2008
Please......give us back our Oban as we know it
Sandra, 16 03 2008
oban is wonderful but this is not a clear view for first time viewers
bernie reeves, 16 03 2008
I agree with all comments - this view does not give a decent picture of Oban at all. Show the scope of the place for goodness sake so that people can have a better idea of what there is to see. The bay and its buildings are very picturesque
Rona, 16 03 2008
not a true picture of how oban really looks,need to relocate to show harbour,pier and town is such a beutifull place to visit but this picture wouldn't sell oban to me for a holiday
liz, 16 03 2008
Administrators, PLEASE. Whats happened to the previous unobstructed views of Oban? The present fixed view of the Bay toward Kerrera looks like we are viewing it through a kaliedoscope, its awful! Please restore the different and clear views we enjoyed before?
Glenn Freakley, 16 03 2008
I have to agree with others about the new camera view - it is terrible. My wife and I visited Oban in 2003 & we arranged a "virtual visit" so our friends could see us on the old webcam. I miss seeing everything between the Oban Inn & the CalMac ferry - please bring it back!
Joe Was, 15 03 2008
I have to agree with previous comments that tis location does not show anything of Oban I used to go sit in the lounge bar of the Lancaster Hotel to watch the end of West Highland Sailing week. Outside of that there is nothing to see
Andy Dougans, 15 03 2008
This new view is dreadful. Oban is a magnificent and vibrant town. This view could be anywhere. Please relocate this camera to show the bay/piers/town again. Definitely a step backwards and will have a negative effect on tourism in the area. Come on Councillors-use your influence to resite this camera.
ian finlayson, 15 03 2008
A boring view through a filthy camera. Is that really what you want people to think of Oban? You say you want to hear our opinions but you don't seem to be listening.
June, 15 03 2008
Could you please move this camera back so we can see the piers and the town centre again. The postion it's now in is useless as you are seeing nothing of the town.
Robert Maule, 14 03 2008
PLEASE MOVE YOUR WEBCAM! I am an artist who visits Mull regularly from Canada. Just the view on your old webcam made me pick up the phone and book a flight back. The current view makes me want to go somewhere else! Not Good!
Doug Purdon, 14 03 2008
I, too, used to watch this webcam almost every day, helping bridge the gaps between our annual autumn visits. I know MacTavish's Kitchen had closed down by the time we visited last October, but the webcam continued for a while after that. Come on, Oban & Lorne Tourist Office, show a bit of imagination and site the new cam somewhere a bit more useful. There are plenty of suggestions here - that is, if anybody bothers to read them. Does anybody else out there get the feeling that our comments are just ignored?
Alun, Luxembourg, 13 03 2008
Please, please move the webcam, we are all missing the beautiful views of the town!!
Lorna, 12 03 2008
The tourist board must be very proud of the new site for webcam? Tom
Tom, 12 03 2008
i used to live in oban and this brings back some great memories i cant belive i forgot how beautiful oban is.
karen gallacher, 12 03 2008
Looking at Webcam I see nothing changes -rain ,rain and more rain I am getting homesick remembering walking along esplanade to school in rain and dodging waves when high tide
Donald MacKay, 11 03 2008
This is terrible!! Why did you change it? There's nothing to see and it does nothing for Oban.
Sandra Mathews, 11 03 2008
The web cam was one reason we were planning a family vacation to the area. We're less enthusiastic given the poor quality of the view now. Just kidding. We still want to visit.
Benson Dana, 11 03 2008
This webcam position is useless. The old position and panning facility should be reinstated.
Mr Robin Sneeden, 10 03 2008
This webcam at the moment is a travesty. Compare this with the great improvement ar Trafalgar Square which is now streaming video yet still has more than one view. Come on Camvista you can do it.
Duncan, 10 03 2008
Well, about all you can do with this webcam is see that it is raining somewhere. I hope that Camvista are really interested in our comments because this view is dismal.
Lorraine, 10 03 2008
As an Obanite living abroad, I loved my daily visits to the webcam to check up on Oban - and the weather!! Now it is hardly worth the effort although I do check just incase someone has acted on all of the negative comments of late! Please bring back the "old" service!
Wendy, 09 03 2008
the new webcam position makes out oban has nothing to offer,very bad site and will harm oban,visitors use it prior visit...bad idea to choose position.
norrman webster, 09 03 2008
Please bring back the old webcam. It brought back memories of various visits I have made to Oban - or allowed me to imagine this year's visit. Now its just boring - the view isnt even that clear
Diane Greenwood, 08 03 2008
This could be anywhere in northern Europe and doesn't connect to Oban at all. I have been watching from the Balearics because my son lives in Oban. It seemed to shorten the distance a lot, if you could look down Georgestreet and compare the weather! I hope you'll be able to change back!!!
Margit, 08 03 2008
What has happened to the webcam? My weekly fix of Oban has been ruined!! Can someone please move the webcam back into the centre of the town, thank you!!
Lorna, 07 03 2008
Oh C'mon. Lets do it properly or not at all. Very poor after what it was. Shame.
Paul Cullen, 07 03 2008
Stay in Oban every year when I visit Scotland. My family came from the Argyll region named MacArthur. I first went to Oban in 2006 and will go back every year from now on. Feels like home. Love to live here someday. Miss the old webcam. L. Neau Kenosha, WI USA
Liv Neau, 06 03 2008
please change the webcam position ~ I really miss the old view we had ~ Thanks
mary macleod, 06 03 2008
What's going on with the Oban Bay webcam situation. Where once there were several cameras with a variety of views of Oban, there now appears to be only one.It gives us a view of rubbish bins and an, often empty, Oban Bay - usually, at the moment, obscured with rain on the lens. Surely you can do better.
David, 06 03 2008
Please change the veiw of the webcam looking at Oban. I miss seeing the whole bay area. Thanks
mary macleod, 06 03 2008
The view the camera is set at does not show Oban at it's best. If posible please move it closer to the center so we can get to see the all round view ~ Thanks
mary macleod, 06 03 2008
I suspect the owner of the restaurant where the camera is located has gone on vacation and it will be reset when he returns.
Bill, 06 03 2008
I would like to see nice Oban in the position before of Web cam. I'm Spanish and I'd been living in this lovely town for a year.I check every day a part of my seeing Oban from Spain but in this outlook is very dificult to appreciate charming that Oban have. Please from Spain I ask you to change the Web cam in the position before to continue enjoing the lovely Oban. Many thanks in advance, Sílvia Casal
Silvia, 06 03 2008
How thoroughly disappointing the position of the web cam is; it was wonderful to be able to view Oban, this outlook is very poor to say the least. Sad!!!
Mike Charles, 06 03 2008
I so miss the old views - used to love watching the sunsets and the ferry going by. Happy memories. Please change it back.
Gwenllian, 06 03 2008
I used to love looking at the Oban webcam,different viewpoints, now all I can see is one poor image, no different veiwpoints, why has this changed, and are you going to revert back to the origanal?
irene anderson, 05 03 2008
the old way was much better lot more to see
kathy, 04 03 2008
I'm not too happy about new webcam. Liked the old one much better. Please go back!
Arlene, 04 03 2008
Is there any chance you could please turn the camera round so it can pick up the ferry terminal.
Robert, 04 03 2008
Quite agree with Oona Parr and Bill lloyd re the current siting of the Oban web cam. Also, the glass in front of the lens needs a good wipe.
norman massey, 04 03 2008
I have lived in England for many years but I was born in Oban and I have taken much pleasure from the Oban Webcam. It's siting in MacTavishes Kitchen was ideal as it gave an enticing view of the town especially to those who did not know it. I am most disappointed in the new location of the camera. Please reassure me that this is a temporary measure.Whilst it is a beautiful area there is no way it is going to sell the town in a positive way.Please, if you have any sway over the powers that be, try to persuade them to move it back into town.How about the old British Linen Bank Buildings or what used to be Boots looking down George Street? Oonah Parr
Oonah Parr, 03 03 2008
Since you changed the position of the Cam sight,I can only get the one view. It never changes.?
Bill Lloyd, 29 02 2008
Why in thses days of improving technology has the webcam been downgraded? It used to chnage picture abut once every three seconds which gave a real feeling of being there. There are some webcams which are in real time with sound.
James, 29 02 2008
I agree that the "old" camera positions were better
John Mc Aughey, 28 02 2008
What have you done? The loss of the old camera with its many choices will lose you many potential tourists. Shame on you !
oldtimer, 27 02 2008
Really hating the camera set up now. look at this webcam EVERY DAY since we discovered it five years ago...want to be able to see the bay, the ferry, the shops, the Hotel Columba. Please change it back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anne Cosper, 27 02 2008
Can you please turn the camera round so it faces towards the ferry terminal and the esplanade.
Robert, 26 02 2008
This view from this position is not as good as the old postion. Could you please re-site the camera to get the panoramic view back or turn the camera around so it looks back towards the North pier and the ferry terminal.
Robert, 26 02 2008
Is the camera staying in this new position? I hope not as it really is awful. Oban is such a beautiful place and the views are breathtaking. It's just a pity we can't see them! The pier, as was previously suggested, would be a good place.
June, 26 02 2008
Please could we have the camera re-sited to give a panoramic view? It is a wonderful view of the world
Michael, 26 02 2008
a short message to one of my old friends who i met in the clarry he goes by the name of burnsey. For anyone who has met him and his wife janice they were great fun , those days are long gone though think he is on the run , WHERE ARE YOU MY OLD PALL, hear your living life in the fast lane these days with three wheels and dodgey deals (DELL BOY)
ar sole, 10 02 2008
Would it be possible to resite the camera on to the dome of the North pier,that Woud give an all round view of the Bay, the Corin Eplanade, George Street,Railway pier,South pier,Port Beg. Hesprith pier the Sound,and of course Kerra.
Val macdonald, 09 02 2008
Thank you for restoring webcam, been lost without my daily fix of Oban.
Jack, 02 02 2008
It is a pity that the shot of the South Pier and Port Beg has been blocked by the new Calmacbrain extension on the railway pier. Is there anyway that this shot can be improved to show the above, perhaps the camera could be located to a better position. I look at home everyday and would dearly love to see the whole view of home again.
NMMacdonald, 02 02 2008
travelled their every summer since age of 5 to stay with my great uncle Sid got a cabin in dalavich,but still miss oban and Sids tall tales .colin
colin skinner, 01 02 2008
one fine day i went to oban for a romantic day out when i asked one of the locals where the best place to have a quiet few drinks . I was sent to the clarry well what a laugh that was . There is a few belters in that place , Martha and podgie they are some pair him and his strawbs and her and her hair ,willie walker the big lonley stalker ,remember the £20,s they were great fun, well she aint laughing now she just been done . Then there is JJ the big lump of lard he struts threw those doors as if he is hard, but most of the time they are all realy sound but abit of advice dont mention JJ its your fxxxxxx round . (bat out of hell).Your top ever bar man is still going strong with loads of eyes watching over him so won't be for long (HA HA HA)
ar sole , 31 01 2008
Visited 3 times from Atlanta - love it. Put my $1400 camera down to use the ATM - cash machine. Noticed 15 minutes later what I had done. It was waiting for me at the police station. Wonderful people these Oban Scots.
Julian Moon, 15 01 2008
STEVEN , 05 01 2008
Hey Teri, I live in TN too and I visit here often. I love Oban! i was hoping to visit this year for Christmas, but I think I will wait for Spring when it is warmer!
Robin, 19 12 2007
My son and I are coming to Obam]n on Saturday 15th Dec. Have enjoyed looking at the web cam EVERY DAY, it has heightened our anticipation greatly, will return to web site on Thursday and send update, cheers, Debbie.
Debbie Etheridge, 14 12 2007
Am coming to Oban next week for Christmas and Hogmanay with my boyfriend....can't wait for a traditional Scots celebration!!
claire, 11 12 2007
weather looks rough in oban today, i remember the harsh winters living there, come see my photos by googling "orillasound"
Marc, 05 12 2007
Hubby and I were there last year (2006) and loved shopping there and the Oban Distillery tour, plus sharing the wonderful hospitality in the Oban Inn...Oban is a great place to visit - one of Scotland's Gems!
Karen, 04 12 2007
hi oban is great place went with family. lovely in the summer great pubs and great people have went camping as well at the diving caravan park
suzanne sinclair, 25 11 2007
wow... i go here 30 times a year and its the best place in the world! pubs,, seafood...all i do when i go is stare at the ferries or walk 2 pulpit hill goin there this weekend!!!
Alex, 22 11 2007
I visit Oban every day during my work lunch break from Tennessee USA. I love the sight, and look forward to seeing in person soon. Thank you for having it!
Teri, 16 11 2007
Was here 4 years ago but after foreign holidays we are returning to Oban and Tiree next summer.Wonderful place
Nick Reynolds Clan Ranald, 14 11 2007
nice to see oban in the morning, things are still the same, viewing from my work in rotterdam, the netherlands.
alasdair cameron, 12 11 2007
Was here 24 hrs ago (3rd Nov 07)and yes it was raining!!!. This webcam is fantastic, on it everyday...wishing we were still there.
McLean Clan, 04 11 2007
ideal site for people travelling up for ferry,knowing what local weather is like helps.
norman webster, 03 11 2007
I truly love Oban, get the train up there sometimes which, in itself, is an amazing trip. The last bit of the trip on the sprinter is more like landing in a plane, the way it swerves and screeches down the hill. Truly amazing trip, views and setting.
Iain, 30 10 2007
My family came from Islay in 1739 to the USA - some cousins have returned to visit, but my health is not allowing me to do so - I enjoy the web cam a lot
Brent MacDougall, 22 10 2007
Im an ozzie whose ancestors migrated from Mull where I have visited and used Oban as a base.
Lyndall McLean, 21 10 2007
I lived an worked in Oban for a year and this is the most wonderful place to have some peace.People is very fryendly and helpful.Our web camp is a amazing idea I'm checking everyday from job, home how is this fantastic town. congratulations to the people that had the idea to install the camera. lots of loves and hellos to the nice that live in Oban from spain. Silvia's & Paco.
Silvia Casal, 19 10 2007
It would be really helpful to have a view out to the islands for private pilots to be able to assess mist and cloud conditions, before deciding to fly to Oban/Western Isles
James McNie, 18 10 2007
just love Oban, Mcabes folly is just beautiful. Will return
Tom Orr, 16 10 2007
ein wunderschoener ort mit einer fantastischen aussicht
ernst rehn, 08 10 2007
Would really like to see the whole sunset some day. Start to finish. Is that a possiblity?
Elizabeth MacLeod, 02 10 2007
Oban is in my heart.Because remember me my father in love, was a big Scotland man. My wife will be vry happy for thi words.Sorry for my English CIAO FROM ITALY
Michele Villani, 24 09 2007
visited oban with lochs and glens holidays loved the place nice to se a cam of the place brings back good memories thanks
paul, 23 09 2007
We visit Oban often and love to see the ferry going to Mull. Wish I was there. By the way, your clock is an hour slow.
June, 22 09 2007
Great views. For those of us unfamiliar with the area, a map of where these webcams are located would be useful. Thanks from Canada.
Elke Love, 17 09 2007
I love Oban and cannot wait to get back next year. These pictures keep me close every day.
Jack McNary, 11 09 2007
ciao sono italiano e la scozia mi ha sempre affascinato... ottima idea un webcam che dia uno scorcio di questo bel paese...
michele, 11 09 2007
beautiful land. Can't wait to visit someday
cory scott, 09 09 2007
Its nearly time for our yearly holiday in Oban, cant wait, only a few weeks off ! dont ever stop the web cam 1.
Sheila Booth, 04 09 2007
justyna, 02 09 2007
Nice to see you have speeded up the scene rotation,a brilliant camera,Thanks to all concerned.
Charlie Houston, 01 09 2007
I keep looking for Michael Taylor. I'm married to his sis, Marie. He will be in Illinois Sept. 6th for his bi-annual visit. We have niece Kelly and friend w/us right now. Marie goes back to Oban every other year and loves it.
Mike Burgett, 24 08 2007
Great to see my 'scottish' home on the webcam. Oban will ALWAYS have a special place in my heart
jackie molyneux, 23 08 2007
we stay in Taynuilt every October, and go into Oban several times during our holiday,as it is so beautiful. I look at the web cam every day at home. Thanks for having one.
Sheila Booth, 22 08 2007
I love Oban, so beautiful and picturesque scenery each way you look. I look at this webcam all the time from my office in Dallas, Texas. We were there on June 16th & 17th on our way to Mull for my son's wedding at Duart Castle. Can't be beat. Becky
Becky Massengale, 17 08 2007
En Oban he pasado uno de los momentos mas felices de mi vida. Siempre estará en mi corazón. Espero regresar algun día
Boris, 14 08 2007
Its great I can see my grandchildren and daughter when they call me as I am in Berkshire Thank you.
Debbie Mckeown, 14 08 2007
Where did the wee white boat go? You know the one! the white cabin cruiser, it's been moored in the same spot for years.
Archie, 11 08 2007
I've loved Oban ever since my visit there in 2004, after walking the West Highland Way. Your WebCam transports me back there and refreshes wonderful memories! Thank you!
Lee Davidson, San Francisco CA, USA, 09 08 2007
I used to live in Oban (4years) with someone truly special and sadly had to leave Oban and that special someone. I miss them both very much and one day hope to return to Oban, a wild & wonderful place with friendly and honest people, I view the webcam daily. "Oidhche Mhath Ma Tha".
Glenn Freakley, 05 08 2007
I'm italina but a friend of mine is now in Oban...thanks to this webcam she's closer. Cristina I miss you!!!
Tania, 05 08 2007
I love looking at the view over Oban harbour from my office in Soho, London. It's like a window on the world. Especially good at sunset time!!
Philip Scott, 31 07 2007
My family and i love love Oban and have been visiting for a number of years now. I also spent my Honeymoon here both my wife and i loved every minute of our time here. I wont mention where we stayed just in case this is not allowed, but it was a little pink building next to the railway. P.S. many thanks for looking after us Mrs McDougal.
Martin Murray, 29 07 2007
great cam, I miss living by the sea....
Marc McLean, 27 07 2007
Sono italiana e non ho ancora avuto la possibilità di visitare la Scozia. E' un mio grande desiderio!
Vanessa, 25 07 2007
fred potter, 25 07 2007
Oban is my favorite location in the U.K. Fantastic to visit it everyday wherever I am.
Paul Cullen, 24 07 2007
Now that I'm living in Cambridge, it's nice to watch the web cam to see if some one passes that I know. I look in every time I'm on line.
Rosemary Lander, 23 07 2007
logged in to day to have a look at Oban on the 100th Anneversity of my father birth (22/07/1907). My son will be ther next week and we will be taking a photo of him by the bins in George Street. My mother was born on the 10th August 1907 and I will be logging in then.
Hamish MacDonald, 22 07 2007
I too was in Oban in 1999 and fell in love. I'm from California. I was only in Oban for two days. Those two days were wonderful. Took the ferry to Mull and then the bus to catch the ferry to Iona. Walked along the promenade Stayed in a lovely B&B. THANK YOU for this web cam. I try to look at it at least once a day. I feel I left a part of me in Oban. I hope to bring my Mom and sister to Oban.
Lynn Wright, 19 07 2007
This is a great webcam! I check it out all the time. My boyfriend lives in Oban, so I can keep an eye on him!
Robin Little, 17 07 2007
My daughter lives & work's in Oban, I like to check the weather most day's. I'm hoping one of these day's to catch them walking along the front via the Cam.
Bill Lloyd, 16 07 2007
First visit to Oban in 1999 and fell in love with it. Visit 2/3 times a year and got married there 3 years ago. Our kids love it, especially the ferry. I'm bringing my mum to Oban tomorrow for 2 days and hope the weather is as good as viewed on web cam. I often view Oban on the web and can never wait to get back even for a day trip as we are just down the road in Perthshire.
Vicki Renwick, 15 07 2007
Back home in Germany it is nice to look to the place we visited a week ago. We enjoyed the trip to Oban very much.
Ulf Steinke, 15 07 2007
I come from Duror, Appin and I have a look at the Oban cam to see whats going on as I now live in Cambridge. Coming back to park my Kwak 600 with the other bikes like I've always promised my self I would do 1 day. :-)
Rosemary Lander, 14 07 2007
oban is a favourite destination of mine, love the town love the people see you in october hope the weather picks up.
john pringle, 13 07 2007
Keeps me in touch with home though view of railway pier not the most attractive opening
Donald MacKay, 13 07 2007
love oban great eating place near webcam mctavishs kitchen wish i was there now happy memories brings it all back !
ali f, 11 07 2007
spent a lovely week near Oban at the end of May and your pictures remind why i want to go back!
LIZ THOMAS, 11 07 2007
I look every day at home, helps a lot,thank you.
niall m macdonald, 11 07 2007
Ah; Oban! I spent my honneymoon there 15 years ago in a tranquil b&b called "calla-na-shie" " I probably spelt it wrong) which means haven of peace - and it was. We kept in touch with Ina (Campbell - owner at the time) ever since (she used to be a postwoman then). We visited again for our anniversary last weekend and saw Ina too. Toured the distillery. Fiona, the guide is v.good and the tour v. interesting as was the tasting after! We also ate @ the Waterfront restaurant. The oysters, lobster and the languistines are to die for-really! Also our guest house this time was just in the most PERFECT setting on pulpit hill, called Dungrianach. The most breathtaking views over to Kerrara and beyond it, Mull. Watching the ferries come and go at sunset is beautiful and calming. When you visit Oban, you bring it home with you. The locals are warm and friendly, the teenagers greet you when passing, and the views - the views are just the best. I can't wait to live there - oneday! Missing Oban all the time. Thank goodness for the webcam - it keeps me going.
Gailan Sharp, 08 07 2007
I love going to Oban it's one of my favourite places, cant wait to return it's great looking at webcam and remembering.
LIZ HOWAT, 04 07 2007
nice place,pity about the prices
charles kane, 04 07 2007
We love Oban, and try to make it back there each Autumn. The rest of the year, the webcam makes a perfect window on the town ... perfect, that is, but for the fact that opening the web page shows an archive photo of a less-than-salubrious waste bin on the front ... None the less, keep up the good work.
Alun Hotchkiss, 04 07 2007
Brings back some good memories especially overnighting at the Caladonian hotel and trips over to Mull. Wonderful times must do it again.
Malcolm Sadler, 03 07 2007
Oban, fantastic place fantastic people
Pete Williams, 02 07 2007
visit this webcam 3 or 4 times a day. My husband and I boh love Oban and cannot visit anymore as my husband has cancer
sandy churchward, 02 07 2007
Oban is an excellent place to relax. It's strategic to visit Mull, Jura and other isles. I spent three magnific days in Oban, thank you for this cam: I can remember clearly that days!
Claudio, 27 06 2007
Nice to see how the weather is at home. View it most days.Maybe even get back there this year. Ceanalas a th'orm.
John MacKenzie, 23 06 2007
Oban is one of my favourite places so I would just like to say "THANK YOU" for having it on the web.
Tommy Aberdeen, 20 06 2007
Great idea. Helps me to see what is happening in my home town. You need to check and update your time! It is out by about 2 minutes.
Billy Cooper, 07 06 2007

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