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User comments

i love scotland we go every year
kevin hawksworth, 27 11 2010
If it wasn\'t for tourism you would have no economy.
James, 29 09 2009
I grew up in Glasgow and in the around 1969 spent a month at Glenmore Lodge with other schoolgirls. We went in to Aviemore on a couple od days and I have loved the whole region, in my memory, since that time. My family emigrated to Australia in 1972 and I returned with my husband and son in 2001. We lived near Dunbar for 2 1/2 years and visited the Aviemore region frequently. I love this area and it is better in reality than in my imagination. Aviemore may be a little \'touristy\' but I live on the Gold Coast in Queensland and \'tacky tourism\'is a way of life. Enjoy the highlands, including Aviemore. A beautiful place.
April, 09 04 2009
I have travelled scotland extensivly for the past 20+ yrs from wild camping to 5* hotels so I think Ive got a pretty good idea what the place is like ..... if you call Aviemore an a typical scottish town/village then I suggest you travel around a bit more cause typical it aint.. it must be the most commercial place on the scottish map along with Drumnadriocht (nessy village - dump) having said that Im not slagging tthe place off as 1 of our fav campsites is at Glenmore on the mountain road (all be it a tad pricey).
cal watson, 03 04 2009
I do not have an Ideal picture Gavin I am just saying when I go to Scotland It\'s friendly and I did not find Aviemore that bad. No I do not have a B&B I actually live in England. And Victor I do have a life and I dont spew I talk my opinion just like you are doing.
Sandra, 01 04 2009
Why should I be careful putting across what I think? Dont you like your ideal picture being contradicted Sandra? Aviemore was clap central of Scotland at one time. Built on corruption (T Dan Smith & Pottinger/Poulson et al) and services a virtually moribund winter sports facility. Lighten up Sandra - I \'m not knocking your view just presenting another one. Maybe you run a b&b in Aviemore and I am hurting your business.
Gavin Meldrum, 01 04 2009
I agree with Gavin. Thank goodness the webcam is down - we wont see the concrete monstrosities - its almost as bad as the centre of Inverness. Elgin at least has preserved its city architectural heritage and not sold out to mediocrity. Sandra Fraser - get a life or at least stop spewing out patronising nonsense. This is getting to be an interesting place to troll.
VICTOR MELDREW, 31 03 2009
Ok Brian fair comment and yes everyone is entitled to their own opinion but he really should be careful how he puts across what he thinks. Ok the town is not a typical Highland town but I holiday in a different part of Scotland everytime I go and the welcome I find and the sheer beauty of the Highlands is second to none.
Sandra, 27 03 2009
Well\' it\'s been over a year now since the webcam went down. It was supposed to \"return soon\". There are many disappointed people (myself included) - especially Sharon ,USA who no longer posts on here. At least I am within a few hours of Aviemore and can visit when I wish - Sharon can\'t. As for Gavin\'s comments about Aviemore - I agree it isn\'t the most aesthetically pleasing of places. However, a dump it is not. How many other places of a similar size have the facilities of Aviemore (ie. restaurants, pubs, shops etc). None that I know of. And, as far as the surrounds of Aviemore are concerned and ease of access -second to none in my opinion
Kevin Dunn, 24 03 2009
Come on people, give Gavin a break, he is entitled to his oppinion. I guess what he is trying to say is that the town is geared up for tourists and as such it is not a typical highland town.
Brian Emery, 23 03 2009
What\'s shocking short sightedness gavin?? I think maybe you are for not seeing Aviemores qualities as well.
sandra fraser, 13 03 2009
I have not visited this site for a few weeks and nearly fell off my chair laughing as Gavin`s name has cropped up again, I think he has to admit defeat on this issue!!!!!
irene, 13 03 2009
Oh dear you have got it bad Gavin. It\'s Inhabitants not Inhibitants. I only speak as I find.
fraser, 09 03 2009
I am sorry that some folk take exception to my view that Aviemore is a dump. I suppose the fact they try to slag off my name is even more reason to laugh at their notion of Aviemore as atypical of the highlands. It\'s Aviemore I take exception too - not the inhibitants, not the surrounding area but the dreadful, dreary, dismal tat of the centre. The funicular is not far behind for shocking short-sightedness.
Gavin Meldrum, 06 03 2009
its a lovely little town everyones friendly enjoyed my holiday there
lesley speake, 22 02 2009
left Aviemore a few years ago after 22 formative years growing up. Seen a few \\\'conglomerates\\\'work to develope the centre but after annual visits i see more or less what i saw 30 years ago with just a few expensive additions. Locals are extremely friendly and if you want a laugh find the locals\\\' bars..
allan lonergan, 17 02 2009
I\'ll agree with that Irene. Is his name Meldrum Or Meldrew? The town is very friendly and Rothiemurchus is a must for a great day out.
Sandra, 09 02 2009
Aviemore is a lovely village in a wonderful setting, I think GAVIN who left the very negative comment has tossed his caber out of his pram!!!!
Irene, 08 02 2009
I agree with Gavin. The advertising for the \"resort\" is misleading. Aviemore is dismal.
Sheila, 05 02 2009
Aviemore described as a resort? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
Jock Tamson, 05 02 2009
Aviemore is a nice place, friendly people. Rothiemurchus estate is a must with loads of activities and fantastic wildlife. Highly recommended. It\'s not a dump a place is what you make it.
fraser, 31 01 2009
Excellent place to stay or visit. Friendly helpful locals. scenery absolutely fsntastic. cannot wait for a return visit.
Stuart Clarke, 24 01 2009
To the person who posted that Aviemore i not beautiful and that it a dump, are you blind? While I agree that in the highlands there are thousands of beutiful places, Aviemore is not a dump. The most beutiful place that anyone can ever visit is the Highlands and islands of Scotland.
Christine, from Inverness, 14 01 2009
Nice little town, although not so little each time I visit, nice little railway station (Monarch of the Glen filmed there a few times)wildlife park down the road worth a visit. Lovely place, Cathie, fae the Midlands.x
Cathie, 03 01 2009
I guess Gavin got out of bed the wrong side the day he posted his comment:-( The Aviemore area is simply wonderful, with fabulous scenery and plenty to do for everyone. We have been visiting with our four children, a couple of times a year since 2000, and love the area. Aviemore itself has been greatly improved over the years, and with the new funicular railway up the Cairngorm, it\\\\\\\'s a great place to spend some time. Go and see for yourself!
Janet OBrien, 02 01 2009
It\'s a dump. The best bit of \"planning\" in the last 35 years was building the A9 bypass.
Gavin Meldrum, 26 12 2008
going to aviemore for the first time in january08 i dont know what to expect but i am looking forward to it
lesley speake, 22 10 2008
Just spent a great \"50th Scottish Whit\" weekend at the Resort with the Bentley Drivers Club. Back home in the US sweltering in the heat.
Pete Huey, 10 07 2008
I was born in Aviemore,1962 and moved in 77, I so miss Scotland, the accent which I lost, boo hoo, and the hills.x
rosie, 17 05 2008
Hello, Aviemore Miss you not being up!! Hope how soon you are.We miss the Beautiful country side. I can't wait until you are up and running with the webcams again Pleaes hurry for us ! Love Aviemore sharon USA
sharon, 29 04 2008
David Longmire probably saved my life (snow plough drive). I lived in Aviemore and in 1998 I walked off the mountain down the road into a blizzard before realising the mountain road had closed. Turned back but thought I was a goner when a snowplough came out of the blizzard and stopped beside me. Three friendly Geordies in the van behind let me in and took me down the mountain. Thank you that man. How spooky you should be on here. It's my first visit.
Melissa, 07 03 2008
hello,Aviemore,I have missed you my cp has been messed up.Got it back and thank God I can come look at you everyday.I love this place. It says so much about Scotland how proud they must me of Your Land and the Views you bring for us to see.You must bring in alot of vistors each year with your webcam shots and Great job you do. Thanks for letting us see the Beautiful mountains that surround your country. WE are amazed by your beauty. sharon USA
sharon, 13 02 2008
we used to have a camper van and stayed every year at loch Morlich since we can no longer use it we miss our holidays there . There is so much to do in the area lovely walks great scenery all round you but we will be back as there are lots of lovely cottages dog friendly to rent i vistit the live camera every day. all the best for 2oo8 to every one in Aviemore
alison, 03 02 2008
Nice to see Aviemore online as i lived their for 2 years. I actualy lived at the clay shoot on the road to the mountains then moved to The Boat. I was a snow plow driver on the Cairngorms 1998-2000. Most ennjoyable time of my life. I miss my friends in Aviemore . Long live the Highlands. Godbless u all.
David Longmire, 03 02 2008
beautiful part of scotland , wae there late jan 08, aviemore is ideal for any form of breaks and its not just for the snow as it now idelly a 52week resort
dennis barsby, 31 01 2008
I have family in the Highlands ,that is truly where my heart is. I find peace & contentment here. If any of you trouble souls want refreshment make a lifes ambition to visit here. If you do I think you will see what I mean. "thanks to Web Camvista for the sites of Scotland".
Bernard, 29 01 2008
Good Afternoon Aviemore,You Look Divine. I see snow,that just adds to your Beautiful Landscape,How much more can a place be more lovely than YOURS?? I don't think any place You have stolen my heart without even trying it just Beauty,God Bless you.To the webcam shots we can everyday a Special thanks to you. I admire your talent to capture all of Aviemore it's Beautiful to me.. sharon USA
sharon, 10 01 2008
Happy New Year Aviemore,Love the view,it's around 11pm here and 4am your time how Beautiful it looks Wow, I can't get over what a sweet place you live in Aviemore thanks for all the webcams shots all year.We love them an we get to see part of the world that we may never see and it's Awesome in Beauty,, We love you Scotland sharon USA
sharon, 01 01 2008
I live in Carlisle,the "gateway to the lakes",but my family and myself love our annual trip to Aviemore to stay in our timeshare at Dalfaber.We didn't get this year due to our daughter starting the "big" school and had to change our week and resort (Forest Hills-Aberfoyle), still nice, but cannot wait for 2008.
Graeme, 30 12 2007
Oh My Goodness, Beautiful.That would sum up all the comments I would say and truely most people want to come there,The most Beautiful Place in the World. Love YOU Scotland I am sending you all the Best in the New Year Love all the webcams, Thanks for a Great Year to us and We Love all sharon USA
sharon, 25 12 2007
I went last christmas, the snow and the mountains (the cairngorms) are feckin amazin a great place to go. u can die in the extremes if your not too careful!
chris, scotland, 01 12 2007
hello, this is still so quite Beautiful to me but Maybe Kevin Dunn you maybe right I don't know much about the webcam shots but it would be worth a try.. but it sure is Beautiful anyway the fix the webcam thanks the ideal you may have something there you never know they maybe working on it... I truely think they take our comments seriously.. thanks Scotland
sharon, 27 11 2007
I will becoming to Avirmore with my new partner at the beginning of December 2007, we are looking for to seeing what is described as some of the most beautiful scenery in the United Kingdom Regards Neil
Neil Poole, 24 11 2007
Like Sharon (USA) I also visit this site daily. However, I wouldn't say that the view is breathtaking. I think that if the webcam was on the other side of the building pointing, for example, to the Lairig Ghru it would then become breathtaking (weather permitting of course)
Kevin Dunn, 16 11 2007
hello,Aviemore breathe taking view.. i come here often to see the most beautiful place.Iwould love to see it in person and someday i will.This is a Great Cam It's such a scottish get away love it thanks for the cam shots.. sharon u.s.a.
sharon, 14 09 2007

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