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User comments

The only thing that gets me through the work day...wish I was there!
Laura, 09 04 2011
You can allmost smell the sea from this webcam, hope to get out from Aussie again to enjoy it all.
Bob Kane, 03 04 2011
Wow! Pea soup today. Wish I was there!
Kel from MO, 23 03 2011
Hi, we have been here for the past 3 years this time in March, hope whoever is staying at the lovely property in Ardelve is having a great time - see you in October.
Cathy, 08 03 2011
Cant wait to return to Scotland later this year. Beautiful place, lovely people
sandra hall, 12 02 2011
PAUL, 12 02 2011
Beautiful views as ever. Returning to Scotland this year and I cant wait. Beautiful country, lovely people.
Sandra, 07 02 2011
at last the snow has gone its nice to see the mountains again
PAUL, 15 01 2011
Heaven is a place on earth..In April I will come back home. I\'m dying to see you again my beloved Eilean Donan!
Anne McRea, 30 12 2010
I live in the United States and have never visited, but maybe someday. I love the cam. My many times great grandparents were from Scotland so maybe that is why I feel the draw.
Delia, 27 12 2010
Now thats a white Christmas! Love the views. So different from Perth Australia.
Carolyn Brown, 25 12 2010
This is a Christmas Card How Beautiful........Love to come and look the web cam shots are Perfect..
sharon fugate, 19 12 2010
This is the best scenery cam on the web. Hope everyone is warm and snug. Merry Christmas. Cathy from Adelaide SA
Cathy, 18 12 2010
Eilean Donan looks beautiful in any weather -- the snow is particularly beautiful.
Elaine, 16 12 2010
My sister and I were there soaking up the wonderful views before going to Skye in Oct 2008. We so loved it.
Eleanor Swinburn, 29 11 2010
Beautiful Castle, fantastic location, scenery and most importantly, people...we were married @ Eilean Donan Castle in 2001 and it remains a magical memory for us. Beautiful
Chris M, 28 11 2010
How beautiful!!! Scotland at its most stunning!
jackie, 28 11 2010
9-1-4 Outdoor, the home of the Eilean Donan Castle Webcam has a new Facebook page. If you have a F.B. account, please search \'9-1-4 Outdoor\' for news & updates about us, the webcam and our amazing location. Best wishes to all & Camvista. Patrick
Patrick Cowdroy, 13 11 2010
I skipped stones in the water behind the Castle in 1972 and will do it again someday.
Craig, 27 10 2010
Good Morning Ardelve. 51 weeks and 6 days until we return for our annual holiday. Until then will keep on looking at this amazing webcam sight.
Cathy, 03 10 2010
I first saw this amazing castle and scenery in 1974, and have loved it ever since.
Linda, 29 09 2010
AmaZing. This is so Beautiful..... Great cam shots,thanks for letting us see your beauty everyday.
sharon fugate, 15 09 2010
I visited EDC four times during the last ten years - it´s always an amazing feeling to be there! Fantastic building.
Thorsten, 07 09 2010
I visited the castle for four times during the last ten years - it´s always amazing! Fantastic building.
Thorsten, 07 09 2010
Beautiful, cant wait to get home to Skye soon!
Paul B, 03 09 2010
What a sunset tonight, take your breath away. :)
Canada, 25 08 2010
Counting down the days until I will see this beautiful castle in person!!!
Jacquetta, 13 08 2010
The evening views are stunning at this time of night. Amazing that it\'s only pitch black for 5 hours, then it comes light again!
Chris, 07 08 2010
Well what can I say Beautiful..... How lucky you are if you live here,the most beautiful place in the world summer or winter its my favorite.
sharon fugate, 20 07 2010
It is a beautiful day in Dornie. I wish I was there right now.
Elaine, 19 07 2010
I love this time of year. So much great castle viewing time! :-)
Lisa, 14 07 2010
BILL, 30 06 2010
The cam is still here! Back for another year to see the long summer days, as compared to our short winter days in Australia. Will get back there one day!
Mel, 16 06 2010
PAUL, 12 06 2010
Reminds me of my eldest sister who is named after the village of Dornie. :-)
Martin, 31 05 2010
My father named my oldest sister after Dornie which reminds me of here whenever I see this view.
Martin, 31 05 2010
Dornie is wonderful little village. I stayed at the Dornie Hotel which was very nice and had a great pub with great food.
Elaine, 26 05 2010
and what about going into the village DORNIE.... nice walk !!! Dutchy Nelleke
Dutchy Nelleke, 24 05 2010
PAUL, 23 05 2010
What a beautiful place to get married Kora!
Chris, 20 05 2010
Absolutely beautiful!!! Can\'t wait to visit there in September.
Jacquetta, 14 05 2010
I was there one week ago. This castle and the surrounding area is one of the most beautiful areas in the world.
Elaine, 27 04 2010
I will get married there in August!!!
Kora, 06 04 2010
came from germany - best view I ever saw
reinhard, 04 04 2010
Wow, snow is back with a vengeance! I love the snow on this webcam, it certainly adds character to this awesome scenery!
Chris, 01 04 2010
I can\'t believe I will be there in three weeks. Can\'t wait to actually visit such a beautiful place.
Elaine, 28 03 2010
Back home from here yesterday after two wonderful weeks. Weather very changeable lots of high winds but still the best place ever. Miss it already!
Cathy, 28 03 2010
Going to see the castle 27/03/10 - it is one of my favourite places, even if it is raining
sarah, 26 03 2010
Only two weeks to go untill we will be back in Scotland. Looking forward to it very much, staying in the Trossachs national park and will take time to visit this beautifull place albeit a long drive. WELL WORTH IT.
Sandra, 21 03 2010
Breathtaking!Can\'t wait until we are there in September!!
Jacquetta Hicks, 07 03 2010
Twelve years since I\'ve been to Scotland, I\'m way overdue to go back.
Mary, 02 03 2010
Stunning, breathtaking...words fail me.
Carolyn, 02 03 2010
Also a terrific view at 1512 on the second! :-) I leave this on all day, love love love watching it all!
Lisa, 02 03 2010
What a beautiful view at exactly 2.30pm on Tues 2nd!!
irene, 02 03 2010
That Castle is amazing, the snow is fantastic, great view. Thanks. Brazil
Ricardo, 28 02 2010
These views are so amazing. I set this link up on one of my monitors every morning and see how beautiful the scenery is all day long. Some shots are just breath taking with the sun going down behind the mountains and the night shots of the castle are just gorgeous!
NYUSA, 23 02 2010
So beautiful and tranquil with reflections in the water of the loch.
Chris, 04 02 2010
Wow it is looking fabulous today. Only six weeks until our annual return to Ardelve. It just can\'t come quickly enough. Snow please stay until we arrive!
Cathy, 31 01 2010
omg it is Beautiful the snow just adds magic to this wonderful place Great webcam shots thanks
sharon, 30 01 2010
George, you must feel a great deal od satisfaction in seeing this area open up once the road was built!
Chris , 15 01 2010
Many thanks to you George, for building the road that allowed us all to visit this amazing place!!
RichH, 14 01 2010
I\'ve loved seeing the snow but that\'s easy for me to say from here in Australia where we\'re having a BIG heatwave.
Carolyn, 12 01 2010
I look at this lovely view most days - brings back many fond memories of being part of the team who constructed the new road from Inverinate to Dornie in 1967 / 69
George Jacobson, 06 01 2010
I find Eileen Donan Castle web site is addicitive !! just keep loooking at the scenery and wishing i was there.. roll on May well be hooking up our Folding Camoer and heading off up there.. seems a long way off so for now photos will have to do .
Diane Downie, 05 01 2010
I have been there for four times and the castle / the scene is still amazing! What a wonderful place. I will go there again in summer 2010 :)
Thorsten Soostmeyer, 05 01 2010
we love this place beautiful and remote ..we hope to be back in Spring 2010 thanks for the lovely pics on the web cam...
Diane, 01 01 2010
Breath taking view in the snow!..beautiful in Sept for the Heather blooming too...
ED VP, 01 01 2010
Happy New Year to you, too, Patrick! The beautiful views supplied by your webcam keep me going until I can get back to Scotland. I\'ll stop by in August to say thanks in person!
Kel, 01 01 2010
Happy New Year May you have Peace Joy and Good health in this New Year and may you all continue to this web cam that is just plain wonderful!
Nell, 31 12 2009
happy new year to everyone who looks at ths webcam , we hope to be here again september 2010
paul, 31 12 2009
paul, 31 12 2009
Hi Patrick. You will allways have my support all the time the web cam is running. Beautiful Place, have been twice and will certainly be back. Happy New Year.
sandra, 31 12 2009
Spectacular..the weather is treacherous tho..went in Sept. and couldn\'t make it all the way..but in Mar.I braved the cold..was worth it!
ED VP, 31 12 2009
Just wanted to thank you all for supporting the Eilean Donan Castle Webcam. Glad you love the views and i wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Patrick --- 9-1-4 Outdoor (home of the webcam)
Patrick Cowdroy, 29 12 2009
I will be there in April and can hardly wait to see it.
Elaine, 26 12 2009
Hi I just want to say Happy Christmas to all. This will be the view I will see in 11 weeks, can\'t wait.
Cathy, 23 12 2009
the mountains have got their winter coats on i wish i was there to see it
paul, 22 12 2009
the mountains have their winter coat on oh to be there
PAUL, 19 12 2009
i live in scotland, and even tho its just up the road from me. i still love this cam
kriskay, 17 12 2009
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to the most beautiful Places on Earth, Slient Night is my song for the setting i see Great Webcam.........
sharon fugate, 17 12 2009
Looks alittle choppy today. Wish I could check it out in person. Happy I can see it on web. thanks!
chrissie in cincinnati,ohio, 08 12 2009
I wish I had a job thire and a place to live with my family I would be there in a minuite, love the poeple and the country.
Chris Mc Rae Snow, 08 12 2009
Love Love this place ....... love to vist one day but i come and look everyday it\'s a piece of Heaven. Great Webcam.shots. Have a Mery Christmas.......
sharon, 07 12 2009
Always enjoy this webcam - Magic. I wonder if the locals log on each day to see what\'s happening before they venture out. I certainly would.
Cathy, 03 12 2009
Looks like the first snow on the hills this week.
Chris, 01 12 2009
our beautiful Eilen Donan Castle. my wife\'s most precious place. we visited in august of 2008 and will return in june of 2010. thank you for making and keeping this historic site so breath thaking and beautiful. see you soon
glyn and marti brown, 28 11 2009
I love this amazing place! Wish I was in Scotland today with my hubby.
Nicole North, 26 11 2009
Look at this camera every day.... and pine to be there again.
Cathie, 21 11 2009
How I love this place!
Paris, 20 11 2009
I am sat in my home in Italy looking at scotland ,these webcams are brilliant .
sarah, 16 11 2009
Woow...looks like winter with lots of rain is here again!
Chris, 03 11 2009
I\'m looking at the Eilean Donan Castle webcam and there is no longer a castle but a bridge instead???
Catherine, USA, 28 10 2009
This is good to have a webcam here. I shall be running a Photo Expedition to this castle on the 5th to the 8th November to help folk to learn about how to use a camera in manual mode.
Colin Angus, 25 10 2009
Nell, 22 10 2009
Lovely view only been once though.
Paul Edwards, 21 10 2009
oh to be in scotland right now we miss it sooooooo much
paul, 19 10 2009
Without doubt one of the best castles in the world. I\'ve been twice this year. The whole area is stunning.
Nick, 18 10 2009
Does anyone know how to zoom in on this website so it fills the whole screen?
Roger, 17 10 2009
I purchased my Kilt in Eilean Donnan Castle. We were taken through the castle and given the history. I am proud to be a Patriot. It is the most beautiful area and so calming. Duncan in Canada
Duncan McKeeve, 17 10 2009
A beautiful view today with low lying mist. I am expecting that soon we will see snow!
Chris , 13 10 2009
My wife and I visited in late September 2008, what a beautiful place! Can\'t wait until we can come back for a longer visit.
Frank, 09 10 2009
I am traveling to Scotland and Eilean Donan in April 2010 and can hardly wait to get there. It looks absolutely beautiful.
Elaine, 06 10 2009
I want to be there my grandfather would of wanted me to be there he passed away and he never got to go I\'m on dyalisis and I cry everytime i look at this i really want to go but no funds and it makes me sad I have renal failure and all i want to do is breathe the air and walk the land. I love it there i cry everytime i look at these pics.
stephanie speir, 05 10 2009
stephanie speir, 05 10 2009
HELLO, My name is stephanie speir my family is from scotland, and all i know is the history of scotland. and i love it it\\\'s like theres a peice of me missing,and I know it\\\'s in scotland. I cry everytime I look at these beautiful pic\\\'s. I want to be there sooo bad, it\\\'s the biggest desire yet. And of course thhe only way I will be able to see it is from here and I\\\'m fortunate I have that. I want to know what it\\\'s like there and I want to live there reallly bad. Anyone out there with any ideas to raise money for a lady that\\\'s on dyalisis and just wants to go see where my true family is from!! love the beautiful land of the scots!!!!
stephanie speir, 05 10 2009
we were here 4 days ago so much better in the flesh, we are missing it already
paul, 04 10 2009
have visited this place (and the shop where the webcam is) on both trips to this beautiful land, look at this webcam Every day. Wish I was there.
anne cosper, 02 10 2009
Love , love this place what can you say it\'s so peaceful here love it and Great webcam...... love it
sharon, 30 09 2009
Was there in late June on a glorious sunny day. Have been following this webcam for years and i finally witnessed the beauty.
Jim from Maryland, 30 09 2009
The 29th is a great day to visit as it is my sons 15 birthday. Maybe next year we will get to see this beautiful country in person instead of on the web. Love this website.
Kelly, USA, 23 09 2009
I will be at Eilean Donan next Tuesday (29th). Can\'t wait! Love this country and especially this castle and surrounding area. Just too beautiful! (Hope for some drier weather though!)
Eilidh, 22 09 2009
Me and my husband were there in March and will be going back again March 10. 27 weeks and counting!
Cathy, 18 09 2009
Hello Chris from a fellow McRae! What a shame you didn\'t make it to the castle, must have been late in the year for snow. That just gives you another reason to go back! I was there in May and already miss it so much!
Robin McRae Little, 17 09 2009
My sister and I drove through there a year ago. It was a fun drive through Wester-Ross.
Mike , 17 09 2009
this is in my history the MacRaes, and Macenzies and this castle we where there and almost got to the castle and it started snowing of all things we didn\'t make it, maybe next time,hellow to the McRaes.
Chris McRae Snow, 17 09 2009
Three generations ago my grandfather (MacDonald) came from Skye, through Glasgow to Canada. He was a proud Scot and I have returned twice to Skye in his honor. He didn\'t really mean it when he advised me never to trust a Campbell, but he was a Highlander and he remembered! I am a Canadian and a Scot!
William Coombs , 15 09 2009
Will be there for a week on 26th...can\'t wait !!
Rob, 07 09 2009
i love this place, i only wish they had sound with this one....... It\'s such a beautiful Place i would love to hear it all ............ Great web Cam Great Job, we love it!!
sharon, 31 08 2009
Splendidi ricordi per un posto magico.
piero, 30 08 2009
really does it matter if it\'s rainy day there are sunshine it still Beautiful.. I love this place and webcams your Great..... beautiful.....
sharon, 27 08 2009
I\'m another Sarah with family on Skye and I absolutely concur, it\'s the BEST, ib any weather. I love reaching Eilean Donan because it means I\'m almost there!!
Sarah, 27 08 2009
Sarah....How lucky you are to have family there..wish I did...exactly my kind of weather.. in such a beautiful country!
LINDA, 23 08 2009
Our family live on the Isle of Skye, so visit often and mostly all the time it\\\'s raining, but when the sun shines - it\\\'s the BEST !
Sarah , 20 08 2009
LOL Paul! I waved at the camera when I was there in May! By the way, the white building houses the cleanest toilets in Scotland!
Robin, 20 08 2009
We\'ll wave Paul, did that for our pals in England when we went there. Best to stand on the steps by the Outdoor shop. Enjoy your time up there.
Harris Clan, 19 08 2009
Aye Paul we certainly will wave at the camera. Enjoy and dont forget to wave.
Sandra, 19 08 2009
this time next month we will be back in gods country SCOTLAND if we wave to the camera will you all wave back?
paul, 19 08 2009
It\'s cloudy, looks rainy but i love it, rainy days here would be Great.. Just to enjoy the love, it, Great webcam shots
sharon fugate, 15 08 2009
Six weeks from today and counting . . . can\'t wait to get back to Scotland!
Eilidh, 14 08 2009
My husband and I love Scotland. We can\\\'t wait to visit soon. Eilean Donan castle is a great place to visit and take pictures at.
tina tenney, 13 08 2009
Wow! 5 weeks and counting.....see you soon, beautiful country!
cathie and michael, 09 08 2009
beautiful......... what can u say and to get married here Wow, it would be Grand.. Great webcam shots.. LOVE this Place........... enjoy it all
sharon fugate, 09 08 2009
Congratulations Anne and Simon, you choose an amazing place to get married. I think will be an special moment for both. God bless your wedding and be happy forever.
Ricardo, 05 08 2009
this is Peace.......... Wow love coming here and just looking to see the Beautiful Place ...God has gaven You.. Great WebCam shots ..... Love this place........
sharon fugate, 03 08 2009
I am looking with sadness at the home of my ancestors wishing so much that I could be there for the Gathering this week. Blessings on you all.
Greg Ray, 01 08 2009
Congrats Anne and Simon! I can\\\'t think of more special place to hold your wedding! I am sure it will be beautiful!
Robin, 17 07 2009
My partner Simon and I are coming to get Married the 12 Sept 09 at the castle and staying a week with friends in a cottage. Cant explain how excited we all are about our first visit.
anne, 15 07 2009
we are coming to spend a week at dornie in october I shall be bringing my 87 year old mom with us which is looking forward to.We have been round the area which is beautiful we see scotland our second home.yvonne 12/7/09*
yvonne gumery england, 12 07 2009
we are coming to stay in dornie in october bringing my mom with us we have been round the area many times but never stayed cannot wait its a lovely area.scotland has come a second home to us
yvonne, 12 07 2009
We\'ll be back in Lochalsh and Skye this August. We enjoy a lot this stay. This area is simply beautiful.
Claude, 09 07 2009
My ancestors were said to have lived here sometime in the 1200\'s. I\'d love to see it. Annie, Southwest USA, July 2009
Annie, 06 07 2009
FANTASTICO!!!!!!!!!!!!Belo, obrigado
caruso, 02 07 2009
How can they think of building more houses in this beautiful place. That is so wrong.
hamish, 29 06 2009
This has to be the most beautiful place in the world. I feel as though it and Scotland are calling my heart.
Harding, 28 06 2009
Spectacular! Except for the views that are out of focus! Please fix those!! Otherwise, it is beautiful!
Lisa, 28 06 2009
Well said Gordon!!!!
Russ, 25 06 2009
This is awsome. Just a magic place. I want to wake up there too.
Niklas, Germany, 24 06 2009
will be back on the 19 july for a weeks touring,cant wait
dave, 23 06 2009
Who allowed someone to build a manky breezblock building at one of the most perfect parts of scenery in the world.. They should be shot for ruining this part of history
gordon slaven, 22 06 2009
Oh My what a beautiful way to wake up.. this is my kind of life ......... it\\\'s only 4:09am there but it\\\'s where i would love to wake up too. Great Webcam shots.. You are the best.. Have a great day..
sharon, 22 06 2009
I live in Southeast Missouri US, and I love just looking at this beautiful castle as often as I can. Hope to visit some day.
pam, 14 06 2009
Oh. Love love this place.. wish I was there having a pinic on the grounds. It\'s so peaceful........ Great it
sharon, 12 06 2009
This is truly a beautiful location, I have been lucky to have visited this part of Scotland and it as stunning, as is Scotland, even more when you drive along the main route, it`s one of my favourite webcams and I check in most days, I love to see it at this time of the year with the twilight drawing in, beautiful!!!!!!!!!
irene, 10 06 2009
that castle is awesome, we visited a few years ago, beautiful area.
arlene, 08 06 2009
I agree Sharon. Thanks 914 Outdoor Clothing.
Cathy Parker, 04 06 2009
Oh My goodness. It\'s twilightand blue....lovely! hi sharon
chrissie in cincinnati, 02 06 2009
Oh my gosh it\'s beautiful the sun going down on the Beautiful Skye
sharon, 02 06 2009
It is so wonderful to be able to see this glorious view while living half way around the world in Canada!
Miss Havisham, 29 05 2009
One of the best places I ever seen riding my motorbike,very special now in my live this place.
JUAN LOPEZ, 22 05 2009
I love this place... it\'s one of the best places to come and just chill.. when your day is crazy.. love the webcam shots.. totally Perfect..
sharon, 15 05 2009
Hey Dave, what is Whit Week? Have fun!
Robin, 11 05 2009
will be there for the whit week cant wait
dave, 11 05 2009
We\'ll be here next weekend - whoopee! I believe they\'re re-doing the community hall roof.
Chris W, 10 05 2009
What are they doing to the community hall I wonder?
Chris, 09 05 2009
I will be here in 2 weeks!!! I will be sure to wave to everyone watching! LOL!
Robin, 08 05 2009
chrissie, in cincinnati i agree with you. Oh look the sun is shinning on the Castle how beautiful is that?? Nothing. love it.
sharon, 30 04 2009
Hello,Skye, Love this place.It looks alittle rainy there but who would care it\'s the most beautiful place in the world.. What a View.. Great Camshots... Thanks from America. sharon_ USA
sharon, 30 04 2009
What could be better on Earth Day. Then to gaze at this Beautiful place...
chrissie in cincinnati, 22 04 2009
sometimes looking at this webcam is all that gets me through the day!!! I dream of being there one day.....
Jackie, 21 04 2009
My parents stay near here all the time - it\'s a fab place to be.
Georgina, 19 04 2009
is there any place on this earth better than this view
dave, 18 04 2009
What is up with all of the scaffolding? Raining here today. It looks like a beautiful, sunny spring day at the castle. Wish I were there.
Kelly, 17 04 2009
This is beautiful... such a peaceful place when the world around us seems so blah. I love coming here and just looking at the real peace..
sharon, 12 04 2009
Thanks Mike, I know I will have a great time, always do! I have friends who live in Oban, so they will be shuttling me all around the West coast!
Robin, 07 04 2009
I look at this site at least twice a day, some people would say that\'s sad, but if you\'ve ever been there you\'d know why, absolutely stunning location. Wish I was still still living on Skye.
Elaine , 04 04 2009
we have been to the castle for the last 10 years running you just cant beat it and the high road opposite the casle is worth a visit for a nice overall view
paul, 04 04 2009
I hope you enjoy your trip Robin. I\'m heading back in 2012 for at least a four week stay I like Islay the people were great and if you go to Islay stop by the Islay woollen mills the owner is a real nice gentleman. But, goes to anyone who ventures onto Islay. So Robin do you hire a car or by other means.
Mike in San Diego, 03 04 2009
I can\'t say alot but it\'s A Piece of ART.................. Beautiful..
sharon, 02 04 2009
Oh My Gosh this is so Beautiful..The sun is shinning down on the castle.The web cam shots today are truely a work of art. we love this ..I would love to live there where I could go visit everyday..It\'s that beautiful..
sharon, 02 04 2009
Hey Mike in San Diego, I think you are talking about Plockton, I love that village! I will be here to visit my castle soon in May! Robin McRae Little, Nashville, TN
Robin, 01 04 2009
I blown away what a some poor drover thought when he came upon the castle in its hay day.
Nell, 29 03 2009
nice to see the snow again
paul, 28 03 2009
I love driving through the area. There is a great road to the left and behind the camera that shows the bridge heading from Skye to the Castle. A nice summer drive north through the Highlands and small villages away from the tour buses. It cannot be beaten anywhere.
Mike, San Diego, 28 03 2009
Ah,another beautiful scene at twilight....We\'re blessed...
land locked chrissie in cincinnati, 27 03 2009
The mornings are definately getting lighter earlier, Spring must be just around the corner!
Chris, Australia, 25 03 2009
It`s just Magic. How wonderfull! It`s the best place on earth. I visit this webcam every day several times. Thank you for those views!
Niklas, Germany, 18 03 2009
What a beautiful view of the castle I haven\'t seen this view before.
Shelagh, 17 03 2009
I figured that it was some kind of search and rescue. Just glad that it was practice and not the real thing. Thank you Patrick.
Kelly, USA, 05 03 2009
Kelly: The white vehicles you saw were one of the RAF mountain rescue teams. They sometimes camp down in the hall and train in the area. Hope this answers your question. Cheers, Patrick (9-1-4 Outdoor)
Patrick , 04 03 2009
I miss from Scotland since 1996 , sigh ! This picture will be in my heart xever. Niko Italy
Niko, 04 03 2009
Thats a great view with the snow on the Mountains...i was there last area i would love to visit again. Regards Robin
Robin Handley, 04 03 2009
We will be there on Saturday, can\\\'t wait.
Cathy, 01 03 2009
paul, 01 03 2009
What is up with all of the white vehicles?
Kelly , 21 02 2009
Would give a lot to be there , too!!!
Suzanna, 13 02 2009
Even though it\'s pouring with rain there today, I\'d still give anything to be in that part of the world right now, I miss it so much.
John, 12 02 2009
Just back from Isle of Skye, which surpassed all expectations. We stopped at Eilean Donan on Monday the 9th of Feb. I went looking for the Web cam and wanted to identify that white building and parking lot we see in the cam shots. I did! I waved at the camera...and discovered the bldg is the public toilets (very well kept I must say). That discovery gave me a great laugh. It was a thrill to see the castle in person and wonderful to see it now by web cam. I cannot express my love of Scotland and the Scottish people well words are adequate!
Savannah Russe, 11 02 2009
paul, 09 02 2009
Wow so Beautiful.. No matter what season it\\\'s Beautiful.. sharon USA
sharon, 09 02 2009
was here in august last year and was the most stunning place in the world its nice to see it in winter and it so quite cant wait to visit again soon
sarah ludlam, 05 02 2009
Beautiful sunset. I can\'t wait to have the chance to visit Scotland without the aid of this webcam.
Kelly, 01 02 2009
paul, 26 01 2009
Lovely to see the snow, makes you want to be there and away from it all.
sandra, 19 01 2009
Love to look at this every day. We\'ll be there in early February and it gives me a real-time look at the weather and the view!
Savannah Russe, 16 01 2009
If there are 10 000 Clicks on this Website, 9000 of theme are mine :) I love this Webcam so much. Greetings from Germany.
Niklas, 03 01 2009
We will be staying in Ardelve in March for the second year running, the castle is the view from the windows. It is beautiful. Thank you for the webcam it is a reminder of what is to come.
Cathy, 02 01 2009
This view is absolutely beautiful. Every morning I wake, I click on this website. Thank you to all who make it possible. I`ll be leaving for Scotland in May and this castle is one of many stops. Again,thank you!
Ashley, 02 01 2009
thanks patrick for the information about the green light i have been to the castle many times and just couldnt work out where it was
paul, 01 01 2009
It is nice to know peace reigns in parts of the world.Thanks for the glimpse of it.
chrissie in cincinnati, 30 12 2008
OH!! I cannot wait to see the loch and the castle! Scotland is more beautiful than what u can see in a webcam! Regards from Spain!
Ana , 29 12 2008
Thanks you, glad u like the views. Bye the way, the little green light is the reflection of the webcam light against the weatherproof dome covering the webcam. Merry Xmas, Patrick (9-1-4 Outdoor)
Patrick , 28 12 2008
fair damsel in distress, looking for rescuing prince to take her to his castle in Scotland. Forever, and ever.
JS, 25 12 2008
Beautiful Scotland! I`m seventeen, but i want to go there some day! Love it, thanks to those who makes it happen!
Niklas, Germany, 18 12 2008
I\'ve been many times and always love to return. If you go to the castle, head north on the road to Strathcarron and enjoy the best scenery in Scotland! Only attempt the climb to Applecross if you have time and the weather is good. This area has some of the finest I have seen in the world. By the way, the light is on top of a communications mast
Dan Chisholm, 17 12 2008
This Castle is absolutely wonderfull. God bless this place forever. Thanks for these webcam service.
Ricardo , 15 12 2008
anyone know what the little green light is on the night time pics above the mountain over the road
paul, 13 12 2008
Hello, Skye you have such Beauty... it\'s everywhere. I love this webcam and you do a Great job keeping it up.Thanks to you we get to see alittle of Heaven each day. Merry Christmas sharon TN.USA
sharon, 13 12 2008
Beautiful snow, First time I\'ve seen it in the back ground. I\'ve never visited the Castle, hope to.
Jeanette, 06 12 2008
Viewing from a summers evening in Melbourne- missing the snow - not really!
Kate Macrae, 06 12 2008
Aaron Mc. -- that\'s MY castle, but I guess it\'s large enough to share with others who love it as much as I do. ;-) Now, where did I put that Deed . . .
Eilidh, 05 12 2008
This is stunning. What a pieceful, beautiful, tranquil place. Will vist here soon.
PETER, 04 12 2008
it is always a pleasure to see Eilean Donan
Hanni, 03 12 2008
nice view of castle, but they need to put a shield on that one spotlight - it shines right into camera at night and ruins the viewing. I look here often to remind me of the times spent there.
dee, 01 12 2008
Look at that snow!
Chris, 01 12 2008
I waited for a few minutes to see if the shot refreshed, I shoul have waited longer, my apologies & very nice I will add to my favorites
pacowler, 30 11 2008
if the view changes pardon but at the moment I am looking at an empty piece of tarmac and unlikly to return to this site
pacowler, 30 11 2008
I\'m glad my castle is beinging looked well after! Cheers!
Aaron McKenzie, 28 11 2008
Beautiful place, nice persons. This is Scotland. I love this country and i hope i will there oneday.
Cristina , 22 11 2008
beautiful view.
sudha, 14 11 2008
I love Eilean Donan Castle and the Highlands. Heck, I love all of Scotland and SO wish I could be living there. Beautiful country, wonderful people. Heaven on Earth.
Eilidh, 13 11 2008
Lovely to see the snow. Beautiful views as ever
Sandra, 12 11 2008
the highlands are the best and SCOTLAND is the best country in the world
paul, 12 11 2008
Even with such atrocious weather moments of rare beauty emerge in this wonderful landscape around the castle.
Chris, 11 11 2008
My Heart will remain Highland! Willem Aucamp (South Africa)
Willem Aucamp, 03 11 2008
ruth i think you will find that the house is the hall and toilet block
paul, 01 11 2008
to ruth i think you will find the house? is the hall and toilet block
paul, 26 10 2008
I think, your camera changed position (did you have a storm?). It shows mostly the house, not the castle or the castle bridge. Could you please control the camera? The house isn\\\'t so interesting! Thank you very much, Ruth
Ruth, 26 10 2008
with the mist is looks even more magical. i can almost see knights with their standard bears riding across the bridge. i love this place
teri in tennessee, 24 10 2008
we were there 3 weeks ago very cold but who cares when you are in gods country
paul, 22 10 2008
It\'s a wonderful view of the Castle, but I am not sure why we get pictures of the parking lot. I want to see the castle!
Jack McNary, 15 10 2008
Thank heaven for this view of Eilean Donan castle. I love getting up early in the morning and just watching the views change while listening to the Proclaimers music. I\'ll be there one day soon! Mark Plymouth, Ma.
Mark, 11 10 2008
Ah,the best oasis in a crazy world. I would love to visit sometime not just at my desk. thank you!!
chrissie in cincinnati, 30 09 2008
It has become a daily treat to check these webcams. Scotland is so beautiful, and I can\'t wait to get back there.
DCL, 25 09 2008
last week i took my whole family to the highlands { 10 in total } and they were astounded by the beauty of the castle, thank you scotland.
linda, 24 09 2008
It is magical to sit at my computer in Canada and see this beautiful scene. Thank you for providing the webcam service.
Cynthia, 22 09 2008
We were here exactly 2 years ago today for our 25th wedding anniversary! Our trip to Scotland was the trip of a lifetime and this was the hightlight of the trip!!!
Shelley Anderson, 19 09 2008
we visited this wonderful castle in August this year,we stayed in a cottage on the opposite side of the loch in Letterfearn.well worth a visit.
the cotter pins, 18 09 2008
Eilean Donan castle is a really beautiful castle. So why does the web cam often point at a car park, wheelie bin or the roof of an ugly block of houses? Come on guys! Keep it trained on the castle!!
Eldon Sandys, 17 09 2008
Just so beautiful! The Highlands are just so amazing. I love Scotland so much <3! Germany
Niklas, 16 09 2008
This is so Beautiful,it looks rainy but who would care if your inside the Beautiful Skye Castle.. Great webcam shots. WE Love this Awesome Place.. sharon TN.USA
sharon, 13 09 2008
I will go to visit this amazing, calm and romantic place oneday, this Castle is Wonderfull. Thank you for this webcam service. Brazil
Ricardo, 12 09 2008
I visited this castle in June 2008 and it was as beautiful and magical as I had anticipated! Scotland is Phenomenal and I visit this webcam every day to refresh memories! Enjoy!
Valerie, 12 09 2008
Breathtakingly beautiful...I will have to visit this beautiful castle oneday! Thank you for this fantastic webcam service! Blessings and love from North Carolina, USA!
Elizabeth, 07 09 2008
Oh I just love visiting and watching this beautiful castle. Lord willing, I\'ll be able to visit it one day! Gorgeous and so romantic..thank you for this fantastic webcam service! Slainte! Elizabeth North Carolina, USA
Elizabeth, 07 09 2008
This place is Wonderfull, I love this Castle, is amazing, pretty, I would like be there, to be in peace forever.
Ricardo, 07 09 2008
Sorry to correct your correction SANDRA, but UK is not a NATIONALITY... there is SCOTTISH and then there\'s english... and for most no love lost there :) (English being mostly the reason most castles are ruined and all...)
Irish, 06 09 2008
Good Morning to Skye,Today is the 4day of Sept. and you have a rainbow in the webcam shot How Beautiful is this I ask?? I love you Skye have a Great Day ,, Great webcam Shots sharon USA
sharon, 04 09 2008
sorry this ruins your holiday, but it is all part of the UNITED KINGDOM now.
sandra, 03 09 2008
The most beautiful.. I watch every day. i love your castle!
chrissie sofranec, 02 09 2008
Brilliant! I check in every few days to see how my holiday weather is doing. What upsets me is how many un-native people ~(English) stay there!! Ruins my holiday, sorry to say that.....
MARION REId, 31 08 2008
Scotland is the most beautiful country in the world. Long may the great Hiland Midge protect it
William Gallacher, 27 08 2008
we will be back here next month yipee cant wait
paul, 26 08 2008
one word Beautiful........... Great Cam Shots you all are the Best .. sharon USA
sharon, 25 08 2008
Looked at the Cornell University website. No castle, no mountains, no sea in fact nothing worth looking at. This is a great site
Jock, 20 08 2008
Just spent a fortnight at Glenelg, close to the castle. Had a great time, lots of seals and even some porpoise feeding in the bay just beyond the castle close to land, blown away. Cant wait to go again next year, until then I will look at the webcam pictures and pine.... alot, Cathy, Burton-on-Trent.
catherine harris, 20 08 2008
the romans couldn\'t take it...the english couldn\'t take it lol. how could we have let anyone have that? lol
christopher, 14 08 2008
poor location of cams... can allow people to zeem and change view.... We were trying to see a friends wedding from the USA, but couldn\'t see much... Look at webcam in Cornell University website and see how good it is...
Abdo, 10 08 2008
we will be back in the highlands again very soon and we cant wait to visit the castle again
paul, 09 08 2008
Just returned from Scotland - you must visit this castle. Not only is it the most romantic castle, the surroundings are utterly stunning. No wonder its on so many shortbread tins!
Diane Greenwood, 05 08 2008
Will be travelling up to Fort William on Saturday and hopefully will be seeing the castle again sometime next week. It\'s been two years since my last visit, can\'t wait.
Sandra, 04 08 2008
Love Scotland, finally visited this castle last week. I think I understand why this is the most photographed - romantic and photogenic in stunning scenery the webcam doesnt do justice to. If you dont like this then you have no soul!
Diane, 03 08 2008
Made it here at last, July 12th. more beautiful than I thought.
Jennifer, 31 07 2008
Love this camera, have daydreamed about this place since last time I went and the camera helped with that. Going up there again on Friday so am checking what the weather is doing everyday, how handy.
Cathy, Midlands, 30 07 2008
Looks like we will give the Isle Of Skye a Misted ! and head South.
Tony Nichols, 22 07 2008
I would LOVE to see this place in the flesh! Must get it sorted! Love the webcams, they let you visit places all around the world
carol nottingham, 20 07 2008
To all the lovely people that answered my question about the white building-thankyou very much! Will get to see it all in person next September! Yay! Cathie
Cathie, 19 07 2008
the white building in the main shot is Dornie Community Hall. Hope this helps. Cheers, Patrick (9-1-4 Outdoor)
Patrick, 14 07 2008
Cathie, The white building in the foreground is a sporting goods shop.
andy, 13 07 2008
The Building lower right that a viewer asked about is Dornie Village Hall
paddy, 13 07 2008
To Cathie. The white building is Dornie & Community Village Hall. Thanks, Patrick (9-1-4 Outdoor)
Patrick, 12 07 2008
To Cathie 06.07.2008 I think the white building across the castle is the outdoor clothing shop.
Evelyn, 11 07 2008
To Cathie 06.07.2008 I think the white building across the castle is the outdoor clothing shop.
Evelyn, 11 07 2008
Cathie, the white building in the lower left hand corner across from Eilean Donan is a restuarant, gift shop. The buses stop here along the way to Skye so the tourists can get pics of the castle. Looks like they built a fence since last summer.
Cara, 11 07 2008
A fantastic spot and only a few miles from my favo(u)rite Highland village, Plockton; just returned to the U.S. after a lovely and SUNNY month in the Highlands.
Pete Huey, 10 07 2008
Hello! Does anyone know what the white building across from the Eileen Donan castle is? It usually appears in the lower right hand corner of one of the webcam shots. Thanks!!
cathie, 06 07 2008
After \'painting\' this castle quite a few times I was anxious to see it for real. I was not disappointed, she is beautiful You cannot leave Eilean Donan and not leave a small part of yourself there. I live in Edinburgh and now go up every chance I get .. even for hour an hour, then turn around and drive home. To all of you who long to see this castle, I hope your dream comes true...
Ingrid, 05 07 2008
You just can\'t beat the road to the Isle of Skye. I have lived in the US for 26 years and bring up this picture almost everyday to remind me of where I\'m from ... beautiful ans pristine.
Dave Morris, 01 07 2008
I\'m sweltering in the Midwest but just looking at these beautiful pictures and knowing how rainy & cool it is there helps. Can\'t wait to be back here.
Kel, 26 06 2008
The most spectacular castle in the world, I long to go back to ALBA! Now living in Western Australia
Brian Kilgour, 26 06 2008
There is nothing in this world as the Isle of Skye during the long summers. It is one of the truly magnificent experiences on earth.
Dylan, 24 06 2008
Eileen Donan Castle is a beautiful sight. especially on a balmy summers evening when it has carefully positioned lights that reflect beautifully in the surrounding waters. A truly romantic and magical place. Will hopefully visit again when my children are old enough to appreciate it.
Lorraine Ward, 20 06 2008
This is amazing castle. Have been there several times and it never get old to look at. It I had my way I would live there. But living close in Oban is better than nothings. I look Scotland it a land of its own.
Kristina McDougall, 19 06 2008
Th webcam pics are amazing, hoping to see it for real in the next couple of years. I was born in Scotland and long to go back
Helen Edwards, 11 06 2008
this place is beautiful going upto skye in a few weeks cant wait hopefully in the next couple of years will be there permanently
lisa, 10 06 2008
It's just amazing at this time of year to still be able to see the castle at 11pm surrounded by an array of beautiful inky blues due to the long daylight hours of the north.
Christine, 07 06 2008
Eilean Donan Castle is one of my mother’s favorite castles. Since her name is Eileen we always joke that it is her castle. It is a site to behold and one of my fondest memories as a child. My Mom has a picture of it drawn on a piece of shale in her dinning room.
Phil Harris, 07 06 2008
I see Nessie on the loch long cam, and do you know why..there's no one around
Crystal , 07 06 2008
Just 4 weeks and I will be there again! That's the best time of the year.
Ruth, Bonn, 01 06 2008
Hello,Skye Oh my gosh your Beautiful,Looking so wonderful in such a picture perfect painting... I would love to see this in person,but so glad we can see this from your webcam Great Shots we love love this Place a piece of Heaven would my say and they would be correct.. Love this Scotland
sharon, 31 05 2008
After visiting in person, it's very cool to be able to click at any time for an instant trip back.
Mike Kennedy, 28 05 2008
I was here 10 years ago on a rainy April day - and it was still breathtakingly beautiful.
Michele , 25 05 2008
We were there a few weeks ago,was FANTASTIC,FANTASTIC,FANTASTIC. Well i'am from that neck of the woods,but have shifted,so always nice to go home.
Mary, 25 05 2008
We will be here May 2009. We live in Louisville, Kentucky. I can't wait.
donna, 23 05 2008
i will be here in september yipee and i will give everyone a wave
paul, 14 05 2008
I'll be up there in 3 months too, I can't wait, it really is my favourite part of the world.
John, 14 05 2008
Just over 3 weeks for us, and we can't wait!
Christine, 14 05 2008
Only 3 months untill we will be there again. To everyone who looks at the view on this webcam and will be there before us enjoy the views, take in the air and appreciate the history. There is NO better medicine.
sandra, 13 05 2008
I am going in 6 weeks, a dream of a life time. soooo excited!!!!!
Rich Baxter, 07 05 2008
i was here last week, im lucky as i have family on skye and i visit them 2 or 3 times a year. i live in the midlands about 450 miles away. im missing the place at the moment but i know it wont be long until im back. i have seen on other webcams that the snow is still on the hmountains, i was there last week when the majority of it fell. anyway great webcam (i also like the 914 outdoor webcam as that is live streaming). lovely place and i miss it.
adam , 17 04 2008
me and my children were there 3 wk ago and we look at this image and wish we were there every since
damon from wakefield, 07 04 2008
I hope you all can understand what these webcams mean to those of us who wear our Scottish ancestry as a badge of honor. Bad days turn to good when one gets the chance to tune in. Thanks so much!!
teri, 04 04 2008
my husband proposed to me at this castle so looking at this webcam brings back such happy memories
sam manning, 27 03 2008
Can't wait to be there again soon. Just so long as the back drop isn't covered in wind turbines. and that isn't a joke.
Eilidh, 16 03 2008
This webcam is fantastic, capturing the moods of one of Scotland's greatest icons! Many thanks to those who make it happen.
Christine from Adelaide, 14 03 2008
Hello, Skye, I can say one thing to you is your in my Heart,I love this place so much, it's so Beautiful, and Peaceful, I would love to come and stay awhile and just enjoyed the View. Love the webcam shots.. You do such a Great Job .. Love it sharon USA
sharon, 03 03 2008
we will be back in scotland in september but until then we will have to do with the great webcam pics oh is it september yet?
paul, 27 02 2008
As an expat from Letterfearn,living now in Vancouver, I can keep in touch by watching the webcam, it gives me much pleasure. I have just watched the activity around the opening of the Dornie hall, I attended many highland dances there..what fun!
jane campbell, 23 02 2008
this is my favourite webcam and place stayed near by at xmas i will return
maggie young, 21 02 2008
Only four months to go until I will be back in your area. Cant wait.
Sandra, 20 02 2008
hello,Skye,loraine said it's Magical that is so true. I can see the sun trying to set over the moutains now and it's so beautiful.It looks so peaceful and lovely there.I can't wait to see this Beautiful,Magical Place in person.It's a Great shot today in Skye.sharonUSA
sharon, 19 02 2008
The sun must be setting in Skye,All Awesome, It's Beautiful wow wish I was there to see it in Person. It is the Best we are so honored to have the webcam shots everyday I come to see your place and I forget my world and dream of being there someday.Thanks sharon USA
sharon, 11 02 2008
Wow today is so beautiful in Skye!I am enjoying it through the webcam shots that you provide us and to say Thank-you for doing that for us. WE love it.Breathtaking ,just Awesome place to see.I can't belive one day I hope to see this in person. It does Scotland Proud.. WE love you Skye, Sharon USA
sharon, 11 02 2008
the drive to the castle breathtaking.we visited the castle sept 07.cant wait to go back.magical.
loraine alderson , 02 02 2008
We celebrated our 25th Wedding Anniversary in the Highlands and on Skye ... it's awesome! We rode Clydesdales on Skye ... took them down to the surf. I shall never forget it. I'd go back in a heart-beat and plan to do just that !
Ellen Schwartz, 02 02 2008
I wish, I could be there... Elisabeth, Austria
Elisabeth, 02 02 2008
What a beautiful place, used to live on Skye a few years back look at the cam everyday.
Elaine, 02 02 2008
Look at all that snow! My only wish is that I could see this wonderful view in a larger format!
Christine from Adelaide, 02 02 2008
You are absolutely right Sharon. Skye is my favorite as well. We visited in June 2007 and stayed in Uig at the hostel-one of the best in Scotland as far as I am concerned. If I were independently wealthy this is where I would be (during the summer anyway-NZ in winter).
bill, 26 01 2008
Hello, Skye, Your Beautiful, I can understand Why your are so much Scotland's main attraction,You have it all YOUr castle is so lovely and the view is to die for,, I love yourlandscape,it's the most beautiful in the whole World , Ilove Scotland and you are the Best place to go see, Hope one day to come to the Isle of Skye. sharon USA
sharon, 24 01 2008
We visited Eileen Dolan in 2007 and keep checking the web cam. Its such a lovely, isolated place. The rain makes it that much more appealing.
Kel, 22 01 2008
I visit every day thanks to your site.I love to see what the weather is doing. thanks from cincinnati ohio
chrissie , 18 01 2008
one day I will get a great photo of this castle one of our many favourite places in scotland happy new year see you soon Sandra and Lew Wolverhampton England
lewis hayden barlow, 12 01 2008
the snow on the mountains makes the castle look even better
paul, 12 01 2008
A vision I see before me, Of white topped mountains high, With a castle of history I breath a sigh, For the beauty that's full of mystery.
Sandra, 10 01 2008
Hello, Happy New Year to all Of the Beautiful Land of Scotland,, I love it,the most Beautiful Place. I hope your New Year is Bless and the webcam will be the same Great.. It to me is the BEST.. The Castle is so Beautiful,I truely Love this webcam,I vist everyday to get a look at a wonder that God made your so lucky to live there wish I did,but since i live so far away I am so glad to have the webcam.To you a special Thanks . Happy New Year to Scotland and the Isle of Skye.. sharon USA
sharon, 01 01 2008
I visit this webcam often. I love Dornie. Its a great place to stay and get to the deeper ares of Scotland. I only live 570 miles away in Somerset. Corran is the place to go, truly the end of the road.
Adrain, 30 12 2007
Merry Christmas,Your Beautiful,In all the places I have seen you out shine them all.. Thanks for a Year of Great webcam shots and for letting us see your Beautiful Country.. No wonder the Queen lives there too.. It's Beauty is of fitting for the Queen of England.. I love Skye i come here so often you would think i live here but i live so far away.In looking in everyday i find Peace and my cares for moments vanish.Thanks for all the webcam shots. Happy New Year Hoping to come in 2008 Love you Scotland sharon USA
sharon, 25 12 2007
Truly a magical place. Its one place you have to visit once in your lifetime !
Mike Steele, 18 12 2007
What can you say when you have something so breathtaken in front of you Magic is the only thing that I can think of we love you Scotland Ray Marisa ciao Italy.
Raymond lee, 16 12 2007
hello,just stopping by to look at my favorite place on Earth. It's 11:48am here and it's 4:48your time i belive and what a Beautiful place to be.. it's rainy here and i like snow better and your view makes me feel all cozy inside I belive God smile down upon you in Scotland and Bless you with all the Beautiful place to just step back and look at .. we have beautiful places too but your places outshine the world's and i truely love Scotland but my favorite is here I look everyday and it's just Grand thanks for all your work on the webcams I pray they never go away I truely have a little peace with the view.. Love you Scotland sharon USA
sharon, 13 12 2007
Thank you for a year of wonderful views of Eilean Donan Castle. I log into this cam at least 4 times a week to see this brilliant site. Watching the seasons change around the Castle is a thrill. Happy Holidays to all in bonnie Scotland and may it be great in '08!
Cari, 06 12 2007
brilliant view. next week i will see it live again. can't wait to!
Britta, 06 12 2007
Such a beautiful sight when at work and wishing I was somewhere nice. Scotland is fantastic I will be back soon!!!!
Pete, 06 12 2007
Merry Xmas & a happy new year to you all, thanks for the lovely scenery everyday. See you next year 2008.
Sandra, 06 12 2007
I am amazed no matter when you come to see your webcam it has a Beautiful picture to see.. I have been here often almost everyday i love ,love .love it. I wish i live there. However i don't sad, but, your webcam lets me have the gift to see it everyday and just to say Thanks and have a Merry Christmas to the most Beautiful Place God put on this Earth.. The Isle Of Skye ,Bridge,and the Beautiful CASTLE I love it so much.. Thanks again
sharon, 05 12 2007
hello, i am from BRAZIL IS VERY NICE PLACE...BYE.
Eduardo, 03 12 2007
gods own country what can you say that hasnt been said already i miss it so much
paul, 29 11 2007
hello, I was looking at my Favorite webcam and this is so Beautiful.. I wish I lived there.. It's such a beautiful place and I evny you all but.. God has given you,such a wonderful Place.. to lived be Thankful.. and know We love your Scotland.. sharon USA
sharon, 26 11 2007
Vik, 23 11 2007
Hello,I love Love this view. I can see the bridge and the lovely view across the way ..Wow how Beautiful.You must be so proud of your home land. It is Stunning every shot is.. I can't wait to see this in person the Beautiful views and the world's most famous Castle.. Be Proud Scotland you deserve to Be of the Land and the views God gave you.. sharon USA
sharon, 22 11 2007
hello, what a beautiful sight i see..... it's so peaceful at night an it's around 10pm here and your place is showing light at 3am Wow I hope you know what a blessing it is too look at your home place for me I come to look an take my thoughts so far away and i enjoy the view so much.. thanks for the webcam I truely enjoy the views we get everyday.. sharon USA
sharon, 18 11 2007
Ein wunderbarer Ort, wie überhaupt ganz Schottland. Ich komme fast jeden Tag virtuell hierher. Mein größter Wunsch ist es, meinen Lebensabend in Schottland zu verbringen, am liebsten irgendwo in einem Cottage in den Highlands.
Gunnar Hallmann, Bayern, Deutschland, 15 11 2007
hello, Beautiful.. wish I was there everday. It is so peaceful and when your day is a mess this would be Awesome to just sit an ponder upon life and everything would be fine in the whole world love you Scotland.. Sharon USA
sharon, 13 11 2007
OH MY God this is so Beautiful.. overrated no don't think so. this is so breathe taking I wish I could wake up every morning and look at this perfect site.. how lucky you are .. Great webcam. We love it in America it is truely Beautiful sharon USA
sharon fugate, 11 11 2007
Oh My what can I say but you are beautiful.. the webcam shots are simply make me speechless of the beauty of the Isle of Skye,Scotland you have it all.. the beauty,sweet people,looks to me like God smile on you and painted you a picture himself love you Scotland sharon
sharon, 20 10 2007
Beautiful vistas of Eilean Donan. I'd like to be able to enlarge the view again.
Sarah, 10 10 2007
I visit on a regular basis so see my homeland. There is nothing more beautiful than our castles, lochs and hills. Makes me homesick.
Lynn , 08 10 2007
everyone who visits scotland must visit this castle as it is steeped in history and romance
paul, 07 10 2007
Oh My it's just beautiful.. this is one of my favorite webcams.. you show what a lovely place this is to come to an to visit. We all wish we lived there around this Isle of Skye.Thanks so much for showing us a little part of your wonderful world.. sharon USA
sharon, 03 10 2007
i long to go back to scotland magical place i travelled around quite a bit on the web cams tonight just want to be there again thank you
rose jackson, 26 09 2007
this is beautiful. it looks like a picture just no touch up needed... Wow is all i can say the way it looks you can never look at any place more beautiful....... thanks for the webcam.
sharon, 25 09 2007
I know this place very well - having been there many times. I enjoy watching it daily owing to this webcam. Thanks!
Joke, 19 09 2007
I used to work with the contractors who made the new A87 road past the castle in the late 1960's and very much enjoy having a regular nostalgic peek at the webcam. Such wonderful country - and many fond memories
George Jacobson, 13 09 2007
What a place,must be the best place to visit on the planet,The drive from Fort william to the castle is truly amazing.I will be there again in october on my way to skye.
PETE DAVIES, 09 09 2007
ce château est superbe. 28 ans après une première visite j'ai retrouvé la même magie des lieux. Venir en Ecosse sans visiter ce château est une erreur !!!
tedeschi, 05 09 2007
We have been to this castle twice and it is always a beautiful place to visit. We usually visit Scotland in the fall.
tina tenney, 30 08 2007
Scotland is a fantastic country especially the western coast. Unable to visit this year but look forward to next year
Janet, 29 08 2007
hello,awesome view,day or night but this is a place i want to visit.. Great Webcam shots..I love to look at them everyday i enjoy the view and dream.. of being there thanks sharon USA
sharon , 22 08 2007
Every time i view this castle,i can`t help thinking,that it`s a miracle..Hope one day i`ll visit this lovely place!Viva Scotland!
Vika, 21 08 2007
i live in england but my hearts in scotland
paul, 18 08 2007
Scotland is the most beautiful place to visit.Eliean Donan Castle is a favourite of mine. I visit twice a year
Gary Lines, 16 08 2007
Tout simplement, j'arrive... See you soon.
Michel, 11 08 2007
this castle is a must see, a one off, if you visit scotland make sure you don't miss it
rhys bradbury, 07 08 2007
Unfortunately, you can't see Skye in this image, as the background is the Ratagan Forest on the Mainland.
Stephan, 07 08 2007
makes me homesick, and i have never been, so beautiful, hopefully one day... how lucky you people are!!!
susan from canada, 05 08 2007
Food for the Soul!! I look at this every morning, it gets me through the day....especially the Edinburgh cams.Takes me back home.
Jackie, 03 08 2007
Lovely, it takes your breathe away it's so awesome. Someday wish to travel there.We have had family come an vist they loved it. Sure I will too. Love looking at the view. sharon USA 29 07 2007
sharon, 29 07 2007
We visited yesterday for a wedding. A beautiful, magical experience and we were all blessed by its majesty. We agree, this is a 'Must See'' Caslle
Ricky and Marilyn Cuss, 29 07 2007
Have been to Scotland once. Can't wait to get back. Skye will be visited. Beautiful!
Linda M Kansas, 26 07 2007
I have been there 3 years ago for the first time and this year i will come back to Scotland...for love. It's a magic place.
Cristina, 24 07 2007
OH MY GOD!!I would give up everything to within eveshot of this place.I can close my eyes and visualize the castle at first light,shrouded in mist with a huge orange ball of sun just peeking over the horizon.Alas,I shant live long enough to see it.:(
Ron Laisle, 24 07 2007
Oh,God!I love this castle!Every castle is a "must see" castle,isn`t it?This place,I mean Scotland,is amazing,every time I watch this camera,I see a wonderful picture!I`ll visit it one day!;D
Vika, 23 07 2007
Hello, What a Beautiful shot!! Early this morning i was up took a look see at live web and i wish i was there to see this in person. the castle is so beautiful in the background and i would love to live there just beautiful and so peaceful. Watch your cam everyday too proud usa
sharon, 22 07 2007
i am a passionate hill walker but your pictures have not changed for a week ! is this because its raining
ian house, 21 07 2007
one day.......
Keith Mather, 19 07 2007
I use this to see what the weather is like. I am however confused as to why Sandra, Margaret and Bill seem to send the same comment each day!
Gavin Meldrum, 14 07 2007
best place in scotland went 4 weeks ago for my 50th birthday beautiful area
lawrence, 14 07 2007
I love this castle. Probably my favorite one from my trips to Scotland. Beautiful in full sun, misty rain, or even at night.
Betsy, 12 07 2007
Here's a wee thought... how about, as an experiment, setting up a cam looking at Totaig broch on the other side of the loch, or Dun Telve, Dun Trodden and Dun Grugaig in Glen Beag. I've no idea of the logistics but maybe for a week or so we could see 2000 year old buildings as well as this 20th century replica.
Tom Campbell, 11 07 2007
A lovely part of the world, I miss it so much, it's nice to be able to check the webcam every day.
John, 11 07 2007
Thanks for this lovely cam site, we stayed at Dornie in 2004 to see the castle. It was every bit as wonderful as we had been lead to believe.
Christine from Australia, 11 07 2007
I spent an entire day at this castle and was thrilled to be able to do it with my teenage daughter, who also fell in love with the castle and area. Plan to go back soon.
Michele, 09 07 2007
It's 2 years ago since I was in beautiful Scotland and I miss being there. I really love these webcams, I also watch them every day to see the beautiful scenery and the weather. Ingrid, Belgium
Ingrid, 01 07 2007
we have spent 2 weeks in this area,and visit the castle many times each time you go ,it is still breathtaking.h kennedy carrickfergus.
harold kennedy, 28 06 2007
what can you say that hasnt already been said about this great castle and country
paul, 26 06 2007
What a beautiful place!! I Can only hope to oneday visit and see more of this lovely castle. The web cams are wonderful!!!!!!
Tracy Garcia, 23 06 2007
I'm from Scotland originally and live in Fort Lauderdale,FL ... I bring up your site everyday, it fills a certain void.
Dave, 23 06 2007
Visited Aug 2006. Stayed at the B&B nearby for three days. Beautiful area. Would love to get back. I look on the web cam three or four times a day.
Gen, 21 06 2007
A beautiful place! There's only one thing you might say: Alba gu brath!
Gunnar, 21 06 2007
This castle is a must see if you visit Scotland. Theres something magical about it. Cant wait to get back to Scotland .
Mike Steele, 21 06 2007
I had been to this website at least 50 times before I went to Scotland last year just to see what it looked like on the web. Nothing could compare to the beauty in person of this wonderful place. The change in the colors of the mountains and shadows on the castle, the sun setting over the loch leaves the mists of time to your imagination. Must see if you are on your way to Skye.
Cara, 19 06 2007
Shame about the recyling bins in the foreground!
Kay, 17 06 2007
Excellent pictures. I have never been to your area tho' I hope to be there someday. Keep them coming. Excellent idea.
Bill, 13 06 2007
Been to this castle several times and the scenery on the drive to the castle is breathtaking. If visiting Scotland this is a "Must See" Castle.
Margaret, 31 05 2007
Very lovely place, visited twice and it's alive with history. I look on the web cam every day to see the view. Beautiful.
Sandra, 22 05 2007

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