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Rapid deployed RSI Videofied self powered wireless GPRS video security camera systems

Benefits of the RSI Videofied Wireless Motion Activated Video Surveillance Camera Monitoring System
Features of the RSI Videfied Battery Powered Wireless 3G/GPRS security CCTV camera video monitoring System
How does the RSI Videofied 3G/GPRS wireless motion activated video surveillance CCTV camera monitoring system work?

Benefits of the RSI Videofied Wireless Motion Activated Video Surveillance Camera Monitoring System


Budget price operating security self powered wireless GPRS or 3G monitoring motion activated camera system that will knock many substantial £££££ís of your current CCTV camera surveillance budget. Well proven around the globe and now a fully established robust wireless GPRS video security camera alert alarm system.

Extremely completive prices for purchase and rental options of all RSI Videofied motion activated camera systems - anywhere in the UK. Phone Camvista Ė 0845 241 6040 for a quote

Totally wireless, NO cables, NO power supply required on-site, NO telephone and ADSL broadband required - keeping operational and running costs to a minimum. Greatly reducing the costs of static guarding and traditional CCTV camera monitoring systems by more than 45% in many instances

Easy to install, reducing expensive installation costs, simple to move and mobilise around the site to suite the security requirements on a day to day basis, weekly or monthly. Fast to de-install and move and transfer to a new site location for rapidly deployed security monitoring.

Truly reliable, an EVENT BASED video verification camera security system, stopping false alarm alerts and succeeding in deterring theft and crime in remote locations which normally donít have the proper infrastructure to operate surveillance camera monitoring systems.

Easy to operate and switch on and off the MeerCam video alert system, wireless keypads, fobs and entry cards for various nominated key holders, smart. Auto timed switch on programmes to ensure that the RSI Videofied is always protecting the security site during out of working hours


For more info and prices telephone Camvista 0845 241 6040 or contact us now



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RSI Videofied Wireless Motion Activated Video Surveillance Camera Monitoring System


RSI Videofied Day Movie Demo

RSI Videofied Night Movie Demo

Any movement detected by the rapidly deployed wireless indoor/outdoor CCTV cameras with built in PIR and IR LEDs will send a 10 second video clip of the movement detection over the GPRS mobile phone network to an Alarm Monitoring Station.


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