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Haggis Hunting season starts on St Andrew’s Day 2008

Thursday, November 27th, 2008

Great excitement is mounting in Scotland as the new 2008/2009 haggis hunting season is about to start. On Sunday the 30th November 2008 at 12 noon, St Andrew’s Day, haggis hunters are allowed to start hunting on the hills and mountains of Scotland to try and catch Scotland’s national creature – the haggis.

Because the Scottish haggis is now such a rare animal breed, the Scottish Parliament passed a new Scottish law to reduce the official haggis hunting season dates to now only last a few weeks. In order to ensure that haggis don’t become an extinct animal in Scotland. Now the official haggis hunt season starts on the 30th November, St Andrew’s Day, to Burns Night on January 25th. This was the first law that was passed by the new Scottish Parliament when devolution was launched in Scotland. Many voters in Scotland still think that this new law introduced by the Scottish Parliament to protect the famous Scottish haggis animal species is still to this day the most important legislation that the Scottish Goverment has ever passsed since the start of devolution. And the new haggis hunting law enjoyed full cross party support!!!

Hunt haggis season 2008/2009

The start of the Haggis Hunting season is one of Scotland’s most traditional and popular events to celebrate St Andrew’s Day for the people of Scotland. Scot’s people, male and female, of all ages, all shapes and sizes, celebrate St Andrew’s Day by putting on their wellies and haggis hunting gear and climb hills and mountains all over Scotland to try and catch the elusive Scottish beasties – the Haggis. Haggis Hunting on St Andrew’s Day is still a very traditional family event in Scotland. And a great way to keep fit.

Unfortunately the Scottish haggis was over hunted in the 19th and 20th Century making the haggis a very rare breed. To even spot a haggis, on St Andrew’s Day, on a hill or mountain in Scotland, is now a very unusual event. More chance to see the Lochness monster than the elusive Scottish haggis. However, families all over Scotland, North, South, East and West still take part in hunting haggis on the hills and mountains of Scotland to carry on with this great and historic St Andrew’s Day tradition that marks the start of the new Haggis Hunting season. After a St Andrew’s Day haggis hunt it’s traditional for the haggis hunters to meet up with their families, relatives and friends at nightime to enjoy a special St Andrew’s meal or a ceilidh to celebrate the start of the new haggis hunt season.

Live haggis hunting webcams

In the 21st century, with the aid of technology, haggis hunting has now gone online. To allow millions of Scot’s Expats, who live all over the world, to still have the opportunity to carry on with their Scottish family tradition, online, no matter where they live in the globe. Log onto and carry on with the Scottish tradition of hunting haggis on St Andrew’s Day. Remember, the new haggis hunting season finishes on Burns night, 25th January 2009. So enjoy your online haggis hunt by viewing haggis cams all over Scotland. There’s even a haggis cam on Leicester Square in London as well as Times Square in New York in case the haggis have migrated to other countries to avoid being captured, killed and eaten. Have a good chance to win a prize if you spot a haggis on one of the 10 haggis web cams. Good luck with hunting haggis online. Have a great St Andrews Day.

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