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Low Price Rental Prices for Void and Empty Property Protection around the UK

Monday, January 17th, 2011

Camvista have launched a low price Void Property Protection rental package of their rapid deployable MeerCam battery powered GPRS mobile wireless motion detection CCTV camera systems that will allow UK Local Goverment Agencies, Housing Associations, Property companies, NHS Health Boards, Educational Authorities and many other UK organisations and businesses who want to protect and secure their void empty buildings and vacant properties at greatly reduced  security monitoring prices by renting the BIG SUCCESS already of 2011 – the MeerCam self powered GPRS mobile wireless void property motion detection camera systems

MeerCam indoor motion detected battery powered camera

Already the Camvista low price Void Property Protection rental packages are slashing the tradional CCTV security camera monitoring void property sector prices by as much as 35% and the manned security guarding prices by more than 50%  Little wonder why over the last few months Camvista have seen a dramatic rise in their rental business with organisations and companies all over the UK who are wanting to protect and  secure their vacant buildings and properties with the budget priced MeerCam rapid deployable wireless GPRS mobile self powered surveillance motion detected camera systems – greatly reducing their void buildings security budgets in the present economic climate as well as stopping theft, property damage and vandalism on their vacant properties

Renting the MeerCam void protection security motion detection cameras will not only reduce current budgets for securing vacant buildings and empty properties but just as important will greatly inprove the remote security of any void buildings, empty houses or vacant properties as well as greatly assisting to deter unwanted visitors from theft or vandalism at any remote void property locations because of the deployent of the inovation MeerCam battery powered motion detected CCTV camera systems

MeerCam indoor void protection camera

Camvista clients all over the UK have the option to rent MeerCam indoor PIR infrared motion activated CCTV camera systems or MeerCam outdoor infrared PIR motion detection CCTV surveillance cameras – indoor or outdoor strobe alarm sounders – control panel and numeric key pad.  Remote security monitoring of the MeerCams can be carried out by a choice of many NACOSS Gold Alarm Receiving Monitoring Centres around the UK or Camvista can arrange for their clients to have the opportunity to monitor their void protection security MeerCams – in-house  Arranging for the 24 hour monitoring of the MeerCams is not expensive – unline traditional CCTV remote monitoring – because the MeerCam system is classed as a `video verification alarm system` monitoring stations and alarm receiving centres around the UK are charging the low prices for monitoring the MeerCams as a standard burglar alarm system rather than a expensive CCTV surveillance camera system

MeerCam Void Protection Security Systems

The MeerCams are battery powered which means no power supply is required in the void property or vacant building requiring security protection from theft and vandalism – batteries last approx. for up to 2 years.  No cables or cabling is required to install the indoor or outdoor MeerCams making the installation costs of rapidly deploying the self powered motion detection CCTV monitoring security cameras in empty and vacant properties – a really simple and fast installation process, greatly reducing expensive installation costs.   Camvista have a team of MeerCam resellers in all areas of Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland who can assist with installation of the required numbers of MeerCams required per vacant building site as well as giving on-site training on how easy it is to operate the MeerCam CCTV surveillance system.  The MeerCams can also be easily installed by companies and organisations who have their own in-house security staff – Camvista can arrange installation training courses in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland for in-house training on how to install and operate the MeerCams in void and vacant properties – once again further reducing the costs to deploy and operate MeerCams to protect and secure empty buildings and void properties

To find out how Camvista can greatly reduce your current security costs for protecting empty vacant and void properties and buildings anywhere in the UK – TELEPHONE – 0845 241 6040 – or fill in a contact form HERE

Wanting to see a full working demo of the MeerCams in operation at your office or business location anywhere in the UK? – if so – TELEPHONE – 0845 241 6040 – or fill in a contact formHERE

For more detailed information about the MeerCam battery powered GPRS mobile wireless surveillance camera systems – visit – HERE

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