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Buy or Rent RSI Videofied Surveillance Mobile Video Security Camera Systems

Sunday, May 9th, 2010

Camvista are working closely with large and small CCTV security camera installation companies, man guarding security companies and security monitoring companies all around the UK and Ireland who are now deploying the budget priced RSI Videofied surveillance mobile video security camera solution to their clients as a low cost CCTV security camera monitoring service – the RSI Videofied GPRS mobile camera equipment and full back up service provided by Camvista


RSI Videofied GPRS wireless securiy camera system

Void property being secured and monitored by RSI Video security camera system

The innovative RSI Videofied battery powered wireless CCTV video cameras are being deployed on remote sites around the UK such as construction and building sites, void properties, empty buildings, disused and vacant factories, farms and country estates, unmanned sub stations, mobile phone masts, waste water site locations and a host of other security monitoring applications – at a fraction of the cost of other traditional CCTV camera monitoring costs – saving substantial security costs and many ££££’s

Construction site security camera monitoring

Construction site being monitored by Camvista RSI Videofied camera systems - at a fraction of the cost of traditional security camera surveillance

With an increase of industrial thefts being reported around the UK of copper, lead, metals, cables, wires at remote and unmanned locations, because of the now high value of such commodities in today’s current economical climate, construction companies, power and water utility companies, mobile phone companies and void property companies are now buying or renting the RSI Videofied self powered GPRS video alert camera systems to protect and safeguard their assets on their remote locations – stopping and deterring theft and vandalism at high risk remote locations.

Working with a number of CCTV camera installation companies around the UK and Ireland, England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland, Camvista can rapid deploy RSI Videofied battery powered wireless GPRS cameras in a very short and fast timescale to help secure a construction site or a building or facility in a remote location that’s being targeted for crime or vandalism.  Camvista RSI Videofied camera clients can have the option to purchase the RSI Videfied wireless battery powered video security camera systems or rent the RSI Videofied security package, which includes site surveys, installation, maintenance and camera monitoring by Alarm Monitoring Companies, for short term periods.

When buying the low price RSI Videfied surveillance camera systems from Camvista we can arrange for the Videofied mobile GPRS CCTV camera equipment to be installed by professional CCTV security camera installers anywhere in the UK and Ireland.  After the CCTV camera(s) installation, we can recommend a number of the UK’s leading Security Monitoring Companies that can monitor your RSI Videofied security camera systems.  Monitoring camera costs are very similar to the low monthly costs for having a home security alarm system monitored.

Selection of RSI Videofied battery powered wireless GPRS security camera systems

To assist in a fast response time when the Videofied wireless security cameras detect an unwanted visitor(s) and the Security Monitoring Centre has verified by viewing the 10 second video clip of each Videofied camera alert that their has been an intrusion at the camera location, Camvista are now working with a number of Static Guarding Security companies in the UK who can provide a quick response from there security mobile patrol guards to secure and protect the location that has been attacked or visited by unwanted guest(s)

If you’re looking for  low cost security camera solution, for a construction or house building site, void property or a very remote location which is unmanned – contact CamvistaHERE or telephone our Sales Line – 0845 241 6040 to find out our extremely competitive prices for our RSI Videofied self powered GPRS wireless security camera systems.

For more info about buying RSI Videofied battery powered mobile 3G security cameras – visit – HERE

Learn about the inovative features of the Videofied self powered wireless surveillance camera systemsHERE

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If you’re a CCTV installation company, security monitoring company, a man guarding security company – and would like to work with Camvista as a reseller of the RSI Videofied mobile video security camera solution – fill in a contact form – HERE or phone our Sales line – 0845 241 6040

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